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The Shopping List: DM, ST, RB, GK and CB…

I find these transfer windows both absorbing and time wasting. Absorbing for the possibilities. Wasting for the contradictions and lies.

I know my post about up to 8 signings was met with some scepticism, and 17HT, I take your point about players coming through the ranks and progressing into the team. But, there have been 11 players released so far, and whilst I wish them all the best, I have a feeling Zak Ansah could have dropped lucky if he gets his move to Charlton. But just like the TW, we cannot have everybody. Again, as 17HT says, we are not a club that can afford SQ player for the bench, which may have been the case with Fabregas and Ozil? A sore point I know, but it exposes the truth in what HT was saying.

However, just want focus on the strength behind the quality players, and make a case for a number of signings?

To start in the key areas of need: RB, DM, and back up CB, where I feel there is not an immediate candidate who can step up at the present time.

RB,- Bellerin, who I have not seen enough of recently to know how he has progressed, and his loan spell was unsatisfactory, so probably needs another year? Whilst Jenkinson has all the qualities in spirit, he also has some weaknesses that cannot be ignored.

DM: We have Hayden, but is still a novice in such a key area. Arteta, sadly age and pace do not tend to have the same life cycle? Flamini you would not want to count on him to avoid a suspension or two?

The academy CB’s are at least two years off even being considered. Vermaelen is solid when fit, and when with Mertersacker. Add to the loss of Sagna as a 3rd CB, we most certainly need cover. The look on TV5’s face at the Cup Final tells me he does not want a repeat of that, and if he leaves, then I think another youngster will be found? Unless young Miquel does well in pre-season, and does not find the regular games he got on loan more appealing?

So they are the probable three signings, two of whom need to be quality ready to slot in. The CB I have in mind, is quality, but would need time to be up to the pace and threats in the EPL. I have no doubt that is what AW is also looking for. The possibility of a young CB could still be an option too.

Then we come to strikers. Outside of Giroud, we have Sanogo who is still a work in progress. So to consider him as a full time replacement for anything more than a Cup game would be unfair to him. For those who are expecting great things from Joel Campbell, and I am one of them, let’s be realistic. He cannot do 90 minutes in such a demanding league as ours, right now. If you noticed he tired badly in the second half in his WC games, and was subbed against England. His skills are there to be seen, but push him too hard too early, and it could destroy him? However, I do see him alternating with Walcott on the right, which should keep both fresh and fit. Along with Sanogo, we have yet to unleash the beast that is Serge Gnabry. I think between the three of them they can be a force to be reckoned with as the season progresses, with or without Giro.

The problem is, they and Walcott are predominantly right side/central players. Whilst it is true the latter, and Oxlade Chamberlain can add pace down the left, both would rather be centre/right? Otherwise, on the left we have Podolski. Those keeping up to speed with my posts recently will note I did not have him amongst the possible departures? The reason is having ‘options’. If he is happy to play less full games then he gives us a real goal threat down the left. But, he has his limitations.

Apart from the over worked Gibbs, we have no real pace down the left side, especially out of defence. We become predictable. High ball for Giro to hold, or ball out to Sagna … who we haven’t got any more! – and if you read this Bacary, I agree with you. You did this club proud for the whole time you were here. EVERY Gunner’s fan should respect you for that!

I think this gives an option to purchase pace on the left. Currently, that is from midfield in the shape of Ramsey, but he is better with late runs more central? Ozil? The problem with him is it limits his creativity to some extent?

My feeling is that when the signing of a second striker is made, it will define who we need on the left. Alexis Sanchez ticks a lot of boxes, but if we get him, it still leaves us without pace on the wide left, Gibbs apart. Sanchez, with Chile, has been central, or right side, but has the skill set to be versatile on the other side of centre. I am not sure we will sign him, as the main reason for Barca selling him, one assumes, is to fund the purchase of Suarez. That may no longer be the case? But Liverpool are in strong position to bargain, if they lower their valuation of Suarez?

That will run and run I fear. Barca have been very difficult for us to do business with in the past, and I can see this being no different?

Which brings me back to our needs: ideally, a left sided striker/wide player that can be the outlet ball down that side, as well a fulfilling the role of much needed support to Giroud. To be of a quality enough to draw defenders to him, is also a major requirement. So the striker becomes the switch that sets in motion other targets, or not, as the case may be. That would be the 4th essential signing.

However, back up to our ‘Chezzer’ is probably still on the cards.

So, 5 signings made up of: Two SQ (DM & ST); One Solid(but with potential) RB; One Experienced (GK); One Gem(who will be SQ in the near future) CB. Replacements for any other departures beyond Bacary Sagna, will be open to who is available? Some may not need replacing if the above signings have already displaced them though?

If we get the right players that gives us options to keep the balance and shape to the side, and more importantly, keep the unity intact, then I think we will have a cracking side to match up to the money clubs. I also believe we will be able to give our promising young players more game time by introducing them into a confident winning team, where they can strut their stuff without the pressures of the past season. Our fixture list gives us an opportunity to rest key players approaching big games, but only if we have the options available?

This is my blueprint for a successful 2014-2015 season?

So what do you think?

1) Will Arsene Wenger be as bold as I think he will, or pretty close to it?

2) Have you gone over to the dark side before the TW opens, and think he will buy a so-so striker like Remy, promise big over DM, but fail to deliver, and miss out on quality RB, and settle on another youth player. Going for the bare minimum and probably miss out on all silverware, and even 4th spot?

3) Or in the SQ camp for one, but no more than two quality signings, plus a couple of solid players as backups? So we challenge on all fronts, but the injuries that have plagued in the past proved to be our undoing at the final hurdle?

Time to be bold. Arise Sir Arsene Wenger ….

Written by: Gerry

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104 thoughts on “Arsene’s bold shopping list

  • Love it Gerry! 🙂

    Quick response. One would be very nice but cat’s hell of a chance. Three would be a good compromise but I reckon we get more of a mixture between two and three, and therefore not enough to push on. Wenger does it his way and the only bold we get is taking risks with youngsters or below the radar experimental signings. And what will we say at the end of next season? TA you got it all wrong last summer…. look how Arsene the Great brought us the shiniest silverware or….. if only so and so did not get injured, we could have won silverware… Aah said the cat…. hahaha 🙂

  • Bidding 44million for Vidal is pretty bold if it’s true. I’m not sure Vidal would want to play defensive midfield though as he has scored a lot of goals for Juventus and prefers a more advanced role. He would also be direct competition for Ramsey so would he be needed?

    I think Wenger will go big on a ST and DM which will eat up most of the 100 million. These are the two positions that should improve the team most whereas the RB, GK etc will have to be around 10 million. I would like to see us keep Vermaelen and get a pacey winger like Di Maria/Sanchez/Lavezzi – either of those with Walcott on the other wing would be epic.

    What is SQ??

  • great read

    if we bought remy and sanchez , then we wouldnt need a massive stiker , both players can move out to the flanks also giving us versatality

    would love to see ballotelli – he just seems to respond unwell to strict management even worse when someone lsnt strict ( prandelli)

    The signings this year have to be right as in the correct players, do we want a holding mid who does his job makes the tackle and passes the ball or do we want a holding mid who influences the game also. right back I would hope richards or aurier, only issue with aurier is we havent had the best of luck with Ivory coast players. Some reason the last few african players I believe have let us down , gervinho, adebayor, eboue and song. It seems we seem to get the players who want to play for us but then stop once they arrive or get a better contract. Alex song was the biggest disappointment in terms of no discipline in his play. Compare those to Lauren and kolo , I just hope if we purchase aurier he becomes like what drogba was for chelsea, comitted.

    a little sad that aneke didnt get a chance , seemed to have played well at crewe, became a regular for them also did much better than most our loanees.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if we went really big this summer
    Vidal, Sanchez, Benzema/Morata, Aurier, Veltman, Reina

  • TA – If you don’t dream, you never have a dream come true?

    AW did say at the end of the season that we probably need 3-5 players, depending on who leaves?

    One thing for certain is, he has never had a better opportunity than this time around. The World Cup is a catalyst for players to better themselves. Movement of players creates opportunities. Just as with Arsenal. If we buy, then some player might think they will get better opportunities to play at another club. Or in the case of Sagna, the vacancy is already open.

    What I do think Arsene will do is not put five new players in from the off, and given that the majority(of my larger number) will be back ups, their introduction will come from off the bench, and over time. This is what this transfer window can do. Give us a stronger squad by improving our overall depth. What he will not do is overload it with high earners, but strengthen the core with quality.

    We also have a dozen or so players at the World Cup, and more than half are still involved going into the 3rd week, so not all will be involved with pre-season training I would guess? We have one friendly coming up next month, others to be arranged. Then the first test in the Wembley match against Man City. I think it would be good if we have the FB or DM, and Striker signings available for that one. Not necessarily as starters. That would depend on how pre-season has gone, re fitness and injuries.

    What Arsene has or hasn’t done in the past should be put aside. It will be a test of his managerial skill, when given fresh options available within the squad, to see if he is as stubborn and set in his ways as people think? He knows he on the wind down years. Three years to set Arsenal up to be as strong as he can make it. That will be his legacy to the club he has devoted his life to for the past 17 years. He is not going to squandered it by getting just any player that is available. This year, more than any other, there will be plenty of player to choose from, and I trust him to get the right players we need.

    Now is indeed the time to be bold!

  • Nick – apologies. SQ is shorthand for Super Quality.

    Thanks for the response, but you are right to be sceptical about the rumour mill.

    I like your shopping list though. Like all things, it is subject to availability. Only believe it when the signature is done and dusted.

    Keep the faith ..

  • why dont we test the water for suarez? I know he is a nutcase but he could win us the epl and ucl.guess we could pay that price for sucess

  • a – I think Aurier could be the answer, but AFCON looms again next January, and Ivory Coast players are usually involved, so he would be missing for 6 weeks at a crucial time?

    I would argue about Song. Yes, he would get booked quite often, but he could play amazingly well thereafter?

    The real beauty about this window, there will be alternatives. And you are right in thinking the the ‘right’ player or players are what we need. Not just what lazy headline writers put up, of the type … ‘Six players who will follow X to Arsenal’, when we haven’t even bid for X.

    I trust Arsene to know a players character, on and off the field, well enough to pick the right ones?

  • Rich – Thank for the comment. I am not sure about your list, but you are pushing buttons in the right area. Sanchez and Vidal worked well in tandem for Chile, but together they would wipe out our existing midfield … Not what AW has in mind? But I hope both don’t end up at Man U :0()

    That is where you get top heavy with wages, too many headline acts I think?

  • sas – In the words of John McEnroe: ‘You cannot be serious!’

    Apart from the disgust that most Gunners would have, I think England is the last place he will want to be in 4 months time. If he thought the press were bad before ….

  • gerry – excellent point about AFCON, its a major tournament. 6 weeks plus a couple to recover,
    is it back to back also?
    Maybe song has learnt the grass isnt greener at barca? his behaviour against mandzukic though

    talking of manzukic – should we for him? is he similar but more clinical and intelligent than giroud?

    I’m hoping giroud does what drogba did after a couple of seasons at chelsea

    not many strikers around

    see swansea are after castagnios who a few years back everyone called the new henry , had a torrid time at inter went back to holland . Would love to see wenger buy a player like that and make him into a world class player, suppose we have sanogo for that and akpom to come through.

    should we let arteta leave this year if an offer comes in? will be sad to see him become a free agent.

  • a – It really doesn’t matter what names we might think are right. I refuse to publish my wish list because I believe other blog writers do read this site for ideas, and before you know it, the names are all over the internet.

    As for Mandzukic I had him on my ‘not coming’ list on the previous post. basically I think you can forget any striker who is similar in preferred position to Giroud. Whether you like him or not, he is a team guy, and I believe with a ‘magnet player’ close to him, who will draw defenders away(because they are likely to score), we will see more to come from Giro.

    Akpom was doing quite well at Coventry but the loan agreement allowed him to play in the Uefa Youth Internationals for Arsenal, and it messed it up. He should be another who could do okay in the pre-season stuff, but will likely go out on loan again. Should be pressing for a place next season though?

    Yes, regards Arteta, if it is his decision. He would be a useful player to have around, but an opportunity to play in Spain might appeal to him. Like Vermaelin, as long as they feel they can still play well enough at a high level, they want game time, so let’s not begrudge them that? I am not sure Podolski wants to move, and because of niggly injuries he may be happy to do a bit here and a bit there? I think is a bubbly character to have in the dressing room too?

  • Love the enthusiasm and maybe you are right… The past could be left just there and Wenger surprises me with a fresh, ambitious, yes BOLD TW approach. I am reluctant to dream another summer but that is just me.

  • There is always a half convert hiding in everyone, Gerry! 😀

    Maybe, just ever so maybe, Arsene buys Wanyama or Nigel De Jong (or both!), Daley Blind, Reus or the Drax and Memphis Depay. Sex it up, Arsene! 🙄

  • Excellent up beat Post, Gerry Baby.

    I think AW is trying his damndest to buy players.

    But look what happens when we are linked with ‘x’ or ‘y’. Out of the blue, Barca, Real, Manure or some fcuker pops up and muddies the water.

    The latest is that AW was interested in Kroos. Up pops Barca and they offer Sanchez for Kroos plus cash. It is almost impossible for a club like Arsenal to buy someone they want because they are up against every other club shitty clib with bags of money — but let’s blame Wenger anyway — that is the easy option!!

  • RA – Let’s not muddy the waters with the tales of the one that got away. There are other fish and there may be other sharks lurking. But AW is canny enough to cast his net in the quiet waters, wait and see?

    What did I say about lazy blog writer’s reading this site? The Guardian are apparently running a story that AW has 8 players on his wish list? 🙄 😀

  • I’m afraid the late comers may have to wait until morning for any reply from me.
    My early morning zest is beginning to wane.

    Looking for to the early match tomorrow, Brazil v Chile. What do you reckon, a 6 goal thriller? Probably one way traffic in the next one?

  • Morning all, I am suitably refreshed, and with no one to reply to, TA apart,I have glanced through a few NewsNow headlines. Following the theme that this site inspires others to write their stuff, I notice that the much respected, and not to be connected in anyway with the lazy mob – that needed stating, lest I cause offence? – has indeed popped up with a story of our 3 main young centre-backs.

    Much along the lines I was suggesting, they have a chance to show themselves during pre-season friendlies. It seems there are 3 such games arranged, with the American NYRB’s being the first.

    His conclusions are;

    Miquel rising 22 and needed to be named in the main squad is under pressure to prolong his stay at Arsenal.
    Ajayi is promising but has flaws with his distribution.
    Plegeuzuelo is just 17 and probably needs more time, but has shown great promise.

    Which sort of backs up what I said?
    Full story here:

    He did remind me that Djourou is still an Arsenal player – Shock! – But not for much longer I would guess? Lovely guy, can play really well at times, but I get the feeling he is confident when the team around him are confident, and makes bad decisions when they are under pressure.

    Fresh Arsenal picking up the theme without Sanchez, and offers three ‘wide’ attackers. I did not read it, but I can guess Remy is amongst them.

    TA – I can see your point about Chile defending, but I think Brazil’s attack might be capable of opening them up more than once, and Chile working their defence over with Nidal back in the side? I hope it is more about skill winning the game, rather than thuggery?

    We get a chance to see if ‘£37m, we raise you £44m’ will get his price any higher …
    according to rumour 😀
    he, amongst others …
    ditto 😀

  • Nice post Gerry!

    How about some triple-Colombian delight with Juan Quintero, James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez to cover the left and striker positions?

    Then a box to box midfielder and a couple of young defenders and we’re done. I used to think we should get a defensive mid but I am having second thoughts about that now, and can see a pair of energetic box to box players anchoring the midfield as another way to go. Vidal would be awesome of course as that midfielder, with perhaps Aurier and another bright young centre back to come in to provide depth in defence.

    What a pity that our South American scouting isn’t up to it though, and that we have to go to clubs like Porto to get them for top dollar.

  • davydavy – Thanks for the reply.

    I’ll start with you top trio, as you seem to be already converted to my thoughts on needs 😀

    I know little of Quintero, but if I can stay awake, perhaps later tonight?

    Jamez I saw quite a bit of watching Monaco early last season, and Falcao wasn’t playing, and even when they played together, Jamez was still scoring well. Give him the service and he will score goals. No service and he can be anonymous?
    The difficulty of anybody signing him, is twofold:
    1,- Falcao has been a bit of a disappointment there, and although out injured, he is the one they want to sell.
    2, Wages … Need I say more?
    Despite small home crowds, they do have strong local rivals, and of course, PSG. I will be amazed if they let him go.

    Martinez is on my ‘not coming’ list. For the simple reason, if AW thought he was the player he needed he would have signed him up after the Emirates Cup. That on the back of a ‘stellar’ season, not quite so good this time. He didn’t then. He will not now.
    Probably because he fall into the Mandzukic category of being more a replacement for Giroud, rather than a support.
    This of course, is only my view, so for what it is worth, you have it.

    The discussion on the type of defensive midfielder we want, or rather, what I think AW wants, was helped by JM’s descriptions of the various types. We agreed that a ‘volante’ is it. Translated as a ‘holding’ mid. I suggested the somebody with Kheidera’s steadiness and Nidal’s energy and pace, minus the volatile nature, would be ideal?

    On that thought, I think we would need a pretty lenient referee to have Nidal and Flamini alongside each other 😀 😀 (one 😀 for each of them).
    Formidable against any team that tries to bully us though?
    See above on the poker theme, as to our chances of signing him.

    One CB for certain, as we have not got anybody who can replace Per effectively. More so since Sagna left. (I keep coming back to that – No pay rise in 6 years! AW you should be ashamed of yourself!).
    However, as I have said before, I think it will be two.

    On your last point, is it a language thing? We did well out of the French link, and Van Gaal will no doubt do well in Holland?


  • Morning guys 🙂

    Gerry, I should have said that I expect Chile to play compact and disciplined, and as such defensive as a unit, which they will need against Brazil. But no doubt they will want to possess the ball as much as possible in the Brazillian half. If it was on neutral ground, I would tip Chile but this will be very hard for them. Let’s hope the ref is good.

  • Davydavy 🙂

    If we are after a pair of energetic, all round midfielders, why on earth did Wenger not take Fabregas back?

    Surely, not taking him back means Wenger is looking for another type of DM. My view is that without a quality destroyer we will never see a Wenger team properly compete again. There is not enough team defensive discipline and our defence needs looking after, hence the need for a proper holding midfielder who can pass a bit as well.

  • nice one @ Gerry –

    Yes, We Arsene needs to be bold now considering he shut the door on 2 no brainers in Cesc and Vela.

    however, when are we going to have Gerry’s Wish list ?:)

    moving onto the questions at the end :

    1: Yes, it’s a must – AW needs not only to be bold but also very adventerous in the sense that he can not afford any slip ups or a repeat of last summer – also,depending on the the players he gets – may even go as far changing the entire dynamics of the team as in formation and so on – he has sort of played majority of the last 3 seasons with a 4-2-3-1 , I believe it also needs to change and am confident that it might do with the right signings.

    3: No, regardless of the signings in the TW – we will be right up there challenging for all possible trophies come next January – with the only difference being that we would have won the FA cup last season and started the season as Community shield holders – in essence, we have broken the trophy duck at the Emirates and this must as additional motivation for the entire group and our club to “Recruit” the right players and not be afraid to bring in SQ players… – hence no problems with a so so player like “Remy” as long as we get a striker in the ilk of Cavani/Falcao or even a Bony/Lukaku to go along Remy – 2 strikers are a bare minimum for me this season…as we let Yaya S do a Lukaku and go out on loan ? sorted.

    yes, we need 2 strikers because minus Park, Minus Chamakh, Minus Bendtner,Minus Gervinho = 4 out and 2 in is the least we should expect.

    5: According to my Calculations we need 2 Striker, 1 Goal keeper , 1 RB and 1 DM with one of our own pacey/speedy wingers in JC returning so that makes it 5 signings with 1 returning =6 players in total – not that far off from your 8 players needed one , however not in the camp of 2 SQ’s as the positions we seek such players, only warrants a SQ player/Decent player or else there is very little point in not retaining Sagna or getting Cesc.

    I also have the players as you would have it 😯

    GK – Cassillas

    RB – Debuchy / Richards / Aurier (1)

    DM – Bender/ Fellaini/Schnerderlin / Martinez (1)

    Strikers = Cavani/Falaco/Bony/Lukaku/Remy/ (2 )

    Pacey Winger = Joel C .


  • TA – I will give an answer to the davy davy question : Pace, Athletic, Control, Energy …
    Twice over in fact 😀

    Even his most ardent supporter, yourself excepted it seems? cannot claim he is the quickest mover. I will of course admire all his other attributes readily. And yes it would have been nice to have him back for many reasons other than what he gives on the field. But Arsene thought otherwise…

    Agreed on the type of midfielder though. Best bits of Kheidera and Vidal? That, with all due respect to Cesc, is sadly not him.

  • Gerry…Wow, that’s what you call a post. Simply cracking read. Cheers.

    I know it gets tedious, but I enjoy the speculation and chat about future maybe/maybe not targets/Wannabe’s. Keep it coming. I wish I knew your 8 suggestions 🙂

    As I’m not a fan of watching other teams play, it at least highlight names of which I have a look out for.

    With this in mind I cannot name “Names”, but more name “Positions” we require reinforcements/acquisitions.

    I will always maintain the hardest thing in football is putting the ball into the net, so to state the obvious, without a top SQ striker we will struggle to maintain an interest among the elite of the EPL for a sustainable period. Wenger’s squad is set up for a top four finish/cup runs.

    IMO, Giroud is not the answer to our problem. Hence my drum has worn out. First and foremost we need to get a top,top ST.

    SQ = DM/BTB/Enforcer.

    Two 5 star players…..Then £10-£15 mil RB…..then £10 mil back up CB……and maybe £20mil pacey LW/LST. ..Total £125mil

    Bellerin is a promising young back up RB. Hopefully he will push on and continue to improve and shine, and press Jenkinson for a reserve/cup run.

    I’m not on the same song sheet as you regards Hayden. I know only young, but he looks light weight and timid. I wish we had persevered with Kyle Barclay.

    I also fear Miquel has run his course. Another youngster that has not fulfilled his early promise.

    Wenger will stick with Giroud. His pride will not allow him to admit he may have been wrong? So it will be a supporting ST in the mould of a Remy type.

    Sanogo is rough around the edges, but deserves a another crack at the EPL, and together with JC we will have a capable back striking team.

    So to conclude and answer the three questions.

    1) No…..Wenger will continue to try and unearth a hidden gem. No problem with the hidden gem, but we need a few formidable players now, to encourage/enhance our promising squad of youngsters. Give them someone/someone’s to look up to and feel will protect them. In the trenches types.

    2) I have no reason to emerge from the dark side, I have witnessed Wenger over these past 10 years to think it will be the same old, same old Wenger, not courageous enough to splash the cash and purchase the finished article. I know you will all be shouting at me “What about Ozil?” ……….A one off imo.

    3) At most AW will purchase only 1 SQ player, and that is becoming extremely doubtful. The rest will be potential.

  • JB – I will stick to JB, otherwise the temptation to write Jamez is too great – the only reason I find it funny is because during all those early games of Monaco the commentators called him James – Hey ho ..

    To reply to your ‘odd’ answers:
    1,- I think it is more a case of signings will give us options to change the formations, although the 1-4-5-1 will likely be the base from which others come from? But yes, there is a momentum building to adapt to bring out the best of new signings.

    3,- I am still working on this one because of the ambiguous nature of ‘regardless of signings’?
    Does it imply that whoever we sign we will challenge for trophies?
    Or, without signings we will challenge for trophies?
    And noting, not going as far as to say ‘winning’ anything other that the Community Shield?

    So I will disagree on the same lines as TA has been arguing. This window is the key. Get the right players in, and we are up there with a chance. Fall short, whether in quality, or numbers, we are in great danger of history repeating itself, and without the luxury of gaining 4th spot.
    Both Man U and Spurs have capable managers, and Everton, Southampton, or even ‘Pool with/without Suarez will not be far away. To say nothing of the two who finished above us?
    All will be strengthening, and as HT put it, for us to tread water is us falling behind?

    I could repeat myself if I argue the toss over your choice of players. Remy for example is the same as J Martinez, in so far as, if we wanted him, we could have had him at the end of season. The release clause hasn’t changed, so he must be down AW’s pecking order?
    To my knowledge, none of the ‘4 out’ were on our CL squad list, may be Nicky B domestically? It is those spaces that new signings will be filling up?

    5,- Your 5 positions are exactly the same as mine, so you can have your wish list and I’ll have mine – available 1st September, btw.

    I would call for a little lowering of expectation with JC though. It is a tough call to come from the Greek league into the EPL, despite his excellence at the WC?

    Now JB, I much appreciate your long reply, but on Irish Derby day I am pushed for time. All follow ups will have to wait until after the Chile game, okay?

    Bye for now ..

  • Fine VCC – We will agree to differ on AW. Not so much on signings though?

  • Now look here Master of The Zimmer, you have had me in tears, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    So only one SQ player – if any at all – Giro is crap – Sanogo is rough around the edges – and the uncut diamond is unlikely!

    Well I am going to sulk all day now. And I am also going to report you to Terry and his goats!

    By the way, where did you buy your crystal ball, or have you had a chat with an ancient Oracle? 🙂

    [This Oracle guy; He did know that the transfer window has still not opened, and then there are two whole months remaining for all sorts of shenanigans to happen?]

  • If it were that simple putting £50M on a SQ player ……. without the extra baggage to come along.

    Basic Wage: > £200,000/ week (esp. for the SQ attacking players, coming from top clubs), which brings about close to £10M/year (with variables) for only the 1st year, for a period of 4-5 years of contract (that is w/o any incremental of wages in between, e.g. SQ player running down to 1-2 years remaining who could opt to go free on a Bosman thereafter etc)

    Then there are the additional bonuses, player’s image rights, player’s agent/agency’s share throughout his time with us, player’s reluctance to move away from their current top clubs/ local clubs.

    Furthermore, the domino effect on our club’s wage scale for our other SQ players, star potentials, first team players, squad players etc (be it coming from players themselves, their
    agents/agency). The rest wanting more to their plate or moving out (to esp. other top clubs in top leagues which can pay higher wages and are winning trophies).

    At our club, Ozil’s the highest, around £150,000/week.

    Luke Shaw’s getting close to £100,000/ week at Man Utd; Rooney’s on £300,000/week, RvP’s on £200,000/week.
    Yaya Toure’s & Aguero’s getting in excess of £200,000 – £250,000/week each at Man City
    Suarez’s on £200,000/week at Liverpool
    Hazard’s, Torres’s, Terry’s are close to £200,000/week each at Chelsea.

    And aboard, the SQ players at PSG, Monaco, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus are earning as much.

    We might be able to compete with others on transfer fees for SQ players; its the expectant wages and extras in the long run (4-5 years worth of player’s contract renewable at any time) that will kill off some possible mega deals.

  • Hi Redders…long time no speak 😦

    I will be more than happy to eat my hat if AW proves me wrong. But, alas, I fear not, you never change the spots on a leopard.

    I’m so sorry to have brought you to tears, it’s not my intention to bring doom and gloom to the site, that’s the last thing I’d want. I just see the same old scenarios occuring, same old excuses/explanations why we don’t/won’t spend some money.

    I know I am in a one man band regarding Giroud, but he just isn’t the class/type of ST I want playing for my beloved Arsenal. He frustrates the life out of me.

    You cannot deny Sanogo is a work in progress, ie rough diamond.

    Please don’t sulk all day. Go and pour yourself a pint of San Miguel and a nice Remi as a chaser (that’s exactly what I’m going to do) and watch the games tonight.

    Terry already know’s my thoughts on AW. I simply refuse to walk behind him while he carries his banner which reads “In Arsene we trust & Love dearly with all my heart” …at least not yet.

    That will all change of course if AW will disturb the cob webs and open the vault and spend some of Arsenal’s money and buy 3 SQ players and try and get us on top of the pile again.

    My Crystal’s are shinning bright and clear. They should be, I polish them twice daily. 😉

  • Hey Gerry, very nice post (and follow-ups) and I think I’m starting to understand your thinking more and more. Also, I really appreciate JM bringing in the reality check about salaries and where “all” the money goes and how (one definition of) “SQ” (see below…) can really do a number on longer term plans…

    When we back away from the agent planted and click-me-please headlines (general transfer window overload) what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. Of course, the window hasn’t even opened, but even (public-relations challenged…) Arsenal has jumped the gun by announcing all its end-of-contract boys before their contracts actually expire. Is it possible that people back at the club are feeling a sense of real urgency given that we don’t have the cushy early season schedule we did a year ago and we’ve lost a really key player in Sagna? Additionally, we might have a few guys going fairly deep in this (entertaining) thing called the World Cup. Add the fall out from some (very) painful business ahead of the WC with the prodigal son (or Cesc-y ex-girlfriend…) who seemed eager for a re-do, and it DOES feel a bit worrisome. At some point we have to hope that management is doing more than just trying to look good on the beach…

    My feeling is that I would be trusting the management, no matter who it was, but that we have a slight added advantage in it being the guy with all the experience and still a bit of a positive reputation (except maybe amongst a growing segment of the support). My firm hope is that AW has been doing a little whispering in ears and we announce a Francophone RB very soon, with my preference being Aurier over Debuchy. (On size alone he looks the more versatile defender…) The back-up keeper and some resolution over our Captain (injured again, I fear) needs to come fairly soon as well. It will be nerve-wracking watching the BFG and Kos (who looks to be playing now that Sakho is struggling for fitness) given that we essentially have zero back-up at CB…

    I’d also like to hear about a signing (even a modest one) in attack sooner that later and/or some positive news about availability for the start of our campaign from Theo and the Ox. We have extra matches early on (CL qualifiers and then the group games) and many are followed by tricky away matches in the league. As such, we need reasonably fit bodies on hand who know one another or have the quality to do more than just fill a space…Fingers crossed for not TOO much worry from the CL draw(s)…

    The dearth of up and comers from the youth ranks is particularly worrying, esp. given that I know this is something you (Gerry) follow more closely than I do. Maybe a few will look the part in New York and make a convincing jump to the first team. We need more than just the match or two contributions than we got last year from the likes of Gnabry and Sanogo… Are we running into issues with “home-grown” numbers if we are really looking at 6-8 signings this Summer?…

    But that’s MY question…Onto yours… Unfortunately, I think we need to look more closely at some of the terms (hahaha-winky-wouldn’t you know)…. 1) Wenger, I think, IS bold in trying to build the team more slowly with the players we already have. Big(ger) years are needed but might be expected from the younger guys now hitting their mid 20s, including Szcz, Gibbs, Jack, Ozil, Ramsey, Theo and the Ox. The only one of those guys who was injury free was the keeper but his time out due to suspensions (pens plus red cards) was a big dent to his reputation. You can’t contribute if you’re not on the pitch (and it doesn’t help if you’ve spotted the opponent an extra man and a goal)… So, given the assets already at the club I personally don’t feel a need to 2) go to the dark side based on what happens in the window. Personally, I rather the guys I mentioned (plus maybe a couple of others) have blazing starts to the season and we spend our money on upgrading their contracts rather than the more exciting (but more speculative) work we might do in the window. Giving money to our players seems better than giving it to other teams who we hope to beat… That’s just me, of course, YMMV (your mileage may vary), I think, is what the really clever people say…

    Finally, 3) I think we need to redefine (or explore as JM did above…) the idea of “Super Quality.” Are we talking ready made superstars who can step onto the pitch and into the spotlight and carry us to a new level or are we talking younger guys with massive potential who *might* make the jump to a higher level if given the chance? I think we need to be careful because BOTH sorts bring issues. Like JM suggests, older, “big-name” players, if they’ve been at “big” clubs often are available because they’ve failed to meet expectations elsewhere. They *will* bring a sense of excitement but sometimes the expectation levels (fueled by sponsors plastering their image everywhere…) are just too high and their need to shine individually may come at the expense of better “team” play. Younger guys will inevitably need time to find their feet (even if they find their names already tattooed onto todgers…) With the pressure we’re feeling to push up a level, such patience simply may not be available at Arsenal.

    All told, I believe the way we feel about the questions is almost entirely down to predisposition about the face (and now the body…) of the club–Arsene Wenger. I think we’ll make some signings and there could be a bit of (Ozil-esque) splash to go with some breadth and depth. A proven goal scorer who brings a real athleticism–pace and power–and who could play up front or on the left would be a particular tonic, as might a truly physical–and technically gifted–player in front of the back line. For it to be somebody “on the radar” might mean (like Ozil last Summer) it would probably come late. (Stan and AW, I fear, don’t like wasting 10-15-20 million quid just to avoid those sorts of nerves…) No matter WHAT happens, given our recent history, the start of the campaign will surely be twitchy and the window will fail to mollify those who want a roster that would top a fantasy league. Still, I expect improvement (in results, over the full season…) and growth for the club and the team as a result of what happens this Summer. Unfortunately (or fortunately…and despite what people will tell you…) you don’t ACTUALLY win the league in the transfer window and the games must be played… As such, sometimes I wonder if we give too much value to what happens (or doesn’t happen) regarding transfers and not enough to that other part… 😀

  • home grown players shouldn’t be a problemo – since we have the likes of







    Gnabry (from next season) ?

    not sure about Diaby, but he has been with us since ages and ages –

    Ryo (also qualifies from next season) ?

    could be wrong but getting in 5/6 players, shouldn’t be a problem as such.

    come on CHILE!!!

  • Cheers 007, for the answer there…We need a bit of an easier ride through the CL qualifiers and the group stage. Our manager will need to show some ability to rotate from the get-go, I think…

    Match is on, lots of pressure on the bald English fellow…

    Early action shows physicality and pot shots…Neymar going for a bit of the magic spray…

    Sounds like you’ve been talking a bit with the sauce…Hopefully that means things are normalizing around the house…

  • Oh, also, from the last thread…Apologies to TA…I lost my balance and maybe put my face where I shouldn’t have…. 😀 (That’s the shorter version…longer one above…teehee…)

    Webb rejects Hulk’s fall in the box… But not Luis Gustavo just outside…

  • VCC,

    I suspect most of us do have at least a lingering concern that the messages we have had in the past may be repeated again.

    Even so I am reasonably sure the dollars will start to fall and you will be a happy Terry follower again. Not too close tho’ he does get terrible wind!! 🙂

    Back to the game.

  • Own goal, Vargas? Certainly wrong side of Sideshow Bob and not much challenge on the first ball either…

    Brazil is pressing hard and Chile need to hold it…Gotta favor Neymar over Gary Medel in a footrace if they can’t…

  • 1-1…Alexis… Extra touch and rolls it to the post after a woeful givaway from Hulk… Cool like a good gazpacho…

    Both teams attacking well now…

  • Agreed with that VCC…Big call there by the English fellow, but I think he got it right…Nice finish from Hulk nonetheless…

  • Nice post, Gerry. Been waiting for a post like this to officially kick start the transfer talk.

    I think Wenger’s ambition surely falls under categories 1 and 3. Unfortunately, if recent history is anything to go by, the window’s end result may well be any of the three.. Given the circumstances (a highly competitive market full of vultures) and the boss’ remarkable ability to piss off the supporters, it just feels silly trying to make any definite predictions.

    The optimist in me can barely contain its excitement for potential SQ additions– and my number 1 target has yet to be really mentioned in the media, which seems promising?
    On the other hand, the worst case scenario (zero additions) really doesn’t make me too upset when I consider the talent this current squad has. And considering the fact that we signed MESUT OZIL last summer; a player who, in all reality, we should never have acquired in 100 years given the clubs standing at that point in time.

    In other news, how good is this Chile side? 1 of Sanchez or Vidal would do quite nicely.
    In other other news, it appears Henry really did spill the beans some time ago…

    Not a bad first effort regarding the home kit… Hoping the away kit has yet to surface, because that yellow/navy attempt really doesn’t excite me. Thoughts?

  • There’s quite a level of commitment in this match–including to the acting whenever players come together… Just gotta hope nobody fools Mr. Webb in a manner which determines the result…

    Yeah, Total, Me and Luis S… we’re two of a kind… Like him I’m just trying to avoid or shorten my ban… Gotta get my own blog if I really want to say my piece, it appears, but that’s a level of commitment for better men than I… 🙂 …

    Wow! More great work from Hulk but Jo whiffs the finish! Match is slowing down just a bit and players might be thinking about extra time…

    Any worries about Mexico vs the Dutch boys? For my demographic a team featuring the gray and the bald seems pretty appealing… 😀

    Better now as Brazil look most likely to end it before the 90 is over…

  • More great work from Hulk but even better from the Barca keeper…Bravo! (Bravo, I say…) This might be interesting (for the neutral) if it went to pens…

  • TA, did you watch that one? Mexico more or less just defended and broke the connection between Croatia’s MF and the front. The scoreline flattered (I thought) and the first goal (from a set piece) was everything. Having the “hot” keeper in a tournament seems worth a little something. Ochoa (beyond the hair…) has never convinced most of the Mexicanos to whom I talk and I think the size and speed in your attack could lead to blow-out or an easy win. If “we” can keep it scoreless or nick one early, however… Full commitment, however should be on display. Mexico are another squad (like France) who look more cohesive w/o their “best” players (i.e., Vela or Ribery/Nasri)…

    Anyhow, we’ve got Extra-spresso time in this one and Brazil shouldn’t want this to come to pens…

  • Looks like everybody could use a coffee as the Chileans are spending a lot of time down… A couple of pot shots is about all in terms of real football…

    Pretty big Chelsea connection on this Brazilian team with Willian coming on for Oscar and Ramires doing his bit… Hard to believe there isn’t a bit of a kick-back between Abramovich and the Qatari Royals on the David Luis deal…

    Just a few minutes to pens…

  • Pinella crashes the bar!! And Neymar picks the wrong pass on the break…Ramires daisy cutter wide…

    Pens coming and Bravo’s been a star… Julius Caesar, of course, is the emperor and maybe some of these Brazil guys have taken some high pressure pens in their day? All good fun…

  • Gilberto Silva, in the studio, says “If you don’t feel confidence, it’s a problem…”

  • Sorry HT and Frozen, replies later. The match has start, and have only just had tea!

  • Gerry, Fabregas is not a fast mover but you will not find a more clever mover and he has a telepathic relationship with ball and space. He has such a good anticipation of what will happen next and spacial awareness, that he will proof once again he is the best in the PL. You and many others might pooh pooh this, but letting Fab go will be something that we will all come to regret. The idea of Cesc and Ramsey behind Ozil is mouthwatering, but it is not to be. If we get a beast I will move on, but will it happen though?

  • HAM EZ!! Por favor his name is James… I mean they’re not calling Martinez “Hack-Son” or are they? He hasn’t actually touched the ball since I’ve been watching…

    Again…. WOW!

  • The problem with the tattoos, I hear, is that they become addictive. First you do your todger with ROD and it’s all in fun. Soon enough you’ve got one on each arm and people wonder if you can’t tell right from left without them. Watching Brazil-Chile I was considering what I might go for on my neck…”Neck” just seems stupid…

    Ooh, Cavani just an inch or two more neck himself from heading home the equalizer…Most any touch might’ve worked…

    Is this the Columbian keeper we’re supposedly in for? The Emporer did pretty well in the shoot out earlier (no?)…

  • Bravo is really small but he did do well, esp. that foot save. Cesar popping off his line and committing to his dives maybe presented the bigger obstacle… Plenty of emotion in his post match interview… Overall the size of the Brazil team is impressive and a couple more set-piece goals would be a good bet. Was Alexis S. outguessed and too central on his PK? The memory goes with the hair, it seems… The crossbar from Pinella late in ET was awfully close too… Very tight margins but yeah, Brazil is maybe the better team. It’s the best I’ve seen Hulk play and a lot of refs would’ve let that one stand…

    Hard to not like the dancing Colombians over the (loss of balance and) misplaced face folks. Again, you can’t fault the commitment of these teams in their home continent… Goal of the tournament (among some other nice ones) right there…

  • Bota de Oro con cinco, no? Great from Cuadrado to head it down… 2 nil and I don’t believe Uruguay have the teeth today…

    “Linked with Arsenal,” says the commentator…This will make for a lot of anxiety in sofa city…

  • The Colombians are looking a good bet right now. A real team with a few brilliant individuals. First time I have seen them play. Would be good to see the back of the Scoursers of the entire world.

  • Totes, I know you’re a busy guy these days but I am curious on your take re: Suarez… It seems to me that everybody involved would benefit from some sort of “terms undisclosed” transfer as they build their English Empire up there (Lallana to join Lambert is the recent news?)… The timing of the ban seems like it sets up nicely for those bigger clubs who can sail through their CL and league (and Int’l) obligations in the autumn. Don’t the Pool people need to act with a little character (mixed in with all the cynicism and getting a big price) and close this chapter?

  • Seventeenho

    The Liverpool people are great to be with and once you are one of them they will do everything to protect you. The City/area close in around you and they will do the same with Suarez. They will protect him against the outside world and welcome him back with open arms. So I dont expect him to go anywhere. In fact, he latest munch has significantly increased Liverpool’s chances to keep hold of him. And with him…. they always have a chance of winning something again.

    Would do you reckon will happen?

  • You have more experience than I do we these things, but the English can get on a moral high horse and Suarez might go on another press-blaming thing to try and force a move. Like I say, the timing might work out well for a Barca transfer. If Sanchez (or Tello or that other kid with the hair…) could go that direction it might be the best thing for everyone… Pool might feel that spreading the money around gives them the best chance of staying in the top 4…

    Ospina looks solid between the sticks… These Colombians seem rather wise, playing their club footy there on the Riviera… London is a nice town, too, however…

    Cavani is still trying but others are kicking and cussing as they go out…

  • Game over…and Colombia and this Ham-ez fellow are quite a story… Joel Campbell needs to get on his horse if he hopes to keep up… 🙂

    See you for the Mexico match, tomorrow, TA… Have a good night…

  • World Cup 2014 bulletin (as of 28 June):

    Adidas – 48 pts (Argentina /9, Colombia /12, Mexico /7, Germany /7, Nigeria /4, Russia /2, Japan /1, Spain /3, Bosnia and Herzegovina /3)

    Nike – 41 pts (Brazil /8, Netherlands /9, France /7, United States /4, South Korea /1, Croatia /3, Greece /4, Portugal /4, England /1)

    Puma – 30 pts (Côte d’Ivoire /3, Chile /7, Italy /3, Switzerland /6, Uruguay /6, Ghana /1, Algeria /4)

    Burrda – 9 pts (Belgium /9)

    Lotto – 7 pts (Costa Rica /7)

    Marathon – 4 pts (Ecuador /4)

    Uhlsport – 1 pt (Iran /1)


    Netherlands vs Mexico
    Referee: Pedro Proença (Portugal)

    Costa Rica vs Greece
    Referee: Ben Williams (Australia)

    France vs Nigeria
    Referee: Mark Geiger (United States)

    Germany vs Algeria
    Referee: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)



    Brazil vs Colombia (Estádio Castelão, Fortaleza)

  • @ 17highburyterrace, June 28, 2014 at 15:29

    Thanks for the mention earlier, re: salary scale for SQ acquisition (June 28, 2014 at 14:29).

  • Aarh, Morning again. I will pick up on previous comments shortly, but first Chile.

    It was a brave attempt, and so close to the big upset with that late one off the bar?

    Pens? They are dramatic, but not ideal way of concluding a game. I have always like the idea of a second set of extra time, but split into two 15 minutes slots. The first played with the sides reduced by two players, and if no clear result, the second reduced by another two. It should produce a winner in open play. If that fails, then the two GKs take alternate penalties?

    I always think knackered bodies mean tired brains, and that is the last thing you want taking a pen? Of course, too much thinking can also mess up. Indeed, two of the worst ones were taken by the one freshest on the pitch. Big plus on Neymar though, with all the extra pressure on him, he came through it well. I worried for Sanchez with the short run up and no angle with it?

    Great game though. Worthy of the final had Chile won their group?

  • JM, thanks for the post at 14.29. Perhaps it will lower expectations with some, or redefine my thinking of SQ, seeing as it is a broad brush that covers many players, but necessarily what everyone would agree upon?

    Well it is that, or me turning my ‘not coming’ list into, a ‘Yes, we could afford him, but not him’, as a consolation prize for accepting second best?

    On the other hand, it could mean the only SQ(= top end budget) players we will get are the ones who want to come to Arsenal, rather than elsewhere for more money. Ozil for example, could surely have got a better financial packet elsewhere? Another one we fans ought appreciate more, if only for that? Mentioning Cesc for a similar reason would be just scratching a sore spot. However, for the moment we can dream that Sanchez might want to come … perhaps? may be?

    But you are right, it is the strikers that command the high wages. In our quest for a quality DM, we probably could match others to some extent. Vidal for example, I fear, would have to be our highest earner though? Reus on the wing would be another I guess? So people who are anticipating one SQ player arriving could well be right … if the SQ=high wage earner.

    Luckily, on my wish list of a total spend varied from a budget of £75m to £125m, so with in that I had quality players at a price we could afford, depending on the position of the highest earner.
    However, you have reinforced my view that any GK coming in will not earn above £60k here!

    It also make a lot of sense regards who I think is AW’s real favourite for the second striker role … (whisper) Morata, as he would have to earn the higher mark here, but not start on it. As long as that player is still on the market, AW will be interested. Perhaps the final bid should be the £24m asking price?

    In other words, my five signings will not change much, but may be more Quality, and less of the ‘S’ type?

    On the other post, Adidas need Argentina and Germany to come good if they are to stay ahead of Nike. But Puma I fear, are likely to stick on the 30 points mark?

    Cheers, as always, good stuff.

  • 17HT – In many ways I have answered some of your earlier comment in the above. That too was partly a reply to JM.

    Regards to the ‘dearth of youngsters coming through’, it is not so much we do not have some highly promising youngster in the academy. We do. But it is all in the timing, as well as how they progress. But you are right, from the 18 year old promise to the fully fledged rising star at 21/22 does take that long to bring them on. Jack was unfortunate is some ways of being precocious and has probably paid the price with his injuries now. Even the Ox has had problems and he has been brought along more carefully. Dan Crowley is one of those in danger of being ahead of his years, as is Zelalem?
    In my opinion, there is an equally good a crop to come through as the list you give, but they need time. I have had to rein in my wholesome support for Bellerin for the simple lack of any info has to how well he has progressed. He was training with the squad after his return from his Watford loan, but such was the form (and need) of Sagna, he never gave Jenks a look in either.
    Not much has been said about the bigger clubs having a reserve team in the lower league after the first announcement, but that would give them real time experience. The downside is, many a regular club would be happy to give precocious youngster a good licking, just because they are? Far better that existing teams take on loan players and gain a share of any sell on fee for their work in development. That way they have an interest in playing them. This would apply to full season loans, which could be extended to two if all are in agreement. After that the parent club either has them in their squad or they sell them, with the club who has had them on loan having first option, at a lower fee (that is minus their ‘share’ in the player).

    How this transfer window will pan out is anybody’s guess. Mine is that this time, unlike previous season’s, AW has put forward a list of players from which he wants, subject to both his evaluation, and the terms ask for are passed by IG & co. So rather than waiting for an opportunity to buy, which may come late in the window, he can now get whoever is on the list when available, and adjust the remainder, according to how the total budget is affected. The above named is key to that? It will come as no surprise to me that three signings will be made before the launch of the new kit, and a least two will have to be of quality that boost sales, lest we disappoint our sponsor … twice if Balotelli is not on the list?

    The rest of the window will be picking up a few bargains as and when clubs are willing to sell. All I know he is fishing in the right areas (no H2O mentioned), and will be aware of other players that we have not been linked with …

    Keep the faith.

  • Frozen – Sorry for the delayed response to your excellent comment – a domestic drama threw me right off. Sorted for the moment so back wading through the messages.

    I am glad you have a grip on the optimism because the TW is a nightmare regards disappointments. As JM has eluded to, if we hope to sign big names, then disappointment will surely follow. That does not necessarily mean good quality players cannot be bought in they suit our team. Chile is an excellent example of getting some very average players, in EPL terms, and yet perform like super star heroes in the team unit.

    Which reminds me, I wonder what the Chilean manager will be doing in 3 years time … 😀

    I am glad you main player has not been mentioned in the media. Always a good sign regards AW. Especially if he has been link with another player at the same club …. ?

    Alas, 4 of my options in various positions have been mentioned, not necessarily with Arsenal, but my CB is very much under the radar 😀

    I remain hopeful, but it is a tricky business, and we need to keep the balance right. People forgot how much more sponsorship deals Ivan Gazidas has brought to the club to put us in this position where we can dream of quality players coming.

    I repeat, keep the faith.


  • Oh, and like TA – the away kit should not have a trace of blue in it. Black or dark grey, representing the colour of cannon balls would be fine?

  • That reminds me. that was the first time I have seen Columbia play and …..

    davydavy – Scrub my knowledge of James Rodriges -Jamez for short. I was clearly mixing him up in my mind with another Monaco player(older). But the difficulty of purchase holds good.

    TA at 20.31 – Agreed. I did say I acknowledged his other qualities.

    I must stop typing, too many errors creeping in

    Thanks everyone

  • I have just noticed another on @7.32′ That should have read ‘good kicking, NOT as written ‘a good licking’ … as I might be hoisted by my own petard? : 🙂

  • AW, scrap the idea of Aurier and get Zuniga. Only problem for Arsene is, he is 28 years old.

  • Gerry……your CB…….would he be a back up, or a replacement for either Kos or Merts?

  • Gerry, appreciate the work you are putting in here – thanks! I think you are right – Jamez has done so well that he’s not going to be achievable for us, and I also agree with you that we won’t be signing Jackson Martinez (ie AW has looked and not been moved to make an offer).

    Who then? I think Serge Aurier has definitely given us enough in this Word Cup to make a move a no-risk option for us (and there’s no links to other clubs with him), and Joel Campbell is on his way, so they are the two certain arrivals it seems.

    I don’t see much money being put into the reserve CB and GK positions (presumably AW has some good young players in mind) so then the big money might best go into two SQ players to fill the remaining two gaps – midfield to take over from Arteta, and up front to complement Giroud. Maybe a double Chile deal with Vidal and Sanchez? I also suspect that AW would like Morata so there are quite a few combinations available of Vidal/Bender/Schneiderlin/Carvalho combined with Sanchez/Morata/Cavani. These are all exciting combinations and make me really optimistic about the new season.

    Fabregas: he’s a huge talent no doubt. I wonder if AW feels that he could become a little injury-prone, given that he has been playing football from such a young age. That an a high price and some history of questioning AW might have tipped the balance?

  • @ Gerry, June 29, 2014 at 05:31

    An act of divine intervention? Just having the luck at the right time (at last minute of extra time and the last Chile penalty – both hitting the bar & post)?

    Quote my previous comment in Admir’s post (June 22, 2014 at 01:14)

    “Part 2b:

    Also, Cameroon appeared 5 times (1982, 1990, 1994, 2002, 2010) from the group that includes one of the finalists. They did not qualify in 1986 and 2006. The odd year was 1998.

    2014 – Group A (Brazil, Croatia, Cameroon, Mexico)”

    Brazil still on course to reach final. Colombia will have the next chance (and a very good one) to beat the “myth” for the 2nd time.
    {Although, it could also meant Mexico is “that team” going on course to the final, which would mean The Netherlands playing “myth slayer” this round. }

    @ Gerry, June 29, 2014 at 06:49

    We ran a successful covert operation on Ozil in the last day/ couple of days in the transfer window. “Blind-sided” the media & “Smoke screened” the internet in getting our man.
    It was also fortunate that Ozil has his family member as agent/agency (no spread of words, rumours to others after the rounds of “close doors” negotiation with IG, DL, AW and company).
    Another important yet unknown aspect to many was that key piece of business with Real Madrid at the right time. (when they got Bale and released Ozil). An indirect “transfer of sponsorship monies” from one club to another (Madrid has started their new shirt deal with Fly Emirates that season) might have contributed.

  • Gerry 🙂

    Brazil v Chile was a feast of footie and could have been worthy of the final. Yet,I believe they are not the two best teams in the tournament as they both lack in attack – far too reliant on their own star Barca player.

    I thought Colombia were very good last night. First time I saw them and they looked good throughout the team. I can see them making it to the final.

    Davydavy, Wenger will have had his reasons and we can only guess in the end. I read an analysis of the German team’s chances by a highly regarded Dutch journalist and he openly questioned Ozil’s ability to lead from the middle (as he is also being played on the left in the German team right now). Wenger believes in Ozil and told Fabregas he is not needed, apparently….

    And next season we will see how much of an insight that decision was.

  • JM, what makes you think we can not afford the SQ players total packages? There is plenty of Money in the club and future income is looking very, very good. It’s not a matter of money but economic/strategic choice by the management until now, which includes Wenger. However, with the arrival of Ozil, however late it was, hopefully they have become more adventurous, or even BOLD, again, and Gerry might still see his wishes come through. 😉

  • @TotalArsenal, June 29, 2014 at 10:35

    How much money do we have in the club? And how much from that “plenty of money” is allocated by our CFO and accountants to our transfer activities and contracts?
    £100Million? £500Million? £1Billion?

    Can we afford signing 3 – 4 SQ players in one transfer window, with each having wages of £150,000/ week – £200,000/ week, without the sale(s) from any of our 1st team players who are on high wages & other extras? Or is our club looking at a more staggered approach of doing a minimum 1 SQ signing every season along with increasing the wages and extending the contracts of our 1st team players?

    What is there to prevent every other 1st team players & their agent/agency for not requesting similar preferential treatment of increasing the value by getting the same £150,000/ week – £200,000/ week wages that our new SQ signings are getting? (On the average of having 5x 1st team players on similar wage scale would still be £24Million – £48Million annually)

    What makes us not to approach a number of SQ players who are handed by certain agent/agency? Are they the ones that will ask more & more for their clients & themselves every other season? Or are they the ones that have dubious associations with third party holding companies for their SQ clients/players?

    We are getting increased revenue every future season through commercial deals & partnerships, just as other top teams in Europe are getting theirs at the same time. The institutions at Bayern, Real, Man Utd & the other traditional top clubs still have worldwide appeal & attracting investors, and would not collapse in near future.

    Arsenal FC will have to hang in there, improve our sports standing and significance globally (via on-pitch success), commercially (via off-pitch partnership with bigger & quality partners), while attracting more neutrals in joining and supporting the club.

  • Lots of questions JM, rather than answering my question. Good questions though.

    We can afford one to two SQ players and the fact that some will earn more than others should not be a problem if managed sensibly….. And a contract is a contract, no?

    Let’s stop this minority complex thinking and act within the status we have build up now; at least that’s what Gazidis is doing in his PR sessions…..

  • Working down from where I left off …

    VCC – The player I have in mind would be the long term replacement for the BFG… only with pace, and ball skills to play DM if needed. Think Micah Richards without the injuries?

    Cost? Depends if we can get in first, but ITRO(housing jargon) £15m.

    If we need a second one, he will have to be younger, and cheaper.

  • I`ve been in St Ives and straight away in the Hotel lift I caught a glance of some hot body, so rushed into the lift (elevator) to say hello in tongue language !……..upto the 3rd floor on my own salivating the mirror !.
    Watched my Rod last night and screamed the place down with that GOAL !. They played better in the earlier games, Totes !. Cuadrado and The Rod for me !.
    I`ve sort of gone two players from each team….so they can have a friendly face as companions !….Top of list….The Rod and Cuadrado from Colombia. Sanchez and Vidal from Chile !. Gotze and Reus from Germany !. Benzema and Pogba from France !. Di Maria and Lavezzi from Argie Bargies and Drugschhh and Pornschhh from Hollandschhh !.
    Listen Senis Puckers !…………last year it was good knowledge that we culled and saved £450k per week on wages and we`ve just had another cull, so don’t listen to these BK Wengerite Rectum Licker Accountants…..listen to a dodgy Cockney !…..we are fcuking loaded and all within FFP !…….and I must say that Chancellor Wenger has been looking really chilled and relaxed out there in Brazil, so something is a coming and it`s not just me looking fantastically naked in front of my mirror !…… know it makes sense !.

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