Arsenal v Besiktas Afterthoughts: Let’s not be too harsh!

Rusty, ugly and below par but the team fought like lions 

It was not vintage Arsenal tonight: at times we played frustrating football that was hard on the eye. But the boys worked hard for each other and there were some real positives.

I was doubtful about Monreal being the right choice against Besiktas but he played a near blinder. Nacho was tenacious and driven and supported our attack well at times!

Chambers had another fine game, and in a way I am happy he made a mistake or two tonight. That shows he is human and there is some room for improvement: and that is what you expect from a nineteen year old who just joined a new club. He reads the game well and is so decisive with his interventions, and his distribution is very good too.

Koz showed he can be vulnerable at the right side of our defence but he still had a very good game. He works well alongside Chambers, and now I cannot wait to see the young Englishman paired up with the BFG: the German will be able to coach Chambers really well, I feel.

I also liked what I saw from Debuchy. He worked very hard again and keeps supporting the attack. The final ball still needs to improve, and so does his cooperation with Sanchez (and eventually Theo), but I like what he brings to the club.

Jack, Rambo and Cazorla were all disappointing, and the same goes for Giroud. Sanchez tries and tries and he does get a lot of the ball by the team, but the rest are yet to raise their level, which I am sure they well. We all know that our midfielders can play much better than they did tonight (or on Saturday), and we just have to be a bit patient.

But 0-0 is a good result and the boys worked hard to not concede, especially after Ramsey forgot himself for a moment, resulting in a second yellow card for shirt pulling.

Ox came on late and was unlucky for not scoring but hitting the post after a mazy, Messiesque move into the box. It would have been harsh on Besiktas though, who played some good football at times and produced the better chances. It was nice to see Ozyacup doing well and I hope the boy comes good at Beziktas. 

Although I did not enjoy watching the game from a purist perspective, I commend the boys for working hard for each other and all putting a shift in. At this stage of the season, that is all I ask for and the quality of our play will come with time.

Next up are the Toffees, and this will be a big test for the boys. Bring it on! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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178 Responses to Arsenal v Besiktas Afterthoughts: Let’s not be too harsh!

  1. 17highburyterrace says:

    For Cockie (bottom of last thread)…

    You forgot to mention just how shite Ozil has been thus far this season… 😉 Back to the lair…

  2. Sean W says:

    Suddenly thought of RVP and how amazing he was. Realised Giroud is OK but will never front a great team. He, in my opinion, was really poor. I hope we get a decent striker, it’s pretty obvious now. Thought Calum Chambers was superb and and he is only 19 years old. Alexis was doing things on his own and impressed me. The Ox needs some league games, he is one helluva player. To my mind we need a striker and a DM of power and quality. If Wenger does not improve the squad we may struggle in some games.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome Sean W

    On days like this it looks like that. But OG is not a typical CF, and as a team we did not work well enough for him to be effective. Imagine Sanchez on the left wing and Theo on the right one, and it will all look differently.

    Agreed on Ox and I wonder how long Wenger feels he can keep the likes of Ox, Campbell and even Rosicky out for the ineffective Cazorla on the left wing.

  4. geoffchase says:


    Got to watch the game as it was late in Europe. My thoughts are similar, and go something like this:

    The good:
    a. Chambers = unless he drops off hugely he is the buy of the year, or last 3, in the EPL perhaps. Hyperbole? He’s come on and done a top job. Very tenacious and good at winning the ball. We saw Koz make mistakes 2 years ago, so a few now for a 19 year old mean we look very good there long term.

    b. Sanchez = energetic and trying, but nothing worked right around him to let him go well. It’s hard when you are either all alone and not much to do that is easy. Equally, OG kept drifting over and shutting down his space. There needs to be more balance there and hopefully that will come.

    c. Debuchy and Monreal = our defense is looking good and so is our TW given that all three buys made good shows today.

    d. Ox = Played like mid-season, unlike some.

    The bad:
    e. Arteta’s injury = poorly timed

    f. The rest of midfield = invisible more than not again. That’s Santi, JW and AR to a lesser extent. No linkup play to create for those in front or to help those in back. It was no surprise that many of the few good Sanchez and other efforts forward showed weird faces of Monreal (Monreal!!) and Debuchy (of whom we expect it).

    g. Ba = as in why didn’t we get him again?? He looked quite useful out there.. for the other folks

    The ugly:
    h. the Pitch = looked like the farmers are annoyed at the interruption of early winter planting.

    I. The Ref = great commentator note, “the whistle, again?!? what were they 2 for 1 in the airport and he’s just go to give his whistle a go??” or something to that effect. The referee interrupted flow hugely, made inconsistent calls and generally munted what little imagination the game might have displayed. Didn’t help either side, so it was “balanced” if one can use the word but… sigh..

    j. Serial fouling = we have to learn to get past it

    k. Midfield = rates a second mention as it is really, or should really be, our strength. But not on this night. Still plenty of time to come together.

    Emirates will be a nice pitch with a different referee. So, as long as midfield (barring AR) show up, it should go well.

    just my 2p … cheers — jgc

  5. Gino92 says:

    For a title-challenging team like Arsenal, we badly need a SQ Striker and a SQ or a Q DM. That was obvious the season before last, it was again obvious last season, and a couple of games into the new season, it is becoming so OBVIOUS once again. Do we ever learn from past mistakes???
    We have so many SQ and Q attacking midfielders but those positions I mentioned above need upgrading if we are to be taken seriously as contenders, not pretenders. I was bored earlier and went back and watched plenty of Mesut Ozil highlights from last season and I was totally amazed by how actually terrible our forwards were in ruining his assists tally. He could have easily had at least twice as many assists as the number he ended up with, no thanks in big part to Giroud and Walcott. I started dreaming about how devastating Ozil can be this season if we manage to sign that SQ Striker along with the SQ DM. The TW is still open. Please Arsene, do something!

  6. Rich says:

    Honest bunch of professionals, not enough of the right blend, too many square pegs in round holes, too short and lightweight as a team, we will have another fight for 4th

  7. Retsub says:

    All things considered the lads did pretty well. It was a very hostile atmosphere and some of the tackles going in we’re pretty tough. Add in a cows field of a pitch and mad Bilic patrolling the line and it’s pretty tough. Once again the left side didn’t function that well, although Nacho put in a good shift at the back,

    I think Wenger could have done better by applying horses for courses. I don’t see Santi as the type of player who will perform well on a rough pitch with heavy tackles going in. The Ox or Rosicky would have been a better choice. Also towards the end the game was pretty much stalemate. Giroud had run out of fuel and it needed a change up front.

    Hats off to Chambers, ok he made a mistake, but he was excellent

  8. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. We were lucky survived in Turkey.. One point is very important..
    Next week with a better team.. we will beat them at home..
    When will Walcott back to the squad..??

    I think Wenger make a big mistake about Cazorla and Wilshere..
    Cazorla will never be good at LW.. He just ain’t a LW.. I missed Gervinho type of player.. Speed and go deep.. So please just play Cazorla in the middle not in the wing..
    Wilshere is not good as an AM.. He was slow and weak.. I mean he easily fall down and waste the ball.. He will be great as superb-sub for either Ramsey or Arteta.. As Wenger ever said that Wilshere will played as a DM.. let him be..

    And I missed Diaby so much.. Why can he be fit just a season so we can have a better DM..
    Or if not buy Carvalho.. I loved this kid.. He is so strong.. as strong as a fit Diaby.. maybe even better.. We just can’t rely on Flamini.. He never play without a card.. hahahaha..

    Wenger must known that Ramsey is not on his best last night.. He just wait for another lucky kick from Ramsey.. and that will never come in every game.. So he must sooner replace him with Rosicky before the second card..
    And what happened with Campbell..?? Will he be another Miyaichi..?? I hope not..

    The only good thing about yesterday is Chambers.. He is really good.. We can rely on this kid.. Koscielny is not on his best maybe cause of little injured.. but they both can play along quite well..
    And also was Sanchez.. Maybe Wenger can put him as a CF next game.. with supported from Ox, Rosicky and Ramsey.. he will be great to fight for Everton..

  9. Shrillex says:

    The team needs to shape up and get out of the holiday mood. Other than Calum, Ox, and Nacho the team did awful IMO. From this game, it shows that we need to not play santi on the left. We either play him as our AM or just bench him. Szczesny needs to know that he too can be benched. Like seriously, what the actually f**k. Also, why not give Campbell a chance to prove himself? That applies to the Ox as well.

  10. Shrillex says:

    The team we need to play based on fitness and form….

    Debuchy-Calum-Koz- Nacho
    Campbell- ? – Ox

    Szczesny is droppable at the moment, he seriously needs Ospina to keep him on his toes. I would play Bellerin but definitely not for the Everton game, so Debuchy stays. Campbell and Alexis could swap places as our CF and the Ox could maybe switch to the right flank.

  11. tony says:

    am I allowed to say the game was a little boring though bilic entertained me more especially that foul that the ox made which sent him to the stands hehehe….bt generally we are still very rusty,hope we step up in our next game COYG!!

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Predictable and mostly fair comments. It was not good but we got a result and team will get into shape soon. Too early to get all doomy…… 🙂

  13. Gerry says:

    How come I seemed to be at odds with the views on here. I think there were at lot more positives than you give them credit for? Always instructive to read ‘during’ match comments too.

    Good morning Totes. Whilst you seem a little disappointed with the game, and that reflects in your individual comments. But we differed before the match started, so to be expected.
    Personally, I think the result is what matters. Not that you can go too far with the ‘winning ugly’ phrase of the moment, as it was made to look like a hard earned draw, and Bilic will be the far more disappointed with that?

    I don’t think many of the previous commentators have got past the Community Shield game, and took it far too literally. Palace is the level we are at at the moment, Not some over-hype win that they failed to turn up for. These last two teams have both ‘turned up’. Get ready for the next one!

    Hi 17HT, I’m glad to know you are still there. Don’t hide away too much longer, and don’t forget to sign up for the FPL league. Details given out on Monday.

    Okay the positives. Wilshere had a game he can really build on. In the first half he passed quickly, and thus avoided many a crunching tackle. Also, and this goes for others in the team, he was prepared to move forwards to meet the ball. In the Palace game far too many were waiting for the ball to arrive and allowed them to nip in front and pinch it.
    So for me, he had a good game. Needs to do more, but this is progress.

    Everyone picks out Chambers, and quite right too. However, too much too soon, and he will have burn out before Christmas. (Will they never learn?)

    Kos is doing more without Per, and occasionally it shows. Injury aside, he has done really well.

    Debuchy, on the whole did have another solid game, and kept going for the 93 minutes.

    Monreal’s spell as CB seems to have done him good. He seamlessly covered Kos in the middle when he was drawn out wide, and that is a real plus, as he is thinking beyond his own position. Not much going forward, but to be expected when they attacked wide.

    Alexis can never be faulted for his work rate, in attack or defence. His problem is that he is attracting passes as the first option ball, which is great when he is in space …

    Yes, lets have a go at Cazorla, why not? Well for one thing he was doing the job that AW asked him to do. Stay out wide and help Nacho in defence. We all know that kills the better part of his game, which is passing in and around the box. But if Jack plays central, he gets the short straw. Or as against Palace, crowds the middle-right sector with yet another body there.

    Arteta had an unspectacular game where it was difficult to do much else. Sadly, that looked like a metatarsal injury and could be out for many weeks? A toe injury slightly less. Shame as the link up between him and Chambers has been a positive one.

    Ox, when he finally came on, did have that spark we know he has, and so nearly pulled it off at the end. Will take up the spot vacated by Ramsey next time.

    Szczesney …. last but not least. Great finger tip save in the opening seconds. Stopped everything else that was on target, and his distribution was particularly good on the whole.
    Clean sheet? Priceless!

    The negs:
    Giro’s first touch was the worst I can remember. It is only his second game in, and with little support around him, it was costly. The thing that was really annoying in the Palace game was the pointless two yard passes, and returns, when neither player moved! Give me strength! JW in the second half was one of the pairings. But so much lost possession here made any attack of note really difficult. Bring on Campbell you cry? What about our defence? Neither Debuchy or Monreal are that great in the air for set pieces, so Campbell was spared a difficult task. His turn will come.

    Ramsey – alcide got it right with his comment yesterday. He committed a foul that ref’s do not like, the cheap one to save a breakaway against them. He pays the penalty. Otherwise, just a hum drum so-so game, where creativity was at a dearth. Move on …

    Arsene? Back to the 75 minute subs eh?

    Early days. But we are not that all conquering side that brushed aside the League Champions.
    We are a side learning to play as a unit. Everton might just be a step too far without input from the TW. Putting aside the child in a sweetshop idea that we just pick players off the shelves where they are conveniently lined up for us, as we are the only ones in the shop ….
    The reality is, we need the CL spot to attract the SQ player we crave. Grow up and live with that fact! This draw goes a long way to securing that. Hopefully with a CB signed before the weekend, and Calum the Chameleon can be pushed into the DM slot, whilst urgent negotiations continue. The time to call out AW on lack of signings will be September 1st.
    Don’t jump the gun. Keep the faith ….

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    Fine comment, although I do not get the start of your second paragraph. 😕

    Re Santi and Jack.. Both have the short straw. Santi did not stay wide and therefore does not help to stretch the game. When he gets the ball in front of the ‘D’ he is often too slow and limited to do something with it. The only position for Santi is Is ‘the hole’ but only in a 4-4-2, where he can stay close to the CF up-front IMO.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t agree with your view on the MC win. We played well that day and we played with a different style and attack. We killed the game in first half and THEN they did not turn up anymore.

  16. VCC says:

    Morning Totes….I don’t think guys are getting all doomy, it’s a case of Deja-Vu…..We’ve all seen it so many times now, it’s starting to get repetitively boring.

    We are in desperate need of a ST who can put chances away or at least try and make a chance for them selves.

    Giroud is simply not the SQ ST we need. He is slow, cumbersome and has dreadful control of a football.

    Santi is not a LW, yet Wenger keeps persisting in playing him there when we have others (Campbell, Ox) waiting in the wings that can play in wide area’s..

    Arteta keeps getting over played, he cannot play 3 games in 3 days, his legs will not stand it. Now he has picked up an injury.

    I disagree with your assessment of Debouchy, in my eyes, if he doesn’t improve I can see Bellerin getting some starting time.

    Wilshere needs to improve and try and stay on his feet. IMO, he has dropped to a bench player at best. When Ozil gets back he will struggle to get a game.

    Although I like Szezeney, needs to stay alert and concentrate at all times. He almost got embarrassed within seconds of the start.

    Monreal performed admirably, and I sincerley hope he is now more settled into the Arsenal way and can perform in the Premiership. He is going to have to get used to playing time as he is our back up for made of glass Gibbs.

    Chambers is a real find, if he keeps his feet firmly on the ground he can become the next Tony Adams, that’s how good he looks.

    Just as well we have a resiliant CB in Koscielney. Wenger had Hayden and Miquel on his books, if he thinks they are not good enough to deputise for an injured player why the hell does he keep them on the books. I can’t work this one out. If we are not careful, if we get more injuries to CB’s we will get caught with our trousers down. Wenger be warned.

    Sanchez looks like he is trying too hard to carry our offensive side when others are not up to the task, but we have a superb player here.

    Although Wenger loves to run players into the ground, Ramsey cannot do it all, he needs help. He will not pop up with winning goals all the time.

    Even with the German’s coming back this week end we already look jaded and have picked up injuries that seem to be stretching our squad.

    Wenger keeps complaining about referee’s decisions and time waisting by opponents. He is the longest serving Manager in the Premiership, so don’t you think he should be used to this by now, and address the issues that are under his control. And as for the time waisting by the Palace keeper which was being deployed last week end, he started it in the first half, so surely if we had our house in order that gives us at least 45 minutes to overcome it.?????

    Everton will be a stern ask this Saturday………unless we show a marked improvement, I fear the worst.

  17. VCC says:

    Good Morning Gerry……..I’ve just read your last post and we seem to have been watching an entirely different game.

    I’m afraid I don’t share your positives. 😦

    Let’s wait and see what happens on Saturday 23rd August.

  18. The Cockie Monster says:

    Morning Rancid Rectum Receivers ! 😆

    I`m in a lazy mood so just copied and pasted one of my last comments from previous post !.
    It`s much more fun Dooming !. hahaha
    Thanks Seventeenho for reminding me how shit Ozil has been so far this season !… get back on here and challenge my Dooming otherwise I will render you unconscious with my Arsenal slippers !.

    Just out from behind the Sofa and we cant beat a load of part-time Kebab shop workers !.
    I see I`m probably going to win the Fantasy Football Injury League again, I just pick Arsenal players !. Diaby not even on the bench, although I did hear that his Red Cross flight was delayed !. Gibbs, Walcott, Arteta and Wilshere are the home bankers !.
    Obviously, Wenger is waiting to see whether we Qualify for the CL before he even thinks of buying a player as we have to put £40M aside in case we don’t !.
    I will go the whole hog and say we need a LB, a SQDM, a CB and a proper striker !…..still got £170M to spend so it`s doable !. hahaha
    As in my capacity of Protector of the Chart of Doom, it is my responsibility to say how it is, you either see it or you don’t ! ( I love using Totals expression to effect ! hahaha ) . We/you/us/all will at some stage be moaning about Wengers lack of activity in the TW of the Summer when we rack up the injuries and suspensions and still cant beat MU, MC and Chavs !…with Wengers stubbornness to play the likes of Sanogo in front of a WC player like Campbell !……it`s only a matter of time before you do it and the difference between me and you bastards is that I say it now as I know it`s coming !. hahaha
    Next Wednesday could be a squeaky bum game, but this is how I see it !…………Wenger is really trying hard not to spend any more dosh, so whether we win or get knocked out, we have probably seen all the signings we are going to see unless we break even our great record of injuries and acquire quite a few more before Transfer Deadline Day. So not being in the CL will only improve our chances to get a top 4 place…..unless Wenger is more stupid than I think and decides to play 1st choice players in the Europa League !.
    So there you have it in my logical opinion…….If we want to actually complete for the title and CL (if we qualify ) then we need much more than the amount of players we have so far purchased and if we don’t purchase any more SQ, then our chances of top 4 will be greater if we don’t qualify for the CL !.
    Some top grade dooming if I say so myself !. hahaha

    Seem to be agreeing with a lot of Gino92`s comments and Sean W has hit a note with… much we miss RVP !. Don’t get me wrong, I like Giroud and feel he is plan B and an impact sub, but we are desperate for another RVP type player and as we all nearly agree (apart from Wenger and Stretch ) ….a SQDM Beast….apparently Carvalho is all this and a bit more !.

    I Still want my 3P system……..Pace, Pace and more Pace and as Walcott is still injured, imo Ox needs to be a 1st choice starter, but for injury last season it should have been his break out year, so put him starting now and how Sanogo was put ahead of Campbell is just baffling.
    I can see from the comments that a few of you are starting to “see it ” now, Arsene seems oblivious to learning from his mistakes of the past, we have the fcuking money, spend it !. This is not a cry to spend for the sake of spending it, but a cry to improve positions in the squad which are blatantly obvious at a time when he has no financial restrictions !.

    Right as per usual, if you don’t like my common sense, then you can…….Shutten Zee Fucken Uppen !……my German accent is getting so good now that I was grassed on by some of my neighbours and had a visit from M15 inquiring to whether I was a spy for Zee Fatherland !.
    Off now as I have to start my new job and it`s a cracker, good pay and to tell the truth I would do it for free !. I`ve got a job doing sign language for the deaf in porno films !. So if you Google porno films for the deaf, I`ll literally be the little wanker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen !.

  19. Xavier says:

    I agree mostly with Henrychan. Also agree with some of Gerry’s. I just didnt pivk out as many positives as he did.
    The same was dull. TA’s assessment of the bad pitch and continuous fouling is spot on. And the referre didnt help issues imo. Anyways I think this game is one to forget quickly. Wenger will have to start campbell at some point, I hope its this weekend. He brings about a lil bit of surprise. Oxlade too. Anyways Looking forward to the weekend. Hope we can put this game behind us quickly.

    I did notice the one player we really missed though was ozil. Think about it. Nuff said.

    Good post match analysis TA.

  20. Tester says:

    Haha some interesting comments here alright…

    The positives? Alexis for sure. We saw a lot more of him creating space & running. Lots of tenacity. It seemed he was the only one in the attack who was up for a fight. Chambers – Enough said. He did very well. Wilshere – I thought he had a decent game. Passed quicker,linked up decently.

    The negatives ? Where do I start???

    Cazorla – Play as #10 or bench please!!!!!! Apart from that one goal against City he has been really poor so far. Doesn’t stay wide. Passing off the mark albeit on a crap pitch. But really should be do better.

    Giroud – Nevermind.. I hear so much bullshite on this blog about us not playing to HIS strengths. What is he Falcao? Ronaldo? Seriously! He should have put that chance away or well,atleast touched the ball! I understand he’s still not match fit, lacks sharpness but him & Cazorla in a front 3 will never ever work ‘coz that’s 2 out of 3 who’re slow. Football has really moved on but AW still sticks to his usual nonsense about playing a slow winger on one side for control. It does my head in.

    Real Madrid seem to control the game just fine with two super fast wingers? Once everyone is fit & Theo is back upto speed. I don’t see how Cazorla will get a game unless Ozil is rested. Love Santi but seriously out of form so far.

    Also games like these make us realize just how good Ozil is. Santi/Rambo/Jack just get in each others way & clog up the centre. Ozil creates space,demanding the ball whilst dragging defenders with him. Hope he’s back for the return leg.

    P.S : What I’d give to see a proper CF play for us. 😦

  21. henrychan says:

    Xavier.. thanks for sharing the same idea..
    I missed Ozil too.. but I missed Walcott the most.. hehehe..
    I can wait to see Walcott and Sanchez play as RW and LW.. then our winger will explode..
    and Sanogo or Giroud will look as a better man.. hehehehe..

    What your view about Diaby..?? or Carvalho..??
    Who will Wenger buy..?? Carvalho, Khedira or someone else..??

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    That sounds quite doomy-gloomy to me, Vickers. Give the team a chance to get in form and settled for feck sake. 🙂


    Nice one TA, once again, a spot on analysis which I fully concur with

    From a tactical point of view I felt we played to deep and there was to much distance between our back and middle lines.

    My other gripe is that playing Santi wide with Giroud up front does not work. There is simply a lack of pace at disproportionate levels when they occupy two of the three front slots.

    On hindsight it seems that Arsene got it wrong, but we all have bad days.

    I wont make excuses for Wenger but I suspect he had a ruck with the wife and his dog was unwell, so all in all, its perfectly understandable.

    Chambers was outstanding. He reminds me of a young John Terry minus the Nazi membership. Great prospect.

  24. AFC says:

    VCC, you said:

    ‘Wenger keeps complaining about referee’s decisions and time waisting by opponents. He is the longest serving Manager in the Premiership, so don’t you think he should be used to this by now, and address the issues that are under his control. ‘

    Thank you. He has been a manager for God knows how long and he still can’t get accept these things. I hate it when managers and fans consistently complain about refs. There is nothing they can or we can do about them so just forget about it. Refs decisions cannot be changed by any of the people mentioned above. Why doesn’t Wenger get the squad depth right so we can dominate games so the refs decisions have less of impact (minimal) on the final result?

  25. AFC says:

    If refs cost you a match via a direct decision which is clearing wrong, fair enough you can be angry but to complain about other things (much smaller) is just pointless.

  26. Xavier says:

    hey Henrychan.. I also believe Giroud will play better with alexis and Walcott on the wings. Been saying it since forever that he plays better with wingers compared to playing midfielders.

    Diaby is awesome!!! If he can have an Injury free season, or even Half Season, He could be the difference we need.

    Personally, Ive not seen much of carvalho although if (like most reports say) he can play as a Dm and Cb then hes better suited to us than khedira. Khedira is too much like ramsey to me and well… We already have Welsh Jesus eh??

    Hey TA, i know you see Jack doing the conductor role and i also think its something he may be capable of. I dont think hes been that great at it these last 2 games though. Our midfield has lacked something like that. I hope he also starts against everton. He needs these games. He’ll need to own that role though. Body the hell out of it! Lol


    AFC my dear boy, you fail to look at the deeper issues

    Have you ever had a ruck with the wife thus seeking solace with your dog only to find the beast doesn’t want to know because of a bad stomach? To compound matters, Fido snuggles up to the Mrs whilst your left holding his plastic bone and waiting for your micro wave chilli con carne.

  28. VCC says:

    Your right Totes. Give them a chance. But Im already beginning to see at this early stage we are just in the same old same old boat with Wenger.

    He doesn’t see the need for a SQ DM, unlike every body and his dog, except Stretch.

    He should definitely go to spec savers regards Giroud.

    Always selecting square pegs for round holes.

    Over plays players until they get injured.

    Always complaining about out side forces, instead of getting his own house in order.

    Persisting in purchasing mostly French players.

    Stubborn, tight, short sighted.

    Hanging onto players and NOT using them, or selling/moving them on.

    He keeps complaining about tiredness and fatigue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well damn well spend some more money and recruit, or play the back up players………for pete’s sake. = Bellerin/Gnabry/Rosicky/Coquelin/Zelalem/Ox/Campbell/Miyachi/Miquel/Hayden/Olsson/Akpom. You don’t have to play them all at once, just blood them in slowly and occasionally.

    If they ain’t good enough, ship em out and get some that are good enough…..its NOT rocket science.

    Finally…he could have got Cesc back??????? why not? IMO cos he’s stubborn. Cesc could have been drafted in to play deeper behind the mid fielders. You cannot tell me he is not a better option than Arteta. Just watch his display on Monday against Burnley, he simply ran the show. Voted MOTM by his Manager and all the punters.Yes I hear the pro Wenger’s saying, “It was only Burnley” but this guy should now be playing for Arsenal NOT Chelsea.

    Yes, I agree. It always seems I’m dooming and glooming, but we go through the same old excuses every year, it’s getting boring now.

  29. AFC says:

    Ahahahaha Terry. I might have it wrong. Refs decisions are not something I would really complain about but then again I’m not Arsene. I see your point but shouldn’t Arsene no longer give a crap at his age? 😀

  30. AFC says:

    As soon as Terry posts that VCC post a lengthy post which I mostly agree with. I think we will get through to the CL group stage. It just seems like we make it a lot harder than it needs to be every year. With regards to transfers I will wait until the end of the TW to judge.

  31. The Cockie Monster says:

    Anyone realise that our U21 team are in the Premier League U21……..Second Division !!!!…….disgrace !….Wenger Out !….Cockie In !.
    In my inauguration speech as Best Arsenal manager ever, I promise to spend the fcuking money !.

    Vote Cockie !…… executive box for BKers !……..nude cheerleaders !.

  32. AFC says:

    Stetch, that seems like a true story?

    I would seek advice from Cockie, he is some sort of a relationship expert. 😉


    AFC, let me give you an insight into the terrible bleak reality of ageing my young friend.

    There are two types of aging individuals. Those who accept the ageing process, usually because of dreadful senility or even worse loss of sex drive, like our mate Vics

    And then there are those that stare in the mirror and think “F*ucks sake”, and constantly man handle there penis to make sure its still there. I fall into this category, and I suspect Wenger likewise

  34. H Bo says:

    Henrychan & Tester are saying what I said 2 weeks ago Santi can’t play wide as for Campbell and the Ox not starting I can only think not totally fit, I can’t imagine Campbell being arsenal fit and think the Ox is being used sparingly as he was injured for 7 months basically however Rosicky would of been more effective wide.
    @TA we spoke about Arteta a few days ago I think it may be a blessing in disguise I could see BFG back and Chambers in the hole.
    Giroud struggled to get in the box to keep up with Alexis which wasn’t helped by the fact Jack and Rambo were nowhere to be seen either.
    To finish on a positive note Chambers, Debuchy, Alexis, Monreal & the Ox were superb they had the kind of drive and commitment fans pay to see also 2 games in 4 days early on is a lot to ask so early on hence why I thought they would’ve of made a load of changes fro Saturday especially in midfield cause those boys did work hard.
    Finally we got a decent result in a torrid atmosphere I normally have surround sound loud when I watch games at home to try and feel the atmosphere but those damn whistles were too loud

  35. VCC says:

    AFC 11:58……..At last, yipeeeeeee, some one see’s it with his head out of the sand. Thank you. Wenger has been complaining for ever.

    Get on with it man. He never see’s incidents that involve a wrong doing of an Arsenal player, only other sides players.

    Always complaining about other teams business instead of getting his own in shape.

    Mr. Wenger, take a look at your No.1 striker last night……why don’t you complain about his inept performance/s

  36. The Cockie Monster says:

    It`s hardly surprising Vic`s has lost his sex drive !….as exclusively revealed by me yonks ago, his cock committed suicide due to depression !. However be warned !…… never go around his house on pancake day as the bastard uses his now defunct cock as a rolling pin in the kitchen !…..don’t touch the Greek style yoghurt ones… wont stand a chance anyway as greedy bastard Stretch gets in early !. Lemon rind and clotted cream ones are quite nice though !.

  37. VCC says:

    I wanna be in your gang Cockie. 🙂

  38. VCC says:

    Cockie IN…Stretch OUT……. 😉

  39. AFC says:

    Terry, 😀

    VCC, it is awfully strange how Wenger never sees anything bad what happens to other people’s players. I saw Jack yesterday (I really don’t want to pick on him) but he really annoyed me when he held onto the ball for too long, got tackled fell on the floor and then stayed on the floor. If he can stop that and learn to release the ball earlier more often he will be a very good player for us.

  40. The Cockie Monster says:

    I deliberately put stuff on here to try and antagonise you bastards and make you bite, but you seem to all be agreeing with me !. May be I should become an AKB and share a flat ( or Arsene`s Shrine as he calls it ! ) with Stretch !.
    I want confrontation from you bastards, but it`s obvious that you don’t take me seriously and I don’t understand why !. hahaha

  41. The Cockie Monster says:

    AFC…..I reckon there is a “Scout Nation” video compilation on youtube about 2 hours long of Wilshere hanging onto the ball to long then going to ground and waving his arms !. The bastard spends so much time on the ground that he probably lives in a tellytubbies house !.

  42. VCC says:

    AFC, I have been saying for over a year now that Wilshere is not good enough as first team choice. He is a back up at best.

    Yes, I hear you all saying he gets fouled a lot, but his style has taken this on. He holds onto the ball for far too long and almost invites the challenge hoping the referee will give him the benefit of the doubt and give a free kick. Referee’s are now cottoning onto this ploy and playing on some times. while Wilshere is furiously throwing his toys out of the pram and shouting while laying comatose on the ground AGAIN.

    I think he spends more time on the ground than any other premier league player. If we had stats for this I’m sure I would be right.

    When Ozil comes back, where will Wenger play Wilshere?

  43. The Cockie Monster says:

    Me and Vic`s share most of the same views on Arsene !….although we are at the complete different end of the spectrum in regards to talkSPORT !. He just doesn`t get it !. hahaha

  44. AFC says:

    Cockie, I agree with a lot of what you say.

    Why rely on Diaby and co when you can just go and buy a DM. It’s pretty simple and it benefits everyone. Same goes for ST. This under 21 thing really confuses me. Now we can agree Akpom, Gnabry, Hayden and Bellerin are talented youth prospects who could come in and do a job for a few a games. So why doesn’t Wenger use them?

    If you believe in them use them. Wenger has done it before with the likes of Fabregas and Theo (?) so why not do it with them. Does he believe they are not good enough or ready?

    I still can see why the likes of Miquel and Ryo are still at the club and to some extent Diaby. If I had put on my business specs I would have released Diaby by now. I know it is harsh and sad but that’s business.

  45. The Cockie Monster says:

    See !!……..the bastard is even agreeing with me on Wilshere and at the same time as well !. hahaha

  46. AFC says:

    Vicker, Wilshere will provide rotation for Ramsey in double DM pivot, but then why wouldn’t we play the Ox there instead? He has the pace, the explosiveness etc.

  47. VCC says:

    Cockie, it should be called “TalkShite”

    I can take other people’s views but when they deliberately try and wind Gooners up and always slagging us off I just turn it off.

    The only guy on there worth listening to is Colin Murray.

  48. The Cockie Monster says:

    The sad news is that Diaby died a few years ago and what you see now is a stuffed version !…..Wenger will go to extreme lengths just to try and prove Diaby is a great player !.
    You will notice that Diaby always sits next to Wenger on the bench, this is so Wenger can move his (Diaby`s) arms about, so it looks like he`s still alive !.

  49. VCC says:

    Sorry I have to keep agreeing with you AFC, but I would have got rid of Diaby long ago.

    I would also sell Miquel, as I don’t think he is good enough, and may I also say I don’t think Wenger does either, otherwise he would have played him before now in the so called lesser games and given others a rest.

    I’m not with Gerry/Wenger either on Hayden. IMO he also is not going to make it.

    Miyachi is another one, sell him or play him. I’d ship him out.

    I could go on, but it’s the same old record turning round and round. We will be here this time next year and saying the same old things.

    Cockie for Arsenal FC Manager.

  50. AFC says:

    VCC, only Durham does that and even then he talks sense sometimes. Cundy is alright and so is Collymore IMO.

  51. AFC says:

    Miquel and Ryo are what 21-22 and if they can’t get into the team now they should be sold. I also think Sanogo won’t make it. He is just too far too behind for a player of his age.

  52. The Cockie Monster says:

    Lets get it straight bastards !……..this will be my dead cert 1st choice players when I`m manager !…………Szczesny, Chambers, Koz, Ozil, Alexis, Ox and Walcott !……4 more players of outstanding ability to cover other position`s and we will win the league !… for you rose tinters, even though the likes of Santi, Rosicky, Gibbs, Giroud, Wishere are decent players, they are either made of glass, are played out of there natural position or there are better players we could bring in !. We desperately need a SQDM Beast and a SQ Striker !. FB`s are average, there are better out there !.

    Shutten Zee Fucken Uppen !.

  53. VCC says:

    The sad part about all this conjecture is, I don’t think we are a million miles away from the complete article. That’s what’s so frustrating and annoying with Wenger, He now has the money so why doesn’t he go out and recruit.

    All this about waiting to see if we qualify for the next stage of the Champions league and then spend the £30 mil we will receive……why not go out and spend the £30 mil and make sure we qualify. That’s the best policy.

  54. The Cockie Monster says:

    True Vickers !…..and a good saying would be !…..we are not a million miles away and we have the millions of pounds to sort it !.

  55. AFC says:

    Cockie and VCC, agreed.

    Another forward player of Sanchez and Walcott quality, a DM and a CB and then we are serious contenders for every trophy around. A CB is signed as a replacement for Verm and should have been sorted. One of the DM and ST should have been brought.

    I would have let Flamini, Arteta and Podolski go when their contracts run out at the end of next season but that is just me.

    At the moment you could argue we still need: a ST, LW, DM and a CB.

  56. The Cockie Monster says:

    I know a lot of you cupid stunts will be thinking……we are only one game into the season which we won and Vic`s and his son are dooming already !………….but remember forgetful bastards, we are looking along the line and seeing familiar historical problems which could be nipped in the bud and we have the financial resources to do so !.
    Wenger says we don’t need a DM Beast, but who were some of the standout performers of the WC…….DM Beasts !.

  57. AFC says:

    And even a LB however Monreal is improving.

    I am not saying we need to buy all of those players, just saying our weaknesses.


    What a load of old nonsense. Dont let Vics and Cornwall turn you into a doomer AFC. They will probably try and entice you with promises of a good time but it will involve been tied down on Vics Zimmer as Cornwall manicly removes his trousers. hahaha

    Weve only played a couple of games for f*ucks sake.

    Keep the faith

  59. VCC says:

    TCM 12:58…….dead right.

    To think we could have had this side.






  60. AFC says:

    Cockie, Wenger says the DM destroyer is dead and now a lot of Arsenal fans believe him. All hail Wenger! 😀 My message to those guys. Please remember Wenger is one man, one manager who does not decide what is dead and what is not in footballer. What is dead to one manager could very well be what is the future for another.

    And besides haven’t the likes of Van Gaal, Mourinho, Mancini etc, all prove Wenger wrong.

  61. AFC says:

    Terry, it’s not really a knee-jerk reaction but more my fear that Wenger will not sign the players we need. The window is closing soon and he has said he is not close to signing anyone. The worst thing is to come close to winning the EPL and CL and knowing that we could have had we added a little.

  62. AFC says:

    You forgot our Welshman VCC. 😉

  63. The Cockie Monster says:

    Agree AFC…..Arteta ( if he were built like a brick shit house and quick, he would be awesome ! ), Pod and Flamini are not going to take us to another level. I know I keep harping on about it, but we have basically only spent £30M !….it`s a disgrace !….when we have enough money to compete against the Chavs etc` !.
    We will not win the league unless he buys, simple fact of life !. Yes, the FA Cup was great, but lets face it, any team can win that as proven by Wigan, last season it just happen to be our lucky turn !.
    Enough Dooming, as I could get serious about it !. hahaha

  64. VCC says:

    AFC>>>>>OH FFS….your right …HOW COULD I

    Ramsey please forgive me.

    Wow, that makes it look even better.

  65. The Cockie Monster says:

    Fcuk !. I forgot about Ramsey as well in my 1st choice starters…….so we only need 3 more SQ !. hahaha

  66. AFC says:

    Considering Everton could spend £28 million on a Lukaku, then yeah it is a disgrace Cockie.

  67. The Cockie Monster says:

    How dare you Stretch !…. insinuate that I talk nonsensical stuff !. ………If only you could see my sign language for the deaf I`m giving you now !. hahaha

  68. steve says:

    Well that was a tough game to watch, let’s face it I whinge and moan like a little bitch when the game is over or not started yet but when it’s on you’ve got to support who’s out there on the pitch and that was very difficult last night.
    I ended up blaming one person last night while watching and I’ll think I’ll stick to that now as well.


    A 4-2-3-1 against CP fine I can understand that, it’s not as if there’s going to be a lot of space available for pacey attack with eleven men behind the ball and maybe five creative midfielders trying to cleverly crack the nut is a decent tactic. However Besiktas is a team who finished third in their league, playing at home! They are going to be playing attacking football – which leaves SPACE!
    And so it was, Jack who I thought had a decent game (yep that’s right I’ll defend this kid till the cows come home lol) would pass out of defence on the break to Sanchez and that was it! Giroud couldn’t keep up, no pace – Cazorla couldn’t keep up, no pace – Ramsey didn’t keep up, not enough pace last night. So it was Sanchez vs Besiktas pmsl. It’s not their fault however because that is not their game!

    Swap Cazorla for the OX a la Bayern Munich and you would have had the support you needed on the left, move Sanchez in the middle where he is most dangerous (until he gets a little better with his passes), and put Campbell on the right cutting in on his left foot.

    F*cking dangerous attacking pace!

    Now I’m just some c*nt in front of a computer but Wenger is a legend so there must be a reason, can someone help me out? What is happening or not happening as the case may be seems so easy to rectify in my eyes but there has to be a reason why he’s not doing it? You don’t have the answer to your problems sat on the bench and not use them, there has to be a reason?

    Next game (with Arteta injured, Gibbs injured, Ramsey suspended, Walcott still out, the Germans back and Diaby wherever the f*ck Diaby is)

    —Wilshere—-Chambers—-The OX—

    Yes Akpom, 6ft plus, quick, tricky, strong and scores goals for fun – until Theo is back and while OX is back doing Ramsey’s job for this game Akpom’s my man for the job.

    This team would destroy Besiktas, but you know it won’t look anything like this team next Wednesday – WHAT AM I MISSING!

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    When we beat the Toffies 5-0 on Saturday you lot will look rediculous hahahaha 🙂

    Vickers, there is plenty to be negative about, and I have my own gripes with Wenger, but the TW is still open and the team will get back to form soon. The toffees will get a drumming, mark my word! 🙂


    Cornwall, on your list of 1st choice starters every player bar Chesney was bought in by Arsene, most at an age were they needed development. Dont see you giving him praise for that?

    Also, your figure of net £30 million spent is incorrect because money arriving at that figure e.g. Fabregas, has already been accounted for.

    And no, I dont care what Perry Groves said.hahaha

  71. The Cockie Monster says:

    See what me and Vickers are saying !……we are indeed just a few SQ players away from being a force and Wenger has more than enough funds to do so and this is probably the thing that frustrates the likes of me and Vics !. It was bad enough watching all our players leave, but now we are keeping hold of the talent and have the funds to out manoeuvre our rivals, it makes it even more frustrating as we have gone from not being able to do anything about it to being able to do something and Wenger sits on his hands !. Act while we are in the position to do so !.

  72. VCC says:

    steve 13:24……….your not missing a single thing…..the only two people who can’t see it, is Wenger and Stretch.

  73. AFC says:

    I think it is coming along like I am only focusing on the negative things and Wenger bad decisions. He has made a lot of good decisions in the last few seasons which I respect. I just choose to focus on what can be improved and needs to be fixed. I do the same in matters outside of football as well. I don’t focus a lot on the things Wenger is doing right because they don’t need to be changed and are good as they are already are.

  74. The Cockie Monster says:

    Listen Stretch !….your just a dodgy accountant, where I am an accountant for the weekly shopping bills and energy bills, rates etc`….a proper accountant and I believe in all the false facts that I put up to back my statements of our ( the club ) immense riches and to justify my slagging off of your dominatrix bitch Wenger !. hahaha

  75. VCC says:

    TMHT…….as you know, many times in the past I’ve said Wenger is Dennis in my house…..but I’m not so sure any more.

    He seems to have lost his mojo. His drive, his charisma, his wisdom. I hope of course I’m wrong and I have to eat my hat.

    If I had people like Mourinho saying things about me as he does about Wenger (a winner in failure) I would make doubly sure I would have a team to compete with him. I don’t see on paper at the moment we have a team to do this.

    Although he has the funds to achieve just that.

  76. VCC says:

    Total 13:25……….I hope you are right about this coming Saturday against the Toffee’s.

    I’m not in your camp with this one I’m afraid.

    We will have to improve immensely if we are to get a result at Goodison.

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Vickers, would it not be typical Arsenal under Wenger to win fantastically well after two under par performances when it is least expected? There is a reason why he is a Dennis in your home! 🙂

  78. AFC says:

    VCC, Mourinho’s comments would have motivated me. When he had said that I would be thinking ‘How dare this little arrogant classless d***head call me that me’. I then would have got even more serious, got in the SQ players I needed to slaughter win the league meanwhile slaughtering Chelsea at home and put Mourinho back in his place.

    I actually feel sorry for how the players disrespected Wenger on his 1000th game.

  79. AFC says:

    To win the league convincing*

  80. The Cockie Monster says:

    £200/220M Perry said !……and seeing as he does legend tours of the stadium, with a quick detour through the accounts department and you only do tours of a Brentwood Tesco`s dogging car park !…….I only have one choice who to believe…….unless you have evidence of Ivana Gazidis having flashed his courtesy light on and off at the dogging session !.
    Also, how can we trust someone like you, someone who has been severely reprimanded by the Brentwood Dogging Association for cruelty to Doggers !. Remember their motto……………A Dogging is for life, not just for Christmas….Easter and Bank Holidays etc` !. hahaha


    I get were your coming from lads, I really do.

    Football is not an exact science so its just all opinion, perspective, and means of expression on here.

    The great thing is we have another full season watching our team.

    Lets see how we get on

  82. VCC says:

    Terry, hand on heart, where do you think we will finish up at the end of the season?

  83. The Cockie Monster says:

    A 5-0 win Totes !!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….normally only Stretch predicts the 5 nillers and without great effect !.
    It is only you walking around Norwich with your nob hanging out painted red who is going to look Red dick ulous !…………..hold on a sec`….I said Norwich !…`ll probably be OK !.

  84. VCC says:

    AFC 13:42……were they disrespectful to him, or was it his orders/tactics to push our full backs on so early and so far.

    Have a look at the positioning of our full backs when the goals went in. Especially Gibbs!!!!!


    Cornwall, one of the builders that done my loft lived in the same town and went to school with Groves. Reckons he was a right flash git and though a good player, only made it because his old man had contacts

    He also said he was shit with women. hahaha

  86. steve says:

    VCC, cheers mate nice to know i’m not going crazy. I mean Chambers what a buy and you think good old Wenger the mans still a genius but then he seems to miss the simple implementation of winning tactics and personnel that he has at his disposal.
    Oh well keeps me on my toes i suppose lmao


    Vics, probably third, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we won it. We have a great chance

  88. The Cockie Monster says:

    I think we can allow for Stretch being deluded and gullible when you think of what he has been through with his first missus !.
    In the building of the extension, his ex-wife had a secret escape exit from the bedroom via the wardrobe which to this day Stretch has no idea about !. Even the Chippendale builders his ex-wife employed did not make him suspicious, even when she said to keep costs down and she would help them with handling their power tools and finish the day hardly being able to walk did he become suspicious !.
    Then there was the wardrobe full of party animal costumes like …cats, cows, horses etc`….this was just a front for escaping !. How many times did he look out the window and see a large looking cat running through the wooden fence instead of climbing over it !.
    Now Stretch has an expensive box of cigars on his bedside table and one day he came home early and looked out of the window to see a Jersey cow and a horse strolling through his back garden !. he said to the ex-wife……” fcuk, I cant believe what I`ve just seen, a Jersey cow and a Horse pissing over my hydrangeas !…..and even more astonishing is that they were smoking cigars and the fcuking horse was blowing smoke out of it`s arse !”.

    So please, go easy on him, he means well !.

    Hey Vics !….you still got that Gorilla suit ?……I`ll swap you a lama suit !. hahaha


    hahahahaha, she wouldnt have to hid it from me mate, I would have built it for her and bought all the animal costumes to.

    Lost count how many geezers I offered money to take her off my hands. But once they had a look at her thighs and my neck, they put two and two together and the deal was scuppered. hahaha

  90. VCC says:

    Cockie. LMFAO

  91. VCC says:

    TMHT. 14:00………..I totallt agree, but if you were Manager wouldn’t you take a chance and push the boat out now you have the money and buy 2 more SQ players. IMO thats all it would take.

    Would not break the bank and make us spiral like Leeds United.

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cocker of Doom 🙂

    On Saturday evening we will be six, SIX! points above your chart of doom and it will be you who will be looking award-winningly stupid! hahaha 🙂

    But agreed. 5-0 is Stretch’s score, so I am going for 6-0 😉


    Vics, about six months ago I posted on here that if we qualify for the champions league we will have about £60 million to spend on net transfers.

    You remember, I done it on the back of that postage note giving my views on the euro crisis as well.

    According to that, if we beat the Turks we should have another £20 million or so extra to spend.

  94. VCC says:

    Stretch, typical dodgy accountant’s reply. All the media are saying we will net £30 mil if we qualify. So that’s £10 mil more than you say.

    So, with your extra £20 mil, what have we to spend, IYO

  95. VCC says:

    In other words Stretch we could have afforded Cesc ? No?

    Then if so we still could have a team of






    Are you saying if you were the Manager you wouldn’t have a go with that team?

  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the spot-on match review TA!

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that none of the attackers seem to be at Sanchez’s level, Ramsey aside. Ozil can’t come back to the line-up soon enough so that he has someone to play with/off of and I believe he will fill what has been a massive talent-sized hole in our line-up.

    Also, it’s becoming more and more evident that we could also do with a better and more mobile striker up front. However, good strikers don’t come cheap and we have other holes in our line-up to fill (apparently Manolas is having his medical with Arsenal today). Manolas will bring much needed defensive cover to our back four, as will the return of Mertesacker.

  97. Tester says:

    Hearing from everywhere that we can make an SQ signing if we qualify for the UCL knockout stages. Hope so!

    I’ve supported Wenger thru’ the tough times but now that we have the money, we need quality specialist players in each position. If someone can play multiple roles like Alexis then fair enough. But enough of these “conversions” please. I check a few Arsenal blogs & this is the only one waxing lyrical about Diaby. We all feel sad for him but doesn’t he epitomize Arsenal’s failings recently? Put all the trust in him & don’t buy back up. He keeps getting injured. Ugh, I’m frustrated!

    Arteta is an important figure at the club so keep him,play him for some home games,Carling cup etc but have one top class B2B/CDM type player as first choice. I hope Arteta’s injury does force Arsene’s hand.

    And give Joel Campbell a chance. The lad has shown good skills so far & deserves his time. He can’t do worse than Giroud right now???


    Vics, Arsenals current Turnover was around £230 million. Analysts expect with increased revenue, driven by new commercial deals and new TV Money, Turnover to break the £300 Million barrier, possibly reaching £310

    On the £230 miilion Turnover Arsenal were breaking even, so an extra £80 million turnover less expected costs of around £20 million leaves about £60 million to spend

    My figures are estimates of course, but the premise of how it works is broadly accurate.

    If some one can show that the foundations of my workings are misguided then I will change my opinion.

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers HH 🙂

    Fully agreed on the return of the Ozicle and I know about your reservations about OG – and you know my thoughts about it too. Some days he will look rubbish and he is definitely not blameless about it…. but our system of football has him in a different role than CF and if our midfielders are not performing it will make him look extra bad. I have no doubt Wenger will try Campbell in OG’s position at times, and maybe even Sanchez, although I cannot see this work myself at the moment.

    If we get the defensive back up in the Man or Las(?) and we move Chambers to midfield, have Ozil and Theo back and use Ox, Campbell, Cazorla and one or two others on ‘the wing’ and Sanchez were he fits best….. We should be a strong team going forward. And if AW still manages to get a SQ midfielder or CF in…. we will be cooking with Gas! 🙂

  100. The Cockie Monster says:

    Now we all know Stretch is the qualified accountant, that’s unquestionable !, but when something is blatantly obvious, we don’t need his expert opinion….I mean Jeremy Kyle may be the expert on Scouse inbred marital problems, but I`m sure Stretch didn`t have to phone him up for a second opinion when he found his ex-wife in bed with a dog, a cow and a horse smoking his cigars…`s obvious he should put the cigars in the safe !.
    Now we all know and heard Gazidis say we have at least £70M to spend every year just on the transfer fees, that is unquestionable !.
    Last season after buys and sales, we spent £30M which left £40M in Arsene`s off-shore bank account. So far this season with sales, buys and the Cesc/Vela windfall, we still have £40M left to spend, add to this last season`s £40M and that’s a minimum of £80M still in Arsene`s bank !.
    We could all make grounds that there is more due to new sponsorships and the breathtaking amount of money paid by the premier league last year when the likes of Cardiff earned over £60M….which was more than Manshafter Std earned for winning the league the previous year !……and then we have Perry Groves say so, believable or not !
    So in a nutshell we have a minimum of £80M left to spend which I say is unquestionable in simple arithmetic terms, plain and simple to see, although I expect Stretch to gloss over these facts with accountancy mumbo jumbo…..which incidentally was the name given to the Elephant costume hanging in his wardrobe !. hahaha
    That is more than enough to fix our deficiencies !.

  101. The Cockie Monster says:

    Cheers Totes !……..”award winningly stupid” is better than being just stupid…..I think !. hahaha

  102. The Cockie Monster says:

    As for The Chart of Doom……and I know there is such a wave of excitement whenever it is mentioned !………I will this year not only do a like for like game running total with obviously Burnley, Leicester and QPR replacing the relegated Cardiff, Fulham and Norwich (where may I say we got full points on all these games), but also compare each weeks points total like for like !……don’t say I don’t pull out all the stops for bringing Doom to a new level !. hahaha
    So from game one we are level in that we beat Palace last year !, but (and this breaks my heart in Dooming terms ! hahaha) are 3 points ahead from last seasons 1st game !. WARNING !…..after game one last season we went on to be TOTL until game 22 and 24, then it all went down hill as predicted by The Protector of The Chart of Doom !. hahaha

    My mission…..To Protect and Serve the Chart of Doom !………..fcuk !…why do I write all this crap ?….I must be a sad cnut !….albeit, an award winning sad cnut !. hahaha

  103. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hopefully our focus is on winning domestic trophies, because I don’t see us having a hope in hell of winning the UCL. Perhaps winning Europa is a possibility if we don’t progress beyond the group stage. Looking at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and even Chelsea is quite daunting (the last the least so). Of course, any of those clubs could suffer a bad day and we could be the Cinderella story, but that’s a lot of “ifs”.

    It’s even questionable if we could beat Atletico, Dortmund and P$G. We don’t line up well against Atletico since they’re physical and can score plenty of goals off set pieces and would likely out work us by a fair margin, while Dortmund’s midfield would boss us around if Gundogan is healthy (together with S.Bender and Mkhitaryan). P$G is probably the most beatable club of the 3, but they still have a strong line-up.

  104. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cocker, you are in fine, award-winningly stupid form 🙂

    Bring us doom and gloom, oh master of despair!

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed HH, we need to beat one of the top teams to rebuild confidence, but it will not be easy.

  106. proudgooner says:

    Let’s just think for a couple of minutes about what our players have been doing for the last few weeks to we realise what they have done and how it may affect there performances.
    Many have had a very competitive world cup but i won’t go into that even though it probably is pretty important.
    They have all been training very very hard to get up to full fitness, which they are not there yet as Wenger said.
    We have played the Community shield, the the Palace game, with a CL match 3 days later without our Germans. 3 very important players that are all capable of winning us a game.
    We face Everton in 4 days after the CL match then the CL game at home 4 days later. Now even though the players should have just been thinking about that game on Tuesday, at the back of there mind they will know they will have to really fight again in a few days.
    So the point is it has been a very draining start to the season with many tough games and we are missing the Gerries.
    I thought we played ok last night, it was a bit shit, but lets give the Turks some credit they were quite strong no?
    It will be a nervous game at the Emirates next week, 1 we should get though in but we have to score I think you always want an away goal
    Arteta ness i saw it wrong got his achelise stamped on, it was not that he couldn’t play 2 games in 3 days. I wonder if Wenger will push Chambers into DM with Arteta out and the BFG returning?
    I would like to see how he did there.
    I really hope Wenger can make at least 1 signing before the Everton game and a defender of course. Even if its a loan signing just so we are not left short.

  107. proudgooner says:

    I think you could be right about the CL , the problem is if we did not beat the Turks next week we would be a lot worse of. We would be in the Europa league.
    A scary thought indeed .

  108. proudgooner says:

    I have some great news, we are said to be very close to a signing. It’s Kim Kallstrom on a season long loan, only problem is the poor focker is on a zimmer fames til April the poor focker broke a few bones in his neck and he also has serve whiplash. Lucky though i was worried we did not have enough midfielders.

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    LOL PG – I heard we signed Squillaci again..

  110. henrychan says:

    I wonder any of us still want one of this guys : Fellaini.. Bernard.. Paulinho.. the three most popular name last season.. hehehe..

  111. geoffchase says:

    TA et al,

    I am more on TAs side. We will beat Everton. My ups and downs, way above, are mostly about finding those putting their hands up early. For me, Chambers and Ox just now. So, be it.

    That said, every team we will play barring other top teams (the very few), will serial foul, water the field, you name it to slow the pace. We do have to have a solution and it’s being more direct. That’s Ox again over Santi. Rest will, sort itself out in short order I think.

    For Everton, we will win, and partly because Martinez has “honor”. He will come out and try to play real football. Then, I guess, we will all see. I am not so optimistic as TA at 6-0, but 3-0 isn’t out of the question, 3-1 if Lukaku scores while using one hand to pick poor Chambers (who’s going to get an all new experience there!) out from in between his cleats. I am very keen to see that matchup and will be in the right time zone, so one is hopeful.

    cheers — jgc

  112. TotalArsenal says:

    Geoff, I expect BFG to return and Chambers to be on the bench or maybe in Arteta’s role? Agreed on need for more thrust which Ox, as per the nature of the beast, fully offers.

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    Who fancies writing a match preview for the Everton game? Could even be a ‘dream team’ approach…..

  114. henrychan says:

    TA.. JGC.. Sure we will win the battle with Everton.. Our Trio Germany is back..
    And Ramsey still can play for Everton.. right..??
    So we will see.. Merte-Kos again.. Ozil as our AM.. and Diaby (hehehe) as our DM.. Will it be great..?? hahaha.. And also Podolski before sending him out to other club.. hehehe..
    But I don’t think Wenger will change his team a lot..

    My dream team for Everton :
    Debuchy – Merte – Kosc – Monreal
    Diaby – Ramsey
    Sanchez – Ozil – Ox
    Subs : Martinez, Hayden, Chambers, Flamini, Cazorla, Rosicky, Giroud

  115. Gerry says:

    Geoff – I am not sure if you read much off other posts, but this seems right up your street:

    It could educate a few others regards our needs for a DM?

    TA – I appreciate that you have been doing all the posting lately. If I crunch a few thoughts while I am out with the dogs, I’ll put something together this afternoon. If you get other offers, all well and good. I’ll give you a thumbs up/down around midday, and you will have it early evening.

  116. Gerry says:

    I’m on it TA!

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    That is great, Gerry. Good man! 🙂

  118. 17highburyterrace says:

    Maybe I’ll try and be the bookends (in the comments at least) on this nice post. I concur with you, TA, about not being too harsh after these first matches, esp. given the workable results. The comments on the individuals from the first leg seem just about spot on as well. Ramsey out (but Ozil back, we assume) for the 2nd should give Jack and Santi (and big Ollie) a chance to shine…

    Here’s one which I think many will enjoy from my fellow West-Coaster, Timmy the Tooth…

    Big one on Saturday (They’re all BIG, truth be told…) in the late timeslot AND on the network (NBC) again here in the States… The game is on the up for us gringos even if we rather stunk up the place in our lone pre-season venture over here, relative to the other English teams. (I’m looking forward to Gerry’s preview, too–but concerned, if he goes “dream-team,” that I may not know all the youth players… 😉 )

    Ten days left in the window and clearly a bit of work seems needed. So far so good, but the end-game seems important. What I would give for a little re-a-sauce-assurance from an old superspy. Alas, unfortunately, those days seem behind us…

    OK, enough said. Carry on…

  119. Frozen says:

    Balo off to pool then… And the reported fee is quite painful.

    Surely he was offered to us at some point. I still think we’ll be fine in the attacking department but it does make you wonder.

  120. jgc says:


    Who didn’t know that? 🙂

    Equally, in our blowouts last year it was organisation that broke down and didn’t recover, not defenders… Most counter attack goals also come from breaking down the organisation.

    Finally, that’s why parked buses work! The space is automatically limited and so is the ball control. You don’t have it but the other guy can’t do anything with it and might as well not have it… Dead game.

    Toss in a crap pitch and …. 🙂 :/

    Cheers — jgc

  121. Gerry says:

    HT – Glad you have found your way back into the light … lairs are for hibernating in!

    I too will be able to watch it live. Oh, and you are right to be afraid of my dream team … Academy plus Szczezzer and Ozil 😀 😀 😀

    The post is done by the way, and I hope TA is ‘souping it up’ as I write this.

    I have just found out I have a bonus view of the CL 2nd leg too .. on Sky Sports 5.

    Hoping to have BT Sports back tomorrow, they messed up on the contract!

  122. Gerry says:

    jgc – Quite a few judging by some comments on here? 😀

  123. Gerry says:

    Frozen – Not done and dusted just yet …

    There is a lot of crap being written on the TW at the moment. What with phantom medicals, secret flying in talks, £35m bids that did not happen, repeats of our bid from a month ago is suddenly great news …. yikes!

  124. VCC says:

    What a shame we did not take a chance on Balotelli. IMO, well worth a punt at £16 million and £90,000 per week. 😦

  125. The Cockie Monster says:

    I feel the need….the need for …..Doom !
    Doom of the day !.
    You all know about my accountancy for mugs…the plain English, easy to understand stuff, well we know we have only spent in real terms….. £30M ! ( so far !…..and the next one is so far away in a distant galaxy ! )……guess what Arsene`s rose tinted rectum lickers ?…………Everton have spent £34M !, now that really puts Arsene to shame !.
    Apparently, Reus was in London over the summer talking about a switch to us and because he got injured it went pear shaped, so we got Alexis !. Now as much as I wanted Alexis over the years, I still want Reus and we should be out there getting him back at the negotiating table, I don’t care if he has a little knock, get him !.
    Honestly, I find it unbelievable that Everton have spent more than us and we still have a minimum £80M……..more like £200M if we believe our mate Perry, our legend insider !.
    See this is it bastards, we all would love to have an insider ( I think Hamez Bonds insider/sauce is a make believe stuffed sex toy by the name of Mr Jizzy he still cuddles up to !. hahaha ) and love proper rumours, but when an Arsenal supporting ex-player who still works for the club goes on national radio and says we have £200/220M to spend, you choose to ignore him and rather believe a dodgy accountant who has lied in the eyes of God with his marriage vowels and belittles the Ten Commandments……though shall not covet another mans wife !…….Stretches answer to that is…..” I don’t want to covet her, I just want to fcuk her ! “. hahaha

    Wenger Out !
    Cockie In !

  126. The Cockie Monster says:

    I`m on the ready to copy and paste my last comment as I know bollock chops usually comes along and says …new post !….after I`ve written some excellent relevant crap !. hahaha

  127. The Cockie Monster says:

    No Vics !……the injured Reus is the one worth the punt not some overated fcuking loon !.

  128. VCC says:

    Cocker 19:25….Deja-Vu (spelling ?) same old, same old Wenger.

  129. The Cockie Monster says:

    I can see some of you BKers really emotionally shocked at my Everton statement…..£34M …..yes, £4M more than us !………don’t bother phoning the Samaritans….phone me instead, I will talk you through a painful or painless death which you deserve for blindly following the Prince of Darkness and I don’t mean, Stretch !, he`s related to Hade !.

  130. The Cockie Monster says:


    Lucky for me and you Vic`s, unlike these other Bastards, we don’t have a Wenger shrine or subscribe to his cult !. hahaha

  131. proudgooner says:

    I agree about Mario B, we should have taken a punt on him for that money. He could well turn out to be he buy of the season.
    With Joel Campbell and Alexis coming in though i can see why Wenger would want Campbell to get a good chance this season.
    Mr Doom,
    The window is not shut yet Wenger is clearly after 2 more players in the defence dept.
    So far we have brought very well i am happy with all the players, i look forward to Wenger finding and announcing the new 1’s.
    We have still spent £65 million, we sold the deadwood bar TV5 .

  132. proudgooner says:

    Let’s not forget Theo and Podolski will very soon return as well so that is some real firepower we have 🙂

  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockster, Don’t get me wrong, I love your particularly jaundiced view from behind the sofa of gloom and I’m no accountant but…

    Everton’s net (transfer) spend is NOT what worries me…The real story is what the Sheik-o-Garch teams (City and Chelsea) are doing and that is all about salaries… 4 and 5 year contracts up and down those squads. Hell, even old dudes with nice wives– BS-3 😦 –get big fat ones (contracts, that is) to wear the blue suit and warm the bench. Start adding those up and you will have a case to make. At the moment, I cannot be arsed, but who knows, maybe after the dust has settled from this opening run of fixtures and the closing of the window…

    Anyhoo, my guess is that AW and his economics degree has a bunch of bald-heads nodding in assent about his great quest to make us…wait for it…the third biggest club in England (behind the money down a hole duo). Now we only need but fend off ‘Pool and United which would make us the #1 amongst the American owned clubs–not such an easy trick considering their big “histories,” blah, blah, blah… and the fact that United only have the one (big) competition this season… ‘Pool trading one wack-o forward for another (plus CASH) isn’t bad business, either…

    My guess is that nobody’s missed *those* sorts of comments… 🙂 Enjoy the match, those who choose to watch it… 😉

  134. PG, Balotelli would need to somehow develop or grow and implant himself a brain to be the buy of the season. He’ll score goals, but he’ll cause his teams just as many headaches with stupid penalties, selfish plays and being a cancer off the field.

  135. Highbury Harmony says:

    I should add that Balo is entering a perfect situation at Liverpool. They have a vocal, veteran who is well-respected and will put him in his place if he gets out of line (and he will), while Rodgers is a pretty good coach for nurturing players. At Arsenal, we lack a Stevie G type leader and he would have been placed in Wenger’s dog house very quickly, with no way out. He would have lived up to his persona of being a cancer and would have ruined our team chemistry/spirit.

    I would rather save the money and spend on a DM or spend a bit more and buy Reus. An attack featuring Reus, Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott would be unstoppable. We’d be nearly on par in attack with the Spanish giants at that point.

  136. AFC says:

    Balotelli well worth £16 million. We could have avoided his wages as well.

    HH, how does he have stupid penalties? He is one of the best penalty takers in world football?

    What has he done on and off the pitch while at Milan that can justify you calling him a cancer who would have disrupted our team chemistry?

  137. AFC says:

    Avoided huge wages*

    17, good stuff re City and Chelsea but I would rather we not worry about City and Chelsea. We should spend what we can to make our squad as strong as possible (DM and CB at the very least). If Wenger does that and we still can’t win the league and finish above Chelsea and City then I’ll have no problem with Wenger. I honestly think we can beat City and Chelsea to the title if we get the players we need and Wenger tightens up in big games. Do I expect us to win the CL? No. The likes of Real, Barca and Bayern are just too strong for us. The BPL is definitely up for grabs though.

  138. VCC says:

    Harmonious, I agree MB is a one off and a bit of a head case, but he is extremely generous and does a lot for charity.

    He once called into a petrol station, and while paying for his fuel, told the cashier to put all the other drivers, who were on the forecourt, bill on his account.

    Yes he is a rich man and earns a fortune, but not many guys would do that kind of thing. Can you imagine John Terry doing the same? I don’t think so. He would drive off without paying if he had a chance.

  139. AFC says:

    LOL agreed Vickers. Remember Suarez. A lot of people had thought he had changed and he hadn’t but people him a second chance and the benefit of the doubt (despite some of the stuff which he done being much worse than Mario). Why can’t people give Balotelli a second chance even though he has kept his head down since he has been at Milan?

  140. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, by penalties I meant fouls. Only a north american sports fan would have understood that.

  141. Highbury Harmony says:

    Balo is a cancer. Look at what he did at Inter and he was a constant distraction at City. At AC, he hasn’t been a cancer, but hasn’t produced either. Why else would the club be looking to sell him?

    Certain players are just better off not being at Arsenal and Balo is clearly one of them.

  142. Highbury Harmony says:

    The club that “gives” Balotelli a chance will also be the one that regrets it. He isn’t the type to buy into a team system nor one to lead a line as a main striker. He’s uncoachable and there’s really no two ways around it. When you have the IQ that is less than that of an infant child, you can’t really expect more.


    Cornwall, i wouldnt change a thing mate. Infact, ime seeing two women at the moment. Bound to get caught out soon. Maybe Moses will grass me up. hahaha

    I wont bother arguing about the figures anymore, people can believe what they want. But i will leave you with this. When I have an electrical problem I get an electrician. When I have a legal issue I seek out a Solicitor. I think you get the picture

  144. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys, just back from a day travelling and off to bed soon. Really good to see 17 back and fighting the good cause with me. 🙂

    Gerry, will look at post in ze morning. Thanks, buddy. 🙂

    Balo is a dipper. 🙂

  145. The Cockie Monster says:

    Before I retire underneath my mirrored ceiling….mirror mirror on the ceiling, which BKer is most appealing !…….I have to say to PG that it`s £30M in real terms and even though we are relatively rolling in it, we will not buy anyone until we are guaranteed CL football, that is the nature of the beast that is Wenger and remember I am the Accountant of Doom !. hahaha
    Glad your back 7eventeenho and good to see HH about more !……….I only used Everton as an example to show that even middle table clubs are currently outspending us !…of course Chavs and Mansour City are the dark side, but when the girl scout cookie clubs are outspending us, then there`s something not quite right ( in Wenger`s head ) !.

    PS……don’t worry, I always enjoy the match in delayed time if we win !. hahaha

    We really must be masochists !….from my own current experience of losing family and current issues of loved ones health !…..we/I still follow this darn football club which frustrates, depresses and stresses the life out of us/me, why ?, do I really need the added stress ?.
    I am an Arsenal addict !.

    Night addicts !.

  146. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha Stretch…….and when you want more “skirt”, you want quantitative easing, freshly made from the new loft extension !. When I want Ginger nuts, I get Perry !.

  147. AFC says:

    Way to harsh on Balotelli there HH. What he did at City and Inter was years ago. Wasn’t he only 20 at that time? If he is still being disruptive at the age of 28 then fair enough. Maybe he had a personality clash with Mourinho and Mancini. As soon as he was under Seedorf’s wing he improved massively. He underachieved for AC because the entire team was underachieving and he most likely had poor service. He can’t do it all himself . If the team plays poor how can you expect your striker to perform and score 20 plus goals. That is what people say about Giroud anyway.

  148. AFC says:

    HH, mate we’ll have to agree to disagree on Balotelli. Anyway he has gone to Liverpool so there no point in me of you talking about him.

  149. AFC says:

    Me or you*

  150. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    So Reds got Baloteli.. hehehe.. Let’s see how Rodgers do with Balo..??
    For me.. better to bring Pato ‘the duck’ than Balo..??

    But for now we are closing for Bernard on loan and Tiote for cheap.. NewC is always a good partner to Arsenal.. hahahaha..
    And how about the rumour of Falcao.. hehehe.. will it be a great sign..??

  151. Gerry says:

    VCC, AFC, and any others who thinks we would have got Balo for £90k(if true???), is just wishful thinking. Liverfool(as JB would have it) were the only club in for taking(the HH) risk factors. Good grief, it was reported that ‘Fool were trying to get a ‘Be Good’ clause written into the sale, where they could ship him back and get their money back if it all went pear shape!
    That is how dodgy he is.
    Had we made it an auction of it, he would have pressed for more cash from both parties. Welcome to the real world?
    Which by the way, the post that TA is currently looking at … and wondering if it is worth putting out? … is not a blockbusting, rally the troops type you may have hoped for. More a sober look at how difficult it is to make a team selection from who is available.
    I don’t say for one minute that I have got it right. But that is AW’s job.

    I keep repeating myself on the transfer speculations. AW is only one part of the way we are bringing in new players. He does the important bit of selecting who he thinks will SUIT the team needs, and persuade them to come for talks. The ‘personal terms’, etc are handled by IG.

    IG has a supplementary fund which does not come out of the transfer budget directly, and is there to supplement the deals aside from the fee. It is his job to get the best he can, and between him and AW, they are balancing when to go back for an improved offer against the likelihood of missing out. This is not kids in a sweet shop stuff, and when you get leaks like ‘X’ club has bid £35m for Arsenal target, the poor kiddies in the shop can see their favourite sweet jar disappearing out the back door they all cry out, and it makes it harder to keep a lid on it all. Especially when there was not a grain of truth in said ‘bid’!

    Leave it to the professionals. They know what is going on. If they have got it wrong by the 1st of Sept, then tell them.

  152. VCC says:

    Any one getting nervous about the Everton game tomorrow?………….I am.

  153. AFC says:

    Gerry, I didn’t say we could have got Balo for 90k a week. When did I say that we could have got him for 90k a week? I know that if we had got involved he would have most likely have asked for closer to 130k a week which we can afford.

    I have also said that I will wait until the TW window closes before judging how well the club have done.

  154. VCC says:

    Morning Gerry… be fair it was me that quoted Balotelli was going for £16 million and on £90k per week.

    That’s what skysports said, and has been confirmed in the morning papers, at least the £16mil has.

    I still think he would have been worth a punt at that price. He would perform much better than what we’ve got already, Giroud and Sanogo. ~In fact I think I could perform better than those two 😉 then again I wouldn’t get a look in as I’m not French. 🙂


    Just my two pence worth on Balloteli

    Simple reality. Do not put faith in a fully grown man who can not be trusted with a box of matches.

    I also think this says more about Rodgers, Liverpool and the transfer market than anything else

    Rodgers has thoughts above his station. He believes he is the man to tame Balloteli. but it also indicates how difficult the transfer market is. I am sure Liverpool had other targets. They have plenty of money, are in the Champions League, and a big name, yet they have settled for Balloteli and Lambert.

    As for Everton, it will be a hard match. One which we will win 5-0

  156. VCC says:

    Hi Stretch…..I admire your optimism and strength towards the cause.

    Fingers crossed you are right. I just think this could be a slippery one.

    On the Balotelli issue. I’m not saying he is not a loose cannon, all I’m saying, is, in todays market £16 mil for a proven scorer is not a huge risk to take. Surely,You cannot deny he would be better than our two bambi’s up front????

  157. AFC says:

    Terry, I would say Liverpool have struggled because they have not been in the CL for a number of years. They are in it now but could quite easily drop out this year, last year could have been an ‘anomaly’ and I think players know that.

    We have been in the CL for God knows how long and have a very capable manager in Wenger who will at least keep us in it bar some sort of a disaster. So it should be easier for us to get some of those top players. We can also pay higher wages than Liverpool as well, shown by Sour deal with Sanchez.

  158. AFC says:

    Players would rather join clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Dortmund, City (and of course your Bayerns, Reals and Barca’s) etc, ahead of Liverpool.


    AFC & Vics

    Both very fair comments. We are in a much stronger position than liverpool, mostly down to Lord Wenger

    I agree that Balloteli is better than Giroud, but not miles ahead of him, but thats just my opinion. Overall, I am glad Lord Wenger didnt buy him

  160. AFC says:

    Fair enough Terry. 🙂

    I gotta go but I will be back later to talk about the upcoming match.

  161. shrillex says:

    Haha VCC. I’m pretty darn nervous too. Hope the boys can get our season going with a win against the Toffees.

    My starting lineup for Everton game:

    Debuchy- Calum- Koz- Nacho
    Flamini- Rambo
    Alexis- Santi – Ox

    I’m tempted to out Per at CB as he has more experience and can handle Lukaku better. However, if R.Martinez puts Lukaku on the right, I would put Calum in midfield alongside Ramsey and Flamini in a 433. He would certainly give us more defensive stability. Hell, I might even out him at LB just to counter Lukaku. But from Monreal’s performance so far, he gets to keep his place as he is in good form at the moment.

    For tactical reasons, I would play Ox and Sanchez on the flanks to counter Baines and Coleman. They will not only track back to help our fullbacks, but their presence will make Baines and Coleman think twice about going to attack. Their pace will be needed for our counter attacks. I would replace Santi with ozil if he is available as we will need his pinpoint passing if we are to have a deadly counter attack.

    Our CF spot is harder to figure out. Ollie would offer us a target to find and hold up the ball, while Sanogo would offer us movement upfront. But I will go with Campbell as he can do all of the above. In addition to that, he will offer us pace upfront and his unpredictablility on the ball is exactly what we need against a tactically outstanding Everton side.

    Let’s win this game, hopefully by a big margin. COYG!!

  162. VCC says:

    shrillex 08:58….you and I should kidnap Arsene Wenger and take over, your line up is spot on what I would employ 🙂

    Debuchy looks more than capable of handling everything the Everton’s forwards may throw at us, although it worries me if Baines is allowed to forage forward. That’s where Sanchez comes into play, he will occupy Baines.

    I would continue with Chambers, but keeping an eye on weather Lukaku may be too strong for him at this stage of his career. I would not like to dent Chamber’s great start to the season. Keeping Mertesacker in reserve if this becomes the case.

    Koscielney. This guy is immense in our defence. One of the first players on my list. Must play if Chambers is being risked.

    Monreal should continue, as he has had a solid start and the only sensible choice at LB.

    Flamini and Ramsey should play the holding role and stay disciplined for the first 45 minutes at least. Do not venture too far forward and cover at all times during this spell.

    Sanchez and Ox should play the wing back roles. Both are more than capable of marshalling Baines and Coleman. These two defenders are a potent force for Everton, we must at all costs keep them quiet, and stop the supply to the dangerous and strong Lukaku.

    Santi or Jack should occupy the middle/playmaker role. Unfortunately, this may be a game too early for our wizard of Oz.

    IMO, Campbell should play up front. He can shoot from distance, can hold the ball up, and more importantly, he would put fear into Jagielka and Stones at the heart of Everton’s defence.

    Jagielka is an accident waiting to happen, and although Stones will be a future England CB, he is young and inexperienced and will also show signs of nerves against a quick, mobile forward. If Giroud or Sanogo were to start this pair of CB would feel much more comfortable and be able to play more relaxed.

    Barklay, Kone and Oviedo will be missed by the Toffee’s. Especially Barclay, with his power and strength driving forward it would have caused Arsenal’s light weight midfielders problems. We always seem to suffer against sides who have this kind of mid fielder. That’s part of the reason we struggle so much against the top 5 sides.

    My substitutes would be =

    Mertesacker (just in case he is needed to replace Chambers?)
    Diaby ( if fit, hahahahahahhah, who am I trying to kid)
    Gnabry (if fit)

  163. Shrillex says:

    Haha VCC. We should definitely ambush AW on his way to the training ground or something 🙂

    Love your bench. However, I would put Ozil on the bench and give him a 30 min cameo. I would also give Per a few minutes of game time and slowly ease him back into the team. When he’s back, maybe put Calum in midfield and try him out there. And I hope Distin plays at CB, because Campbell will absolutely destroy him.

  164. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC it’s not harsh, it’s just a simple reality that Balotelli is a ticking time bomb and absolute liability to a club. He has plenty of talent and natural physical skills, but when you lack the mental component like he does, he’s not worth anything.

    Suarez was at least tuned in when he played, he just went too aggressive and started biting people hahaha!

  165. Highbury Harmony says:


    Isn’t it interesting to finally see a club with viable options at most positions now? I would love to see Chamberlain and Campbell get a run out there, but the Everton match may not be the time to do it (or at least in AW’s mind). I think they would open up a lot of space and are more instinctive goal scorers than say Santi (especially Campbell). If Ozil is match fit, then Sanchez will finally have someone who can read the game at his level (Ramsey aside) and it would be nice for Ozil to also have another fast, skilled outlet on the other wing.

    In terms of the transfers, I don’t think anyone can say we “failed” this transfer window. We adequately replaced Sagna (imo), bought a young CB who has loads of potential and has looked incredible so far, a back-up goalie to replace Fab and a SQ signing that can play anywhere in the front 3. In order to not complete disrupt team chemistry and squad familiarity, we should technically only buy another CB to replace Vermaelen (and for depth). Beyond that, a CDM and/or ST would obviously be incredible, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

    Patience grasshoppers. There will be a day!

  166. Gerry says:

    AFC – Yes, the full stop did make it look like you were included in the £90k statement, when it was from someone who should know better?
    I was annoyed at the simplistic attitude that because one club signs for £X we could have done the same. Just remember, when Arsenal enquired about Balotelli, the price quoted then was £20m? That shot up to over £30m, and him wanting £180k. That is when AW said ‘No!’, despite all the chatter that followed, mainly from Balo himself. You saying we could afford the £130k is also a bit shaky. Perhaps we could for a top class player like Alexis, but you immediately run into HH’s point about potential dressing room unrest. At the first sign of him not pulling his weight on the pitch, you would have guys below asking why is he among our top earners when I am not? Alexis has shown so far at least, that he is out to prove he is worth every penny?

    I think the Sammy K hit the same buffers with his early demands of £150k, and I am not too sure it will be revived, even at the current £16m fee rumoured. There was a different attitude from Cavani, who was quoted as saying he does not chase big money, but it is laughable that we would pay £35m plus Giroud. Why would PSG want Giroud? And why would we put our eggs all in one basket … again?

    Dotted line is what will be important. Believe nothing else.

  167. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, TA could we please remove Sagna and Vermaelen from the top photos and have ones of Chambers, Debuchy and Sanchez added to the rotation 🙂

  168. The Cockie Monster says:

    Still got Sagna and Vermaelen rotaing at the top !…..what a bastard !.
    The only rotating at the top should be their wives on my Hampton !

  169. The Cockie Monster says:

    Doom of the Day !.

    Manshafter Std have spent a net £64M so far !…….not bad for a club not in the CL !. Speculating to accumulate trophies is what they have done over the years, which has a knock on effect of…bigger sponsors, more TV coverage, bigger fan base etc`…..see how much money we spend if we don’t beat Beshitars and fail CL !.
    We are like an old prudent and conservative small town building society where the only excitement is at the Members Vicarage tea party where Mrs Farquar Smythe Chumleigh is choking on her cucumber sandwich !. The devilishly handsome cad and bounder society board member, Terence Hercules Mainwaring looks sheepishly on after slipping his phone number into her hand bag whilst his other hand twangs her suspender strap !.

  170. AFC says:

    TA, could you also have a photo of Theo for rotation? I am not 100% certain bit I don’t think you have a picture of him at the moment?

  171. TotalArsenal says:

    I cannot honour individual requests as Cockie will then feel entitled too, and we all know what sort of images he would want on the blog…. Nee Dank U! 🙂

  172. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Gerry has produced a very, very fine Pre-Match 🙂

  173. proudgooner says:

    On the Ballo Debate, as soon as i heard that Liverpool were set to sign Ballo. I was playing golf with Liverpool fan as soon as i heard i said he will cause Liverpool problems, but i still feel he is a good signing, he will always be worth his £16m price tag and probably more by the time Liverpool sell him.
    I am a little nervous about the Everton match but i think we will beat them
    I would also like to see Campbell for the surprise factor, Everton would not know what to expect from us up front.
    But only Wenger knows how they have all been training and there form etc, so i will trust Wenger to pick the best 11.
    I think we will have to use the subs and choose the starting 11 wisely after 2 games in 3 days and the CL tie on Wednesday, a game described be Wenger as a a cup final and rightly so.
    COYG 🙂

  174. proudgooner says:

    I think win the battle in midfield and we should win the game.

  175. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice one, PG, grace personified – oh how I miss him.

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