What to do with Ozil | Sanchez the dream attacker | Khedira the final soldier?

Jack and Mesut can lift the team towards the title, if played in the right position and fitness is kind to them (especially Jack)

Jack and Mesut can lift the team towards the title, if played in the right position and fitness is kind to them (especially Jack)

Mesut Ozil is a fine player and at times it takes a trained eye to appreciate him. We are obsessed with goals and assists, and other stats, and yes they have their value. And Ozil’s stats are nothing to be ashamed of: the opposite actually. But you can also just look at him when in action. Ozil adds value to everything he does and that’s what makes him invaluable to a team. His running off the ball and positioning on the field is excellent and his first touch and passing ability are second to none. But whatever he does, with or even without the ball, it adds forward impetus to the team. He is efficient and effective and the proverbial oil to our team.

It is no surprise that Khadera, Mueller and Kroos got all the plaudits for Germany’s humiliation of the overhyped Brazilians. Ozil will not even mind, as he will be happy for the team. I have never seen Ozil play a bad game; at worst, he had a few under-par games last season. For Ozil to do really well the team have to do well, as the silver service he offers requires team mates with fine taste buds. And for Arsenal, it is all about balance: when we had it last season the team purred occasionally, but when we did not, we often looked unimaginative, predictable. Ozil cannot fix us on his own, but he has so much to offer and we should bless our socks he is a Gunner. And to the few doubters I say: you either see it or you don’t, and if you don’t you cannot be helped! 🙂

Watching Ozil play for Germany has strengthened my belief that he can play everywhere behind the striker and does not necessarily need to play in the hole. This is important, as we need to be able to slot in Jack if and when he reaches full fitness in the coming season. Regulars on Bergkampesque know that I was desperate to get Fabregas to come and join us, as I feel we are missing our former/a conductor in the current team. But now he is not coming we need to look at how we can get the best out of our squad. And Ozil is versatile and can play everywhere but it remains to be seen whether he should play as our CENTRAL conductor again next season… I believe he is best served with a ‘free role on the wing’, interchanging with the nr10 – Jack, Sanchez, Rosicky, Santi – frequently.

The additional fire power up-front of Sanchez is just perfect: another versatile player who can both assist and score a lot of goals (one in three for Barcelona and even better for his country, says it all). We will now be fielding a very strong attack, especially when everybody is fit. I would love us to play regularly with OG upfront, Ozil and Theo ‘on the wings’, and Jack or Sanchez in the hole. But we can also play with Ozil in the hole, Sanchez and Theo on the wings and OG to hold it all together; and what about Sanchez as the holding striker, Pod or Ozil and Theo on the wings and Jack, Santi, or the almost forgotten Rosicky, in the hole? Add to this the likes of Ox, Sanogo, Campbell, Eisfeld (is this his year?) and Gnabry and you can see Wenger has a lot to play with: mouth-watering prospects, and surely we do not need another attacker now!

Key is, though, that they get good support from the ‘Double-DM pivot’ players. Ramsey has arrived as a first choice player and he has become our very own ‘Kroos’. A fully fit and rearing-to-go Flamini can do a job for a while, but as said on many occasions, we need to strengthen in this area during the summer. The overusing of Flamini cost us dearly as his discipline started to slip the more knackered he became. I expect him to be rearing to go and do a great job again, but it will not be enough for the entire season.

So the rumours re Khedira are encouraging, although it now sounds he might not be coming after all. This is the most important position for Arsenal to fill as the World Cup demonstrated to us once more. The phenomenal likes of Macherano, Khedira, Schweinsteiger and De Jong have been among the real superstars in Brazil. Key for me is that Arsene now appears to take the filling of this vacancy very seriously, and Khedira would just about be right: he can be our new Vieira, who we never really replaced. I still prefer an outright DM (who can pass as well) but I would also like us to put the wall of RamDira in front of our back four and behind our magical attacking options.

So, things are looking up, especially if Arsene does get us that quality DM, allround powerhouse of a midfielder as soon as possible. Add a RB (seems sorted?) and a young, up and coming CB and we are ready for battle – and Vermaelen needs to stay, tough titties! 🙂

Less than a month till the Charity Shield opener and many friendlies and Emirates Cup before that…I am starting to sniff the new season is upon us. CoYG!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. The key to getting the best out of Ozil is to have pace on the wings getting onto his through balls. We’ve only had Walcott to do this, so we suffered when he got injured. Now we have Alexis as well, hopefully coming in off the left wing.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Good point Neal and welcome to BK. Pace is needed, but for it to be effective we need space as well…. which many teams, especially at home, will deny us. The good thing about Sanchez is though, he has both pace and dribbling, close ball control skills, and he will be bliss for Ozil. That’s why I reckon he is such a super signing for us: Arsene could not have found a more versatile attacker, I reckon.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Neal, would you keep playing Ozil in the centre?

  4. AFC says:

    I just read Balotelli is available for as little as £14 million!

    Now if Wenger is really in for another attacker and is looking at Remy surely Balotelli is a MUCH better option? He is young, quick, strong, a good finisher etc.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, what makes you think Wenger is still looking for an attacker? I reckon Remy was used as a decoy for Sanchez.

    But no I would not want Balotelli in our squad: too risky for team spirit and always a danger of him costing us a big game with a silly, petulant mistake.. No?

  6. AFC says:

    TA, thanks for the post. 🙂

    I just read an interview from Walcott where he is talking about Sanchez and to sum it up he thinks Sanchez is a brilliant signing and he thinks that Sanchez will be playing on the LW and how along with Sanchez they can dominate teams. So maybe Theo knows something we don’t?

    As you say the DM signing is very important for the balance of the team. Signings in the back five positions are also very important. We need 3 signings minimum in those positions. The number could rise to 5 if Verm leaves and if Wenger wants to send Jenks out on loan or even sell him.

  7. AFC says:

    TA, I think Wenger is looking for another attacker for two reasons.

    1. He has been interested in STs in the last two transfer windows. Suarez, Higuain, he wanted Ba and now the Remy story is still going on.

    2. Walcott seems to think Sanchez is playing on the wing rather than up up front. He is the Arsenal camp and could know something we don’t?

    Balotelli for £14 mill is a bargain. People keep going on about what he done at City which was years ago. Since he has been at Milan he hasn’t done anything bad? People just seem to remember what he has done in the past?

  8. AFC says:

    He is trying to change but the Italian media, Milan and Italian fans and some of the pundits seem to have it in for him and won’t leave him alone.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    All sounds good, AFC. I saw how well Sanchez played centrally at times during the world cup; he is just so versatile! Sanchez and Theo on the wing with OG holding up and being a menace in the box sounds great to me.

    I cannot see us making so many changes at the back, AFC, with so little time left to get them settled into the team. RB is a must and TV has to stay, no?

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    You could be right, AFC, but I doubt it very much. As per post, I reckon we have more than enough up-front now.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    How do you know he is trying to change, AFC?

  12. AFC says:

    TA, we need to sign a GK, a RB and a CB. That’s 3 signings. Then the newspapers are saying Wenger wants to sign Manquillo (20 year old RB on loan) so he can send Jenks out on loan to gain experience. Other newspapers are saying he wants to sign Chambers replace Jenks.

    There are also reports Wenger wants to let Verm go to United only in a swap deal which might include the likes of Smalling.

  13. AFC says:

    TA, by his behaviour since he has been at Milan. He hasn’t got himself into any trouble. I haven’t heard him get into any trouble.

    “Compared to the past, many things are changing. … I will try to change certain attitudes. But I will stay,” he told magazine Buone Notizie. “I printed into my mind all the warmth of the fans when I joined this team.”

    That’s a quote from Balotelli since joining Milan. I think he needs to be shown some love but that is just me. People forget he was only 20 when he was at City and is still only 23.

  14. AFC says:

    About him getting into*

  15. AFC says:

    In other news Owen seems to think we will finish outside of the top four. Gppd player, terrible pundit.

  16. AFC says:


  17. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, my mate is Italian and a season ticket holding Gooner and he does not want Balotelli anywhere near the club. But you could be right that he is trying to change and should be given a second chance…. He might end up a Spud you know, or a Dipper…

  18. AFC says:

    Exactly TA. Your mate is Italian. He is probably part of the hate Balotelli brigade. 😀 In all seriousness Balotelli seems to work better under coaches who aren’t pricks like Seedorf as opposed to those who are like Maureen and Mancini.

    Newcastle have signed Janmaat so the Debuchy deal should be done in the next few days. I am getting worried about the Khedira deal. I just AW and co can get it done.

  19. AFC says:

    TA, what do you make of Wilshere and the smoking thing?

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    It looks like the Khedira deal is going down the Mata road….

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    He is just so young and on his holiday…. I am not too bothered right now, are you?

  22. AFC says:

    Me too TA. As long as he comes back, fit and ready to go for next season I don’t care. It is being blown out of proportion by some people IMO.

    If the Khedira deal fall through there will not he many options left. He is the best midfielder available apart from Vidal.

  23. AFC says:

    Podolski, Mertesacker and Ozil could prove to be vital in persuading Khedira to join Arsenal.

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    It would be a blow, AFC.

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Yeah that three against one bum-face Schurle! 😆

  26. AFC says:

    The last thing we want is Khedira at Chelsea. Could you imagine a midfield three of Matic/Oscar, Khedira and Cesc. Maureen might actually start getting his teams to play football. 😀

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Time to rattle the cash, AFC, but not at all cost of course. Lets wait and see what happens.

  28. AFC says:

    Alan Hansen has admitted to one regret during his time as a pundit, but it is not for the comment that most famously haunted him.

    The former Liverpool defender revealed in his column for The Telegraph that it was his criticism of Theo Walcott that troubled him.”Four years ago, I said that Theo Walcott did not have a “football brain”, without realising that my comments would be misinterpreted to such an extent,” he wrote in his column.”The meaning of my observation was not as brutal as it may have come across, but nonetheless, I was critical of Walcott’s ability and I am pleased to say that Theo has proved me wrong one million per cent.

    At much as I hate Hansen as least he was man enough to admit he was wrong about Theo.

  29. Milo says:

    Wilshere = becoming the next Gascoigne.

    When your manager comes out in the media and says he cannot tolerate your behaviour the first time you smoke and you do it again??? Crazy…foolish and selfish.

    He might be young(er) compared to you, me or other viewers and supporters, but it’s no excuse, plain and simple.

    He’s out there on the pitch, coughing up a lung because he cannot keep up and cover or run, or his body cannot respond to the situations presented before him on the pitch and you and everyone else give him a free pass??? This is bullshit.

    He was SUPPOSED to have one of THE careers we have witnessed at Arsenal…Do I think it will happen??? NO

  30. RA says:

    Crikey, Milo, why don’t you say what you really think? 😀

  31. AFC says:

    No Milo, this not bullshit.

    Wilshere is not being crazy, foolish and selfish. He is a grown man who can do whatever the hell he wants. Smoking is not even illegal. He is on holiday and off duty so to speak. There are loads of sports professionals who smoke, drink, take drugs etc, and some of them even do it during their ‘season’ but people seem to only think Jack does it.

    You, me, AW etc, do not have the right to tell Wilshere what he can and can’t do.

  32. AFC says:

    Is Wilshere even a regular smoker? I don’t think he is. And even if he is so what? You can tell him about the health risks of smoking and give him advice and it is then up to him whether he wants to listen to the advice he has been given.

  33. AFC says:

    To be honest, I think Jack does not care what AW thinks about him smoking and rightly so

  34. Frozen says:

    And a really great post TA. I’m glad you and a few others here can recognize his immense talent and contribution. I think many of the questions surrounding “the ozil mystery” will be answered this coming season..

    However I’m not sure I agree with your claim that wilshere is the more suited man (long term) to occupy the hole. They are not too dissimilar in age either so maybe when mesut hits 30 then jack can get the nod but at this point I am just not convinced by his ability — something I’m sure you will contest! 🙂
    He absolutely deserves a shot, though, which ozil can afford him due to his versatility (another testament to his brilliance). Hopefully he can pull a ramsey this year.

    My question to you: which young player is most likely to have their breakout season (a la Rambo)?
    My guess is ox… Maybe gnabry

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, maybe you should take Lou Reed’s advice. 🙂

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Frozen 🙂

    I like structure and dominance in midfield and feel that Jack offers this naturally more than Ozil. In January Jack was at his best last season and as a team we played very well at times. Especially first half against Villa springs to mind. Agreed though that Jack still has to earn that spot.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Ox is the prime candidate and I so wish it for him. Eisfeld or Gnabry could also make the big step forward..

  38. Frozen says:

    trying to post a link to a great read but every time I include it in my comment it appears to get lost somewhere in cyber limbo??

    But interesting you mention eisfeld.. I think a loan stint in the championship or low end PL club might be good for him.

  39. AwayGunner says:

    I’m also expecting big things from the Ox this year. Whether it be route 1 or 2 or even 3, I would love to see a front 3 of Ox – Sanchez – Walcott given a try at some point this season. All supplied by Ozil, the pace and trickery is absolutely mouth-watering!

  40. Frozen says:

    Definitely mouthwatering AwayG. Throw in Campbell to that rotation and it becomes even more so. Although it would probably lack the balance necessary for the bigger games.. Which is where either santi or perhaps a more defensive alternative would come into play to even things out. Decisions decisions..

  41. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hi !…it`s me….The Bastard !……yes, even just the mere mention of my name sends BK WAGs into a frenzy of moistness !……..either that or they say….” Oh, it`s that Bastard again ! . hahaha

    Thank you Totes !.
    I don’t understand for one second why some players and ex-players have slagged Ozil off !……as you say….”you either see it or you don’t ! “, basically, they are jealous !.
    Last season people were saying that a proper DM beast was history, even Arsend himself !, but this WC has proved that is not the case and some of the outstanding performers have been DM`s.
    I`m still not sure about Khedira and I wonder whether ( may be someone can knows this ? ) he would have been first choice if…..Bender, Gundogan or Reus ( I know he is an attacker, but someone would have made way ! ) had been fit ?. If first choice had been L. Bender or Gungodan, then it`s one of these we should may be pursue !.

  42. The Cockie Monster says:

    My opinion on Jack is…….if it`s in his contract to not smoke then he`s bang to rights, but if it`s not in his contract, then he`s just an idiot !.
    If any of you can tell me smoking is good for your health and increases your performance then I`ll shut up !. We know plenty of footballers smoke…..Ozil does !…..but, I look at it from purely an Arsenal position, if by not smoking Jack has 0.00001% more fitness and energy and that small amount makes him get to a ball quicker to intercept a goal scoring chance for a Spud !, then he owes it to us fans and himself to be in the physical condition he can obtain !. He`s not a pub footballer, he is a well paid athlete and should act accordingly !.
    So there`s no argument as far as I`m concerned, it`s a fact, he will be fitter for not smoking and to me Arsend has a right to expect the best from his players, sorry AFC, no contest !.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    What are you not sure about wags pleasure? Khedira has it all and could even be our captain. He will add value to the tea from day one, no?

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    The occasional smoke has no impact at all, Cockie. Let him have a holiday and relax a bit. Remember when we got murdered at Old Trafford… Jack was the only one who kept fighting. Have a fag son! 🙂

  45. AFC says:

    Cockie, as TA says it isn’t like he is a chain smoker. The odd cigarette has no impact on his health. Isn’t Jack having the odd smoke like the Arsenal players having a glass of wine or alcohol at an Arsenal party which our players do?

  46. The Cockie Monster says:

    I suppose what I`m not sure about is that I want fcuking Pogba or Vidal !. hahaha

    Who knows whether Jack is an addict or an occasional smoker !……….do it discretely, is it that hard !. The press have people on their books who go out and stalk certain players and Jack is one of them as he is an easy target due to his stupidity or carelessness , which ever way you look at it .

  47. The Cockie Monster says:

    It`s a fact that a glass of red wine a day is good for you !…..hic` !. 😀

  48. AFC says:

    Cockie, next we will see a picture of Jack with a Big Mac and Coke and you will he telling me he is stupid for putting his life at risk. 😀

  49. The Cockie Monster says:

    Actually, you`re not far wrong there, AFC !. 🙂

    Remember, Arsend came to Arsenal and changed the drinking culture in exchange for dieting, warm-ups and downs, sports science etc` . Ex-players have said how he prolonged their playing careers for extra years, so I should imagine Totals McBastard Burgers were off the menu !.

    Where our Professor to back me up when I fcuking need him……Geoff baby !….. help !. hahaha

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Frozen, not sure why that is. Could the link be dodgy perhaps?

  51. AFC says:

    Cockie, what I am trying to say is where do you draw the line? Are our players not allowed to drink or eat anything with sugar? Can Jack now not eat a croissant because of the number of calories? I just think it is becoming a bit too much.

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, Alex, Fozzie B, PPP, Alcide, AB, Admir, HH, Henry 🙂

    Please give us a ‘sign of life’ as we have not heard from you for a while. I sent Gerry and Fozzie an email but had no reply and I am getting worried about both of you….

    Will email the rest as well this week (if I don’t hear anything).

  53. jgc says:


    Busy days here but you are correct, technically, and it’s more than 0.001% .. One cig no. But some over a week or two will set back full aerobic and anaerobic fitness and VO2 max levels etc by about 2-4 weeks… On a football pitch that matters in the last 10-20 mins where it’d show up..

    A professional owes it to himself and his family, in any field, to take care of the assets that make them special and give them an edge. Not the fans, themselves and their family. Especially in a short career… My opinion of course…

    As to if he did have more than one… Well, who can say, but it wasn’t the smartest move.

    So, I’m with ya CM!! He may be taking extremely little risk with his career or long term impact, but it doesn’t,a fain IMO, speak well to his focus. He’s young yet tho!

    — jgc

  54. geoffchase says:


    I stay out if such… But a stranded CM was hard to resist? 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  55. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Nice to meet you all again.. Sorry for absent for such a long time..

    Worldcup and President Election had drain my time.. hehehe..
    Maybe only happen in my country (Indonesia) that the two candidate all said that they win the election.. hehehe.. There were 12 quickcount insitution.. 8 said number 2 win.. and 4 said numer 1 win.. hehehehe.. And we must wait untill 22th to know who is the real winner.. hehehe..

    I love Wenger more this season.. hahaha.. Not every season.. or maybe only this season we can see some great players come to Emirates all in early week of transfer window.. hehehehe..
    Yes Sanchez will be a very great players.. His speed and skill is equal to Walcott.. hehehe.. You know Walcott is still my favourite player.. fastest player in EPL.. hahaha..
    With rumours said that Khedira, Debuchy and Ospina were getting closer.. I can only said that this season will be the best buying season for Arsenal..

    I think 4 is enough.. and I don’t think that Wenger will bring Baloteli or Remy to Emirates.. Giroud will still his favourite Central Forward.. with Sanogo on the bench.. and I hope Campbell also..
    Look what our forward will be.. Podolski, Walcott and Sanchez all can be a CF also.. And we have three players for RW (Walcott, Ox and Gnabry) and three for LW (Sanchez, Podolski and Cazorla).. and Campbell also can play at both side.. So we will have a lot of alternative for our three striker.. And each combination can bring the same dangerous to any team.. hehehehe..
    And that not include Rosicky, Miyaichi, Zelalem and Eisfeld.. wow.. can you imagine..??

    And I still surprise that Wenger seriously bring Khedira to Emirates.. for we know that we had already some great players there.. Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, and offcourse Diaby.. I don’t know how will Wenger do the rotation in this kind of team.. hahahaha..

    We will go for EPL and UCL.. Go Gunners..

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    Geoff what makes you think that the ocassional fag indicates a lack of focus…. looks like projection to me. 😉

    Welcome back Henry and good to hear from you. Your country should ask RA to come and do the counting, he would love that and there is no better counter in the universe! 🙂

    You are right to be positive although we must wait till the signing of a DM is confirmed…. Khedira could still slip through our fingers…

    How is Yoona and Mrs Henrychan and have you entered the rainy season yet?

  57. henrychan says:

    Hi TA.. Thanks for your concern..
    All is good.. My wife, Yogie and Yoona all doing verywell..
    It starting to rainy now.. but we never sure for the weathers nowaday.. hehehehe..

    I have a very good feelling for Khedira to coming soon.. hahahaha..
    Wenger is really mad about Germany.. hehehehe.. But let Dutchmen left behind.. hihihi..
    See you around.. I must leave now.. Get something to do.. Bye..

  58. geoffchase says:


    My opinion, but once upon a time I was about there… At that level every fraction of a percent matters. For what they are paid and on what that fraction can deliver (or not), for them (and their team, but mostly for them) … Well in a short career that’s eyes just a wee bit off the prize.

    For JW difference might be true, everyday SQ this coming year or a year or two later… All just …

    My opinion …

    C’mon CM, come, help me out, and put kloggenmeister back in his place here!! 😀

    — jgc

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough jgc. I think Jack is the kind of guy who takes football very seriously and always gives his all…. too much often imo opinion and the occasional fag might actually help in calming him down a bit. Cruijff, Rooney and Zidane have also smoked during their careers and it did not seem to do them much harm either. Being excellent in sport, especially in football, is not just about being super, super fit… the mind needs nourishing as well, no?

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear it, Henry. Yes shame about no Dutchman being at Arsenal, but it has to be on merit first. What you make of Depay?

  61. The Cockie Monster says:

    Thanks my bestest Professor mate !. hahaha
    Being a Professor of Vanology and fcuking fit for my age are all parts of my complex make-up which makes me a bastard !.
    Vanology not only makes me great at delivering the puddings , but also being able to pick out a Van Bastard from the crowd !…..Van Persie…bastard in his DNA….Van Gaal…will now become a bastard !….in fact Manshafter Std is now becoming a centre of excellence for Bastards !.

    Listen Totes van McBastard !……..Crufts may have been a great footballer, but think how even greater he would have been had he not smoked !…..he would have lasted longer in the 1974 World Cup Final and not died in the last 10-20 mins !. That’s the problem with the Dutch and why they haven`t won the WC…….too much smoking and taking drugs and performing in porn movies 20 mins before kick off !. hahaha


    Cheers TA

    We have great options with Sanchez joining the party. I would like to see him wide at first and then see how it develops.

    All agreed about Ozil, but more goals are needed. i know he has goggle eyes, but the way he picks out a pass is uncanny.

    Whats all this crap about Wilshere having a fag? Ive been on 40 a day for 30 years and it aint done me no harm. Infact, it improves my lovemaking.

    You know how cigarette smokers have a fag after doing it? Well, I have a fag whilst ime doing it.

  63. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha I can believe that Stretch !……lets face it, that is why the wardrobe was invented, out pops someone from the wardrobe to take over and keep it going for a few minutes whilst you have a fag break !. You`ve even got a FIFA official who put`s it up on an electronic substitution board !. hahaha

  64. Great article, cheers TA!

    Nice to see you coming around on Ozil 😉 . I’ve obviously been a big supporter of his since he joined and continued to put up a fight, trying to prove to others that he is the right man for Arsenal. However, I will concede that he is not the type of player that controls a game or tries to change a game on his own – he is the type to let things happen and his vision for a pass to open up a game is second to none.

    Because of this nonchalant approach to the game, it is essential to have “drivers” of the ball and those who understand how to move into space. The former helps take the attention away from Ozil so he can weave his magic and the latter can find the end of those exquisite passes that he provides. Khedira and Ramsey would be ideal fits for the “drivers” (just watch any video of Sami Khedira and the amount of times himself and Ozil link-up at Real and Germany are incredible), while Alexis and Theo are those that are proficient at finding those spaces for through balls etc.

    The debate of having OG in the starting line-up is one I struggle with. At times, he’s excellent since he gives us proper structure, a point in attack to hold up the ball and is versatile to allow us to bring variety to our attack. However, much like Arteta, he has his limitations and I fear that he simply slows down our attack too much and lacks the quality to consistently play and finish with the likes of Sanchez and Theo. However, you could also view the purchase of Alexis and return of Theo as pieces that will make up for those shortcomings, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what happens. Still, the line-up possibilities are endless and I can definitely see Alexis starting some games as a CF, with Santi on the left, while others with OG up top and Alexis/Santi on the left and Alexis/Theo on the right.

    Let’s get official confirmation on the Ospina and Debuchy details before the end of the week and work on getting a proper CM to play alongside Ramsey! Also, nice to see you come around on your opinion of a DM being the ONLY way forward. I really think a player like Khedira is more suited to our style since he’s excellent at retaining possession and a player that is a real engine for a team.


    hahaha, what fag break Cornwall? I smoke whilst ime doing it.

  66. The Cockie Monster says:

    Oh I see !……open her legs and say …” I`m off into the “smoking hut” for 5 mins ! ” ……….”can you see if there`s any sex toys whilst you`re in there, I`ve misplaced a few, oh and my last client, that bastard hasn`t paid yet !”. hahaha

  67. VCC says:

    No matter what you guys think about Wilshere smoking, Mr.Wenger will be less than happy. He publicly berated him previously and is a staunch anti smoking campaigner. So put that in yer pipe and smoke it. 🙂

  68. VCC says:

    Khedira for 25mil Euros looks good business, but would you guys up the anti and make him the highest earner?

    This would not bode well with our new signing Sanchez.

  69. VCC says:

    any one going to the Emirates cup on 3rd August 2014?

  70. The Cockie Monster says:

    Sometimes you have to go the extra mile being a Gooner……Arsenal`s Casey Stoney is expecting twins with partner Megan Harris !…….now being that these are ladies, someone had to fertilise Megan !, another reason for the Wardrobe !. I watched in a professional manner whilst the two girls went at it hammer and thongs, before being signalled to exit the wardrobe and take the “penalty” !.
    Some bastard has to do the dirty work, thank fcuk for people like me !.


  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry hahaha 🙂 I bet you have one eye-lid closed as well, hey? 😉

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, I think he lost more power in his legs from spending the night in a swimming pool full of prostitutes in Germany back then (as the rumour goes)… 🙂

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment, HH, and good to hear from you. Re OG….. I can see your point, but I reckon he will start and either Campbell or Say No Go will give him decent competition. Like you, I would like to see Sanchez as the holding striker too.

  74. The Cockie Monster says:

    If this was to only happen at The Open !. hahaha

  75. proudgooner says:

    Regarding Khedira, for me if he signs then great, but i think they maybe better out and out better full time DM’s out there we have enough midfielder’s to create things in midfield and Khedira would add value to both and be very good for Ozil in his second season for us. But i am quite happy to just see Wenger get the player (s) he wants.
    Wenger true to his word is showing that he is not afraid to spend the dollar now we have it and our team is suddenly looking very well stocked and full of talent.
    I think if the right player that Wenger wants becomes available in the striker position then he may buy 1 more but then may have to let 1 go.
    As the lads have said we know we have to get a keeper, RB and should get a DMB and clearly Wenger agrees with the Khedira enquires .
    We also have a fit again Diarby and young guns Zaleem and Eisfeld and le Coq to consider. I am sure that Arsene will be very keen to get Diarby back on track and forfill his potencial and the young players pushing though so it will be interesting to see what he does..
    On the keeper issue , i like and rate Szcs but if we could sign Nauer everyone would be on cloud nine. I say we can improve on Szcs while he polishes out his few little mistakes. So i would still sign Begavic as the new number 1 while Szcs is still young, if he signs a number 2 to Szcs then i have no real complaints but i think improve if we can.
    Where do you rate the Costa Rica goalkeeper as the new number 1 or back up number 2?
    I think Wenger is looking for back up to Szcs but as i said i think improve if we can.

  76. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha Cockie that would be he nuts, i bet Poulter would love it too,

  77. proudgooner says:

    Sorry i meant Columbia keeper David Opina not Costa Rica’s keeper.

  78. proudgooner says:

    if you want to watch some football.??
    Here is Chelsea v wycombe pre season friendly live.


  79. TotalArsenal says:

    You must be desperate, PG, watching the horrible Chavs?!

  80. The Cockie Monster says:

    Desperate !, Totes !!!!…………..PG should have his tips removed for advertising such filth !. hahaha

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Cocker of Doom 🙂

    How is your wife and how is the love shack now (son living in it)?

  82. AB says:

    Evening TA and BKers! Still alive and well – persistent hacking cough apart that is! I gave up the fags 12 years ago (and still miss them), and now I have the cough whilst Wilshere enjoys the fags…… Life’s a bitch!

    I can’t help getting my hopes up too high around the Khedira speculation – it seems too good to be true (and probably is therefore). But all the same – assuming Debuchy and some (any) reserve keeper are banked, Khedira would complete the season for me. As before, there are others that might be as good or better, but he would bring instant quality, physical presence and would I’m sure help Ozil show his best form more often. We would be a side that, on paper, should be able to challenge on all fronts, rather than one you hope might get lucky; its been a long time since we’ve been able to say that. Hope before the usual disappointment? Well with Sanchez secured we should already have passed that stage. Come on Arsene, sign him up! On the pay front, surely the answer is a decent signing on fee – we would have saved money in buying (relatively) cheaply, as he has only a year on his contract; add a few £M in a signing on fee, and keep within the weekly pay structure thereafter…. If we really want him, we will find a way; if not I hope its because we are after someone we want even more.

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening AB,

    Good to hear from you and shame about the cough. Looks like Khedira is slipping away indeed, but yes, maybe the golden handshake signing fee could make it all happen still.

  84. geoffchase says:

    Thanks CM and TA

    Regarding the actual post topic, I will bang my usual drum. Each of the players in question offers something special and unique. In different combinations we will be able to offer a far far far wider range of “looks” on attack next year. In addition, what Ozil adds with the right cast or casts about him is variability.

    Together, those two factors will keep us from being predictable on attack in any combination and for any game. Last year, very predictable with injuries and only a little less so before that. OG offers a lot and has contributed, I think, hugely more than many give him credit for. BUT, his style and being alone up front means we are very predicable on point of attack and how we go forward. Without AR or Theo to add some variability, nothing Ozil would do would help hugely.

    Now we will be offering far more looks of pace and power, and far more looks of trickery and evasive vs straightforward.

    Finally, per above, an interesting stat. OG made 51 appearances in all comps for Arsenal last year. Sort of amazing we thus expected him to be top form all the time! Down times and off form have to happen with that many appearances. Definitely deserving of some type of “iron man” award..

    With Sanchez moving around and hopefully a healthier squad around those two, we will be better if only for avoiding these down times.

    So, color me very excited. Would like and sorta expect the Ospina and Debuchy deals, and am hopeful over a DM / CM type like Khedira. That will allow more options and looks, after the latter of which Europe starts to look much more possible.

    Cheers — jgc

  85. The Cockie Monster says:

    Wife is coping with change of lifestyle and just gets on with it, thanks for asking !. 🙂
    Jnr Gooner has been in the Shaque D`amour for quite a while now and with my landscaping it`s looking rather splendidly “award winning” in it`s surroundings even if I say so myself !. hahaha
    Night !.

  86. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha
    I haft to agree with you on the chav game, however i was cheering on Wycombe wonderers of course and i switched it of after 10 mins when the chavs scored and i had to look at Jose sitting on the bench.
    But i am missing football already.
    Soon we should have some good Arsenal pre-season games to watch, the likes of Zaleem running riot etc.
    Hopefully he can come though this season, last season probably was a little to early for him i think.

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    Had forgotten about Zelalem, PG. What a prospect he is! 🙂

  88. AFC says:

    Now a Spanish newspaper (El Confidential) are reporting Khedira wants to stay and sign a contract extension. Can anyone tell me if this newspaper is reliable? I guess only a Spanish speaking person would know? I don’t know of anyone who speaks Spanish and reads their newspapers on BK apart from maybe Alcide? I know he is French (?) but French people seem to be able to speak a number of languages?

  89. AB says:

    AFC. It is starting to feel like Khedira may have been generating interest with other clubs to push up his claim for a new deal with RM. With Kroos coming in, and possibly ‘Hamez’ too I wonder though whether they will feel they need him, or would be better off cashing in if there’s a decent offer around. If SK (or his agent) is after simply getting the biggest pay cheque, then I suspect we are out of it. We would offer CL playing, good but not exceptional wages, guaranteed first team selection, and a stable home base with plenty of familiar faces. Chelski could not offer the last two of these, but could give him more cash for sure. But he would be part of a rotation there for sure, and might not be assured a start in their biggest games – I don’t see them dropping Matic, and suspect Fabski might be starting as first choice alongside him. I think this all hinges on whether RM offer him a decent new deal.

  90. AFC says:

    AB, agreed. 🙂

    Let’s not forget Real are more than happy to sell their top stars if they can get in a better player or someone they deem to be better for whatever reason.

    I feel he is the signing where if we pull it off we can say confidently that we can win the title rather than just challenge for it.

    The only way I can see Khedira getting regular football at Chelsea is if Mourinho drops Matic (which doesn’t make sense as you say as he was good last season) or if Oscar moves out to the wing.

  91. AFC says:

    Pictures of Verm and RVP on holiday together with their families. It seems like he is off to United. If he does go to United let’s try and get a minimum of £10 million for him or a fee of around £5-6 million and Chris Smalling.


  92. jnyc says:

    Nice post TA,
    I think that casual fans are not seeing the subtle nuances of Ozil..thats not likely to change. I want us to get a strong midfielder to work with Ramsey, and occasionally rest him. Also making Arteta a well rested back up. Arsene, make us happier !

  93. TotalArsenal says:

    All good news, Cockie. You are a good, caring man….you won’t fool me any other way! 🙂

  94. TotalArsenal says:

    That is the missing link, jnyc. Khedira would be perfect as he brings so much experience and leadership as well.

  95. proudgooner says:

    I can’t believe TV5 going on holiday with Judas.
    Well tbh i don’t care if he does go now , what a thing to do! He is the Arsenal captain, on holiday with United captain while the transfer gossip is united are after him. Shocking !
    But i remember Wenger saying he will never sell to United again after the Judas deal and the bad feeling it left the fans with..
    That said TV5 confidence looked shot last season after he could nop longer get in our team..
    He is not the player he was and Kos and BFG are clearly a lot better. Get 15 m for him ideally of another team though.
    It also makes it easy to make the BFG THE CLUB CAPTAIN. 🙂

  96. proudgooner says:

    TV5 has just lost my respect for him massively.
    I understand that our players are friends with other players from other teams and that is fine.
    But he is clearly trying to engineer a move to United and the way he has just done it is terrible.
    Strip him of the armband right now.
    Him and van Judas can both keep Uniteds medical beds warm this season instead. ha ha ha ha
    We don’t need either of them .
    Arsenal rejects!

  97. AFC says:

    PG, Vermaelen is in the last year of his contract so we can’t really hope for more than £10 million from United and around £5-8 million from other cluhs in Europe. TA wants him to stay but I don’t mind if he goes. We need to start rebuilding the CB area for the future. Sign a young CB who is right footed and can play RB e.g. Smalling and a young CB who is left footed and can play LB (no names spring to mind) and we will be sorted.

  98. proudgooner says:

    I wanted him to stay with us til you showed me them pictures, good job as well mate.
    He has had his best days and i to like smalling, i rate him higher then TV5.
    i AM NOT SURE IF THEY WILL GIVE TO US THOUGH, IF they do then go for it.
    I would even concider just keeping him and running his contract down like Sagna.
    He would still give us cover and it would stick a finger up at United and show everyone that money does not always matter.

  99. proudgooner says:

    excuse the caps lol

  100. AFC says:

    PG, is it really worth keeping him (if he doesn’t want to stay) and then letting him go on a free? If it was someone like Mertesacker I would say yes. Even if it was someone like Arteta I would say yes as we would not get a lot of money for him and he is a valuable squad player.

    With Vermaelen I think it would just be better to cash in. Not sure I would give him to Van Gaal though unless we take a Jones or Smalling so we are just not improving United but improving ourselves.

  101. AFC says:

    Vermaelen is also a valuable squad player but the money gained from selling him would he a lot more than the money gained from selling Arteta which means we would be able to replace Vermaelen without dipping into our actual transfer budget.

  102. proudgooner says:

    I have a feeling you are right, defo if like you say we can get Smalling or Jones.
    I trust Wenger to do the best thing for the club.
    But it is a tricky 1 and some fans will not like us selling to United again either way. TV5 has put us in this situation .
    I would also be happy if we got top dollar and Arsene found us another gem like KOS onn the cheap, i dare say he has his eye on another CB or 2 that he has spotted lately. 🙂

  103. proudgooner says:

    He clearly feels treatened by KOS and BFG and feels like he can’t fight for his place back in the side.
    A poor reaction from a club skipper. That is the attitude of a defeatist .

  104. proudgooner says:

    I have a feeling United will be upping the anti to know that Carrick has just been ruled out for 12 weeks, leaving there defence even more exposed.
    Wouldn’t it be annoying though if he turnt TV into a good DMB like we have all been saying to try and do for ages though. 👿

  105. AFC says:

    Not sure about Vermaelen having the attitude of a defeatist. Will he ever really get his place back? No matter how well he plays I can’t see him getting back into the team on a regular basis. Mainly because of the brilliant partnership Kos and Mert have formed. Mert compliments Kos better than Verm and Kos compliments Mert better than Verm. So individual form is only part of the problem? If he was a fullback then it would be a lot easier for him to fight for his place and get back into the team but as a CB it is a lot harder.

    If I was Vermaelen I would be looking to leave and go to United to try and get my career back on track, play regular football and perhaps win something more with the chance of a possible pay rise. But I am not Vermaelen. I was of course looking at that as if I was in Verm’s shoes rather than the view of an Arsenal supporter which I am. 😀

  106. AFC says:

    Haha yeah it would PG. That is something Van Gaal would do as well. If he does that makes us right all along re-Verm being able to play DM. 😀 Bad for us if he is brilliant in that role.

  107. AFC says:

    talkSPORT have reported that the Debuchy deal has been confirmed for a fee thought to be £10 million. The signing has been confirmed with Rio signing for QPR and Sigurðsson signing for Palace (if I remember correctly) etc.

  108. AFC says:

    The deal has since been confirmed by the Arsenal FC and Newcastle FC official websites along with ITV.

  109. AFC says:

    Why Sanchez chose to come to Arsenal over Liverpool. Cockie, this got me cracking up and I can see you liking this.


  110. proudgooner says:

    Sweet man thanks for that i only just found out though you.
    Its a good deal.
    In your face Sagna ! Debouchy French back up boy 1
    Ha ha ha ha ha

  111. proudgooner says:

    J W Henry, were smoking the good stuff !
    Big fat Cubans , Sanchez is a gooner ! ha ha ha ha

  112. AFC says:

    PG, I do think we have over paid for him just a bit. I think a figure closer to £10 million would have been a fairer price.

  113. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha Nice one, AFC !………yes that is straight up my street and to tell the truth, as I was watching I thought of some before they come up, us Gooners must think alike !.

  114. The Cockie Monster says:

    No exciting news on the “Torture” front !……Debauchy just replaces Sagna like for like imo, yes Hamez Bond will say Debauchy is France first choice RB, but Sagna swings it in that he was Arsenal`s 2nd best CB as well, after Koz imo !……so no exciting news to me !.
    Love a bit of Dooming !. hahaha

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, PG,

    We have to keep him, he covers two positions right now. One injury to BFG or Koz and we are fecked!

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe Jenkinson can be turned into a good CB (cover)?

  117. The Cockie Monster says:

    I said the self same thing ages ago, Totes !………Jenko has all the physical attributes to play CB !. Most decent FB`s will come into a CB position when the team is being attacked on their ( FB`s ) opposite side !…..Sagna was a master at this often over looked roll !.

    Right !…Night….as I`m award winningly extremely cream crackered !. ( broke down on M6, near Orcland today. luckily I was at a Roadcheff McDonalds ! ).

  118. AB says:

    Evening TA. I totally agree. Why would we sell our only quality CB cover, to a major competitor at that? We would be mad. We must buy quality first if we are to even consider the option, and even then for god’s sake lets sell him to someone other than manure if sell him we must. Given our lack of cover and his potential to actually improve another team, this would be far worse than losing Sagna. We should keep him and lose him on a Bosman next year if need be – i.e. we can’t find a quality young CB to buy in the £10M region.

  119. AB says:

    I’m sure Jenks could cover CB at a pinch, but surely we can’t start a season with him as the planned cover for Mert…..? Just inviting disaster if we do. God I’m turning into the Cockie!!

  120. AFC says:

    TA and AB, let’s just say Verm is sold would Wenger really go into next season with no CB cover? I know he has done some crazy things before but I can’t see him doing that?

    Jenks could be cover at CB but is he experienced enough to provide the level of quality cover when it comes to cover at CB?

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    Sweet dreams cocker 🙂

  122. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, AFC,

    Being a top club CB is a tough challenge, and for young ones to succeed they need to be really good….and lucky in their first ten games or so. Getting cover is not difficult but getting adequate cover is damn, damn hard. Look at how many times Wenger did not get it right over the years. So yes TV is not going to be sold, especially as we already lost our other CB cover MR Reliable!

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    Forgot to say I am happy with the Debuchy signing.he should fit in straightaway, and we should have a lot of speed on the right side with Theo as well!

  124. AFC says:

    Fair enough TA, I see where you are coming from. I cam see Wenger going for a fourth choice young CB.

    Trying to get a young fourth CB will be hard as you say but trying to also find a 3rd choice CB might be too hard for Wenger and co.

  125. AFC says:

    Yes TA, we should but as Cockie says he might struggle to provide cover for Mertesacker. That’s my only worry. Apart from that yes he is a good signing.

  126. TotalArsenal says:

    Flamini could also be an option, especially if a good DM arrives this summer. We missed a trick with not signing Cahill a few years ago IMO.

  127. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, have you got a bit of time to do a welcome to the home of football, Matthieu Debuchy, post?

  128. AFC says:

    But if we had signed Cahill would Wenger have discovered the wonderful partnership of Mert and Kos? 😉

    I would have personally gone for a veteran like Ferdinand for cover. He was available on a free transfer and he is now at QPR.

  129. AFC says:

    Not at the moment TA, sorry. 😦

  130. AFC says:

    Forgot about Flamini TA. He is hugely experienced and could provide cover at CB.

  131. TotalArsenal says:

    Maybe that’s why we have been linked with possibly two defending midfielders. Flamini and Koz or BFG could be very strong alternatives.

    No worries, AFC..

  132. AB says:

    Very happy with Debuchy at RB; I’m sure Wenger was clear that there were options out there which is why he didn’t panic over Sagna’s wage demands. AFC – did you say buy Ferdinand!? Grief, that would be a bitter pill to swallow. I hope we can do better than that! Like you, I hope we invest in some young potential for CB; but only as 4th choice, not as our only cover for KosMert. We were lucky last season with their fitness; I don’t believe we will have the same good fortune two seasons running. It all adds up to keeping Verm in my book.

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    Mind you he is a bit wee at 178cm, but so was Sagna.

    Off to sleep now. 🙂

  134. AFC says:

    Yes AB. Ferdinand is a veteran defender who still has a lot to offer. He would have been brilliant cover for Mert and Kos. Not sure how you can do better than someone who has won everything there is to win at club level and still has a lot of to offer. A strong, team leader which vast experience which we seem to lack in defence sometimes.

  135. AFC says:


  136. AFC says:

    Rio was also in the PFA team of the year for the 2012-2013 season.

  137. oz gunner says:

    @ AFC

    I disagree. I don’t think he’s got much left in him. Yes he was available for free but I’d imagine QPR are paying a pretty hefty wage for his services. It’s more of a lower club saying “we’re a lower club but look at this gem we’ve signed, get excited”. In reality his back is shot and it’s creating all sorts of hamstring and groin issues for him. Not good having backup when the backup needs to be taken to the glue factory.

    Let’s go for someone like Raphael Varane. He wants out of Real Madrid so lets grab him now that the Khedira deal looks as though its dissipating

  138. AFC says:

    Hi Oz 🙂 , Varane would be perfect. However Mourinho has said he is the best young CB in the world and will surely be interested if he does decide to leave. I heard he is on peanuts at Real, around £25k? That sounds absurd but that is what I heard. I can’t see that happening if I am honest.

  139. AFC says:

    £25k a week*

  140. henrychan says:

    Welcome Debuchy.. Farawell Sagna.. I miss mrs.Sagna a lot.. hehehehe..
    Hope Mrs Debuchy will be as hot as Ludivine Sagna.. hahahaha..
    Am I got it right that’s her nama also Ludivine Debuchy..?? What a coinsidence..?? hehehe..

  141. henrychan says:

    Two great players already landed at Emirates.. Two more will coming soon..
    Who will that be..?? I hope one will be a GK (Ospina or Ochoa)..

  142. henrychan says:

    Nobody want Fellaini anymore..?? hahahaha..

  143. AFC says:

    Arsene Wenger admits he may be forced to rethink Alexis Sanchez’s role at Arsenal because of Theo Walcott’s injury.

    Walcott ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in an FA Cup clash with Tottenham at the turn of the year but returned to training earlier this week as the Gunners step up their preparations for the new season.

    However, Wenger says Walcott is still injured and claims he may have to play his new £33 million signing from Barcelona on the right flank instead of through the middle at the start of the season to compensate.

    “He can play through the middle, he can play on both flanks and he has the qualities that I think are needed in England,” he told Arsenal’s official website. “He’s brave, works hard and all these qualities together made me go for him.

    “At the moment he might play on the flank because Walcott is injured. As well [he can play] through the middle in some games; we can play with Giroud, we can play without Giroud in a 4-4-2 or in a 4-3-3.

    “That’s why he is a major signing for us [and] that’s why we spend a lot of money on him. He has the quality to be efficient everywhere he plays.

    So it seems all those guys who thought Sanchez would play down the middle where right sometimes where right. Seems Sanchez is the new ST.

    Henry, JB still wants Fellaini. 😀

  144. TotalArsenal says:

    I would not mind Fellaini either, Henry, AfC. Although I am less hot on him than last year and there are others I prefer now.

    Sanchez is indeed versatile and we are lucky to have him. Theo’s recovery is a real pain in the neck though.

  145. The Cockie Monster says:

    This is Fanny !. ( talking of which, I was in Penzance and St Ives today……..make that Penzance Come in my pantz and St Ive a boner !. )

    Anyone else think they make a nice pair !. 😉

    Nice background !.

  146. AB says:

    Maureen spouting off that Fabski preferred Chelski option from the start. Curiously, I rather hope its true – makes the easier to put him to one side. Maureen can’t help but be a cock, whatever he is talking about

  147. AB says:

    AFC – sorry not to reply to your last comment until tonight. I have a mixed view on Rio – I think he is largely past it and won’t play many games (between injury spells) this season, though I could be wrong here. But in any case, I want to believe that people playing for Arsenal care something at least about the club – no way Ferdinand would for us, he will be a manure man to the last. I look in some pity at the likes of Shitty on this front – none of their players give a flying one about the club; they are pure hired guns. I know many of ours are too, but it does feel like we have more soul and commitment to the club in the squad.

  148. AFC says:

    AB, fair enough. 🙂

  149. The Cockie Monster says:

    First live one of the season Broke Backers !.

  150. VCC says:

    Nice one Cockie……I’ll have some of that. Quite a lot of the first team are taking part. Wenger said he is playing two different teams in each half. Should be interesting. It’s a sell out, I tried to get tickets.

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