TA’s Arsenal Dream Team v Besiktas

With thanks to the best paper in the country, The Guardian, for the picture.
With thanks to the best paper in the country, The Guardian, for the picture.

Football is back, and although it might not be ideal to play Besiktas so soon after our battle against Palace, I cannot help but really look forward to our encounter in Istanbul. And although we won on Saturday, we all want to wash away the taste of a laboured and under-par performance with a committed, passionate, and above all winning, performance tomorrow night.

Rather than go safe and sit back to invite pressure, I hope we start with full throttle and go on the attack from the first whistle. My dream line up for the Besiktas game – rather than the predicted one as I never get these right anymore – is a 4-5-1 formation with real speed and thrust whilst also having some solid support for the back four.

I would like to see Flamini replace Gibbs for this game. We will play with Chambers again, or maybe even Miquel, and so we can do with the extra experience and calm of our French terrier. The rest of our defence picks itself right now, although I would not mind to see Bellerin getting a chance on the right wing tomorrow.

In midfield I would play Diaby if he is fit. He has travelled so he must be fine again. Diaby and Ramsey should be the deeper laying midfielders, but they are also very good in the transition and going forward. In the hole it is Sanchez for me, with OG in front of him. And on the wings, like many others have said in the past 48 hours, I would like thrust, speed and hunger and both Ox and Campbell have plenty of this.

My Dream Team:

Arsenal v Besiktas dream team

I would also be very happy to see Rosicky start instead of Campbell: Sanchez could move to the left and Rosa could play in the hole… but I would really like to see Campbell play again at some point at least tomorrow.

What it is your favourite line up for tomorrow’s game?

Let’s go for the jugular and attack from the start.

We are The Arsenal – COYG!!!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

Final Note:

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51 thoughts on “TA’s Arsenal Dream Team v Besiktas

  • I think Nacho is a better left back than flaming.

    I see


    Debuchy Kos Chambers Nacho


    Sanchez Ramsey Jack Ox


    I would like to see Campbell get a run out, but not sure he will get much game time.

  • Good post Total, like your team.

    But I reckon that Wenger will go for the most experienced starting XI that he has available.

    Flamini at left-back is imaginative, but I reckon AW will play Monreal and have Flamini in centre-mid…

    I hear that Sanogo is injured, but Giroud was always gonna start anyway, imo.

    It’s nice to have some variety in choice rather than the team picking itself.
    Sanchez, Ramsey, Kozzer, Chambers, Debuchy to start then, well, it’s up for grabs.

    Would be nice to have a couple more (three even) signings in place before the TW deadline…

  • Allezkev 🙂

    I have no doubt Wenger will not go for this team, but I hope it is at least a mixture of thrust and experience. Flamini on the left is safe pair of hands, but yes it will probably be Nacho.

  • Baba, that could work too. I am not anti Nacho, but feel we will be put under pressure in Turkey and we need calm, experienced heads in defence.

  • F*cking love that team TA!
    Those three up top – what more can i say, excellent choices
    I would have chosen Monreal instead of Flamini but apart from that it looks bang on!
    I have no idea whats happened to Diaby lately, is he injured again or something? If so then i would also change Diaby to Jack but if not it would definitely be good to see Diaby strut his stuff again.

  • Hey Steve 🙂

    Diaby has travelled and it would be great to see him and Ramsey boss the midfield in the b2b way (in absence of the DM signing).

  • TA, Exactly mate on the “(in absence of the DM signing)” otherwise my (and i bet your) team would have looked a little different. But hey if we’re playing without an out and out DM at the moment then just like you’ve shown you might as well go all out – Diaby Ramsey Sanchez what a handful 🙂
    Good to hear Diaby has traveled, maybe the one time you do a dream team prediction it will actually be a starting XI prediction 🙂

  • Hi TA

    Going for the reverse psychology choice then, are we? I think we might see some of it though. My take is aggressive but not too much so, and thus I would really like to see:

    Debuchy – Chambers / (Koz or Per if Koz is injured) – Nacho

    (Arteta or Flamini)

    Sanchez – AR – Santi – Campbell


    I too am equally doubtful, but we will see how the game goes.. I expect mostly a similar lineup to CP but with OG for Sanogo and perhaps Koz out of his Achilles isn’t good.

    cheers — jgc

  • Also

    jgc-damus has it at 2-0 Arsenal, and apparently, reading above, without playing a keeper .. which of course means we **could have** an extra striker! 🙂

    Oh, and scoring by AR and one of (OG / Sanchez), cuz, you know, I know everything ahead of time, except when it turns out different and I was just saying things to a different purpose (of course!) 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • back fours: debuchy, chambers, /per, koz, nancho. then famini replace Diaby & Thomas.R instead of Ox (Diaby & Ox play for for 2nd half )

  • TA.. you know your team will never come true.. hehehe..

    Onething to worry about Besiktas is Demba Ba.. He score a hattrick again Feyenoord..
    And he know Arsenal quite well.. It really a lost not to get him in our squad..
    We need Flamini this time to overcome Ba.. hehehehe..
    Good news that we only lost Gibbs.. Kosc is back in training.. Diaby also.. hehehe..
    Will it be Flamini – Diaby as our double-pivot..?? Flaby is a nice name.. hahaha..

    And we will still have another game at Emirates.. So no need to hurry and worry..
    If we play as relax as we beat Benfica.. then we will win.. hahahahaha..
    Go Gunners..

  • Good post TA, alas I think you are mis-hearing what AW has said?

    I think he is more afraid of losing this tie, although a 1-0 loss would not be irreversible, than he is of winning it. Putting the tie to bed with a 0-3 win of course would be ideal. But we are away from home, which should mean Besiktas will do some attacking …. and we should defend first, counter second?

    A few tweaks on your team will work magic I think. Flamini at LB does not offer any threat going forward, which invites trouble? So Nacho it is, and either Miquel, most likely, will be on the bench if Kos does not last the game, but Hayden could be there for dual cover for DM as well?
    It is putting a lot of pressure on young Calum’s shoulders to play two quick games, so I could well see Miquel starting, and he is a threat for us at set pieces?

    Midfield – I doubt very much if Diaby will start, but gambles on fitness seem to be the order of the day? Arteta – Flamini makes more sense? May be push Ramsey up higher, to win the ball back for quick counter attacks? In this 4-2-1-2-1 line up, with Olly up front, and Alexis and Ox(?) you have a lot of defensive cover and three to break out and support OG. What it lacks is that clever creative spark, but compensated by plenty of pace?
    Did I have my first convert to the right wing position? 😀
    I was worried about Bellerin’s progress, not having seen him play for a year may be, on with him ‘filling out’ whether it would blunt his speed. It seems not! He is much stronger now, too?
    I did warn about not taking too much at face value in the pre-season games, and Palace was a good warning to that effect, but in his case I think of those crosses he put, allied to his pace, he is crying to be used in the advanced position?
    If get can snatch an early goal, ‘Bellereen’ would be an ideal sub to rest Alexis ahead of Everton. Still a major threat going forwards, but also not short on defending either.

    So overall, I don’t think we will go all guns blazing from the outset. Rather draw the sting out of the game, and get what we can on the counter. Second half, with Hector and JC all set to exploit their tired limbs – they are still in pre-season there – we should at least get an away goal or two,and a clean sheet would be a bonus?

    There is a lot riding on this regards transfers, as I said yesterday. With Chelsea already assured of CL, they have a slight advantage regarding our (No1?) DM. But they hardly need another, unless they lose one. They have got to sell before they can buy. We can put the cash up front, and the CL money will count towards that, so a good result here puts us in a stronger position. Possibly to get the Vargas deal back on track too, before ‘arry the usurper nips in?

    I am hopeful my fibre broadband will be operational in time to watch the ITV coverage in glorious HD.
    Enjoy ..

  • Geoff, that would work too, of course, but it is not my ideal team tonight. I want to see Diaby rocking, Sanchez in the hole and Ox and Campbell fighting hard from the flanks! 🙂

  • You could be right, Gerry. 🙂

    I reckon we will be vulnerable at the back with Koz only half fit and BFG left at home and Gibbs out. So attack is our best defence. If we have the ‘losing 1-0 is not too bad’ attitude, I reckon it will go wrong for us. So let’s attack, attack, attack.

  • Morning all…….I don’t see Wenger playing Flamini at LB, Totes. 1 = It would damage Monreal’s heart, considering he is our back up LB, and dent his confidence. 2 = I’m thinking he will play Flamini DM and give Arteta a rest ahead of the Everton game, which Arteta will be chomping at the bit to play in.

    Not my team, but I see Wenger going with =






    Which should be too strong for a Besiktas side that is still in pre season (as Gerry stated)

  • TA I want your team to start but it’s a dream Diaby won’t start Arteta will and although Flamini has played left back for us in his previous tenure Monreal will start but IMO there will be a lot of rotation especially the ones back later from WC, on the whole we had the same dream though

  • My team line-up:
    (GK)Szczęsny, (RB)Debuchy, (LB)Monreal, (CB)Chambers, (CB)Koscielny, (DM)Flamini, (AM/CM)Rosický(Capt.), (CM/AM)Ramsey, (CF)Giroud, (RF/RW)Campbell, (LF/LW)Alexis

    Emiliano.M, Bellerín, Hayden, Arteta, Wilshere/Diaby, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla

  • Dream the life, H bo, dream the life! 🙂

    Nice one JM and I reckon your team will be close to Arsene’s team. I would be very happy with that one too, but am worried about our defence, and looking at your bench, let’s hope nobody gets injured…

    Rosicky captain… I like a lot.

  • Hi Vickers 🙂

    Good line up. A lot is at stake for Wenger and he will need to give the defence real confidence and solidity, but I can see where you are coming from re Monreal… let’s what happens.. I hope he has a blinder!

  • Totes, there’s no reason to be over fearful of Besiktas. Yes, its a hostile invironment and they do have Demba Ba, but our boys, if fresh, should be too strong for them.

    Play without fear and hit them with pace on the break and we should get a result. Remember we don’t have to win it on the night, as long as we don’t get caught out ala chavs/pool, we will take enough back with us to the Emirates to enter the next round.

    Will be wearing my new blue away shirt up the pub tonight, thanks to my wonderful Daughter.

    All three of us will be wearing our new blue’s…… 🙂

  • Well my BT fibre is up and running, and guess what, I can get Sky Sports 5 …
    but I cannot get BT Sports … until tomorrow that is.
    Somebody cancelled the old connection, but forgot to add the new one.

    Very quick broadband though@ 66meg. Just cannot get any HD channels tonight.

    Question for JM : Is Bernard still in 3rd party ownership, and would that make any difference on a loan deal?

  • It might be your dream team Totalitarian Arsenal, more like a nightmare to me !. 😀
    This should be a breeze in the park……although I shall watch it on my 2 hour delay recording ( as long as we win ! ) as I`m a scaredie pants !.
    Fcuk the game for the mo`, lets concentrate on what is not happening at Arsenal !…….no fcuking SQ players !. As I have shown from my accounts previously, we have had somewhere in the region of £200M to spend in this TW and we (Arsene) are letting grass grow under our feet again. We have been blessed with a rare opportunity this season with the likes of The Chavs selling before they can buy to put our marker down, to make a statement of intent and what do we get…..Wenger twiddling with Boudies balls !.
    So far The Chavs have bought in £80.8M of talent and sold £82.7M !……see they seem to be abiding by FFP !
    Liverpool have bought £89M worth and sold £76M……thats Suarez and a million !.
    Mansour City have spent £51.5M and sold £12M worth !. They seem also to be abiding by FFP…..apart from trying another loop hole of buying clubs all around the world who don’t come under UEFA and loaning themselves back players ALA Fat Lumpard !……lets hope FFP powers that be nip this in the bud !.
    Manshafter Std have spent £72M and sold £12M worth……so not being in the CL doesn`t affect them from dealing big !.
    Arsenenal have spent £66M and sold £17.5M worth, but don’t forget my forgetful fiends !, we managed to bring in and this is a conservative guesstimation……£20M from buy backs etc` from Vela and Cesc !. Lets round it off, we have basically only spent £30M !.
    Now if you don’t like these facts then you can……..Shutten Zee Fucken Uppen !….yes I know, it`s almost as if you are listening to a naturalised German !. All I can make from this is that Arsene is a tight cisted funt and is missing an unbelievable opportunity to use a massive war chest to bring us back to the top !.

    Enjoy the game bastards whilst I think of more ways to kill Wenger !. hahaha

  • Think i’ve lost count of how many times Alexis has lost possession.. Really needs to work on his crossing too.

    Half an hour in and we can’t seem to find our passing groove. Some very timid play. Would love to see Ox get a solid 45 minutes in. Perfect opportunity for Campbell as well. Only bright spot is Chambers (typical) bossing Besiktas’ front line. Nervy stuff in Turkey so far..

  • I would say Giroud has lost the ball a lot, quite a few of lay offs and flicks haven’t come off. Sanchez has played alright. Some good runs and link up play so far.

    Chambers has played well so far apart from the mistake he has just made.

  • I think Rosicky must play.. maybe for Wilshete.. or even Ramsey.. and Cazorla must play more width on left.. or get Campbell play..

  • Arteta injured. How long will he be out for? Squad getting thinner and thinner as usual and we still have not signed the players we need.

  • The Ox was so close with that effort, why didn’t he start this match. His pace would and directness would have been so useful.

  • Disappointing performance. Giroud was poor, Santi kinda invisible, Ramsey stupidly got himself sent off, Sanchez not utilised enough by his teammates. No Campbell and Rosicky was brought on too late.

    Let’s hope we can get off to a good start next week and qualify for the CL where we belong.

  • Chambers played very well. He could very well be one of England’s starting CBs at the Euros. A partnership of Stones and Chambers could work out very nicely.

  • I only saw the (disappointing) second part of the second half, so won’t comment much, but we looked quite disjointed? I don’t know how it was at the start of the game but the pitch looked like a potato field. Ox almost pulled it off in the end with a few quick penetrating dribbles weaving into the box and a nice curled shot that the keeper unfortunately deflected on the post. Ramsey’s second yellow leaves me a bit annoyed (at him), it was not a big foul, but a typical intentional “I lost the ball but won’t let you counter attack” one, the kind that gets you booked, the kind you think twice about making when you already have a yellow…

  • Let’s not kid ourselves and put our eggs in Giroud’s basket. He was one of the two worse players on the pitch tonight, the other being Cazorla. I was screaming at my TV for Arsene to take off Giroud for Campbell or Ox, and to take off Cazorla for Rosicky as early as the 50th minute but the stubborn man took off Sanchez instead. Once Arteta went off injured, the Ox should have come in instead of Flamini who got his customary yellow card and was therefore very limited in what he could do. Overall, I feel we got very lucky to escape Istanbul with a draw. Besiktas players were very quick to get to pass and did not give us any time at all on the ball. Cazorla was anonymous, Giroud was wasteful as usual and easily outmuscled, Arteta was too slow and too deep, Ramsey was careless with the ball, Sanchez misplaced his passes a lot but was still very energetic and dangerous. We played much better against City in the Community Shield than our last two matches which is big worry. Hopefully, we can do much better and put Besiktas in their place next week at the Emirates albeit without Ramsey. This game pretty much hi-lighted our dire need for a robust ball-playing DM and a very sharp, fast, and confident Striker who won’t get the freaking ball stuck between his feet all the time.

  • Btw, with Arteta now injured (looks serious), there is no way Arsene can rely on Diaby and Flamini… Can he? Diaby can’t even train without injuring himself and Flamini is too reckless (or retarted). He is a yellow/red card magnet every time he is on the pitch. The only time I am comfortable with him on the pitch is when we are winning and dominating the game with about only 15-10 minutes left to play. That way, even if he manages to get himself sent off, we could still see out the game with so little time left on the clock. Arsene Wenger must stop being too stubborn and splash whatever amount is necessary to land us that super-quality DM that we have all been dreaming about for the past few years, as soon as possible. Watching Matic dominate the midfield yesterday and allow Fabregas to express himself and control the tempo of the game for Chelsea was a thing of beauty. I am hoping that Wenger can spoil us like that too…

  • Just out from behind the Sofa and we cant beat a load of part-time Kebab shop workers !.
    I see I`m probably going to win the Fantasy Football Injury League again, I just pick Arsenal players !. Diaby not even on the bench, although I did hear that his Red Cross flight was delayed !. Gibbs, Walcott, Arteta and Wilshere are the home bankers !.
    Obviously, Wenger is waiting to see whether we Qualify for the CL before he even thinks of buying a player as we have to put £40M aside in case we don’t !.
    I will go the whole hog and say we need a LB, a SQDM, a CB and a proper striker !…..still got £170M to spend so it`s doable !. hahaha
    As in my capacity of Protector of the Chart of Doom, it is my responsibility to say how it is, you either see it or you don’t ! ( I love using Totals expression to effect ! hahaha ) . We/you/us/all will at some stage be moaning about Wengers lack of activity in the TW of the Summer when we rack up the injuries and suspensions and still cant beat MU, MC and Chavs !…with Wengers stubbornness to play the likes of Sanogo in front of a WC player like Campbell !……it`s only a matter of time before you do it and the difference between me and you bastards is that I say it now as I know it`s coming !. hahaha
    Next Wednesday could be a squeaky bum game, but this is how I see it !…………Wenger is really trying hard not to spend any more dosh, so whether we win or get knocked out, we have probably seen all the signings we are going to see unless we break even our great record of injuries and acquire quite a few more before Transfer Deadline Day. So not being in the CL will only improve our chances to get a top 4 place…..unless Wenger is more stupid than I think and decides to play 1st choice players in the Europa League !.
    So there you have it in my logical opinion…….If we want to actually complete for the title and CL (if we qualify ) then we need much more than the amount of players we have so far purchased and if we don’t purchase any more SQ, then our chances of top 4 will be greater if we don’t qualify for the CL !.
    Some top grade dooming if I say so myself !. hahaha

  • Come on Hamez Bond and Seventeenho……where are you gays ?……and where`s the 3 Aussie Amigo`s ?…..and what the fcuk happened to Fozzie ?.

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