Enough evidence that Wanyama or Schneiderlin are the missing link?

Arsenal v Saints Afterthoughts

I am sure not to be the only one who isn’t too sad Arsenal are already out of the League Cup. Yes a great competition to blood the youngsters – I still have great memories of witnessing Arsenal putting Sheffield United 6-0 to the sword – but also an added pressure on Wenger and the team.

The media regard Arsenal as their favourite potential banana-skin victims, and so our cup games often end up being televised. As a result, Arsene often opts to play a stronger team than needed, even though I am sure he does not rate the competition very much, which could easily lead to fatigue or injuries to key players. For example, in yesterday’s game we risked Alexis and Jack, who both could have done with a break after a hectic, intense start of the season. But Wenger had to match the strength of the Saints’ defence to some extent in order to avoid a potentially humiliating outcome.

I watched the game on a half-decent stream and really enjoyed it. Both teams played some very good football, both tactically and technically.

Almost all of us would love Arsene to buy a really solid, beast of a DM and if you, like me, enjoy the art of midfield defending, you will also have wetted yourself from watching both Wanyama, and especially Schneiderlin, bossing proceedings through large parts of the game.


Still, during the first 20-30 minutes the best midfielder on the pitch was our very own Abou Diaby.

He was strong and incisive, sprayed passes around and produced a couple of exquisite through-balls, and during that time he and Wilshere were in charge. Is it fair to say that Arsenal started to wilt from the moment Diaby lost that initial drive and power?

I, for one, strongly felt that as soon as the Saints levelled from the penalty spot, we would end up losing this game. Somehow, our opponent wanted it more on the night, or was it just that their line-up was stronger?

I reckon we gradually lost the battle in midfield as both Wanyama (calm, organised, strong, disciplined) and Schneiderlin (energetic, seeks the one to one battles, good positioning) gradually took control of the midfield.

After their stunning second goal, Southampton showed great team composure by both breaking up our build up play from the back and putting up a formidable defence if and when we managed to get to the area in front of their box. There was almost no way through, and without a strong presence of a (holding) striker in the box – Podolski is not that sort of forward – and Rosicky and Campbell struggling to impose themselves on the game, we were simply not strong enough to hurt the Saints on the night. We had our chances but not many, and if and when they arrived our players felt pressure to not miss them…

For me, that was the game in a nutshell.

I should repeat what I said yesterday, that Alexis was impressive and his goal was simply sublime. Our defence played well: Ospina oozed calm and, in my view, could not have saved the Cline screamer. Bellerin is making progress and gaining confidence, Chambers looked solid and composed, Hayden did well too and Coquelin did surprisingly well as our LB.

Campbell struggled quite a bit in the first half, but had a good spell early on in the second half (I guess Wenger had a word with him). Rosicky was rusty and tried to overcompensate this with his drive, and he will not be impressed with himself after giving away a cheap penalty. Pod is an impact sub and cannot lead the line for us; there is not much more to it imo. A real shame we did not see much of Akpom, but let’s hope he will have some time in the first team soon.

Although the competition does not mean much to me, I still feel a bit down. It’s not because we lost the game, or we are now out of the competition, or even that it felt all the way we were not going to win it on the night. No, I guess it is to do with those performances of Wanyama and Schneiderlin for the Saints, and the fact that they are not ours, and that they made the difference on the night.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Sorry TA, I still cannot comment as the match is not available until tomorrow.

  2. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha, no cut and paste for me…If people want to read my crap it’s at the bottom of the last thread… You’ve more or less written the whole story (well-done, and you’re writing only gets stronger)…

    Agreed about Diaby…There’s just something very deft in the way he takes the ball (first touch) and gives that 10 to 20 degree turn to protect it and move it on. IF (big if) he can regain some stamina and IF (big if) he’s given the freedom to turn upfield with the ball… well, he’s gonna be a real bonus (“like a new signing,” as they say)… I may defend Arteta against the relentless calls for his head (of hair…) on a platter, but I agree that he just doesn’t have the pace (“thrust” or “bite” or whatever to move the ball forward with his body…And that’s just on the offensive side of what a deep-lying mid should be doing… Still, I prefer to focus on what we’ve got rather than longing for more. Like you say, a few other guys who had to play in other spots (Chambers, Le Coq) looked alright on the evening…

    Again, well done and I agree about mixed feelings on the result–which I found out despite my attempts at media black-out. The damn Liverpool match and the pens messed up all the coverage and tape delays… So I KNEW we weren’t gonna win even before the pen… 😦

  3. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh oh, I think I missed some punctuation there or a bracket or three…Kept it from becoming “post-length,” however… Sorry…

  4. The Cockie Monster says:

    You all know me !……yes, the bastard responsible for the smiles on your wives faces !……also the man who doesn`t watch games as I`m a scaredy cat !…..however, there is the one exception of the COC, which is one of my favourite comps`, not for winning, but for being stress free ( unless it`s a final or a game against The Spuds ! ).
    So there I was last night all comfortable with my Arsene glove puppet gripped to my boner as I was going to watch The Arse with no pressure !…….just my effing luck that all the streams I tried were hazy to say the least and in the end gave up. So Totes. I will have to take your word on the performances apart from one bit !…….. I have no doubt someone of Szczesny`s stature would have saved Clyne`s goal, fcuk me, it`s so within arms length he could have headed it !. How close does a goalie need the ball next to him to save it ?, it wasn`t in the top corner like Alexis`s precision strike !. I`m sure Ospina will be secretly well pissed off for letting that in !.
    Judge for yourself bastards !.


  5. steve says:

    Great write up TA, and i think i echo your points – want know for sure until i watch the proper version on player lol.
    so i will get back to you after tonight 🙂

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Where’s 007 when you need him–to get down on Szcz and defend the new guy from the crumbs of criticism the Cockie is dribbling from (one of) his hole(s) while he gives a little nom, nom, nom?… I’ve always respected the footballing eye of the Cockster so a match he’s watched is a fine, fine thing… 😀

    Ospina is interesting. His early save was good and he had a good one later from distance, I think, but he’s not quite the reflex stopper that Fabianski (or even Mannone) might be…Maybe? He’s also on the smaller size but he seems decisive and willing to leave his line as maybe our exes plying their trade at those bottom half teams wouldn’t. (Swans are still above that level–for now)… I haven’t seen too much of him, in truth, but I’ve already seen him miss some FKs (both vs Brazil) in the WC and in a recent friendly. In other words, too early to tell, but if he’s wearing the shirt, I’ll cut him a little slack–the exact opposite of the In-Wenger We Rust (and/or Distrust) crew.


  7. The Cockie Monster says:

    Cant agree with 17 ( on last post )about Akpom being to young !, he`s 19 in a couple of weeks time and there`s plenty of players of the past and present who were good enough at even lesser ages !….George Best was 17 on his Manshafter debut !…..Pele was in the Brazil national team at 16 !.
    Raheem Sterling was running defences ragged last year at 19 !.
    If you`re good enough, your old enough !. Akpom would have put more of a shift in last night than Pod, even if it was just to try and impress !.
    Just a word of warning and advise on early morning tent pitching, which I`m sure you lot would already do !…….Always lock your bedroom door and if you haven`t a lock on the door then put something like the wardrobe in front if it ! ( which in the case of Streches wardrobe, me and the others will get out of it and help you move it !. hahaha )…….you don’t want kids running in the bedroom early morning and shouting enthusiastically …..” yippee, daddies made a tent, lets play ! “. hahaha

  8. 17highburyterrace says:

    Taking the piss (the morning piss…) seems to take my tent down to size on a (near) daily basis…But hey, that’s just me and YMMV…

    Hey, I agree about beauty before age, Cockie, (as I get a glance at myself in the looking glass…) but another element of the manager’s job is public relations. Sure, sometimes AW lies (he’s carrying a knock = I’ve dropped him…) but what does the manager say to the supporters of Lulu (including the guys who pay him 100k pounds/week) if he plays Akpom from the start? For every six-fingered Steve, there a Proud Gooner (or 10)… Anyway you choose you lose. The guy who doesn’t play is ALWAYS better than the guy who does, for the average observer, or at least the ones who take to the blogs…

    Or so it would seem…

  9. The Cockie Monster says:

    Forgot about Chambers…..he`s only 19 ! and wasn`t the average age for a US combat soldier going into the Vietnam war….na na na nineteen !. Young enough to die but not old enough to play football ?……shit that’s a bit deep for me !. hahaha

  10. The Cockie Monster says:

    Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder !……….fcuk !….I think I suffer from that when we lose or draw a game and Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder before one !. hahaha

  11. The Cockie Monster says:

    The average age of the Arsenal team which destroyed Sheff Utd 6-0 in 2008 was ?………….na na na nineteen !.


  12. The Cockie Monster says:

    Not to be confused with VCC`s Post-Traumatic Dress Disorder when his wife finds him wearing her clothes !.

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha you guys are in good form. 🙂

    Thanks for comments until now. Am cooking and that sort of stuff but will be back later

  14. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie…You might like this… One of my main ski partners is a guy who was about that age when he was drafted and fought in Viet Nam… Over the years, as our sport (backcountry skiing) has gotten more popular, he’s had to wrestle with his grumpiness about more and more other folks in our favorite spots. I tell him, “Hey if we just traverse a hundred feet we can have plenty of fresh tracks…” He (often) says, “True, true, but I’ve killed people for less…”

    And that there is your daily dose of perspective, 😯 Back now to your regular programming and all the ways in which Wenger is ruining our lives… 😀

  15. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hahaha Sounds my kind of guy !…….although, your over keen friendliness with hanging out with the guys makes me think it`s probably called Broke Backcountry Skiing !. 😆

  16. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yes, well, everybody likes it when the gals make it into the BC… You even get to see a bit of backside if they’re keeping themselves well-hydrated and need to relieve themselves. I try to expose my own, er, reliever, as little as possible when temps are below freezing… :Brrr:

    So then, Wenger choosing to play Podolski over Akpom = worse than your average “police action” or whatever they’re calling these things these days?…

    Indeed, as per the video, let the kids play football rather than wage other territorial warfare… And props to the back line last night (average age 20…) for only conceding on an old guy’s penalty and a wonder-strike…

  17. The Cockie Monster says:

    SKI BUMS !. hahahaha

  18. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry Cockie, I’ve been rather, er, in and out around the homestead, making hay whilst the sun shines, or something… Winter’s coming, even if my ski partners aren’t nearly as hunky as the fellow with the bum…

    Truth be told, my old ski partner IS rather grumpy (and time is finally catching up with him…) so I do a lot of my skiing all by myself… Our mountains are relatively safe, so the avalanche gear is mostly extra weight–“What’s that in your trousers?” “Just my shovel, beacon and probe…” Under most conditions, however, a little common sense is as good as skiing w/others…Which means less of the white stuff to share… (Oooh, gross…)

    Back on topic… Despite all the upheaval over the Summer, So’ton did very well to keep their two DM’s and pick up some other young talent (including that giant keeper). Cockie, you’ll like that he cost a LOT more than Ospina cost us (even if, I bet, we’re paying more in wages)… Koeman’s teams seem tough enough, I’ve always felt, since his Eindhoven outfit beat us over the two legs in 2007. Still, as the season wears on, I think they’ll have their issues. That Pelle guy is no Leanardo (Ulloa) even if they go to the same hairdresser… Certainly we should know not to take them too lightly when we hit them in the league.

    I dunno, I think as good as their defense was, esp. in terms of organization, we were the architects of our own downfall. One thing to note is that neither FB–with the exception of the single fine chance Bellerin made for Alexis just before the half–got too far upfield and got in any dangerous crosses. Without a big guy up top (and Lulu always late on the scene) there was no real reason to do so. Still, a fizzer or three tends to keep defenses from collapsing and only defending the box (and the floor)… Add in that Sicky never really got going and that Campbell is all about the first burst (on the ball) and mostly cuts in centrally and it was always going to be a tough night. (No width, I think is the shorter way of saying it…) Like the blog owner says, Diaby (at least for a bit) was the standout DM so label me (tentatively, very tentatively…) excited that maybe he can contribute… Easier just to blame the manager for not playing your Akpoms (or buying your Pogbas), however, as always… 🙄

    Nobody else chatting so time to move onto the NLD even if Gerry will be watching the golf. Or maybe the anal-ysts (that includes you, Mr. Monster…) need time to fine tooth the HD?

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Seventeenho, Diaby was world class in those first 30 minutes or so. In order to claim a first team place he will have to show a lot more stamina and strength during the entire game, but step by step for now. 🙂

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie 🙂

    Maybe you are right re Szczesny saving that one, but sometimes you feel that it will be a certain goal as soon as the ball has left the foot… and that is the feeling I had with the Clyne banana-shaped bullet.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Looking fwd to your mini-analyses Steve and Gerry 🙂

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes James, come back and play. 🙂

    We might not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but you have a lot of friends here and you are depriving yourself from quality blogging time.

  23. allezkev says:

    Total, on the night I think that Southampton deserved to win, you could see that they were were more of a team and familiar with each other…

    The Arsenal XI was more cobbled together, despite the fact that they may train together, you cannot substitute the familiarity of regular team play.

    Agree on Diaby and to an extent Wilshere, there was a buzz in the stadium as Abou knocked the ball around early in the match, but both of them were outmuscled in the end. I’m not sure if Koeman made some tactical changes during that 1st 45 but Southampton just seemed to take over following their pen…

    Personally I was disappointed by the defeat, as I can see the only viable success this season as coming in the FACup.

    Others may disagree, but from my own perspective I cannot imagine this Arsenal squad making any impact on the CL and the EPL will, I fear, prove to be again a Bridge too Far…

  24. H Bo says:

    Nice post TA well written, must say I’m with 17 not gonna moan about what we don’t have with no TW, however nice to see Diaby as you say very commanding 1st half although I did miss those typical Abu driving runs but I’m sure it will come with time, also saw Arsene say about playing Diaby deeper which could leave out Arteta once he finds form which would make us contenders for a treble (he says wearing his arsenal red tinted tunnel vision glasses).
    Back four was fairly solid we did lose that natural width with a right footed DM playing LB but he did a job Bellerin was better than last week in Dortmund (most were crap in Dortmund anyway) Hayden and Chambers were very promising they did give much away and both had pace to recover when required.
    Poodolski was poo don’t remember him being involved much even when he went upfront he didn’t do much better, Campbell on the other flank was trying to hard first half and second was more effective I thought he would of stayed on instead of Podolski.
    Rosicky was the second worst player on the pitch, the penalty several missed placed passes he just looked like a duck out of water shocking performance.
    Wilshere had a decent game he never imposed himself the way he has done this season in most games his levels of consistency are frustrating the hell out of me a bit like my consistency on here (I have been reading though)
    Alexis back to his usual busy self great goal but not a striker in this league certainly not on his own in a 2 up top it could work.
    Santi and Ox injected a new lease of life but not enough as the result showed, Akpom never had enough time especially as they were sitting back by the time he came on.
    On the result very disappointed always am when we lose any competition even friendlies I just hate losing, also the size of the squad apart from back four a competition like that where the non regular starters can start would of been ideal ie Podolski, Rosicky, Campbell, Akpom Ospina, Sanogo, Diaby, Hayden etc if those players have those games they can play for a place in the first team if the first eleven do well on the pitch they won’t lose their place in training it’s highly unlikely I know we need rotation but those guys are not even being used as subs really so barring injuries they are gonna struggle.

  25. proudgooner says:

    Podolski did very little on Tuesday and did himself no favours. But then neither did any other striker imo except Alexis.
    Your point about his wages is a very good 1 and a point i have not even really thought about.
    I still stand behind Podilski and what i have said about him. It was after all 1 game and that is all he has had this season to show us what he can do. I believe if he cant find form before christmas then his time with us is probably up.
    It is Wenger choose he brought him here, if he aint picking him and when he does he don’t produce then i see little reason to keep him.
    As you said it was a disappointing result but as its COC i don’t really care tbh, the only reason i do is the fans paid money to see that game, even though it was cheap as chip. The other reason is the young guns wont get another chance to run out in the COC again this season. Oh well 🙂 again i do’t really care to much, we could do with a few games off if we want to win any of the other cups, title this season.
    007 ,
    Give us a shout son. let us know your ok etc.

  26. proudgooner says:

    Firestarter ha ha ha ha ha
    I am kind of jealous of that kid though, i would have loved it if my old dear had of sang that to me before bed. 🙂 lol

  27. steve says:

    The bastards! the one night i was going to have an early one and they lied and changed the match release time from Wednesday PM to Thursday AM. So here i am after many hot spiced apple and whiskey’s later….
    SO glad i watched that again! It was a fucking cracking match lads!! COYG!!!
    First half we were all over them and after they got the lead we tried our hardest and just had to take it for granted that we would be open to the counter. There was some cracking football played!! One of the more exciting matches i have watched us play this season.
    I am simply not going to bother going through the list of players and reviewing as i just read all the previous comments and you all sum them up pretty well (re Diaby, Hayden, Chambers, Wilshere, Sanchez – ALL IMMENSE!) and TA has done the a great summing up of the game itself.

    For my part i will add a few things i noticed personally;

    Schneiderlin – that cunt should have had a yellow card, same as Wanyama and it would have put him on a tighter leash!

    Sanchez – he works too hard for the team to be played as a striker! he is always coming deep, beating people on the wing etc etc etc, the fucker’s everywhere! 🙂 He should have been played on one of the wings with a more selfish, one minded striker taking his place up top – it would have been a better fit and benefited the team immensely. I see what you meant by his great performance now TA, i didn’t come across well on the vomit of pixelated slurry i was watching it on the other night.

    Bellerin – He made quite a few positional errors which his speed across the ground was able to nullify. I am sure many will see this as maybe a negative but the way i see it is our full backs (because of their directive to drive forward well out of what i would call a full back position) are almost guaranteed to make these errors then if you are not going to cure the problem by changing the way we play, we might as well at least treat it with pace that can compensate. Very interesting to watch that area tonight.

    Coquelin – At last i get to see this nipper play, he did very well especially out of position! I could see him being an excellent sub choice for a more attacking creative midfielder when we gain a significant lead in a match and want to close the game out for a win.

    Campbell – Had a very 50/50 night for me and ended up looking like a striker being played in midfield if you know what i mean. Indeed he looked much more comfortable playing up there for the 5 or 10 mins him and Sanchez interchanged. I don’t think he’s going to take the lone striker spot anytime soon lol so he better get practicing his midfield play (as he did show he has promise there at some points in the game).

    That’s about it really, the rest is just the same as everybody else has said, oh and nobody said it better than H Bo; “Poodolski was poo” 😆 yep couldn’t agree with you more mate, didn’t know he was on the pitch till way into the second half lol.

    I will add that OX and Akpom both looked pretty fucking pissed off that they hadn’t been brought on sooner – nice! that’s what i want to see, some god damn drive and self belief!! 🙂

    Trust me if Wenger had gone for this line up from the start we would have won that match!
    Podolski and Rosicky out OX and Akpom in – Just like it’s supposed to be, because its the fucking youngsters Arsene!!!!! – and Sanchez on the wing also.


    Its not even that big of an ask! god damn you Arsene!
    Where was Akpom up front???!! 👿
    And where’s my whiskey??

    Right i’m off

    Toodleeee rooooos

  28. shrillex says:

    TA, nice post bud. As I have said countless times in the past, I believe Morgan or Wanyama would be absolutely fantastic for us, truly impressive performance by the Saints duo. Credit to Southampton , they were fantastic and absolutely relentless.

    Our semi-reserves team did well considering they had to play against the Saint’s first 11, though I was disappointed that Akpom didn’t start.

    Anyways, I looking forward to the first North London derby of the season. Hope we can get a good result or maybe even give them a thrashing.

    My starting XI

    calum- Per-Koz-Gibbs
    Ox- Ozil-Sanchez

    I hope the Ox gets to play this match. He has proven enough to warrant a place in the starting 11. And his work rate and pace should be a nuisance for the defenders. Dropping Rambo because he is out of form at the moment and for tactical reasons.. Sure, he still could prove to be a match winner in this match like Lampard was for City but Wilshere has been amazing lately and his playing style might suit this game better. He will most likely be up against Dembele and Chadli, both of whom are clumsy and error prone. Jack’s ability on the ball might prove to be a match deciding one. He would have a field day against those two, and if not, win many free kicks for Alexis to score from.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Allezkev 🙂

    Great observation about the buzz when Abou was mastering the midfield early on.

    It’s good to have realistic expectations re winning silverware this season. But let’s see how the ride goes; after all we might be on the road to somewhere! 🙂

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers H bo 🙂

    Excellent observations. We have to disagree re Super Jack. He had a very good game and yet did not overdo it, as he knows we have bigger fish to fry and it was up to Rosa and Pod to raise the level of the game, which, as you agree, was missing.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    PG, fair defence of das Pod. He is ideal for 4-4-2 next to OG or DAnny boy.

    That’s a great lullaby isn’t it! 🙂

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Steve, but that is part of the art of DM play….. Tight roping the yellow card. And it’s what impressed me of le Schneidi…

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Shrillex, don’t do it…. 🙂

    The NLD discussions will start soon enough. Glad you agree on the brilliance of those two DMs though. No Rambo? You is having a laugh?! 😀

  34. The Cockie Monster says:

    Here`s one for Stretch, 17, Vic`s and any other BK slap heads !……..a hair growing Laser Helmet for $696 !. Although I will come around your house and experiment clinical trials with my soon to be award winning Cockie Helmet, which I have no doubt will emit cream to your face and follicles……and all for nothing !. hahaha

  35. steve says:

    Sorry TA, when i commented last night i thought this was the other post about the game, you snuck a cheeky extra post in that i didn’t notice – i was pretty pissed tbh 🙂

    In response to this post;
    In the 4-2-3-1 that we used to play the Schneiderlin and Wanyama pair are the Arteta and Flamini replacements we should have had fucking years ago! Forget playing Ramsey there, Forget playing Jack there etc etc what you need is a tall, strong tackler who is also creative and can go forward next to a more of a beast type player. It is a partnership that encompasses all the qualities that are nigh impossible to find within just one player which is why imo a 4-1-4-1 is so difficult to make work effectively. As a side note the Southampton team we faced the other night would have been nowhere near as accomplished and impregnable in defense if they had chosen to just go with only one of the these two players on their own.

    In a perfect world we would see Wenger choosing to be proactive in team formation and opting for the 4-2-3-1 against big teams and difficult away matches (just as Southampton did the other night) and reverting back to 4-1-4-1 on easier games and home games.
    With this in mind i see the future as:

    4-2-3-1 : Arteta and Flamini
    4-1-4-1 : Flamini

    After January
    4-2-3-1 : Diaby and Carvalho
    4-1-4-1 : Carvalho

    4-2-3-1 : Hayden and Chambers
    4-1-4-1 : Either

    Note that when i say Diaby i mean a free from injury, fit and in form Diaby.

    To me the future’s looking bright! From what i have seen of both Hayden and Chambers they look to be strong characters and leaders and more than adept at filling these roles. With such a multitude of options for every attacking position in the team i have always found it crazy that we are so limited in our defensive options and for me we should have at least two choices in each position.

    As a 4-2-3-1 we are almost there with some CB purchases and the Carvalho signing we have all been crying out for: (the 4-1-4-1 would sort itself out as i detailed above)

    —————–Front 1—————
    —————–Front 3—————

    Still what seems evident to me is often furthest from Wengers mind and since i have been crying out for a beast of a DM and a couple of CB’s now for what seems like a lifetime i am sure we are nowhere near signing either.

    My question to you is would you be happy with the four options in DM as i have laid them out above or would you rather drop the cash and simply buy the talent and snatch a proven Schneiderlin and Wanyama pair away from Southampton?

  36. Xavier says:

    Diaby was awesome. The game was mostly enjoyable for me. I guess i wasnt expecting too much from it. The only thing that got me mad was that Akpom didnt start. And then Wenger didnt bring him in early enough. That wasnt a good move imo. Podolski and Rosicky should have been subbed out somewhere around the 65mins mark in my opinion. They were the worst on the night for me. It really sucks we may not get to see these boys play a lot this season. Was really really looking forward to seeing Akpom. Yall dont even know. 😦 On a side note…. Afobe cant seem to stop knocking them goals in for the Mk Dons eh? Another good one for the future.

    Good post TA. Summed up the game well.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Good comment, Steve and I agree with a lot. I reckon we lack either Schneiderlin or Wanyama (Kenyan for Beast apparently!). We don’t need both, but our current options are not strong enough, especially in the big games. Of course, if Diaby stays fit and starts putting his whole body on the line without getting injured, we might have a great added option. Unlike you, I also believe that there is nothing Schneiderlin does that Aaron cannot do, plus he has the added bonus of going forward better. But it makes sense to add the necessary steel to the team anyway, and let either Arteta or Flamini go.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, Xavier. I would not be too surprised if Akpom is on the bench on Saturday, and he might even get a few minutes. Wenger is strange like that and might surprise us all before you know it.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    Just something to keep us going! 🙂

  40. Gerry says:

    Evening all – Golf starts tomorrow …

    I tried watching the match this morning, but my computer cut out twice. I got to see our opening stuff, then blank. Just got to the penalty, then blank. So I left ‘Tweaking Windows to sort it out while I was out with the dogs. It did a thorough job.I did my bit with the vacuum clearing out the dust … Touch wood, it is okay now.

    I am sort of with Steve’s drunken ramble, in that much has been said already. And considering I probably got more things right about the Southampton team than I did about ours, I should probably keep quiet anyway.

    I have to say of the young guns, and he still qualifies in my eyes, Frances Coquelin impressed me the most. He looks to have found his passing range ago again. He never stopped running, and playing on the wrong wing means he has his mojo back?
    Of course I was pleased that Hayden lived up to my pre-billing. But I expected him to do nothing less. We also saw him stride up the pitch in the manner of a born DM?
    Hector too, bless him, did exactly what I said he would after Dortmund, if given another chance, he would not shirk it, but he would learn from it. But I think you can see why I think he would be better higher up the field?

    Overall I think that result was about the best we could have got, given the relative strengths of the two sides. You cannot make so many poor passes and hope to win? I am thinking that some of that line up was made up with the intention of starting with the same line up as at Villa for this weekend? Which it explains Alexis, Jack, and Poldi? Or not as the case may be.

    I have some French footie to watch, St Ettienne …bfn

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