Van Gaal is doing Welbeck a disservice

Van Gaal today (from BBC website): “He [Welbeck] played three seasons for the first team, but he doesn’t have the record of Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney. And that is the standard,” and “That is why we let him go, because of Falcao, but also to allow the youngsters to fit in. That is the policy. That is why I am here.”

Well, what is the gracious Dutchman comparing Welbeck against? Rooney is now 28 and Van Persie is 31. So surely, he should compare DW23’s current goal scoring record against the records of the mega-earners when they were 23.


Welbeck Van Persie Rooney
Club PL games and goals scored when 23 (goals per game) 92-20 (0.22) 111-25 (0.23) 224-80 (0.36)
International goals scored after 28 games  (goals per game) 28-10 (0.36) 28-9 (0.32) 28-11 (0.39)


So, compared to Rooney, Welbeck is well behind in terms of PL goals per game by the age of 23 (0.36 v 0.22), but not so far off in terms of goals per games in international matches (0.39 v 0.36); and I predict Welbeck to catch up with Rooney soon if he keeps getting starts for England. We all know that Rooney had an incredible successful start of his club career and that Welbeck has not been given the same first team exposure at a similar age. Nevertheless, it is fair to say Rooney performed better by the age of 23 than Welbeck does currently/ at the same age.

However, compared to Van Persie, Welbeck has nothing to be ashamed about. His PL tally is slightly worse, and his international record after 28 games is slightly better. They are even at the age of 23 and we know how the traitor developed subsequently: and this should offer encouragement for Welbeck.

All Welbeck needs is the confidence of the manager, patience and a good run of games – hence his sheer enthusiasm for coming to the home of football. Van Gaal needs instant success and is under a lot of pressure. Falcao is a proven goal scorer and I understand why he got him. But don’t put the boot into Welbeck with unfair statistics. It was a classless thing to do, and oh boy will Danny be motivated to proof him wrong, time and time again!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

15 thoughts on “Van Gaal is doing Welbeck a disservice

  • It is Danny who wants to leave. If he felt there was limited first team opportunities for him previously with RvP, Rooney, Hernandez, it’s worse with RvP, Rooney, Falcao. Stop blaming LVG for cutting the strings.

  • What a joke. Funny how many people love Welbeck now. When he was at United i had to listen to morons slate him non-stop. LVG did good by him, he could of sold him to a lesser club or said no you’re staying here on the bench. LVG is only responding to the hypocrites that’re now saying Welbeck is such a good player, by saying the exact same things the keyboard jockeys were saying about Welbeck before he left.

  • Hi all.. TA.. I agree with you..
    Although we don’t know yet how macth Welbeck with all the team.. but In Wenger We Trust..
    He can make RvP, Henry, Adebayor.. even Anelka a great CF..
    So he will do the same with Welbeck..

    But I don’t agree with you in your last post.. about playing Sanogo ahead of Welbeck against City..
    Fans want to watch Welbeck.. And Wenger will also want to see how great he is..
    So.. Ox-Welbeck-Sanchez is our trisula..

  • TA – I think it was expected that when they employed LVG he would be put his stamp on the team, with a very heavy boot? He was not going to have a ‘Moyes’ period.

    That said,he could have been more gracious.

    But nothing will reinforce Welbeck’s decision to move to a rival club, as being the right thing to do, more than comments like that. I think he will slip seamlessly into our team for several reason’s. Not least because of his on-field connection with Ox going back to early England duties,, which I suspect was also good off-field too. But his whole work attitude will ensure he gets the full backing from everyone.

    ….and if he ends up our joint top scorer, then ‘up yours’, LVG!

  • LVG is under pressure from several angles.
    Self-created, mostly.
    He’s forced a gimmicky formation upon his squad that is square-peg-round-hole– by way of personnel.
    And he knows so.
    Unless Falcao-is-god?
    The 3-5-2 will be scapegoated at some point.
    Buying additional grace from the expectant.

    MU Pressure.
    Which begat– an uncalled for public criticism of Danny Welbeck.
    Another LVG-created drama.
    And not handling the MU Pressure as well as you’d hope.

    Somebody here has sold their soul(s).
    My jury is still out as to whom..

    That’s my opinion.
    I could be wrong.


  • I can understand the Man U points of view expressed above, but I think TA was saying he could have handled it better? Example; ‘We are releasing Welbeck due to lack of opportunities here’
    Sorted … well apart from selling to a rival, of course 😀

    Those awaiting replies to the next post will have to wait until midday.

    However, you know how they say ‘they play the Arsenal way at all levels’,and it is true …
    unfortunately that also applies to when they are mis-firing.
    It was an interesting game last night, but very similar mistakes being made that the first team makes, and you will get the flavour of that in my report.
    Not all doom and gloom though.

    Back later …

  • I thought LVG’s statement was Classless too. I was hella mad when i read it and a lil sad because iexpected a manager of his ‘calibre’ to handle that better. You cant compare wellbeck with Rooney and Vanpersie’s records in the last 3 seasons where wellbeck has not been played in his position. Try playing Vanpersie on the wings and see how much the Goals flood in. Van persie and Rooney were placed in positions where more goal scoring opportunitues will come and even when one of them was substituted, chicharito got the top 9 position regardless of whether welbeck had been on the pitch before then or not. If he was going to compare players how about he compare the united wingers against welbeck (young, nani, Valencia) for the last 3 seasons. It will make muvh more sense considering the fact that that is where he’d been playing.
    But fuvk him though, I’m glad welbeck is here and is ours. I hope he makes LVG and ManU regret the shit coming out they mouths at the moment.
    And whats that he was sayign about falcao having one chance in training and scoring it and how that convinces him that Falcao is the right buy?? I’m going to be sleep on that.
    Anyways… I hope the mighty arsenal outplay the City Mancs and Win. I think we are anyways. 2-1.

  • Nice stuff TA

    Van pancake face will live to regret those words

    Now, many people have asked me recently “Oh Terry, why does Van Gaal have such a flat face?”

    “The true answer is not the rumour often touted that Van Gaal is hit daily by his wife armed with a frying pan. Rather, Van Gaals sexual preference of Obese women and face sitting has resulted in the colloquially termed Omelet look ”

    Have pity my friends

  • Before I read new post I must say a fair point he has not been prolific as you would hope at a glance but the key thing that he had not mentioned is Danny played wide 80% of the time I saw him play very rarely as a centre forward, also it’s like looking at some score lines after the fact they don’t tell the story I remember 3-0 score lines where the loser could of won he just has not seen enough of Danny to speak like that but I’m sure his first hatrick for us will be against Man Poo.

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