Revealed: Arsene’s next Wengerball Plans are a Total Revolution!

Email message from Steve this morning:

Total Arsenal! Amazing news!

I just finished a once in a lifetime private one to one phone call with Arsene himself and let me just say he has put my mind at rest concerning all our midfield questions and debates and our worries about lack of numbers in defense.
I tell you mate there I am spouting all these silly diamond formations and trying to make uninformed selections of players for order of first choice when the boss man had the plan to sort it all out all along. He guaranteed me that the lack of cover in the CB position was done on purpose as a part of a plan and that we could see even more players in the defensive line leave without any replacement also.  He told me that both Szczesny in goal and Welbeck up top would have huge individual roles to play in the near future and that he’s expecting a lot from both of them.  He then went on to explain why he’s been buying up so many attacking midfielders of the same type over the last few years – i’m telling you mate he’s a clever bugger!  I never saw this one coming!
I wasn’t supposed to divulge any of the information he shared with me but I had to tell someone and I knew you would appreciate it, so after he dictated the new line-up to me that would sort all our problems out, explain the logic behind what he’s been doing all these years and reveal his master plan, I quickly made a note of it and made a copy for you.
This is the future line-up, but PLEASE keep it to yourself mate, we don’t want any of the enemy sc*m getting their hands on such a revolutionary tactical concept.
1-9-1 Death by Tiki-Taka! :)
1-9-1 Death by Tiki-Taka! 🙂
Emoji Hope that brightened up the Monday morning for you mate lol, just felt like a giggle.
Cheers, Steve! Sorry, I could not keep it a secret! 😉
On a more serious note, let us know how you want Arsenal  to line-up versus the Northern Oilers this Saturday: what is your ideal starting eleven? I will collate the formations and present our joint preferred line-up by end of the week.
Cheers, TA.

61 thoughts on “Revealed: Arsene’s next Wengerball Plans are a Total Revolution!

  • Our famous Manager has always got the plan ( A) plan (B) plan (C ) PLAN ( D ) he always has a plan only the headless chickens is not always on board not suggesting Arsen should be given a blank cheque and left alone to do the business, remember David Dein that’s the piece of the missing jigsaw hope we find that missing bit to complete the rise of the titans, many thanks Gunners

  • Yes, but Jack and Santi are not the right size, players like Touré will jump over them easily, negating the power of the safety line, and then there’s no cover.- but I guess that’s why Arsene counts on Szczesny to have an important role? And then, is Welbeck the right choice for that formation? I’d put Giroud, back to goal, he can flick the ball to any one of 9 onrushing midfielder better than any other striker out there, who cares if he’s not clinical, as long as our midfielders have goals in them.

  • Ha brilliant Steve. Reading your first sentence about 1 per cent of me believed it, but like All good Gooners I am a trusting soul. With nine across the field the offside trap could be tricky. I vote for bringing Tony Adams out of retirement to organise things. Hope he has the zonal marking sorted as well

  • Hahaha…..
    Good one TA you had me fooled for a moment after the first 2 lines :p
    But on a serious note I would like we played the same formation against Man City as we did against Everton only instead of santi, Ox on the left and obviously Welbeck in place of SaNOgoal

  • PMSL! I can’t believe you put it as a post lol

    Well i hope everyone enjoys a little Monday morning laugh then 🙂 – they can get quite boring otherwise.

    TA, Just goes to show even with a 1-9-1 we’d still have midfielders on the bench – the boss planned for that and intends to use them as subs lol 🙂

    & Alcide,
    Loving the tactical analysis on a 1-9-1 formation lol, good effort mate i like it – cheering my Monday morning up already 🙂

  • Retsub, cheers mate glad you liked it lol, agreed on Tony Adams – who is he again? isn’t he Luke Shaws dad?

    Neeraj, glad i had you fooled if only for a moment 🙂

    Also on a serious not did anyone get to see Carvalho in action for Portugal against Albania the other day, i bloody missed it but wondered if he impressed or not?

  • Really


    When we could play a false 9 and go 1-10-0 …? Seriously, no reason to keep flame on the bench, and Ozil is the false 9, or Campbell..

    Finally, park the buss will still be a problem. We will need more directness. Bring in Rosicky for the ultimate Arsenal attack, the 0-11-0!!!

    Still room for improvement. Wenger out! 😀

    Cheers — jgc

  • Morning T.A. Sorry that I am not on your marvelous site more often but I have found time to blog hard to come by more recently. Does the slightly unhinged Cornish Cockernee still frequent here?

    So formations. I wrote a piece myself a while back about this. My view was that if you played with a back 4 that most teams formation is quite similar, and that the type of player that was utilised in certain positions would dictate how the team would end up looking. For instance if the 2 wide players are old fashioned traditional wingers that stay wide most of the time and you have a Bergkamp in behind the number 9 it is more 4-4-2. Ozil in place of Bergkamp makes it more a 4-5-1. If the 2 wide players are more wing forwards that like to get infield a lot more than hug the touchline to play off the number 9, ala Walcott and Sanchez, then it will look more 4-3-3 or some derivitive of that.

    With the types of players that we have we are strongest with some version of the 4-3-3. My preference is for us to have players that line us up more of a 4-2-3-1, which is what I always consider Bayern as using. You have 2 deeper defensive midfielders but 1 with a holding defensive role (Martinez or Lahm) and one with a more box to box role (Schweinsteiger). In front of them you have the creative midfielder or number 10 (was Kroos) playing behind the striker and either side you have 2 pacy goal-scoring wing forwards (Ribbery and Robben).

    Ozil seems to have a knock so I would play Ramsey in that role. In these tight big games his goal-scoring instincts in and around the box could be a game winner. I would go for Gibbs normally but believe he is still injured. The one other thing is looking at the pace and mobility of their attack I would want to match it with as much pace and mobility as we can get in our defence, so maybe it is a game for Chambers over Merts. I think as much pace we can get up top and more importantly wide is needed. We want their advancing full backs to be worried about leave space behind. As such I would like to see us line up as follows :

    Debuchy Chambers Koscielny Monreal
    Flamini Wilshere
    Sanchez Ramsey Chamberlain

  • TA re the Saturday line-up;

    I’m going for a bit of different tact on how i WANT (not think) Arsenal will line-up, I’m leaving the controversial and much debated Jack, Cazorla or Ozil quandary out of it and going for this;


    3 subs (barring any injuries) late in second half across the AM:


    Lets give Danny a full run out and see what he can do 🙂

    Yep a line-up without Jack, Santi or Ozil – bet you never saw that one comming! 🙂

  • Not too different to mine Steve. My argument for Jack is that he is better than Ramsey at bringing the ball out from deeper positions. He can carry the ball forwards so often gives us a quick transition from defence to attack. Conversely Ramsey has the better eye for goal so I would push him up behind Welbeck into Ozils normal role.

  • With your formation we wont have a problem even if kos gets sent off in his customary fashion

  • Steve – You will have to learn to be more discreet, this will get you scrubbed from AW’s contact list 😀

    I do like the idea of Diaby in the the ‘hole’.
    I can see it in now, from kick off, a series of Terry(Pires)’s sideways passes, taking one step forwards like the ‘300’, in a solid line. Then when they reach the box, one of the wide men pings the ball across the line, and a bit like bagatelle, all the rest have their shooting leg back, and the first one to have a clear sight of goal … Boom! 1- nil to the 300, sorry 9.
    When they kick off, we are already in position on our box line, and this is where Szczezzer’s role is crucial. He has to keep out long range shots. Made easier by him only having to parry it anywhere along our defence line and we win back possession? Masterstroke!
    Then we march forwards once more. On this point I agree with Geoff, as I do think Welbeck is a bit of a waste up front?

    But you are dead right though. This is the tactic of a sheer genius!

  • Steve this was a entertaining post gave me a Monday smile which is rare.

    Here’s MY team how I would like us to line up not actual team

    Debuchy Kos. BFG Gibbs
    Rambo Chambers
    Sanchez Ozil. Chamberlain

  • GoonerB – More appropriate from the previous post, and I agree with the 4-2-3-1.

    I like to think it a tad more fluid than rigid though.

    I likewise think having Ramsey near the opposing goal, making more frequent shorter runs into the box. He is also good to help out the attacking full back when required.

    I disagree with the Steve line up, which you would alter in only one respect. That is because it lacks the creative passer in the final third. Yes, they can all pass the ball to players, but you need someone who can vary, or disguise their passing? Otherwise they just get cut out.

    Sorry, it is Santi or Ozil for me Fast forward a couple of years and it might be Zelalem or Crowley?

  • Hahaha Steve, I was still half dazed and confused when I read it early this morning. Then, when I was walking the dog, I thought it would be fun to publish it.

    I reckon we swap Welbeck with the BFG. Best header in the team and he can guide the defensive stuff from the front. Talking about a revolution…. Also when defending set pieces we go in alarm mode: 9-1-1, with nine players in the goal and Theo and Ox in the 1 and 1… Attack us now then you bastards! hahaha 😛

  • H Bo – I prefer your line up, although I don’t think AW will try out Chambers in this game, at least not partnered by Ramsey or Wilshere. Perhaps with Arteta?

    I think he is too valuable to the bench where he can cover several positions, and thus open up the possibility for more options?

  • Gerry – WE ARE ARSENAL! lol loving the 300 analogy, never even saw that until you brought it up nice one.
    I take your point on the creative passer mate but i feel OX does have that in his locker just not quite as developed as the others yet and this was a “want” team not a “predicted” one, if it was i think mine would look very much like GoonerB’s.
    Oh and a couple of years Crowley for sure mate! have you seen him and Patrick Roberts tearing it up in the England U17 those two are amazing and complement each other perfectly (right foot / left foot). Definitely on my watch list.

    GoonerB – Yes mate fully agree on the Ramsey in the hole point, i just wanted to see how OX got on there tbh, but in reality the Saturday game would not be the best time to try something new lol.
    I would keep BFG in defense though – they have a lot of height in their team on corners and i really want to see Chambers bully Tore in midfield, that would make my day tbh.

    H Bo – Glad i could help 🙂 I think Ozil is injured btw, i could be wrong though. but otherwise our teams are looking similar.

  • GoonerB, always good to see you here and your comments are always a joy to read. Sorry to hear you have been busy lately, letting your football duties down… 🙂

    Cockie is in conclave, preparing new comic material that meets the standards of his loyal and demanding audience at BK 😛

  • 9-1-1 Alarm mode! hahahaha, we need some flashing lights on either corners of the goal hahaha
    Nice one TA!

  • GoonerB

    I like that line up a lot, but leaving BFG out… We need his intelligence and calm, I reckon. Also, I am pretty sure that Wenger will start Sanogo, as he will want time to work with Welbeck and let him play 20-30 mins at the end.

    My Line up:

    Deb – BFG – Koz – Nacho

    Yep, Alexis to fool them all in the hole and scare the sugar out of the Oilers and Sanogo to start to keep the defence busy and fight for his place…. then Welbeck to come on and kill off the tired Oilers and wink at the Mancunians through the camera. Bliss. 🙂

  • Lights on the goal posts….I’d love it, Steve. All the crowd making ambulance noises just before the corner is taking as well…. Szczesny catches the ball, throws it to Ox who starts the running and weaves past a few dazed and shit-scared defenders and Theo putting the afterburners on….. Ox to release Theo who bangs it in for fun. 9-1-1 to the rescue. 🙂

  • TA; just reading that passage of play you were describing and reminded me of this 🙂


  • Yeah that was a sexy goal. Adebarndoor should have kissed Theo’s boots after that run but he had only time for himself….. And Hleb and Cesc only had time for the real hero…

    No wonder Wenger let him go.

  • Per Mertesacker Should Lead!!! hahahah. From now on that’s exactly what it means mate!! hahaha
    That is brilliant TA – this has been a thoroughly entertaining Monday so far mate, wish i had found bergkampesque a long time ago 🙂

  • Cheers Steve, but you have provided most of the fun. 😛

    What your post amply demonstrates to us is the wealth of midfielders we have in our team. And anybody wondering why Wenger did not buy a guaranteed starter SQ DM, does not need to look any further.

  • Thoroughly good read today Steve, and some of the comments as well. 🙂
    I think the only way we’ll scare City is by the players wearing the Joker make-up (Batman) but with Sanchez wearing a Flash costume. Chezzers would have to wear this:

    Then they may shit themselves if we go at them 1-9-1

  • ————–Szczesny———

    This is a must not lose game i really want Flemini in the team as well but can’t leave Ramsey out.
    I could swap Ramsey for Femini, Ozil for Podolski out on the left and put Ramsey in he number 10.


    For Podolski simply has to play. Why? Because he has scored more goals then any other forward we have that is fit at the moment, i believe he is our best finisher., he will add strength to our team.
    I am going for my second team.
    Jovetic is injured , shame !
    We need goals and Ramsey , Podolski and Alexis offer the best chance of goals with Ozil supplying the ammo. It also gives us a strong defensive unit which we will need against the northern oilers.

  • Just for those interested, I’ve had a message from the Cockie man. He has gone into an Enclosed Order of Monks and taken a solemn order of silence until he can return cleansed and then return as a Visitationist Nun. 🙂

  • 1969er,
    Do send the Cockiemeister of dooming my regards, crickey i am a little concerned that the monks might think he is possesed and start flicking holy water at him all day and night, til he is cleansed at least.

  • 1969er,
    I am sure Mrs P and Fossy B will smuggle him in some cookies to keep his strength up.
    Good luck furry blue chap.

  • iTS OK ta I SEE IT, I LIKE IT EXCEPT jACK I THINK rOSICKY needs some playing time ex caps lol

    Damn it done it again , lol and not on purpose.
    Typo-dislectsier. lol

  • See you later Total.
    I had not thought about Artea being fit or not, i hope he is.
    On Pod, we need more goals mate, i think he is important on that note.

  • Total Holland u21 v Slovakia u21s
    Is also on if you want a link let me know i you are still about?

  • Them 2 goals are massive for Danny and Arsenal
    That 2nd goal was perfect.
    That composer in front of goal is all he needs to become a star, I think he has just found it.
    Well done Danny!

  • Great stuff Alcide ,
    That composer is what has made Rambo a. Star.
    Danny is so fast he can easy create the space to allow that composer. 😉

  • Danny scoring and running straight over and celebrating with Chambers and Chamberlain – great scene!! COYG!

  • Steve,
    It was great to see.
    He really wants to be great for Arsenal and all is looking good.
    Great to see the lads have all clicked together already.
    COYG. 🙂

  • Poor old Jacky boy, of all the four options to place Jack in a diamond formation Hodgson chooses the out and out DM position, what a waste. Should have had Milner filling that job from the start and have jack playing where Delph was.

  • Steve,
    I 100% agree Jack is not a DM simple.
    He even said it in an interview lately, he must have been surprised Roy put him there.
    As you said what a waste.

  • proudgooner,
    Yes mate, some how i just knew Danny would gel quickly with our lads glad to see i was right, can’t wait to see him get his first run out for us! 🙂

  • proudgooner
    “surprised” – pissed off i bet mate lol 🙂
    he did his best though but like Ozil on the wing it just shouldn’t happen and is a definite waste of talent.

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