A Brace in Basel for Welbeck is just perfect timing

A Danny Double in a hard-fought victory over the politest football nation in Europe. Nice. Very nice. This will do his confidence a world of good and is just what we needed before he joins his team mates at the home of football tomorrow. Talent and confidence are the two biggest commodities in football – or indeed in any sport – and DW23 will arive at the Grove with a smile from earlobe to earlobe.

I must admit I have been looking thoroughly at Welbeck for the first time ever today, and I did so with the main aim of judging how well he will fit into the OG role. His hold up play is good but could do with further improvement. His aerial dominance, especially from long balls from the back, is also not at Giroud’s level, but can undoubtedly be bettered.

But his movement was great and his energy levels are very impressive too. Did you see the interview with Shrek and Welbeck at the end of the game? Rooney had been substituted five minutes earlier but was still out of breath and looked shattered; Danny, on the other hand, was fresh as a daisy and radiated with confidence and happiness. What an athlete.

What was very clear tonight is how much DW works for the team; not just sitting back centrally for the ball, but being a nuisance all over the pitch when not in possession of the ball. And when the ball is regained by the team he makes smart and energetic runs into the available space. He is also good at carrying the ball forward, taking on a man, and attacking space with real intent.

Switzerland v England

Although he was a bit lucky with the contact on his shin for the first goal, I was very impressed with his run. He saw what his former team mate was going to do and chose instinctively to run towards the right side of the goal, whilst Sterling made a clever run towards the left side. Rooney did well moving with the ball forward and releasing it just in time for Sterling, who made a great run and put in a peach of a cross towards the fast running new Gunner. How often have we seen two or more players matching each others speed in the last year at Arsenal? With Sanchez, Theo and Welbeck (and Ox and Rambo and the ‘wingbacks’) we now should see a lot more of this. Especially during counter-attacks. Nice.

Welbeck’s second goal was even more enjoyable. Firstly, he was fit and able to make another clever and energetic run after being at it for 90 minutes already. Secondly, his first touch was good, he kept his balance and took time to make a decision; and his subsequent execution was perfect. Finished like a top striker.

So there is plenty of reason to be positive about our new signing and his performance tonight. His pace and ball control skills have been a joy to watch, and although there is plenty to learn for him he showed tonight that he can hit the ground running at Arsenal.

There will not always be so much space available for him to shine of course, and we will have to see how he does against the park the bus teams in the CF/Holding Striker position. But this game, with a brace in Basel, is just what the footie doctor ordered.

Cannot wait to see him at the Grove. Our army of midfielders will be licking their lips!

Written by: TotalArsenal.


58 thoughts on “A Brace in Basel for Welbeck is just perfect timing

  • I totally agree Total! He is showing signs of becoming a wonderful striker. He is like the perfect mix between Sanchez, Giroud and Theo,don’t you think? He is good at dribbling, though not as good as Sanchez. He can hold up the ball and is good aerially, though not as good as Giroud. He is quick, though not as fast as Theo. Hope he can replicate his showing here at the mighty reds.

  • Great Danny post-match piece TA.
    After tonight display I think he is the right man to carry us forward.
    It is a massive plus that he is EPL proven and will not need any time to adapt .
    He really is super fast and skilful , now full of confidence too.
    He really could become a close player type to Henry if he takes that composer of tonight’s 2nd goal and uses it to all his finishes going forward. That is a massive thing to say I know, I’m not saying he will be as good as Henry but he could get close, he has the skill, the pace and the height to be a complete striker.
    Tonight showed that he must play down the middle.
    Also he will have a special Mr Ozil super number 10 supplying him ammo . So the future is bright for him! 😉

  • Great post match analysis on Danny. Agree entirely especially re Ozil supplying balls pg, would just like to add at 23 those weak points can all be polished up as he has the potential and raw skill.
    The futures bright the futures Danny.

  • Yeah your right TA
    It should be step by step and not get ahead of myself .
    Welbeck the next Henry.
    Sanchez the next Ian Wright
    Ha ha ha
    Nice to dream once in a while.
    It would be awesome if the 2 can hit them dizzying heights .

  • When we watch Sanogo (whose physique and style are similar to Welbeck’s)and Dannyboy, one thing stands out….he isn’t afraid to have a real charge at net and to try and place the ball, as he did for the second goal. It was a classic Henryesque finish. Sanogo, with a similar engine and desire, cannot seem to control his shooting BUT he also has a real sense of where to be and is ready to take advantage of any space offered him. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see these two supporting Alexis, Walcott and eventually Giroud and being fed by Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and company!!!
    I am sure there are a few fans at United kicking themselves right now!

  • TA

    So, looked up some videos of the game… First, though a statement or confession.

    — I like OG and I like his style, but I am not a huge fan of the hold up playing (or solely such) striker. I prefer those who run through and cause havoc more so than just holding up.

    My thoughts then are thusly:

    a. you wrote “but being a nuisance all over the pitch when not in possession ” … This is a favourite thing of mine. Alexis does it, Welbeck will do it, OG does it sometimes but gets a touch puffed (and so would you if you played 8M games / year), and Ozil does it quietly / efficiently in getting to the right space early and shutting off clear routes more than harassing

    — This slows down transition, allows defences to drop and set, and generally makes counter attacks hard. If Ox joined in, or whomever on the other sideline it wouldn’t matter nearly so much to have a counter attack destroying DM …

    b. you wrote: “He is also good at carrying the ball forward, taking on a man, and attacking space with real intent” and I agree and it is something OG doesn’t do well, but, perhaps unfortunately (?), is something all our slick mids are set up to generate..

    c. you wrote: “Although he was a bit lucky with the contact on his shin for the first goal”. As a former defender I call this “striker bounce” and it’s just something that happens. Some have it, and others don’t. Cant be trained, it’s merely the grace of the deity of your choice. Defenders hate those with the fortune of “strikers bounce” where no matter what you do the random bounce of the ball always seems to randomly favour them. If OG had a weakness, truly, it is that he doesn’t seem to get much of the “strikers bounce” .. Sometimes it **is** better to be lucky than hard working, since they are all very good..

    Thus, no Theo yet, no Arteta, my line up and approach for City would be something like:

    Debuchy, Koz/Merts (Chambers if one is out) Gibbs/Monreal (depending on fitness)
    AR / JW
    Alexis Ozil Ox (with lots of interchange between Ozil / Alexis as Ozil prefers right side)

    Approach: attack with four mainly with Ox/Alexis tracking back and Ozil/Welbeck harassing. Drop on defense about 10 more meters than normal first up. Patience and counter with outlet balls to Ozil who dishes to overlapping Ox and Alexis, supported by AR or JW (just one at a time) and Welbeck running forward.

    I could also see Flamini starting for JW and seeing how it went, but I would rather bring him on if we get ahead or want defensive legs. Santi on at 70-75mins for Ozil. I could also live with Rosicky in place of Ox

    cheers — jgc

  • If the ball had struck Welbeck’s foot for the first goal, it would have gone in, as his foot was pointed in the direction of the corner he was trying to hit. He WASN’T lucky, as his technique ensured that he would hit the target, with whatever part of that right leg, especially the lower portion, the ball happened to strike. Although if he hit it with his heel (not very likely) or the protruding bones surrounding the ankle joint (highly unlikely) he wouldn’t have scored and neither would Pele have, hahaha. The last time I checked, the shin bone IS ultimately connected to the foot/feet bones, directly through/from the ankle joint 😀 Roundabout logic for some, but I managed to grasp it immediately, even in my state of perpetual stupor.

  • I did not see the match but I read that imediately after his goal he went directly to OX and chambers to celebrate and also made a gun gesture with his hand , to me it seems he really wants to win over Arsenal fans……hope he does it in the match as well by scoring goals

  • Morning guys and girls 🙂

    OMG, agreed re Sanogo. I like him a lot and he is not as far as Welbeck but will get there, no doubt. I expect the Frenchman to start on Saturday.

  • Geoff, the hold up play is essential in our side and system, especially against PTB teams. OG excels in this and both Sanogo and Welbeck need to learn this of him.

  • Back to the serious stuff TA. Excellent post to boost those nervous types for the forthcoming action.
    The only thing that lurks in the back of my mind is that there is just a hint of surprise there? 😀

    Mind, I have a confession to make, errr .. I chose not to watch the match live, as the Coventry Bees were on Sky. Shame on me I know, as they got thrashed in a way I thought England might, ha ha. However, I did stay up to watch the highlights.

    Now I find myself in the position with nothing to say, because my script somehow found its way down under, and to the right a bit, and jgc kindly posted it earlier.
    Cheers Geoff 😀
    Don’t you just hate these time zones sometimes …

    So, if you have read my (jgc’s) piece above, you will have a good idea of how we think our strong points will be in the near future. So I will move it on to when Giroud returns for a moment.
    Do they become a duet? Do they rotate? Who is the super sub, and who will be the warm up act?
    It is funny when you think about the last question, because both could do it in their different ways. Giroud in the physical battle, and Welbeck with pace and movement. Both can benefit from a tiring defence?
    So this is a note to all those thinking they may see the last of Giro? Far from it. This will be a duet played separately at times, and together at others, but both will perform a vital function when every body is fit.

    One final thought. They will probably have their first training session together tomorrow. 3 days later we play the league champions, and a more determined team that didn’t turn up for the CS Cup. Now we know we have the ingredients to counter-attack, this will be a massive step for us. No easy ‘shoe-in’ game while we get to see how they gel. This is a big one! And I fear the worst if we go gung-ho thinking attack is the best form of defence?
    Early doors(I do hate that expression?) we must keep possession, sit deeper when we have to, and be clinical when we do push forwards. Easier said than done. Second half is when spaces will start to appear.

    Anyway, I expect AW to break the silence on his thoughts about Welbeck, as he has let the ‘chattering classes’ do their bit of mischief. But you can guarantee that poker face will reveal a huge grin in his eyes at the next press conference?

    We are in for some exciting times, but the best will begin in October ….
    Keep the faith …

  • Gerry and TA

    Gerry, no worries on sharing the load…

    TA, even against park the bus both ways will work, or as Gerry notes, they could rotate. Park the bus isn’t new and it didn’t work any better vs TH et al types as it did vs OG. And no worse. Both can be cracked by either approach.

    If anything I wonder if we OVER rely on OG holding up because the whole bloody rest of the team is too far back and we get too stretched… Hence, my other comments…

    Cheers — jgc

  • In our system OG is a class apart against PTB. When you attend live matches you can see it properly. OG made a big difference against CP, for example. The speed needs to come from Alexis, Ox and theo in those situations. But as I said earlier, DW can learn this of the master.

  • Well

    Time will tell as OG isn’t going to be mastering more than crutches for a bit last I read(?)

    — jgc

  • How about this for a park the bus tactic, when there really is no space in behind and the pace of most of our players is made redundant;
    A 4-3-3
    with a front 3 of Danny cutting in from the left, Giroud from the right and Sanogo being a nuisance in the middle, Diaby the play-maker up top, all being fed by two sitting but creative / passing midfielders pinging clever balls into the area (take your pick for those two places lol).
    Fighting fire with fire – they would never see that coming from Arsenal lol
    It would never happen but it just goes to show a dimension we have at the moment which i think we have lacked recently. With BFG as well on corners we would be unstoppable – park the bus all you want then f*ckers we’ll just smash the doors in 🙂

    Land of the giants – gunners edition

    —-6ft 1″———-6ft 4″———-6ft 4″-
    ———————6ft 4″——————
    ——————Back four—————

  • Steve, I reckon we should just wait to see Diaby play a few games before assigning a role to him … however imaginary?
    Personally, I hope he takes up a loan offer.

    Just read that Akpom has broken the club 10m sprint record at the club, and now he is setting his sights on Bellerin’s 40m record? Another 6′ footer to add to your line up? 😀

  • Steve, I’d swap JW or AR for Podolski in that formation, with the sole task of long-distance shooting as much as possible (aiming low of course!). 🙂

  • It is a good chance to see how Rosicky form is tonight v Holland.
    I will be a natural for the game Totes .
    I think Holland will win, Holland have new manager so it will be an interesting game to watch.

  • ———–Szczensey

    My Gunner’s team to gun down and burn down the City Oil rig!
    No start for Cazorla, i would either play him from the start in Chambers spot, or start with my line up get the feel for the game keep it tight then bring him on for Chambers near the end to get a late goal for the win.If needed.
    I say a strong defensive unit first, make sure we are in the game for the second half.
    Then we have the likes of Rosicky, OX , Jack Sanogo and Campbell to come on.
    Maybe start Campbell for Podolski if the Boss see’s he is in form in training, who knows?
    I am feeling positive for this game.

  • Shit!
    Bad news Ramsey is injured. he was not kicked. He was with the ball and pulled something.
    I doubt he will play at the weekend or for a few weeks. 😦

  • At the 93rd minute… Well we were 1 minute from being fully safe from interlull injury 😦

  • Alcide,
    It is gutting mate.
    I was a bit annoyed at him for trying to continue playing as well.
    Hopefully it is not as bad as i thought, but i doubt it i think he is defo out for a couple of weeks

  • Wenger must focking hate international’s , he puts all that hard work into training up these players, then while playing for another team which he has no connection to the player comes back in bad shape.
    It is bad enough when they get injured playing for us.
    The good news is we have lots of great midfielder’s and they are capable of filling in , Ox especially .

  • I’m total confident that we can beat Man C again, and can even play a nifty little 4-1-3-2 formation if we want!

    I would play:

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
    Rosicky – Cazorla – Ozil
    Sanchez – Welbeck

    Lots of attacking verve and skill in there, with Jack, Santi and DW all in good form at the moment. 2-1 to the Arsenal is my guess.

    pg – I think Cazorla is essential given his recent run of form, and have thrown in TR7 who is very consistent when it comes to big games against top opposition.

    I like the way Chambers is playing, and he might well come back in against Dortmund next week. To be honest I’d look to park the bus with that one!!

  • Hi all..
    So we lost Ozil and Ramsey.. City lost Kompany and Jovetic.. quite fair.. hehehe..
    I think Wenger will play :

    England (Wilshere, Chambers, Ox, Welbeck) win.. Wales (Ramsey) win.. Germany (Ozil) win.. Czech Republic (Rosicky) win.. Spain (Cazorla) win.. Poland (Szczesney) win..
    Bosnia(Dzeko) lost.. Serbia (Kolarov and Nastatic) draw with France..
    Debuchy and Koscielny didn’t play against Serbia.. cmiiw..??
    So all our players win.. hahahaha.. And so will be this week end.. Arsenal will win..
    Go Gunners..

  • PG – I watched the first half of the Wales match, and on both the timing and Ramsey’s current form, I wouldn’t have played him on Saturday anyway.
    I think he has gone back to his ‘trying too hard’ period. His passing in particular, has been woeful. I don’t care if he has only got a bad bruise, a ‘Wenjury’ will give him a break.?

    It is not like we are short of possibilities in midfield. with or without Arteta’s early return. So my revised team sheet, providing there are no more training accidents, would be:
    _____________(Actually what I would like, but won’t happen is)


    Note: Whether it is Rosicky or Ox on the left, they will be required to support Monreal who will be under great pressure from Navas. The presence of Welbeck should ensure the full back does not get forwards very often. Where we will be vulnerable is their powerhouses down the middle over-running Jack? Which makes a case for Flamini to be his partner, and push Ox as the B2B man. However, the ploy of using Bellerin on the right could be a masterstroke, as it means he can cover the wing play while the more experienced Debuchy can come inside and help as the extra defensive midfielder. I would prefer this to putting the ever willing Chambers up against the either of the Mancs midfield pair coming forward. One mistake there could cost us?
    The bonus of having Bellerin in the side is his pace to counter attack, with both Alexis and Welbeck keeping him company. 3 on 2. with a far post cross for Welbeck’s first league goal?
    Knowing AW, it will be a suspect Arteta and a suspect Gibbs … aaargh!!

    The bench should be interesting though, because whoever sits this one out is a likely starter for the COC?

  • @ Gerry.. I don’t think Wenger will change his favourite formation 4-2-1-3..
    Buying Welbeck confirm me about that.. and he never play Podolski as second striker..
    And as Walcott say.. we now have the fastest team.. Welbeck.. Sanchez and Walcott offcourse.. why wasted this potential..?? Hehehe..

    And Bellerin will only played as RB as our thrid choice.. after Debuchy and Chambers..

  • Henry he he, You are missing the point with the ‘formation’ I set out. I have been saying we have a fluid 4-5-1. What I had was a 4-3-3, but rather than appear to push Welbeck or Santi out towards the left, I set it up as our ‘attack mode’. Defence mode would be 5-4-1, with Santi as the 1.
    Second point, and do keep up with my previous comments 😀
    Bellerin is our RW .. at least until Walcott is back. But, the boy can tackle.
    He would play down the line, ahead of Debuchy, who is our RB. Chambers will be on the bench to cover three options.

    We need to defend solidly, and counter with speed. Bellerin gives cover in both these areas?
    IMO, of course.
    Good grief, if we get a lead I would stick Gibbs on in front of Monreal to do the same on the other side. Close it out at 1-0, or catch them with a couple of late counters and make it 3-0 😀

  • @TA.. This trisula strikers.. Ox-Welbeck-Sanchez is the preparation for Walcott-Welbeck-Sanchez..
    We need to play Sanchez at LW.. we don’t have a great player there.. a
    All our winger tend to prefer the Right side.. Ox.. Gnabry.. Campbell.. Walcott all are a good RW.. We only have Cazorla now.. a great CAM who forced to play as LW.. as Ozil last two games.. Oh.. how I missed Gervinho.. look how great he is now at Roma..

  • Re Podolski.I think he will get the odd start when the other side have no strong wide right players, and when Gibbs is fit. He would be on the left of a 4-3-3, but not wide. Gibbs would provide the width. He will get time of the bench too.
    He is not there to be the joker, remember? … his words I believe?

  • @ Gerry.. Podolski just not fit in Wenger scheme 4-2-1-3 formation..
    Unless all our strikers are not in good form.. than we shall see Podolski again.. hehehe..
    Or unless Wenger change the formation to 4-4-2.. But still he must fight against Walcott, Sanchez, Sanogo and Welbeck.. even with Ozil and Cazorla..
    I think we won’t see him next season.. or even quicker.. in January..

  • Hope Rambo is good for Dortmund next week at least agree with @gerry his form is short but still top scorer I think so might just miss him.
    In terms of Man Shity I feel when they play fernando which I’m banking on the lose that central potency whic is how we got them in the shield, all he does is sit offers very little going forward so their standard 4-4-2 with fernando and toure Central is how we win here’s my team with Wenger’s formation.

    Debuchy BFG Kos Monreal
    Ox Wilshere
    Sanchez Ozil Campbell

    Monreal may be a weak link if Gibbs could start I would dance but might be short, the rest of the team has 4 players that could chase a puma to put on their shirt but will give the mancs full back something to think about before going forward.
    I must say I think the way to win against the 4-4-2 with our formation is centrally hence the Ox instead of Flamini or someone a bit more defensive even though I think he is more so than Jack in that position.

  • Gerry, i’m liking that fluid 4-5-1, that turns into a 4-3-3 in attack mode – the later stages of that attack mode would see both the creative/attacking midfielders on either flank move up to support leaving just Jack as the pivot and do you know what you would have then….. that’s right you guessed it….. 4-4-2 diamond lol (i’m like a bloody record player lol)
    Taking your example it would look like this;


    Hey England changed to it on Monday and we actually played some football for once, and scored!! lol. Don’t knock it till you try it 🙂

    I would change personel though mate, i love playing Man city it is one of those rare times that we have less possession than the other team and we have the greater potential for counter attacking breaking moves so for me its all pace up front. (I would have also tried bellerin mate but you and me aint the boss man)







    Wilshere on the right a la Marseille (26/11/13), he loved it out there during that period when he was playing there – linked up with sagna superbly and will do so again with Debuchy.

    Ox on the left playing one two’s with the big man up top a la Crystal Palace (02/02/14), no Grioud this time around but we’ve got Danny boy 🙂

    Sanchez simply being Sanchez, running flat out for 90 mins and hurrying that back line, nicking the ball and carrying it forward before either scoring himself or slipping in Danny or Joel.

    Chambers at the back sitting comfortably continuing to try and convince me he’s really 19 and not some 32 year old veteran who’s played at the highest level all his life, whilst flicking Toure away like the last remaining annoying buzzing wasp of the summer.

    Won’t happen but hey only a couple of differences form your line-up mate.

  • Henry – Your 4-2-1-3 is the same players, but in attack mode as a 4-2-3-1, or 4-5-1 out of possession? If we are using our full backs for width, then Podli fits in perfectly? It only fails if the full back needs assistance from attacking wingers. Hence my qualification.
    He will play his part beyond January … unless a certain ‘Rolls’ pulls up at the Emirates? :;)

  • Steve, I know what you are saying about Chambers, he got my vote for POTM.

    However, I don’t see AW have him flying solo in such a big game. May be from the bench, if we are chasing the game?

    Then we come to the point of having a creative ‘passer’, and the player to miss out is likely to Campbell, who will be saved for the COC.?

  • I have just checked on the website the following things:

    The Under 21’s play Villa tomorrow.
    The Under 19’s Play Dortmund on Wednesday, same night as the COC.

    Therefore those that play tomorrow are unlikely to play on Saturday, but could play their way into COC reckoning? Alternatively, any player not picked to play Villa must be under serious consideration for a role of some sort against Man City?
    Akpom looks destined to do the Villa Dortmund double. But both Bellerin and Hayden are key ones that might be kept back from the Villa game? But if given the run out to test them prior to the COC, rather than Saturday.
    Tote’s thought of Sanogo starting, perhaps in place of Welbeck could be a runner if Welbeck is feeling the effects of carrying ( 😀 )the England team?

    Also, senior players like Rosicky, who is alive, and well, contrary to my doubts, and played the whole game last night. So again, probable bench Saturday, line up Wednesday? Ospina and Alexis travelled a long way for their matches, so the latter may not be a guaranteed starter either? Ospina, who kept a clean sheet is a cert for the COC. Campbell too, went ‘home’ to play, played full match but did not score. Less likely to start Saturday I would have thought?
    Again, Sanogo for Alexis is a possibility.

    Juggle with that info as best you can?

  • Just an update on the Fantasy league:

    We had 12 teams enter, and now have 4 teams pass the 100 points mark. Tight at the top with only 3 points between Doink City – 114, and Bods Gunners United – 111.
    However, top scorer with 55 points was AmibaAndaleYeepa FC, who moved into 4th place with 102 points, only 4 points behind IamGunnerWin on 106.

    Well done to one and all.
    My team VOODOOCHILEALEXIS (homage to Jimi Hendrix) ended the first week at the bottom, but have now moved into 8th
    Up was the only direction I could have go in 😀

    We have one late entry; Super Kickers 2014, so very good welcome to you.

    However, I propose that we close the entry list before the week ending the 20/09/14 for any other late comers who might be inspired by the transfer window?

    If you want to leave it open, speak up. Reminder of where to go for your free entry:


    And : BK Best Bloggers is the existing league to enter. The code needed is at the top of this site, in the heading 2014 FF rules, etc.

    Now I have to go and do some urgent transfers …
    Good luck to all.

  • Davydavy,
    I think Cazorl is awesome , i rate him very highly.
    It’s just sometimes in some games i feel we should only play 1 of Cazorla or Ozil.
    For this game i wanted Podolski on the left, i think he is a big plus on the left because of his goal threat.
    I prefer Cazorla in the #10
    If Ozil is out then its a straight swap for him so Cazorla plays on Sat .

  • Gerry,
    I think Ramsey has not been on the top of his game so far as well.
    Thatsaid he would have defo made the bench if he was not injured for me, because he could always get us that late goal like he did v Palace.

  • Where has the Ozil injury come from? I have not read anywhere that he was injured Henrychan.

  • PG are you seriously saying you did not see Mesut getting treatment towards the end of the last game, but played on because we used all up our subs? We had both him and Ox as walking wounded. at that time.

    Agreed that Santi is the straight swap though.

  • I’m curious. What are everyone’s starting XI for the City game? Just wanna know your opinions.

    My team-

    Debuchy-Calum/Per- Koz- Gibbs
    Sanchez- Santi- Campbell

    Calum is doing great at the moment and probably deserves to start ahead of Per IMO. He’s shown that he is good and is breathing down Per’s neck at the moment. He would probably be a better choice for this game especially with Aguero/Jovetic playing. Gibbs will have a better chance against Jesus Navas and the City RBs.

    Rambo is certain to start but if he is out of the game from the injury he suffered from Wales, I would give Ox the nod as we need his work rate and energy in the middle to combat the all-powerful Toure. It would be quite the battle, and it may be this key battle that wins us the game. About Flamini…. Well, he did good the last time we played against City and he may yet again prove himself worthy of a starting berth. Well, I wouldn’t mind him breaking a few City player’s legs.

    Sanchez is a definite starter and I’m unsure where he is gonna be deployed, so I’m gonna stick him on the right.His presence and work rate will cause the City LB quite some problems. Santi is there ahead of Ozil because he is in better form at the moment. Also, he is a harder worker than Ozil and is a better fit for this game. Then again, I wouldn’t hesitate to play Rosicky. His pressing game might prove vital if he does play. The left wing is a tougher decision. Campbell is up there as he probably is a better all-round player than Poldi, but with wenger, you never know.

    Welbeck? What else should I say? Main striker without Giroud, may he help us overcome his old rivals.

  • I think Monreal desrvea some respect he seems really solid this season. Remember this is only his 2nd full season in England.

  • H Bo,
    I think he would have been rested today, or maybe even moving home etc.
    It must be a lot to get sorted after a move. I don’t think he is injured dont worry 🙂

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