Arsenal v Spuds and the art of happily supporting our team

Arsenal players wave to fans from the bus

We all live our lives as good as we can, and if we are lucky then large periods of it are lived relatively worry free (and many of us are not going through a nice period at the moment – maybe the injury of our very own nr.14 earlier this year was an omen of what was to come this calendar year?).

When I was thirteen, during a moment of contemplation (and realisation that classical education was not for me), I came up with the five ‘V’s’ of happiness and aims in my life:

  1. VriendschapFriendship
  2. Meisjes/Vrouwen –Girls/Females
  3. VrijheidFreedom
  4. VoedselFood
  5. Voetbal Football.

Voetbal has always been a great source of happiness and had a central place in my life from as long as I can remember. It still amazes me how so many people have made this sport so central to their lives.

I spoke to a colleague the other day about her dad who is fighting an unwinnable battle with cancer. He was taken to a hospice in December last year and she feared his life would be over soon; but he has an iron will, and his love for sport and football in particular, keeps him hanging on. When I spoke to her last week, she said he had lost so much weight and hardly ate any food any more, but he was in good spirits because the Rider Cup was on over the weekend and his beloved Man United were playing. That made me quiet, realising once more what deep power sports have over the happiness of people.

Football, and for us in particular, our club Arsenal bring so much joy and ‘hope for better’ and often, subconsciously, functions as a surrogate for our hopes and dreams in ‘real life’. And we all suffer disproportionately if and when our team does not live up to our (often unrealistic) expectations. I understand how a defeat, or even a hard-fought for draw against the Spuds, can make fellow Gooners feel down. I would be a liar if I said it did not affect me.

But we cannot let this happen. We played a League game and there are 32 more to come, and we have to take the rough with the smooth. In two months time this result will not look so bad any more and other teams will drop points against the Spuds too (whose manager will get them more and more to play his way).

There is not too much to say about the game, which I only saw on quite a bad stream. They set up to play us on the counter and we dominated them for most of the first half. Our midfield was trying to find the gaps and it only seemed a matter of time; and then came the injuries to the two more defence minded players, which put us out of our stride. It took us time to get back into the game in the second half, and then they scored a goal that could/should have been avoided. But that is football – it isn’t perfect all the time.

The crowd comes once again to life and the players find the inner-animal to fight back. We manage to put them under pressure but their defensive shape is impressive and they seem to hold out. But then comes the scrappy equaliser and we fight on for the three points. Ten more minutes and we might have done it. One more substitution and we might have done it (but they were all used up). So it ends in a draw and we feel disappointed because this Spuds team was there for the taking.

But this season, as every previous season, will have many twists and turns and key is to keep believing and supporting, whilst enjoying the ride as much as desperately wanting our expectations to be met.

Supporting Arsenal in a happy way is becoming more and more of an art these days. And we should all take a bow to Terry who buried his fine farther last Friday and still manages to cheer us up. Now there is a Man in Full. 🙂

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners! Let’s make The Canon roar and take on the Turks with passion, power and deadly precision in two days time.

This is The Arsenal – By Far the Greatest Team and we supporters support you. 


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108 Responses to Arsenal v Spuds and the art of happily supporting our team

  1. Gerry says:

    Nice one Totes, I will leave my other response on the previous post where it belongs.

    Yes, it was a game we might have expected to win, and win handsomely. And when it doesn’t happen it is disappointing. Which is a shame when it clouds judgement on the how the season is going. Like you have said, the season is long, and we are barely into it.

    I made the comment about coming out of this match unbeaten. If we do click in a big way on Sunday, then maintaining an unbeaten run might just get us through some really tricky games around Christmas time?

    Most of us accept that the team has not fully gelled yet, and injuries are forcing changes in the line up that might not have been made otherwise. So when they do get it together, the good times should roll again? However, every setback can test the nerves of our strongest supporters … but all we can is support, and hope it turns out well in the end?

    You were quite a philosophical youth then, to come up with the five ‘V’s.
    My brother would have liked that, but ruined it with Motorbikes as his fifth choice. 😀

  2. steve says:

    Great post TA (as usual), just what we all require right about now and spot on with its message.
    I often find myself moaning even if we win but the football played by us has been poor so conversely i was actually quite happy with the NLD, we didn’t get the result but the football was much better than previous matches.
    I’ve been harping on about my loss of faith in Ozil and he turned round and stuck two fingers up at me in this match which was great to see, my man Jack continued to prove why i rate him so much, OX was brilliant, Chambers keeps showing that he has got to be another star buy by Wenger – the list goes on and on mate tbh. In fact if it wasn’t for just one mistake which was heavily punished we would have got the result that should have accompanied such a good performance.
    I continue to be happy mate 🙂

    Gerry, have you ever met a munsterlander on your travels? (my gun dog) (like a large spaniel)

  3. H Bo says:

    Nice post TA, in the style of the old song ‘always look on the bright side of life’ and your right it’s not a bad result it’s just horrible not beating that lot.
    Must say like the three V’s not quite three V’s in English.
    It’s nice though because after Chelsea we got a nice run of 5 winnable games EPL & ECL but it will help morale but he needs to stop worrying about keeping everyone happy and finding a best 11 and just rotating for fatigue or injuries although Rambo, Jack & Arteta out leaves that central area with mainly attacking players he clearly stated Diaby is not ready so then what ?

  4. H Bo says:

    Also did tell y’all about the Ox before the game.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Gerry, the season is very long. I guess it is because the Spuds made a good start and the gap is a bit too big. But they could have a set back soon as well as per the nature of football. We need to focus on our game and try and win as many as possible, and who knows how it will all end. 🙂

    Yes I have always been philosophical but with both feet on the ground. 🙂

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    You is addicted to beauty, Steve, and that is what this blog was created for. Winning is nice, beauty is everything. 🙂

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Those two or three injuries are a worry H bo, but luckily the squad is big and we might see a subtle change in formation. We could play Chambers as DM with Jack or Cazorla, and against the Chavs we could play Chambers and Flamini and sit back and let the self-adoring one show us how much has changed… Play Ox and Alexis on the wings and Danny up-front, Ozil/Jack in the hole and beat them the Chavs way… Park the bus with wings and all that! 😛

  8. steve says:

    The most promising thing for me TA is that it has always been my experience that when the beauty starts flowing the results soon follow 🙂
    And trust me mate (i had an HD program) we were all over the spuds, playing some lovely footy and if it wasn’t for Kaboul (who had the game of his life!!) we would have walked away with the result 🙂

  9. Gerry says:

    From the good pre-match chatter I was fascinated by Neeraj’s world view.

    Neeraj, I would guess, from your subject matter, you enjoy studying? If I were to have a dream job, it would be ‘perpetual student’.
    I let you into a little secret if you do find time to write a post, TA is very good with his editing skills. I have a degree in English and Education, and he still sorts out my errors, so have no worries on that score. 😀

    H Bo – You slip the odd funny in there too. In a reply on a Steve (Fingers) comment, you ended with ‘… ironically, I’m all thumbs’ …. That made me chuckle 😆

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Steve, Kaboul was impressive. Hope they gave him a doping test at the end… 😉

  11. Gerry says:

    I am still finding some post-match comments that were interesting. A lot of talk on the DM position regards Arteta’s injury. I found myself agreeing with HT’s assessment of his game prior to the injury, in that he may be slow(er), but his experience in knowing when to hold the ball, and when to release it is probably better than having than having a lump in there who just hoofs it away.

    Which brings me back to the review of WC. Please remember this was just a one game review, not an overall assessment. But Sky are covering the Chavs match, so there will be another opportunity to confirm the earlier report.
    Far from being just a midfield version of BFG, his qualities far outweigh the negative side. I could not have been more impressed with his first touch. It was immaculate. Likewise his passing. If Schweinsteiger is what you are looking for in body size, stick Fabregas’s brain inside to run it, and you get the reason why so many clubs have taken an interest?
    If he repeats that tomorrow, then you’ll have to drool until January.

    Which brings me to the question I posed to Shrillex. If Rabiot signs, who does he displace?
    Not the Arteta/Flamini role, at least not in my opinion. He is the half of the ‘2’ that converts the ‘out of possession’ line up of; 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1, and what would make that system work. But in tandem with the above, it could be the most dynamic pairing in the EPL.

    However, in keeping with HT’s reasoning, yes it would knock Hayden’s aspirations for the DM role back a tad. But almost a seamless deputy in case of need or rotation? Likewise Ramsey in the other half of the duo.
    However, HT disagrees with my assessment for Hayden in this forthcoming CL game. I think he did enough against a near full strength Southampton side to show that he has the game now to play at this higher level, whether at CB or DM. We will see if AW agrees?

  12. Neeraj says:

    Great post TA,
    Last couple of days has been like a lesson on
    “What is it like to support the gunners”

    Thanks Gerry for the advice
    I’m really fond of writing and would love to post something but I generally have very tight schedule. I am expected to study for a certain no. of hours, to fare well in the my exam, which I dont. 😛
    And yes I am fond of studying or learning new things but in my country the competition is a real bummer in everything you do. I hate studying to obtain good marks.

    TA , you can speak or know a good no. of languages and I guess you are equally good at all of them. That is such a great thing. Do you write anything other than football blogs too ?

  13. Neeraj says:

    I think Wenger has no plans for turning Haden into a DM. He sees him a CB imo. Otherwise he would have never let Miquel go. Judging on his post match comments I guess we will see Chambers in the DM role when we get our injured defenders back.
    The Rabiot signing too does’nt make sense if he is not supposed to play DM. If he is just supposed to be just another box to box then we dont need him. We have many of those and thats the reason why we dis not sign Cesc.
    WC seems a better fit maybe his lack of pace may force Wenger to play a deeper backline.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Good observations. I still say that Schneiderlin had a phenomenal game against us last week and I am still to see a better option for us right now (with Wanyama still a close second). Let’s watch WC and see how he fares.. 🙂

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Neeraj. 🙂

    Love the name: does it mean anything in particular?

    Maybe you should heed Steve’s advice: focus on your passion and strengths/qualities and the results will follow. Now it is all about marks but in the real world of work it will eventually be about outputs, interpersonal qualities/relationships, ability to work hard and talent/vision. 🙂

    I can only write at this level in Dutch and English. My German and French writing skills are rusty but I can understand German as my second mother tongue (very natural for me), due to me growing up close to the German border and watching all their children’s programmes.

    I work as a consultant and write commercial sections for large bids in transport and health. Other than that, I mainly read good literature (which I recommend every young person to do as it will help your command of English tremendously). 🙂

  16. Neeraj says:

    It actually means a Lotus or anything that lives in water in Sanskrit.
    In Hinduism(my religion) almost every name has a meaning which is decided on the basis of birth time. It is predicted by ancient Vedic literature written long long long long back by our ancestors.
    They were called the Vedas who were beleived to be descendants of the Aryan race. Aryans were people who migrated from parts near Germany to India

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    That is interesting information, Neeraj, cheers. Are you drawn to water/ the sea?

  18. Neeraj says:

    Predicted with the help of*
    It is based on the study of stars. Very complicated.
    Indian history and mythology is immense.
    The mythology seems unreal and hard to beleive but it was made that way so that people kept faith and thought that their was a power watching over them.

  19. Neeraj says:

    No TA,
    it does not have such a straight forward meaning.

  20. steve says:

    I literally cannot wait until Wednesday night!
    I was being my usual simplistic self the other day by saying with the extra injuries means a more predictable starting XI. However even though the options are more limited the options are still Wengers not mine lol and just thinking about it now i have no idea what the team will be on Wednesday, I’m pretty sure it will still be 4-1-4-1 though so there’s a start.
    Considering there may be no Jack, Ramsey, Arteta, Diaby, Walcott
    Do we reckon the same team from the second half of the NLD?


    Or do you think Flamini will be rested?

    hahaha very excited, i can see a big win coming on 🙂

  21. Neeraj says:

    I have made sense of it through observations based priamrily on science. I have a lot of body heat which makes me sweat a lot and it directly is a consequence of not so good digestion. So as a result I have to eat things that aid my digestion and reduce the heat in my body. So drinking a lot of water is vital for me is necessary as i perspire more. So that as 1 reason.
    Along with this there are certain foods tok which I am recomended such as curd(milk product), sweetlimes, oranges etc. Which are also sort of natural coolants.

  22. Neeraj says:

    I love the team you have put up,
    It is well balanced. The chambers-ox n gibbs-sanchez link ups on the wings are mouth watering

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Neeraj, it was a wild guess. 🙂

  24. steve says:

    yep exactly Neeraj, and with Cazorla and Ozil dictating the creativity it should just be a repeat of how well we played in the NLD (second half especially) – Do we think Flamini in DM though?
    could he be rested for the chavs? or does it call for a youngster with more pace and stamina to cover counter attacks anyway? – Coquelin or Hayden spring to mind but any other options you can think of also. Either way is Flamini the right man for the job on Wednesday?

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes that is likely to be the line up, Steve. Maybe Rosicky for Ox or Santi?

  26. steve says:

    TA, maybe for Santi but i think the OX has earned another start.
    The same Flamini question to matey – what do you reckon? Its probably the only grey area for me.

  27. Retsub says:

    Nice post TA. Have been on holiday for the past 2 weeks, so haven’t even had a dodgy stream to look at. It’s very difficult to form an opinion based on radio commentaries, but it seems to me we are doing reasonably well without approaching top form. The two results this week could have a big influence on the season ahead, so fingers crossed for good results

    I have supported Arsenal for a very long time and in all that time have only turned a TV match involving Arsenal off prior to the final whistle, Chelsea last year! Going to truly hate seeing Cesc in the evil blue, but hopefully we can wipe the smile off his face. As I say I haven’t seen a lot of games recently, but get the impression that Rambo hasn’t been flying on all cylinders and Jack (assuming fit), seems to grow in stature when Rambo isn’t around. Hope he does the business

  28. Neeraj says:

    The revenge against Chelsea for the 6-0 drubbing last season springs 1 question to my mind.
    Do you think this Arsenal team can score more than 3 goals against a team without concedeing any themselves ?

  29. steve says:

    No, probably not the bigger teams Neeraj – our defensive strength and depth is not sufficient enough. There will probably be no change in tactics from last years defeat at the chavs in that we will play high up the pitch with possession attacking football but we do not have the pace in CB and DM to cope with the counter attacks this provides the bigger teams, as was proven with the same defense last year.

  30. steve says:

    just means we have to score more 🙂

  31. Neeraj says:

    Its not just the defence I think our attack too cant score more than 3 goals
    I dont remember any match in the last season when we did score more than 3

  32. Gerry says:

    Much as I like that line up Steve, I still think the way we are doing the 4-1-4-1 is by having a B2B to assist the DM. And that will not be Santi or Mesut methinks.
    So one or ‘tother will be on the bench. I am guessing that Ozil will be okay for both games, so Flamini with Coquelin would be my guess. And not a bad pairing either, especially if Coquelin reproduces his better passing game?

    In answer to the earlier dog question. No. The Cumberland is the biggest Spaniel I’ve seen.
    However, there area couple of Belgian ‘water’ dogs here, only they look more like web footed Old English Sheepdogs. Those with the fringe hanging over their eyes. They are fun too.

  33. Gerry says:

    Neeraj – I am with you on the studying line. Enjoy for its own sake, but unfortunately that might not help you find employment? Unless you take a big risk and specialise in one area and become ‘top dog’ on the subject … But for now, boring exams, and only learning what is needed to pass is probably a better option 😀

    Following on with more information that you have given, on the Vedic astrology front … Trouble with digestion would put you in the Western sign of Cancer – 24th of June to 23 July, and is also a ‘Water’ sign.

    Am I close?

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Steve, yes Flam on Wednesday and Flam with Coq or Chambers on Sundayn a 4-2-1-3, I reckon. 🙂

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Retsub, good to see you back here. Where did you go for your hols? 🙂

  36. steve says:

    Neeraj, the scoring will come mate don’t worry about that, its right on the edge of clicking. I personally would like to see an extra striker up top who’s very selfish and could make use of all our possession and creativity more efficiently (4-1-3-2) but the 4-1-4-1 looks here to stay so it might just take a little longer to start producing the results re high scores.

    Gerry, Good point on the B2B along side Flamini (as echoed by TA as well), you might be right there. And no-one has ever met or in some cases ever heard of my dog type lol, the last bloke i told i had a munsterlander thought i was talking about a 4×4 and asked if it came with all leather seats 😆

    TA, “4-2-1-3” i would love to think that Wenger had learnt his lesson but do you really think a tactical change in formation is on the books? i’m not so confident

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    I am living in hope, Steve. Against the vile Chavs and their twat of a manager this is the only way. We don’t want another fecking 6-0! 😈

  38. Retsub says:

    TA took my first cruise, Quebec City to Boston and then back again. Internet access was ridiculously expensive, something like 55 dollars for 90 minutes. Built up a big mobile bill listening to the Villa game. Very kind of the lads to score 3 goals so quickly, saved me a much bigger bill.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    That sounds great Retsub. Now you are well rested and ready for a good run of games. Shame the Interlul will spoil it again, but after that it is all the way through till the first FA cup game in January.

  40. steve says:

    Just watched the stoke vs newcastle match, what an amazing game!
    Not amazing for the football (that was shite) amazing because it reminded me once again how truly fucking blessed i am to support a team as incredible as the Arsenal. COYG!

  41. Retsub says:

    Steve you are spot on with that. I was at an Arsenal v Villa game a couple of years back. Queuing at the underground station after the game I was standing next to a Villa supporter and his two kids. It had cost him about £200 to transport him and his kids, eat and watch a poor Villa performance. He said he had paid all that to see an aging Emile Heskey lead his attack. Makes you realise how lucky we are.

  42. steve says:

    hahahaha yep Retsub, at the moment our injury team could probably walk into most clubs line ups and we are still playing great football – No Heskey’s here baby! 🙂


  43. steve says:

    Oh and Debuchy lol

  44. Admir says:

    My condolences to Terry for his loss. I haven’t read all the comments lately so I didn’t know. Terry is one of my favourite commentators even when we don’t see things eye to eye and I hope he’ll find strength to deal with the loss as much as one can. In my country parents usually say to their kids: “Even when you’re a 60-year-old, if you have a parent that is alive, you are still a child. Someone’s child.” (It sounds much deeper on Bosnian but you understand the point.)

  45. Gerry says:

    Good morning all. Whilst you were not enjoying the drab 1-0 for Stoke, which got me a much needed point on the UMF, btw, I slipped away early to watch my recording of OM.v ASSE.

    I did not know the result going into the game, which was helpful, as Marseille came out and blitz St Ettienne with the best football I have ever seem them play. One time Arsenal ‘linked’ (but who isn’t?) Imbula strode out of defence for 40 yards, move across field to receive a pass in space, and finish it off with an accurate bend around two defenders to beat the excellent Rouffier at the far post. That should have been ‘Arsenal linked’ Rouffier, but there are so many on both sides I would be repeating myself throughout 😀
    Having been under the cosh for the first 7 minutes, that goal turned the match on its head, and a second goal was inevitable. But despite it being a one sided match, it remained 2-0 at half time.
    Why am I giving you this match report which will have no impact on Arsenal’s season? Well think back to our Villa game. Double the time we controlled that match, but note we scored 3 goals. Half time over, St.E made two changes, AW please note, and the comeback was suddenly on. It took a while to get their goal, but their transformation was also helped by Marseille taking their foot off the gas(cliche alert!), but when it came .. from a sloppy pass out of nothing, it has to be said, the game was on in earnest..
    Sadly, from my supporting interest, St.E could not get a deserved second for their efforts, but I was pleased at how they responded.
    Two things to note as lesson for our tactics department, should it exist?
    The key player brought on was not some star name that has been heavily linked. More a younger version of Arteta, a Milner or Gareth Barry type midfielder if you like. Lemoine? Ever heard of him? Alcide, don’t answer. Not a ‘show pony’, but a grafter.
    The player that got the assist for their only goal is a 17 year old having started only his second game. A product of their youth academy, Trusted and encouraged by his manager throughout to play and enjoy it. His name, because he will soon be ‘heavily linked’ to all and sundry …
    Saint Maximin.

    You know how TA sometimes writes a post from something somebody has written on here?
    Well I am sure other blogger’s do too. Yesterday I put forward two names that could transform our season in January. Well two articles have appeared on NewsNow; one on Rabiot, and one on WC. The latter has kept the same release clause in his new contract, so he will not come cheap. Those that can, watch the Chelsea game and judge for yourselves if you think he is worth £28m? The other, is an outline of strengths and weaknesses. Much as I have said yesterday, which brought out a comment ;
    ‘Do we need him if he is the same type of player as Ramsey?’
    Good question. The reason I have followed this ‘linked’ player is because AW is really keen on him. Well, keen on the pair of them really, so if it happens, I don’t think they will be duffers.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Beautifully said, Admir. 🙂

    Is it not time for an Admirable Post?! 🙂

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice one Gerry, Saint Maximin or Maximus? 🙂

    I wonder whether Arsene still sees the French league as a major shopping area. They all seem bound to go to Neauveau Chateau these days and they are in the vinegar cellar these days….


    Morning all

    Lovely article TA

    Little time to post these days but I want to thank everyone for there kind words.

    Special thanks to Admir. I want you to remember that if you ever come over to the U.K., let me know in advance and I will sort you out an Arsenal ticket.

    We will probably end up arguing about Wenger and get ourselves thrown out, but its a nice way to go. hahaha

  49. Neeraj says:

    Guess who’s coming to India ?
    Andre Santos :’-D
    He has signed for FC Goa.
    Maybe we can repeat a performance like the one we had when he played against Chelsea this weekend.
    Surely a sign from the stars I beleive 😛
    3-5 to the worst LB we ever had 😛

  50. Neeraj says:

    😆 *

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice one Neeraj…. Maybe your local team can tempt Henry…. 🙂

  52. Gerry says:

    Neeraj, The bigger problem is that they are describing Santos as a ‘defender’ 😀

  53. Neeraj says:

    Henry was originally involved but the event got delayed. Now it clashes with the MLS season so he is not available 😦

  54. Hey TA–Too much running around for me yesterday but I wanted to say that I liked your piece and your philosophy. Indeed, in this day and age, enjoying one’s football IS a real art. The news cycle–too fast and w/o much depth–means every quote is distorted for hits and narratives are hyperbolic in the extreme. Even with all the HD and the great images we can see (no columns blocking our view in the stadium either…) the main colours (colors) seem mostly black and white…

    Perhaps that’s why I objected too strongly to VCC’s take on Lemmings vs Realists after the Spurs match. Apologies there. It would be such a huge thing, IMO, if we could get fully behind our club rather than be so divided into camps. On the other hand, opinion blogs (like this one) might not be needed if we did…

    Supporting the club is a blind and irrational thing. Taking sides in the debates might be similar. My formative experience (and the one where the hook got firmly implanted in my cheek) was the 3 nil win over LIverpool in their first visit to the new stadium. Tickets were impossible so I watched in a pub and got hugs from my seatmate for being “My American good luck charm.” The same fellow also turned and squared up with a pair behind us who were critical of the team despite the scoreline. “Are you a Gooner, Mate?!” “Yes, I am,” said the braver of the two… At 3 nil. it was not a day for fisticuffs…

    But maybe I’ve told that story before….

    IMO, we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves AND we all want to be individuals who can think–cleverly–for ourselves. If we can be clever and get people to listen (and laugh and nod their heads…) it’s all the more satisfying. Hiding safely behind the keyboard this latter tendency, I think, only grows stronger. We’re communicating, but it’s not modified by physical presence and the ability to look one another in the eye and sit (or stand) side by side. Are we friends or are we facebook friends? Are we mates who get together for the matches or are we (only) on-line gooners?

    As I watched more matches (in the pubs) I tended to ask people if they went to matches. “No, too many one-nils in the rain,” one fellow said. “And here a bitter is 2.65. A lager in the stadium costs what, 5 pound?…”

    Anyhow, the Arsenal is now not merely a football team. It’s a major brand–the big team who (supposedly) plays the good football in the modern (sterile?) stadium and doesn’t spend beyond its means. The manager (the only one I’ve known…) is the face of the club, which should allow his players (expensive ones these days…) to play the game more freely. At the same time, the changes have created expectations beyond just a good day out so each match looms huge–and then (no time to celebrate, even if things go well…) it’s on to the next one. With the soaring ticket prices there’s even more incentive to stay home and watch on the telly–to compartmentalize and make one’s matches just a couple of hours away from other priorities. Instead, some of us watch (or maybe we don’t…) and read and think (and lose sleep…) and make it our business to extend those couple of hours into not just a fun day each week, but an obsession which becomes a major force in our lives and has a large say in the state of our mood. Is it art or is it idiocy? Fine line there, I’d reckon…but at least we’re giving it a go… or something… 😀

    Again, thanks for the article (and thanks for reading)…

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Great comment, 51/3 🙂

    Yes it is madness, idiocy at times, and everyone is different in terms of supporting the team and getting out of it what works for them. And when it does not go to plan those differences often polarise. So let’s hope for some good results next. 🙂

  56. Neeraj says:

    Retired Arsenal players are just flowing in at the moment in the ISL
    Another one Silvestre 😆
    Looks like we might as well be able to form a Ex-Arsenal XI by combining all of them 😛

  57. Cheers TA…Overall, you seem in much better spirits and sporting a healthy attitude these days. I hope your wife is feeling better as well… How’s the Autumn weather over there thus far?… (Glory days here, as the peaks took a dusting over the weekend…)

    But back to the grind, er, football… A couple of decent results and better performances would be VERY nice. (I’m only (slowly) learning not to count on such things for a lift to my own moods.) We can only play them one at a time and at least tomorrow evening’s features a guy who always seemed to bring a smile…

    We can take nothing for granted, however… Didn’t they knock out the old lady (Juventus–the Italian champs) from this competition last season?…

    Personally, I think it’s a great opportunity to play our (ever-narrowing) best group–the guys who finished the match vs Spuds–and try to get some real cohesion ahead of the Chelsea match. Sorry if this notion offends the SAYGs (Start All Young Guns brigade)… We need the points, I fear, and this group is far from the easiest in the tournament…

    Match Preview coming or is it time for some outrage over recent contracts signed?…

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Silvestre? Does he still walk? Whatever next? 🙂

  59. VCC says:

    17ht 14:16…….”with the soaring ticket prices there’s even more incentive to stay home and watch on the telly” Exactly. That’s why, even having the opportunity of a couple of offers for two tickets for tomorrow’s game, I for the first time I can remember, turned them down. I’m still up tight about our approach against the miscreants on Saturday, and I know I’m on my own on this site about our performance but that’s how I saw it.

    Too many corners were over hit, a far too often occurrence. In fact My Son and I have a saying when we do achieve on “We don’t score from corners”

    Too many times we get caught in possession just out side our area. Do we ever learn? No.

    Not one player on their team sheet would get into our line up except maybe their goal keeper.

    AW tactics, far too often out thought by top oppositions managers. IMO

    If I see things differently then so be it. I never sit on the fence, I pay my money which allows me freedom of speech, and I’m certainly not a Lemming.

    I understand Arsene Wenger is loved and adored on this site, and most will not have anything said against him, but at present I don’t see him adapting to the present necessities. Every man and his dog, media, punters, supporters alike, see it and say it, YES, even some times on here.

    Yes agreed, I want Utopia, why not. I want my Arsenal to be successful and play attractive football. Wenger had us playing this way once, can he do it again? I’m not so sure he can.

    So I’m not going to follow the sheep. I’ve got my head well above the sand and I don’t wear rose coloured glasses.

    Lets see how Mr. Wenger plays the next league match against Maureen and his high fliers.


  60. TotalArsenal says:

    My wife is still up and down, but a bit more north than South, thanks for asking! 🙂

    Yes, feel positive about Arsenal at the moment and will try to keep it that way as long as possible. You know how I feel about the DM and Cesc situation, but I respect that Arsene has his ways and we dont know the full truth about everything. There is great potential in this team and once it gets clicking it will be very nice, and hopefully AW sorts out our soft underbelly out ASAP.

    We have fine weather here, still around 20 degrees Celsius and lots of sunshine. So you might be skiing soon then? How are your wife and boy?

  61. Neeraj says:

    If we win the match against chelsea it will completely change the situation. There will be a huge confidence boost for the players and fans alike. All the people calling for Wenger out will sing his praises. Everyone who has criticised this team will suddenly start saying ”they might be the next Invincibles”
    The never say die attitude of this lot of players will suddenly be brought under the spotlight having been pushed to the back of the shelf for so long. So basically a lot will change depending on the result. So lets just get past the Turks with minimum fuss and focus on the Blues.

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    We are all sheep, Vickers, some are pink and some are brown, and some need a Zimmerbaaaaframe! 😛

    You make good observations. Our set pieces need improving and we need to protect the back four better in the middle. Nobody was totally happy about our performance against the Spuddies, but you really have too high expectations and will continue to get disappointed that way. Let’s see how the season develops and feel free to comment about your feelings and observations as much as you like. 🙂

  63. Retsub says:

    If I am honest and I suspect many others are of the same mind. If we try playing the beautiful game against Chelsea, we will get murdered. I am a big fan of Wenger, but if he wants to get a result at the Bridge we will need to win ugly. I wouldn’t be adverse to kicking a few Chavs around and rile them up a bit. Maybe Diaby could try a goal line clearance on some bodies head again?

    Probably the first time I have ever felt this way, but we are not firing on all cylinders at the moment and need to revert to plan B. One thing in our favour is that the Chelsea defence isn’t looking as tight as usual

  64. Hey VCC…Thanks for the personal response…Sorry I got a little over-excited there on Sunday. 😀

    Like I tried to say, I think the discussion works a whole lot better when we don’t throw around the labels and try to stick with our own observations and what we’re actually experiencing. (And, as such, I really appreciated your take on the match.) On the other hand, I’m fond of the expression, “hyperbole IS the essence of communication.” More smileys…

    I don’t feel AW is beyond criticism, but at the same time I don’t believe that ALL the pundits (i.e., all who are somehow more credible than others) believe he’s doing a poor job as manager. In truth, I think the limitations (which come from ownership…) are real and, within them, our consistent finishes in the league are pretty reasonable. Given the rise of the super-money clubs, this is a standard which the other big (American-owned) English clubs (Liverpool and ManU) are failing to meet. But then, maybe, you’re in with those who would rather us give up on the CL if we cannot win it, blow the money now (as rope around the neck of each new manager) and forget the longer term… Unwise, I think, but, as always, WTF do I know?…

    At present, many things are working against us, injuries being first and foremost. We now have 5 out of our starting 11 (or at least our best 14-15) missing in Arteta, Ramsey, Giroud, Debuchy and Walcott. That hurts. From Spurs alone (and they will finish down there around 6th to 8th, I believe), on the day, they have some players who would’ve been just fine in red and white (in my opinion). Capoue > Flamini, Lloris > Szczesney, Chadli > Ramsey/Alexis, Kaboul = BFG/Kos. Adebayor wasn’t very good on the day, but he didn’t whiff a sitter from 3 yards out. (Luckily, Ox was there to Welbeck’s blushes…) That’s on the day…Over time, our quality WILL win out…

    But it’s the day we pay for, one might argue, and it’s reasonable that you’re choosing not to pay. Total’s post is about how to stay happy as a supporter and, clearly, it’s difficult. While I try to buck myself up with a longer term view, I’m getting pretty down match to match as the points continue getting dropped and the performances are far from scintillating. (As noted, I was pretty upset about Saturday’s match, esp. as it was winding down and it became clear we weren’t gonna score and their time wasting was having the desired effect.) Even worse (maybe?) is that matches like tomorrow nights are “no-win” situations. (So why pay the money and make the effort to attend?) If we look fluent and win comfortably (fingers crossed) it’s “only” an Istanbul club with a bunch of no-names and a few well past their sell-by dates. It will still be just a matter of days until we’re crushed by the cows (Moo’s men) at the pasture they call Stamford Bridge. Hope, of course, is only for fools…

    We’re gonna lose our loved ones (I’m thinking of Terry’s father here, and TA’s brother in law…and I’ve got my own sizable issues with my 82year old man, who’s failing on several fronts…) In that realm we NEED to keep our expectations real. We count on our football team being around and giving us a break from those sorts of existential issues. With Arsenal (how lucky are we!–Plenty of other clubs have folded…) we keep being told that things are looking up. (And they are–only the most delusional of Spuds would say they’re the stronger club, Saturday’s result notwithstanding…) The question is WHEN–When does it come to fruition and we do we get the unmitigated joy? I can’t tell you (and what would that even look like, surely an FA Cup wasn’t enough, why would a League or CL title do the job?…) but I will tell you that I feel better trying to manufacture that faith while still acknowledging the (less than happy) reality of the situation. As such, if tomorrow is a “no-win” (and it isn’t…) than Sunday might be a “nothing to lose….”

    Whatever. We all feel it, and it’s always a struggle. Instead of making it about different camps of Gooners, (and suggesting that some of us will swallow anything…that’s a troll for Mr. Monster…) I’d MUCH prefer to make it Gooners vs Spuds or even worse, maybe, the newly moneyed down in South Kensington…

    But hey, that’s just me… 🙂

  65. While I’m at it…(and I must stop soon, and do some work around here…Like TA suggests, Winter is coming…Wife and Kid are fine, new job for the one, new school for the other–I’m the one who needs a little re-invention…)

    Neeraj–That Carling Cup final was a good one…Theo’s first goal and John Terry’s head nearly kicked off by young Abou Diaby… Stupid fighting at the end from Ade and Kolo while their West African (Drogba–if I remember correctly) scored their winner. Ugh. I’ll be watching a little Chavs vs WC today, so maybe we’ll get to see a little of what they’re all about. Don’t Believe the Hype. Does this video date me?

    Team news ahead of Galatasaray suggests no Diaby (Arteta, Ramsey, Theo and SergeG maybe, after the Int’ls…) but that Jack could play. Like I said, I really think we need this one to develop a little fluency, so not much rotation. I can’t imagine that they will try and run too hard at us so probably more of what Spuds did–soak up our pressure (like gravy?) and try to hurt us on the counter. Wesley S. can spray a fine long ball and belt them from distance trailing a play. FKs could also be an issue and surely they will start falling if they can get near (or into) our box. Careful, careful young defenders (Chambers only, I think, but you never know…) and don’t do anything stupid, Mr. Szcz, or 007 will put you on the rack…

  66. VCC says:

    17ht…….17:19. First paragraph. No worries buddy. That’s what bloging and talking football is all about. I love nothing more than watching a game up the pub with opposition supporters and having friendly banter. It makes the world go round.

    I won’t tell you how much I spent last Saturday, but suffice to say it would have been better to spend it on my family, but it was not only Arsenals performance that pissed me off, it was the referee and the Spurs players schenanigans. I/we paid good money to watch these clowns prance about feigning injury and wasting time, all seemingly endorsed by a totally inept referee (and that’s putting it mildly).

    I can tell you, having a very front seat I used some choice words (rather loudly) to Mr. Rose when he walked past us. I’m not proud of the fact but in this imbecile I invested substantial amounts of sterling to watch blatant unsporting behaviour, and the referee allowed such acting around.

    When I have time I am going to use my stop watch whilst replaying the recorded game and see exactly how much time wasting those cretins used.

    Such actions wind me up and should be eradicated from the game.

    The video clip you posted does date you 🙂 but you have a long way to catch me up 😉

    keep on rocking…COYG

  67. Gerry says:

    Sometimes Vics I wish I could talk to Georgeous George, as he would quickly make you realise that what is real and necessary, and how it is different from what we might wish for, and that is especially true of what ever sport you follow? There are only a very few winners, so the journey is more important?

    I got a real kick out of Moto GP2 on Sunday, because the guy who I mentioned I like at this level a few weeks back won the race. Having gained a podium in a previous round, he was clearly getting to grips with racing in his rookie season at this level. Pole position this time, I had a sneaky feeling that he might win, but another podium would have been great. That was keeping my hopes and expectation level in the reasonable zone. So for Maverick Vinales to not only lead all the way, but to hold off the championship race leader in a very controlled way over the last 6 or 7 laps was just fantastic.

    I realise the emotional investment in football is far greater with most people. But this extreme expectation level, that now we have some very good players, so that we should win games, that they should play well together because they are good players is somewhat unrealistic. We could, although it would be long odds against it happening, meet teams over the next 32 league games, where their player just click on the day, and play way above themselves in every one of them. Or we could click into gear and go through the season unbeaten. Somewhere between those two situations is going to be the reality?

    Yes, it certainly did look like it was a game we should have won. That stats agree with that. But the stats did not predict that between Vertonghen and Kaboul they would make 44 clearances?
    Every team loses possession in their own half, and if you are focussing on the negativity of errors, that will stick out like a red rag to a bull, and you miss out on the good stuff that we played?
    You are quite right to have a moan about the corners, but if you look back through the comments I was one of the first to suggest that either Kos or Mert should go to the far post, as we never seemed to have anyone there. But that does not mean I forget that we got umteen corners thanks largely to some of those 44 last ditch clearances being made. Another day, we could have got at least 3 goals?

    Take tonight’s game. I am taking the view that it is more important that we don’t let them score, rather than winning. We have other chances to pick up points in the CL that should get us second in the group? And going to Gala where away goals count double, and possibly with a more fit side, looks a much more attractive option than risking players who might make the difference on Sunday? Just my view, naturally. So my expectation level is around 0-0, with Hayden and Coquelin doing their bit.

    That is another thing. In the COC match I was quite confident that Hayden would be okay, and very pleased he did better than that. But I was really chuffed for Coquelin to do so well with my expectation that he might struggle, being out of position and all. So by having a lower expectation level you get unexpected joys.

    Go on George, you tell him like it is 😀

    p.s. Give him a big hug from me

  68. VCC says:

    Hi Gerry…..GG is sitting right beside me, as ever. He is giving me cause for concern atm, he is off his food and has been for a few days. Even the best beef joints and fresh chicken he is turning down. The only thing he is keeping down is gravy. At this rate he will waste away. 😦 I fear a trip to the vets might be the order of the day unfortunately.

    ps, he said thanks for the hug 😉

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Retsub, we need to keep it tight and not fall. Into the same trap

  70. Hey old timers–including George…

    Gerry, on your advice, I’m taking a little break here to scout that big DM of ours…So far so bad. Caught in no man’s land to allow an easy throughball to Costa which should’ve been 1-nil but for the keeper. And then loses a 50-50 header with Oscar… Hmmm… And now he allows Hazard to give a quick throughpass to Schurrle w/o the slightest of worry… Double Hmmm… Ten minutes shouldn’t make me feel like we dodged a 24 million pound cannon ball, right?… 😀

    I like what you’re saying about expectations.. (And even money can’t buy you love, even if ManU were able to beat the “red-hot” Hammers last weekend.). In terms of managing YOUR expectations, I would fully expect your young guns to get some chances to suit up and watch from the bench for these next couple of matches. If things go to plan against the Turks and we pick up no injuries I think the smart money is on our back 6 (Szcz, Chambers, BFG, Kos, Gibbs and Flamini) to play both games and the subs to be made further forward…But I’m not the gambler (unless you count in the markets which are very wonky at the moment and are giving me quite the headache)… And, I’m sure, you consider yourself a handicapper, much as I would hope to think of myself as an investor…

    22 mins…You’re right about WC’s pace, but even HE could’ve made a better run to pick up Schurrle on the break. Doesn’t matter as he misses the target with only the keeper to beat… Better to be lucky, sometimes, it appears…

  71. Matic, however… 😦 Nice header…

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    I wonder whether there is a blue James Bond who has a grudge against Hart, as much as ours does against Szczesny? 🙂

  73. Joe Hart = the English Szczesny, I’ve always maintained…

    How’s Gerv playing?

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    More than ok, 17. A good outlet for Roma when under pressure and strong on the ball. Good movement too. Pjanic is also a joy to watch.

  75. Oh the misery of watching CF-4 (Cheeky Fouler…) doing his thing for Chavs… Made the assist, too, I think…

    Our WC on target from 30+ yards as the half winds down… Getting better?…

    I dunno, I might have to watch the Sheiky guys in the 2nd period–Maybe if the HT highlights look better… Chavs finishing looked a bit Dortmund-esque and the kinda stuff which enrages the support–IF the results go against you. Otherwise, of course, it’s all forgotten (and forgiven). One thing you gotta say about our injured Ollie (as he gets his new contract…) is that he seems to have a striker’s mentality…

    Highlights shown. City get the soft pen and then roasted by the wisdom of Totti… (Slow motion even in real-time…)

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    Hart slipped and was late as a result. I cannot watch the Chavs but good to read your views.

  77. Well, I missed a few minutes due to a call…

    Sporting trying harder early on and playing a suicidal high line… Oscar fails another 1 v 1 with the keeper but Nani cannot finish from a tough angle… Cortois, now there’s a keeper…

    The match I’d really like to watch is PSG-Barca… 5 goals already but maybe it’s on later…(tape delay)…

    One final notion about why we won’t see much rotation tomorrow night… It’s far too early to be playing for 2nd in the group…

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed no rotation tomorrow. But Alexis to start.

  79. steve says:

    As a review on just the chavs match tonight for WC (and remember its only one game):
    NO not for me, Hyaden, Chambers and a fixed and remolded Diaby are all better options judging by tonights performance.
    Out-muscled by Oscar just about sums up his night lol.
    Just one match though and i can’t use it as an actual complete judgement of the guy.

    TA, Alexis to start in place of who?

  80. Same group who finished the match in the NLD… Jack, Pod and Campbell off the bench (Le Coq Bellerin and Hayden get to watch from there with Ospina… Or maybe Akpom instead of Bellerin made to suit up?…

    I’ve got all 3 matches going and Sporting are giving it a go. Another Carvalho bomb puts two chavs on the ground wasting time…(block and ricochet…) City huffing and puffing but unable to get all 3 pts. Barca lose in Paris…

    More good keeping from Sporting (Salah blocked)… They should’ve run up a tally but it’s gonna finish 1-nil… 😦 We shouldn’t fear Chelsea too much based on what I saw…but no easy goals, please…

  81. Hey Fingers…back to work for me, but the changes would be Alexis, Santi, Flamini in for the three hurt guys (Ramsey, Arteta, Jack)….From there you guys will have to do the formatting, formationing or whatever you call it. What about Rosicky? I guess I forgot him, gotta bring him out of the old folks home (at the expense of Akpom or Bellerin, I would say)…

    So, Man City in a spot of bother in their group… Pity…

  82. steve says:

    I think that’s the same team i said the other day 17, great minds and all that 🙂

    I would bring OX inside though and have it end up looking like this:

    With Akpom subbed for either Ozil or Sanchez later in the game 🙂

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Anyone Steve, take your pick! 🙂

  84. Gerry says:

    HT & Steve – Yes, it has to be said,in the first half WC showed all his negative qualities .. if ‘quality’ is the right word?
    He looked like a DM that not only has not learned how to tackle, but even worse, a DM that does not read the game terribly well?
    In the second half, he did at least show off his passing skills, and even a bit of pace to prevent a cross. Certainly looked better going forwards … but that is not what we want? And at £28m, way overpriced for someone who his going to have to be taught the basics?
    So, it is Will.I.Am …not coming to Arsenal.

    That means while Debuchy is out, Isaac might get first run at the job? I would favour him over Chambers anyway, at this stage. But a potential pairing next season certainly.

    I just watched the replay of PSG v Barca in the Uefa Youth league game. Interesting. Barca Youth played the tiki taki game we have been known to play, but came up against a physically stronger PSG side … and as it is a scenario we are familiar with, Barca looked second rate in everything they did, losing out to a high pressing energetic side, and were lucky to only be 1-0 down at half time. That went to 2-0 with more of the same, after a bit of early pressure from Barca in the second half. However, as PSG tired, Barca got more opportunities, and eventually got a goal from a midfield player who went on a Messi-esque mazy run and ended with a quick flick from about 5 yards out. That should have been the final score, but for a tired tackle inside their box, and Barca scored from a penalty in the 6th minute of the 7 minutes extra time.
    Cruel game at any level it seems?

    While talking of that Youth League, our lot play Gala this afternoon … and it is being shown LIVE on the Arsenal player. It is an important game for them, so I am guessing both Akpom and Bellerin will be needed there. The latter mainly because of the availability of Coquelin at RB?
    If you are right HT, on attention being focussed on this game, and the survivors take on Chelsea, you may well be right on the team selection too. But for the same reason that M is playing up the doubts about Costa, in order to get him to miss out on being called up for Spain – Which sort of backfired last night, because if there was player who was short on training with a dodgy hamstring, you would not have picked out Costa? – I think AW is fully aware that if Jack plays both games, and gets a called up, he will get crocked? Who knows, Chambers, Ox and Gibbs could all get a call this time? So no rest for them in the interlul. Both squads will be announced today.

  85. Gerry says:

    Vics. Vics. Vics – Attention please. Being off food is indeed very serious, but one thing you could try is a bit of lightly cooked liver with mashed potato. Both easily digestable.

    Fingers crossed it is just a passing phase. I am trying to rebuild Flossie from 6 weeks of on off eating, and yesterday was the first slight miss in 10 days. Back on the barbeque chicken today!

    Give GG another hug from me ..

  86. VCC says:

    Cheers Gerry……still not eating his breakfast today….he seems to still have energy, but at this rate he will soon slow down??? I’ve tried most remedies but not liver and mash.

    Will shoot into Asda and get some to try. Again many thanks.

    You are spoiling him with all these hugs. 🙂

  87. Retsub says:

    Just heard this on the radio, made me smile so thought I would share it.

    Galatasary the team with more A’s than two scouters having an argument

    VCC hope GG is ok. We lost Buster last year (retsub) and it was tough.

  88. The Cockie Monster says:

    I made a comment last night on the previous post and what do I read on Arsenal newsnow today ?. Time for Total to get The Samaritans number ready for the future ?. The irony is killing me !.
    If this happens, is there any particular team some of you will like to support in the future ?. hahahahahaha

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Retsub is Buster spelled backwards.. Brilliant! (Sorry to hear about your loss though). 😦


    lanesra latot

  90. VCC says:

    Hi YA Buster……I thought that was the case with Retsub. I use Lanesra elsewhere as a pseudonym.

    Sorry to hear about Buster. … I’m dreading the day 😦

  91. Retsub says:

    VCC and TA

    Thanks guys it was very tough Buster was 14 and a half a good age for a lab. Earlier this year we decided to have another one. Now we have Oscar you little bar steward, but it’s too complicated to spell backwards.

    Apologies my earlier note should have read Scousers

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie, the classless always dream about class, but it always eludes them. He was given the big chance at RM and he fecked it up. 🙂

  93. TotalArsenal says:

    Retsub, we have a lab called Yrneh. Is Oscar a lab as well?

  94. Retsub says:

    Yep he is a yellow lab, but nearer to white. He is 8 months old and is driving me mental. At the moment he is busy demolishing the garden fence. He has already bitten through numerous electric wires and humped most of the local dogs of bother genders. I think it’s probably time to have his prize assets removed.

    Greetings to Henry

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun…. I guess he is telling you how peed off he is for you going away on a cruise without taking him hahaha 🙂

    H had his golden balls done after nine months too and it did settle him quite a bit. Felt sorry for him though as handsome Henry is quite a chick puller, with his chocolate coat and long legs. 🙂

  96. Neeraj says:

    I have a pug. He is way smaller than all your dogs but sometimes is a real headache. 😛
    He does have his balls intact though 😛
    He is’nt scared of all the big dogs who are barking at him, waiting to eat him (which is a worry sometimes) but that’s why he deserves to have his balls maybe 😆

  97. Gerry says:

    TA@10:12 – You are not alone:

  98. Gerry says:

    The Under 19’s KO at 2 o’clock, but the show has just started.

    Back later …

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gerry, a good read.

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    Neeraj, that’s why he still has his balls, I love it! 🙂

    Do you feed him meat or purely vegetarian food?

  101. Neeraj says:

    Dog food n eggs usually and occasionaly meat. He has a gluten allergy.

  102. Retsub says:

    TA you have mail

  103. My dog is a bastard… called Charlie. A mixture of the finest breeds. He’s getting old now, nearly 15, but a character. I never give him potatoes, I heard somewhere that they are bad for dogs, like crisps. I dread the day when he goes.. he’s been my friend for almost 13 years.

  104. TotalArsenal says:

    I bet he would love some mashed Spuds, NB 🙂

  105. Gerry says:

    Agreed Northbank – Potatoes as a regular diet is not a good thing, although salt in crisp would be worse. However, a dog who has not been eating well, the vitamin B6 in the liver help produce the enzymes that break down the carbohydrates in the potato, and turn it into usable energy. Apart from it being very tasty, the liver also refreshes the other B vitamins in elderly dogs. Mine get a top up at least twice a month.

    Neeraj – Egg yolks also contains vitamin B6, so a good scrambled egg can be another tonic.

    I just hope it helps GG find his mojo again.

  106. Gerry says:

    The Under 19’s won well enough, but let in a late goal that made it 5-1.

    None of the older brigade in there, so they are definitely ‘reserves now. Zelalem had a good game, as did Crowley. Well supported by the rest of the cast though. They tired towards the end, which led to late pressure and the last minute consolation goal.
    Gala had some good build up play, but our youffs were much more clinical.

    Topping the group now having beaten the two strongest rivals, and Gala had already beaten Anderlecht 3-0, who are the remaining side in group. So looking good?

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