Arteta, Flamini or Diaby | OG or Sano4goals | Jack, Santi or Sanchez in the hole: Predicted Line-up

Just a quick one as I am knackered from a long drive today.

The PL season starts tomorrow and I will be lucky enough to be at the game! The departure of Pulis makes for a messy situation but we should just focus on winning all three points with a fine performance.

I am hearing Diaby is fit to play, and if so, I reckon he will start tomorrow. Wenger needs to test him and give him match practice, and the game against CP is ideal for this. I expect Jack to start in the hole and Santi and Sanchez to play ‘on the wings’, and OG to start ahead of Sanogo. The line up below is the one I expect tomorrow, with maybe Arteta instead of Diaby, but I am going for the Frenchman as I would love to see him play again. 🙂

Predicted Line Up:

Arsenal v Stoke 14 15

I am hoping for a professional and passionate performance and three points in the bag.


Written by TotalArsenal.

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72 Responses to Arteta, Flamini or Diaby | OG or Sano4goals | Jack, Santi or Sanchez in the hole: Predicted Line-up

  1. Nik says:

    With midweeks Champions League qualifier I see two possibilities here.
    Either we will play a very strong lineup and try to win the game as early as possible and then rest a couple of players. This is also possible as it’s the first home game of the season and it can set the tone for the coming weeks. It would look like this
    Debuchy, chambers, koz, gibbs
    Ramsey, Arteta
    Alexis, Wilshere, Cazorla
    @TA I just cannot see our newly crowned captain missing out tomorrow

    Second possibility is that we rest a couple of players from the start and win it with a weekend side. If course that’s a little risky.
    Sanogoal, flamini and Ox could play instead of our not 100 percent match fit players Giroud, Alexis and Cazorla

    I most certainly prefer the first possibility to set the tone for a great season with a comfortable win!

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Nik, good thoughts. I reckon we will go for a win with the strongest possible team. Re Arteta you could be right, but he could also be rested for the Turkey game…and Diaby needs to start games now… 🙂

  3. Nik says:

    I’d love to see Diaby again, I absolutely love the way he plays, but I don’t see it coming tomorrow. I guess his first start will come against Leicester…. Or probably at home against Besiktas if we win in Turkey
    I’m so damn excited I can’t even sleep 😀

  4. steve says:

    looks pretty spot on TA but have to agree with Nik about Arteta over Diaby because of the captaincy. I would like to see the OX up there instead of Cazorla but it wont happen.

  5. JM says:

    Same with Nik’s line-up:

    Debuchy, Chambers, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Ramsey, Arteta(Capt.)
    Alexis, Wilshere, Cazorla

    Bench: E.Martinez, Monreal, Flamini, Rosicky, The Ox, Sanogo, Campbell

    Arteta, newly appointed our official captain, shall lead our team out for our 1st home match in the new season.
    No place for Diaby, who is accessed by our trainers (esp. Shad Forsythe) for competitive match readiness, after being back in training recently.
    Rosicky could come on in the 2nd half and take over from Arteta as captain for the remaining minutes, if the result is in favour for us.

  6. jnyc says:

    i think diaby could be a short sub later in match if things are going well. but I take NOTHING for granted. we have to go out and do the work…I really wish we could get BFG in for Tuesday, id feel better.

  7. Retsub says:

    Thanks TA enjoy your drive. Really looking forward to today and trusting we will not get a repeat of last years opener. It’s absolutely crucial we get off to a good start, so it has to be the best team available. It will be great if Diaby can get few games under his belt, but we all know as much as we want him to succeed, we can’t take any chances on him yet. Arteta has to start for me. If we can get a couple of early goals, it would be good to see, Campbell, Sanogo, Diaby etc coming on as subs

    Cheers guys here’s to a great season and thank you TA for all your efforts in keeping your great blog going

  8. Gerry says:

    Reposted from previous post:
    VCC – I can only manage one team, and that ended up a mid table fantasy 😀

    I have already signed up to Fantasy Premier League, same as last season.

    So Totes, and others, if you want to make a League it takes no management to run it. As long as you don’t commit to another league, all it needs is is a name for the League, register it. Then the ‘reference number’ can be posted at the top, with TA’s permission, and it runs according to the FPL rules. Simples!
    You have until 11.30bst today, Saturday, to get a team set up. It is free to enter!
    My suggestion for the name, along with a bit of advertising:

    BK Best Bloggers – or something of that ilk? Other suggestions welcome?

    I will be happy to register it, btw

  9. jgc says:

    TA et al

    Like the line up. To be contrary, a little, I’d put Santi in the hole. He’s thus surrounded by aggro, pace and intent (AR and Diaby behind, JW and Alexis wide coming in) to run thru for Santi and take feeds from a holding OG.

    I also agree with jnyc about Diaby a mid-later sub and Arteta starting… But like you I hope to see Diaby run here, and Arteta in the mid week.

    It’s first two games so we can run the same squad all week. Less possible later in season..

    Cheers — jgc

  10. H Bo says:

    I’m with @Nik on the starting line up although I would like to see Ox or Campbell instead of Jack just for natural width and Santi in the hole or even instead of Santi although rather Santi on the pitch

  11. H Bo says:

    Jgc what league is this I am up for a FFL

  12. geoffchase says:

    H Bo

    Hi Gerry above seems to have one? VCC runs a pick winners league in this site that’s lots of fun. See his post just above or:

    It’s a lot of fun!

    Cheers — jgc

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for comments. 🙂

    Arteta might indeed start, but not because he is the captain, as we all know it means nothing to Wenger. I reckon If Diaby can play he will play as Wenger will want to push him now. It is now or never for him as his career must kick off now. But that is just a gut feeling… And we need MK08 in Turkey. 😉

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, please go ahead with registering BK. We’ll sort rest out tomorrow. 🙂

  15. VCC says:

    Gerry I have already entered the Fantasy football site you mentioned, if you give me the password I will enter into your league. Cheers.

  16. VCC says:

    H Bo….if you want to join the UMF league please get your 5 selections in before 12:45 🙂

  17. VCC says:

    Sorry you’ve heard it before, but the start of the season has to be played. Sing along Gooners.

  18. VCC says:

    Sorry for above …..this is the one …sing along.

  19. Gerry says:

    TA – You did not have to remove my messages. My AV picked up the virus and blocked it.
    I have since done a full scan and my machine is definitely in the clear.

    Because of the above scan I wasn’t on-line to do the Fantasy League thing, So we can all join in for next week. Just remember to read Fantasy Premier League rules, much as what HH put up last season.

    The virus was coming from a link off NewsNow, and I was still getting the blocked message at midday. All clear now though.

    Cheers … The wait will soon be over ….

  20. proudgooner says:

    Old toilet are bottom of the league . ha ha ha ha
    Old toilet 1 Swansea 2
    After watching that and seeing all the massive changes Van Gaal has made to united i think they finish outside the top 4. ha ha ha

  21. proudgooner says:

    Thank you for the we love you Arsene Wenger tune, loving that!

  22. VCC says:

    proudgooner…… 😉

  23. proudgooner says:

    I am really really hoping QPR can get a good win today.
    I just found out my dads step mum who basically raised him and his brothers and sister after there mum died really young has passed away. Come on you R’s

  24. henrychan says:

    ProudG.. Van Gaal had been given a very good shock.. hahaha..
    You will love it more if Spurs beaten by Hammers.. hehehe..

  25. JM says:


    Starting Team vs C.Palace:
    Szczesny, Debuchy, Koscielny, Chambers, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Alexis, Cazorla, Sanogo

    Martinez, Monreal, Coquelin, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Campbell, Giroud

  26. VCC says:

    pg…….QPR gone 1-0 down. 😦

  27. VCC says:

    Penalty QPR…………….missed it. still 0-1 to Hull 😦

  28. proudgooner says:

    I’m gutted 😦 , very disappointing
    Henry Chan,
    Definately mate, Van Gaal tactics may not work at all in the EPL.
    I have not seen any of he Spurs game , oh no they have just scored 1 nil Spurs

  29. proudgooner says:

    Ok time for the Gunners.
    In case some of you have not realised, sky sports is on free this weekend, i did not realise i only noticed by chance i have sky but not sky sports. So that is a bonus even more so with Arsenal being on .

  30. VCC says:

    proudgooner…..just shows you what I know about football….I had QPR for a home win, and I thought they might do well this year and manage to stay up. Difficult start, Harry needs to get their heads up.

    None of the home sides won today, 4 away wins and 2 draws. I hope Arsenal break that sequence later.

  31. proudgooner says:

    Defo mate , i am hoping it serves as a good warning to Arsenal to be on the top of they game.
    We should win, the worry is they have got good height and to be very alert on set pieces.
    I think we should have snapped Hangerland up on a free, he is a good player.
    3-1 For me hopefully.

  32. alexgunners says:

    Good evening guys,
    so glad that the EPL is back. I suspect that it will be an early battle with the Gunners winning this one 3-1

  33. The Cockie Monster says:

    Cone on Totes, I look to you for some normality on here !…….saying Diaby does Dallas was going to play instead of the Captain proves you are delving into the drugs you are dealing !. hahaha
    That would have made him Captain and we all know the “Coin Toss” is a dangerous place to be, so dangerous you cant get insurance for it !. A coin toss would probably render Diaby does Dallas unconscious and subbed before the kick off whilst laying on a life support machine !.
    Sofa is calling !.

  34. alexgunners says:


    Agreed on the coin toss, it could be detrimental to Diaby’s health. When are you going to stop hiding behind the sofa??

  35. The Cockie Monster says:

    And please, no jokes about Sanogo !. I think all this malicious stuff about him is crossing the line………..unlike his shots on goal !.

  36. The Cockie Monster says:

    When Arsenal sign Messi, Ronaldo and Bale !. 😀

  37. alexgunners says:

    Messi, Ronaldo and Bale, i’d hate to say it but you better have a very good sofa as i do not like our chances of getting all 3 (not even one actually)

  38. Admir says:

    Unfortunately, as I had predicted in my match preview, Hangeland scored after set-pieces.

    Poor performance from our lads so far.

  39. proudgooner says:

    Get in There . The Kosh 🙂

  40. Retsub says:

    Spend all day getting excited about the game and then spend 44 minutes suffering. Well done Kos half time would have been a lot worse without the equaliser

  41. proudgooner says:

    Jack did quite well but for me , Rosicky for Jack to speed up our passing.

  42. proudgooner says:

    Palace have really started to become like Stoke under Pullis the way the play physically kicking players and very committed.

  43. Admir says:

    Hopefully Chambo can replicate some of his form from the same fixture last season.

  44. proudgooner says:


  45. Admir says:


    Football won over rugby. 🙂

  46. proudgooner says:

    Sure did Admir.
    We are TOTL say we are TOTL!

  47. Frozen says:

    Some real leadership from the Welsh jesus. So relieved to nab the win. No less than we deserved after a very physical battle with Palace’ anti-football. Off to celebrate with a few victory laps around Anchorage 😀

  48. steve says:

    how did Cazorla stay on that pitch for 90 minutes?
    Everyone else i thought had a great game but the OX substitution should have happened 20 minutes earlier and it should have been for Cazorla not Jack.
    Apart from that, great game! typical well drilled good defensive team playing 11 men behind the ball looking to break and us trying to weave our way through – excellent intense stuff.

  49. henrychan says:

    Damn.. We almost draw.. at home..
    Fortunately we still have Rambo.. who like a true movie star always win at the end of every film.. hahaha..
    And damn.. Spurs win with ten men only.. hehehe…

  50. proudgooner says:

    I must i agree with you, i thought at half maybe Rosicky for Jack, but Cazorla had the worst game i have ever seen him have at Arsenal.
    I wondered if Arsene was thinking about the trip to Turkey. That is on Tuesday of course.The worry for me is that Gibbs is now out. We are so bear in defence now it’s getting very worrying,it could well be a blessing in disquise though, Wenger will now surly buy a defender asap.
    We now have 5 defenders :o. Oh shit Per is still not fit so that is 4.
    Felini and Le Coq can play in defence but we need defenders badly asap.!

  51. proudgooner says:

    I thought Monreal did very well today by the way, he bearly put a foot wrong when came on.
    Oh how could i forget Hector Bellerin, i expect Wenger will take him and Hayden to Turkey

  52. VCC says:

    pg…that’s the best performance from Monreal in an Arsenal shirt I’ve seen. So glad we got a result, but it was a struggle which we shouldn’t have had to endure.

  53. steve says:

    proudgooner, good point about Tuesday mate didn’t think about that.
    and does anyone know how bad Gibbs is yet?

  54. proudgooner says:

    It was a relief , it was a tough testing game, as the pundits said though it is a good sign when you win ugly. The stats on the pos was 78% to 22%.
    I am really glad we got away with only Gibbs getting injured. It could have been 3 players easy the amount of hard tackles going in on us.
    I think Wenger said it was a calf strain, i would of thought he is out for 2 weeks at least, there is no way we can rush him back, not with his injury record. We need him and Monreal did great so let’s get him on top form, he deserves a good run out after that game i think.
    Excuse the spelling in my last message to you, i just read it back. Shocking!. I should have read it back before i sent it ha ha ha ha
    Lets hope the Saints do Liverpool tomw abd Newcastle do City or i would be chuffed with 2 draws.
    Night lads. Ladies if there is any.?

  55. The Cockie Monster says:

    Just watched the 1st half and will watch the 2nd half tomorrow !. Thoughts so far on 1st half…..Palace parked the bus !……..Sanogo go go go go and don’t come back until you`ve improved 100% at somewhere else like outer Mongolia !…………has football changed that much since I last played, in that teams don’t put players at the goal posts at corners ?, it would have saved a goal for sure and if anyone disagrees they can…..Shutten Zee Fucken Uppen !……….I`m sure it was me and VCC who cried out for a decent LB because Gibbs has Diabydiseaseitis !……….If we want to win the league, then Wenger still has to buy, I don’t give a fcuk about who didn`t play today, it`s a SQ depth squad that wins titles !.
    That’s all for the 1st half and will be back tomorrow with more of the stuff that Wenger lacks…….my wisdom !. hahaha

    Inside the first minute I`m screaming at JW10 to release the easy ball and what does he do ?…….yes, the usual , held on too long and was brought down !…`s hardly surprising that he gets a lot of injuries and 50% are brought on by himself and could be avoided !. You either see it or you don’t !.
    Other than that, I thought he had a decent 1st half !.

    Night shirtlifters !. 😀

  56. Admir says:

    Cockers, in my match preview I predicted Hangeland’s goal after set-pieces and that we would replay with goals. (I expected at least three but I don’t mind as long as we win.) Anyway, our defending of set-pieces has been a very soft spot of our defence in Mertesacker’s absence. Szczesny should have been BFG’s deputy in terms of commanding the defence but he is yet to show that ability. We have conceded three goals in preseason and one in competitive matches – all four after set-pieces and, if I recall well, all four were headers.

    On a positive note, I really like what Alexis has shown so far. He hasn’t scored a goal yet but the way he creates problems for the opponents is really exciting. The last time I was so excited about a player that arrived to Arsenal was when Bobby Pires signed for Arsenal and not for Real Madrid or Juventus. (A commentator on Bosnian TV actually said during EURO 2000 Final that Pires would be presented as a new player of Real Madrid and that everything was agreed.)

  57. alcide says:

    I’m glad we got three points from our first game (Cockie…. where does that put us on the Chart of Doom? 😉 ) For a first game and a tough team to break, that seems like a good result?

    Couldn’t see the game as I was on a plane to Santiago… I hope to find a Sanchez shirt before I leave – I was in Costa Rica last week and couldn’t find a Campbell one…

  58. Retsub says:

    A win is a win and it is early season, but in general it was at best an average performance. I find myself agreeing with Cockie about Gibbs and Jack and Cazorla was pretty poor as well. Even Rambo had a poor game by his standards. Hopefully they are just a little rusty and after a few games will get into gear. Nearly all of the decent attacking my play came down the right side, the left side was pretty blunt.

    On the plus side, Chambers continues to impress and plays with a smile on his face and
    I felt Nacho did ok when he came on

  59. Gerry says:

    Good Morning all. I have not seen the game, and could only follow it on text from the ‘Player, no sound. Therefore no comments on how players did … or not.

    PG – I had t chuckle at your remark on Gibbs, re ‘not rushing him back with his injury record’?

    You may recall that in the last game, towards the end, he picked up an injury, and I said it was not caused by another player? Although he carried on for the final few minutes he was not moving that well. Clearly it was a ‘needs must’ reason for starting him in this? Some guy who did early ratings slammed him for a below par game. Shame on him.

    From the text, they said all our moves were going down the right side, and Gibbs was hardly used, which could suggest they knew he was suffering? Alternatively, and I have said this before, if Santi plays from the left he rarely looks back to play Gibbs in anyway, and the Santi/Gibbs combination is the worst pairing. Whatever the reason, when I watch the match in full, I’ll lay odds I will not find a tackle that caused his substitution? Unfortunately, if it is the previous injury flaring up, I would say it is an achilies tendon stretch, as that is where he was feeling and was very quick to get his boot off … so may longer than two weeks?
    Tough on him, once again?

    Methinks Per will play on Tuesday, with Monreal at RB? One news report suggests Manolas has had his ‘Medical’, how true we will find out soon?

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Had a great day yesterday and will write a report at some point today.

  61. The Coickie Monster says:

    I bet you`re “great day” only become great in the 91st minute when upto then it must have been a frustrating day !. 😀
    When`s this report likely to be ?…… you always do a new post after I`ve written an award winning detailed doom !. hahaha

  62. I agree with the Cockie man at @00:22

    What happened to the two full backs at the goal posts? And this zonal marking… wtf, It’s like trying to get your dick into a bird when three feet away from her. Man to man marking on set pieces is the only way, call me old school but if you’re after getting it wet then sticking close to your man is the only way. I’ve just watched replays of Chezzers going crazy trying to arrange his defenders ready for a corner! Wonder if he doesn’t agree with ‘zonal’?

    Not that I’m a shirt lifter like Cockie and Hair transplant man. They’re from the West Country somewhere ain’t they……… all that sheep stuff and all that sort of stuff 🙂

  63. proudgooner says:

    Sadly Gibbs being out has caused many problems, i think you are right it will be more then 2 weeks. I also think you are probably right about Per i think we haft to at least take him and put him on the bench.
    Its not to bad for Gibbs as he should be back after about 4 games tops, but it has left us very shortwhen we have2 games in 4 days the last being Everton away, then the Turks come to us on the Wednesday after Saturday v Everton so it is going to be another tough 3 games. :/
    I think Le Coq can play defence, we have a good defence that finished the match v Palace, but 1 or more injuries and we are in trouble, we hardly have any subs as it is.
    We really should try and sign 1 today, i think there must be some great CB’s out there that we could loan. The loan market has hardly been thought about, it could be a good option.

  64. Total

    Good morning, I’ll wait till you’ve posted your match report before posting my link. Normally, as soon as I post the link you post a new post… I’m not paranoid though… 🙂

  65. proudgooner says:

    69er, TCM
    I agree with the cockmiester to 69er.
    On the man on the post and on JW10 apoach. He always trys to draw fouls which he does very well but, if your trying to draw fouls your going to get kicked because they haver to make contact, the problem is if you get fouled you could get injured, can you see what i mean? lol

  66. proudgooner says:

    Liverswamp 1 Southhampton 1

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Go ahead, oh cryptic one, as I am still to find time to write the post. 🙂

  68. Cheers Totes

    Here it is, a very damp view of yesterdays game… my expert analysis! But a score is a score no matter what direction you come from: Sunday supplement from GunnersoreArse

  69. alcide says:


    We had the best defensive record in the league against set pieces last year, and were using zonal marking. Like with every system, implementation is key, and you shouldn’t blame the system based on a single goal where execution was poor, no?

  70. Gerry says:

    I have watched the match now, so I can answer a few thoughts I had earlier.

    First, the question of men on the posts when defending corners?

    If you care to drift back to those pre-season games, the observant of you will have noticed we did indeed have one one the line at the far post, and someone at the near post, but not on the line, as that was Szcx’s slot. However, (and this ties in with theory of Gibbs coming into the game carrying a pre-injury), when corners came in from our right back, it was Gibbs that went to the near post, just off on the line, with Debuchy going the other side. Presumably because Debuchy is not the good at heading, but okay to stand on the line?

    For the goal conceded yesterday, Debuchy stayed at the far post, and it looked like Sanogo was there to stop the ball coming at the near post, but jumped too early. Behind him it was Koscielny’s ‘zone to block anything aimed at that side of the goal. No Gibbs on the line. The fact that Hangaland ran across Kos, effectively getting first run on him, did open up that corner of the goal to be exploited?

    I kept a close eye on Gibbs during the first half, and at no point did he go full tilt at the few times he was put in space. Only Wilshere and Ramsey played the ball to him. Not once by Cazorla as I fully expected. However, I think Gibbs was only out there to occupy the ‘space’, and keep their RB back. He did do some smart sprinting back if we lost possession, and seemed fine. However, in the second half he set off quickly forwards when we got possession back, and there was an acre of space in front of him, but from then on every run he made, it did ended with a few hops on his left peg. The final moment came when a crossfield ball came many yards behind, but a fit Gibbs could have easily kept it in play. Instead he did not stop running until he was heading down the tunnel. Given that no physio had come on to the pitch, they clearly knew he had a big problem? He did just touch his right thigh as he disappeared, which has given rise to the ‘hamstring’ story, but at no point on the pitch did he hold his thigh, so as Arsene himself mentioned ‘achilles’ as a possibility, it confirms my belief he came into this game with it being suspect. The fact that Monreal might be needed if Koscielny and his achilles did not survive the whole game, and with Flamini not on the bench, that only left Giroud to cover. So I think they waited until Kos was okay, before sending on Monreal.
    Big gamble?

    That aside, I thought a few did well, but not without some blemishes. Alexis guilty of trying too much with his passes. Debuchy was excellent, but got beat a couple of times down the line, and better players will make full use of him tending to ‘dive in’? The very assured young Chambers continues to impress. Took a ‘yellow’ for the team. Wilshere was more mature in his handling of repeated fouls on him, but like Alexis, passes went astray, but played some neat stuff otherwise. Cazorla kept raising the Total question in my mind, ‘have they worked him out’? In between getting bundled off the ball, and giving easy passes away, he actually worked very hard with little reward. I’ll forgive him his tendency to move away from the left side on this instance, as it may have been ‘on orders’. Although, from previous occasions I think it is because he does not want to get stuck in the corner after a one-two with Gibbs, because the middle is where wants to be for a give-and-go scenario. I am not going to say anything about Sanogo because too much was asked of him. He hasn’t the experience to do the solo thing with solid defenders around him. But give him credit, he stuck at it, with little reward. Even his deflected shot went for a goal kick! Ramsey too, did little right, but when he did, it made the difference. That only leaves Szchezzer and Arteta, who were both a bit ‘curate’s egg’.
    Of the subs, Monreal did fine. Giroud did what he does, and got a pre-assist. The Ox added pace, but like Santi, played mostly in that most crowded quarter of the pitch.

    Overall, I would say they are all going to have to improve, because even our ‘better’ players will not make a difference if they don’t.
    New signings might shake things up a bit???

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Great observations, Gerry. New post will come out soon. 🙂

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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