Welbeck To The Future: A Sensible Signing!

As yet, the signing of Danny Welbeck has not been confirmed, and as we know with Transfer Windows, we should not count our chickens till the fat bird has sung.

I would welcome Wellbeck with open arms. Giroud is our main holding striker and I have written many a post on BK explaining why he is so important to Arsene’s Arsenal. Sanogo is being moulded into the next Giroud but he has some way to go, and now that our main man is injured for three months or more, there would simply be too much pressure on the apprentice.

So what is the sensible thing to do….. to buy a player who can step in straightaway and is, in terms of development, somewhere between Sanogo and Giroud. Wellbeck has the ability to play with his back towards the goal and hold onto the ball, he is strong, passes the ball well and has great stamina. He also has PL experience and a decent goal conversion rate, and he is a team player who can be moulded further by Arsene.

Let’s just remember that Wenger is not looking for a striker ala Van Judas anymore, who might be a better finisher than Giroud but is unable to play with his back to the goal very well and put in the hard graft we usually get from our Frenchman.
Our CF needs to be able to enable our midfielders/fellow attackers to join the attack, to provide space for them, to produce assists (and penultimate assists), to form a threat in front of goal, AND, of course, to score goals himself.

I reckon Wellbeck can be turned into a ‘Giroud’ quite quickly and he should be able to form strong competition for him within the next six to 18 months. Of course he is not the marquee signing many of us had wished for, but he will fit into our system well, and at this stage of the season this makes total sense.
Will he be a success at Arsenal…. I reckon he will. Welcome to the Home of Football Danny – Enjoy the right.

Written by: TotalArsenal

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187 Responses to Welbeck To The Future: A Sensible Signing!

  1. AFC says:

    Thanks Total for the post. I need to be convinced by Welbeck. He’s not a terrible signing but he is not a brilliant signing. The plus side is his age. He still has time to improve and become a very good ST. I wonder what this means for Sanogo though. Sanchez, Giroud and now Welbeck are now ahead of him for the ST position? Not to forget Walcott as well? TA, would you prefer Welbeck up front to Sanchez?

  2. proudgooner says:

    Not heard so much as a whisper about any other signings coming Arsenal’s way, but then we did not hear anything about our Danny boy til a couple of hours ago, fingers crossed but its not looking good.

  3. bazzo says:

    Cant see united shipping welbeck out to Arsenal…….he is a united boy thru the ranks…thought united would be gettin rid of cleverley,but welbeck??????

  4. Savage says:

    Important thing is he has pace, which we’ve been sorely missing from our attacks. Ferguson will have schooled him in the counter-attack, and boy do we need to convert our defence to attack a lot faster.

  5. Mario says:

    Not a bad signing I think he will settle in well with the squad and has good pace and potential to get on score sheet regularly, don’t think we have done enough today tho wish wenger got carvalho aswel and it would of been very happy. COYG

  6. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, excellent and timely article my friend! Thrilled with the Welbeck signing, as he directly replaces what we lacked from Giroud and I actually like that he’s not the finished product yet. Arsene will have some time to mould him and he doesn’t come entitled with certain beliefs about playing time/position.

    I would also add that Welbeck actually has great touch with the ball too and as Savage highlighted, he will also add pace that we are lacking at times up top. He’s also decent in the air and strong, big boy. Welcome to Arsenal Danny!

    Posted this in the other thread, but it feels more appropriate to put it here:

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Good point, eau savage. Added speed through the middle is very welcome.

  8. AFC says:

    Alcide, yes the holding ST role seems to be very important to our team and it’s structure. At least we have adequate cover for Giroud now.

    HH, good line up which could work. Arteta in that double DM pivot doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    Where is JB?

    Cockie, come back, we need your doom and gloom mate! Terry will turn us all into Wengerites! 😀 If you are really taking a break from blogging I wish you and your family all the best. 🙂

  9. TotalArsenal says:


    Sanchez – Welbeck – Theo


  10. zico59 says:

    A sensible fucking signing you say….obviously you’ve got a touch of the “Wenger” about you. Welbeck is shit, why the hell do you think Van Gaal wants rid of him? And it’s another second rate player that utd wanted rid of that Wengers’ gone and spent good money on. There’s not much difference between him and Giroud, and, if it’s true Wenger prefered him to Falcao he needs to go now as he’s obviously lost his fucking marbles. It’s about time he went anyway, taking all then good for nothing yanks with him and let Usmanov run the club…at least we might start buying WORLD CLASS PLAYERS then!!!

  11. Rob Cooper says:

    He is not such a terrible signing, he is fast ,strong , can play with his back to goal and can score goals. He was very underused at Manure and mostly came on as a sub playing out of position so I am sure Arsene can develop him further and make him into the striker that he promised to become a few years ago. I feel slightly sorry for Joel Campbell as he has not really been given a chance after an excellent World cup.

  12. alcide says:

    Great post TA. Indeed, perfect short term backup for OG, potential to outgrow him, and added pace (we will have a mighty bunch of fast forwards even before Theo comes back).

    For the record, I have calculated his per 90 goal ratio for 2013-14: 0.55, not too bad considering ManU’s performance last season…

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Mario welcome. We need to add A CB or DM, but I reckon it will be the former with Chambers being the DM for us going forward.

  14. geoffchase says:


    I agree a good signing if it’s done by the bell… He’s a mix of OG and an Henry type. A mix of power and slick. Should be a potentially better fit for Ozil, and will offer in some ways more threat than OG in our case.

    With OG you can play tight and contend a lot because he wont out run you. In our game, that limited him to holding and “offload” passes, which he did very well, when on form. With Welbeck, you cant be sure, and have to play off a bit more. This opens space for him and others, as well as leaving the pass open too. So, good decision making should go a long way.

    I would also add that at ManU he always had to fit in between Rooney and RvJ, here he may be more free. So, optimistically, this could be a far better course for that specific horse.

    Just my 2p… waiting on the window, which closes at a decent hour here in NZ!

    cheers — jgc

  15. Redm says:

    I think he’s a sensible signing. I was hoping for a CB but all is quiet on that front. Instead we’ve sold one! Chambers is doing very well considering his age and experience but I would like some more experienced cover for games against some of the bigger teams.

  16. proudgooner says:

    If you think Arsenal have not got world class players then you must have a brain the size of a pea man.

  17. alcide says:

    Hmmm Zico, I don’t think anyone is comparing Falcao and Welbeck, and I don’t think they cost the same…

  18. Gino92 says:


    I want to thank you for your immense contribution to this blog. I have always looked forward to reading whatever craziness The Cockie Monster had to say, and I am usually not disappointed. However, I also understand and appreciate that TA has a really tough job to do policing his site, and he is doing a fantastic job. Don’t take anything too personally buddy. Take all the necessary time you need away from the blogosphere, and come back recharged and ready to go full throttle. I personally think that Dr. GLIC, the President of Lesbania, has been unfairly “emprisoned” for far too long and must be liberated soon. So, I am herewith starting a movement to free Dr. GLIC, and I am eagerly awaiting his return to power… 😉

    Regarding Welbeck, I guess he will do for now. He is better than Sanogo and better than nothing. We will just have to deal with. At the very least, his signing helps us out with the homegrown players rules. I am guessing that we will get only one player in January and that player is Marco Reus. I have a feeling Wenger wants him bad.

    Any development on the DM Beast and CB front? We cannot afford to miss signing players for these positions. It would be criminal negligence to do so!!!

  19. pliv says:

    Hopefully he will prove doubters wrong.

    I was hoping we would buy a dm and let akpom play. A raw talent like wenger did with anelka

    Now can we please play Campbell/sanchez on the left and let Ozil play in the centre?

    Carzola slows our game.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to see you back, Geoff, and good call on the mix of OG and Henry, in terms of style.

  21. alcide says:

    Well I’m not holding my breath for a CB or DM… I hope I’ll jinx myself.

  22. john ogbeni says:

    Man United will be very pleased to sell crap to Arsenal… the way they sold us michael silvestre a few years ago!

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Very impressive stat, Alcide. Cheers! 🙂

  24. geoffchase says:

    TA et al

    perhaps 4-2-3-1, with right now



    JW/Arteta (but really any 2 of Chambers/Arteta/Flamini/JW/AR)

    Sanchez – Ozil – AR


    Or something like that.. with plenty to fill in for injuries and such. I could also see Welbeck and Sanchez swapping during the game depending on the how it’s going and matchups. Could really pull other teams in strange directions.

    cheers — jgc

  25. proudgooner says:

    Arteta is Wengers style of DM a super passer of the ball a leader a captain and excellent reader of the game, he is fit again so i think Wenger will stick with him for this season now.

  26. alcide says:

    Meulensteen I think knows a thing or two about football in general and Welbeck in particular:


  27. geoffchase says:

    Hi all

    for those wondering about Welbeck. I would argue:

    a. Was impossible to fit in there with RvP and Rooney

    b. Henry cost very little and was far lesser known on coming to Arsenal. He turned out ok. 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Sounds good Geoff, nice formation. You in NZ right now?

  29. proudgooner says:

    Good post on Danny boy.
    I think he will do well for us, he is young and will improve a lot, a fresh start for the player maybe all he needs to catch alight . EPL proven very fast
    Him and Walcott and Ozil and Sanchez could be deadly.
    A great Giroud backup.
    Maybe Campbell and Danny up top , who knows what very will do when he is beded in , maybe OG and Danny.

  30. Highbury Harmony says:

    I agree alcide, I was very pleased to hear that clip when I saw it on Sky’s website. I think it’s hilarious all the doubters coming on here and ripping apart Welbeck and saying that we don’t sign world class players.

    Ins: Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina, Chambers and Welbeck
    Outs: Bendtner, Vermaelen, Fabiabski, Sagna, Djourou and Park

    I’d say we did pretty damn well!!

  31. geoffchase says:


    you heard it here first, just above, from me! 😀

    cheers — jgc

  32. pacman says:

    Yeah, that’s pace up front right there!

  33. proudgooner says:

    United did not want to sell him to us.
    Danny said if i am going its Arsenal or nowhere

  34. geoffchase says:


    Yup, was in S. Africa last week and now back in NZ until end of OCtober, when its Belgium and the US and end of November, when it’s just Belgium!

    cheers — jgc

  35. geoffchase says:



    cheers — jgc

  36. rellends says:

    not the stellar signing we had hoped for but i think it’s a good signing. his goal conversion rate is on a par with sturridge over the last couple of seasons and everyone creams their jeans about him. what wenger needs to be held accountable for is the fact that once again we have no hard man holding midfielder – gilberto and vieira have never been replaced – and nacho monreal is considered as a back up centre half.

  37. alcide says:

    Yep… my only concern is Arteta – vs. bigger teams and overall fitness over a complete season. He finished the last one on his knees.

  38. alcide says:

    Cheers Geoff 🙂

  39. H Bo says:

    Not a bad signing if it happens probably more fitting to our style of play than Remy would have been also he’s English which seems to be fitting with Arsene’s new idea of getting an all English team together.
    But will it happen??

  40. Highbury Harmony says:

    Arsene just loves bucking the trends hahaha 🙂

  41. proudgooner says:

    Miquel on a perm to Norwich makes me think we had another defender lined up, something may have gone wrong, i hope we get 1 because it could be a problem.
    I suppose we still have Hector and Hayden

  42. Gerry says:

    I hope you haven’t jumped the gun TA – It all depends on Falcao medical.

    Good signing in the circumstances. But It might be a good year for Isaac Hayden DM/CB?

  43. proudgooner says:

    Sky sports have just said
    Arsenal have asked for an extension to get the Welbeck deal done 🙂


    Thank you TA Baby

    A couple of weeks ago I was asked about who i would want at Arsenal. My answer then was Welbeck, and if it comes off I will be absolutly delighted.

    Is he better then Falco? Of course not, but he is exactly what we need. Provides phyiscal power but can also go behind, compliments the midfied midgets behind him becuase he has great energy and will create space for them to run in to.

    For me, this is the signing that will guarantee a title chalange, infact, we will go on and win the bloody thing.

    Arsene is a genius and desrves all the credit. How many people can simultanesly book Ginola for diving and sign a player that wins us the league at the same time? Incredible.

  45. proudgooner says:

    Hair transplant,
    Was he reffing ? i missed it.

  46. proudgooner says:

    The premier league has granted the extension, so it is just a matter of time the deal will be done.

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    You are a globetrotter, Geoff. Yo should do posts about Arsenal support in all the places you visit!

  48. proudgooner says:

    Man u also get extension on Falcao , hopefully he passes even though he is still not right and is not the same player 🙂
    Welbeck will not want to go back to the mancs now either way.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, you saw it wellbeckthen baby! 🙂

  50. AFC says:

    So no CB and DM? How Wenger thinks he can go into the season with only 6 senior defenders and Arteta and Flamini as DMs is beyond me. We lost 4 defenders and only signed two and we have been crying out for a new midfielder to play next to Rambo in the double DM pivot.

  51. proudgooner says:

    Le Coq can defend as a full back or CB and Diarby could be a very good DM if he stays fit. We have enough cover just though.
    Hayden and Hector are 2 great young players who are ready for the EPL

  52. alcide says:

    Well that does leave us relatively short at CB? Looks like Rabiot didn’t move either way, weird.

  53. AFC says:

    PG, can’t see Diaby staying fit, Wenger will most likely not give Le Coq much game time (?), Hayden and Bellerin are inexperienced. Sorry to go all doom and gloom again.

  54. steve says:

    I can’t believe with all that flaffing about we never actually got Carvalho – very disappointing!

  55. AFC says:

    Alcide, perhaps we shouldn’t have loaned out Jenks until we had signed another defender? We are so light on defence right now.

  56. AFC says:

    PG, can you also see Wenger playing Bellerin or Hayden? Perhaps Gerry can give us some insight into this.

  57. geoffchase says:

    TA and Terry et al,

    TA, terrible pun with Terry …

    I could write a short one about watching Arsenal draw Everton in a pub in Cape Town with several Afrikaans Gooners… Bit out of date though and was way busy working those days. Arsenal are very popular there for reasons unknown to me. You find many more places to buy their shirts etc than any other squad, and see some on the streets as well.

    In Liege, a bit different. The locals know me in the bars there as “L’homme Arsenal” (the Arsenal guy), for my forever wandering search to find a place showing them!

    cheers — jgc

  58. geoffchase says:


    AW likely has a pull back clause in the loan deal if there are injuries. So, we could get the best of both worlds. If there are injuries Jenks back mid season, and if not he gets experience.

    cheers — jgc

  59. proudgooner says:

    I am happy with our TW
    Lets look at who we signed.
    Alexis Sanchez
    Campbell, is basically a new signing

    Add to that we have

  60. alcide says:

    AFC, you do have the tendency of dooming and glooming 🙂 but I do have the same concerns, Chambers covers 3rd choice CB and 2nd/3rd choice RB (if Bellerin reaaaally steps up) with Flamini the last choice?

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    CBs: Koz, BFG, Chambers, Nacho. Flamini could be option too, if we are desperate. But yeah we should not have TV let go without replacing him.

  62. alcide says:

    TA, Nacho covering both for CB and (often injured) Gibbs is still stretching our depth 🙂

  63. proudgooner says:

    Yes i can defo, Hector is a great player Hayden played last season i watched away to WBA in the cup
    Both are about the same age as Chambers who has done very well, they are ready mate

  64. alcide says:

    PG, that list does put things in perspective! And maybe we’ll get a few games from Diaby – not counting on it, but I’d love him to be fit for a full season, even if it’s to help with rotation.

  65. proudgooner says:

    Agreed TV was a mistake,
    We just need to get to Jan 2015 then get 1 or 2 hopefully

  66. oz gunner says:

    Very happy with the welbeck signing. As HH stated it has a sturridge feel about it. He never had consistent game time at manure.

    Must admit I’m quite annoyed we didn’t sign a CB. Last season I felt we were light on and we still had Vermaelen and Sagna. Now we have neither, and Miquel and Djourou have also gone. Gerry I need your reserves words of wisdom so I don’t have a coronary each time a defender goes down

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    L’homme Arsenal is a compliment, Geoff. 🙂 nice info about Arsenal support in SA. 🙂

  68. AFC says:

    Let’s hope we can bring back Jenks if we need to JGC. 🙂

    Alcide, I just can let go of the weaknesses in our squad. That’s why I have been all doom and gloom.

    Vickers, what do you make of this window and transfer deadline day?

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, we can play Flamini at LB too, and I bet Jack could play there too if we are desperate.. No?

  70. geoffchase says:

    TA, Oz et al,

    Regarding CB and even DM, seemed not many finally moved. Carvalho, still at Sporting and release clause goes next year. Khedira still at Madrid and on a free next year. Pogba still in Italy and so on…

    I would note that the first two might well go for *something* mid year depending on their teams fortunes and needs, as they would be free or cheaper next year perhaps.

    So, it could simply be good business to wait at this point if their teams weren’t satisfied.

    Just a thought!

    cheers — jgc

  71. alcide says:

    Yes TA (although Jack is pushing it a bit!), I’m just being pedantic, but you know what I mean and said the same thing yourself – shouldn’t have left TV go without replacing him. I just hope we don’t have a bad injury spell at CB…

  72. oz gunner says:

    @ Professor

    I’m all for good business but I’m also for not being up shit creek if a defender goes down. One injury and we are down to a 19 year old (has done well but it’s a major ask) and some make shift CBs. Lots of fixtures and a lot of “red zone”

  73. davydavy says:

    Yes, Danny Wellbeck is indeed a great signing for us! He’s quick, a good finisher, and fits in well with our English core alongside Ox, Theo, Chambers, Jack etc. A talented young player at a decent price if you ask me. We are a little exposed at centre-back, but from what I’ve seen so far Calum Chambers is an upgrade on the Vermaelen of recent years and we have Nacho, Flamster and hopefully some youth prospects coming up to cover.

    It’s a shame not to have seen some new blood come in at the base of midfield – Carvalho and Rabiot would have been ideal, but I’m optimistic that at least one of them (and maybe Marco Reus) might come in the January window (if I’m not mistaken, from January Rabiot becomes a free agent and Reus has a reduced buy-out clause).

    Overall I must give AW credit for playing the transfer window quite well, considering the late injury to Giroud. To any objective eye, we have our best attacking line-up since the days of Bergkamp and Henry, and I can’t wait to see us dismantle our EPL rivals in upcoming months.

  74. alcide says:


    Add Rabiot – still at PSG despite pushing hard for a move.

    Alderweireld did move, but he wanted to move from 3rd choice to starter, so I don’t think we ever had a chance.

    Blind to ManU – but we would never have gotten him over Van Gaal?

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, it looks too light now but I guess Wenger thinks we will cope…. Time will tell.

  76. geoffchase says:


    I actually meant good business for the other clubs! They all held for some reason and likely that reason was they felt they would get more value later than what they are offered now, and/or from keeping them and having them play

    They risk injury and lower or no return, we risk injury and the lack of backup. That other squads linked to those same players (and the whole word was, no?) didn’t bite at all either, says that demands from the club were high, and thus that their clubs valued their presence and later value higher than those offering.

    Hope that helps clear my thinking?

    cheers — jgc

  77. oz gunner says:

    It has Professor. I’m just disappointed that’s all. I knew a DM wasn’t coming (been waiting since flamini left the first time around) but a XB was a necessity imho

  78. proudgooner says:

    I think Le Coq could become important in defence and i think domestic cup matches he will be played there. To give the guys a rest and give him playing time. Hayden , Hector as well

  79. alcide says:

    On a side note, I find it funny that Arsene went to coach for that charity game – so he does delegate? Or is that a change in the Arsenal transfer process?

  80. geoffchase says:


    no disagreement, but it takes at least 2 and usually 3 to tango in the TW (two teams and player). Four if you count the player’s agent, and 5-6 if you add their family or interfering hangers-on.

    Like PG, I think Coq or Diaby or someone may well step up this year too, and leaving room for a little of that, at some risk, is also an AW trademark of sorts…

    cheers — jgc

  81. alcide says:

    Hehe there are rumours that Falcao has failed his medical now… That would not be fun


  82. geoffchase says:


    Overall, last year I was in Belgium and stayed up late until Ozil was announced, and ended the TW personally happy. We went on to hold #1 for a long run and only some injuries held us back at the end.

    So far, this year, we have strengthened more than last year, and now with Wellbeck, I dont have to stay up late being in NZ, but, I have a similar feeling!!

    All FWIW of course! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  83. geoffchase says:


    I doubt any rumors would be out **that** fast… one never knows tho..

    — jgc

  84. alcide says:

    I’m not really buying into it, just adding to the excitement. All in all, despite my dreams for a “faster” DM, we traded Chambers for TV, Debuchy for Bac’, Welbeck, Campbell and Sanchez for players not worth mentioning. Let’s get Theo back to full speed, maybe even keep Diaby fit, and we have improved markedly.

  85. Gerry says:

    I said before Alcide – AW does the picking. IG signs them, with his ‘special fund’ if needed.

  86. alcide says:

    … and the silly rumour has been officially dismissed.

  87. Admir says:

    I don’t believe it until I see it signed up.

    My first memory of Danny Welbeck was from the match Arsenal-Sunderland (0:0) in 2010-11. He was on loan and was doing everything to help his parent club to win the title by stopping us. I remember that I was really, really defeated when I saw him turning Djourou around and making a low shot (saved by Szczesny). “Damn it”, I said, “that purple-nosed prick has better selection of footballers than Wenger.” He looked like a real deal – strong, powerful, dangerous, young.

    Then he did it again in our 8:2 defeat. He muscled his way to our box and scored an opener. “If Chris Samba was on the place of Djourou”, someone wrote at a football forum, “Welbeck would be in hospital right now.” Welbeck looked like a promising player but it turned out he wasn’t that prolific and he had some poor performances.

    The thing is, if there is anyone who can save his career, it’s Wenger. He won’t see too many games at Manure – Rooney and Falcao will be in the attack while Van Judas continues his medical tour and United are over-crowded on the wings too.

    It seems Wenger really meant seriously what he said about making a decent team for England in forthcoming years.

  88. alcide says:

    Makes sense to me Gerry, just poking at misconceptions 😉

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Good comment, admiros 🙂

    We could have WOW upfront in some games: Walcott, Ox and Welbeck…..

  90. geoffchase says:


    I think that was his main problem at ManU, always second choice to something in a crowded group, and on a team that didn’t want (by style choice) his type of linking play up front.

    — jgc

  91. steve says:

    I remember being so pissed off when we got rid of Aneke, thinking why did we get rid of a tall, strong, skillful, english striker that scored loads even in the shit team he was loaned out to – but then i thought he must not fit into Wenger’s plan.
    Then we go and sign a tall, strong, skillful, english striker pmsl

  92. proudgooner says:

    I was just going to say Steve that extra height will also be good for our team

  93. proudgooner says:

    I think things are looking good for us.
    By the way what a game to make you debut for Arsenal.
    At home v City 🙂 ha ha ha

  94. alcide says:

    Steve, he did score 14 in 40 games in league one (playing AM or SS from memory of Jorge’s reports) – not bad but he chose to sign for Waregem, in Belgium… tells you something.

  95. steve says:

    proudgooner, yep you’re right mate – much needed height tbh
    I personally have absolutely no problems with the signings Arsene has made they have all been excellent. Of course the huge problem is that he did not make enough defensive ones, and i just hope and prey that we don’t have some major defense injury disaster like i can remember in some years gone by when i think at one time we actually had a full first choice back four out at one point – that would be pretty hilarious if it happened now lol

  96. steve says:

    alcide, i rated him quite highly and i thought he had a bright future at Arsenal but he did move on – how much of that was his decision is up for debate though mate 🙂

  97. Prince says:

    Thanks TA.

    Your all gunner be very very disappointed as the Prince is right now.


  98. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Still dreaming about Carvalho.. then wake up and I get Welbeck.. hahaha..
    But I think Welbeck is better than Remi..
    He is tall.. strong and have speed..

    Welbeck.. that’s name remind me of Steven Seagal – Under Seige.. hehehe..
    But who knows he will be our saviour.. hahaha..

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, that front three will forever be known as the “World of Warcraft” hahahaha!

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    I like it, HH. 🙂

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Night all, sleep Wellbeck up there. 🙂

  102. Prince says:

    The only thing that comforts me right now is that a little money (more than enough) has been stashed away with a calculated plan to go after our numero uno target in Rolls Reus. Keeping Poldi and Santi, maybe even Rosa for now is keeping the bait or possible insurance in back up funds to make this happen when his clause expires. Fingers and everything crossed, even the didgeridoo is in a knot 😉 This left sided position has not been filled since the classy Bobby graced THOF

    Last year we got 28 points out of 30 against teams in the bottom ten teams in the league. A few days ago we dropped points to pork pie (leicester) city, a team that- im willing to bet my right nut sack- will NOT finish in the top ten.

    It was EPIC FAILURE against the teams in title contention and another confidence FAIL against manure and yet we go into a season with Arteta again. At his age he will NOT develop any further, only his legs will get more weary. We will need a shit load of luck to steal points from the contenders especially away from home.

    On the defensive dept. im in complete agreement with Oz. I think we will be skint, especially when involved in 4 competitions. For those mentioning Flamini as a possible back up for CB..
    Imagine the worst and he must fill in and the timing is shite and he is due to face the likes or ilk of a big strong mammoth in Lukaku…….i love Flaminis’ heart, but i would ‘cak my daks’ before kick off.
    Sure Chambers is third choice and could well be our best piece of business ( i personally see a young Franz Beckenbauer or a disciplined Franco Baresi in the works) but its a lot to heap onto one so young shoulders..

    Anyway, my rant is over…….. for now..

    Everybody here makes a good point, even if they’re right like me 😉 or wrong, but i feel indifferent in this transfer window.. 🙄

  103. Highbury Harmony says:

    What I especially love about Welbeck, is that he’s widely regarded as a “big game” player. We need more of those if we’re going to have a chance at beating the other top clubs. Here’s to hoping the work rates of both himself and Sanchez will become contagious!

  104. Highbury Harmony says:

    We’ll see what happens in January PPP, but until then, let’s enjoy what we have and hope Arsene can get the most out of the destructive firepower we have up front. Between Sanchez, Welbeck, Ozil, Santi, Wilshere, Ramsey, Campbell, Ox, Rosicky, Podolski and a soon-to-be returning Theo, we have a TON of creativity and potential for goals. That’s not even counting Sanogo (if he ever gets on outside of an exhibition game) and Giroud (out until January).

    As davydavy aptly put it, this is the best attacking group we’ve seen at Arsenal since the glory days. I’m confident we’ll eventually sort out the DM position (hopefully January) and we can both dare to dream about Rolls Reus coming then too 😀

  105. Admir says:

    Chuck Norris, Jenna Jameson and Arnold Schwarzenegger played a game “Which footballer are you?”

    Chuck Norris said: “I’m Andrea Pirlo because of his beard.”

    Jenna Jameson said: “I’m Robin van Persie because I heard he is a huge cnut!”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “I’m Danny.”

    “Which Danny?”, the other two asked.

    Arnie replied: “I’m Danny Wel-be-back!”

    And, I hope Cockers will be back here. He is an integral part of BK, SQ-commentator who knows that we are one point short at The Chart of Doom.

  106. Prince says:

    hahahahaha. ajme meni. Jenna and Van herpes = huge cnut.

    popisat cu gace 😆 😆 😆

    HH, i am, can and will be patient.
    Mandzukic= 17mil (ok, given we wernt in the market till Giroud broke down, but still better option)
    Balotelli= 16mil
    Remy= 8.5mil
    Cerci= ???
    Welbeck= 17mil
    Dzeko= Im guessing wouldnt be too much more??

    That for me rings alarm bells when talking of quality. Personally i wouldnt of paid the excess for the home grown package in Welbeck in terms of quality, but we both know, thats where we disagree and thats cool. Personally i think that money could have spread to getting a decent back up(s). A good example would be Nastasic. Although i doubt the Rabiot rumours are dead (which is comforting and believe would be the right direction for the Arse).
    Anyway, lets hope your right and Welbeck plays well in a huge game against man $hitty (big game player….he needs to be)
    At his price i expect him to start??

    Just a few questions.
    — Dont you think all our strikers are plan A.
    None of which will win the EPL on their own backs (imo) and begs the question, can our superstar midfielders lift each and every game to carry the weight? Leicester city was a huge injection of realisation!!
    — Why do we have to have a focal point or holding striker in our attack or as striker? Why cant we play with a player who can play just off the shoulder of the last defender. A Cavani type or back in the day Torres. This would change our style and give it a more free flowing attack. Remember…Kanu was never a plan A, so why has Arsenal all of a sudden limited themselves in that regard?
    —Is Cavani a pipe dream for the Arsenal?

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    PPP, once again this is a pointless topic to discuss. Arsenal likely made inquiries into each of those strikers and for all the ones you listed that we didn’t sign, I can give you a “reason” why they did not:

    Mandzukic – not really that much better than Giroud, still an improvement but not by a wide margin. could not offer him guaranteed first-team football either given all the other players we have.
    Balotelli – an absolute cancer and he openly said that Arsenal were interested but when he asked them where their CL trophy was, he laughed at us claiming to be a big club and chose Liverpool over us (exactly what we don’t need)
    Remy – we only qualified for the CL on Wed night, and by then Chelsea were likely already in negotiations with the player – he’s also older, more of a poacher, injury prone and not that much better than what Welbeck currently is
    Cerci – he’s another small winger that can occasionally play through the middle and not even worthy of discussion as a striker
    Dzeko – City aren’t looking to sell, he doesn’t offer anything to team play aside from scoring and he doesn’t want to leave.

    We don’t know what we have from Welbeck yet. He could be the next turn around story a la Sturridge and just need the opportunity to play at ST to prove himself or he could be another plan B type striker. Either way, his contributions will be more than scoring goals and that is something we need to start getting used to from our strikers. When OG is healthy, having both of them rotate through should keep us in good shape.

  108. Highbury Harmony says:

    The Remy remark points to only being able to activate the CL release clause if you are actually in the CL.

  109. Milo says:

    Strikers are supposed to score goals, unless they are Dennis Bergkamp in the last 5 years of their career, you gotta face that TA. Our best goal scoring midfielder is also our best box to box/ defensive midfielder. Ramsey is GREAT, but he’s not superhuman/ Yaya Toure of last season. He’s our driving force and if Giroud could be as well rounded a player WHILE MAINTAINING A HIGH level of QUALITY in all these facets (that’s the key) he’d be in my starting 11 all day, every day. Problem is, he’ll do a nice flick every now and then, or hold the ball up (sometimes) yet the aspects of play he is worst at, is getting in to goal scoring positions, due to a SEVERE lack of pace and bulging the ol’ onion bag. He isn’t Dennis Bergkamp, by the way.

    How can Wilshere score goals if he ain’t playing??? Ozil MIGHT get 7 or 8 and Santi maybe a couple more. It’s not too powerful/as powerful an attack as people are making out.

    Walcott is coming back from A MAJOR injury, probably the worst leg injury a player can suffer. There IS the possibility he MIGHT never be the same again. While that is less likely than it was say 20 years ago, it’s still out there.

    I would NEVER have gotten rid of Aneke. Whoever thinks that going to a completely foreign nation and being successful there at a young age is the easy road to take, is sorely mistaken.

    Sanchez will score goals but again, that’s his job he’s a forward/striker.

    Giroud will score 15-18 goals when healthy. Two problems…One he’s not healthy and two that ain’t good enough to win a title. Not if he’s your top scorer and your second highest tally is a few under that. City had a bunch of 15 goal strikers last season plus Toure who bagged 20 or so. Now THAT is how you win a title with your attack.

    Welbeck could and I mean could be a 20 goal scorer in the league, maybe as soon as next season. Still, you’d better hope we have some relatively heavy proven artillery behind him if it’s to be good enough to win the league.

  110. geoffchase says:


    Well, I am an optimist and would note the following quote “He made his full debut against Middlesbrough. He struggled to adapt to the English game and failed to score in the club’s next six league matches, prompting ridicule by the national press”

    — prompting ridicule by the national press —

    The story goes on to note how the press felt he wasn’t a fit with Arsenal or the EPL, etc…

    It’s about some guy named Bergkamp

    Just saying…

    We just got (another) guy with exceedingly high work rate to harass opposition defenders, and the size and speed to play back towards **or** away from goal. When he’s played down the middle he’s done well. So, like an apparently over the hill dutch wonder from Italy, perhaps it’s time for him to shine and one day …

    One never knows…

    cheers — jgc

  111. geoffchase says:


    I also tend to agree (for once!? 🙂 ) with HH about the DM thing and about TWs in general.

    Not every team will sell to others. Equally, as I noted above, all the top DMs all stayed home. That means either they weren’t interested, or their clubs weren’t interested .. because I suspect we, and many others, **were** interested. Thus, since we now know they didn’t go anywhere, it wasn’t likely for lack of trying on our part. Like I said, likely Khedira and Carvalho will be interesting propositions around winter, especially Carvalho at Sporting, as their team’s seasons progress and they reassess what they want to do before losing some resale value.

    Same for the STs. For all the Cavani talk he went nowhere. Thus, likely too rich to afford or PSG simply weren’t selling no matter the froth in the news. Even if we weren’t interested others may well have been

    cheers and such — jgc

  112. JM says:

    1st team squad roll-call:

    Late 20s to early 30s:
    (DF) Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
    (MF) Rosický, Arteta, Diaby, Flamini, Cazorla
    (FW) Podolski

    Mid 20s (24-27):
    (GK) Szczęsny, Ospina
    (DF) Gibbs
    (MF) Özil
    (FW) Giroud, Walcott, Alexis

    Mid-Late teens to Early 20s (20-23):
    (GK) Emiliano
    (DF) Chambers, (Jenkinson), Bellerín, Hayden
    (MF) Wilshere, Ramsey, Gnabry, Coquelin, Zelalem
    (FW) Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo, Campbell, Welbeck, (Ryo), Akpom

  113. steve says:

    I feel once again its the crappy formation and its reliance on a single one up top striker that continues to put huge pressure on whoever fills that role to be an all encompassing wonder-striker.
    To me its always been simple, two up top (at the least) and each should bring elements to the partnership that the other doesn’t. this normally translates to one tall, strong guy and one quick, tricky guy – its not set in stone but its a good base for a winning formula.
    with that in mind, choosing whatever formation you wish backing up the two up top, i see four potentially excellent pairings of strikers who on their own are otherwise definitely not world class but together would cause havoc:





    even when considering all these pairings you are still left with absolutely world class attacking midfielders providing for them; Wilshere, Ozil, OX, Ramsey, Cazorla etc etc etc

    Thinking ahead to the next match and so taking into account the current injuries you could still have;


    Two players absolutely bursting to impress and get their chance and both with huge work rate and excellent closing down high up the pitch.
    being fed by;


    (Sanchez because he can obviously play in AM as well as striker position)

    with Ramsey as the do it all DM / Arteta mistro type player

    Its a 4-1-3-2 and not my first choice of formation (i prefer 4-4-2 diamond) but just helps to show what we can do with the attacking force we have if properly applied – i see five players in that formation that would give us the threat of goals constantly.


    Tell me that wouldn’t scare the shit out of anyone in the league

    Anyway got slightly off point with expanding the formation further but the main point of striker partnership i really feel has to be addressed at Arsenal as we simply do not have a “do it all world class striker” but it doesn’t have to be this end of the world scenario that i feel some are making it out to be.

    So welcome to Arsenal Danny lets hope you get the chance to prove yourself.


  114. Highbury Harmony says:

    JGC, we were bound to eventually agree on something 😉

    I find myself absorbing and agreeing with a lot of what you say and perhaps it’s because I’ve become more optimistic and realistic on all things Arsenal since we did well last season and in the transfer windows (despite not getting to blog as much to display it).

    There is always much debate over who we should have got or what positions we should have improved, but the reality is (as you aptly put it), we don’t know what happens behind closed doors or every players’ preferences – there are also a ton of players that never moved in the first place! We have to remember that as much as we love all love this club, professional footballers do not necessarily feel the same way. We pay a price for not going all out in wages or exorbitant transfer fees and some may argue that holds us back, but it allows us to be financially responsible and we still manage to find outstanding talent at good prices.

    We’ll see what happens until January, but I’m RELATIVELY content with what we have now. The answer is not always buying and we need to play better as an overall team with the current pieces before exploring our options elsewhere. Let’s not settle for some of the stop gap solutions that are available and wait until one of our top targets actually becomes available (i.e. Reus, Carvalho, L.Bender etc.).

  115. Cockney monsters' first lezbanian mistress says:

    LISTEN you bastardildos!

    Im NOT happy. Firstly, can you all get TCM back on here ASAP. He is driving ALL US bitches mad. None of us ladettes can eat or sleep properly. Me personally? ………….
    I CANT FCUKING WALK and i NEED A BREAK. He talks doom in his sleep and has STOPPED meditating altogether.
    Just a few hours (in his sleep) he was mumbling:-
    “ommmmm ommmmmm Welbeck may have potential, but Darth Wenger will play him as Defensive Midfielder and he will be shite ommmmm ommmmm”

    ……..SO PLEASE, from all of us biatches and furry muffs from Lezbania— PLEASE GET HIM BACK ON HERE!!!!!!!


  116. Cockney monsters' first lezbanian mistress says:

    Why am i in moderation???
    A lady shouldn’t have to wait.
    I never made Dr Glic wait…….


  117. geoffchase says:


    I definitely agree about stopgaps, and equally “cancers” like balotelli might have been here. We will see how Rogers handles him. In defense of Pool, Rogers seems quite good with the crazy ones, Suarez didn’t bite again until the WC and he definitely got the max out of Suarez at Pool. I think Barca will be sorry but we will see

    I too would prefer to wait for a Bender, Draxler or other to come available. The fact that none of them moved says something, or a number of somethings perhaps. Even teams known to pay more over the odds didn’t get the top ones like that, so perhaps they didn’t want to move. Draxler even said as much.

    Finally, moving for them is a lot like for us I think. Just with higher wages

    a. Great job, average pay in unaffordable location = problem
    b. Shit job, great pay in any location = problem

    We all trade off where we and family want to be, the quality of job on offer and our own aspirations and abilities. Footballers are no different, just with shorter careers (so less patience is a virtue) and, at the top level, no real hassles over affordability but an equal need to “earn now” before it’s over. Finally, “glory” clubs (RM, BM, Barca at the moment) with long histories can add potential for sponsorships and other income that cant be overlooked compared to other places.

    Throw it all together and I think footballers do have some reasonable loyalty, but given the other issues, they have to be pragmatic I think.

    cheers from here — jgc

  118. geoffchase says:


    I would add that, for example with Carvalho, if Sporting feel he is good enough to get them out of their CL group the bonus it would earn might well offset the loss of value in a mid year sale. The club itself could then have taken a very pragmatic risk.

    Sporting are in with Chelsea, Schalke and Maribor, so they have a very good shot at that if they hold their stars just that little longer.

    Just another thought — jgc

  119. shrillex says:

    I think he’s a wonderful signing and is certainly one for the future. Good replacement for Ollie, can do what Ollie does and has pace. Really wanted a new CB though, hopefully they can stay fit like last season…

  120. Gerry says:

    Good morning all, I have read the comments, interesting? A divide as to how well Welbeck will do. A divide on the plus’s and minus’s. A divide on how well we do between now and January?

    I like a positive spin, so how about this:
    What have we been lacking in our two worst games this season?
    Pace and movement off the ball.
    What are the qualities of Danny Welbeck?

    Exactly! Alexis and Welbeck are a match made in heaven. We just need a couple more to join in, and the PTB teams will be meat and drink for us?

    Downside? Yes, Danny is tall, but he is not going to be a Giro in defence. That is one of the other qualities that the big man brings. The Leicester game showed that it is no good getting a lead against a well organised defence, if you toss it away at the other end?

    Our next match is against Man City, so it will not be a game to be experiment with youth. Fine to put Bellerin on as an extra defender, but unless Gibbs is back, who, you may remember, kept Navas quiet in the CS match, the serious consideration must be given to help Monreal out?
    No more Ozil or or Cazorla playing on the left I feel?

    Beyond that, we need to give Hayden some proper game time, in case he gets called up to start. Having Chambers able to cover multiple positions, probably striker too, if we were stuck, is a great bonus. I particularly like him as a CB, alongside either of the experienced pair, but it is risky to move him to DM just yet, imo. This is undoubtedly Hayden’s best position. He played right wing in the Under 21’s last time, so he is gaining experience, even if he did not excel. What he needs now is a few games alongside Arteta to learn the craft of DM. He has the basics and more, but needs the to get the timing and confidence at the higher level. So start him off with a few 20 mins subs NOW. Then, in a game where we can be reasonably confident of a result, a start. A couple of games like that and we could have a player who is more Viera than Viera was? He can carry the ball forwards, has a good range of passes, and has a really powerful shot. Most of which are on target.The key is develop him now, Having him on the bench and not using him is counter-productive.
    The same applies to Bellerin. I don’t think he would be the number two to Debuchy at this moment in time, although he plays a very similar game to him. I think his tackling might be exposed at the higher level for one thing, and the rush to get forwards could also cause problems? So exploit what he has got to the full. Pace(in the extreme), and an eye for the perfect cross. His ability to get beyond the opposing full-back when a ball is played into space could be priceless. He may not have the tricks to beat a Sagna, but he does have the speed.

    So with Bellerin, Chambers, and Hayden we should have the tools to cope with injuries. Left back is more of a concern. Flamini would be the emergency LB if both regulars are out. Hopefully this break allows Koscielny time to clear his head – and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hairline fracture of the skull, rather than concussion – given the time out from the internationals he is taking? And Gibbs recovers from his …err, whatever. But if really stuck we could go 3 CB’s, with Ox down that wing?

    One other loan that slipped under the radar was Olsson’s full season loan? I think I am right that lower league clubs can still take on loans, so we could see some other prospects go.
    Akpom, who along with Crowley, were the highlights of the under 21’s demolition of W.Brom could be one, after the COC game coming up. It is frustrating for him, he has got Campbell ahead of him, who is frustrated that he has Sanogo ahead of him, as all three could develop into amazing talents, given time. Campbell will probably get the nod next time, but a strong showing by Akpom could make that a genuine 3-way tussle?

    Those waiting for Zelalem to make the grade, may have to wait a little longer. He seems to have’ ‘plateau-ed ‘ at the moment, but with Olsson moving aside he may get a chance to impose himself more?
    Possible team on the 13th?

    Bench: Ospina; Bellerin; Chambers; Hayden; Ox/ Ramsey; Cazorla; Rosicky/Flamini
    Likely order: Ramsey for Wilshere; Bellerin for Campbell: Open?

    Can you live with that?

    Just to counter the D&G, ‘Untold have pointed out that our results so far match exactly, scores and all, with the 2004 season … You know, the one that Man City can’t do this time?
    Go through UNBEATEN!

    Keep the faith …

  121. JM says:

    Danny Welbeck takes the No.23 shirt.
    Our squad numbers are filled up from No.1 to No.28, with the one exception of the No.5 shirt.

    That No.5 shirt is reserved for the next signing, likely defensive.

  122. oz gunner says:

    @ Gerry

    I’ll definitely keep the faith but if Mertz or Kozzer goes down for an extended period of time Arsene will have to deal with massive outrage from the supporter base. He can’t use any excuses, he had 3 months…It’s not like there is a pool of 5 CB’s out there. There is a bloody world full of them. CB’s are cheap as chips too

  123. henrychan says:

    @ Gerry..
    If Gibbs is back and so do Walcott..
    We just can’t left our best and fastest RW in PL behind.. hehe..
    And the same with Ramsey.. he is our rambo.. our hero..
    Wenger will only put him behind if he is injure or get a red card..

  124. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice by Phelan (re Welbeck signing for the mighty red and white):
    “A club like Arsenal is a fabulous club, it is a well-run club. From a footballer’s point of view, if you want to choose a football club, then Arsenal is right up there with the best.”

  125. henrychan says:

    I hope no one got injured in international break.. cause usually that happened..
    So next game is against City. They were a bit calm this season.. but still bought Mangala and Fernando from Porto..
    I hope Walcott and Diaby can play.. so we can had an equal team to City..

  126. Gerry says:

    Oz – Two points. You assume it will be a disaster is Kos or Mert are out for any length of time?
    Second, we were not the only only ones after quality CB’s.

    We tried to get Smalling in exchange for TV5.
    We tried to get Manolas, but he chose Roma.
    We tried for Theocrappoloidus, but they wanted to keep him..

    Yes there were some EPL options, but just may be they have flaws that AW did not want.
    Man U are somewhat short on defensive options, and with their big money spending, we at least have a core of good defenders, even if it is not a surplus.
    We have what we have.

  127. H Bo says:

    It’s amazing how many people talk about Diaby daily on here, i think he is an amazing player but until he has played a few games we might as well talk about me playing in my wheelchair it’s pointless has he even got a contract still.
    Not sure if Danny will play next week or start anyway he wouldn’t of had enough time with the squad so it will probably be SaNOgoal so don’t hold your breath although like the rest of you I think Campbell needs a start and deserves it after his hard working cameo against the toffees

  128. Alcide says:

    Well Diaby is a squad player, and some of us feel that we are lacking a body in the DM section; he’s been training regularly and played a few half-times here and there; and as you said he can be an amazing player,

    Based on this I don’t see why it is pointless to talk about him? Now we’re very much aware that he might tear or break any bone or muscle getting up from bed on any given morning, but if he gives us a couple of seasons “à la” RvP, nothing would make me happier.

  129. oz gunner says:

    @ H Bo

    Agreed on the diaby front. We wait every year and it never lasts. I hope he makes it (for his sake and the teams) but the harsh reality is it’s a bloody long shot! My hope went long ago

    @ Gerry

    Yes but as I said there are a truckload of CBs out there. He’s good at finding obscure attackers out of nowhere where the hell were the other options??? Do we even have scouts??? Obviously we do but frick no what they do. I am assuming disaster strikes but with our track record it’s not a far cry. # competitions, 2 experienced CBs, one inexperienced one. We are in the champions league for christ sake

  130. oz gunner says:


  131. Alcide says:

    Oz, my ManU supporting friends (sorry I have many flaws :() were telling me they were looking for 2 CBs, and found none (and boy they didn’t appreciate selling us Welbeck when we didn’t want to sell them TV).

    Alderweireld is the only CB of note that did move (unless I missed someone), and he moved only to avoid being the #3 choice, so it’s not like he would have joined us. Good quality CBs – not even mentioning experienced or EPL proven – are not going by the truckload.

  132. steve says:

    you guys are all correct, its very hard to lure a quality CB to the club with the promise of only being back up to our current guys. For me the solution would have been what Wenger actually did which was to buy young guys looking to start their career and who are happy to play understudy for a while, lets not forget they would probably get quite a few games in all the cup competitions.
    I just would have done more buying lol
    If we say BFG and Kos are our first choice pairing i think i would have bought Fabian Schar and Matheus Dória Macedo to add to the Calum Chambers transfer.
    Two 19 year olds and a 22 year old, in the CB business this is very young and i feel they would have gladly waited there turn behind BFG and Kos but each show incredible potential tbh – it would have been great.
    oh well whats done is done now lol
    loved to have seen this guy develop at Arsenal:

  133. steve says:

    btw don’t forget those two suggestions from me were just from some simple guy who just watches a lot of footy, i would like to think i would have ten times the amount of those types of targets if i had an entire scouting network that Arsenal does at my disposal.
    Lets hope Chambers and Hayden can do the job if BFG and Kos get injured.

  134. Alcide says:

    Promising this one… but it’s also a good deal for him – he will be a starter and get plenty of experience in an appropriate level league. He will learn potentially much more than being #4 or 5 in a top team. And to be honest, Hayden may be just as good as him?

  135. Alcide says:

    Fabian Schar has been linked to us many times, but again, it’s not necessarily a young CB’s interest to sit on a bench (or hoping for a main CB to get injured to even sit on the bench), or get a half dozen cup games a year. CBs need experience and that means playing games. They have a longer lifespan than other field players and can cash in later.

  136. steve says:

    Alcide, (in relation to Doria) I rate Hayden highly indeed but he’s right footed and it would be nice to have a natural right foot left foot balance in the heart of defense i.e a proper replacement for TV5.

  137. oz gunner says:

    @ Alcide

    No one is suggesting we go out and buy a top notch CB. As you stated no quality CB would want to be Vermaelen 2.0. But why let Miquel go then????
    A Young promising CB or an experienced veteran looking at playing champions league football. Surely there isn’t only a handful of those.

    Your Man United supporting friends wanted a CB but they have Smalling, Jones, Evans, Rojo and Carrick (who has played at CB and done it very well). Not to mention…they are not in the Champions League or the Carling Cup. Yes we can say Nacho can play there but he is no Sagna. We shouldn’t have to resort to those sort of maneuvers given the number of competitions we are in.

  138. Alcide says:


    Not sure about Miquel, maybe he was not deemed promising enough?

    I’m not going to argue if ManU needs CBs – it is widely reported that they were looking for CBs (and they want to play 3 at the back, and 2 of them are deemed slow…), and indeed tried to get TV5, and ended like us with none.

    The other fact is that I believe no experienced CB actually moved apart from Alder (didn’t want to play 3rd fiddle) and Agger (who only wanted to go home in Denmark) – so we did not miss anyone.

    Finally I am suggesting that young promising CBs have a better time staying put and learn their trade by playing games in mid-tier leagues/clubs (and not come to Arsenal compete with Chambers, Hayden for a place on the bench). And to be honest, I wanted an experienced one – we already have Chambers and Hayden.

    Si in my mind there are actually only a handful of potential targets to cater for a large demand – see related comments from Gerry yesterday. (For some reason the thought of David Luiz going to PSG for 50m comes to mind…).

    On having to potentially resort to Nacho or Flamini… entirely agreed – I was arguing that it was difficult to find good CBs, but I am indeed concerned that we are couple injuries away from aligning a very inexperienced CB pair.

  139. Alcide says:

    Welbeck vs. OG – basic stats perspective – makes me go “hmmmmmmm”:


  140. oz gunner says:

    @ alcide

    But they signed Rojo…to play as the LCB if they choose to go with a back 3. Argentine international. Selected in the team of the World Cup. Steal at only 16million

    I’m suggesting that a couple extra million thrown at a CB, plus the chance of CL football should be enough to rattle a few cages. A safety net. Next it’ll be “we’ll top up in Jan” then “hard to buy in the winter window.you pay extra”

    Heaven help us if injury strikes…unfortunately it always seems to with us

  141. Alcide says:

    Oz, ok, they did get Rojo and we missed on him (and he may eventually get a work permit! – so 4 CB for 3 spots, and as us various second rate redeployment options), but they were still looking, and couldn’t find more. But again where are the plentiful CB hiding? If Arsenal and ManU didn’t hire CBs when both clubs openly said they were looking for CBs, isn’t the most obvious reason that there were no CBs available within requirements and constraints?

  142. Admir says:

    One thing about Falcao:

    last time he played against Arsenal in a competitive match, it ended 5:0 for us and Bendtner scored a hat-trick.

    Just sayin’… 😉

  143. Alcide says:

    Well we have new #23 now!

  144. 17highburyterrace says:

    Happy Monday, er, Tuesday…(Bank Holiday over here yesterday)… We were hosting/entertaining all weekend so only got to watch the match (and then had to bury my disappointment) and the final result of the TW (and again bury my disappointment). I’ve tried to stay abreast of the comments but I’ve been a little confused about the Cock-troversy. Too much gloom or just expressed with a bit too much enthusiasm for, er, his area of, er, focus?… It seems he’s reappeared or at least a representative of some sort has and she’s clawed her way out of moderation. Very good. Now, if we could all be just a hair nicer to one another and maybe offer a kind word if (not an apology) for those moments when we take this Arsenal stuff all a bit too seriously…

    On that note, I should offer one to Total who (in my absence) seems to see some sort of plan in Wenger’s way’s and amidst our obvious early season struggles. Passing on Cesc, early window, but grabbing Alexi (silent S) maybe seems the correct call given our own needs but was awfully tough to stomach at the time. Now that we have another hardworking forward in the mix–cast off by a rival as they try and re-invent themselves as a “buying” team–we should be doubly pleased. I think we’re going to be well served up front and, with Theo’s return, we will have the option of playing a front line which could bring the one missing element of tika-taka we have always lacked–the ability to harass without the ball and create turnovers in positions where they lead immediately to chances. I’m not as big on formations as some, but I see and emerging 4-3-3 where the front line chases, the MF group gets it moves it up and boom: menace at a level we have not seen in quite some time. No, Danny Welbeck is NOT Falcao (nor Di Maria nor RvP…) but he’s a guy who seems young and fit and willing to work hard for the cause. He’s at least an upgrade in pace (if not size) to the injured Giroud and (perhaps) about his equal at taking his chances when they come. He’s also scored exactly the same number of (meaningful) goals in an Arsenal shirt as both Yaya and JC but those guys should get chances too… Poldolski, I fear might be the odd man out, but still a lovely smile and always good for a late chance with the lefty hammer..

    What I find most interesting about the transfer is that it was FROM United. There is a narrative that they would only sell us crap (see Sylvestre…), but I don’t buy it. Sir Alex liked Welbeck and tried to use him (ahead of the likes of Berbatov, his record buy, and other youngsters like Chicharito.) His purchase of RvJ hurt the younger forwards and now, with the two uber-pricy South Americans there’s no room. No, they are in desperate straights and they’re giving Van Gaal a checkbook which suggests that results now MUST happen–in other words, mortgaging the future for the needs of the present and creating massive pressure. I realize that many would like AW to behave in similar fashion, but if our young-ish core of players can compete with LvG’s band of (older) mercenaries–while persisting adequately in the cup comps (United are already done in one and didn’t earn a berth in Europe…) we might finally tip the balance ahead of that club. Of course, I’d love to hear what others, esp. long time Van Gaal observers, think about all this… The proof is in the pudding and one of our biggest regrets last season would be failing to beat United the two times we played them…Those fixtures will be big ones…

    I agree with Oz that the debate about defenders is a worthy one. Clearly AW’s solution to the roster limits is through versatility. Sagna was the model and seems a better bet than Nacho as our 4th CB. Chambers is clearly seen as an option at 3 positions (RB, CB, DM). Already this way of going has probably cost us points. On Sunday, Kos should never have been allowed back on the pitch and I wonder if it was because it was only the kid who was available. (Additionally a rules change should happen, allowing a free sub for a head injury–or broken bone–otherwise, the maiming team gains a competitive advantage…) We were lucky we didn’t drop the single point when CC21 went to ground on Ulloa’s pull-back allowing a shot with which he should have buried. Overall, in an emergency, I think we can sign an aged free agent or hope that Hayden can look good enough in the CapOne matches. We probably should’ve worked the Verm deal (and a replacement) earlier in the Summer, but at least (unlike Welbeck…) he didn’t go to a league rival. Spending money and giving a long-term contract to a Sylvestre or Squillaci type is a gamble as is going with only 6 senior defenders (including the glassy Gibbs…)–either way there’s a chance we could suffer consequences. Djourou, not Miquel, would’ve been the one I would’ve tried to keep…

    Still, I feel reasonably hopeful. I worry a bit about PTB teams and matches where the other team gets to the 2nd half with a score they like, you can only win so many results late on without it taking a toll, esp. given our schedule of extra midweek matches. On the other hand, if we can side-step injuries in defense, we have a team who can press and harry and play on the break against the better clubs. The doomers will do the point comparisons and the two lost at Leicester are worse than the one gained at Everton. Still, we only took 6 points out of 24 against Chavs, Pool and the Manchester Clubs. To my eye we seem much better placed to improve upon that record and it starts up in only 11 days. As bad as our draw at the champions of the lower league was, the champions of the PL losing at home to Stoke was even worse. Big game then…

    And speaking of doomers (and attempting to bring things full circle…) I really hope that all the various perspectives and voices can find a place here. (I esp. love the little 3 way with the old-timers, Glic, TMTH and VCC…and I miss others like Bond and RA, who brought wide perspective. Good to see Milo back with his thoughts…) It’s tough given the hyperbole inherent these days with being an Arsenal supporter and the depth with which people dig in their heels on their narratives (doomer, AKB, Spend some fcuking money, Ooh aren’t we frugal, etc., etc., etc.) Still (IMO) we *should* try and give an ear to all sorts and (*should*) try and realize that we are united in wanting happy times for our club. I also realize that Total has other things to do. It was good (I think) that he got back into the post writing (and took fewer from other writers) but the model of a more participatory blog (his original vision, I think…) is also a worthy one.

    Thanks for reading, if indeed you have done so… 🙂

  145. Alcide says:

    And Welbeck picked up a knock in the last moments of the England training session. I tell you, this guy is Arsenal through and through 🙂

  146. Highbury Harmony says:

    I don’t know if I’d consider Rojo a steal at 16 million. I wasn’t overly impressed with him at the WC, but he was being played out of position at LB. Still, United’s defense is awful and you need to have either a better DM or fast CBs to play a 3-5-2. That back three will continue to get ripped to shreds, not to mention the lack of defending from the likes of Rooney, RVJ and Falcao up top. If Mata continues to start, there’s pretty much 3-4 liabilities in the defensive end, which leaves them extremely exposed at the back.

  147. Highbury Harmony says:

    I would have preferred to sign a CB for 10 million and under that would be happy as 3rd choice and learning the ropes before starting. It would have been good injury insurance but it’s tough to find such a player given that everyone wants to start and it’s tough to convince players to leave their club if you can’t assure them decent playing time.

    If you look at the majority of 3rd choice CB around the league, they are either veterans or young up and comers for the most part. We either need to 1) buy a veteran or 2) buy a young, promising CB or 3) develop our own internal solution. 3) has been the biggest issue for me, as our pipeline from the academy has failed to produce any EPL caliber CBs for a while. We aren’t even buying the right young prospects either, while we are decently well stocked at CM, RB, LB, ST, W and GK. I know there are some young guys that have potential at CB, such as Hayden, but I wouldn’t rely on him being ready to start in league games just yet.


    Hi 17

    Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday mate

    Yes, I will miss the litlle 3 ways with Cockie & VCC.

    Calling me deluded, living in Arsenes rectum, every once can see it apart from Wenger and TMHT and thats because as we speak Wenger has Transplant blindfolded and is rodgering him whilst watching a porno etc etc etc.

    Great guys those two. VCC reminds me of my second wife. Scolding me in a nice and polite way. Just enough to make you feel that nothing is wrong until you find yourself eating ready made meals and sleeping on the couch

    Cornwall of course, is like my first wife, except with smaller thighs. You come home from work expecting a bit of TLC but instead are met with some one hiding behind a door armed with a frying pan. If your unlucky enough to remain concious from this first attack then you will find out how much a mans neck can be narrowed by super human thighs. Indeed, if you ever meet me, you will wonder how its possible for a man to survive with a thin pole attaching head to body.

    Come back you bastards, I miss you. hahahaha

  149. TotalArsenal says:

    A quintessential, all encompassing comment by 17. Good to have you back tiger of Tahoe! 🙂 Cockie’s comment’s inappropriateness had nothing to do with football.

    Re posts by others… The more the merrier but it has been quiet on the input side of things…. So get writing I say to all. 🙂

  150. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Alcide, that was some post and needs reading again when I have more time.

  151. proudgooner says:

    Has Welbeck really picked up a knock training with the 3 kittens?
    If its a not serious 1 i would be happy for him to sit it out and come to us fresh for City, i hope its not a bad 1.Well i am glad the trannie window is finally shut i am getting fed up with that chick with a dick flashing at me all the time.
    Finally Wenger can concentrate on his players, find out his best X1 and formation and and mold them into a Wengerball team for us to really be proud of.
    I see TV has still not played for Barcelona , no shock i know, he must be be getting splitters he sits on the bench so much. He would have been better of staying with us. Do these players never learn from others mistakes , even when they come back to train with us. Clearly not ha ha ha

  152. proudgooner says:

    Hair transplant,
    She sounds like great.
    I always liked that film war of the roses, it does makes me chuckle. I think the reason its so funny is because its true relationships can turn out like that. ha ha ha ha
    Its like when some people say i didn’t know weather to f*** her or fight her ha ha ha

  153. proudgooner says:

    Hair transplant,
    My day was a little different.
    I got a text from a bird , then another asking me to come round.
    Then after scrubbing up found out her jealous ex boyfriend or so she said sent the second this is after i had gone round there. Now he is a massive 19 stone steroid freak going nuts, he was giving it loads on the phone before i got there but i went round to face him anyway. it did not come to blows just a bit of pushing and finger twisting. HJe kept pointing his finger in my face lol
    So no lay and made an enemy lol

  154. Gerry says:

    Evening HT- Yes the match was a bit of a downer. Then the TW, which seems to have opened some fresh divisions. I predicted at the start of the TW we would get 5 signings, plus three for replacements. As only two players left*, and we only got 4, plus 1 replacement, I can agree we are a tad short.
    *that needed replacing.

    I think that released rumour that Man U were going head to head for Carvalho, made us pull back from getting a deal done on the Thursday. But Geoff is quite right, once they knew the draw in the CL, why sell? Sporting Lizzie have a good chance of getting out of their group, and so will pick up the next round’s war chest. Probably enough to offer him a new deal?

    I could enlighten you on Cock-gate, but it may open fresh wounds? Basically, TA agreed with me last time that some ‘jokes’ weren’t not appropriate on the site, and stepped in again when the ‘offence’ was repeated. That was the ‘offence’, not just offensive to me.
    For what it is worth, I don’t want his total absence, as threatened, but later withdrawn, because I fully appreciate that this site is an outlet, and a distraction from his very serious domestic stress. But the warts and all stance, is just another way of saying ‘One rule for me. Another for the rest of you’?
    You yourself HT got pulled over for advising others to go to another site. HH and AFC had a word in their ears to ‘keep it friendly’ during their heated discussion last night. I got my ear flicked for being pompous. We all have to go along with what is set out.. So as long as he understands that, the sooner he comes back the better. As he is probably quite right, there are times when a bit of levity helps. So we shall see…

    Anyway, the good ship Arsenal sails on, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that our players doing international duty come back sound. At least Ozil, Ox , Kos, and Gibbs are safe from further damage.

    The Silverstone Moto GP was great over the weekend, and they had the very funny, recently retired, Colin Edwards in the commentary box, who I believe is from your ‘neck of the woods’ ? He is prone to the odd verbal gaff, but restrained himself admirably. The racing in all three categories was brilliant too. Marc Marques in winning his 11th Grand Prix equals the Valentino Rossi’s record in one season, and there is still 6 races to go…

    I am just throwing that in because the TW has closed, we have no match coming up, so what is there to talk about? 😀

  155. Highbury Harmony says:

    Gerry, obviously the next natural thing to discuss is the English national team and how our players look in those games.

    Also, we can always discuss how awesome Welbeck looks in Arsenal colours!


  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    Or that we made the best purchase of transfer deadline day according to Danny Murphy of BBC


    hahaha, excellent PG

    I admire your courage. You see the sort of things Romeos like you and I have to do in the name of love?, and people have the cheek to call us heartless. hahaha

    When i was your age I was a right hard bastard. Now, I dont get round to actual fighting. My blood pressure goes up and I tend to have a mild heart attack. Yes, no more fighting for me, just paramedics and an oxygen mask. hahaha

    As a young man i used to do a lot of boxing, and highly recommend it for self defence. Forget about all these martial arts tec. Boxers are faster and fitter.

    But what really honed my fighting skills was been a middle brother of four, the two younger ones been twins. My older brother was a menace and I used to have full blown punch ups with him till the age of 35 hahaha

    it was the twins that were the nightmare though. Been identical and freaks, when i got into a fight with one, the other would join in. Thats why now I can punch some one in the face whilst simultanesly having a phone conversation with the Bank Manager. hahahaha

  158. The Cockie Monster says:

    Just popping in to say ( as I am still reading the comments of my favourite site and like to get a bracket in for 17`s sake ! )…..7eventeenho !….that Cockney monsters first lezbanian mistress was not me !, but my big down under mate, Prince baby !, he’s one of my fav`s as he`s fcuking crazy as well !……….and even though Totes is the guv`, he`s wrong about my “inappropriate” comment, it was football related, as it was about Arsene`s inappropriate visit to Rome yesterday and should have been taken for what it was……an attempt at humour and even though Totes wont admit it, I know that that my comment would not have been binned had it not been for someone from North Devon complaining about it !. Of course as you would say………just an opinion !.

    Wenger Out !
    Strutter In !.

  159. proudgooner says:

    Il 2nd that HH,
    Welbeck looks happy , determined and proud to be in an Arsenal shirt.
    Good luck Danny Welbeck, hope you can become a legend.

  160. Highbury Harmony says:

    Here’s a great video showcasing Welbeck’s ability to beat a defender WITH the ball, link up with teammates and play with his back to goal. I believe he’s going to add so much to our attack and will be crucial now with OG is out injured:


    Evening Gerry & Harmonius

    I have a really good feling about Welbeck. Firstly hes a very good player and comes over as a very nice guy, but more importantly for us, hes exactly what we need.

    Been a regular at matches, gthe marked size difference between our side and opponents is quite marked. Are smaller players are so technically gifted, but they have to be, its hard playing against blokes a lot bigger.

    Welbeck can help. We finaly have a striker who can come to the ball and go behind.

    Cant wait to see his impact

  162. Highbury Harmony says:

    100% agreed Terry, I’m glad you’re also a big believer in Welbeck. However your choice of words at the end of your comment above could have been better:

    We finally have a striker who comes to the balls and goes behind hahahaha!

  163. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha aha
    We know you got a big heart. and we love you for it..
    I can box all the kids used to put gloves on from the age of 6 where i was from, i was forever going home with split lips and bloody nose or black eyes.
    I try to avoid getting in to fights these days, but sometimes they find me.

  164. The Cockie Monster says:

    It doesn`t surprise how easily pleased you lot are with the Welbeck`s acquisition !.
    How ironic that after signing for Arsenal he twists his ankle in England training !.
    However, I thought you would like to see his first kit photo, typically with other Arsenal players !.


    Cornwall, forget about it mate and get yourself back on here as normal. We are to old and have to many worries to hold grudges or make some sort of point.

    Gerry made his point and so did TA, they are both willing to move on, and so should you.

    From a personal point of view I know your a top geezer who dosnt want to upset anybody, so for me thats all that matters

    Get back on and make us all laugh you mad Bastard. hahaha


    Harmonius, hahaha, yes i am often accused of pervy comments even when i dont mean to. Have no idea why? hahaha


    Nice one PG. Us Casanova types have to stay in peak condition if we wish to please the ladies.

    Obviously, been an old git, i now rely on small pills. a very nice hardening spray, and just in a case, a heart monitor if something goes wrong. hahaha

  168. Highbury Harmony says:

    TMHT, I know why – you’ve been spending too much time around that massive pevert TCM hahaha!!!


    Off to the pub, catch you laters

  170. proudgooner says:

    Welbeck really is super quick and agile .
    He has been moulded by Fergie and next Wenger he is going to be the only 1 who can really get a good long time with both managers.
    I think Wenger will calm him down in front of goal and make him deadly. Welbeck could be awesome!

  171. kelsey says:

    I hope Welbeck is a success but would have Wenger persued him if Giroud hadn’t been long term injured.That’s my positive thinking coming through 🙂 If that injury happened this week we would be fooked.

    Terry shall we call it a draw 🙂

  172. proudgooner says:

    later Terry

  173. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, I make my own judgement. I know your intentions are okay but what you said was inappropriate both to Wenger AND to those who suffered from pedophelia in their lives. It was inappropriate

    I actually hate this policing of the site. We just came back from Scotland giving my parents in law a break from the constant grieving over the loss of their son a few months ago. They looked broken and so deeply sad, despite trying to be positive. It makes me put things in perspective and I don’t want to spend my time talking about this anymore. Please accept my choice and let’s move on now. 🙂

  174. The Cockie Monster says:

    Fair enough Totes, but we will have to agree to disagree on whether it was inappropriate as it is always down to individual opinions but agree that it is your site and it must be hell policing it. You of course completely right that my intentions are nothing more that humorous as they have always been !.
    All the best to you, your wife and your in-laws as the hell you are all going through is a million times more horrendous than something that someone has written on a blog !.

  175. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Cockie, good man. 🙂

  176. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good move there, McGoats–and Cockster, too! I know the event colored (coloured) your views on Arsenal matters when it was even fresher… Obviously, I’m pleased you’re feeling more upbeat about things at the moment (football wise, at least) and (I presume) had a decent holiday… Best of luck to ALL in their non-Arsenal lives…

    I may not know anything about football but when it comes to finding bargains I’m pretty ace. (I know even less about boxing and juggling multiple lovelies, or is it loving multiple jugglies? Uh oh, am I risking a ban here?…) Through a combo of results and finances (some might call it “management”…) Arsenal are in a position to work the seams between the crazy money clubs who are desperate for instant success and the selling clubs who have to take the money once the “big” clubs start tapping up their players with offers of insane salaries and semi-insane fees. These days it’s all by way of media outlets, which, sometimes the Gazillionaires also own… As such, Welbeck seems a good buy and should have less (er, no…) trouble adjusting to English football. In addition to “bedding in” and getting used to the intolerance for simulation, let’s not forget those South American boys have to fly back there for Intl’s… 23 is also a very appealing age at which to buy a player. If only his hair was as tall as Giroud’s he might be more “like for like.” Soon enough our guy might get back to the looks of this very minor American comedian/rapper: http://brianorndorf.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ee7b64288330163061574bf970d-500wi

    Was it a move inspired only by the injury? Maybe, but at least we did it (as compared to last window and Theo’s knee…) and it WILL be tough on Yaya and JC (and likely even worse on Poldolski…) Might we have done a little business toward the back? Probably…Tapping up an Ashley Williams or three (and then buying one of them…) might’ve made a bit of sense given the extra matches. It seemed there was a bit of time there once Verms went off to Barca… Alas, players want playing time and my thought about Djourou (above, who played alright at the WC after the other Giroud was done with him…) was misguided; Hamburg activated the sell clause on his loan back in April.

    Overall, IN MY OPINION (only…) it just isn’t terribly exciting to dig at old wounds and go overboard one way or the other from result to result, signing to signing–or worse–from back page headline to internet hit-grabber, esp. when almost ALL of them are based on lies or twisted words. So, just as the sky didn’t actually fall when Cesc went to Chavs, we won’t have won the league when we beat ManCity in our next match… 🙂 :fingers crossed: Not very “Tigerish,” but there you go…

    Finally, funny stuff about Welbeck’s “injury”… I didn’t realize that Wenger had that sort of pull with the National squad, though the Colin Lewin connection cannot be overlooked. Didn’t Lewin get hurt himself at the WC? You English blokes act tough but shatter easily, it seems. What other Wenger-ies are we playing for this break? Ozil? Ox? Theo was maybe held out for Leicester so he could get the extra 2 weeks? Didn’t his ACL go before Falcao’s?…

    Shad Forsythe–the signing nobody is mentioning. Is he the guy who is costing us points?…

  177. Cockney monsters' first lezbanian mistress says:

    Thank the lord. My furry thighs will get a rest

  178. proudgooner says:

    First mistree,
    Keep them nice and hairy he likes them like that 😉

  179. Cockney monsters' first lezbanian mistress says:

    NO, we want him back blogging and out of Lezbania for a while. A lady needs some “ME- time” and all TCM wants is ‘HE- time”.

    For the love of Dennis…..KEEP HIM HERE

  180. AwayGunner says:

    Gerry, I always seem to forget that you’re a wrench head.. Marques is absolute magic man, pretty hard to believe the campaign he’s laying down this year..
    Do you ride personally? If so, what’s your weapon of choice?

    For that matter, any Toronto Gooners on here ride?


  181. Cockney monsters' first lezbanian mistress says:

    New Post………i think

    WOW 🙂

  182. TotalArsenal says:


    HH, RockyLives and Milo are Toronto, or there about, based.

  183. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    17, I suggest you copy and paste your last comment to the next post?

  184. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Cocker 🙂

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