Theo in – Jack or Aaron out? Yeah right!

How will Wenger fit Theo in?

The time for experimenting with our attacking line-up might soon come to an end. As soon as Theo returns, I reckon Arsene will start lining us up with DAT attack: Danny, Alexis and Theo. If you are not excited about seeing these three heading our attack, it is time to pay your GP a visit, or simply book a one-way ticket to doctor GLIC in award winning Cornwall.

The return of Theo the final piece in the jigsaw?
The return of Theo the final piece in the jigsaw?

Danny – Alexis – Theo: DAT Attack to Conquer the PL

We all know what a fit Theo brings to the team, and we have missed him a lot since he was carried off the pitch sticking two fingers up to the Spuds supporters. Theo adds thrust and fast counter football and of course goals and assists.

But he is not the only one: both Welbeck and Sanchez are also fast and direct, and the three together will be a threat to any team in the PL and Europe.

Of course, an abundance of pace works best with plenty of space, and when we play the park the bus teams all that pace might become less influential. There is no doubt in my mind that Alexis can work in both attacking scenarios (pace and space or intricate and tight) and that Arsene will further develop Danny to become a fully rounded attacker – and the first signs are very encouraging. Theo, we know, is less effective when we face park the bus teams, but with the likes of Mesut, Jack or Santi spreading the balls, he could still be effective even in those situations.

But, just to illustrate the depth we have now in attack, if Theo does not hack it in such a game, we can bring on Santi, Ox, or eventually, Campbell who can all operate well in tight spaces. We are simply blessed with attackers.

If we start with ‘DAT attack’ will Arsene change the formation?

It would make sense to revert back to 4-2-1-3 and play either Ozil or Jack in the hole, and for now, play a combo of Flamini, Ramsey, Arteta and Diaby (or Jack) in the double DM-pivot.

However, it looks like Wenger will stick with his 4-1-4-1 formation, which means that either Theo or Alexis gets the free role, either supporting the striker or the ‘nr.10’ a lot. With Danny or, eventually, OG playing CF, we would have just three spaces left. And as per my post a few days ago, I would not be surprised if Aaron – or as 17HT suggested, Jack – is moved into the deeper DM role, leaving the two central midfield roles for either Ozil, Rambo and Jack.

So a midfield and attack of:



Theo—Jack/Rambo—Ozil— Alexis


Many will argue that Flamini or Arteta will play in the deeper midfield role, and that either Jack or Rambo will be benched. But I just cannot see that happen. Once Theo is back, and all midfielders and attackers are fit, Wenger will have to make a choice, and I reckon the above will become Arsene ‘best six’.

But what do you think, FFGs: what will our team look like once Theo returns?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

92 thoughts on “Theo in – Jack or Aaron out? Yeah right!

  • I just posted on the previous one, I think it will be the Villa line up again, unless Gibbs or Per are missing?
    Laterrrz …

  • …………………Cazorla…..Ramsey

  • V United though i would like to see.


  • Or he could even go.

    ……………………………Alexis Sanchez

  • With Theo returning I would prefer to take risk and blend youth with experience considering how some of the senior guys are poorly performing.
    Bellerin-Chambers – Koscielny-Gibbs
    Ramsey- Coquelin
    Walcott – Wilshire-Sanchez

    Wenger seems to be too worried about playing youth yet the experienced ones are costing us in big games. Ramsey would do better as a partner to Coqeulin as double pivot as he will be the box to box of the two. Coquelin will sit back and help the defence. Jack is reckless with the ball so I prefer him upfield. Per and Arteta are no longer good enough to start. The bench will have Ospina, Per, Monreal, Carzola, Campbell, Ox, Ozil, Diaby

  • Totes,
    You really don’t like Cazorla since you saw him have a bad game.
    I think he is a great player, 2 footed and scores goals and assists regularly .
    Jack is good and has played well lately, but he is not as good as Cazorla yet. imo

  • I respect your football knowledge TA,
    maybe i am missing something, but i really do like Cazorla. For me the only person that can really keep him out of the team is Ozil. I sometimes think we might be better of playing 1 or the other. But i hope that they can start to play really well together.
    I had a lot of doubts about if they could or not, but i have seen a lot of improvement between them 2 lately, which is great. 🙂
    Your post is a good 1, because when Theo returns he we defo give Wenger a good headache about selection, imo Theo is a starter every week.

  • Also what about when Gnabry is also fully fit. He is a very good player.
    I think he is ready to nail down a regular place in the first teams 11.
    I just want us to start smashing in lots of goals again. Being the offensive Wengerball play.
    But v the top 4-5 rivals we should play 2 DM’s if not 1 should be enough.

  • With Theo back:

    dream formation and players:
    3-5-2 narrow – with no full backs, the two DM’s drop back as the wide CB’s go out wide to cover.
    Diaby can be subbed for either Jack or Ramsey as and when is needed.


    Realistically using the 4-1-4-1 that is now etched in stone in Wenger’s brain:


    With the attacking midfield subs as follows and chosen as subs atm due to current form and fitness and also personal preference:


    I left Debuchy and Giroud out of my thinking as both have long term injuries atm.

  • PG,

    I think Cazorla has been found out by the opposition to some extent (his goals and assists have dried up to a large extent). He is not very fast, does not dribble with the ball well, is not tall and does not defend consistently enough. He has a good pass, is a good fox in the box and holds on to the ball well, so has things to offer to the team. He has had some very good games for us, but I just don’t think he is an automatic first starter imo. But I respect your view on him, and you are not alone in believing he should play in the hole more regularly.

  • shit forgot again, great post btw TA! love the hypothetical type posts always gets everyone’s brains thinking and opinions expressed. 🙂

  • No Ramsey no Ozil in your 4-1-4-1, Steve…. Very unlikely, but I understand why it is something you want. Your trust in Ox is admirable, but definitely not a starter ahead of Ozil and Rambo imo. Hayden as our DM is an interesting choice…. Is he really ready for this… would you play him against the Chavs next week? 😕

  • Cheers Steve 🙂

    The return of Theo will make it harder for Wenger to incorporate all his best first team players. And as this is imminent, it is good to discuss it a bit… before we all go crazy about the NLD!

  • TA, none of our DM’s are ready for this as a single option in that area – they all lack important qualities and the two players that seem to tick the most boxes for me are Diaby and Hayden so i picked inexperience as being the lesser of two evils over lack of fitness. Maybe Flamini can still do a job for us there on his own but i am doubtful.

    And Ozil and Ramsey being left out is simply because i favor Jack over Ozil and Ramsey imo has just lost a little bit of form lately, giving OX an opportunity – if he didn’t grasp it with both hands in the first few games an out of form Ramsey would be straight back in there mate don’t worry about that 🙂

    Gerry, Glad you enjoyed my drunken rambling 😆

  • TA, re “The return of Theo will make it harder for Wenger to incorporate all his best first team players”

    Just replace OX for Ozil and maybe Hayden with BFG in my dream line up from the comments before and hey presto, pretty much everyone’s first team players in one team – Job done! wheres my money Wenger??! 🙂


  • Steve,

    I like Oxie and love him to come good, and yes he just might need a run of games to show us all he is ready now. But I just have my doubts about him. Playing him in the middle might indeed be the best thing to do.

    Jack and Ozil need to play together imo. Once they both get going nobody can stop us.

  • Three at the back without wingbacks…. Sign him up Arsene! 😛 Well done for incorporating so many first starters…Wakpom up-front… a vision of the future?

  • Sign him up Arsene! 😆 😆

    Exactly TA!! – just getting my running shoes on ready to run along side the team bus as we speak 😆

    Wakpom!!!! 😆 😆 Classic! sounds like one of the machines i used to play on in the arcades when i was younger 😆

  • No mate, just watch it
    didn’t really even play it much when i was younger – we play a lot of rugby down here for some unknown reason. I used to play out on the wing and got fucking Wakpommed plenty of times mate lol.

    Why do you ask?

  • That surprises me, steve. You have a good eye for team management and should try it out. Maybe do a course first whilst developing total wakpom football. 🙂

  • Hahaha TA, No, no more courses lol. It seems like i’m always on some course or another – every time they bring out a new version of the 3d software i use for a bloody start lol, and they do that almost quarterly now lol.

    I’m good mate, wakpom football is going to have to stay in the armchair managers note book for now lol

    I’m pretty sure others on here must be coaches though? And i bet you have either done it or are doing it now???
    There just seems to be too much intelligent analysis on here for that not to be true – makes a refreshing change from the media driven, go with what sells, analysis i always read from professional sports journalists and ex pro’s and coaches who write for papers and the like.

  • organisational redesign! – Perfect!

    So how, in your professional opinion, has Wenger performed in his reactive organisational redesign of the team to the addition of Sanchez to the squad and Ozil’s floating position as a consequence.
    Because lets face it with Campbell mostly warming the bench and the other signings replacements or future prospects this was his major task for the season ahead.
    I am still not sure it will work out without the proper DM, and still not convinced on Ozil’s ability to excel in that role but without making insane changes like the wakpom offensive i can’t offer up much better other than a 4-1-3-2 formation which is really just the 4-1-4-1 as Wenger see’s it i think.
    What do you say?

  • Walcott, Welbeck, Sanchez sounds a mouthwatering prospect.

    And we’re gonna need an awesome attack, to compensate, if anymore of our defenders get injured.

    I suppose that Arsene could always give Sanogo a try at centre-half in an emergency. 😉

  • Hi all..
    TA.. There isn’t any corelation between Walcott in and Wilshere / Ramsey out..
    Walcott is purely RW.. And if he comeback.. he will fill the Ox or Sanchez spot.. Never will be Wilshere or Ramsey.. hehehehe.. But I know what you mean..

    I agree if we go back to 4-2-1-3 formation.. but maybe Wenger want to be more agressive with 4-1-4-1 formation by only left one DM back.
    So 50 : 50, 5 in the back and 5 in the front.. hehehehe..
    But I recomment to play 4-1-2-3, with 2 AM (Ramsey/Wilshere/Ozil/Cazorla/Rosicky)
    And for our Trisula we also have a lot of alternative.. Ox, Gnabry, Walcott, Sanchez, Campbell, Giroud, Welbeck, Podolski, Sanogo, Akpom all can be our starter.. but offcourse your DAT will be on top priority.. hehehe..

    @ Steve.. Are you a fans of Van Gaal..?? hehehehe.. Yours 3-5-2 formation won’t applicable to our team.. Even Van Gaal already try to change his style to 4-4-2.. hehehehe..
    And please no Wilshere – Ramsey as our double pivot.. it just don’t work.. didn’t in last season and will never be.. just as Flamini – Arteta.. If Flamteta is to defensive oriented.. make us never win a thing.. Ramshere is just the opposite way too offensive.. make us almost lost a lot.. hahahaha..

    I like the idea to attack more.. and 4-1-4-1 accomodate it.. but still I prefer 4-1-2-3..
    Cause we have speed.. as you said at least 3 of our strikers have the best of speed in EPL..
    So use it as our advantage.. Two AM is enough.. hehehehehe..

  • TA – Sorry for the short response at the head of this post. I have just not quite got the sleep routine right. If I stay up late to let the dogs out so they don’t wake me early, I find I am dozing in the afternoon. Because of the computer problems I missed my ‘power nap’, and fell asleep during the football match.

    To address the post.. It is a worry that if AW has not got a ‘settled’ starting 11, he seems to struggle to choose between players? Mainly because of his reluctance to rotate effectively.

    I am again with Steve on one point. Intellectual analysis can only take you so far. I always begin with the (arrogant) assumption that I know as much about the players as AW. This has at least one major flaw 😀

    For a start, I think it will take a few games to get Walcott back up to speed, as there is no guarantee he is going to kick off at his best level from last season. Ramsey is a perfect example of following that assumption? But does that mean AW will play him anyway?

    But for the sake of this discussion, if all players are fit and in good form, you instantly realise that that will be more than 11, and this will be the acid test on AW’s management. Can he get a balanced team out,week in week out, and keep players fit and in form? You could say for a long time the team has more or less picked it self through lack of alternatives. The next three games are more difficult than the ones that follow, but they all need a strong team to win. So, I will take on my Wenger perspective and try these options,until Jan at least:
    1, – This for difficult games – e.g. Spurs, switch Ox for Walcott
    Chambers, Mert, Kos, Gibbs
    Ramsey*, Arteta
    Walcott, Ozil, Alexis

    2, – This for sides who are strong down the middle.
    Chambers, Mert, Kos, Gibbs
    Hayden*, Flamini,
    Alexis, Wilshere, Cazorla

    3, – This for lower sides.
    Coquelin, Hayden, Kos, Monreal
    Bellerin*, Ramsey
    Ox, Ozil, Alexis

    4, – This for up/away games.
    Chambers, Ajayi, Mert, Gibbs
    Coquelin, Hayden, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Akpom

    Note: All 4-2-3-1 line ups convert to 4-1-4-1 when * player pushes up.

    I also liked the middle one of Steve@21:35, but a little way down the line for Hayden, and of course our different preferences? Me, Ozil for Wilshere 😀

  • Please blogs, stop wetting my appetite, I want to be able to sleep well! Something Groovy is definitely going to happen at the groove this season. Holding my breath.

  • The strongest lineup for me

    Rambo/new DM/Diaby

    For big games with lots of space to exploit


  • Northbank.. I like your SWAT..
    Last season we have Santi Wilshere Aaron Theo..
    We have a lot of combination of SWAT this season.. but I prefer Sanchez Welbeck Aaron Theo.. plus Ozil offcourse we can also have SWOT..

  • Shrillex – I guess you couldn’t bring yourself to put Hayden in the ‘new DM’ slot 😀

    I should also add that your strongest line up looks more like just putting out our 11 best players, which does not necessarily mean the same thing?

    Just as a matter of interest, if we do sign AR (PSG), who do think he replaces?

  • I think you people are nuts…But at least Gerry makes a nod to (a touch of) humility… 🙂

    Big match tomorrow. Unless we win by a(n Isle of Wight…) fistful of goals it probably represents a chance to slate the guys who play (and, of course, the idiot manager who chooses them…) with the obvious better choices (most who won’t even make the bench…) slotted into these strange dream (nightmare…) line-ups. I rather miss the likes of AFC and Dylan and others who wouldn’t limit themselves to players on the Arsenal payroll and would include players in ALL of football who we might buy…

    How’s this for big matches:


    I dunno, I’m sure I’m not thinking deeply enough here…. Just a thought, eh…

    In truth, and I repeat myself here… think our attacking options are very good, our biggest project is how to work Alexis Sanchez (who wants to do it all, all the time, mostly by himself) with other players and we need to get the right combos fit and sharp for the important matches when they come thick and fast in late Winter. The goal until that point is to avoid dropping points in the league and getting through, ideally in the top spot, in our CL group. My bet is that Shad Forsythe has a LOT of input and that various guys will “pick up knocks,” i.e., get extended rest periods around these Autumn International breaks. Sorry, not as much fun as treating all these guys as parts of a machine but they are (literally…) human beings whose bodies and minds (i.e., confidence) will need to be well managed…

    The Match Preview can’t come quick enough for me (unless, of course, it’s suggested we’re gonna play all u-19s and leave out all the guys on more than 60K/Week, in, naturally, a brand new formation!! What are you guys, Spuds supporters?!?!)…

    Until then (of course) carry on, have fun, and don’t let my bad attitude bring ya down… etc., etc., etc. 😀

  • Yes, good point Alcide… 😀

    In truth, I don’t mind talking about possible combinations of our players and opinions about the strengths and weaknesses each guy brings to the mix. We all have our favorites but, in general, I like to hear what others have to say…

    Overall, however, I tend to want a more upbeat sort of outlook, so I assume that the manager doesn’t (completely) have his head up his arse and (generally) earns his 150K/week. Given that nobody here is making that kind of money (for their football ideas, at least…) I try not to get too worked up about the various outlooks and ideas. It just seems to me that a perspective of constant frustration cannot be that satisfying. I guess IF you can TRULY convince yourself that you could LITERALLY do a better job, then (I guess) there’s some satisfaction… Maybe if I did more of my blogging during my drinking (alcohol, not espresso) hours I could get myself there… 🙂

    During the transfer window (which never ends–if you watch NewsNow–which suggests Rabiot is already a gooner, this week, for example…) it’s mostly about the people we could (and must!) buy and, for the bigger intellects, the line-ups we might construct. After the window “slams shut” the pendulum swings to those who seem to favor the youth players. The ACTUAL matches, with the actual guys who play seem to be nothing but agony and frustration. Only the alternative ideas and “what might have beens” seem to offer hope or solace or (again) self-satisfaction…

    Maybe that’s how people deal with the fact that football is a very difficult game to watch–LIterally, in Europe, it seems. Between bad streams, Sky sports controlling what’s shown live and whatnot, there’s actually (maybe?) not that strong a tradition of watching them. Even at the stadium or in the pub, the “beer goggles” seem to favor strong opinion over calm observation. Knowing better than the manager, after all is the purview of the paying customer. And hey, even if you don’t pay, he owes us for investing our time and energy…

    Moreover, even if we can bring ourselves to watch… it’s such a tough game. The best players work hard and rarely find success (the back of the net)…and how many can truly lift themselves and their teammates to the highest heights?… Or even just beyond the (generally absurd) expectations people bring to the game. There will be but one team to lift each cup and a couple of them aren’t even worth lifting (or so I’ve been told)… Easier then to offer criticism and untestable notions, no matter how ludicrous(?)…

    This is just my take on things and nobody needs to be offended. I know that Total has gone more positive (which I really appreciate…) and working Theo back in is just the sort of problem we want to have, as they say. It’s also a fine topic as we wait for the Weng-jury news ahead of the derby. Given my time zone, I’m often (at least) half a day late, and often riled on coffee rather than alcohol. As such, apologies all around…

    Still, eyes on the prize, I say, so get the news, get our best 11 out there and kick mash some spuds and otherwise assert our dominance and use all (six) fingers to firmly grasp supremacy of the 7 Sisters (Road)… It’s nervy (and another one of those “nothing to win” sort of situations) but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and enjoy it… Or maybe it does?…

    In other news, big comeback in the final morning four-ball for the Americans and gorgeous footage of the Perthshire landscape. I’ve *almost* been on Gleneagles, playing (much cheaper) Auchterader GC, alongside its fairways, a long, long time ago…

  • On the actual topic… The way I look at it is that, in attack at least, Arsenal are moving towards the famous lowing sound made by the cow (Moo-rinho) in South London during his first stint… “2 world class players in each position.” Clearly Wenger is skimping at the back with the hope of developing versatile defenders who can cover in various spots, but up front, the problems are gooood…

    Where a few seasons ago we only had Cesc, we now have Ozil and Santi. Alexis (finally) is the cover (plus some) we’ve needed for Theo and Welbeck and Giroud mean we’re not overly lacking in terms of guys who can play up front on their own (Sorry PG, but Poldolski doesn’t seem to be dat guy)… Ramsey, Wilshere and Ox are just the sort of versatile attacking (and young) midfielders any club would like to have on their books. Indeed, all these options mean we can give various different looks depending on the competition and the expected tactics they will employ.

    One element that gets overplayed (IMO) is that all the lesser teams will try and park the bus which will limit the effectiveness of all this new pace in the team. Yes, time wasting and playing for set-pieces is a usual strategy but truly setting out for a nil-nil is even frowned upon by the Moo-man these days, or at least his boss, the Russian Roman fellow. I like pace up front for the defensive pressing as much as for getting in behind the opposing back four. Giroud has looked silly trotting around up there but he also induced a couple of keeper errors and converted them for easy goals.

    Quick strikes and forcing turnovers IS important, but possession wears teams down and they cannot do the time wasting thing if they don’t have the ball (or we haven’t kicked it out). So, again, I’d give a nod to the Spaniards (Arteta and Santi) even if most seem willing to ship them back South in favor of thrust and power and pace. Likewise, Diaby looked a treat the other night ticking things over. If he can add his (standing) stab tackles and an occasional turn and run and no fear in going up (or down) on 50-50 balls, it could be…Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…
    Back in the real world…the ball retention of Wilshere (plus a sympathetic ref) might outweigh the creative daring of Ramsey or even the dogged work of el ardilla (the squirrel–Alexis)… All are really, really solid assets and I’m not sold on ANY of the narratives that you cannot play certain combos…

    Tomorrow’s line-up will not be completely definitive–big matches vs Galatasaray and at the moo-man’s pasture (Stamford Bridge) will require some rotation and flexibility–but we should be homing in on a group of 15 or so regulars who will split the minutes before the next break… Ideally good results and no new injuries and then we add in some extra bodies, including Mr. Walcott…

    Fingers crossed, touch wood, etc… Time to change the avatar to honor (honour?) some other (dead) friends of mine…

  • Tomorrow we will bash the Spuds with our………COCKS !……Cazorla Ozil Chamberlain Koscielny Sanchez !.

  • Hey Gerry… Yeah, I’ve got the matches on and I’m as bad as the typical on-line gooner, you know, rooting against my home nation :shock:… The idea of a United Europe has always appealed to me, plus they seem to have the better hair…

    In my day I played plenty of four-ball (best-ball) as you simply cannot get Americans to play alternate shot. By chance, the day we played that course adjacent to Gleaneagles they were actually playing their alternate shot club championship (final) and they blasted through us at some point during our round. A brisk walking group playing a foursomes match can get around in under 2 hours…

    I see a lot of parallels between football and golf–tons of hard work and plenty of near misses (i.e., disappointments), a need to not take each result (goal or miss, win, loss or draw, birdie, par, bogey or worse) too seriously. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good shot, but then it’s on to the next one. You need to stay in the moment, yet always be working on the big picture…

    The class of the Euros seems to have risen in the afternoon, it seems…

    As for tomorrow…Some early a.m. matches and then the derby… I’d say let’s make them COWAR before our awesome MF of…Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere, Alexis and Rambo… Unlikely, of course, as Arteta (the Captain…) is likely the Spaniard of choice. The only combo which scares me (just a little…) is Rambo and Alexis, but only because they both want to run (so much) and the pitch is only so big… If AW shares the same idea then the group who started at Villa might come in. I say, work it out Ardilla y Jesus de Gales…with Ox off the bench…

  • Ahem AhemZ !

    so who missed me ?

    yeah yeah, wipe that smirk off all of you emotional blackmailers – the king is back, long may live the king , ha

    right then – interesting article @ Skipper

    however, even if Theo was a 100% fit, you know that AW (for some odd reason) prefers playing him as a super sub ? so yep, don’t expect theo in the starting 11 anytime soon or this year is what I am saying in the league, unless it’s the cup games – gut feeling .

    so I’m out for the NLD and spuds bashing, where is the preview ? 🙂

    PS: I have been reading everything over the last few months, and have followed the tussles and what not rather closely but one thing still baffles me – the continued absence of Fozzie with a B –
    Hello to me Amigo, PG, TCM and everyone else and yes, all is well with Jane and so on, just been really busy at work hence no time for blogging but plenty of time for reading though !

    oh and how on earth is Sczny still our number 1 is beyond me, he has already cost us again in big games – AW sort it out, Sczny out Ospina in 😀

  • Welcome back, Superspy!!… Give us some stories from the sauce, how close were we and with whom?…

    I’m assuming (which makes an ASS out of U and ME…) that Rabiot and Carvalho are already in the squad for January…And Giroud and Debuchy will be “like news.” Of course, that’s “bad news” if you’re stumping for the likes of Akpom and Bellerin… By the same token, they could always get a bit of luck and we’ll have shipped off Ozil, et al., to Bayern…

    Gotta agree with you that Theo does his early minutes (at least) as late ones in that Supersub spot. 2 out of 3 every match between Danny, Theo and Alexis (sorry Ox, Pod, JC, Yaya…) as starters until the Festive period, at least, I would think…

    Anyway, welcome back… Where’s Oz with the preview?…

  • Great to see you back Hamez !…..and even better your better half is on the mend !…….this deserves a …………………………………………..

    As for Ospina !…….fcuking short arsed cnut should have saved Clyne`s shot !……Giroud`s cock is bigger than Ospina and that would have saved it !. No doubt Szczesny`s ego could have saved it !.

  • allow me to butt in that Santiago debate –

    no, Santiago is still quality and class – the reason why his stats seems to be on the downward is nothing to do with his lack of pace or creativity – it’s the same reason why Ozil has been on the decline at Arsenal .

    allow me to sum it up in one line .

    JW – Santiago – Ozil – that’s 3 number 10’s in the starting 11 , if you include Sczny that’s 4 😯

    but seriously, if you want the best out of both Ozil and Santiago and say Ramsey ? bench JW .

    start with Flamini – Rambo / Diaby – Rambo Double Pivot and play both Ozil, Santiago ahead of them with likes of Ox -Theo / Welbeck / Sanchez -Poldi as the front 3 .

    it’s a 4-3-3 in essence and a proper one with no more of that 4-5-1 hoopla or a 4-1-4-1 – I believe we played a fluid 4-3-3 against the Villains and won 3-0 .

    more of the same, why fix something that’s not broke ehhh ?

  • cheers fellas .

    no news is good news is all am gonna say for now @ 17ht 😉

    let’s enjoy the footy for now and keep the transfer gossip on the back burner – besides, we have Diaby back, Theo soon returning, so they be like new signings , no ?;) I already got you 2 super players signed up for Arsenal, absolutely free of charge, ha

    what’s going on with this German Doctor though, wasn’t he suppose to magically turn our players made of glass into proper gladiators ? and here we are losing players left right and center like prior years down to our nemesis aka Injuries .

    Allow it @ Glics – it was his first game and you know sometimes, it’s just meant to go in as soon as it leaves the foot as pure as it did – the lad put his foot and god knows what else through it, there was only one winner in that and no it wasn’t Szcny’s gorilla dance, ha

  • don’t you feel left out, am sure Gerry will be on very soon, keeping you on a “tight leash” ahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • You`ve only just come back !………..don’t make me get the Laser out !. hahaha

  • Our BK senile old bastard…..VCC, sent me a text yesterday saying he`s got two tickets for him and his boy to go to tomorrows game !…….. he said that his boy hates the spuds as much as I do !…….I text him back saying ……..” like father, like son ! “. hahaha

  • ahahhahahahaahahaahahhahahahahahahhaa

    laser taser reminds me of RA, where is he ?

    and also, have noticed the absence of AB as well – JGC-Damus hasn’t been making any predictions lately, it’s not on – come out and play .

    while all of you play, I will leave you all in the capable of hands of Steve boring the pants off 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1 , 4-2-2-2 or an all English 11 in a 0-5-6 with no one in goal , ha

  • Dylan and AFC have gone AWOL as well, but Fozzie is the mystery !…..I think “B” stands for Bermuda, as in Triangle !……the bastard is probably lost in the hairiest Bermuda woman`s snatch !. hahaha

  • well, if you keep hitting on their mothers, then course they are gonna go “missing and Awol” – you do realize, that not every woman is like Alex’s girlfriend who wants you bad or like Ludivine Sagna or even Nicklas Bendter who wanted you bad ahahhahahahahahahhahahahah

  • I reckon Stevie Six Fingers will give you a one handed…….3 times “V” sign !.

  • Indeed, much fun having you back in the fold, 007…

    Re: the disappointments with individuals… As I see it, it’s a team game so results drive narrative but how many times can you say, “We lost (or drew or barely won against easy competition…) and now I’m sad…” No, you have to blame people. “Wenger Out” is always popular but then it goes into “Why (Wenger Out)?” If formations aren’t your bag (only at bedtime for me…) then it must be because he wasted all that money on Mesut can’t be Arsed Ozil or too short, too slow Santi or Nah, nah, nah nananana nah Giroud (or others)… and then we go into the stats… :Rolly eyes: Part of the issue, I keep trying to say, is that when you bring lots of good players together, they cannot all maintain the stats they made on crappier teams in lesser leagues. Try telling that, however, to those baying for Jackson Martinez or Falcao or any other Colombian of the week. On that note, if Ospina could block those swerving David Luis Clyne belters we’d all be smokin a fat Colombian instead of a (stale) German cigar… (Or maybe drinking a fine espresso made with their oversized beans… Check out some of these guys… Maybe that’s what Ospina lacks…the big Colombian beans to block those shots. (In truth, I thought he did alright on his debut…) Cockie, at least he cost less than that new So’ton monster keeper–with Silent Stan pocketing the difference!

    I could go on and on, but the machine has shut off (it’s on a timer) and I gotta get out and chop some wood, or do something, before the day-literally-evaporates…

    Chant it with me people…. OZ – Z, OZ – Z…Pre-view, Pre-view…(Puh-lease?…)

    L8RZ, as the kids say, I think…

  • Grot to go, Bondage baby……I`ve jist finished my curling ant my arms are jelly lick and id`s hard to trype !.

  • To tell the truth, 7eventeenho, I haven`t the foggiest about Stans Symbiotic Syrup taking £3M out of the club !….is it a drop in the Ocean to what he has so far paid for in shares ?. The only financial stuff I am convinced of is Perry Groves saying we had £200/220M to spend in the TW !. hahaha
    My stream for the Soton game was shakier than your wife`s dildo with my photo on it, so I cant comment on all of Ospina`s performance on Tuesday night, but the bit I did see was that the Sofa I shall be hiding behind tomorrow is bigger than him and would have saved Clyne`s shot !. hahaha
    Night !.

  • James, Just trying to keep you homos entertained 😆
    I was going to talk about a fluid 4-3-3 but looks like you’ve got that covered, glad to see you’re ready to pick up where i left off on the repetition of boring formation dribble 🙂

    Evening Cockie 🙂

    Can’t hang about atm but more banter please Jamo! and i will try and get back at you later 🙂

  • By the way, just putting my vote on the table….
    Due to the completely bias, non analytical, hate fueled nature of the match, I call for Cockie to do the NLD match preview!!!
    Who’s with me???!!!

  • Front row tickets in hand for tomorrow’s game. How excited am I from a scale from One to a Zillion?

  • Evening FFGs – Thanks for comments and hi to JB.

    Very busy today and no time for responding or doing a review. Busy tomorrow as well but will try and squeeze one in. Unless Cockie wants to do it…. 😛

  • I hear you loud and clear @ me Amigo – personally, I was sort of happy that we went out early in the mickey mouse cup, let’s be honest – we didn’t lose to MK DONS by 4-0, ehhhh

    they put a really strong starting 11 and we had 10 changes to our team from the weekend – we are still gonna win the treble, you just wait and watch (if it’s not the men that it will be the ladies winning us the goody good stuff, ha ).

    yep, Ospina is the way to go , I heard the arguments against his height and so on – well, the reason why we ended our trophy drought wasn’t Sczny it was Fabianski and we must always remember that .

    🙂 don’t mind the king of doom , he was probably too busy hiding behind the sofa from his lesbians .


    wow – so is that your full time job ? keeping homos entertained ? ; ) you must be really sad, ha

    on a more serious note, I enjoy reading your comments, doesn’t matter if it’s about formations or how you would play the likes of Theo on the RW with OX on the LW and WB as the striker, with Jack wilshere as the number 10 – well, you wanted a fluid front 4 – I have given you a british one 😉

    VCC – if we don’t win 7-0 then it’s all your fault, even a 6-0 isn’t acceptable !!!

  • james, “so is that your full time job” hahahaha 😆 Nice!
    Hey who do you think came up with rainbow laces?!!! 😆

    😆 😆 😆 – just picturing updating the CV with part time homo entertainer!! 😆 Fuck it, might put on there just for the giggle! 😆

    Evening TA, would be most appreciative of a match preview as always matey, just thought this one had Cokie’s name written all over it! 🙂

  • JB….another 5:2 will do me. But, in all honesty, as long as we win, I’m not fussed what the score is. 🙂

  • Cock—E, Cock—E, Cock—E

    And, by the way, when I do these chants, I’m thinking of this guy… Which is more or less how I picture the monster man himself… 😯

    007, I know Cockie will be behind his sofa–tied there probably, given that rainbow laces can be used for things other than boots… but might you be around for some chat during the match? Likely you have a more festive spot…

    I dunno, as always I’m nervous and I fear it’s another of those “nothing to win” situations. Even at a fistful of goals someone is bound to go missing… Also I think this fellow Poacher-tini knows how to keep things tighter than that wacko AVB or even the fellow with the gilet…

    Time to do some serious (fantasy) management and the You Mother F**kers league…

  • you have more of a chance of AW making substitutions early in the 2nd half or at 60th minute mark than Glics doing a post .

    Aye Aye, how can I not join you for GDC tomorrow ? am back with a bang ; ) @ me Amigo

    rainbow laces ahahahahahahhahahaha @ Steve 🙂

  • This is the best Arsenal vid ever !……although I`m not sure if the little guy is Santi or Ospina ?.
    I will be driving around Cornwall tomorrow with my rainbow laces dangling from my todger in respect of all the Brokeback BKers !. So lets kick homophobia out of Football and let you bastards go sniffing around men`s used under garments……but as long as you dodgy bastards keep away from my house !…..especially Shirtlifter Steve !….it`s like the last straw that breaks the camels back !…….one finger too many…. wrecks a mans crack !.

  • hahaha, I had better say btw while i’m laughing at all these comments (just to be safe) i have got nothing against any of you rectal rangers out there, its all meant in good spirits.

    Now i’m off to eat a block of cheese and go to bed with the image of Cockie’s todger draped in Rainbow laces – No horror movie ever made could beat the fucking nightmare that combination is going to conjure up in my head. 😆 😆 😆

  • If I was up in court now for a homophobic charge of accusing you lot of being iron hoof`s, then I would get off scot-free !. Why ?……just look at the comments prior to mine !, nearly all of you demanding cock !. You should all be up for the charge of….handling swollen goods ! . hahaha

    Night Arse Bandits !.

  • Good Dawn/Midnight/whatever it is everyone
    Well my country Isnt so well positioned for online soccer discusions :P……..cant help it
    Great piece TA,
    But I think the phrase ‘when everyone is fit’ should be banned from all Arsenal blogs n fan sites 😛 😀
    Anyway I think the NLD will be either high scoring or a boring draw/win
    But I dint see spurs wunning this one

  • Good morning all, I am trying to follow the golf on the radio, so this might take a little time to write …
    Nice to hear from you JB.

  • I watched my recording of the Sp Lizzie v Porto this morning, mainly to watch one player, but I also got to see Tello play for Porto.

    The latter was only notable for getting booked for simulating after a non-contact tackle. This shortly after coming on at half time. Late on, clear run down the right, decided to come inside and take a shot on …which he snatched at and missed.

    However, the verdict on WC is mixed. But those who are able to watch the Chelsea v SpL in the CL on Tuesday, these are the things to look out for:

    As a DM, WC is very disciplined in his positional play.
    What he is absolutely brilliant at is moving the ball on, accurately, almost without a second thought. I am not talking about standing in acres of space with time to pick a pass. I mean when he gets a quick pass in a congested midfield. Cesc-like, he knows before he gets the ball where to play it. Not limited to short passing either. his long cross-field balls are just as accurate. Add that to being difficult to get the ball off, fairly at least, makes him he player we would most like to see at Arsenal …

    Except …, when he does get dispossessed, he has little or no pace to recover. That is a worry. However, from what I saw, he does not make rash tackles when playing deeper in defence. If high up and defenders double up on him, he is vulnerable. Also when he tries his feet with some nifty stuff, and fails. He is a big unit, so although skilful, he can look a bit Giroud-esque at times.

    Overall, it is a positive report, even if there is room for improvement. Mainly because his instant ball control, no matter what angle, pace, or height is absolutely top class. I repeat, it is because of that that he is able make those first time passes.

    Can he do it in the EPL? Well Tuesday’s match will give a major clue. Unfortunately it will advertise his talents to all and sundry, and Man U have a foothold with the loan of Nani?

  • Thanks a lot Gerry for your scouting report on WC
    He looks a great fit for our team only for 1 thing. He does not have the pace to recover. Isnt that the main problem with Mikel Arteta . So is he going to make the difference ? Is he the last piece of the jig saw ?(except maybe the defensive vows)
    What do you think Gerry ?

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