Ozil LM – RamShere Central – Alexis & Danny to Mash: Ars v Spuds Preview

Ooh I love devouring the Spuds. I like them chipped, I like them boiled with gravy, I like them in a salad with some garlic mayo on top, I like them flattened into hash brownies, or even better, mashed with butter and a hint of mustard. And the Spuddies are tastiest when gulped down at our very own home of football. πŸ™‚

TIme to play with the heart but with a cool mind.
TIme to play with the heart but with a cool mind.

Today’s NLD comes early (again): the teams still have to find their stride, and Pochettino is still finding his feet at the club. You just cannot take count anymore of how many managers have come and gone, and for that, predict what we can expect from the miscreants this time round.

We need a win to build further on our away win at Villa and to get the momentum going for two more big games this week: Galatasaray and the Chavs. I would say let’s treat this as an OGAAT and not worry about what is to follow. But I feel this a big moment for Arsenal this season: the time for experimenting is over as the next three games will shape our season to a large extent. We need a win against the Turks and we need a result against the Chavs.

So now it is time to put out a formation and team that will have the best chance to get us there, give or take a couple of tweaks over the next eight days. Wenger’s plan for this season will be confirmed today/this week, I am pretty sure.

We can talk about it forever, but the only thing that matters is what happens on the pitch come 17.30. I have not seen enough of the Spuds this season to form an opinion about the strength of their team. After a late goal by Dier they clinched all the points from the Hammers on the opening day, and then they brushed aside QPR at home; but after that they just got one point from playing Liverpool and West Brom at home and Sunderland away, giving away a lead twice at the Stadium of Light.

So they are lacking form and the first doubts whether Pochettino is the right man for them, which I reckon he is, will have started to surface, no doubt. Clearly, they need to bounce back and will not need motivating for today’s NLD. We have not had the best of spells ourselves in recent weeks and could really do with a win.

Jack Wilshere

I expect Arsene to set out with 4-1-4-1 but with one of the central midfielders to sit back a lot, especially during the start of the game. The only real risk we have is playing too much attacking football, leaving our back-four – especially the BFG – exposed in the process. The Spuds will love to play counter football against us and they have the weapons to hurt us. Some might call for 4-2-1-3 with two of Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta and Flamini (or even Chambers), and I reckon they will get their wish effectively.

Many believe it will be either Ramsey or Jack next to Ozil in midfield, but I am convinced Wenger will incorporate all three. I reckon Ozil will be moved to the left, with licence to roam where he thinks he can add value (with Gibbs playing a more conservative role – and Sanchez and Ozil are likely to swap sides as well).

The defence picks itself and Szczesny is likely to be back. Danny on top and that is about it for me.

So predicted line-up:

Ars v Spuds Sept 14

I would be tempted to replace the captain with Flamini, but it is a good game for him to prove he has still got it. We need all eleven Gunners to be up for this and fire from all cylinders.

Will they be? Will I ever ask a more stupid question?

Let’s mash them Spuds! COYG!!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

308 thoughts on “Ozil LM – RamShere Central – Alexis & Danny to Mash: Ars v Spuds Preview

  • good post total I agree with u on starting whilshere as I think this are the kind of games he thrives…..I would tell Ramsey to sit deeper next to arteta and give only ozil and to some extent Sanchez a free role we can easily change to a flat 4-3-3 during the game……I’m hoping for a nice victory coyg


    Get your Arses in gear and submit your UMF predictions pronto pronto! 😈

    Letting an old man on a zimmerframe wait is very cruel! πŸ˜›

  • Fair enough, it is original for sure! πŸ™‚

    Chambers is a great prospect. And I love his calm as well, especially in the roles he plays this is very important. Big game for him today.

  • I notice(yes I have been spying on your blog) that you are a big jack fan and I am too.. I think he needs a run of games and we can see the best English midfielder in his true form

  • Yes CnC. A big fan indeed and glad to meet another one (glad you like the blog). Fingers crossed he can stay fit now and the issues with his foot/feet and running style are all over now.

  • yes total big game for him but i think he will do well kids with his personality are no fazed by big moment such as this varane messi etc showed that age really all if you have a big personality

  • If Ramsey sits deep a bit more it will allow Jack, Alexis and Mesut to deliver the JAM today. πŸ™‚ I think Jack is thriving working with those two and Rambo next and behind him. Important match for Arteta (or Flamini) though!

  • hahahaha What a Saturday!!!!

    An excellent scouting report by Gerry on a player i really want to know more about!
    An excellent and inspiring pre match by TA!
    Another Wilshere supporter here on BK!
    The Golf in full flow!
    The Merseyside Derby comming up!



    I think you’ve nailed the line-up this time TA, but maybe Flamini ad the DM me thinks.

  • Big match for Rambo as well !! (I am a big fan of his)
    Agree with you on the Flamini point TA
    CnC I am also starting to become a big fan of Chambers

    TA, do you know if we can recall Jenko from West Ham. Cos I just read a piece on Goal that we might bid for Smalling in Jan, but then why no simply call back Carl

  • Good call on Flam, Steve…. But going with Arsene’s previous choices, when both were available, I am going with the captain.

    Re Golf….. it is not a sport for me. πŸ˜•

  • Yes Neeraj!! exactly! Bring back Jenko!
    Fuck Smalling, Jenko had got to get his chance! Much agreed mate!

  • I am not sure, Neeraj, but I heard somewhere that we can recall him if we wanted to…. But I think he will not be back at Arsenal. We bought two RB this summer and have the promising Bellerina chomping at the bit.. Smalling? I cannot see LvG letting him go with all their defence issues, but he is a Gooner I believe and Wenger is collecting English talents like bottle tops..

  • I live on a countryside filled island mate, there’s golf courses everywhere lol, so i play quite a bit and its always interesting to see what the actual pros can do. I certainly don’t wet my pants over watching it though mate lol, nowhere near footy as a sport to watch imo but an added bonus if its on πŸ™‚

  • Maybe if Wenger had realised that Chambers played CB so well, he would have never let Jenko go. We could have had Chambers as our third CB and Jenko as backup RB to Debuchy

  • No TA!!! Blasphemy lol
    Jenko will prove himself this season at the Hammers you watch matey and defensively wise i would prefer a 6ft plus tall, quick, strong player like Jenko at the back and keep Bellerin for the wing, it would also give Chambers more license to become the CB or DM that everyone wants to see him as instead of being played at RB.

  • Bellerin is still some time off maybe a season long loan to some defensive side would be better for him. Till that time Debuchy will have started to age and we will have two great RBs to replace him. Plus Chambers can concentrate on CB n CDM. We need Englush players in those positions than at RB for Wenger’s Fantasy England Arsenal 11 πŸ˜›

  • I Personally believe that OZIL on the LM would not be of great help to the team….He lacks the defensive attributes to help Gibbs at LB…
    I will either drop Jack or Ramsey to the bench to accomodate Ozil in the Number 10 role n play the OX on the left side(LM) or perhaps even Carzola(He is always up to the task in the NLD n perform very well against Spurs)

    The Jack n Ramsey combination doesnt work…We dont hv the right balance with these two plus Ozil on the left….It affects the whole team to a large extend…defenders are often exposed…
    It is evident in the games in which we lost or drew…
    The change at Villa was clear for all to see….

  • Stevo and Neeraj

    I would love Jenko-Spanko to come good, but he looks too tense to me when he plays (like he forgot to do a poo before he came out, if you know what I mean). I have a feeling he will go out like Djourou did…. gradually but sure. Would be a shame though and lets hope he will do well at the Hammers.

  • Wenger’s Fantasy England Arsenal 11
    hahaha, morning Neeraj πŸ™‚ thank you matey πŸ˜†

  • Cheers Dave πŸ™‚

    You will not be the only one with those views and I have written many a post and comment about it. The Villa game saw indeed a better Ozil and yet his heatmap showed how much he played on the left. Wilshere will be back for this one and Ramsey will play too, despite a lack in form. Maybe Ozil gets rested for the Gala game… We’ll see. πŸ™‚

  • Someone calling for Jenko back and an English Arsenal XI – has my account been hacked??? πŸ˜†

    Dave makes an excellent point re Ozil in the middle and OX on the wing, but you know me i would sacrifice Ramsey before Jack – especially form wise atm

  • I love this about blogging…. Neeraj is in the afternoon and the Down Under bloggers are nearing the evening, whilst good old 17HT is deep dreaming about Wenger during his Friday night! πŸ˜›

  • No Steve we can’t Cockie and Fingers going at it on here it will be like first it’s Cockie then it’s fingers etc, I won’t be able to read with a straight face not that I can when you two go at it anyway.
    Nice line up TA although we all know about my thoughts on leggy Arteta but as far as the boss goes that’s his team, I would rather see Oz inside with Ox out wide or Flamini instead straight swap but 3pts is my main concern today he could stick Bouldy at the back for all I care but spuds must be peeled, boiled and mashed up on all footballing occasions.
    CnC this so far this season could be Chambersesque we all have become massive fans of the youngster with his play being years beyond his age, but the Ox is my boy and I get why he’s not loved but he like Ozil is not a wide player he just has the speed to pull it off, when you see him next watch how effective he is infield.

  • Talking about the Down Under lot: PPP, Oz (especially!) and Alex…. Get your boomeranged arses in gear and start blogging… you bunch of winter bloggers! F*ck the barbecueing and start blogging! 😈

  • I live in India , Pune (dont try to pronounce it cos u r gonna get it wrong) to be exact
    Gunners are a rear breed in my city especially in my age group (I am 17)
    The main reason for that is we have not won anything in the past few years but me n my friend started following cos we love the football . Who cares about the titles ?

  • Off to the 8th wonder of the world “The Emirates” in an hour. Just like a little boy with a box of sweets SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. COYG

  • H bo, I hope Oxie will come good, but but but but… he needs to grab his opportunities more and I reckon the others are ahead of him right now…

  • I need to type faster Dave wrote my team sheet whilst I was doodling I’m gonna start dictating notes to the Missus.

  • I am a biiiiiigggggg football fan n I dislike my coumtry only for this little reason that we really dont have any good Indian players
    India is made about Cricket
    But things are changing , heard about ISL anyone ?
    Its a nice little start its going to be great to see Pires, Trezeguet, Anelka , Ljunberg, etc playing here

  • Neeraj is me!!! just a hundred years younger and half way across the world!

    Jenko back in a full English arsenal team playing for football for beauty rather than titles – is it Christmas??? I’m gonna have to check now

    H Bo, The OX is the secret weapon mate i’m definetly with you on that one, even on the playing in field idea which i totally agree with – he’ll be hard pressed to push out Ramsey for that place though. hahaha and come and join me in crazy Cockie land – its a fun place to visit πŸ™‚

  • Yes I have heard about ISL. How big are the crowds for these games, and are there any Indian talents our there you reckon could make it one day at the Mighty Arse?

  • Well TA for future experiences whenever any Indian tells u he lives in a city never doubt its population πŸ˜›
    Afterall every 7th person in the world is Indian
    But for the record according to reports it is 8 million

  • VCC you lucky bastard enjoy the bollox off it mate!!!!

    Neeraj, what the hell is this ISL?? and how do i watch it?? πŸ™‚ I would love to see Pires, Ljunberg etc

  • Well the tournament is yet to start but I reckon it will be a big crowd magnet especially the youth we are crazy for football unlike the elders
    It will also be widely viewed on TVs i guess by that i mean in crores
    Sadly there is not a single promising talent coming up from India that i know of
    There was a report on a 16 year old being chased by Chelsea but i dont know if he is Indian origin or a foreign guy with Indian decent

  • Steve how old are you ? (17+ 100 = 117)
    I am not sure how you will be able to watch it because the broadcaster in India is Star Sports which I beleive is someway related to ESPN

  • with every 7th person in the world being Indian and a new televised league being heavily supported by the youth it wont take long for hundreds of great Indian talents to start appearing, mark my words Neeraj.

  • That bloody Anderson rejected a loan move to Pune City FC
    Even though he plays for Man U it would have been good to actually see a top flight player play

  • Its got to start somewhere mate, maybe with a young 17 year old in Pune!!
    Maybe one day i’ll be in the stands watching the Arsenal saying ” see that Neeraj nipper, i use to talk to him on a blog online” and they’ll probably say “of course you did old man, now shut up and sit down” πŸ˜†

  • Well its sad to say but I have had to stop playing football to concentrate on my studies so I may have robbed you of that chance
    But I do hope I can come to England for further Education n see Arsenal play at the Emirates

  • Cheers Totes…..you will spot me, I will be standing out like a shining star with my shinny silver Zimmer and my Orange top. Blue sector “H” block row ONE. YIPEEEEEEEEE

    Cheers six fingers…….I’ll give them a super loud shout for you. COYG

  • Fair play Neeraj, lets hope we see you over here soon mate.

    Right im off to get the beers ready and set the lounge up for destruction – starting early today because of the Merseyside Derby.

  • Wow Neeraj, 8 million (unpronounceable) Punes! I will look it up when I have a bit more time and good look with the ISL. One day the world cup will be held on your shores! πŸ™‚

    Steve you just have to change your name when you post a comment: change Steve to F11ngers and it should show straightaway (I probably have to approve it first, though).

    Right off to walk Henry!

    Catch you later! πŸ˜›

    Let that zimmerframe shine, Vickers, let it shine! πŸ˜›

  • Right, while Totes is dog walking, Fingers is getting is alcohol ready, and CnC has logged off ..

    Jack played in the COC to rest the guys that played in the Villa match so they can play here.

    If there are any doubts about Gibbs, that could be a problem.
    Any about Per, then As you were with Chambers, and possibly Coquelin at RB
    Otherwise, Back 5: Arteta, Ramsey; Ox, Ozil, Alexis; Welbeck.

    Wishere, Santa, and Hayden, will play the Cl match.

    Keep the faith … that Ramsey keeps it simple?

  • No Jack in the NLD? Sorry Gerry, that does not wash with me and would be a mistake. But you are good at this and could be right.

    Who is not keeping the faith?! πŸ˜›

  • nice one @ skipper

    it’s an interesting starting 11 but one that might struggle winning us games, or let’s say I find it really difficult for the trio of Arteta / Ramsey and JW to really have an impact .

    let’s be honest, any opposition we play, them 3 players in the starting 11 look really light weight .

    course it’s your team selection and AW might start with the 11 you have predicted but just looking at the starting 11 predicted – it doesn’t make me feel confident , we are lacking the balance BIG time in midfield at the moment .

    I would personally go for something like this – one of the 2 or subs .

    Diaby/Flamini===== Ramsey/JW


    Alexis ======Welbeck========Santiago/Ozil

    I’m not sure why we still have Arteta playing in the league when we should be using him like Rosicky for cup games or every now and again .

    Rosicky needs to be playing more .

    either way, let’s hope VCC’s day out is one to remember and one for the history books !

  • Hey TA sry got my stats wrong the population of Pune currently is 6 million and is expexted to rise to 8 in another 5-7

  • Cheers JB, fair comment about balance but i dont see why those tree would make opposition purr. Arteta tends to get better the more he plays and with support from Rambo he will most likely do fine. Do I want a different type of a DM, though…? πŸ˜‰

    Cheers Neeraj. Six million is still incredible for us Europeans… it is not particularly puny, is it?! πŸ˜›

  • expected to rise to 8 in another 5-7!
    You better put that keyboard down and get on it then Neeraj! πŸ™‚

    James, i definitely agree with you about Arteta but Ramsey and Wilshere weak? compared to Ozil and Santi? really? or are you just thinking Fingers is on here later, I’ll wind him up and watch him go πŸ˜†

  • no, you misunderstood – Steve

    the 3 in the midfield with Arteta in there nullifies both JW and Ramsey instead of supplementing them both – allow me to explain it better .

    Red bull gives you wings ? we need a DM who can give both of them the “wings” . hence whenever them 3 start a match, we are most likely to be held to a draw or beaten against decent oppositions, which I believe might actually be the case or may well be in the future as you already have a problem of both JW and Ramsey gelling or forming a decent partnership but add in the weak link and they are always going to be up against it to make it work or blossom .

  • My bad, just read it back again and see what you were saying mate.
    We’re never going to get them wings flapping without a new DM signing, dropping either Chambers or Hayden in at the deep end, a Diaby resurrection or giving Flamini some kind of stem cell, steroid, growth hormone cocktail – imo.
    But as you say the Arteta choice is always going to be detrimental to the team imo – hence why Wenger chose him as captain (we disagree on most things lol)

  • and in the absence of the red bull – we must try to find the right balance, which means play Diaby/Flamini ahead of Arteta and if we can’t then look to play one of Ramsey or JW in the starting 11 .

    the stick Santiago and Ozil get is rather harsh – I reckon .

    you can not compare ozil to either of JW or Ramsey but you can with Santiago, however, Santiago will deliver the goods today – he will score a goal or 2 , watch this space .

  • no we are not but that doesn’t mean we have to play the “3” together, playing the 2 together is struggle enough let alone making it a “threesome” .

    anyway – I forgot we are playing the spuds, so even if we play them 3, we will win 7-0 πŸ˜‰ but against the big clubs, deffo we need the right balance and I’m sure most of you will agree when I flag up the serious disruption of the balance of the team with the predictive starting 11 of skipper .

  • Neeraj,

    Seventh biggest city of the country, 560m above sea level and you are in the middle of the monsoon, and 1250 years or so old… Respect! πŸ™‚

  • James, if you meant TA he is already coming round to that way of thinking – re the post “I would be tempted to replace the captain with Flamini” πŸ˜† wont be long now πŸ˜†

  • πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Hey you laugh but have you seen those 10 fingered idiots try and do up a zipper! took this one bloke on TV 90 mins the other day, oh how i bet he wish he had an extra digit to help him out on that one!
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  • Only on the Isle of Fingers will you find inhabitants get their own, trailing finger stuck in their zipper…. huh didnit know it was there! πŸ˜›

  • πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Right you bastards i’m outta here, got to go and keep the rabble downstairs happy, i’ll be back quick just before the game.


  • Good Homework TA πŸ˜›
    I could not listen to the audio file but I said it is difficult to pronounce because the n pronunciation does not exist in English.
    Actually India has so many languages abd on top of that the same language is also spoken differently by people
    It is actually safe to say that every 100 km you will find a different language or different way of speaking the same language

  • Looks like Oscar is just playing to remind Jose what he really is . Btw I never mentioned I am a huge CF4 fan but its difficult to support playing for the rivals so now I just admire what he does

  • 2-1 – man utd vs west ham – hmmmmm

    chelsea are winning 1-0 though, come on Aston villa !! score one now

  • I see – and what about your father’s language @ Neerag ?:)

    that’s a lot of languages right there, blimey .

  • Actually mother tongue is a way of saying ancestral language or family language so it generally applies to both mom n dad
    But there is a possiblity that both the parents speak different languages but have 1 common language πŸ˜› (complicated )

  • am just glad your english is a lot better than my marathi, hindi or whatever else you speak πŸ˜€

    fascinating non the less .

  • Abel Hernandez is a really good player I am surprised how he stayed with Palermo for so many years !

  • none* even .

    where is my amigo 17ht and rest of the platoon with PG e.t.c e.t.c

    it’s match day , come out come out where ever you are – oh and Prince and the Ozzies, where art thou .

  • Yeah I am learning German and know the oldest scripted language – Sanskrit as well
    My English isnt so bad eh ?

  • such players look good in smaller teams who play around such players – big fish in a small pond sort of thing @ Neeraj .

    if Bendtner was playing for Hull he would look decent as well (nah, who am I kidding , ha

    all set for a cracking 2nd half – we want villa to score and west ham to score as well – don’t want either of Chelsea, man utd to win or even man city !

  • it’s certainly plenty better than most of my local mates, ha

    in fact, it’s so good that you should consider writing a post for BK – maybe not consider consider but go on and write one, it will make for an interesting read but make sure not to write it in German, sanskrit or hindi though πŸ˜€

  • once you’ve written it, send it to skipper at that address and he will publish it and so on .

    that simple .

    I am going to make a prediction for today’s game .

    Ozil /Santiago to both score and provide assists .

    be back later.

  • Starting line-up:
    Szczesny, Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck

    Ospina, Coquelin, Flamini, Rosicky, Podolski, Cazorla, Alexis

  • 6 british lads, get in there – wo00000t wo00000t the dreaded trio start πŸ™‚

    cheers JM .

  • it appears that both AW and TA are in sync in regards to playing the enemy and using the local boys to put the spuds in their rightful place hence the OX ahead of Alexis , me likes !

  • Getting well excited you nailed the team except Ox for Alexis and I love the Ox but slightly baffled with no Alexis must be a knock or fatigue.
    TA I can’t change my name mines on my license plate as you stated with Steve this morning rather ironically although I’m all thumbs.

  • Hey fellas… Derby Day!…

    Just watching the end of Hammers trying to come back on 10 man United… (Oh, Wayne Rooney, how could you…shakes head…) Jenks thought he’d crossed for the equalizer but just offsides…

    Reading the overnight (for me) comments there are many opinions with which I disagree, but I’ll save those for another time…For now, we just get behind the boys to make us proud in the big match against the ancient enemy…

    Go on!

  • 10/11 not bad, but always one that alludes me. Ox for our best player by some distance… You Ox-lovers will get your serving now. πŸ™‚

    17HT πŸ™‚

    Disagreement is good and it just cannot all be harmony! πŸ™‚

    Neeraj πŸ™‚

    I speak four language and a strong local dialect. Very impressed with you learning Deutch… It will help you tremendously in getting work in the technical or banking sector later on.

    H bo πŸ™‚

    No worries – I love the name anyway…. I always want to say H bomb! πŸ™‚

  • Neeraj

    You are very welcome to write a post for BK, but no pressure. Just email me something if you fancy it and I will help with editing etc.

    Does anybody fancy writing the match report for this one?

  • Good evening BK’ers
    Glad to be back, now time to serve up some punishment to the spuds

  • Nice to see you back Alex πŸ™‚

    Hope you, Mrs Alex and baby Bella are doing fine. Don’t cover yourself in work…. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as the Irish say! πŸ™‚

    Back in a bit. Henry needs another tiddle.

  • Hi TA,
    All good this end, just been a really tough last 5 months with work and personal issues but it’s all starting to sort itself out. It’s true all work and no play is just not on. I’ve missed matches this season which normally wouldn’t happen and it’s time to enjoy life a little bit more

  • Hi JB,
    How have you been? hope all is better for you.
    I predict a nervy 2-1 win to The Gunners.
    I need this one as I have already predicted 4 right this round

  • not bad mate .

    ah, so you are on for the perfect 5 ? I think I scored the perfect duck this round ahahahahahahahha

    no no, no nervy 2-1’s – I don’t want any of the bitch twitchy moments tonight, give me the repeat of the comfortable 3-0 villa one from last week πŸ˜€

    in a way it’s good that we don’t have Alexis as we can always bring him on as a super sub plus he needs a breather or 2 as well considering the amount of big games coming up @ shrillex

  • @JB
    Against Villa we were fortunate to punish them 3 times in 4 minutes otherwise it could have been a nervy one as well. Don’t get me wrong, give me 3 in 4 minutes against these spuds any day

  • Sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough time, Alex, and good to hear you are getting on top of it again. We missed you, buddy. πŸ™‚

    Right off to find a stream or go to pub. Catch you guys later.

  • Ramsey has been way too casual, too many fancy touches and not enough substance at times.

  • All Spurs over the past 10 mins with let offs from Ade (poor control) and Per heading towards his own goal…

    Ox forces a Lloris save but Chadli lets us off again with a terrible finish on the break…

    Now Rambo down with a hamstring and we have to use a 2nd sub. Santi in…

  • Half time… Arteta and Ramsey lost to muscle injuries… Not a ton of penetration with the offense and we look vulnerable on the break. Gonna need a little readjustment at the half…

  • am i loosing it or something????!!!
    How the fuck was that not a penalty on Wilshere???
    Fucking blind cunt ref!!!

  • Well, looks like we’re back to our normal 4231. I kinda liked the 4141 system for this game…gave us control of the midfield and allowed us to control the tempo

  • keep the faith – I Did predict both Ozi and Santiago assisting or scoring – they will do just that in the 2nd half !

    the ref’s been a cunt, alright – agreed @ Steve

  • Well the decisions are against us and the injury demon is popping his head out again but second half coming soon and no matter what they throw at us we will still beat these cunts!

  • James I’m counting on you!!! get your prediction wizard hat on cause we’ve got the perfect set up for that to come true now, COME ON THE BOND!!!

  • We’ve had a lot of possession but not the final product has just not been there. We need to come out in the second half the same way that we started the first but we need to penetrate more effectively.

  • Bollox i’ve got to go – really need to move my computer downstairs in the lounge!!!
    Back in 45 lads, COYG!!!!

  • Jesus F&^king Chris, Cant SZCZ kick a ball out instead of putting the defenders under pressure

  • time to take off the ox and bring on the beast known as Sanchez .

    the goal was all Sczny’s fault, he took an age releasing the ball, if he was going to take that long, then may as well kick it out .

    how he has managed to play so many games at the top top level for one of the biggest clubs in the world is beyond me .

    we will still win though , plenty of time remaining .

  • @JB
    Every game you can see that SZCZ is not comfortable with kicking the ball out and his goal kicks are so inaccurate. That was his fault in my opinion as well. You do not put your defenders under pressure like that. Now the Spuds have parked the double decker bus

  • 80% possession this half and we find ourselves 1 goal down.
    We need to make this possession count

  • I dunno 007 and Alex…I might have to disagree with you there… Flamini made most of the pressure for himself, I thought…Good to see, however, that you’re (007) holding strong on your keeper ideas… Agreed that we’ve got to turn all this possession into goals. No more injuries, either, please…


    Now, let’s F*** them hard!

  • Finishes 1-1… Dammit…

    Didn’t quite hold the ball and make the good chances down the stretch…Having to use the subs so early likely didn’t help. Lloris and Kaboul were huge for them…

    Possession 69% but can’t turn it into goals… And the goal we gave up was an unnecessary one…


  • so I raised my concerns prior to the match re- the trio being in the starting 11 – and the trio couldn’t finish the game – all 3 subbed due to injuries .

    Diaby, Flamini, Santiago – this is your chance as well as Rosicky .

    disappointed with a point but this is what you get for not having a world class goalie in goal and persisting with a work in progress .

  • really don’t know what to make of that one – Fucking pissed off we didn’t win it that’s for sure.
    On the plus side everybody played their bollox off, the chambers and chamberlain partnership on the right was fucking awesome, Ozil’s finding his feet again, we showed that our depth in squad is so great that even when Ramsey and Jack are subbed we can still bring on the likes of Cazorla and Sanchez and Welbeck’s work rate was excellent and showed some great skills at times.
    On the negative, poor old Flamini got caught for the goal and found himself out muscled a few times in the game. That was the only thing that really lost us the game today, just a slip up from one player, that’s it – but don’t take away from the rest of his game, Flamini was giving it his all as usual and was just unlucky.

    Shitty question but with a better, stronger DM would we be winners today?
    Have to ask it

  • hahahaha James out of the two predictions you made fucking typical it had to be that one that came to pass!!! πŸ˜†
    I think Wilshere is only a minor concern though, and he played bloody well today mate lets be fair πŸ™‚

    With Wilshere injured along with the rest though my midfield would look more like this


  • I am a JW fan – if I came across as anti Wilshere then allow me to do this in a different way .

    If I was AW – I would have dropped Ramsey and played Wilshere in the double next to Arteta/Flamini – Ramsey has gone off the boil and wilshere is on the Ascendancy after that Man city game .

    but yep – the casualty count keeps going through the roof, at this rate, we may need Glics to be playing for Arsenal – if there is one thing he’s good at other than cracking jokes and making fun of VCC, it’s his ability to run like Tom hanks (Forest Gump) .

  • didn’t think you were anti Wilshere mate, if there’s anything at all i could judge its that you are pro Cazorla (and nothing wrong with that).

  • if memory serves then Sczny has done a similar thing before and it was a repeat of the same mistake with the player being Flamini back then as well ? I can’t remember the game and so on, but it does ring a bell .

    I might be wrong or could be a case of deja vu but if it’s happened before then it just goes to show that this lad has regular brain farts .

    rule no .1 if you are a goalie – you have 4/5 opposition players near your box, kick the bloody thing long and wide or take your time before they retreat if you are going to throw it near your RB – the area was congested and you don’t put your players under pressure unnecessarily .

    gone now, been a pleasure as always .

  • Too upset to blog !. If we had lost I would have killed myself….so I`m only going to half-kill myself !.

    Yes bastards, that music sound will introduce………..The Voice of Doom !………although being half dead I`m not in the mood !, so It will be a brief update to knock one out too !. hahaha
    At EPL game 6 last season we were in 1st place, this season we are a dismal 4th !. After game 6 last season we had 15 points and have a dismal 10 points this season !.
    Like for like for playing teams ( with promoted teams replacing relegated teams ) we are minus 3 points worse off !.
    We are the bookies favourites to be the first ever to field a team of eleven players on a life-support machine…….this could happen by week 10 !. Who the fcuk is this new German Doctor/ Physio ?…….fcuking Josef Mengele !, he`s only here to clone little Arsene`s !.
    Give me some fcuking mental strength !………….nope, it`s not working, I`m going off to torture my other half what`s left !.

  • Evening guys πŸ™‚

    It could have been worse,so I don’t feel too bad. That’s derbies for you. The loss of Ramsey and Arteta really hurt us, as we looked a lot more clueless after that. Danny did well but we are not playing the way we did before. We looked shapeless, without a focal point, especially in the second half. Ox had a good game and great to see him score the equaliser… Saved the day for us. Bring on Gala! πŸ™‚

  • Only saw MotD.

    Wilshere deliberately kicked on the ankle in the 1st half.
    Was it in the box?

    Chambers apparently one booking away from a suspension.
    Francis Coquelin at right-back then?

    Abou Diaby to start against Galatasaray perhaps?

  • Well lads this is how we stand squad wise after the fresh new injuries, some of you may see some players as being in different categories but they are all here so just rearrange according to what you think:

    Defenders: 6
    ————-Back four———-
    –Cover right—–Cover left–

    Midfielders: 8 (9 if Walcott is Available again)

    Strikers: 5
    Campbell—— Sanchez

    Injured: 7
    Debuchy Arteta Ramsey Giroud
    Diaby Gnabry Sanogo

    To me its obvious that although we boss possession we are still finding chances hard to come by so maybe its time to add an extra striker for a two up top. We were used to playing a three in attacking midfield last year and Wenger is advocating the one in DM this year so why not go for a 4-1-3-2? – best of all worlds 
    It makes sense to get an extra striker on since we almost have as many of them now as midfielders, with all the injuries.

    On how I would make this work: (you all knew it was coming :lol:)

    Everything I have seen of Chambers cries out DM to me and what I have seen of Hayden makes me think of a lesser BFG but with pace. OX continues to show the directness that I feel is sometimes lacking in our play, Jack is continuing to impress (and should have won us a fucking penalty against the enemy scum!). Welbeck and Akpom I think could be one of the most dangerous partnerships in the league and Gibbs is solid as usual. With the impending reintroduction of Theo the scene is set:

    The Fingers XI: (or eleven fingers)
    ——Walcott——-Wilshere—–The OX—-

    With an equally talented substitute XI:

    And emergency third choice goalkeeper: Martinez

    There you have it, with the injuries forced upon us at the moment it gives us 23 players which includes 3 goalkeepers. That almost works out to one first team XI and one sub team XI with a spare emergency goalkeeper left over.
    I have had to use Koscielny twice because he is quite simply irreplaceable and no-one could fill that spot effectively from the remaining members in the squad but apart from that I used every player at our disposal atm. Shit, that was a lie – I left Podolski out of the mix because I feel he is stuck firmly in the β€œfringe player” category atm (just personal preference and many of you may disagree).

    Just the way I see it(heavily biased toward the English guys but I feel with some actual footballing justification to half back it up), but you have the available squad above let’s see how you would sort it – First XI and Sub XI, in whatever formation lets have em πŸ™‚
    Anything to take my mind of not beating the scum to be perfectly honest, but play along anyway!

  • I am really surprises you put Bellerin in the Sub XI
    I thought he was one of the star players in Fingers XI

  • Morning all. I sort of agree more with TA, re the result. It could have been worse. Should have been better.
    Their goal? I cannot disagree with you more JB. What is the point of kicking the ball up field when, a; Welbeck is likely to lose out in the heading duel, b: if Welbeck is the only one up there we lose possession, and they come straight back at us, c; Flamini chose to turn inside when he had options on the outside …. So how the heck that becomes Szczezzer’s fault is beyond me? Get your bias under some sort of realistic control, and realise we are no longer playing with either Sagna or Giro, who were both good outlet balls. Okay? 😈

    The one thing you need when you have two injuries in midfield, and that is have half a squad of them to pick alternatives. πŸ˜€

    Ramsey looks like a 3 week job minimum, which solves one problem. Hopefully, when he comes back he will listen to Arsene and ‘keep it simple, back to basics’. His early shot on goal, from an angle even CR7 would turn down, was the very opposite of what his midfield job was about, when we had 3 or 4 players in the middle .. Grrrr!

    Wilshere had a good game, bit still curate’s egg to me. To see him charge at two defenders with the result of getting through(unlikely), or getting fouled(likely), but with the inherent risk of getting injured(very likely), still shows an immaturity in his game. Pass and move, Jack!

    I am curious that Sky, briefly showed a caption of the subs including Podolski, and saying Alexis was a late change through injury?

    Arteta I thought was doing pretty good until his injury. How any commentator could say we were absolutely playing 4-1-4-1 with the interchange that went on in the early part when we were all over them, is anybody’s guess. Deductive reasoning? Arteta alone at the back, Welbeck our CF up front? Perhaps.

    If it wasn’t for the Ox, that is MOTM Ox, doing his stuff down the right for 85 minutes, we would not be unbeaten. I think he tired late on, and why Chambers pushed on at the end. And why he(CC21) keeps making these ‘out of position’ tackles. 4 in 4 league games???
    May be DM is a place for him, if he keeps his discipline? Alternatively, give him a rest?

    Gibbs too, had a great game, and with Ozil and Alexis both willing to use him, we did at least have some balance on both wings. He also came across to centre-right with a last minute tackle. Were it not for Kaboul, there might have been a couple of assists or pre assists, adding to his excellent work rate.

    Kos too, did sterling work in defence. However, why can they cannot get our attacking corners sorted. Either he, or preferably Mert, should go to the far post? Simples! Grrr.

    Message to the doomer’s. Six games in were are unbeaten. A win against the Chavs and we will be the only team in PL to have that title.

    Keep the faith…

  • The way we`re going………being unbeaten, but drawing so many !……we could end up the only unbeaten team to ever get relegated as the Unwinnables !. If only I find another 9 draw specialists like Arsenal, I could win the football pools and watch Arsenal Vs Millwall in the Championship from my yacht in Monaco !. The upside of playing in the Championship is we wont have to play Mansahfter Std, Mansour City and Chavs again and get our perennial humiliation !. hahaha

    A win against The Chavs !. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • A very good game yesterday, I really enjoyed it…….. but a win would have been better. Is this the year of the second invincibles? No of course not, that would be a daft thought. Ox was MOTM for me. Welbecks dummy for Ox to score was brilliant.

    Anyway, Totes, I have a new post up on GunnersoreArse this morning. None of this post match report malarky, oh no. But examining the French arrogance of Wenger, that’s more like it!


  • Gerry Wrote ” I cannot disagree with you more JB. What is the point of kicking the ball up field when, a; Welbeck is likely to lose out in the heading duel, b: if Welbeck is the only one up there we lose possession, and they come straight back at us, c; ”

    blimey – I expected better from you – be objective in your assessment – be that as it may, we lose possession and due to his poor distribution they do probably come back at us, but it would have given every one a chance to organize themselves better and be in a far better shape – I much prefer losing the ball in their half as opposed to ours .

    you can disagree with me all you want but that’s a very poor rebuttal – one that leaves me scratching my head with the argument you present .

    that’s a very fine analysis and picture of the injury situation and our available options @ Steve .

    truth be told, I am with Glics on the whole medical department and doctors doing their work in the back ground – TW was meant to be out for no more than 6 months , ok 7 at best but it seems to be longer than 9 and approx 10 months ? what the hell is going on .

    Maybe all them Diaby injuries may have been better managed if we had a medical department who knew what they were doing .

    I see Costa being in the red or always a doubt for a game, yet he keeps on playing very regularly – do bloody Chelsea even have any long term injuries ?

  • Morning Gooner’s, the morning after the NLD.
    Well i thought we played well yesterday, We deserved to win. The Spuds parked the bus massively but tbf they did defend very well.
    My biggest thoughts this morning after is this though, What does the Aaron Ramsey and Arteta injury do to the team and who will be taking there place over the next few weeks. Or even looking at it ogaat, V Galatasaray on Wednesday?
    I am not actually to worried this time by Rambo’s injury. He is a great player but i feel his slight dip in form and i believe he has not been fully fit since playing for Wales. So i hope he can get a good rest and come back fresh and stronger.
    Arteta i to rate him but i think we can cover him, Flemini of course can do a job, but we have also heard from Wenger this week saying that he is trying to mould Diarby into a more sitting midfielder so that could also work a treat. I will give you my take on a predicted line up in a minute.
    Also there is Theo who must be very near to his long awaited return, but he is not there yet, but with Rambo out for probably at least a month he will be very important.


    I like that team πŸ™‚

  • I thought till last season that Wenger does not rotate enough but that isnt the case season either all the players are well rested except maybe Ozil n Rambo but they too had this midweek to recover

  • PG completely agree with your line up except Diaby
    Fkamini will have to play or my fav Le Coq
    Because Wrnger mentioned yesterday that Diaby is not yet ready for first team in premiere competions

  • Neeraj,
    Both Flemini and le Coq would work nicely for me, maybe a few weeks time we could try Diarby there if he is not fit yet.

  • I honestly think Wenger see’s Chambers as a DM.
    But with Doubouchy out he will probably stay at RB, but Bellarin could play there and Chambers go to DM, it is probably 1 for the future though.

  • forget all that but how many players do we have on bloody 3-4 yellow cards ? ? ?

    Flamini has to be a must .


    Jack Wilshere and who else 😯

  • DM looks a problem to me. I don’t think Flam will be able to do both Gala and Chavs after yesterday; I predict another injury there if we try to get too much out of him. And though Coq is no mug, the thought of him being our lone DM against the Chavs gives me little confidence. We will need to play our strongest available team against Gala and see what we are left with for the weekend. Diaby “not ready” suggests some form of injury to me; if not he would be in my starting 11 for the Chavs.

  • Let’s not despair too much re midfield cover, but key is for Jack to be fit. He can be combined with Flamini or Chambers or Coquelin, and I reckon they will be fine against Gala and Chavs, as long as they get instructed to sit deep (more like 4-2-1-3) mostly.

    Gerry, fully agreed re Spuds goal. Nothing to do with Wojchiech but Matt just not strong and quick enough. Can happen though, so let’s not hang the guy. πŸ™‚

    Steve, I love the way you make yourselves feel better with line ups, and they are food for thought. I reckon they are too attack minded though as we need more DM support in the centre….. Jack will be key in next two games, as he can defend as well as attack. Fingers crossed he’s okay. πŸ™‚

  • morning all (just) – fucking hell my head hurts!

    Neeraj, I do rate Bellerin but defensively wise i have more faith in Coquelin, especially in that line up i posted as i would want Walcott to have a high level of freedom to go forward on the wing and not have to cover a rampaging full back. It always used to make me laugh seeing Glenn Johnson for Liverpool go bursting up all the time and taking most of the actually dangerous attacking players they had out of the picture and leaving them to cover his vacant area – don’t want that situation with Bellerin tbh (especially in the very attacking team i assembled), Plus the obvious inexperience of course. Still rate Bellerin though make no mistake about that πŸ™‚

    Gerry, what the hell lol, very unlike you this morning lol, do i detect a hint of NLD frustration still left over from the game? It was a very complete dismissal of any arguments James had made about his point lol. I still feel Flamini was more to blame but i can definitely see James’s point of view, at that point in the game they had changed tactics slightly and gone two up top (as was actually shown brilliantly on MOTD analysis for once). With such a move towards high pressing and Szczesny being able to see the whole picture in front of him and indeed having the time to dictate the approach to compensate then there is good reason for James to ask the question why he couldn’t have gone long at this point.
    I take your point about Wilshere as he did charge through, get tackled and get injured but i disagree with it being a negative in this instance as for me this was a great piece of football and should have resulted in A FUCKING PENALTY! (Cunting fucking ref!) I wonder if Sanchez had done the exact same thing how many shouts would have gone out for a pen?
    OX MOTM – definitely mate πŸ™‚ and the partnership with Chambers was outstanding πŸ™‚
    I will say that the foul Chambers did to get his yellow was VERY important to take for the team as we were pressing like fuck at that point and well out of position and they had a clear break on us right there – took one for the team, clever imo.
    Gibbs, Ozil, Sanchez, Kos etc all agree with you mate.
    And especially on Kaboul – why he chose this game out of the hundreds of fucking SHITE games he’s played to actually have a blinder is beyond me, but thems the breaks i suppose.

    Cockie, Hey it wouldn’t be a proper match review without the customary (and becoming more and more justified unfortunately) morning Dooming πŸ™‚ Good to see you are on point yet again πŸ™‚

    northbank1969, “Welbecks dummy for Ox to score was brilliant” πŸ˜† πŸ˜† yes mate! there’s the humor i want to be reading this morning πŸ™‚ Spot on!

    Ah Mr. Bond, (literally just did a swivel in my chair πŸ˜† – Hangover happiness :lol:)
    Cheers mate, at least as you can see, injuries are making it easier to pick a certain starting XI – trying to be positive lol.
    And i have no fucking idea what they are giving Costa but its fucking working lol, we need to pump some of that shit in Diaby pronto!
    Good point (and scary) on the yellow cards mate, might be a perfect reason to play Chambers in DM for the CL match – he’s bound to get a yellow but he gets a free pass πŸ™‚

    PG, not only do we have to bring Diaby back to life but now we have to remold him as well – this could take a while lol. Nice looking team line up though but Wilshere for Cazorla for me all day long πŸ™‚

    AB, you’re right mate with so many games coming up there is more than likely going to have to be some rotation in DM position – could be interesting πŸ™‚ or maybe its back to 2 in DM, would Wenger dare to change?? probably not πŸ™‚

  • I am starting to feel maybe Szczesny was at fault yesterday because this is not the first time. Against city he was the one responsible to give away the corner. Maybe he should start kicking the ball longer its better if they start a counter from deep rather than in our half
    But there is no reason to drop him or anything just make him realise it because I am a huge fan πŸ˜›

  • We are The Arsenal, we are playing at home and we need a goal. Szczesny is instructed to maximise possession, and build from the back as much as possible, not just hoof it forwards. All in the team know that and, as Gerry said, there is no Sagna or OG to aim at….. Wojciech is totally blameless and indeed prejudice sparked JB’s assessment. πŸ™‚

  • I would have some sympathy if we were winning, but even then it is not our style or Szczesny’s instructions. Flamini messed it up and for a DM that was a poor moment. Shit happens. The more important issue is the lack of attacking shape and plan, and indeed creation of clear chances…. Wenger has his work cut out this week. COYG! πŸ™‚

  • The fact is, Arsenal always rotate !…..with the injuries and suspensions they are forced upon us !.
    Only my opinion of course, but we all know that we have as much chance of winning the CL as N17 becoming a tourist mecca……unless, you`re looking for swamp monsters !…….or beating Stevie Six Fingers at Finger Puppet Football……the bastard is the only fcuker I know who`s able to field a full side !…….so why don`t we use the CL like we do the COC and use Akpom the bomb, Hayden and Bellerin etc`……..the way our injuries are going this may be another forced option !.
    As you know, I love reading the comments after a game as someone always plays manager on the substitutions and gets it totally wrong !. I`d like to see a……..”Blunder Comment Gaff of the Match !” award…..”Tactical Gaff of the Day !”…….BK Football Manager Moment of the Day !”………..”Moron Manager of the Match !” award…..”I didn`t see that coming as I was about to sub him !” award or something along those lines, please feel free and add your own !. Winner from yesterday goes to…….drum roll……..Hamez Bond !, for…….” time to take the ox off and bring on the beast known as Sanchez !”……yes, bring on Sanchez, but not the one who seems to be in the running for MotM award and soon to be our goal scorer !. Foot in Mouth award ?. He`s so obsessed with Szczesny in a stalking kind of way that he cant see the pole for the pole vaulters !. hahaha

  • TA, re line up:
    “I reckon they are too attack minded though as we need more DM support in the centre”
    vs later on:
    “The more important issue is the lack of attacking shape and plan”

    hahahaha admit it lol, you’re loving the Fingers XI lol

    All out attack!! we can’t defend for shit anyway, why bother trying to make a lame attempt at it – one DM, the rest of midfield attacking πŸ™‚
    It works for my Finger Puppet Football team! πŸ™‚

    I’ve got a question for the lads:

    Is it me or are we shity shit shit at corners?
    Is it time to start doing what Barcelona used to do with no height in the team and just keep all the defenders back where they are supposed to be (negating any chance of a counter attacking break from the opposition) and just use corners as simply a free kick high up the pitch and play them short and carry on with the high up the pitch passing and probing?

  • Cheers for the post TA

    Dont think we should over analyse this one. The F*uckers got lucky, thats all.

    On another day we would have beaten them five nil. There were plenty of positives. Wilshere was great, Chamberlin/Chambers combination could be the new Rocky/Dixon, and in the 2nd half, Ozils passing was amazing.

  • Definitely, my hexagonally digited friend.

    Wilshere is Arsenals main man. linking defence to attack. It wont be long before he is Arsenal and England captain

  • Steve,
    I think I mentioned this in some comment a few days back
    We need to hold a deeper line, it is too high for a defender like BFG
    Or the only solution is get a defender like Kompany perfect fit for our team(actually any team) but maybe Chambers can be like that
    Koscielny is doing his best though

  • Agreed TMHT!! that’s if he does get his ankles broken first by people who now know they can blatantly take him out even in the penalty area and get away with it scott free.

    Neeraj, completely agree mate, but i feel this is more the managers direction rather than players choice – this is why i am hoping Hayden develops quickly, i feel he has the speed to go along with the height to compensate for Wengers stubbornness in consisting with the high defensive line

  • Late as always but I’m reasonably entertained by the commentary…Indeed, depth in the middle of the pitch will now have the team (more or less) much closer to picking itself. Will we get a pack of teenagers (Hayden, Bellerin, Akpom) out there? I think not…

    There’s not a ton I agree about with new guys Neeraj and Mr. Fingers but here are a couple–I too like the Chelsea physio and think her massages MUST be the reason Diego Costa’s hamstrings somehow still function… And Jack might deserve a call or two. Yes, as Gerry points out, he goes for the tight spaces and yes, he puts his body on the line (which is perhaps not the best idea when others are dropping like flies), but defenders are getting cruder and cruder with the stomps and the body checks. I’m not sure the one in the box was a pen (defender got a toe in and Jack’s final touch was merely a bounce off his thigh) but a little protection IS in order…

    Of the two, the injury to Arteta looms larger. He was playing well and even made up some ground and got in a defensive tackle before the calf problem. (When do we get the post about how stupid AW was in making Mikel his captain?…) People keep stumping for big powerful bodies at the rear of MF, but it’s NOT primarily a defensive position and it’s more about ball control and knowing where the opponent lurks. Claude Makelele was no bigger than Mathieu Flamini but he would’ve protected that ball yesterday, as would have Arteta. Sorry 007, you know where I stand on blaming the keeper for that one. The BFG also had a fine chance to put his boot through the ball but chose to pass to Flams instead. Why no fingers pointed his way? Because he’s a good guy, less cocky and seems to have “earned” his spot on the team in a way that Sir Chez hasn’t?… I dunno, we all have our favorites…

    Speaking of…I thought Cazorla did very well in for Ramsey and he and Ozil drove the offense and kept Totts from ever threatening a 2nd. Better finishing from Welbeck (and hey, I want credit for calling the dummy on the goal!) and better working to make chances from our ostensible forward types (Ox and Alexis) and we might run a higher tally. As it was we did heavy overloading on the left side of attack and our best efforts (besides the equalizer) were Gibbs crosses, the set piece Per almost headed in and Chambers big blast from distance. Sorry, but I gotta give low odds on scoring from all of these sorts of efforts…

    Fluidity off the ball is lacking. If Alexis ever starts moving away from the clogged areas the chances (and the goals) are gonna follow… I still believe his desire to do everything himself hurts him (and us) at this level (and was likely worse at Barca). Soon enough, given a strong manager (who wasn’t afraid to leave him out of the first 11 yesterday) I hope. Cockie is right that it’s laughable that we can compete with Chelsea next weekend IF we don’t play better as a team and stop getting in each others’ way… (Gotta tighten up at the back, too, which is perhaps the tougher task…)

    At least we’ve got the midweek match to try and iron things out and I don’t expect a ton of rotation. Getting to the next roun( in this cup IS important and (as I recall) we failed to take any points on our travels to Germany in the first match… Fingers all 10 or more, if you’ve got them πŸ™‚ ) crossed we get an uptick in results and performance and working out the “playing as a team” business… Dropping 2 points (at least) with regularity, we’re gonna need it–the sooner the better…

    12-6 up in Scotland and just a matter of time, I would think…

  • Squeaky bum time in the RC, 17HT?

    JB – If you want to argue the case from a pre-pre-pre-assist for the Spur’s goal, then I agree I have no argument against your assessment..

    Steve, re Chambers card. Agreed. I think 3 out of the 4 were of a similar type. That is the worry?

    I think some of the above are missing the bigger worry on the injury front. AW was worried whether Per could manage the next 3 games. ! down, 2 to go? I think either Hayden plays either CB or DM on Wednesday. He had his rehearsal in the COC, and he did himself no harm for his next starting 11.
    Chambers is the key to the above. RB, or CB if Per sits it out? Again, that could have a knock on for Coquelin, either RB or supporting a DM., or indeed bench? Whether Diaby starts, or more likely, on the bench, is because he is not yet lasting the whole game, which reduces sub options. However, I cannot think AW will risk Wilshere for both matches. Nor do I see him pulling Ox back, as he in great form up top.
    Tricky, especially with the weekend match carrying even more importance?

    I am waiting for VCC’s ringside view of events, which should be out soon?

  • Hey Gerry… More or less total disagreement with your ideas about rotation for the week ahead… And about the golf… Only a matter of how long can they hold off the inevitable… πŸ˜€

    The team is getting to the point where it more or less picks itself which could be the proverbial “blessing in disguise” as we also need to find fluidity. With Ramsey out it’s (mostly) a question of getting Ozil and Alexis (and Santi and Jack) working together. If Ox could find a way into the box via 1-2s rather than always on his own it will lead to chances, pens and goals… Agreed, that with the injuries, that he’s an auto pick…

    At the rear, Hayden (at best) might get a bench spot and Le Coq retains his. Kos/BFG/Flamini need to figure it out in the center and the midweek match is perfect for that. If we’re gonna blame Szcz for rolling it out and giving up the goal, then I would guess Chambers and Gibbs need to be part of the equation as well. As people are observing, we need our offense starting at the back (long balls to Giroud and Sagna no longer an option…) so continuity back there seems a key….

    Par at 18 for J-Rose means only a half a point remains. The final tally will be more like 16 or 17…

  • Not much chance of our 2 BKers at the match making any sense of the game………the only thing Stretch watches at the game is for fit looking fanny and VCC has dementia and is probably off to the game again today !.

  • I will say this…. Perthshire sure looks nice… A lot like some of the nicer parts of Northern California back when it used to rain in the Winter… On the other hand, this running around to follow a guy going dormie in his match (and making a team/national/social exercise out of an endeavor–endeavour?–so individual) seems rather strange… United Europe wins…Does that mean Scots will be on the Euro next time I visit?…

  • 17highburyterrace, “There’s not a ton I agree about with Mr. Fingers” – I don’t think you’re alone there mate, most people don’t lol.
    I’m easy to work out anyway mate, make a line up then ask yourself is there a younger, stronger, quicker English player we could have in there instead and thats my line up lol – not too many cogs going round in my head unfortunately lol.
    I’ve only been right on OX and Wilshere so far but hoping to make it three if Chambers gets a chance at DM, i think i’m pushing it a bit to see Hayden replace BFG but he might get his chance there nonetheless if Wenger rests him midweek and as for a change in formation to fit Akpom in – no chance (but its nice to dream). Oh and Jenko is out on loan so buggered there lol.

  • Very nice Steve, and no problems if you just need a little regular exercise for all those fingers…

    As WBA put some extra gloss on their drubbing of Burnley, I’d say how about that little Berahino fellow…Better hair than, say, Raheem Sterling…

    Yeah, I cannot believe a club with our aspirations (or expectations) are gonna be able to rely on too many English (British) players. For every English boy who comes up through our academy (Wilshere, Gibbs) there will be an equal number we’ve plucked from foreign shores and an additional 2 or 3 who come from other academy and cost plenty (Theo, Ox, Chambers — all from So’ton, Ramsey from Cardiff, Danny W from United). Still, they will always be in the minority even if (long term) they will help with the roster restrictions. The bread and butter will be working the transfer market and buying ready-made internationals in (or only slightly off) their prime. I’m starting to understand that a lot of observers really enjoy the scouting process and picking who might come good for the future. Still, stumping for ALL of them ALL of the time seems a bit over the top. Overall, I think the key strategy is to create some loyalty amongst the players and, ideally create a core group fighting for one another and the club, and, (eventually… fingers crossed…) a golden generation who might stay together and win things over a few years. If they can beat the Sheik-o-Garch, expensively assembled squads–and not be tempted to feck off and join them–all the better. If they can take an English National team a bit further in the big tournaments… Well, who am I to argue with that, either?…

    Still, it’s confusing when you guys actually put (ALL) these teenagers in your line-ups or (worse) slag off on perfectly fine servants to the club (like my Spaniards or some of the fine French fellows) just because they prefer an Jerez extra fino (sherry) to a stout or a Gauloise to a Marlboro… I also don’t enjoy the cursing of the manager, but I realize that’s why he gets the big money… πŸ˜€

    Curious that nobody is on the manager for not starting Alexis yesterday (I tried to troll along those lines above)… but, IMO, it brings credit to the group…

  • Become a Chav then Cockie. Don’t come on here with your Maureen chav love. Doom as much as you like, but don’t use my site for that vile shite.

  • hahahaha Cockie you can’t expect to come on an Arsenal blog and big up Mourinho and the band of chavs and not expect a response like that lol – nice try on the trying to look offended though lol

    I can’t comment on any of that i’m a weirdo – i don’t care about titles or trophies, never have (well maybe when i was very young) for me its all about the beautiful football and attacking style. So like i said no comment.
    It will be interesting to see your response when we beat those cunts next weekend though πŸ™‚ COYG!

  • I fcuking knew it – he’s a blue, Glics a blue – he’s a blue in disguise , everything adds up now and makes perfect sense – he’s a troll !!! πŸ‘Ώ

    it’s alright @ 17HT – it would all be a bit boring if we didn’t have someone to blame / make a scapegoat – as you already know, whatever I say or you say or anyone else says – in the end, AW does what he feels is right πŸ™‚ we can only register our protests !

    as always with football, it’s always and mostly about today and tomorrow – so let’s look forward to wednesday and get behind the team .

    back to glics, how very thoughtful of you to give me such awards and how typical of you to miss the comment where I categorically told Admir that we won’t be losing to the spuds ; )

  • Listen fucktards !……….After hating the Spuds and everything about them, their area, their delusion, their kit, their name etc` etc`….they are followed a long way back by the Chavs, Manshafter Std , Liverscum and now Mansour City !, but I can admire a man who gets the best out of his resources, just like you lot grudgingly admire the way I get the best out of your wife’s !. hahaha

  • Hey Hamez !. It`s an honour to be a winner of ” Tactical Call of the Day ! “. Something I will never win as I don’t watch the live games !. hahaha

  • Imagine the picture…….

    It’s footy day, Saturday 27th September, 2014 13:55. leaving my local train station with No.1 buddy, My Son, a top top Gooner who simply hates Tottenham Hotspurs more than anything in life. He says “Who would put a cock on their chest?” HA HA .

    Fast track to Liverpool Street with entry tickets in hand….Blue sector, H block Row 1. All excited to see the mighty Arsenal take on the miscreants of N.17.

    This is the Arsenal with all new Bling showing.

    After 1 hours journey, we partake in some Turkish cuisine, washed down with some delightful Turkish beer.

    So far so good.

    Venture onto second watering hole and meet up with some old Gooner friends. Still not a Spud in sight.

    So far so good.

    As we had front row tickets, we decided to set off early and take in the atmosphere and have a look at our heroes warming up. WOW…there they were right in front of us. We were a few feet from these supermen playing one touch football. Suddenly a loose ball rolls towards us, followed by Β£42.5 million of Adonis. We could almost touch him. Here I am, a 64 year old drooling over a guy with Marty Feldman eyes. I was as happy as a little kid in a sweet shop with unlimited money to spend on his favourite chocolates. I was looking into the eyes of all the first team squad with their green bibs on.

    So far so good.

    PA announces teams. Although Arsenal have many injuries, here we are listening to names being called out that most, if not all could waltz into the oppositions eleven.

    Then comes the Lillywhites roll call = Blah..Blah…Blah….well, poor old Potchetino is clearly going to PTB. Play only 1 recognised striker, Adebarndoor and leaving Lennon, Townsend and Soldado on the bench.

    Yipeeeee we thought, this gives Wenger a licence to attack and shoot on sight against a heavily defensive unit, one suspects.

    So far so good………………..(you can see where I’m going with this)

    Whistle blows. All’s well and after 15-20 minutes with Arsenal having all the possession, one thinks, this is going to be a stroll in the park for our boys.

    After above said minutes, the wheels start to come off. The same old Arsenal have turned up. Ticky takka—fancy dan stuff up to the box, only to fizzle out like a lame duck.

    The rest is now history. ~ Szesney (under no pressure) rolls out to one of our slow midfielders whilst he is standing half way between our box and the half way line. He then tries to turn the on coming opponent and gets dispossessed. This exposes our back line and moments later, a slick pass to our left back position and hey-ho One nil down. How many times have we seen this in the past 20 odd months?? Do we EVER learn???

    It was only then that we played with more zest, vitality and directness.

    It took a rare successful opportunity from these morons to force us to show what we are made of.

    What started off as a fine optimistic day, turned out to be a huge relief to gain a draw at home against a team who will probably be mid table fodder at best. How depressing was that.

    All this heartache only to be ridiculed by an opposition who used blatant time wasting and allowed to by an inept referee.

    One wonders if it’s worth spending good money to see a referee allowing such anti sportsmanship.

    AW now has huge problems on his hands to motivate his army of players to progress over this tricky next weeks fixtures = Wednesday 19:45 v Galatasaray and Sunday 14:05 v Chelsea.

    Who will he select? Who will he rest? How will he approach each game?

    My prediction will be the same old, same old Wenger.

    What’s your predictions?

  • hahaha, forgive Cornwall (Cockie) lads. I myself admired Saddam Husseins moustache but that dont make me a sadist.

    What does is tying up my victims, playing Barry Manilow songs to them whilst dressed as an undertaker, and inflicting unspeakable acts armed with nothing more than a sharpened Kentucky Fried Chicken bone.

    Cornwalls a moaning bastard, thats all. Hes a bit like my first wife, except better looking.

    Bondy, wellcome back mate. Wondered how long it would be before you blamed Chesney. Cant really remember, but wasnt there a couple of passes before the ball was even played into Flamini?

    I agree with you though. I currently blame Cheseny for the failure of mankind to make contact with extra teristerial civilisiation. Back in 2008, an expedition from Alpha Centuri landed in Chesenys garden, but when they spotted a drunken Chesney in his underpants, who then demanded a picture for his twitter account becuase it would be “ream”, they thought “Fuck this” and buggered off home.

  • Fuck me Vics. As you know, because of family commitments, it was the first NLD I missed for 12 years, so was reduced to watching it on the box.

    I thought you would come on here and say how we played well, focusing on the positives and there were many, accept Totnumb defended well and got a bit lucky, but instead you seem to have watched a different game to most and take the opportunity for another bit of Wenger bashing?

  • “Szesney (under no pressure) rolls out to one of our slow midfielders whilst he is standing half way between our box and the half way line. ”


    I feel your pain and share it – somethings never change ehhh .

    “This exposes our back line and moments later, a slick pass to our left back position and hey-ho One nil down. How many times have we seen this in the past 20 odd months?? Do we EVER learn???”

    that is it – I say no more .

    but thank you for sharing your experience from start to experience, but look at the bright side, the turkish meal was nice and didn’t give you a dodgy tummy by the end of it – just imagine sitting at the emirates with a dodgy kebab down your belly – am sure Terry must have a story inovlving a dodgy kebab in there somewhere , ha

    but yes, I was gutted for Arsenal not winning for 2 reasons –

    1: it was against a small club

    3: you went with your platoon wanting to see them fire all cylinders .

    never mind, we will win against Chelsea next sunday and that one will be just for you !

  • Terry πŸ™‚

    Hope your dad is doing okay relatively (given the circumstances). Really good to read your sense of humour here again and keep your pecker up! πŸ™‚

  • Terrance. The opportunity was there for us to take them apart if we had committed ourselves more.

    They had no intention in attacking, only on breakaways, and if we can’t sort ourselves out and know how to defend against such tactics then we will forever be also rans.

    It worries me that Wenger only knows one way of playing.

    As you say, we must have been watching a different game. In fact I think I watch a most different game almost every week as you guys.

    Either I have my head in the sand or you guys do. I always thought it was you guys who won’t have a bad word said against wenger.

    It truly puzzles me when the AKB brigade just follows him like a blind fool and sees no wrong in him.

    Do you not think he keeps putting square pegs in round holes?

    Once one lemming goes over the top, the rest all follow. πŸ™‚

  • Mr. Bond……..I was gutted during, after, and even now about loosing to that shower of shite.

    We won’t have many opportunities to spank them, and yesterday was one of them.

    Just look at their team sheet…..how many would you select to go in our team?

    That question goes to you too Stretch.

    We got mugged off by them AND the referee. It’s a wonder I didn’t get carted off by the police with the abuse I shuted to Danny Rose when he hood winked the referee late on. That incident happened in front of us. I payed a lot of money to watch that crap, as many others did.

  • cheers @ TMHT – it’s great to see you fire all cylinders πŸ™‚

    you must really have a big heart, considering you lost all your hair due to Szcny and you still defend him, ha .

    it’s good that you lot can look the other way and tolerate him for as long as you have, but every single game this season he’s made mistake after mistake – they are only highlighted when we get punished but there was one last week against Villa as well when under no pressure he kicks a flat one right in the center to Delph who runs at us and takes a free shot at goal , luckily no harm done but just imagine had it been a better player who made us pay – we could have been 0-1 and the game may have had a different outcome .

    it’s the little things that add up, and I don’t want us going out in the CL 3rd year in a row thanks to Sczny once more .

    I won’t say no more about Sczny as it makes me sound like a broken record , so will leave it for the readers to decide and make their own minds up .

    he had quite the mustache that iraqi dictator, agreed !

  • Cocker, I am serious buddy. I dont mind people swearing and that sort of stuff, but don’t come and praise that fool on BK. Supporters have different ways of supporting and dealing with a setback, and of course expectations are always high and therefore any setback leads to all sorts of emotional outbursts. I am disappointed too and from my armchair I have plenty to say to Wenger…. But you and I and anybody else here on the blog are not in Wenger seat and would not have a clue what to do if we were. It is so easy to criticise but I can see a passionate manager trying to get us to compete this season again.

    Lets back him all the way and criticise him at the end of the season rather than now, if we have reason to do so. The doom thing is funny for a while but you are actually making a lot of bloggers feel down with your gleeful negativity. Get behind the team and the manager and try for once to rejoice in what we are and where we have come to be. Who knows where it will ends this season but key is that supporters support, rather than get a hard one on failure and being able to tell us so. You are clever and nice guy, so I know you can do it. But no more Maureen loving here.

  • Totes, I find it really hard to understand how you guys are so calm over such inept displays. We should have taken all three points off them, nothing else.

    Every Spud supporter I spoke to before and after said they thought we
    We’re going to smash them.

    They thought we let them off the hook, not only my views.

    It seems to me that some/most Arsenal supporters just refuse to criticise Wenger at all costs. He gets mugged off by most top managers these days and yesterday he came off second best IMO.

  • no no, you are absolutely right and I am with you – just read my comments during the game to see what I mean .

    to put it simply – how many games have we drawn at home now ? it’s not good enough, regardless of who we play – we are capable of doing better than that and this is where it takes me – “The handbrake is back on ” – we have been half hearted , it’s not the usual fluidity , something is missing which again is to do with the balance of the team ? our players being under-cooked ?

    us playing a lot of games in a short amount of time , e.t.c e.t.c – regardless of what it is, I’ll be blunt with you .

    this was the weakest spuds team we faced at the Emirates, the weakest Man City team at the Emirates – for me, it’s 4 points lost .

    but can we recover ? you bet we can .

    just keep the faith, we are too good to not turn this around starting at the stamford sh*t .

  • I am confident we will win against chelsea – we can put my UMF points on the line though ? if we win, I get the points you score on there for next week and if we lose, then you can get the points I score with my predictions added onto yours,

    deal ?

  • JB….no deal. I cannot do that, as it is a two way bet and we have several players involved in the UMF. Unfortunately lost a couple already, but we still have a healthy league.

    I think Maureen will do another job on Wenger this Sunday and walk away all smug again, which will wind me up all the more.

  • VCC. We were the better team yesterday, and were good for 3 points. But we scraped narrower wins over the Spuds last season, when a draw might have been more reflective of the balance of play than it was yesterday. These things even out over time, however irritating they are on the day. But playing pretty well and getting a home draw is not a sound basis for despair about our whole team, management and fundamental set up. We have a stronger squad than last year, but more players to integrate into a coherent style of play; give them all a chance.

  • hahaha cheers Bondy. The world wouldnt seem right without your critic of Chesney. I can see your point, for a keeper he is still very young, but potentialy world class

    Vics, we see the game differently, we know that. I think your over critica,l and you wonder what my living conditons are like up Arsenes rectum. hahaha

    Thanks TA. I will hopefully sort out our dortmund tickets tommorow and let you know once I nab them.

    Unfortunately, my old man passed away last week. His funeral was on friday, so its been a bit of a shit time all round

    Now I am just sad, not bitter, angry or anything like that. He was very unwell and near the end his suffering broke my heart more than his passing.

    Its the cycle of life my friend. The love we learn from our parents, hopefully we carry with us and pass on to our loved ones in return.

    Besides, now ime an orphan, I will need pocket money and someone to iron my Y Fronts. its not right that a 76 year old man should pass on leaving a vulnreable 47 year old behind, bloody tragic if you ask me. hahaha. I was thinking someone on here could adopt me but then it occured to me that your all more bloody skint than me. hahaha

  • Hi AB…..I feel I give them more than a chance. One question to you……do you think Arteta or Flamini are good enough as DM midfielders as Wenger thinks?

    Or put differently, how many of the top four would swap either of those two with what they have?

  • Good stuff from the ancients… Sorry, VCC that the day didn’t turn out as it should have… Very enjoyable match report… The time-wasting IS evil. Over here in the States people cannot believe what is paid to watch Arsenal Football (er, soccer…) given that there’s hardly time to get a beer and take a piss at half-time and nobody ever scores. Add in the time wasting and the frustration must be worse even than having the best part of the day over before it even begins… 😦

    People can think (and write) what they like. I believe the trouble begins when you start labeling people who see some good in the manager as AKBs or lemmings. If you’re gonna spend the time/energy/money to support the team you have to accept that this is entertainment which does NOT guarantee a happy ending. Terry can probably direct to you to cheaper alternatives in the Bounds Green area, while Glic knows Cornwall, if you’re looking for the sure thing… πŸ˜€

    IMO the two soft tissue injuries probably were the main culprit yesterday and a fresh sub late on might’ve been just what the physio ordered. I thought we were looking good early on, if a bit ropey on the break. The injuries hurt and the goal against was the final insult. He needs to update his haircut but otherwise you guys seem awfully harsh on the keeper. After all, the ball went from his hand to Chambers (not a midfielder) to BFG (who could’ve put his boot right through it…) to Flamini. Szcz’s only fault was in not blocking the shot, I think… You don’t want us going all route 1 all the time, I wouldn’t guess…IMO we’ve played way to much of that style in recent years as it is…

    I see a little bit of the square peg argument but I see (very) different pegs and I still think most of the issue is in attack. Wenger made a bold move resting Alexis, I thought, and we looked more of a “team” in attack because of it. Replacing our best ball controlling deep-mid with a guy who couldn’t manage a simple pass from Mertesacker (not Szczesney…) was the reason we went a goal down. Put Santi back there and such errors wouldn’t happen, IMO, but that’s just my opinion. Instead, however, people are gonna stump for Hayden or Bellerin…or maybe Thomas Vermaelen or Gareth Barry or Yann M’Vila or that guy in Portugal… Players make mistakes. Imagine how poor Stevie G. felt a year ago when he (more or less) did the same thing in that big match vs Chavs?… Is the result ALWAYS down to the manager (and if so why does Rodgers still manage up there)?…

    Probably not, but it is always better to have a scapegoat. Personally, I blame Shawcross. If he hadn’t broken Rambo’s leg he wouldn’t have to put so much stress on his hamstrings. (Arteta’s calf maybe blew out because his hair is so freaking heavy…) Still, the manager (Mourinho, LvG, Fat Sam if we want the Route 1 football…anybody but Arsene…) could’ve bought all those players and we would’ve crushed ’em… Or something…

    Sorry, just one lemming’s view… Again, I enjoyed the match report. Sorry it didn’t work to plan…

  • well, if no one else objects to it then it shouldn’t be a problem, no ? besides, it’s a fair bet and hands no one a fair advantage ? but I do see your point .

    you are still pretty riled up from yesterday and I don’t blame you – however, I am confident that Wenger will surprise a lot of people next sunday .

    we won 5-3 at the bridge a couple of seasons ago , I am not naive to predict the same scoreline but I am predicting a win – on sunday we find out, either way it’s time for a cuban cigar .

    laters and keep your chin up .

  • Hi AB…..I feel I give them more than a chance.

    Do you think Arteta or Flamini are strong enough DM to win us the title.

    Or put differently, how many of the top four or five clubs would swap either of those two with what they have?

  • Ooh Terry… Sorry to hear that news… This seems the statement of a good and wise fellow:

    Its the cycle of life my friend. The love we learn from our parents, hopefully we carry with us and pass on to our loved ones in return.

  • so sorry to hear the sad news about your father passing away @ TMHT

    please accept my condolences for both you and your family .

    may his soul rest in peace .

  • Vickers πŸ™‚

    We were the better team, but that team does not always win. That is football. The Spuds played tactically really well and we are struggling to find a way through the PTB teams at the moment. We tried a lot harder than you make out, we suffered a number of key injuries, conceded a poor goal, fought back and had the game lasted ten more minutes we would have won it. It is a derby and anything can happen, so why make such a big story about it. We drew, there are 32 more PL games to play…. let’s move on. In two months time a draw with Spuds and Chavs (cause more we wont get) will not look bad at all. It is about getting into a rhythm and starting to collect points. The Chavs have done this early and they are the favourites, but let’s see whether they can keep it up. Back our boys and f*ck the negativity…. πŸ™‚

  • Hi VCC. I think we are 1 player light, and that would be a fast, physically dominant, ball winning DM, with good distribution skills to boot. That player won’t come cheap, and I’m sure we are looking for him – along with quite a few other clubs. And yes I agree, Arteta and Flamini are light in this area, for a mix of reasons. As 17 has pointed out though, Arteta was playing pretty well before his injury, and I still rate him for his distribution, his experience and calm professionalism within a squad of largely quite young players – he is a great presence in the team, but he is not a dominant part of our spine. Flamini is a squad utility player – and nothing wrong with that at all, given we will need him at LB at times as well as for rotation. In short, I am happy we have both these players in our squad, but yes of course I’d like us to have an SQ player in ahead of them – and one of these days we will I’m sure!

  • Terry

    Really sorry to hear about your dear old man passing away. I hope you and your family and closest friends were able to celebrate and honour his life on Friday. He clearly was able to equip you with a lot of joie de vivre and other great qualities. May he rest in peace.

  • Terry

    Did Nik ever get back to you directly re the ticket? Am looking fwd to meeting up with you and watching the game of games together. πŸ™‚

  • AB 22:35. You didn’t answer my question though. Are you a politician?

    How many of the top four or five clubs would swap their DM with either Arteta or Flamini?

  • The manager might have some ‘splaining to do if we’re overly leaky at the Bridge. Personally, I agree with everybody else that Arteta and Flamini are short term solutions due to their age and (now) injury issues. 007 has a point that trying to work one of those two with both Jack and Ramsey (both a little young and still developing) and it’s a bit of a soft center.

    The complaint about only playing one way seems rough, VCC. You seemed to like the idea that we were gonna try and break down the bus, but that also makes us vulnerable on the break and to quick pressing. I still say, that if anybody should’ve kicked the ball long on the Spuds goal it was the BFG…

    The Chelsea game will be tough. Should we play for a nil-nil? If we try and win with possession and goals, rather than parking a bus of our own, will Wenger be to blame? If it ends 6-nil, probably. If we win by a goal or 3, maybe not. What I don’t get is that he will be blamed NO MATTER WHAT for anything less than a win. To me, that seems the definition of blind support for an ideology, but the buck must stop somewhere, as a former US president (Truman, I believe) used to say, so blame him we must…

    Still, there are no guns to anybody’s heads here and I don’t mind others using my argument (which I was once asked to retire… wink, wink, TA…) that there are other teams (and other managers) which folks can choose to support… In the end, I’ve got nothing against the high emotion on the day, but a longer term perspective might go down a real tonic as well…

  • Sorry to hear your news Terry. Its a weird time, as I know personally, where you end up viewing the world from a new perspective, but for a while all kind of random thoughts and emotions can surface. Your way of working through with humour is probably the best way I can think of. Good luck to you.

  • Cheers lads, much appreciated

    Lets move on and concentrate on the positives.

    Yeah, ive exchanged a few emails with him TA. Its a top quality game to go to. Lets hope we put in a better performance than we did in Germany.

    So far, the Dormund away game has been the only “real” disapointment. We were completely out thought and out played. Thats created doubts in my mind that we can compete against the bigger sides.

    Chelsea away is another big test of that barometer.

  • Vickers, yes we are drawing too many games…. but we are playing a 38 long competition and the season is still long. And it is in these sort of times that supporters support…

  • 17

    You can wink what you like. You suggested back then for me (and others) to go and support another team if we did not like what was happening at Arsenal. That was uncalled for. If somebody comes on an Arsenal side to slate our team and licks arse of the vile Maureen, that is a totally different matter.

  • Hi VCC! I’m not a politician I promise – though I work with the buggers so perhaps its rubbing off! To continue my theme…., which are the ‘top 4’ teams that you refer to? City and the Chavs must be in there, so granted they have wealth and any player that money can buy; Flam/teta would not make the first 11. But John Obi Mikel anyone? And aside from Yaya, some to the City DMs don’t look like consistent world beaters. We don’t have a Yaya or a Matic its fair to say. But looking further out into ‘top 4’ possibles, a 34 year old Gerrard for anyone? Not me thanks. Manure might be grateful to have Flam or Art at the moment – they just have a big vacancy at present! The spuds curiously have decent DMs coming out of their ears – now all they need is a defence and an attack to go with them….

    So we are where any objective viewer knows us to be – in a bloody good space, but a touch short of the big money oilers. We rely on inspiration to catch them, we can’t just buy anyone with a large price tag on their heads; and that’s part of what makes Arsenal a special club for me – a creative and artistic team, not just some big soulless machine.

    I’m not quite where Steve is on this – we do need to win sometimes to make it all worthwhile; but I can accept that this might need to be less often than those who have sold their souls. What’s it all about for you VCC – just winning regardless, or is there something higher in the mix for you?

  • Totes, I’ve supported Arsenal for 50 odd years. I wear an Arsenal ring on my right wedding finger at ALL times. I have a cannon with 1886 and Arsenal tattoo on my right shoulder and have purchased almost every shirt they have brought out.

    Before marriage I went to almost every home game.

    So I think I qualify as a fully paid up Arsenal fan.

    I have praised and criticised managers, players, staff and directors.

    I do not follow blindly with rose coloured glasses when I see the same mistakes being committed time after time after time. I then voice my opinions, rightly or wrongly.

    BUT, one thing I have done, and always will do, is support the team. Vociferously and passionately.

  • Vickers, I know you are a committed and passionate Gooner, and I respect you for that.

    I just cannot understand why you are jumping to conclusions when the season only just has started. Things are not perfect right now and we need to see improvements….. so let’s support and see where it ends. πŸ™‚

    If you qualify for an unprecedented sweet seventeen times for the CL and get through the group stages time and time again…. he must not just make the same mistakes all the time.

    But we need to push on now and we are not there yet, and I understand the frustration, some of which I share with you.

  • TA, good news. Just gone on line and nabbed three tickets. All next to each other upper tier mid way up.

    Brandys are on you. hahaha

  • AB…..I’m on the same bus as you, but I want to be at the front, you can sit at the back. πŸ™‚

    Like many Gooners, I got spoiled with the Invincibles, and want more. Like Oliver I suppose.

    I also admit I’m rather greedy, I want my cake and eat it. Arsenal to be successful and play attractive football.

    I do not however go along with the oilers being able to get all the cherries. There are enough players to go around and Arsenal/Arsene should be able to attract top quality players no matter what. They have the history, the facilities, and now they have some money.

    It’s an all too easy phrase to accept defeat as the other bullies have more clout, it doesn’t wash with me. Every other club manage to find a gem every now and then. Wenger has purchased some wonderful talent during his tenure and he has also purchased some jank talent. So again my head is not in the sand thinking he is a genius and never buys duds (stepanovs et al)

    Wenger is not the almighty and he has faults, as everyone has, but making the same tactical mistakes on a far too often scale is becoming increasingly annoying.

  • Totes 23:09. You have just agreed with me for the first time.

    “he has qualified for the champions league for the past 17 years” and hasn’t made the same mistakes ?????? He has…….

    He hasn’t won it. Making the same mistakes by losing every time. πŸ™‚

  • I can confirm that both Vics and Cockie are die hard gooners, and a couple of lovely guys and great company.

    When ive met up with them, they had so many colours on, they looked like a couple of Red and white christmas trees.

    I never wear colours. Unlike them, just in case of an opportunity, I like to look good to women. hahaha

    Imagine trying to pull a bird wearing a tight fitting Arsenal shirt, with Lee Dixon on the back? No chance.

    Especialy with Vics stomach. That shirt was so stretched he had some of Dixons name pulled to the front. hahaha

  • Yes Vickers hahaha πŸ™‚

    I predict that the CL will be won by either Barca, Bayern or RM, or maybe an Oiler (English or French) eventually, for the next ten years or so. We have the means and structure to try and get in there, but it will be very, very difficult to win the CL imo.

  • Fucking hell, how have i missed all this?!!! You bastards all having a great old natter without me, fine leave the new boy out i get it πŸ˜†

    Hows this for positivity TA;
    I really enjoyed the game, we made a side that are a sworn rivals play park the bus footy, played some great footy ourselves, all my lads were on song and OX even got the goal, Wilshere slipping Ozil through to almost score – it doesn’t matter if your an Ozil lover or a Jack lover, both have got to be happy with that link up and gelling. Just about the only clear cut chance they got they scored from which was a fucker but for me it didn’t take anything away from the football being played (just the scoreline).

    The Fingers XI is getting closer to realization and i couldn’t be fucking happier lol.

    Flamini i don’t think has the fitness to keep playing game after game as the lone DM, but that just means more of a chance for Chambers, Hayden or Diaby when fit – happy days πŸ™‚

    It will all come together on Wednesday you watch πŸ™‚

  • Stretch Hahahahahahahha.

    Totes, looks like its just you and me buddy, so as its past my bed time I will bid you a good night. Also, Terry doesn’t love me any more, he only got three tickets for him, you and Nik and never got me one. 😦

    Kaly nicta.

  • With you VCC – and I do like the view from the back too! The bit I reflect on from your last comment is around the frequency of unearthing gems. Yes, most clubs do manage that every now and then. But who do you think has done it better than Wenger? And yes I totally recognise that he’s had his share of duds in the mix too.

    We were all spoiled by the invincibles, and we all want to see another period like that come back. But there’s no simple guaranteed formula; its alchemy, and it only happens occasionally.

    Wenger is not an untouchable almighty in my book, though you might have inferred otherwise. His persistence in certain patterns, without openly explaining the reasoning, I find particularly annoying. Though I presume this is to avoid publicising his tactical reasoning as much as anything. But I am in the camp of counting our blessings for what we actually have, which is a heck of a lot, and being cautious when it comes to evaluating greener looking grass. I also come from the camp that thinks we grossly over-simplify the matter of buying players – we may have the will and the means, but there is a plethora of complicating factors that make filling a position with ‘just the right player/person’ one hell of a tricky task.

    I admire your commitment to the club VCC, and I know that your ire comes solely from a desire for us to progress and succeed. I hope we both get some satisfaction on this front soon.

  • Six fingers…sorry the chat was going on while you were at the cubs…..dib, dib, dib, dob, dob, dob. πŸ™‚

  • AB – true about the purchases but when i look back and see how desperate Schneiderlin was to leave the saints and look at how Wenger has shaped our team to play now i can’t help but think he should have bust a gut to get him or Carvalho. But whats done is done, bring on Chambers and Hayden πŸ™‚

    Back at ya TA!! I’ve been in a good mood all day don’t have a fucking clue why, and definitely nowhere near a Chelsea shirt πŸ˜†

  • I was just setting up this new Vaping rebuildable cigarette thingy mabob i’ve got, it took me fucking ages lol. Sorted now though and smoking some loving custard and cream – probably just on time to see you lot fuck off i expect lol
    (he says while fixing his toggle)

  • Very Jealous about you guys attending the Dortmund match… Surely that will be a good one and one where we need our home crowd to match the 12th man they had in the reverse fixture…

    Total, I guess there’s a difference about who’s doing the telling (of folks to go and support other teams)… After all, it’s your site so you can do just as you please. The choice of club is more casual for some than others (I don’t sport the tattoo)…but most who bother to blog about these things take them pretty seriously, I would think. Clearly, Cockie is rather tortured by his allegiance (as am I)… Once again, however, I guess I’ve overstepped my bounds. Apologies…

    When it comes to Wenger, I will still maintain that I think he’s doing a fantastic job of (mostly) being above the fray of media driven supporter opinion. Also, given that the team is making money (on the backs of the ticket buyers, it must be mentioned), we’re winning the war of attrition with other clubs as the Sheik-O-garchs force winning by losing (money). IMO Wenger is an overachiever over the long haul even if season by season and match by match the frustration is pretty extreme. (Yesterday’s result, in case you didn’t notice, I took harder than many…)

    Given that they can get away with all sorts of serial fouling in England, the destroyer style of DM seems ideal. In Europe I’m not so sure and I think that was some pretty deft business by Pep to buy Xabi A as back-up for Basten S. Clearly Arteta/Flamini are not at that level but I doubt the likes of Matic/Obi Mikel and Fernando/Fernandinho are either. It’s awesome to have a guy like Yaya Toure in your team but he’ll be a free agent soon enough for any club who wants to approach his current salary. We’re not in that league, I fear so back to Spain (maybe at RM) would be my guess. We passed on the likes of Cabaye (a mistake perhaps?) and other French fellows like Capoue and Matuidi. Pogba is maybe too much personality (and money) while anybody already playing in England (the So’ton guys we saw last Tues…) will also cost a pretty penny. As such, “internal solutions” (including Diaby and younger guys like Jack and Rambo) have a lot of appeal. Like AB suggests and AW actually says, it’s not like just going to the Waitrose… (Others however, think we’re nailed on for the WC from Portugal in January, too bad for the younger kids…)

    I’ve got nothing against people living from moment to moment and match to match but, on balance, I cannot help but think the ongoing rise of our club (against the bigger backdrops…) is only aided by a manager who has placed his legacy in lock-step with the club’s and taken a longer term perspective. I thank Dennis that we landed at 17Highbury Terrace, N5 (not somewhere in N17 or even in Kensington, for example) and that my desire to “get into” club football was matched by dumb luck. Does this make me a blind lemming?

    Probably. Oh well…

  • Haha… Everybody off to bed, except for the crazy fellow from the Island… Fozzie Bear (and his buddy MarleyKaze) hopefully will make a return appearance so that you will not be smoking alone…

    Not even tea-time here. Still half an hour before 4:20 and the cocktail hour comes even later… Damns…

  • So I`m getting a load of bloggers down with my gleeful negativity and to add your comment recently that not everyone likes my sense of humour !. Is that your own opinion, Total ?, because going back I can only remember one person having a moan at me and that was to do with ” Savilesque ” jokes, so if it`s not just you getting the hump over my comments then these other so called bloggers must be emailing you as they haven`t the spine to say it on the blog to my face and from how I think I know other bloggers on here, they don’t come a cross as spineless !.
    The only one who is going to look a fool is yourself if you don’t get great management of Maureen !. I cant stand the conceited fucker, but he is one hell of a trophy winner !.
    Bin my comments of humour if you like, but don’t censor me on my football thinking as that sounds like an ultimatum of only writing football opinions you like !.
    I support Arsenal as much as anyone else when they are playing and have the right of opinion to disagree with any decisions I think are not in the interests of Arsenal FC in taking them forward in the ultimate goal of competing for the title !.
    I think I have always tried to add a twinge of lightheartedness to all of my comments whether optimistic or pessimistic, but like your last two comments to me, this one is serious.
    Very disappointed in your move towards Totalitarianism .

  • Cocktail time! Nice!!!
    Reminds me of times back when i used to have Champagne brunch at the hyatt in singapore – don’t have fancy shit like that back here in the twilight zone lol
    I will probably go have a wank in the shower and follow up with a whiskey before bed – yep class act all the way these days πŸ˜†

  • Cockie

    What you really want is me to argue against Maureen and your flawed statements, but I don’t want that on the blog. It is an Arsenal blog and Maureen loving is taboo. Please respect that.

  • I deleted your original Maureen comment, as I just noticed your inappropriate joke, which you have been warned about before. Maybe it is time for you to take a break from BK voluntarily.

  • I have to agree with Total here, Cockie…there is no color in the rainbow (laces) to represent Maureen-love… Esp. for those of us who have to watch the matches (and his negative tactics) and don’t want to gouge out our eyes… Sorry, but I must’ve missed the (inappropriate) joke. Mostly I like the humor (humour)–by and large, for the most part, etc., but, of course, could go with less of the dooming. I’d vote against the voluntary time off and actually think you should get your friend Fozzie (and his flyboy, Marley) back in tow… We’ve just lured 007 out of hiding, so the more the merrier, within reason, naturally…

    Of course, it’s not my blog…

    F11ngers, have yourself a lovely evening… πŸ˜€

  • Oh! great volleys of comments from the veterans of BK
    Really starting to understand a thing about true Arsenal supporters who have been supporting for decades
    I am a complete novice compared to all of you because I wasnt even born at the time when some or most of you started supporting the Gunners
    Well but I certainly know a thing or two about football and Arsenal from my limited experience.
    The Chelsea game is always an important one as my best freind is a Blue. We have had quarrrels over the topics but sadly whenever we watch the match together it is always a draw. But a draw at the Bridge is pretty good right now. A win would be periceless. Hope we get a good result. I also hope the refree has all his sense working and does’nt prove to be a spoiler. About time for Wenger to one on Mourinho.(I truly hate that shit minded manager but at the same time hqve huge respect for him. Afterall he has the success to show for all his arrogance, evil tactics and mind games.

  • Good morning all – Some lively comments went out while I was watching the highlights of the RC. Sorry HT, unlike you, I had to follow it in on radio until dog feeding time. By then victory for Europe was in sight, so I hoped to watch the highlights without know the ‘when’s and how’ part.
    Naughty Phil M. being a bit disrespectful to an all time great don’t you think.
    I was also amused at you getting the predicted score perfectly right, which probably means you care more for Arsenal than your National team of assemble golfers πŸ˜€

    Now for the serious stuff.

  • Terry – ‘ … the pain of the illness was worse than the passing’

    For anyone who has been there, it is so true.

    For everything you said that following that, despite the honest assessment, it still takes some living with.
    Best wishes for you, and deep sympathy for your loss.

  • Now for ‘cock-in-mouth’ …

    There are times when you, cockie, really do make my point about your maturity.

    Yes, I strongly object to Saville-esque jokes on an open website, but not from a lack of sense of humour as you like to portray me. But from personal experience from being around victims.
    Something that you clearly have no empathy with?
    I said as much in my comments on this site.

    Yes, I object to you abusing from your anonymous position to infer that AW is a child molester on a public site that professes to support Arsenal. It would be disgusting on any website.
    I have said as much in my comments on this site.

    I have never commented on any particular angle you take with fellow bloggers. I agreed with H Bo when he said he was able to tell you if you over step the mark.
    I made that comment on this site.

    I have not, nor would I, send email TA on a subject that I had not previously commented about publicly. Your Chelsea remark is all your own doing. Ironically, I think you may have a point on Maurinho, he can bring out the best in some players. But he is a ‘clique’ manager, and while he controls the dressing room, it means he can sh*t on other players that have an opinion. That is where he degrades the idea of being a ‘great manager’.

    For the latter part of my life I have firmly believed that human society will be best served by an anarchistic model. This requires individuals to accept responsibility for their own actions, and abide by the rules that the collective deem appropriate.

    Your response above is typical of a child not getting his own way, despite being told he transgressed rules clearly set out, and so looks around for someone else to blame?

    Well tough. No one to blame but yourself!

  • I`ll take that as being banned then !. I cant do humour and now I cant talk about football, about someone who is relevant in the EPL where Arsenal play their football and guess what…..they are our next league game !. As for a “flawed statement” !…….just look at Maureens list of trophies !.
    There maybe some of you who don’t like my sense of humour, fair enough, but that is down to taste and no one is an expert on it, but I cant or wont understand how any of you could condone someone saying you cant talk about opinions on football managers, who`s the next banned manager subject ?…….the great manager that was Ferguson ?.
    Yes, I will take the strong hint that the site owner doesn`t want me to blog here, but respect his decision ?….no way !……I have lost respect for such a ridiculous censorship !. It reeks of a spoilt child saying….I want my ball back !.
    Thanks to everyone in the past for the support in troubled times !.
    I will carry on reading as it`s a great site ( apart from the censorship) and especially enjoy the comments that are a bit different and go against the grain…..variety is the spice of life !. If we all agreed on everything it would be a boring world…….. fcuk !, with me out of the equation, you`re all doomed to boredom !. hahaha
    UTA !.
    PS……yes 7eventeenho, I miss Fozzie too, as for you not liking my “dooming” that`s OK !, it`s all just an opinion !…..and I don’t like some of your opinions, but I respect them as opinions and even though I don’t like some of your opinions, funny enough, I do like reading them !. hahaha

  • Yeah poor Cockie – everybody is against him. 😦

    The spoilt child is yourself. If your dooming has no effect you go a step further and start praising RedNose (in the past) and yesterday it was Maureen-licking. On top of that, you make another Paedophile joke to make sure you get attention, even though you have been warned about it.

    I dont know you but I have given you a lot of space to air your sense of humour (where you know others have banned you in the past), which in my view, is sometimes funny and mostly same old same old, but I am sure others will appreciate it more (and you are definitely funnier than me).

    Sometimes we look at managers of other clubs and of course it is okay to point out their strengths and weaknesses but it is all about context and I know very well why you did it, and why at that moment in time. I am a big fan of LvG’s management capability but he now manages the enemy and I will not use him to have a cheap go at Wenger. If you come on here to wind others up in your typical passive aggressive way, it is time for you to change or go. Chavs/Maureen loving and using him to have a go at our manager (for effect on others) and paedo-tinted jokes (again to rile others) are not acceptable.

    I think you add a lot to the blog in general and you are a well liked blogger, but please accept my basic rules if you can get yourself to do so. Or be a man and don’t blog here anymore.

  • Dogs testis in mouth .
    I`ve no doubt you have no sense of humour, but that’s just an opinion !.
    Stuff about Wenger is just a joke and does not mean that I actually think he is a Molester and to say I have no empathy is just a ridiculous opinion as you don’t know me at all !.
    You`re totally wrong with the child not getting it`s own way remark, as my previous comment thinks that`s more like Total`s description !…..just an opinion though !.
    You seem to get great satisfaction when Total has a dig at me and are the first ( and only ) one to try and get in and kick me whilst I`m down, no doubt this gives you great sexual arousal !…..just an opinion though !.
    You have once again gone over the top on a nothing comment !. You do gain my respect in that you do say it too my face, even though you are wrong !. However, you lose respect in that you were once a Coventry supporter, but left them for the Arsenal !. Who will be your next choice of team ?…..not exactly loyal are you !.

  • I`m only blogging to at the moment, Total, to defend myself, simple as that !. Like all our comments, yours is just an opinion, but with the added power to delete or edit how ever you feel !.
    No doubt your side-kick will be on later frothing at the mouth with excitement at your comment !.
    Yes, you have given me a lot of space in the past and I thank you for that. It`s a shame it`s somehow all gone sour and to be all over a football opinion is just crazy !.
    I wont even bother going over the “jokes” ground, as it was always just a joke and nothing else intended what ever Bypass thinks and they were few and far between given the thousands of comments I have made on here !.

  • Cockie, it seems that you are unable to look critically at yourself and will defend all your actions till the last breath. Also the idea of ‘just a joke’ just does not wash in society any more: I have tried to explain that to you on more than one occasion. You have to take the feelings of others into account and cannot cover every insult or inappropriate comment under the cloak of humour. Those times are over.

    I should not have said you should go and support the Chavs: it was silly of me to bite and say that.

  • πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† MORNING LADIES :lol πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Although i find this hugely amusing atm I find it even fumier that (as far as i know anyway) the youngest member of the blog has made the most sense concerning this big clusterfuck
    Neeraj: “I truly hate that shit minded manager but at the same time have huge respect for him”
    There job done, that’s kind of the point i think Cockie was trying to put across even though his delivery of that point was overly annoying to many and its an opinion probably shared by many but one that’s equally avoided by most – especially on an Arsenal blog, especially when we are playing those cunts next week, especially after very recently not securing 3 points in the NLD.

    That’s how i see it anyway, fair point by Cockie just put across poorly, at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Let’s get over it and move on and get back to Cockie’s normal humor and some constructive football discussions.

    Btw Cockie i for one don’t want you to be banned mate but you are a lucky bugger to be blessed with this site as many sites i have been on the moderator would have just banned you if there was something they didn’t like. No warning, no explanation, no recourse, just gone mucca – they can be very strict especially on the old pedo jokes so i think you’ve got to count yourself a bit lucky there to be fair.

    Right shake imaginary internet hands and lets get on with some mid week predictions etc πŸ™‚

  • Nice try Steve, I am like you yesterday, it is a ‘good to be alive’ day.
    I saw a pod of four porpoise playing just off our shore while out with the dogs. Only the second time in 20 years, mind. It always puts a smile on your face.
    Then on the return leg, my 8 dogs meet up with a jumbo Rottie, a giant Schnautzer(sp?), both with companions. which was all very friendly. Meanwhile on the beach there was huge brown Husky/Malamite type which love to meet my lot, but got challenged into playing with a smashing Staffie cross English Setter(possibly?), who again we have met since he was a rescued pup last year.
    After about 10 minutes the Husky was forced to lay down, worn out. Then they are joined by the Rottie and Giant Schn., who are both around a year old and very bouncy. That did not stop the Staffie x from piling into to the Schn, and getting occasionally pummelled but always coming back for more. Great fun, and still going at when I came away.

    Then I come back to comments here, that make me feel I am part of that Joey Barton v Gervinho in a groundhog day movie? The only difference is the continental referee issued a yellow card to Barton …
    But what follows is very similar to the original, in that Barton denies committing a foul. But later thinks he should be allowed to make them …occasionally

  • For what it`s worth, Fingers, my comment about Maureen is exactly along the lines of Neeraj`s one and cant see how it can be considered anything other than that !.
    Total, you saying,I should go and support the Chavs doesn`t bother me at all, I first took it as banter !, but your comment of …..”or be a man and don’t blog here anymore !….I find puzzling !, it sounds like you are goading/provoking me to leave as for some reason I have pissed you off ( and that seems to me to be something more than the two or three “jokes” or “respecting Maureen as a manager )!. The wording can also be interpreted as…if you carry on blogging here, then you`re not a man !….which accountants for all who blog on here then !…….definitely Stretch ! .
    Then there`s the …..”sometimes funny, but mostly same old same old !”…….have you ever thought that your tactical comments are sometimes interesting, but mostly same old same old !, but hey, I`m sure Wenger and other less coaches will appreciate it ( you are definitely a better football coach than me ).
    As I said before, Total, I wont go over old ground of “jokes” as it`s not a case of getting “attention” or trying to justify anything as no malice was intended in any of them. You binned them so they are now somewhere in the nethersphere !.
    I don’t even have to justify comments about Ferguson or Maureen ( and lets get this straight, I cant stand either of them ) as their achievements are set in stone and not to recognise them as being great ( especially Ferguson ) managers is just biased nonsense imo and I honestly cant get my head around you being so wound up about Maureen. I mean, does that go for all managers, that you cant say on this blog that you think manager X is doing a great job at club Y !. Can we not say that the vile bastard John Terry ( who looked up to Tony Adams as inspiration ! ) has been a great player ? etc`.
    We have been good blogging friends for about 3 years now and I have took plenty of time to comment on your blog and possibly have made more (comments) than most ( may be you know the exact figure by both Cockie and Glic ), it seems that counts for nothing and that is a real shame.
    May be one day we will meet at The Emirates and I will buy you a drink and you can get whatever it is off your chest . Thanks for the good times, but fcuk the bad ones !.

  • Cockie, I have said everything I wanted to say about this topic now in previous comments. The ‘being a man’ bit is about being able to accept the rules of the blog or not blog here any more. I thought I was clear about that. The Maureen adoration was meant to provoke and yes this is an Arsenal blog, it is my blog, and I don’t want that here. But far more serious is your inability/unwillingness to leave out the paedo-jokes. I don’t want any of this any more on the blog. And by all means, you are not prepared to change this and therefore you cannot be welcome on the blog any more, unless you promise to stop doing it?

  • Total, we all know it is your blog, fcuk me !, haven`t you reminded me enough recently !. hahaha
    I`m not going to justify the paedo jokes as obviously some do not like that sort of stuff, but I will say that in the 1000`s of comment`s I have done, there`s only about a Stevie handful of them that slipped out !…..and I have no problem with your rules about them and can understand your valid reasons and will not do them again, so that’s the end of that !. However, bringing this all out again when the main contention was originally about Praising Maureenho just went a bit over the top imo, but my main beef ( and this should really concern all freedom of speech football bloggers ) is that you are imo being unrealistically stubborn in that we ( that is everyone on this site ) can not talk about another teams Manager whether it is praise, condemnation or just abusing the bastard when it could be relevant in a football discussion and how others could think this is right just because they hate Maureenho would be ludicrous and I`m sure some if they wasn`t too scared to say it and upset you would agree !. Hey, but as you will remind me (again) this is your site and your rules !.
    Listen Totes, you say that I`m not able to look at myself critically, but on this laughable matter of Maureenho you are doing the self same thing and I say that like a friend trying to tell another friend and not in argumentative way !. Look in the mirror buddy and say sorry !. hahaha

  • TotalArsenal, I’ve been reading the blog for about a year but this is my first post. First, I want to say thanks for maintaining this blog. As a state-side Arsenal supporter, its hard to find knowledgable commentary on the team. The articles, along with comments by a few regular contributors, have deepened and refined my appreciation of the team and the game. Second, I fully endorse a lifetime ban for “The Cockie Monster.” I often read the blog on my IPhone while traveling and I loathe having to wade through his reams of illiterate drivel to find the worthwhile comments. Let him find another forum for his online masturbation. It detracts from what is otherwise a great blog.

  • Hahaha My dear Watson, I`m glad the sense of humour bypass operation was a great success !.

    Lots of love and kisses XXXX

  • J.H. Watson

    you’re really very sad, that’s a shocking first comment if it’s true . no one forces you to read his comments or anyone else’s if you don’t like it, simply ignore and move onto the next one .

    I personally find the stick Glic’s is getting a tad over the top but then again, if the blog owner has a set of rules and he isn’t prepared to allow the leeway or flexibility to one of his top posters, then it must be respected as you must be living in a bubble if you think there is something called “freedom of speech ” in this world, Glics .

    anyhow – TA, wants the blog to go in a certain direction and I guess he like me is pis$ed off at how we almost never get any female bloggers on here (all your fault , I reckon πŸ‘Ώ

    if you are banned or no longer welcome on here or if we have people like Watson encouraging your ban, then that be me out as well .

    let’s try to find a compromise and the middle ground as 99% of your comments are fine to me but then again, I don’t have to moderate or have to do the policing on the blog hence what I think is irrelevant .

  • Hi Hamez !. πŸ˜€
    I`m only checking back on this page for a reply and see if anyone else comes out of the woodwork and wants the death penalty brought back ! hahaha
    I have no problem with Totals rules and even though nothing was meant in anyway to harm anyone with what imo was a nothing joke ( it was tame to say the least ! ), I wont do it or them again !. That part of Totals rules is very clear now and I will abide by them as Total rightly so would make me unwelcome to the blog, so that is all now in the past as far as I`m concerned, end of story.
    However, without abusing anyone, being nice as pie, talking sensible and not even attempting any sort of humour, but just talking football stuff !…….is it morally right that I will be unwelcome if I talk about another teams manager in a respectful way ?……what if that manager were to be Arsene`s eventual replacement ?, would that manager still be man who would not be allowed for us to talk about in glowing ways if he won us the CL ?. Would Total stop supporting Arsenal if Arsenal brought in that manager ?.
    You and I know that is ridiculous, but it`s Totals blog and his rules even if everyone thinks it`s over the top !. I`m sorry, but as much as we all may hate SAF and JM, it`s a lack of intelligence to say they have not been successful managers !. Arsene could learn a few thing`s from them as they could from him.
    Imo this has not much to do with “inappropriate” jokes, they have probably made up 0.001% of my 1000`s of comments and I don’t or have never had to do them as I have 1000`s of more other stuff in the locker !. This is about freedom of speech in footballing terms and after exchanging comments with Total for over 3 years and thinking he was a blogging friend I find it a bit of a shocker for someone as obviously intelligent as he is . You think you know someone , but in reality, you know nothing about them at all, especially in a blogging world !.
    I will carry on living in my “bubble” and hope to get out on parole one day for good behaviour, knowing my luck, my parole officer will be a Mr Watson !. hahaha
    Take care Hamez and all the best to Mrs Bond !.
    Latest on Mrs Monster is that she is on a referral list for a Liver Transplant, we will have to ask what that actually means, not sure if it is the same as a waiting list ?. We will know soon !.

  • Welcome Mr/Mrs Watson and thanks for commenting. You are not alone in your view re Cockie’s comments, but many others seem to enjoy them. I am fine with it in most cases and recommend you keep skipping his non footie comments whenever they appear. Please comment again and ignore the above.

  • Cockie

    Hope your wife gets her liver transplant soon.

    Agreed re first part of your last comment. Thanks.

    The rest is bollox. If you come on here to troll with Maureen and Chavs crap when we are feeling a bit down, I will not have it. Intelligent and constructive debate about other teams and managers has always been allowed – the rest is pulled out of context. Enough about this now. Let’s get aback to normal blogging.

  • Thank you Total and obviously agree with your first two lines !. πŸ˜€
    Same as you on the second bit in that I too think your second bit is bollox !…….apart from the last two sentences !.
    I suppose we will have to agree to disagree what is bollox and what is not !.
    I do hope you see my comment and link on the next post as just comical irony ( given my last comment on this post ) as that’s all it`s meant to be !.
    All the best !

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