Ramsey is Right – Starting 11 Arsenal v Man City

It was good that Ramsey came out saying tomorrow’s game against the Northern Oilers will be taking seriously by the team. It is a great opportunity to build confidence and momentum and to win another cup, however small it is. We must also guard for the pontential of an embarrassing loss and that’s why the only way of treating this game is ‘a must win’ approach.

A win will do us good, so let’s go for it, and these are the eleven players I expect to start tomorrow:

Defence and GK:

With the Verminator now heavily linked with a move to the Barca bench, and the BFG still not deemed ready, the CB duo is most likely to be Koz and Chambers, with Debuchy and Gibbs as our full backs and Szczesny between the poles.


With Diaby apparently injured – or is that just a rumour? – the central duo should be Flamini-Ramsey. It will be interesting to see who will play in the hole, with Ozil still being rested. Will it be Cazorla, Jack, Rosicky, Ox or Sanchez? I would love to see Sanchez there but he will be needed on the wing. Any of the others will do, but I am going to go for JW10. This is the season for him to break through, and this is the sort of game to announce himself. Come on Jack, don’t let me down.


Sanchez and Ox on the wings with either Sanogo or Campbell in the middle. I am going to go for Sanogo as he can play the ‘Giroud’ role best of all. No doubt, Campbell will get playing time and he might even start instead of Ox, or even Sanogo.

So, my predicted staring eleven for tomorrow is:

Szczesny, Debuchy, Chambers, Koz, Gibbs, Flamini, Ramsey, Jack, Sanchez, Ox and Sanogo.

Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners – Let the Canon Roar! πŸ™‚

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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62 Responses to Ramsey is Right – Starting 11 Arsenal v Man City

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BKers

    Just a quick one from my holiday stay in Belgium. Would be interesting to see who you believe will start tomorrow.

  2. sunny-d says:

    I take it gibbs at left back as you only named ten

  3. JEMY says:

    Hi Author
    Please let “le Boss” know that the team need a striker and DM,,,,not the likes of Arteta [ no Viera] and Olivier [no Henry]

  4. arse says:

    flamini and rosicky must start tomorrow, if we start with arteta we’ll be fucked, guy lost his legs.


    debuchy chambers koscielny gibbs

    flamini ramsey

    sanchez rosicky ox


    so much pace, also with rosicky we’re guaranteed fast smart play, something none of our midfielders bring to the game,

  5. VCC says:

    We should start with eleven players Totes????

  6. VCC says:

    A midfield of Flamini, Arteta and Wilshere will be over run by a more powerful City mid field.

  7. Chuksie says:

    no left back

  8. VCC says:

    Have a nice holiday. In your absence can I go ahead and advertise for players to join the UMF? Starting from next week end.

  9. JM says:

    No change from my previous line-up (3-4-1-2 / 4-3-3):

    SzczΔ™sny, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta(Capt.), Chambers, Koscielny, Ramsey, Rosicky, Alexis, Campbell, Sanogo

    MartΓ­nez, Monreal, Flamini, Wilshere, The Ox, Giroud, Cazorla

    We still need a new captain for the starting line-up. Vermaelen (in Barcelona having medical and impending signing) and Mertesacker (rested) will not be involved for different reasons. Either Arteta or Rosicky shall lead our team out.

  10. tony says:

    not a bad line up but how about mine(a little change on yours)
    In the 2nd half we can bring on ox arteta n rosciky

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Absolutely, VCC. Looking fwd to it! πŸ™‚

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Well spotted you eagle eyed bastardos! πŸ™‚

  13. jozefos2013 says:

    Verm has joined Barca. Feels nice for us to have stood up to the bigger boys for once. Surely ManUre weren’t the only team in for RVJ?

    Now expecting another defender to join since AW said he’d replace him if he left.

    Looking forward to Sunday although by all accounts City won’t be putting out their preferred XI.

    Also enjoyed the fact that AW seems to have re-engaged in mind games with his comments about City. The feeling among Gooners is completely different to anything I remember for a long time…unless you’re a doomer. On which subject, TCM, condolences buddy, hope the Mrs is back to herself soon.

  14. VCC says:

    jozefos2013……….I have a sneaky feeling Wenger won’t replace Vermaelen. I think he will go with Chambers as cover CB/RB

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Jozefos.

    If Vermaelen cannot dislodge either of BFG or Koz, then he is not good enough for us. We need to sign a CB who offers something different, has enough experience and can push BFG all the way.

    Vermaelen had no fight in him and him choosing for Barca, where undoubtedly he will end up as back up sooner or later, says it all.

  16. theraplann says:

    guyz let’s just come out winning tommorrow.

  17. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Hi TA.. Great post as always..
    I think Arteta will start.. Wenger won’t make Arteta another Vermaelen.. The bench Captain.. And for me Arteta is better than Flamini.. Hehehe…
    And If I was Wenger.. Then I will drop Wilshere for Cazorla.. Hahaha..
    And playing Sanogo instead Giroud.. But I feel Giroud will start. He is Wenger’s favourite.. Hehhehe…

    So my team will be :
    Szczesney, Debuchy, Chambers, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Arteta, Ramsey
    Ox, Cazorla, Sanchez

    And I hope nothing happen to our back four + GK.. So I hope to see Rosicky, Sanogo and Campbell also on second half..

    @VCC.. Can’t wait for next week.. Hehe..
    It’s a new day for all of us.. A new season.. A new Arsenal.. And a new Wenger.. For his unusuall buying players.. Hehe.. We will compete for EPL and UCL.. More solid team with depth also.. And it will be fun.. Hehehe..

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    JM, would be surprised if Arteta starts tomorrow. Good question though re who will be captain… Maybe Koz will get the armband…

  19. VCC says:

    Hi Henry…….yes, another UMF starts next week end.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Arse, I would be very happy with that line up. Always like Rosa in the hole.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    HenryC, hehehe, I like your fate in Arteta but we need metal in midfield against Citeh…so I reckon Flam will be a sure start. πŸ™‚

  22. MS Ahmed says:

    Doesn’t matter who starts is a nothing game. But for the season I have a feeling Arteta will be the official captain as he will be leaving for free next season. The next guy Wenger gives the arm band too will also be going out. Now folks you decide whom you want to see as the Arsenal captain.

  23. AB says:

    Evening TA. I like your line up a lot, but I share the doubts expressed above over whether we think Wenger will share the view. Given the pace, power and experience that City have available I would assume that Wenger will not go all out for young pace and passion, but will want some experienced heads in the mix. From all we have seen over the last couple of years, this suggests to me that both Arteta and Cazorla will be in the starting mix – and it would not surprise me at all if Rosicky were there too.

    No one is going to argue about the back 5 – in fact if there’s at late injury we already look dangerously thin in the squad. We MUST replace Verm in the current TW. As above, I think we will start with Ramteta in the pivot, with the latter wearing the armband, though I share all the concerns about Mikel’s lack of legs these days. If fit, Ox has to play tomorrow – on the left if Sanchez starts on the right, but on the right ahead of all others. The big question is around Sanogo. Your call TA here is well founded – Wenger has trusted Sanogo in big games, and he has 4 goals in the bag from his last outing; if he is fit (again I thought there were questions around this), then I agree he will start up front, in which case I think we line up:

    Debuch, Chamb, Kos, Gibbs
    Art, Ram
    Sanchez, Santi, Ox

    If Sanogo is not fit, the alternative front 4 would be:

    Ox, Ros, Santi

    From what I saw, Campbell looks like a bench impact player for the start, but I hope he gets more than 15 min to work with. Jack is worth a punt for a start – not on apparent form, but as the sort of ‘obvious statement of trust’ display that Wenger sometimes delivers.

    I’m not a doomer by any means TA, but I can’t say I feel confident for tomorrow; but I’m hoping for a really fired up start from the boys – a statement of ambition for the season – and perhaps (hopefully) a slightly casual showing from Citeh, who have no real reason to care much about this ‘trophy’.

    Start of the new season. Its been a very good TW, and I’m still hopeful of more to come. Every reason to be optimistic for the season coming – COYG!!!!!

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent comment, AB, and good reasoning. πŸ™‚

    Starting with your predicted line up does not fill me with much hope, but you could well be right….

    The TW is not nearly a success yet now that Vermaelen has gone…. We need a DM and CB, or two CBs…and it’s getting late…

  25. AB says:

    TW has been a proper success for me TA; but yes CB cover is essential now. But given Wenger has already said as much I see no reason to panic on this yet. Like you I would hope we land a CB and DM in the next 3 weeks; but I might live with a proven quality player who does one role as standard, but can do the other well too – Carvalho for instance has been described as such. I still expect us to buy 1 further player, and at least 50:50 chance of bringing in 2. I would only revise my TW opinion down if we bought in nobody from here – and I just don’t see it happening…..

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed, AB. But the new signing(s) must be quality. I am v happy with signings until now but am worried about our lightness of experienced defenders. A Koz or BFG bad injury and we are in fat manure.

  27. AB says:

    Yes TA. And there aren’t many of TV’s quality hanging around who would take a 3rd choice CB role. We will need to either opt for some ‘safe hands’ PL player of lesser quality, a younger player or someone who Wenger might convert. It would once have been an obvious choice of the second of these options; now I wonder more about the 3rd, particularly if it strengthens us elsewhere through a flexible player. With TV going LB worries me more again given Gibbs’ injury record and Nacho not having nailed the back up spot yet to my satisfaction. Blind is being touted for Manure, and yet he might be what we need too….. Wenger could easily surprise us in this space in the coming days. If it upset someone else’s plans then so much the better!

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    I share your hope, AB, and surely Wenger would not have led TV go without a plan in mind?

  29. allezkev says:

    Jack needs a big game, if he starts…
    Just to silence all the snipers in the Press, if nothing else…

    What I’m enjoying reading is all the variety that ppl are coming up with.
    Shows that the squad is strong and will be even stronger when the Jerries return.

    Good post Total, go steady on a those strong Belgian beers eh? πŸ˜‰

  30. steve says:

    sorry TA i’ve got to disagree with you for once.
    I personally don’t see this game for anything other than what it is, an opportunity to take advantage of another warm-up preseason game but against strong opposition.
    I am sure that it wont be seen like that in the press but its all bullshit, 38 games down the line i certainly wont be saying “if only we had done better in the community shield” pmsl.
    My team:
    Things to note; if Diaby is fit i would play him instead of Ramsey to protect him for the start of the league, and i am assuming we would have Hayden available for the game – i really want to see how Chambers could handle himself against Yaya, pretty well i would guess.
    Not my choice but i am assuming he will play the 4-2-3-1


    Debuchy Hayden Koscielny Gibbs

    Chambers Ramsey

    Sanchez Wilshere The OX


    oh and bring on Campbell for Sanchez in second half – safe-guard Sanchez and give Campbell the chance he keeps showing us he deserves.
    I definitely agree with you on Jack though, stick him in the hole all day long mate where its obvious he belongs (watch the free kicks roll in).

    I just read that back to myself and it sounds like i don’t care about the game lol, of course i want us to beat the bastards but i just wont be using any result as a forecast on our achievements in the upcoming season.

  31. VCC says:

    Steve…..I take your point about the game being a run out and nothing else. I don’t agree with you. I think we should take this seriously and use it for a springboard to start our season.

    If we were to get stuffed, ala Chelsea and Liverpool, we would have egg on our faces and not bode well for the beginning of the fresh campaign.

    Can you imagine, if we pull off a win against the current champions without our Germans, what an eye opener for the rest to sit up and take notice.

    Perhaps we can start making teams afraid of us again.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    They can be lethal, Allezkev! πŸ™‚

    Yes options up front and in middle, which is good.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair point Steve. The first team need a good game IMO, and this is a good opportunity to start our campaign strongly. But in the end it does not mean that much of course.

  34. cliff mahoney says:

    Every game every cup is a must win that’s what wins you trophies except losing and you have already lost exciting season ahead I cannot wait

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Will bE watching the game with my dad in Holland today. Last game I watched together with him was against Hammers away three years ago, which we won. He is not a Gooner but watches Arsenal a lot because of me being one. Should be good again. Enjoy the game and let’s spank those spoilt Oilers on their sorry arses. COYG! πŸ™‚

  36. AB says:

    With you fully TA. This is no warm up, its a measure up against the best opposition for the league title. As such it could give the squad a real confidence boost, or it could serve to deflate before the league even starts. Clean sheets and forwards sticking in the goals; that’s what we want. If we lose, of course I won’t want to draw too much from it; but I want our players coming off with smiles on their faces and Wenger telling them that what we achieve this season is a matter that is within our own control. COYG!!!

  37. Retsub says:

    Agree with everyone who said we should take this seriously. Has to be good for morale to get a win under the belt. Hope both Campbell and Sanogo get a run out.

    Really looking forward to the new season COYG

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Sounds like a great pep talk, AB, love it! πŸ™‚

  39. Gerry says:

    What Steve said …. almost.
    Hayden on the bench at best, and then as DM cover?
    (See my comment on Desi Gunner).

    Have a good hoilday TA

  40. Gerry says:

    The Hummel’s move will only happen if he gets regular game time?

    Perhaps 3 at the back Steve?

  41. Arsene must have a bit of a dilemma today regarding the starting XI. I wonder, despite him having an extra few days off, AW will put the BFG on the bench?

    My selection would be:

    ——————- Chezzers————–

    I think that may be eleven ????

    Have a good holiday Totes… before you sign off to enjoy loads of Belgium beer, can I post my Sunday supplement: http://wp.me/p4FeF9-ef
    Cheers have a good one COYG’s

  42. VCC says:

    OK chaps, we have a new season upon us, and that also means another UMF 1 league season starts on the 16/17/18th August 2014.

    All regulars please acknowledge participation, and any new comers are more than welcome to join in. The more the merrier.

    Please see/click on UMF rules and regulations at top of page.

  43. steve says:

    lol Gerry just read your Desi comment, “what Gerry said” lol
    Oh apart from the Wilshere sale, i personally rate Jack highly but that aside if we decided to get rid of him before he had even got one season playing where he actually belongs (central of the front three AM’s) then i feel it would be a huge injustice on the lad.
    And yes you are correct this (in my opinion) is still the right time to be trying the different formations available to us because its PRESEASON, but as you can see through just the consensus on this community let alone the whole Arsenal community – how is that type of tinkering possible if 90% of the fans think that a one off preseason game with weakened teams on both sides is a “must win” lol.

    I thought i would share a little bit of Arsenal porn with you guys as well, i just stumbled upon it this morning, its by a guy called Culaan Davies on youtube please check out his videos page – i’ll post a few links in case anyone is interested
    (Sorry in advance if i am not allowed to post links TA, if that is the case please remove them mate)

    His full video page






    And one especially for TA, enjoy with a holiday beer mate – lucky bastard lol

    Right that should be enough to get you all revved up for the game.

  44. steve says:

    wow sorry, i didn’t know that the comments section would actually show youtube video boxes, didn’t mean to clutter the place up with all those – i wont be doing that agin lol
    Just meant to list a few links lol

  45. steve… you’ll break the internetty if you’re not careful… leave that to Cockie man and Transplant guy…. their brokeback relationship is sufficient to do the damage πŸ™‚

  46. steve says:

    northbank1969, first and last time mate lol

  47. Gerry says:

    Steve – Yes, the video showed exactly what Jack Wilshere is about … at his best.

    My worries are twofold for the moment:

    1,- Will he get better than he is at the moment?
    On that evidence, he looks like he does not have to do too much more to be really good.

    2,- Can he be good for whole matches?
    It is all very well having clips of great movement from a collection of games, and oft repeated clips from different angles. However, a 15 minute video where the first goal did not appear until gone the 11 minute mark, tells another story, and why his assists, let alone his own tally of goals, is not up there with the best, and that includes Aaron Ramsey.

    Now I know you will point to injuries and being played out of his best position(No10?), akin to Ramsey before he came good. I am not sure he has the same mental strength as his team mate? Every now and then we get glimpses of a ‘grown up’ version of himself, but just like an alcoholic who lacks the self discipline, he slip backs again. This time I am not sure AW will give him the ‘growing space’ that was allowed for Ramsey, particularly in this season where every player has got to be on the top of their game for the whole match if we are to win the title? And that is something Arsene is clearly setting out his stall to do?

    It is not just a make or break season for Wilshere, more like the next few games to show he can build on it. Otherwise he will be no more than a bench warmer?
    Something a new signing would not be???

    Enjoy the game, we know what it is about?

  48. Shrillex says:

    I know I’ve said ground will be crucial for us this season, but from what I’ve seen so far, Sanogo offers so much more. His movement opens up space for the others and, wow( can’t believe I’m saying this) ,but he could be crucial for us this season. 2-0 up against cit so far , COYG!!

  49. Shrillex says:

    *I know I’ve said Giroud

  50. Shrillex says:

    Debuchy has had a terrible game so far, too easily beaten and too many lapses in concentration.

  51. AB says:

    Blimey chaps – a 3 goal win at Wembley, a clean sheet with a makeshift defence, and a strong committed attacking performance……, no grumbles from me over anything or anyone. A happy gooner!

  52. The Cockie Monster says:

    Thanks for the well wishers, you are a fine bunch of Bastardos !. πŸ˜€

    The missus is getting stronger and back to something like normality……..yeah, she had a few moans today !.
    I must say that it was the most excruciatingly sad day of my life…….I was so close to the life insurance pay out !.
    I feel like I`m getting back to some normality myself, the kind of guy who likes to be romantic and with my trained Tenor voice like to sing love songs like, Houston`s “I will always love you”, Babybirds ” Because your gorgeous”, Blunt`s “You`re Beautiful” ! etc`…..although it does piss me off when she bangs on the bathroom door when I`m in full musical flow in front of the mirror telling me to hurry up !.
    I`ll tell you what Stretch, Butlins is like the Savoy compared to Derriford Hospital !…wrong prescription`s…..porters on 3 occasions couldn`t find the Endoscopy Unit and a host of other crap !.
    Nice food though !, but the missus was NBM ( nil by mouth ), so one day when I was hungry, I slipped under the covers and put the pillow over the wife`s head as the food was brought around and rubbed out the NBM and put up AYCE ( all you can eat ) !. The lady said…” You`re looking different today Mrs Monster !……you seem to have grown designer stubble ! . I said …..” yeah and if you look in my knickers , you will see I`ve grown a penis as well, just fcuking feed me ! “.
    It`s a big place Derriford and whilst waiting for my wife to wake up from her sedated state, I wandered around !. I was still wearing my white delivery coat with White Van Driver on it and come across a woman`s ward for Dyslexics, Gullible and Deluded Bastards !. A nurse by the name of Ivana Stiffshaft approached me and said….”Dr Iver Van White, you must be the new head of DGDB !”……….. Well, I was bored and thought what the fcuk…………. yes !.
    I then instructed nurse Stiffshaft that I was about to administer the drugs….” Get me the strongest Viagra, Nurse Stiffshaft !”. She said, ” We have never given that to our patients in the past Doctor ! “. I replied, ” It`s not for the patients you fool Stiffshaft, it`s for me !….obviously these bastards are crazy and I need to fcuk their brains out !. I liked to rest at night, so had an intravenous drip attached from my nob into their mouth, or as I liked to call it NBM ( Nob By Mouth )
    I also came across a research facilty, which I thought was banned !. You remember Stretch trying to condone smoking the other week when JW was caught, saying that he (Transplant) smokes whilst he is having sex !. Well that is only half of the story !…..remember the days when they used to make Beagle dogs smoke for research !……well, I found a laboratory where these Beagles were smoking and not just smoking but shagging a bizarre looking Greek geezer….yes, in doggy style !.
    I know it was Stretch, as I later see him at a Polish car wash having his teeth jet-washed !.
    I saw a lot of Polish there and came to the opinion that with their names and words containing combinations of letters like ….czyxvzski etc`….I think it`s possible that all of the population of Poland are born Dyslexic !.
    I got to watch the Commonwealth Games whilst waiting for Mrs Monster to recover. It reminded me of the time when I was watching a lesbian woman`s 100 metre relay training exercise and a woman had to pull out through injury, so they asked me if I would run the first leg, I said yes as they were a fit looking bunch, anyway I took off with baton in hand, but dropped it when I was coming up behind this fit looking woman bent over with gorgeous tight buns, I quickly got my own rod out and slapped it into her hand and she took off taking me with her and onto the next two hand overs !. I got dragged around in what was their worse seasons time, but I come in a SB and PB !.
    Anyway I got bored with the games after a while and instead found an internet site for…..The Al-Qaeda Games !. Much more entertaining with such events as……Synchronised Suicide Backpack !…….The TNT Shot Putt with lighted fuse !……The Triple Jump Mine Field, aka…. Hop, Skip and Blow your legs off !. They get their youngsters into this sort of competition at an early age with games such as ….Pass the parcel bomb and Musical electric chairs !.
    Anyway, I watched todays game and although it was good to win, I would rather have lost if it meant us beating Palace next Saturday !.
    I thought Debauchery was a liability, getting skinned a lot and no way is he a upgrade on Sagna !.
    Chambers has looked good and I predict that we will not be buying a CB now Verm` has left, as he (Wenger ) will use Chambers and Monreal as back up to Koz and Merts !.
    Wilshere ………I thought he was going to be one of the best Arsenal players ever, but I wont be surprised if he just becomes a decent squad player, I`ve said it a hundred times now……it`s his running style !. He goes over all the time, runs into trouble and doesn`t release the ball quick enough !…hope I`m wrong !.
    I also predict we will not be buying any DM beasts or anyone else, Wenger has already said that the traditional “Makelele” position is redundant !……no idea what that makes Flamini…..the new Zidane !. So don’t expect any more SQ , but expect it to all blow up in Wengers face as the season wears on and we moan about the lack of The Summer Transfer activity !.
    Remember, he ( Wenger) has had up to Β£200M at his disposal, a chance to have bought not one, but 3 SQ players to make a statement !. A miser doesn`t change his spots !.
    Great goal by Giroud !…another who is imo a decent squad player, but not SQ, yes I know Totes has said he holds the ball well, pulls and attracts defenders to him, but that is probably down to his cock !…like Gervinho`s head, it has it`s own gravitational pull !. That’s why Wenger got rid of Gervinho !….it was impossible to play both Giroud and Gervinho together !, something to do with extorting the space-time continuum line !….their reckless play could have had The Emirates stuck in an event horizon where Wengers cock would be stuck in Bouldies black eye-liner rectum for all time !.
    What the fcuk has Diaby done again ?. I reckon it`s time to put him down !…..Euthanasia !…Cremated !…..stuffed !…..get in a taxidermist and have him as the first stuffed player outside the ground….it`s cheaper than a bronze statue !.
    Anyway, off to help the wife in her recovery, I`m such a thoughtful husband !….I`ve had her bed highered to sink and cooker level and extended the hose on the vacuum cleaner !.


    hahaha, brilliant comment Cornwall.

    Really pleased the Mrs is on the mend, I know how much she means to you.

    As for the football, were going to win the league this season

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes AB, a great win based on superior footie and just what the psycho doctor ordered. πŸ™‚

  55. Frozen says:

    Perhaps the only negative on this fine day is the news of our newly appointed captain: Arteta. Not exactly encouraging in regards to our hunt for the DM. Surely he must be playing a large role this season? I can’t see wenger going down the vermaelen road again, although it wouldn’t surprise me..

  56. VCC says:

    Cockie…….sooooooo pleased the wife is on the mend. As Stretch has said “We know how much she means to you”.

  57. VCC says:



    new comers


    Please let me know via the UMF link who is taking part this season. Cheers guys.

  58. Gerry says:

    Three quick points:

    Arsene and I were both expecting an opposition to turn up. They didn’t, so don’t draw too many conclusion from it. Crystal Palace will be a much sterner test.

    At best, I would say Chambers showed he will be a good 4th choice CB for short term emergencies. We still need a stand in for Per or Kos. AW did his best by taking off Kos in the 2nd half, but even then City were somewhere else as a team trying to win this game?

    JW got an assist, and had some nice touches, but needs to do more. The Giroud goal came more from his quick feet than a ‘shoe-in’ from the pass. Despite it being a brilliant goal, where he has hit the bar with similar last season, MOTM was a joke. Even he thought so if body language was anything to go by? I think Gibbs would have got my vote, as at least Navas was trying. Sadly, he looked like he got another self inflicted injury with an awkward landing?

    So we still need a decent CB,DM, and a proper LW. However, the proof of that need looks like it might be on hold until after the CP game?

  59. VCC says:

    Gerry, I don’t see Wenger buying a replacement for Vermaelen. That’s why he got Chambers to be a stand in CB and stand in RB.

    LW = I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one either. The only addition I can see is a cheapie DM at best.

    Good result all the same yesterday. I can imagine the media’s delight if we had lost. They would have slated us, so I am glad we spanked the City. It was good for confidence and morale.

    MOTM for me was Chambers, but I agree Gibbs was a close second. Navas is a hand full and Gibbs had him in his pocket.

    Debouchy looked shaky at times. Hopefully it was only ring rusty and he shakes the cobwebs off on Saturday, or Chambers will be drafted in. A step up from Sagna….NAH.

    If Sanchez is not going to play up top we still need a clinical ST.

    Wilshere will play as backup from now on, he has lost his mojo. Too fragile and as stated many times he keeps falling over and waits too long to distribute the ball.

  60. H Bo says:

    Cookie you need your own entertainment blog I will follow if nobody else does. Some excellent points main one being did Tottenham change to a blue kit because the team we played were awful reminiscent of a great Tottenham team, also does JW10 no we play pass and move football or does he just not like sharing maybe he’s an only child

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    New post πŸ™‚

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