What determines a successful season? Geoff’s theory.

How world cups, seasons and teams work


Watching this years World Cup and thinking on prior ones in all sports and decades of watching seasons of various teams I have developed a few ideas that I think define a season. These ideas, I think, can help us as Gooners think about how we evaluate our seasons and cup pursuits.

Note that I am writing while watching the World Cup final but may or may not so comment later! The theory stands alone without worrying about whether Argentina will have their perfect game or Germany their horror game.

And that defines it. Perfect games and horror games. As fans we all expect perfect games, and think that horror games are not allowed. I posit the  following for a World Cup or cup competition.

  1. Each team plays to its current form or level. It’s coaches and player form that determine this, but over any cup period it is relatively constant (usually, though Agentina has in my opinion risen some in this cup). Over a season it varies based on team depth (fatigue) and injuries, around which coaching and preparation can fine tune or manage the level.
  1.   In a cup, any team going past a short group stage visit will have:
  1. One Horror Game, where everything goes wrong or most of it. Well below form. Ideally one has this in the group stage and versus inferior opposition so you can win. An arguably not truly great Brazil team may have over achieved to get to the semi-final where they had unarguably their Horror Game.
  2. One Perfect Game, where everything goes right. IMO, unarguably also, Brazils horror game tragically coincided with Germany’s perfect game. The outcome was, well, ouch!!

I think we all understand number 1 over a season. IMO, last year Arsenal were too thin on quality up front and too injured for, let’s call it verve, in the midfield. The result was our form dropped and we had to play and win ugly for the second part of the season. Thus, the euphoria so far for this TW over getting another top ST and defenders etc… Equally, my delight over the German national team physio/trainer for keeping us at a higher level longer.

It’s number 2 however that determines the final result think. Last year, for me, Man City had the depth of SQ to be dominant and the lack of enough injuries to affect that. And they won, right? However, it was very very close. I think one could easily put this to misplaced perfect and horror games.

Let’s posit that in a 38 game EPL season, you have 28 form games, and 5 horror games and 5 perfect games. These are rough estimates, but I think we could easily point to those games for Arsenal last year if we are honest, although they are sometimes hard to recognize. Our first game against Spurs was a perfect game, despite closeness, and at the time we thought it was a horror game for Spurs who we later realized were merely playing to their form despite their acquisitions.


So, ideally, one would prefer to have perfect games or form games against top teams, if one is a top team let us say! 🙂 … Horror games should be against lesser teams who you can still beat. For Man City, however, they had their horror games against opposition who were having perfect games – and perfect from the bottom of the table beat horror from the top. This made it far closer than not.

For Arsenal, a few thoughts. Horror games versus Man City away (form at home) and that Pool game now immortalized by BT. IMO, away against top teams is the way to go, unless you can call up the perfect one! Horror games against mid table are where unaffordable losses come from, and equally perfect ones against bottom table are wasted.

So, what does it mean? Overall, I’d say that Arsenal had a good season and was more affected by form than by horror or perfect games. In contrast, Man City almost missed out as a result of them. Thus, for this season with some increased depth to keep players in top form and rested should see us maintain too form. Equally, last year, OGs loss of form was fatigue and hurt us like injuries as there was no comparable replacement.

Aside: it’s half time and 0-0, with both teams going to form in my opinion.

Thus, the real question, can we plan and manage these horror and perfect games? Can we minimize one and maximize the other?

Anyone can look back and say that was perfect that was horror and so on… It’s what makes blogs like this to an extent as it is impossible to really show, although clearly perfect (or horror) games are clear (think Napoli in the CL last year as perfect). So, I would posit that it is “impossible” to change my arguable number of 5 each (could be 3-4 🙂 ). Why?

I think what determines these games is a matter of circumstances. Response to pressure, conditions, particular player form? Equally, things we might blame, like maturity and experience, to me play into overall team form. A hugely talented team without maturity.

For example, 2 mins into half 2, Messi is through and you’d think in the box there is nothing Neuer can do versus such a clinical finisher. But, he scuffs it wide. Really? Or hmm…

And that is perhaps my point. Horror games may well come like perfect ones from individual elements that have an off game or cannot get going. In City’s losses, the talismanic Yaya was often missing, and for Arsenal in their horror games it was failures at a normally solid back line and defensive midfield that failed to respond like normal to the first goal and mistakes.

Can these be minimized with substitutions or tactics? I leave that to you to discuss? Certainly the coulda, woulda and shoulda brothers play a role in discussions that are difficult to prove!

Overall, I think that seasons are defined on form, but the fine tuning of the last few places revolves around these specific 8-10 games. We were fourth mostly on form last year, while City had a worst combination of these games, and, to my mind, Pool had a best one…

Ok, so I have a theory and some arguable data, but I think it’s a different way to view a season, after and before. During is hard to figure it, but we can look forward to these special games, or at least half of them!

So, to you, the following questions:

  • What were our horror games last year, what were our perfect ones. You are limited to 3-5 of each in equal number!
  • Will a new trainer help our form remain higher?
  • Without becoming City, whose “depth” was fined by UEFA, will we have enough depth if we get Khedira or similar this summer?

So, it’s 0-0 at 64 mins with both teams having their opportunities, and their mistakes….

Written by: JGC

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  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent, thought-provoking post, jgc. 🙂

    Will respond in the evening.

  2. geoffchase says:


    Apologies for typos .. Was typing quickly on ipad while watching with both eyes. Some thoughts:

    A. Final was both teams on form. Messi maybe a little off? Both had 2ish excellent chances at least. Germany closest off the woodwork, but Argentinas looked better perhaps.

    B. Did Argentina have a perfect game this tourney, or miss out?

    C. Note that draws against non-bogey bottom table teams can also qualify as horror games if it’s one we shoulda won and where it all doesn’t click…

    Cheers — jgc

  3. Martin Luther says:

    Good points.
    Great post

  4. AFC says:

    Numerous reports are saying we have beaten Chelsea to Khedira. A foreign newspaper said the deal was done. The deal will be confirmed soon and we are thought to be paying around £23 million for Khedira. If true this is brilliant news, now let’s hope he can quickly recover from his injury.

  5. Martin Luther says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t rate Khedira. Why couldn’t we sign Vidal instead?
    Afc has the money plus london life and champions league ( although play off first).

  6. AFC says:

    Great post Geoff. 🙂

    So Geoff if I have read your post correctly, you are saying that form has a bigger impact on our season than the perfect or horror games. If you are saying that I would agree with you. As you say team depth and injuries play a part. I would also say player quality plays a part in team form or its current level.

    I think horror games can be minimised by subs and tactics. In the case of subs, the subs on the bench may not be affected by the general ‘team form’ and may instead go by their own ‘individual form’? For instance Hernandez of United is a prolific goal scorer off the bench for United? He must of come on during some of United’s horror or perfect matches and normal form matches but still scored goals? If he is starting matches he is then affected by ‘team form’? It is because of this that I would say that subs can change horror games.

    Tactics can allow these subs who go on individual form to perform at a higher level than they would under different tactics as the change in tactics might play to their strengths?

    Geoff would you say that teams can turn horror games into perfect games through a temporary sort of mental strength or motivation?

  7. AFC says:

    Martin why don’t you rate Khedira?

    Vidal would cost huge money? Juventus could ask for £50-60 million for him? Khedira for around £20-30 million is a better move in my opinion. We could use that other £20-30 million on a ST or winger if Wenger wants to do that.

  8. AFC says:

    Sorry Geoff. Ignore that last question you answered it already in your post.

  9. AFC says:

    Geoff, with regards to depth. Sanchez, Khedira, Debuchy, a GK and a CB would be enough depth. If Vermaelen leaves another CB will be needed. Another forward is not really needed but another forward would be brilliant.

  10. Martin Luther says:

    I think he’s alright going forward but his primary duty is to defend and help out his defensive players. Him and rambo in midfield would be asking for trouble.
    They’d both wonder forward leaving the middle bare.
    I don’t think man u are paying 50 million for him it’s 30 million-40 mill max . If value is the problem Medel would be perfect. He’s a beast in the middle.
    Imo a better holding midfielder.
    Going forward isn’t the problem
    Breaking up play in the middle is.

  11. Martin Luther says:

    I can’t believe that addidas deal.
    Wow that’s just going to make kit suppliers giddy. Now everyone is going to ask for more money.

  12. AFC says:

    Martin, I think AW will use a dual pivot where Khedira and Ramsey take it in turns to attack and defend. One attacks meanwhile one sits. Khedira can attack and defend in my opinion and he seems like an all rounded midfielder. He will help us a lot in the middle of the park and his experience will help Ramsey. I think AW will be able to get them working well together.

  13. AFC says:

    Do you not think £23 million is a bargain for a player of his quality?

  14. The Cockie Monster says:

    Will read post later, but did anyone think that our £30M per year deal with PUMA was not going to be beaten by the worlds biggest football brand that is Manshafter Std !. £75M per year from Adidas and don’t forget they have just started their Chevrolet £50M per year deal for shirt name !….that`s £125M per year from the ones we know about !. What`s our PUMA and Emirates deal worth combined….£60M per year ?. FFP if it works, may curb and contain the likes of Mansour City and Chavs, but Manshafter Std don’t need rich oily owners and will always be a money making machine because of their unmatched success over the last 20 years, failing to keep in touch and compete with them has cost us dearly if you consider us to be their greatest rivals. Only a Mansour/Abramobitch type investor ten or more years ago would have kept us neck and neck with them and kept us on an even pegging sponsorship wise…….we are playing catch up that’s for sure !.
    Of course, just an opinion, but you know I make sense !. hahaha

  15. The Cockie Monster says:

    Oh !…and sort of agree with Martin, like I said previously, if we`re are going for top talent, then it should be Vidal !. Khedira is OK, but I don’t want OK !…I want SQ !.

  16. AFC says:

    Cockie, Khedira is SQ. I would put him in the same class as Vidal.

  17. The Cockie Monster says:

    Apparently Adebayor has contracted malaria !…………..let that be a warning to anyone else who thinks sucking off a mosquito is a good idea !…………talking of which …..where the fcuk is Fozzie B ?.

  18. The Cockie Monster says:

    Yeah OK, AFC…….Vidal Sassoon the hair dresser and he died 2 years ago !.

  19. AFC says:

    Cockie, reports are saying Jenkinson could be on his way out. We might be in for Callum Chambers (replacement) as well as Debuchy. What do you make of that Cockie?

  20. The Cockie Monster says:

    OK, I admit that Khedira had a fantastic game against Brazil……………….hold on a sec`….it was against fcuking Brazil !……..my local octogenarian dementia league side could beat them !………..he`s average !. hahaha

  21. AFC says:

    Nah Cockie, he’s been good for Real Madrid as well.

  22. AFC says:

    Cockie, if Khedira is average what does that make Schneiderlin? 😀

  23. RA says:

    A pint of beer?

  24. The Cockie Monster says:

    No idea, AFC !. I don’t know of Chambers, all I know is Jenks performed great when he had a long run out covering Sagna and was called up to the England set up on the back of it !.
    If true, it does highlight my thoughts that why do we want to buy certain players from clubs when their were better players there ( or were there )…..Shaw for instance !.

  25. The Cockie Monster says:

    If only it was simple as that Professor Geoff !……………shit !, I should have put a comma after “that” !……..lets start again…….If only it was simple as that, Professor Geoff !. hahaha
    There are so many permutations to take into account, that I could be here for ever, but to try and keep it short, I shall say the obvious……injuries, the way the fixtures panned out ( remember the ten torture games which fcuked us up ! ). lack of depth in squad etc` etc` etc` .
    We have no control over quite a few things, but there are things we can control, like spending some fcuking money………ahhh, it was great to get that out !. hahaha
    The main thing we can try and be proactive in and maybe stop the flow of defeats against the usual suspects is…..and a lot of you should agree to this !…..tactics !.
    We have seen in this WC, that “no hoper” teams such as Costa Rica, Iran, Greece, Algeria, Ecuador and yes…the USof A, can all give and have given the big name teams a shock !. Why ?, because they are organised, disciplined and play to their strengths !.
    When Arsenal play the likes of Manshafter Std, Mansour City, Chavs and Liverscum, lets analyse our squad at the time for injuries, bans, call ups etc` and put into practice a plan to be carried out for each individual team we face, we cant go gunho against every team !. This to me, this is one of Wengers …Achilles Heel !.
    Six conceded from both City and Chavs and Five from the bindippers, we looked like a pub team !. We knew of our injuries and should have parked the bus on a few occasions !, it`s what both Maureen and Van Gaal have in their locker which Wenger maybe has, but seems to refuse to do !.

    Good to get a bit of dooming off the chest !. hahaha

  26. AFC says:

    I gotta agree with you Cockie.:)

  27. The Cockie Monster says:

    I see on newsnow that scientists have created a material so black that the eyes cant see it !. It`s called superblack !. Apparently It`s like looking into a ” blackhole” ! . Fcuking millions spent I should imagine and all they had to do was go to Tottenham and see how fcuking super duper black it is there being in our shadow ! ………………………………………of course, they could have also looked into Adebayors rectum…..Sandro and Defoe are still stuck in the event horizon of his black hole with permanent boners !. hahaha

  28. AFC says:

    Redders, Schneiderlin actually does sound like the name of a beer or lager. If he comes to Arsenal, Arsenal could make their own beer/lager called Schneiderlin, sell it at games, making a profit which can be used to sign more SQ players. 😉

  29. AFC says:

    Then be used*

  30. Retsub says:

    Good post that got the brain cells working. Arsenal were a nearly team last year and if
    Theo and Rambo hadn’t got injured we may have cracked it. What was different last year was how we capitulated on a number of occasions. I don’t remember that ever happening before. Ok there was the 8 – 2 but that was a one off. I dont see any of the big sides having the mental strength that Fergies United had. Pretty much all the big sides had chances to win the league last season, but they all bottled it. If we can get that mental strength into the team I believe we have(with the addition of some steel in midfield) the squad to have a real crack at the league this year.

  31. Cockie

    This is for you mate. Wenger just at the point where he announced the signing of Sanchez Sanchez. WARNING: This content may have serious consequencies to Gooners of a sensitive disposition. Parental Guidance advised.

  32. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha Brilliant !, `69er !……………what a coincidence, talking earlier about where he keeps his transfer kitty stashed !. No wonder he has been smiling a lot recently !. 😀

  33. AwayGunner says:

    Great post JGC, really thought provoking

    Especially compelling to me is the idea of “horror” games and corresponding repercussions. I can understand that every team will have severely off-form days from time to time (and any given tie can quickly get away from them). But that being said, I feel that mitigating the damage (when teams are scoring 3-4 or more against us) needs to be more of a priority in the future. The resounding psycological impact of these defeats on the team (and added pressure thereafter, especially on the “at faults”) erodes individual/collective form and team spirit almost as bad as injuries to the starting 11 in my opinion. If I had to use all three subs bringing on extra defenders to stop this from happening, then so be it. I think we all know that tactically, AW has a live by the sword/die by the sword approach to football and while I admire his dedication to “beauty”, sometimes he should think about the greater good of the team, big picture. At the end of the day, a club of our prestige should rarely (if ever) be subject to such defeat. There are too many great football minds and players involved for that to fly.

    I love Mesut Ozil. He is an artist and I wouldn’t trade him for any player the world today. He also seems a sensitive character that needs to be kept “happy” in order to thrive. With many of the so called pundits already gunning for him (I’m sure it will be even worse in his “now settled” 2nd year), I very much worry about him being made out to be the above mentioned “at fault” one too many times following “horror” games in this upcoming season. When pundits fail to see the subtleties that make him the artist that he is, for me, they have completely discredited their own knowledge of the game and I personally tune them out. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that everyone else does, and I would hate to see him set up to fail because we failed to protect him properly. Avoiding the embarrassments seems as good a place to start as any.

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    JGC, I enjoyed the post and I like the idea that overall form is the determining factor in winning a tournament or competition. If on top of that the bad and good hair days fall against the right opponents…. you can win something. It is hard to argue against this as it makes perfect sense. In many ways I like Arsene approach to football based on an overarching style that should conquer all. With the right players and not too strong an opposition, it could work a treat. The battles between Red Nose and Le Professeur between 1996 and 2004 – one the generalist and the other the tactician – were superb.

    But with Van Gaal, Rodgers, and Count Dracula we now have three more managers who work along the all conquering style approach; only Mourinho relies mainly only on tactical adjustments per game (although also falling back heavily on the one constant of conservative, defensive football). People and clubs are copying Arsene and they have more money, or possibly energy than Arsene (especially Rodgers and Martinez), which will make it harder and harder to win something again.

    Van Gaal has surprised me, and many Dutchmen, with his change of style at the eleventh hour for the Dutch team. He has proven to be able to work away from the all conquering 4-3-3 style and go all tactical for each and every game. I reckon, Arsene will have to do something similar, especially for the tricky and all determining ‘big games’. The team has to break through the barrier of losing these encounters when we are away and just drawing them at home…. they cost us dearly.

    Re your questions:

    What were our horror games last year, what were our perfect ones. You are limited to 3-5 of each in equal number!

    Aah, I am not going to stick to your rule, naughty I know! 🙂

    We had many horror games: Villa at home, Everton, Mansour Citeh, Pool and Chavs away and almost all subsequent games, in which we drew and almost went out of the FA cup. And there was Stoke away and Bayern at home…. horror, horror, horror.. Napoli at home was perfect one and so was Liverpool in the league, and so was the home Spuds encounters. And Norwich at home was pretty perfect too.

    Will a new trainer help our form remain higher? Lets wait and see.

    Without becoming City, whose “depth” was fined by UEFA, will we have enough depth if we get Khedira or similar this summer?

    Yes. There was depth last season. I was at the Swansea game at home (after we got smashed against the horrible Chavs). We had a decent team, despite injuries to Ozil, Ramsey and Theo, but they were just not up for it. Its not all about depth, as tactics and psychological preparation can make a huge difference too. But I do believe that Sanchez, a RB, Khedira (or equivalent) and an up and coming CB will give us extra depth to cope.

    But ultimately it is not just about style, players or form, or luck; it is also about good tactical preparation and willingness to make the necessary changes to the style and formation of football if circumstances demand this. One more ‘walking into the open knives of Mourinho’s straightforward tactics’ will certainly be too much for me. I want to see a strong squad, great football and clever tactics. Is that too much to ask?

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    AwayGunner 🙂

    All agreed, especially re Ozil. I am working on a post that also deals with the lack of (ability to) appreciation for Ozil contributions to our team and Germany’s football team, so we will be able to talk about at some point this week.

  36. James Bond says:

    nice one @ JGC – what’s not to agree with ? fully agreed with your notions and theories !

    however, my horror games won’t be the 5-1’s and so on –

    my horror games are these ones,

    1 : 1-1 at home to Everton, when we were winning 1-0 and then bang they scored in the dying moments , it was in december if memory serves – and this was the game which basically was going to start a tough run of games for us –

    3: The swansea 2-2 with Flamini scoring an own goal, again in the dying moments of the game .

    5: Ozil vs Bayern Munich – the lad had a shocker after that penalty miss – before the penalty, we were dominating BM and not just dominating , it was the master ( AW) teaching the pupil (Pep) what Wenger ball was all about – however, that penalty miss and brain fart from Sczny ruined it and after that we hit a bit of a slump .

    Yes, the new trainer will help but in my opinion, it will take sometime before we can reap the benefits and the results won’t be on display instantly – however, I do wish that we can see the fruits of his labour, sooner rather than later !

    and Yes, again – we can – however, there might be an outgoing player as well (I hope not but it is under the “imminent” ones ) .

    Re- Vidal and Sami – Sami is the players choice and a hard worker, with a great work ethic and most importantly, is a LEADER – very vocal and he was the captain of his club in Germany ?

    but sometimes, we are heavily linked with a player to basically use it as a bargaining chip in our REAL deal to force the other clubs hand/players wages, used as a pressure tactic of sorts – so don’t be surprised .

  37. James Bond says:


    good comment .

    Most SPECIAL players, need loving and need to be kept happy – The Messi’s The Ronaldo’s are no different, they are kept happy by constant wage increases or a wage increase every 2nd year or a better contract on top of all the love they get from their fans .

    we need to show our special players more love as well, considering we at the moment don’t keep them happy as much with improved terms , however, as off late, we have started doing this with our british core and have given our players premium, who some would argue didn’t deserve it – i.e. Sczny getting 100 K – JW being injured for so long is getting close to 90 k – Ramsey got his pay rise which was well deserved but anyhow – point being, we are getting better and better all the time .

    and Glics – they can make a 125 million , Man utd can but are they in the Champions league this season ? ? ? or even Europa league ? 😀 that’s one thing money or sponsors can’t buy you 👿

  38. James Bond says:

    17HT – where art thou

    Gerry – where art thou

    Alcide – Where art thou

    Fozzie with a B – when are they releasing you from prison ?

  39. AFC says:

    Scolari has resigned as the Brazil manager.

  40. AwayGunner says:

    JB – all agreed, although for some reason Mesut doesn’t strike me as being as wage focused as some of the more egocentric superstars. I imagine that any signs of affection we afford him will be welcomed. For that reason, assuming all things being relatively equal DM target wise, I think Sami K would go a long way to not only filling the teams need for SQ in the DM position but also creating the right environment for our “Messy” (haha, wanted to use that for a while now) to feel at home.

  41. James Bond says:

    you’re right – he doesn’t come across as being the money type but hey, if someone appreciated your hard work and gave you a nice pay rise – that would come a long way in motivating you even a tad more , no ? it’s just human nature !

    but yes, our Messy will have an amazing season – just wait and watch, the likes of Theo, Sanchez, OX/Ramsey and Poldi are already looking forward to 15+ goals and Giroud is already rehearsing all the tantrums he will be throwing after missing easy chances in front of goal , ha

  42. James Bond says:

    Scolari is a good man – shame we have a shameless manager, who refuses to do the same .

  43. Martin Luther says:

    I heard Khedira is asking for too much money. So I think the deal is off. But znt that bender guy around much more value me thinks.

  44. Martin Luther says:

    You lot must have it in for that h20 guy I made a comment about him and I think it was blocked. Wow….

  45. Martin Luther says:

    And what do you guys think of markovic should we be worried?
    Did a bit of YouTube scouting he’s decent but notably he’s pacy.

  46. jnyc says:

    On khedira, all you need to know is that he’s 1st choice for GERMANY. Also 1st choice at real madrid, for mourihno and ancelotti. In champs league final, after long injury problems, and his job on the line, who did carlo choose? Khedira.
    If Wenger wants him, I think that’s 3 top opinions.

    What else do you need? And I love all the guys saying they want Bender, lars. I would bet anything that none have seen him play a full match. All we know is that Arsene rates him highly( thats enough for me). But let’s not pretend it’s based on expertise, or viewing . You can deny it, but don’t front.

    Having said that, I will happy with any of the names linked for cdm as long as Arsene wants them.

  47. RA says:

    Well said JNYC.

    It is a phenomenon of footie blogs that bloggers do not need to see a player to want him, it is enough that he is an ‘addition’ to the squad and that he is expensive! 🙂

  48. RA says:


    A superb response @ 21:47

    Right back on form sir!! 🙂

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Redders 🙂

    Also thanks for your ‘putting things in perspective’ comments a few days ago. I was very busy and had no time to ‘intervene’ so it was very much appreciated. Lets hope knickers will untwist themselves again. 🙂

    How is life in Manchester right now?

  50. geoffchase says:


    Apologies, busy, busy… And trying to fit some family time around the start of semester here. No one said my timing was good…

    First, thanks to all respondents, I’m onto it, with a thanks for the kind words early on to Martin Luther – and welcome to posting at BK

    Onward to AFC early on.. Well, almost. IMO, form is dominant and determines say top 4 from next 4 and so on. BUT, within those groups, a good or bad “appearance” of horror games can resort that list… Equally wasting perfect games vs bottom table teams! When you’re way on top of form you want the best, but you can’t always time the true perfect games vs just good form. Like Napoli in e CL hey just happen, BUT when the timing is good (like NPoli) it’s awesome! 🙂

    Horror games, IMO, are best vs top opponents away where you might’ve lost anyway than losing vs mid table. Or equally good vs bottom table where you MAY win anyway.

    That help?

    Oh, and I rate Khedira but outside of physical presence, good passing and B2B stamina I’m not 100% sure I can explain it. Attitude?

    Cheers — jgc

  51. geoffchase says:

    AFC et al

    Interesting on the Adidas deal. JM will know more but seems risky. Yes, global brand is MEGA! Especially in Asia. BUT, global fans, especially in Asia where football isn’t deep, are fickle. Another year out of CL and …. Ouch! Maybe …

    Cheers — jgc

  52. geoffchase says:


    Re: Chevrolet, see comment above. Risky IMO if van Gaál can’t get them up places. Admittedly Pool losing Suarez helps, but another bigger RVP injury and …. It could all be too hard. Time and summer TW will tell..

    Cheers — jgc

  53. geoffchase says:


    Ah, but injuries and fixture lists are about form and maintaining it. Hence, my BIG number one achieved getting so,e real physios and recovery specialists to Arsenal (job done there too! 🙂 )

    The ten torture games were due to injury dropping our form and ability. Depth we didn’t have was needed.. Now we are better there and a DM or b2b will add more.

    I liked AFCs Ramsey + Khedira idea for at least some teams… I think Khedira would take zero from a rampaging Yaya or others which we, IMO, need!

    Cheers — jgc

  54. geoffchase says:

    Hi Awaygunner

    Good points. I think a horror game comes when you can’t recover the mistakes and form. For us it turns 2-0 loss into 5-1. For City, it turned into 2-1 or 1-0 vs bottom table. It should never have happened. It LOOKS better but is an equal capitulation.

    If I had a worry, it’s that we capitulate on defense. City last year did it on offense. Admittedly, those were each teams strengths,

    So, we might then define a horror game as capitulation on your strong point!?

    Cheers — jgc

  55. geoffchase says:


    Losing when you hoped, or should? have own isn’t horror. It sucks, true, but .. Ie Villa at home. It happens. Horror is perhaps now best defined by what I got for awaygunners thoughts..

    Capitulation, of your strength, implying against anyone.. So, Pool, Chavs, City away, yes… Baleen at home, yup… After that it’s harder for me. Not that we didn’t draw or such when we shoulda own but….

    Part of form, it being an average is it includes, in it’s level, some of those up and downs and the maturity to overcome them… Last year we were young in many ways, except in defense or back 4, and that showed in a form that wasn’t quite as high as we’d have liked it in 1-3 games. Lack of resilience influences overall “form”?


    Cheers — jgc

  56. geoffchase says:


    hmm, I’m going with what Awaygunner sparked as being capitulation of your strength (defense or back 4-ish for us last year). So, I’ll buy 2-2 vs Swansea as horror and defensive capitulation – as it never shoulda happened and they should have recovered.

    This year offense may well also be a real strength for us, and not so variable as last year. First time since that Dutch guy maybe?

    Cheers — jgc

  57. geoffchase says:

    RA and TA

    I done responded in force to your responding! 😛

    Off to bed for me now. Sorry, my timeline is very outta synch just now ..

    Cheers — jgc

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    WOW The site has just been hit by a whirlwind of jgc responses! Sleep well buddy and thanks for dedicating your time to BK: very much appreciated.

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    oh, and horror for me is an experience… and on top of that, if and when the team do not perform to its potential and qualities, leading to a horrible spanking or unnecessary loss of points….that is horror to me! horror, horror, horror! 🙂

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