Sano-Goal Goal Goal Goal! |Campbell the new Wright? | Bellerin, Ox, Martinez and Chambers impress

It was just a friendly and the Portuguese opponent did not (want to) provide much resistance, but we will not let this take away anything from Sanogo’s fine performance.

We already knew that the young Frenchman can battle physically with defenders and has a natural gift for getting himself in the right position, but now we also know that he can finish off chances. From Sa-No-Goals to Sano-Goals, Goals, Goals, Goals! Let’s hope these four goals will give him the confidence to go on and become a regular scorer for us. Three of his goals were tap-ins, but he was at the right place at the right time and stayed calm to slot home. Simple, efficient, deadly!

But the pick of the bunch was a forceful run with the ball towards goal, finished off by a finely timed toe-poke past the goalkeeper. Sanogo made it all look easy and the more his confidence grows the more he will become a menacing force in our team. Of course it is early days, and we need to see him do this sort of thing more often, but we have a real talent in our squad who could start pushing Giroud all the way soon.

Other players also impressed. Bellerin motored with composure and energy down the right flank and produced a fine assist for Campbell. The latter impressed me tremendously with his body strength and ability to hold on to the ball. Furthermore, he showed again that he can play football and also gets himself in promising positions easily. His goal was very well taken and his unselfish assist for Sanogo showed how mature he already is. At times, Campbell reminded me of Ian Wright: the same hunger and willingness to battle for the ball everywhere; the same dominance and goal threat; the same confidence?

Ramsey was immense – enough said.

Ox looked composed and yet full of energy and attacking intent: a very encouraging performance and let’s hope he will be able to stay fit for a long period now. Chambers was composed and yet driven to take his chance to shine, and I liked what I saw a lot. We need tougher encounters to judge his CB credentials but he nevertheless impressed on his debut. My final word is for Martinez who also looked composed and hungry. I loved his decision making and almost immaculate distribution and let’s hope he will get a few more opportunities in the first team this season.

All in all, a strong first half in which we scored too many goals to make the second half in any way meaningful against our lacklustre opponents (other than Sanogo’s fourth and a badly defended consolation goal for Benfica).

But what was absolutely fantastic was the bringing onto the pitch of our new super-signing, our very own mini-hulk, Alexis Sanchez. The crowd loved it and he loved it, and he looked great in the mighty red and white (will most of us ever come closer to ‘man love’ hahaha 🙂 ). He showed us a few glimpses of what he is capable of: good runs, coming for the ball and protecting it with his body, good passes, thrust, and menace.

Alexis is a Gunner. Arsenal are dancing. And the transfer window is open exactly one more month to find us the beast in midfield. Happy days.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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20 Responses to Sano-Goal Goal Goal Goal! |Campbell the new Wright? | Bellerin, Ox, Martinez and Chambers impress

  1. arsenal-steve says:

    The player who impressed me the most was Joel Campbell. He looked a handful. When he becomes fully match fit, he and Sanchez are going to create havoc in Premiership defences. What about Héctor Bellerín….wow!

  2. makayah says:

    Hector Bellerin was pretty good going forward, decent but not great defending. Campbell and Sanogo did well and should build on this while Ramsey is still the man!!

  3. allezkev says:

    Great post Total, oozing with positivity… 😀

    Only saw the goals, but agree, Sanogo’s 3rd the pick of his 4.

    Like you, I felt that he showed that ability to follow the play and always be where the ball finishes up before poking it home.
    A nice habit to have, a bit like RVN without the huge nose.

    Campbell took his goal ever so well, great control in the shot.

    Credit to Ramsey and Bellerin for the excellent work they put in to create the opening two goals…

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Try and watch the first half, Allezkev. It’s worth it. 🙂

  5. davi says:

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least that Sanogo’s first led to another few in quick succession – his challenge is now to start scoring in the PL. He is a strange player – at times he collects the ball in the centre of the pitch and holds off a couple of challenges with great strength and skill before playing a brilliant pass out wide (played the pass of the match today and I remember him doing it against Bayern as well – almost Zidane-esque!) and yet he so often stumbles at the vital moment – could have had a couple more were it not for that, not to mention the goal celebration for the 4th! Always supported him though. Giroud’s an important player for us and obviously had a great season last year and scored plenty but I don’t think he’s ever played so well for us as Sanogo did against Liverpool in the cup or against Bayern until the game died. Massive potential Yaya has imo.

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Great observations, Davi, and all agreed. There’s something about him: even when does not score, he makes things happen with his movement, fight and enthusiasm.

  7. LB says:

    Davi, you’re the man!

  8. NW says:

    Sanogo is a very interesting case and will be tricky for Wenger.

    His speed and movement is there. He gets into the right position and he is hard working. Both yesterday and in FA cup, he created chaos against the opponent.

    The problem is always his touch. He can create very nice control of the ball but he also put passes all over the place.

    His finishing … is the worst part .

    Let’s see how he comes up in the future. Anyway, he came in cheap… so why not?

  9. shrillex says:

    Hey Total! Game was fantastic wasn’t it? Bellerin, Campbell,Sanogo,Ramsey really impressed me, especially Bellerin . He was impressive going forward and solid defensively,albeit the few shaky moments. Campbell’s ability to hold up the ball and his dribbling was impressive. Sanogo’s positioning was very impressive though he could still improve on his finishing and decision making. Calum was harder to judge as he was barely tested. Ramsey as you said, was unstoppable, bossing the middle of the park alongside Flamini.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game! 🙂

  10. jnyc says:

    I will not get overly excited after a friendly, but I will say I was already on record that yaya could be special. So important in the fa cup. Bellerin, im sure not ready defensively, thats why debuchy rather than aurier came, bellerin will be the future I hope.

    For this season, im happy with our forward planning, the jenks loan, ( he could be future star or excellent backup, or sold for a nice profit. But most important for this coming season :

    though no one was truly excited about the debuchy signing….. I AM – heres why—- we all respect sagnas hard work and loyalty, great defense, and ludivigne, but man, we were totally impotent attacking down the right for years. How many times did we watch bacary go half way, turn and pass back? Teams had a huge edge on one side against us, which let them focus on other areas. Sagna had his best crossing season last year, and it was still below average, and bad for a title contending club.

    Debuchy as we have all seen for Newcastle, is a clear upgrade going forward, and the surprise for me was his superior defensive stats. Noticeably better than bacs, except headed clearances, but not far off on those.

    Wenger is not waiting for kids to develop. He wants to go for it now. No time to teach aurier or jenks in season.
    Those days are over now that he finally has some cash.
    just supplement our strong squad and add world class whenever possible. The goal is within sight now. A great time to be a gooner, exciting times!

  11. jgc says:


    Waiting on the Player to free up access but I saw the goals elsewhere. Hard not to be excited. Other teams will improve but so will we. Could this be Arsenal vs mid lower table teams? Ie making it more straightforward than the more than occasional sweat fests of the past few years.

    It was good to see firepower showing. And from those we actually really need to step up, the squad and more fringe players. Speaks to better depth, threat and thus combinations this year.

    Early days but I’ve decided to be a little more than cautiously optimistic! This once! 🙂

    Also good to see AR and some others starting near or at where they left off…

    Cheers — jgc

  12. steve says:

    Great post TA, just the kind of positivity you want to wake up to in the morning – excellent work.

    Well just watched the game again this morning on player while I sobered up with a cup of tea and some breakfast – much easier to take in productively.
    With a starting line-up that only featured two players from the starting line-up for the FA cup final (Gibbs and Ramsey) I thought the team functioned fantastically.

    Theres no point in analysing anything in much detail because it’s a pre-season game and both teams are not playing 100% but generally everybody looked fit, quick, strong and up for it.
    Big kudos to the 19 year old pairing at the back who as far as I could see did not look out of place at all and to Joel and Yaya who definitely took their opportunity to shine.
    I think the best bit of all is knowing I’ve got another match to watch today!

    It was nice to see Santi spent the summer visiting the large hadron collider in Cern and managed to pilfer a higgs boson particle which he now uses to bend space and time with out on the right wing – did anybody else see that!?

  13. Bellerin for me…. what a prospect. Can we wonder why poor Jenks has gone out on loan. 🙂

    By the way…. bit slow on here today? Where’re the Brokeback boys Cockie and Transplant, having a weekend away together?

  14. oh bugger, forgot to put my Sunday supplement link :

    Cheers in advance Totes 😀

  15. Retsub says:

    Really looking to the game today. Great display by the lads yesterday. Campbell really impressed me.. I would far rather have his smiling face that that miserable sod Balateli. Agree with the earlier comments on Sagna, great servant to Arsenal, great defender, brilliant in the air, but a little frustrating going forward (other than that header v the Spuds). Bellerin looked good as well.

    You can go out and buy all the best players, but it doesn’t make a team. For the season ahead we have experienced players, a few magicians and a number of very hungry young players waiting for their chances. Let’s hope for a great season


  16. AFC says:

    TA, it was a friendly much so I can’t and won’t take much away from it. I also heard Benfica have sold a lot of their good players and had played two games in two days?

    Bellerin was really good going forward but was a bit suspect defensively. He got caught out of position a few times and could have prevented the goal?

    Martinez and Chambers were solid and didn’t put a foot wrong.

    Sanogo played really well. Three of his goals were put on a plate for him but he took his third goal really well which required skill.

    Monreal done alright at CB and Campbell also looked good. Didn’t really get to see much of Sanchez. Everybody else played well.

    Wenger has said Sanchez will get 45 mins on the flank today.

  17. Retsub says:

    Well that was disappointing but only a friendly. I came to the conclusion that Michael Owen in General talks rubbish, but he did highlight the obvious. Put a couple of powerhouse midfielders up against us and we just get knocked off the ball. Time for that cheque book mr Wenger

  18. Admir says:

    Retsub summed it up.

    Referee’s mistake cost us heavily again. Are there any good Japanese referees out there?

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    THanks for comments, guys. Sorry have been busy so could not respond.

    New Post New Post 🙂

  20. jozefos2013 says:

    Alternative match report from yesterday with three year-old in tow (is three too young to take a child to a football match? My wife thought it was…)

    Arrived 20 minutes late. Upon reaching our seats three year-old asked if we could stay there. Three year-old joined in an Ooh to be a Gooner chant. Sanogo scored. Three year-old got a bit freaked out. Five minutes later crowd cheered. Three year-old thought another goal had gone in. Had to suggest he watch the ball. Repeat three times in the next ten minutes. Three year-old starts clapping along as everyone else applauds good play. Got it by the time Campbell scored, applauded spontaneously before getting freaked out by the noise again. Repeat twice in the next five minutes. Sweets, drinks, including excellent lad serving us allowing son to keep the lid on his water bottle (but he definitely didn’t serve us). Most of a packet of Minstrels later, three year-old is settled and ready for the second half. Fifth goal goes in, boy starts asking to leave. Use his uncle and (older) cousin next to us as an excuse to stay (bad dad?). Three year-old loves the five-lap Mexican wave, decides to stay for a bit longer. Sanchez comes on, boy scared by noise level. Manage to keep him in his seat for five more minutes (during which I loved what I saw of Alexis). Boy has mixed feelings about the experience. Get home about two hours ago, boy sees a picture of Calum Chambers as I browse Arsenal website and immediately gets excited, demanding to watch the match we saw. Watches it three times. Predicts that Sanogo will score 17 goals this season, asks to go to Arsenal again even though the noise scares him. I think we have another little Gooner in our ranks 🙂

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