First Attacker on the Team Sheet: Olivier Giroud!

There are many fellow Gooners who believe that we need to improve on Giroud; that there are better strikers and he is not worthy enough of the mighty red and white shirt (as first choice).

If we compare him – and with that I mean his hard CF performance stats of goals and chance conversion – against many fellow CFs at top rival clubs, it is fair to say he is not in the top quality bracket.

OG might not score as many goals as Suarez, let alone Ronaldo and Messi, but this is missing the point to a large extent. Giroud’s job description is a lot wider than that, and until we start to appreciate this we will not be able to value his incredible worth to the team.

OG gives structure to the team. Just as with the more traditional camping tents, he is the central pole on which the forefront of the tent is based. His role is to be a focal point; a beacon in a sea of nasty defenders and midfielders; recipient of balls from the midfield (and often the keeper) and protector of it; and, most importantly, the midfield enabler. Yes, the midfielders and fellow attackers ‘enabler’ is his biggest role in Wenger’s current system; and as such he is more of an attacking midfielder than an out and out CF. Let me put it differently: Ollie could still be a success the coming season even if he scores only a handful of goals.

Giving structure up-front is so important in 4-2-3-1/4-2-1-3 formation. Germany started to play far better football once they put Klose up-front; France gambled on Benzema instead of Giroud up-front and lost their cohesion and structure – becoming far less effective as a result; Liverpool have bought Lambert to play in the ‘Giroud’ role no doubt; and MC have Dzeko to play as the holding striker/Midfield Enabler, etc. It might not always be pretty, but so be it.

Of course, Giroud is also there to score goals and so he does; and, once again, he has improved in the second year he has been at a club. But that is not his only, or dare I say, most important role. Wenger wants goals from OG’s fellow attackers and midfielders as well, and lots of them; and OG is there to set them up, produce assists, carry enough threat to occupy and worry defenders and score goals himself as well. We need 10-15 goals each from Sanchez, Theo, Pod, Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, and yes from the hard working Giroud himself. Goals need to be spread throughout the team so we do not become over-dependent on one or two top class attackers.

Now if you take these tasks into account, can you name me a significantly better ‘holding striker’ than Olivier Giroud? Which central attacker is willing to work so hard, sacrifice himself so much and go against his very nature to play with his back towards the goal for large parts of the game as OG does?

This does not mean we should not look for an improvement on OG, as his lack of finishing ability has led us down on occasions, especially during the tougher, bigger games. But let’s in the meantime build further on Giroud. His third season should be even better: he is a late developer and is now reaching the best years of his career.

Not only Ozil but also OG suffered from the injuries to Theo and Ramsey. If an enabler is not successful at ‘enabling’ his shortcomings will be exposed, and without Theo and Ramsey to benefit from his hard graft, he did look frustrated and ineffective at times. But in the new season things will be different: OG will be able to work with Ramsey, Ozil, Pod, Ox, Sanchez and Cazorla, and possibly a b2b midfielder, and eventually Theo, as well (and then there are Jack and Campbell as well). And I believe this is exactly what Wenger wants to see.

I have no doubt that OG will be Arsene’s first attacker on the team sheet: he is the protector of the shape to our attack and the lynchpin for the rest of the team. Just like BFG at the back – who holds the back of the tent together – our team structure and purpose lean heavily on Giroud’s ability to play with his back towards the goal.

And yes, when he misses a big chance again I will cringe too and tell him what a waste of space he is; but let’s then remember again that he was not bought to be the perfect nr.9, and that all the hard work he does for us will often lead to him being too tired to finish off a chance. It is a price worth paying if he can enable the rest to shine, and shine we will! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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32 Responses to First Attacker on the Team Sheet: Olivier Giroud!

  1. shrillex says:

    Wonderful post Total. Fully agree with you and it shares Ollie’s importance to the team, though I have to say I’ve been waiting for this post for quite a while. He can hold on to the ball superbly and makes the rest of the team perform so much better. I like to add that he is also one of the most lethal penalty box strikers. Hope he can perform wonders for us this season. 🙂

    And yes, I can name you striker that plays with his back towards goal like it’s his second nature, albeit him not being a good ‘holding striker. That is, the one and only Emile Heskey!

  2. Jay says:

    I can appreciate your views but I strongly disagree with Giroud’s ability to lead us as a strong counter-attacking force to be reckoned with. He simply doesn’t offer anything other than laying off the ball to the midfielders and wing men. At the same time, he has the habit of slowing down an attack which I find extremely frustrating. Another pet peeve is when he’s dispossessed and falls to his knees like a hopeless victim. You can tell he’s not able to push off, dribble or make a run past his marker. And frankly, it’s becoming tiring to deal with as a supporter. He just doesn’t inhabit the football mind to become a champion or forward which is needed against the bigger fish; he succumbs under the pressure.

    On the other hand, however, you have Alexis, not only does he bring the other players into play but he has the ability to twist and turn past his marker, leaving most defenders bamboozled. This leads to quick counter-attacks, open spaces for other runners breezing past and ultimately = more goals, more assists. The former being the most important thing Arsenal need to include to their statistics if they want to be PL champions.

  3. Jay says:

    I’d just like to mention, Giroud isn’t clinical in finishing more or less ‘easy’ opportunities. He doesn’t strike the ball with enough power or accuracy at times. This can be seen in last season’s game with Chelsea where we got hammered 6-0 and against Newcastle where Ozil had to slot in the rebound which Giroud failed to score with two attempts 1v1 situation.

  4. davydavy says:

    Top post as usual TA.

    There are very few better players in this position that Ollie G in my view, and if any Gooners are in doubt I would recommend that they watch the Cup Final against Hull, keeping a close eye on Giroud’s performance throughout the game. He has the physical strength not only to win the ball in 50-50 challenges against powerful defenders, but also to batter them into exhaustion so that other strikers can take advantage on the last twenty minutes of the game. To me, this was one of the most decisive contests in that wonderful victory over Hull.

    Watch Giroud also when we defend set pieces, corners in particular. No longer are we nervous when teams win a corner against us, because Ollie G sits in the box and attacks the ball every time, usually clearing it. He must have saved at least half a dozen goals with this approach over the last two seasons.

    I’d like him to be more decisive or clinical when in one-on-one situations against the keeper, and he can work on this hopefully, but otherwise I rate him very very highly.

  5. mk says:

    Totally agree, well said and I think it just shows the limited football knowledge of the Giroud haters out there

  6. Interestingly Jay says Giroud “doesn’t offer anything other than laying off the ball to the midfielders and wing men” – correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t one of the cornerstones of counter-attacking football the ability to control a clearance and quickly move the ball to the wings? The beautiful Campbell goal against Benfica is classic evidence. Bellerin did so well BECAUSE the central player, Ramsey I think, was able to put Bellerin free down the flank – this is what Giroud does so well. Last season we saw time and again Sagna put in crosses like that and the major area of deficit was no Campbell like player coming from the left and scoring…..enter Alexis and Campbell swinging around big OG like a May pole.

  7. Adam says:

    I agree with Davy Davy and the overall sentiment of the main post. Giroud’s overall contribution needs to be considered when thinking about replacements. I do feel his defensive efforts at set pieces and as a target for Szczesny are really underrated (and more so with Sagna gone) and I think we need to be careful upsetting the balance by seeking a striker that provides an extra 5-10 goals per year that would be at the world class level. Do I want a 30+ goals per season striker? Of course, but we want that while not losing what Giroud provides and there really are only a couple of traditional centre forwards whose overall contribution is better than Giroud’s. Balotelli is not one of them. There is no indication that any world class CF are available right now and if they were I think Wenger would act. What we needed last year was greater support in the forward areas for Giroud rather than necessarily a replacement.

    The addition of Sanchez and Campbell provides greater depth to our goal scoring and if Walcott, Ox and Podolski can play more games between them this year there are definitely more goals in our team. With more pace in forward areas from the above additions there should be more space in midfield for Ramsey and others to score and it will make it more risky for teams to double team Giroud, thus allowing him to be more prolific himself.

    Hopefully Sanogo will step up and provide Giroud with some rest throughout the season to keep him fresh, although I am sure there are teams where with the addition of Sanchez, Campbell and Walcott we can play without a big CF anyway. Exciting times!!!

  8. jnyc says:

    Davy good point, no coincidence that our set piece defending has improved so much in the past 2 years.

    TA, good post, but I still think wenger may be looking for a faster style of play, and we will likely see less of ollie when walcott is fully back. I think he may even be toying with the idea of sanogo more than anyone knows.

    But I do appreciate girouds hard work all over the biggest complaint is his slow feet, he takes a huge backswing to get any shot off, which is a major problem for a scorer in the fastest paced league..

  9. Geoff says:

    No pace, no ability to beat a man, poor movement, always whinging. Slows play down, we need dynamism, he is not the answer if we are to challenge at the top.

  10. Gerry says:

    Well done Totes, you are hitting my ‘G’ spots right now.

    However, before I go into the discussion. Can anybody tell me why there was not more outrage at the knee in the back That Giro got early on in the game on Sunday? Given Naymar’s injury you would have thought ref’s would have been told to clamp down on such assaults?
    Not our ref on Sunday, needless to say.
    Have another look at the replay. It wasn’t just a sticking out knee that clobbered him, it was very much a (deliberate?) follow through?

    My theory on Giroud and scoring is this. If he is pressured by defenders he snatches at the shot. Sometimes they come off. Give him a yard of space and, if his confidence is high, he will score many goals. His one-on-one record with ‘keepers may not as good as a Suarez, and hopefully an Alexis, and that is because his variation of shot is not that diverse. If the ‘keeper goes the right way he is likely to save it. And let’s face it, he has brought out a string of good saves from various ‘keepers over the season.
    Funnily enough, until Saturday, Sanogo suffered the same fate. I actually think Sanogo is a tad more flexible with his feet. That delicate little toe-poke for his 4th goal for example, but also the back heel for his first was neat too.
    However, this will be the season to judge Giroud on how effective he is around the box, because fro the first time he will have others around him to draw defenders away. I think then we will see scoring more freely.
    We will also have a plan B and C, in the shape of Sanogo and Campbell to work with him, or indeed, without him. Thus keeping him fresh for the important games. Critics forget he played 36 of the 38 league games last season, and took a battering in most of them.
    Add to that, what ‘davydavy’ and others have said about his defensive ability, just makes the harsh criticism even more unfathomable? Comparison to Alexis, or other not like-for-like strikers is unworthy, given the main thrust of TA’s point. In that he is not just there to score goals.
    We have Giroud, and we should be thankful we have him. Reaction to Sunday’s game is very short-sighted, and best put to one side and wait until the WC exertions, mental and physical are put far behind him. Same goes for Cazorla for that matter.
    Non elite footballers can only dream of being at such a high profile tournament, but can imagine the highs and lows. Most fans have no idea how mentally draining that experience can be? With high expectation and great demands, which, for the majority, have little reward for what might have been. We have three returnees who were fortunate. Alexis can have the satisfaction on a personal level, and that of his team, that they did their country proud. Santi, with the ignominious early exit of Spain is at the other end of the spectrum. Koscielny and Giroud got close, but failed when they needed to be at their best. Harder on Giroud, as TA points out, being left out at the last hurdle.
    Far greater latitude needs to be given over the coming weeks. Come September we will start to see just how valuable Giroud is to the team, but in the meantime you can bet he will be trying his best, … but with even better to come.

  11. Retsub says:

    Really interesting discussion. I have to admit to be a floating voter on OG. Yes he does everything you described very well and he a pretty good finisher when attacking the front post. As others have alluded to he does drop his head when he loses the ball (not up to Arshavin standards yet). And when the team is losing with limited time remaining he doesn’t inspire confidence. Sanogo is far from the finished product and appears injury prone, but what I do like is the way he closes down on defenders when they have possession and I have seen him win the ball back on numerous occasions. Sanchez is similar in this respect
    It will be a defining season for OG, I really hope he has a good one, but with Sanogo, Campbell, Walcott etc all desperate for game time he will need to be at the top of his game

  12. George says:

    yeah, apart from layin d ball, shieldin d ball n ability to help defend set pieces, i still think og is lackin lackin one of da most important role of bin a CF, that is puttin d ball in d net when thru on goal; especially in 1 on 1 situations.. check out games against everton@ home,(tink he was thru on goal 1 on 1 against tim howard 3 times)..nd sometimes he’s just too slow in chasin thru balls.. we nid someone who is quicker, nd more decisive.

  13. shrillex says:

    @Jay In my eyes, Giroud is a very good team player. He works hard for the sake of the team. How many strikers do you know that can play in 95% of the games in a season and still work tirelessly for their team?

    @Davy. Completely agreed with you there mate. The only thing I hope from Giroud is that he plays with a bit more aggression. He is very strong and sometimes I feel that could make more use of it. Maybe then he will be like Drogba and absolutely pushes defenders away 🙂

  14. jw1 says:

    You have captured the essence of Giroud’s role TA.
    A prototypical ST cast from the Suarez/Costa/Van Persie mold would degrade the abilities of the Wenger-assembly of midfield gems.
    It’s why the manager opted for a multi-functional attacker such as Sanchez this window.

    We as fans with assumptions? Assign ‘positions’ to the midfielders and the line– but Wenger doesn’t.
    He sees a rotation of attackers capable of assimilating to an assortment of tasks as required– on the fly.

    The back five static as rock.The front five fluid– as necessary.

    I’ve heard the catcalls of Wenger’s inability to effect strategic change in-game.
    But I’m seeing a squad that will force the opposition to adjust to it’s malleability– to its’ explosive and unpredictable qualities.

    Within the machine? OG is a cog.
    No less important.
    Possibly moreso than most– for his selflessness and ethic.


  15. Tester says:

    Haha Giroud has to be the most opinion dividing Arsenal player in the squad currently. Look, it’s really obvious OG is a very very limited striker. But he adds a lot more to this team than he is given credit for. His hold up play is decent but kinda overrated. I like it when he has zero time to think & has to decide to pass or play a 1-2. His best moments have come via this approach.You give Giroud time to think, it’s as good as giving the ball away to the opposition & sparing us the “Giroud,you’re so shite” Youtube moment. His decision making when having time is really poor.

    Again, OG is very good & contributes a lot but you cannot discount those misses. All strikers miss chances but OG misses a lot of the easier chances that is not towards the left side of his body i.e when he can’t wrap his left foot around it. I will give him the benefit of the doubt this season because we have a plan B with Alexis but to repeat, he needs to start putting these clear cut chances away. It hurt us bad last season.

    I have no problems with Giroud being part of the Arsenal squad but let’s not kid ourselves here & ,like in a post last week ,say Cavani/Falcao are overrated. Cavani/Falcao along with Suarez are the last of the true superstar world class centre forwards available. They score tap ins, from edge of the D, from 35 yards out, outrageous skills to maneuver to get a shot away as well free kicks whilst being capable of holding up play. Alexis is awesome but he can & will get better under AW.

    Also,this whole hold up play. That’s the not the be all end all of things. With better strikers you could a> put the ball behind or in channels for them run into b> play it to their feet so they can do the same as long ball hold up play.

    Will support OG as long as he’s here & hope he improves. But way better options available. Giroud though is a perfect 2nd choice striker!

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Superb comments guys, highlighting the strengths and characteristics of OG to a tee. Will be back later today.

    JW1, love the final lines of your comment! Giroud is The Cog! 🙂

  17. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    COYG.. Giroud is so unpredictable players.. No one know when he is onfire.. hahahaha..
    Thats include our enemy.. hehehe.. He can be a great player this week but also a bad ones other week.. hehehehe.. They can’t be sure how to handle him.. hehehehe..
    I mean strikers like Messi or Suarez will always make two or more defenders stay guarding them.. but not Giroud.. Sometimes two or three players just not enough to maintain him.. but sometimes even a single players can.. It will need special insting when will he need to guard by two or more defenders.. hahahahaha..

    I begin to think that we will see Sanchez play in CF rules more often.. especially when Walcott is back and Campbell keep playing on his best perform.. but I still like to see us playing with two fastest winger in the world.. Walcott and Sanchez.. And still believe that Wenger is right about Giroud.. hahahaha..

  18. SAGunner says:

    Yeh, but this bloody tent pole is cracked and breaking up. I simply do not understand the millions of word written in various articles around the web protecting this man Giroud saying that he belongs in arsenal… all sorts of excuses for his sheer lack of ability. He tries, but he simply does not have the skills. He is totally useless with the ball at his feet. In the first 20 minutes of the emirates cup he cocked up 2 pearlers which any self respecting CF with footballing ability would have put away, or at the very least made the keeper work. Get him out of there. I know he is a Frenchman and wenger gives him preferential consideration. If that was not so he would be following Monreal who also simply does not have the Arsenal ability.

  19. H Bo says:

    I actually kind of agree although I had a lot to say about him during games, but he can only play when we have pace all around him or his game suffers but Alexis is a good option who I must say is particularly good in the air for his height which surprised me also I think they would be a good combination I think OG would benefit from a 442 although not my favourite formation.

  20. Dave says:

    Couldnt disagree more, Arsenals game is all about pace and power and giving a sense of danger even when the opposing team has a corner. Arsenal have never needed this form of player, this kind of player has been extinct since the dinosaurs. Henry mould is the player we need up front, he was big and strong and brought players in, but he too could turn and run at defenders and cause them problems himself. Giroud is easy to defend against, milk turns quicker, his pass success rate must be in the low 50%, for his size he goes down far too easily, and yes he scored 22 goals last year but a proper striker in that Arsenal side would have scored 35 !! I agree that in this system we play we need a focal point, but he must also have the ability himself to cause teams problems, and to worry them, Otherwise its like playing with 10 men, as said he himself is easy to defend against, and his role in the side is so obvious, surround him with players so his little flicks and passes cant come off (like it hardly ever does anyway) and you completely take his game away !! He is NOT Arsenal quality, he would struggle to get into probably 16 of the 20 Premiership sides.

    Front three between Sanchez, Theo, Ox, Cazorla, Campbell

    Makes much more sense, more penetration more pace, and with those front three teams will be scared to attack because of what will happen once we have the ball, two or three passes later and we are through on goal. This is what Arsenal are about. With Ramsey making forward runs too, and if we finally get that ideal DM and allow the fullbacks to push on even higher up the pitch, the future looks rosy for Arsenal, we are a DM away from probably one of the best squads Arsenal have had.

  21. proudgooner says:

    Giroud is a very good player who i expect to score 25+ goals in all comps this season.
    In 2013/14 he scored 23 goals in all comps. Daniel Sturidge scored 25 in al comps and i have not heard any Liverpool fans moaning about his performance, they are 2 very different style strikers of course though. I would also be willing to bet without looking at the stat’s that OG has a better assist record then Sturidge for 2013/14 .
    But to balance this out when people say things like Ozil can’t be used to his best affect with OG i haft to agree with that.
    I am in the pro-OG camp though.He is possibly the hardest working player when matches are being played, he works really hard.
    Also i think though he is not as lethal as Van Judas i believe he can score 30 goals a season in all competitions. But the difference is he is not made of glass! He can play full seasons so for me that makes up for it. Bottom line is if you ain’t on the pitch but the injury table then it don’t matter if your the best player on the planet, you ain’t gonna score.

    Total’s point though should be taken , the point that playing a lone striker v at least 2 CB’s sometimes even 3 or 4 defender’s closing you down is a very hard job that not many can do.I fully understand his role and am pleased we have him.
    But they is a chance a big 1 at that, that OG will get less time on the pitch this season. We have basically 3 new strikers in Sanogo,Campbell and Alexis. So it will be interesting , most fans wanted some other options and we now have them.

  22. steve says:

    It’s not the player it’s the formation, for as long as I can remember Arsenal have played with two up top I don’t think even the great Henry would have enjoyed playing on a wet Sunday lunch time with three ogre like Sunderland defenders solely marking him alone. With Giroud they have the opportunity to do so as there is no other high line threat to worry about, I think the guy does quite well considering the task he has been given.
    Everyone moaning at him for his lack of pace and not making darting runs into the box, you might as well be moaning at water for being wet – he’s just not that type of player. Now if you put Theo alongside him, draw one or two of the defenders away from him for a second and in the process give him an immediate attacking accomplice to lay the ball off two then I feel what he does at the moment will really shine as a key ingredient to the Arsenal attack.
    I see quite a few people here (me among them) have suggested a 4-1-3-2 formation and I would love to see that employed and I think the only thing stopping us is a world class holding midfield player so fingers crossed.
    I’ll keep saying it; why spend ridiculous amounts of money on a “do it all” striker who may or may not settle in well at Arsenal when you could take two top class strikers who excel in different traits and play them alongside each other?
    We’ve got pace and we’ve got power, now let’s put them together!

  23. Tester says:

    @Proudgooner : Your last paragraph. Valid argument which I’ve heard many times. But on the contrary, don’t you think that lack of a better striker is making AW play this system of using Giroud’s hold up play? With a better,more mobile & tricky striker up front we could play differently?

    That comparison with Sturridge. Hahaha. Did you see his finishes vs Everton? That lob? Or his goal against us at Anfield when they played it in behind Kos? That’s what we need! One through ball from Ozil & back of the net not stuck between the feet!

    It amazes me this defense of an average striker. We love OG just like love Arteta who’s been an amazing pro & fantastic for us. But we do agree, we need an upgrade on Arteta right? But yet we can’t see the same with Giroud.

    If only Poldi was a better CF. We’d be unstoppable. Sigh.

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Some great comments and thoughts re Giroud. I have said it all in my post and respect that not everybody sees it like I do. I have absolutely no doubt that Wenger will continue with Giroud-ball and that Sanogo is his stand in if and when injured or in need of a rest. We might see a more fluid attack approach at times, but this will not be in more than 5 games this season imo.

    Doubters will soon change their mind as they will not have seen OG working with so many talents around him. We will be banging in goals right, left and centre. Remember that first half against Napoli at home….. that was OG and Arsenal at his best, and we are going to see a lot more of those sorts of halves.


  25. AB says:

    Evening TA. A top post from you, not least because it has drawn every single response above around your theme and away from the routine TW stuff. Like retsub I’m slightly conflicted around Giroud; but its a hard one to explain. He is exactly as you describe him, the pole around which others operate with freedom; and as well as his 23 goals he has created the space for more than that from others. 3 months into the last season I found myself reflecting that I would not, at that point, swap him for any other striker in the PL. But, there is something about his flouncing and posturing, combined with too many missed chances, that leaves me struggling to rave about a player who (like anyone wearing the red and white) should attract my total and automatic support. There are several ‘buts’ therefore that come to mind:

    Firstly, I don’t think Giroud will ever be a truly clinical finisher. After a sequence that has been roughly Wright, Henry, RVJ, that feels a bit like second best to me, and I suspect will do until we find another in that class. It also costs us in hard points during marginal games – I don’t mind so much when Giroud misses a sitter when we are 4 goals up, but the regular misses in the tight games gave my nerves plenty of grief last season.

    Secondly, we need a proper plan B. When Giroud tires (and that’s not his fault if we don’t have adequate depth and cover) then he can’t do the business we need. But also, as you point out, if we don’t have others arriving in the box to capitalise on his hard work, then the model fails. Without Ramsey in particular last season Giroud was far less effective, and we need to be able to play a different style if we can’t field a squad with these edge of box players.

    What I hope we see this season is a combination of an alternative formation plan B, based on pace and fluidity, as well as cover/competition (from Sanogo) for the plan A formation, to keep Giroud both fresh and on his toes. But, back to your opening defence TA – how many other PL strikers would we take in place of Giroud as things stand? Not many that I can count, for all his failings….. Perhaps I’m a fan of his after all!

  26. H Bo says:

    Totally agree with @Steve although you can’t grumble with 23 goals all round I think
    4-4-2 would suit OG much more.
    @dave you need to think how many strikers scored more than 25 goals all round in the premiership and who they bit a chunk out of recently, also as you said we have options now so can change the formation or the striker

  27. The way I see Giroud is as a Magnet….. he may not score goals but defenders are drawn to him when we attack and therefore our other players who are in attack are given more freedom. If Olive then scores goals it is a bonus. We didn’t get a bad bonus from him last season.
    This coming season, with Campbell and Alexi possibly in the team with him then their pace will easily get behind defences which are trying to cover Olive.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha AB, I can almost hear your thought processes whilst you were writing your fab comment.

    OG is no Henry, VJ or Wrighty, but the same can be said vice versa: none of these could do the OG role as good as OG does it. Times have changed and Wenger has put OG in the striker position to set up others as much as score himself. It is a paradox in some way, at that makes it hard to get used to it.

  29. AB says:

    Ha TA I know it! The good thing is its a pointer to all those who say Wenger can’t adapt; when he is doing it all the time. Its us fans that are still missing the team of 12 years ago and can’t move on. Wenger’s beliefs are in people and their talent, and he will find ways to allow them to express this to the full, but he is not stuck with a single model in his mind, nor any desire to recreate something that has been. I hope the new vision (whatever it may be) truly clicks and gives us the chance to see something different but no less special. Maybe even this year perhaps……

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    So true, AB. He is always evolving the team and style of play. 🙂

  31. proudgooner says:

    I can’t remember Sturidge goals v Everton. But when you said the lob it reminded me of the 1 OG did in the last minute against them when we were playing them, it hit the bar.
    That could have gone in it would have won us the game.
    I think OG has a great left foot, think he is probably a bit better then most people think.
    He does have a tough job and hardly no 1 in support apart from Rambo, the amount of times when we were on the attack and there was nobody in the box was annoying last season.
    We have other options now, it will be interesting to see what happens.
    I take you point though you clearly know your football well. I have always wanted another Ian Wright style striker. Even though i do like Giroud, we should just all give him our full support, he has done a good job for us.
    I think he will get less games this season but i expect him to do well when he plays.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    New post new post 🙂

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