Szczesny Creates Perfect Game | Wellbeck x3 | Ozil & Alexis Mesmerize

Thanking The Guardian for picture.
Thanking The Guardian for picture.

Initial afterthoughts from the Arsenal v Galatasaray CL game.

It was all going swimmingly well. Four nil to the good guys and Ozil, Santi, Alexis, and especially Welbeck, were having a field day. And then Szczesny spoiled it all with a rush to the head…. Well, that was my first reaction…

The first goal: great joint attacking by Alexis and Welbeck, with superb running both with and without the ball, and a quick and decisive finish by the young Englishman. The second goal: all about perseverance and strength and keeping a cool head…..bad defending no doubt, but Danny took his chance and had a lot to do to finish it.

The third goal: made by Ozil and coolly finished by Alexis. They gave us so much space and our players were very happy with this gift of gifts. Still Alexis had to do a lot but he showed once again how calm and deadly he is in the box. 3-0, game over… surely.

Second half sees Galatasaray take the initiative and they even manage to put some pressure on us. But pressure up-front means space at the back and once again we benefit well from this, supported by some fine defending and keeping it tight in front of our ‘D’. Ox had made a fine run from his own half all the way into the box, but just let himself down by opting for the wrong pass. But moments later he does find Welbeck with a measured through-ball into the box from just outside of it, and Welbeck produces his first Arsenal hat-trick with a controlled finish. The boy is ecstatic and feels the love from the crowd. A lovely moment for player and fans.

4-0! Are we going to give these Turks an enormous hiding all the way back to formerly named Constantinople?

Aaaah, well… Wojciech has been getting a bit bored in this game and a fine through-ball makes it into the box to Yilmaz. The Pole senses the danger and decides to come out and thwart the attacker (good), but his timing is very bad and he gives away a pen; and even worse, he has to go off with a straight red… And the penalty goes in, and the Turks have a new lease of life it seems…

I am thinking what a diff. This game was in the bag and now we have to dig deep to play with ten men, risking fatigue and injury to key players, thanks to WS’s fine mess.

But the players fight for each other and find a good cohesion whilst defending collectively.

There is a great spirit and determination not to concede again, even though the Turks are pressing hard. Ospina is now fully in his element and makes a number of class saves without losing his concentration once. And I am starting to think, this second half is just what the doctor ordered, just what we need before we go to the Bridge and meet one of our modern day arch enemies. This is the perfect preparation to deal with potential Chavs pressure once we have scored against them and our backs are against the oily wall.

So thank you, Wojciech: for your kind sacrifice to the team; for providing us with the perfect confidence booster and great all-round preparation for this weekend’s crunch game; for allowing Ospina to show us what a good goalie he is; and for making Arsene’s 18th work anniversary an unforgettable one! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

87 thoughts on “Szczesny Creates Perfect Game | Wellbeck x3 | Ozil & Alexis Mesmerize

  • That was a nice spin put on the game Total, enjoyed that…

    Welbeck’s finishing was top class, especially the third.
    Sadly I only saw the goals.

    Dortmund got another good result, reckon we’ll have to win all our remaining four games to win the group…

  • Yes Retsub, I am a fan of Wojciech, but he does tend to get bored and then start to overdo it, rather than stay calm and in control. Would not be surprised if Wenger will give him some time on the bench now.

  • Thanks allezkev

    Yes he finished well but his running was just great as well. I guess you are right re winning our remaining games to top the group – will be hard though.

  • Nice one TA – and you managed to avoid doing a JB on Szczezzer 😀

    I have a slightly different take on the penalty. It may be the TV cameras foreshortening the distance, but I thought if he stretched he might have got a touch on the ball. Instead, he saw the collision coming and tucked his elbows in to save his midriff? I could be wrong, and he only did that after he missed the ball. Either way, I was really peed off with him, as it would have been a good time to see the subs perform, and rest a few?

    Overall, it was a good game that should have pleased everybody.

    I was chuffed that it looked like we got assistance up front for Welbeck, by playing a front 3 at times. Ox really coming good too, was another plus. Improved our set piece play at the corners, although still a work in progress? The general balance of the team looked so much better when they use both Ox and Gibbs out wide, and it is this that gave Ozil and Cazorla more space to work in the middle. That latter pair also seem to be able to work well together in this set up, as Santi had a good game too.

    I found Hoddle’s obsession with Ozil very irritating, even if he did add at the end of every criticism ‘… but he is a very clever player’.

    The Chelsea game will be harder of course, but at least it does look like they can get some parts of their game right. I tend to agree with 17HT that Alexis can be annoying at times with his decision making. Funnily enough it is the same criticism I have of Dan Crowley in the Under 19’s, and that is they both seem to play with the attitude of ‘..what can I get out of this situation’, with the emphasis on the ‘I’ rather than the best pass for the team, but borrowing the Hoddle phrase, they are both clever players.

    Yes TA, I cannot see Ospina being dropped any time soon. No chance with the penalties, but did everything else right. Injuries seemed to be the only problem prior to the interlul, Alexis on ice in particular? A few days to go before Sunday, so let’s hope all is well by then.

    No D&G in between time. Joy oh joy 😀

  • Yes I think we saw a great performance yesterday, but we played a very poor team. I can’t even remember the last time we played a team as bad as Galatasaray.
    As for Dortmund, I watched their game as well. All the problems they have in the Bundesliga seem to be forgotten as soon as they hear the Champions League anthem. They had a great work rate and created a lot of chances. They will beat Galatasaray easily twice and the top spot of the group will be decided when we play them again.
    For Sunday I hope to see Wilshere replace Cazorla to sit next to Flamini and we will have the right balance and a great attacking threat

  • Don’t want to to harsh on Szs but he didn’t need to dive in at a 50/50 ball when the team is 4 – 0 up risking a penalty, red car and injury, no doubt he will learn from it.
    A thought did strike me though. How many times has an opposing keeper played out of his skin against us earning man of the match and more importantly points. Then I ask myself, how many times has Szs put in point winning performances? I am not saying he has had bad games, but how many times has he put in a MotM performance?

    Maybe this is a factor of Arsenal ball dominating the majority of games? Maybe I am being unfair?

    Great performance by Danny and he seems like a nice lad. During his interview after the game his Manchester accent was very apparent. Maybe we can get him some Cockney elocution lessons?

  • Thanks Gerry 🙂

    Yes it was annoying as we were cruising, but I was impressed with the way we held on to defend the score. Agreed Santi and Ox also had decent games, and I loved the latter’s assist for Danny’s third. Super stuff.

    Dont agree on the decision making thing with Alexis…. The guy drive us on and avoids us becoming stale and predictable… with that urgency and fast attacking one or two balls will go astray… But his decision for the first goal was top top class and his decision for the third one was also right. He also launched the Ox gloriously during a break in the second half. We are very lucky to have him – one of the best players in Europe. 🙂

  • Good to see you back Nik. It was a pity you did not respond to comments on your blog a few weeks ago. 😦

    I think we are likely to finish second in the group and agreed Gala were poor. But there will be a lot of Turks at both matches and they might still get something from Dortmund. 🙂

  • Fair point re Szczesny, Retsub. Against Citeh he made a brilliant save late on that prevented us losing a point (or three if you do like for like comparison with the Northern Oilers).

  • I’m really sorry about that, I was already asleep when the post came on and had a far too long stay at university the next day =(
    By the way typical Özil assist yesterday 😉
    I also think we’re gonna be second the group and will once again get a very good 2nd round opponent
    The Sczczesny red card might turn out to be good as Ospinna will not get a start in the premier league and he will get at least some game time this way

  • No worries Nik – Ich verstehe! 🙂

    I will not be surprised if Ospina is in goal on Sunday… Wenger really looked peeed off with the PIG.

  • It’s the game of the season so far on Sunday and the best keeper should play….and that’s definitely Sczczesny

  • Don’t blame Szcz
    I think he is just making a pount against the rule of giving the keeper a red and a penalty too instead of a yellow and a penalty.
    He makes his point every year in the CL by getting sent off in similar fashion.
    Last year even Neuer supported his drive.
    So just dont mount anymore misery on him, give the lad a hand and get sent off
    COWC 😛 😆

  • Btw Dani Alves coming to the PL next season
    Anyone fancy him on our team ?
    He is the best attacking defender in the world 😛
    But I am pretty sure he will be going to MAN U because he sounded like he has already signed the contract
    Finally V. Persie wont be missing Theo too much next season

  • Hi TA

    I think Ozil played very well. A beauty seeing eye assist, and made key pass for another … No ice hockey second assists but he made lots of opportunities happen.

    IMO, Gala weren’t THAT bad, we pressed and harried them very well, dropped a little, forced longer balls (this may all sound familiar yes?), and easy defending, and goal number 2 was it also… Recall, no outlet, long ball, good head back, Welbeck had juuuust gotten back onside, and boom, you’re away from near midfield…

    I liked Ozil in mid with Alexis and Ox on sides, we were always threatening and that front 3-4 had huge pressing energy to shut off outlets… For Chavs

    Back 4 as was likely, for lack of choice,
    Ox, Ozil, Alexis

    Same approach, a touch less adventurous so even if it looks 4-4-1-1, we can be patient and counter into a 4-1-1-3-1 with little effort…

    Cheers — jgc

  • what a cracking game! that was a great night!
    Sure they are lesser opponents but who gives a fuck about that right about now, just what we needed and a Danny hat-trick as well – Nice!!!
    As far as Szczesny is concerned he went off to a chorus of “your a fucking pussy” in my house. All the lads agreed that positionaly it was a bit harsh to ask him to have predicted such a clever through ball but once it had been made the decision was either stand up and save it or dive in and win it. When he went with the later you have to go all out, no holding back and as Gerry has already stated he went in then tucked is arms in like a little girl. Trust me if the twat had fully reached out his arms he would have made contact with the ball – watch the replay. Not what i want to see from an imposing keeper but hopefully he will learn and i am sorry JB but i definitely see him starting on Sunday.
    Apart from that the whole team to a man performed excellently, i think Ozil’s problem is that he burns himself out quicker than the rest and when this happens he looks quite leggy and weak, this is probably because of his free roaming directive and the answer is simply to do what Wenger actually did and sub him (maybe just a bit earlier if i’m being super critical) but hopefully his fitness will return to 100% soon. He played a great game though and that’s coming from one of the guys who isn’t in the “love Ozil” camp lol.
    Danny, OX, Chambers, Gibbs, and Wilshere when he came on all great again – Come on the Fingers XI!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Sunday is easy for me, its away against a strong team so chuck the 4-1-4-1 and go for the 4-2-3-1.
    Keep the front 3 but do the Wilshere / Ozil switch the other way round this time, to put a fresher Ozil on in the second half when the opponents defense have tired.
    Keep Danny up top.
    Forget the B2B midfielder as one of the sitting 2 and go for two DM’s
    The back four just sit comfortably deep.


    Would like to see Hayden subbed at some point for one of the DM’s, but this will never happen though which is a shame.

    Job done, three points please, thank you very much! 🙂

  • Steve,
    Coquelin sadly is not going to start.
    Wenger n Mourinho are complete opposites
    In one of the most difficult games if both managers were given the current Arsenal squad with all the injuries
    Mourinho would have deginitely played the team you have suggested and told all of them to sit back and vounter attack
    But when its Wenger managing he will just put all available AMs in the startinn XI
    So I reckon wilshere will start in place of cazorla or sanchez and we will play the highly vulnerable 4-1-4-1

    Which is not a bad lineup or strategy
    We will try to play our silky passing game and that is what we are known for

    But I wish for once Wenger learns from his mistakes from last year and show Mourinho who is the boss

  • I hope your wrong Neeraj, I have been watching some chav games this season and i think Flamini on his own will get overrun.
    But you are probably right lol, all we can do is support whats on the pitch but i would love to see the tactical switch – especially as we saw what happened last year at the chavs and we have just been reminded last night of how truly dangerous we are when we defend and then break on the counter.
    That is the biggest plus from last night i feel, the speed and accuracy of how well we can break was there for all to see and for big away games we should use this and put the silky, slower build up passing play on hold.

    Probably wont happen as you say but he may learn one day lol

  • Big Per said we are going to try new things to get a better result against the Chavs than last two seasons…. So we might see changes in formation and line up for this one.

  • I dont know if Wenger will make any big changes but after yesterday’s win I have a feeling we might just win it. Confidence can do wonders.

  • Professor wrote:

    ‘Back 4 as was likely, for lack of choice,
    Ox, Ozil, Alexis

    Same approach, a touch less adventurous so even if it looks 4-4-1-1, we can be patient and counter into a 4-1-1-3-1 with little effort…’

    You have just stolen the essence of my anticipated preview boo hoo! 🙂

  • hahahaha where is Ozil in that line up, Steve? Come on buddy, he has got to play! it is the battle between him and Cesc that will be the talking point, baby! 😛

  • TA, Great write up,
    I like your line-up and i think that will be about right again.
    It wil be either Jack or Cazorla and either works for me.
    We are finally gelled and looking really dangerous going forward with our new pacey Danny Welbeck he scores when he wants.
    He was so much like Henry last it really is so promising, the team was so used to Giroud it took them time to use Danny well, add to that we get Theo back in a week or 2 and things really start to look good again 🙂

  • Neeraj

    That is the only way Maureen knows. It is Portuguese catanacio: often effective always boring. He was allowed to play this footie at Porto, Chavs (initially) and Inter and….. he wins silverware. But at RM and now the Chavs he is requested to play more attacking football and win prices. At the former he failed (no CL and only one League title when there is a 50% chance, and he had beastly resources), and he has not won anything yet in his second spell at the Chavs. He got Arsene’s brainchild to make them play like an Arsenal team, but let’s see how much attacking he will do on Sunday. The classless cannot do class. 😉

  • Nice positive comment, PG. Welbeck did very well and one or two against the Chavs would be very nice. But he is still gelling into this team and there will be little space on Sunday.

  • Agreed Totes,
    Still gelling, but the way forward is clear, nice though balls for the new boy to slide home. plus a returning Walcott 😉

  • Agreed with Steve and you, though, that we should play compact and with two DMs and play on the counter for this one. Anything else is likely to lead to trouble. Lets give Maureen a portion of his own medicine. 🙂

  • Ozil had made some great runs into the box last night and no one found him with the final ball, OX should have played him in, he deserved a goal last night. Ozil was gutted he did not get that final ball.

  • I get the feeling Wenger has been working hard with Ozil trying to get him to score more goals, i would bet that we will see Ozil score more goals from now on 😉

  • So BFG said that they had been working on some new ‘stuff’ with Chelski in mind.
    That is interesting Total…

    Maybe the line-up will give us a clue?

    Diaby perhaps???

  • I only saw the goals Total, so your comments about the movement and pace of Welbeck is most encouraging.

    That’ll stop opponents pushing up and hopefully give our midfielders more space to work their magic…

    Good to see Santi back in the team..,

  • Yes it is on Arsenal player, allezkev. BFG is a proud man, and our captain currently, and he does not want to be spanked by that lot ever again. 🙂

    Diaby is a possibility, good call. Maybe he has been kept fit just for Sunday’s game. But the dirty Chavs will be putting their boots into him straightaway, so he has to be prepared for it. I reckon it will a seven-four formation, where seven players are predominantly defending and four are allowed to go out and attack a lot (with defensive duties as well of course). Ozil, Ox/Santi, Alexis and Danny to make it happen up-front?

  • allezkev, DW has the movement, athleticism and speed of Henry and Adebarndoor. he also has the work rate of TH and the finishing is starting to improve. Although the keeper did help with coming out without imposing himself, he finished all his three goals with composure and good technique.

  • Yeah it’s good to savour the sweetness of this victory.
    But we should be aware bigger challenges lie ahead.
    Galatasarray came like others to congest our mid field with the hope to stop our predictable style of play. But for once that changed at the boys took the wing route to deliver their devastation. Again we de emphasise our obsession with short passes. With the ball with our pasy wingers there was space for us to operate and welbeck was enabled the freedom to demostrate his potentials.
    Let’s hope the egocentric professor will not self destroy us against mourinho

  • Damned good Post, TA, your talent shows through. 🙂

    No sign of Bondage today, yet, so Chezzer must have had a word with the scoundrel as I suggested last night.

    Like you, I was really impressed with Welly, and you have highlighted what he brings to the party, and in particular what I like about him is that despite looking a bit skinny (well to my eyes anyway) 🙂 but he showed his strength in out-muscling Melo, and the other defenders.

    Long may he continue to do so. 🙂

    [Good to see you in such fine form, TA, and more power to your elbow!]

  • Good comment Idris and all agreed… except for the last line: he might be stubborn and irritatingly over-convinced of his own ways, but ego-centric he is not. The epitome of ego-centric self-worshipping is the one who called himself the Special One and our manager a Specialised in Failure 😉

  • Nice post Total! Typical of Szczesny to do that. Wouldn’t be a proper Arsenal game without a few dramas now would it?

    You mentioned that Welbz is like TH, I have to disagree with you there buddy. TH is an artist, creates stuff out of nothing and is unstoppable. For me, DW resembles Ian Wright. He has the athleteism of him, has pace to burn and always gives 110% for the team.

    Love the way the game turned out and hope Danny can help us take out Chelsea. I wouldn’t mind another hat trick, especially against our western neighbors.

  • Hi RA 🙂

    Yes he has deceptive strength in his upper body and in his legs. And then he plays with such energy and passion as well… The test for him will be to deliver these sorts of performances when we play the many PTB teams who leave so little space to play in.

  • Shrillex 🙂

    I have not said DW is like TH. He shares some of his attributes but I will wait a while before I would make such a comparison. And who is to say DW will not create something out of nothing? Time will tell, and may you have forgotten that fabulous assist for Ozil against the Villains already? 😉

  • Total

    I’m merely stating that Danny overall resembles Ian Wright more than Henry. And no, I haven’t forgotten that assist yet 🙂

  • Hey guys… I’m still waiting for a pat on the back for telling you all the EXACT line-up Wenger would play last night… 😉

    Joking of course but it did look like a pretty good call until Sir Chez did his bit. On the US feed it was less Ozil bashing than endless criticism of Galatasaray playing with 3 at the back. If Melo had been sent off–the far more appropriate red card–it might’ve been the proverbial walk in the park–and like you suggest, TA, not the best preparation for the next one. As it was, Sir Chez gives the flying Colombian a chance for his #1 spot AND, a spell of practice (practise?) at absorbing some pressure at the back. (Very clever and very wise to spin it this way–another reason why you’re the blogmeister…)

    And maybe it was the perfect prep… Given the various narratives about tactics and strategies and all that, it’s somewhat possible that the Moo-man will actually try to get his guys (well, Cesc and Hazard, at least…) on the ball on Sunday and come out and play. We CAN outplay them in the middle of the park, but do we want to, given their pace on the break and our lack of same in retreat? Beware the Brazilians (Ramires and Willian) who will foul like fiends but also can fly–run AND dive–when given the chance. If the BFG suggests some tactical changes I’m guessing it’s less about personnel and more about holding positions as opposed to all out attack. (Sorry guys, Le Coq, at best, watches from the bench, and maybe Diaby gets a seat; please, please, please, let’s not discuss how Isaac Hayden will be getting the start in this one… winks for all the SAYGs…) Yes, it will likely be a cagey and cynical affair, I fear, and the spotlight will surely be on the ref. As much as the scoreline stood out from a year ago, the sending off of the wrong light-skinned black Englishman, was the real crime on the day… Give Jack (or Santi) a little protection in MF and hopefully the ref gives his cards to the correct Brazilians and Spaniards (Cesc AND Costa…) for the many fouls they (too) will surely be committing…

    But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves… The Turks were very poor on the day and their tactics were the sort that can lead to a blow-out. But that’s just the one match. They will be far tougher in Istanbul for both us and Dortmund so the group isn’t decided after just two matches. Of course, we need to be professional in the home and away series with the Belgian team before we worry about the final two…

    Before the sending off (a rule which needs a rethink–and would Sir Chez have been even more of a “pussy”–a word that deeply offends my wife, an occasional reader here–if he’d kept his feet and let Yilmaz round him for the goal?)… I was really enjoying our command of both pace and space. The threat of the former creates the latter but then you have to create even more by moving the ball (and exchanging positions) smartly. It was a little up and down early on and sometimes the early pass wasn’t made, but we got better and better and then the goals came. Well done to Wellbeck and at me to the group saluting his hold up work and defense. The goals fell his way but his running made good chances for forward runs from others… (PG is correct to note Ozil in particular getting forward into goal scoring positions…) Also, I think the boys are starting to see Alexis’ game. Hard running in possession, the pull-back onto his right and the final ball. Over and over, the runs into spots for that final ball were on, giving him the options he needs… He and Gibbs are developing a good understanding and we may (finally) have found our best attacker on the LW…

    Back to the Chavs. For all the talk and our inherent worry about blow-outs, I would side with those who believe that the Cow (and the Alsatian..) cannot change his spots. We will try and use our buzzing midfield to provide coverage on the Chelsea break, but they will let us have the ball and use parry and thrust (cynicism and counterattack) like any other small club. Look for Alexis, Wellbeck, Ozil and Ox (our front 4 for the moment) to help out A LOT near the center circle and even deeper. (The Southampton down the right is a good one too…) Santi or Jack is the ONLY question mark in the first 11–except at keeper, of course, 007… Oh, btw, SuperSpy, good work on the tag-team over keeper views which lured a certain Red Arse back into the fray…:D

    OK, off to make hay…

  • Nine minutes of TH14 heaven – what a player he was, hey?! 😛

    Nr 10 and 22 deserve to be in the top five imo, but they are all sooo good.

  • Here’s one for VCC who chose not to attend the match last night… Reminds me a bit of our baseball, which used to be a good spot for the working man–or the un-to-underemployed to spend a few hours… Both teams from Northern California had one of those new one-game playoffs (in smaller US cities) over the past couple of days and it was a parade of those who can pay… Prices only trend one direction, when it’s the sports fan paying, I’m afraid.. :(.

  • Great comment and thanks for the compliment, seventeenho 🙂

    ‘we may (finally) have found our best attacker on the LW…’ a great title for a new post by the tiger of Tahoe. 🙂

    Sorry to hear Mrs Seventeenho was offended. It is a football blog and this is, unfortunately, the sort of language occasionally used. I can do it too at times, and maybe we should realise a bit more that some ‘co-readers’, like my ten year old daughter, might get shocked or offended by the language we use at times.

  • 17ht….If you look at the prediction I gave yesterday before the game I suggested it would be a 3 goal difference @ 3-0……ok Arsenal scored 4 which was lovely but they got one.

    Galatasary are not top class opposition. Yes, we played really well and as they say you can only play the team in front of you.

    Lot’s of great points and plusses from the game, but that’s how I want us to play against the top four in the EPL. There is no reason why we shouldn’t compete, so fingers crossed Wenger will have the right tactics against the chavs on Sunday.


  • Break time…But alas not a coffee break… 😦

    TA, Don’t worry about Mrs 17, she’s pretty tough… I just don’t know why we fellows want to associate the lovely parts of the female anatomy with anything negative… 🙂 Of course, maybe Mr. Fingers was talking about kitty cats vs. lions…

    No post from me for the moment (maybe during the Int’ls…) and I’m of the belief that AW wants lots of covering and filling of spaces (starting positions?) so I don’t give them much of a worry. Overall, I just think there could be little more freedom for observer types (Ozil and Cazorla) to do this sort of business when they have fewer head-down, I’m the Man types (Ramsey and Alexis–I see Jack and the Ox as a good blend of the two approaches…). Injury is keeping Ramsey off right now, but how else can you explain that he and Alexis haven’t started any matches together in recent memory, except that the Manager agrees with me…(Just like with my line-ups, too…)

    VCC, being skint like I am, I felt the pain of my fellow house-husband/working class types when I was in London and the stadium move was fresh. I’m worse than most but I would even take my first pint at the place where they were 2.65 (the Compton Arms was a favorite…) but then try and move the party to the White Horse for the daily 1.39 special (!) Therefore the link… I doubt that even if I were living there today (in the same free housing…) I could bring myself to go to anything more than a match or two per year. I dream, however, on my next visit, of doing an away match or two… It’s a game as much for the telly and the tourists (or guys making it big down in the City…) as anything, I fear…

    I think we needed to find some match pace fluidity and (even better) the half hour with 10 men playing D was some good practice at absorbing pressure. With a healthier squad and more confidence from recent matches this would’ve been a good one for a bit of rotation, but needs must and you’re right, the team we put out should be crushing such teams. That said, they’ve got a few decent players (where was Eboue?…) but nothing came off on the night; they can still take points from either us or Dortmund–who must play them twice–at least in their own stadium. It seems harsh and an expression of (not-so-rational) expectation to say we should look just as good against one of the richest clubs in the world (Chavs or any of the other English Top 4–and by that I mean them and the two Manc clubs–we SHOULD look better against Spuds, and we did–by your own account–the result just went awry…) I would “hope” that we look good (and get a result) but certainly you cannot expect such things. Again, your outlook makes last night’s match into a no-win affair (and thus it’s reasonable why you didn’t pay the big money to see it)…

    My take is that it’s a money game no matter how you cut it–esp. if your club wants the ticket-buyers to foot the bill. Odds were better that we could mash Spuds at our stadium but we failed. Would you spend the money to see the match on Sunday? Better teams are involved so it ought to be a better “product,” but I (like many) expect it to be a cynical affair. You never know, Wenger may still be brazen (stupid?) enough to go for the win, meaning that if we cannot get the first goal we may not have (much of) a prayer AND we could risk another demoralizing defeat. On the other hand, beating them at the pasture (current odds are worse than 4.5/1…) would be an event to remember… Unfortunately, there’s nothing guaranteed in the life of the supporter…

    Anyhow, gotta get back at it…

  • I am sorry guys for the use of “p**sy” and many other curse words i have used here in the past, i blame TA for creating a blog that feels just like a bunch of lads having a chat it has masked the very real and obvious possibility that others (including youngsters) may be reading through the comments.
    It was a careless mistake and i will edit my choice of words more carefully in the future, once again my apologies – especially to 17ht’s wife.

  • am alright @ RA – how you doing ? long time no see ehhh

    agreed with both Alcide and you RA , re Sczny – he is a young goalie with potential there, a young goalie with a 100 + matches under his belt at the top top top level , maybe he will finally showcase his true potential after he’s played in excess of 1000 matches when he’s 45 ? who knows, there is still hope for the kid yet ; )

    am just happy that Ospina got to show how good he is and got some minutes under his belt – for that I am grateful to Sczny .

    good post @ skipper with a lot of positive spin on everything – however, I much rather we had won 4-0 , comfortably instead of us having to work as hard as we did after scoring 4 ahead of the chelsea game, but like you said, it might be a good thing .

    PS: I know at 17HT ; ) I was hoping to lure a few more on the other side with me in the sczny bashing : ) but it appears, it’s still an army of 3 (memyself and I ), ha — and maybe the reason we played as well last night was no JW and Santiago in the side ? have you thought about that ? ; ) but for Chelsea it will have to be JW as the lad has the fire in his belly and for the big games, he must be the first name on the team sheet, did well against Man city as well !

  • No No Steve, it is a football blog and we all sometime like to swear a bit. It is about letting off steam as much as singing the praises of our team when all goes well. But good of you to monitor yourself a bit. 🙂

  • Great win! COYG!
    Special metion to Santi who I thought really put Gala’s backline on the backfoot with the early sprayed longballs from the deep midfield (showcasing our speed). I think this greatly contributed to opening up the centre of the park, which he then moved into, occupying the typical “interchange with Ozil” roll as the game progressed.

    Good strategy for the less developed teams, not so sure about the big guys though..

    Eitherway, loving the fluidity.

    Really happy for DW, keep working hard and this midfield will sort you out.


  • you’re a top man @ Steve but I think the whole 17HT familia is allergic to the P word –

    I was once at fault for using the P word and added mentality to it and oh dear – 17HT and me ended up quite the one on one ; ) good old days it used to be back then , ha

    Glics – come out and play matey – we didn’t lose 0-5 at home to GALA 👿

  • JB, you just gave me a thought there – how the hell does 17HT handle Cokie’s creative use of the English language lol, he must overt his eyes for the whole comment lol.
    Still that has nothing to do with the price of eggs and i will try to curve my own expressive language a little more me thinks 🙂

    Btw for those of you who are still doing your own personal DM scouting for a potential upcoming signing this may be of interest:

    I must have been watching a different game as i thought he was rubbish – You see rubbish instead of s**t, i can write responsibly 🙂

  • Cheers James.

    I have my doubts re Wojciech, but do not have the same feelings of despair as you do around him. Will be interesting to see whether Arsene selects him come Sunday.

  • Lunchtime here…

    Sorry Mr F11ngers, no need to worry and each little subset of English users has its own little lexicon… I swear plenty and my kid (now 12) and I have a swear-jar where I deposit my coins. I also get them coming my way (into my poker fund…) when he does various little things we’re trying to stop–leaving lights on, failing to bus his dishes…Next might be clothes on the floor, but then I have to live by my own standards. Sometimes it’s better to break even, as in, “Am I gonna have to bus your f**king dish or should I take a quarter out of the jar?…”

    Indeed, my wife knows not to read the Cockster, but that’s probably for the best as soon enough she’d be taking mysterious trips to Cornwall, having fallen under his magic spell… To me, his rants are mostly harmless and done in a good spirit–I just wish he could find a way to enjoy his football club… 😦

    Of course, you were a little hard to figure out. At first I didn’t get all the Wenger bashing and the extreme line-ups (sending kids to the slaughter…) backed up by the incredible screen-grab methodology. (Better to grab than to smash, however, as a certain old-timer here might attest…) But, since (you say) you don’t care about winning, it begins to make a little more sense…We all have our own doping, er, coping mechanisms… 😀

    Anyhow, truly, no harm done, but, if you want to become one of my wife’s favorites (heheheheh, as Henry, the comment writer, not the player, nor the Santi-style pooping dog would say…) you may need to stick to mocking Szcz (mostly) for his haircut… I’ll date myself again with another vid…

  • Regarding the two keepers–and the female body part…

    I believe that a player is failing to honor (honour?) his contract with the club if he unnecessarily risks injury–a sentiment widely ridiculed by most English Arsenal supporters with whom I’ve come in contact. Far better to die trying, be brave, take one for the team and a bunch of other aphorisms for being a (sacrificial?) lion rather than the more stroke-able cat… Call me a f*g, (oh wait, rainbow laces… we can’t go there, but that’s the essence of the sentiment, no?..) but I’d rather live to fight another day, discretion being the better part of valor (valour?), etc., etc., blah, blah, blah… Self-preservation is a(n) healthy instinct, IMO… esp. at 4-nil…

    Frankly, one of the best things about Sir Chez is that he stays out of the physio room. That was a big problem with Fabianski and maybe a reason he kept rooted to his line. Fabs was (clearly, IMO) the better shot stopper and he’s having a great run at Swansea, but sometimes consistency in the position is key. In such a physical league (the PL, not the CL…) the defenders need to know when their keeper is coming (willing to do the aerial battles for them…) and my hunch is, the more often, the better. Size helps. On Sunday we get to see a very impressive big young keeper and maybe the biggest reason Chavs are favorites for the title this season. As much I have big hopes for Ospina, I’d still show some faith in our bigger man to try and match Cortois… Finally, given the way the rules are written, being baited into the red-card 1 v 1 challenge is a HUGE liability. Our guy is a repeat offender. This one will only hurt HIM–this time not his country or his club in very big moments–and it’s still better that it’s just the clean sheet and the suspension rather than an injury. Maybe he’ll finally learn, but would fans really be OK if he had kept his feet and the goal was conceded?…

    Surely, this sort of argument won’t be enough to convince 007, and only time will tell, but there you go…

  • it’s a good argument but like any argument, has many flaws and bypasses basics .

    rewind –

    Euro’s 2012 – Red card

    CL knockouts 2011 to 2015 – Red cards

    Final of the carling cup – costs us a trophy, even JW blames him for that one .

    losing in big matches by large margins , not getting beat but more or less annihilated – a lot of factors are contributing towards it, however, one common one is Sczny or mostly anyway .

    what am I trying to suggest ? he isn’t a goal keeper we can trust, not yet nor for another 2 years it seems due to his brain farts – he is not one for the big games and he proves me right every year, and to date he has not disappointed either .

    Re- Fabianski – you can tell me all you like about him letting 2 goals in against Hull tigers and what not – but the fact remains, he played the final and we won – he played in last years FA cup and we could have easily lost 6-2 against Liverpool , it was him who kept us in that one and against all the other teams as well but I would like you to take back to Liverpool (QF? ) a week or 2 before, we played them and lost by a big score line , then we played them again soon after with the only change being at the back , Fabianski had more or less the same shots on target, if not more – and we ended up winning 2-0 ?

    I don’t want to go into more detail, but you can present all your arguments, height , gorilla dance, booty shaking and what not but fact of the matter is, the guy never learns from his mistakes, his distribution and thinking capacity seems to be deteriorating (as his bank balance increases ?

    you then talk about the injury hoopla – well, allow me to take you back again –

    Sczny was injured not so long ago, maybe a season and half ago or last season ? he was dropped by AW has his performances weren’t up to it and boom – his father, came out blasting AW for dropping his son and told him that his son is injured and shouldn’t have been playing and so on – am sure many of you will remember that ?

    I sometimes go easy on Sczny as he is Arsenal through and through, not in the same bracket as JW but not far off , however, let’s be fair, if Sczny had to spend time on the bench like Fabianski, how many seasons do you think he would last at Arsenal ? not many be my guess, as he would be off or his father be getting vocal again and looking for moves to other clubs, maybe .

    instead of having a go at Fabianski and tarnishing his reputation – let’s be more understanding and grateful for what we had in him as he left us as a champion – same as Sagna .

  • 17HT re “Of course, you were a little hard to figure out”

    Lol that’s me in a nutshell lol, I don’t think I’m done figuring that one out myself yet! 🙂
    I think I came on here at odds with the way Wenger plays the game and stuck moaning because let’s face it there will never be another club I will support. I highly favor direct running by our attackers like that of OX and Sanchez, quick, dangerous and strong in the movement forward. However when I first joined the blog Giroud was up top and supported by a cast of passers with Cazorla not impressing, Ozil looking lost and very weak, and Ramsey well off form.
    With Giroud dropping deep to join the wall of passers it just looked like a condensed mess of tiki taka being played just behind the opposition’s defense offering no penetration and constantly looking under threat of a counter.
    Now however we have Welbeck making runs that Giroud would never make, OX exploding down the wing and into the box accompanied by Sanchez doing the same and jack putting in mighty performances. I’m a happy camper now lol.
    Forget the passing, they can all pass lol – Sanchez and OX both put excellent assists through last night as testament to that fact and jack obviously has the talent to continue doing so. But what they bring as a bonus is STRENGTH and speed and tenacity.

    The formations have stopped because it’s pointless lol, Wenger will do what Wenger does and stay steadfast in his decision to play a 4-1-4-1 so I might as well except it lol.
    As a 4-1-4-1 I would always love to see the Arsenal develop away from this slower, fragile, aging, passing connoisseur type team below:


    To this more all action strong, young, quick team:
    Walcott——–Wilshere———-The OX——Sanchez

    With attacking subs:

    —————————Diaby 2.0——————————
    ————————Sanogo / Akpom————————

    It has arguments for and against I am sure and it will take time no doubt but it’s my dream and at the moment things seem to be progressing in my favor so as I said before I’m happy and subdued in my Wenger bashing. Hope you’ve got a better idea of me now 🙂

    As for the Szczesny debate, look I never played much footy when I was younger but if I was pelting it down the wing in a rugby match and I saw a tackle coming and pulled out my coach would have gone ape faeces. You carry on full tilt and you might just get through and miss getting taken out – I think that mentality is ingrained in the English (re the English supporters you have come in contact with). It has been my experience, and believe it to be translated to football also, that the worse injuries are often suffered by those who pull out and try to protect themselves in vein at the last minute anyway. Trust me if Szczer had gone all in with arms fully reached he would have made that ball, as it was he tried to pull away and ended up doing neither; not missing the opponent nor reaching the ball. But he is still a descent keeper imo just needs to grow some!

    I’ll be the annoying third party representative on this one and say Martinez first choice for me 😆

  • TA,

    One is sorry for pointing out that offense and defense are two sides of the same coin and that it can be dynamic and changeable! Or not.. 🙂 😈

    Regarding some other comments. I liked Santi going forwards but he got run around a few times at the back. Didn’t matter last night. Equally, I like the defense of Ox and Alexis on the sides. Good pressing and good coming back to help. They are better suited. Let Welbeck help harry and press, and Ozil to cut off passing lanes. That’s all that’s needed.

    For the above and to the point of did Gala play bad or us well. We did more well than their bad. They closed the middle off essentially 5 v 3-4 to stuff it up and force us to pass through. Pace, which we didn’t have last year, made sure they paid over the top and via long balls on the ground.

    That is a gratifying and rare adaptation to see from Arsenal in recent years and says that AW and team *DID* play to the game presented. I believe with tweaking they can do the same to Chavs this weekend.

    Equally, we never pressured Chavs last year and thus they could set up and come forward at will with a clean look. We have far better work rate across the front to both press the middle and one side, cut off passing lanes, and drop to defend the other. We should be forcing more bad balls from them and that will be good.

    I think it will be a draw at 1-1 frankly with perhaps a lucky winner either way… That’s me there to be hoisted when it all goes fantastically this Sunday, or fantastically pear shaped… 🙂 :/ 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • Right on, 007… I wasn’t really trying to slag off Fabianski (and like I said) he’s doing great at Swansea. Mannone is doing well at Sunderland, too… Just noting things about his play…

    You make fine points about learning from mistakes. The confidence thing goes both ways and not learning from one’s mistake carries it over into the realm of arrogance. I’m not completely sold that our #1 is at that point–yet. But that’s what’s so nice about buying another young keeper to push him. I don’t think the time is right now, but It would be very interesting if Sir Chez is dropped on the weekend. Certainly it would be another kick up the Arse… Still, Ospina has only played at the home stadium and his record (which seems a critical factor for you over things like size or observations about style of play) is only 50%… and Sot’on and Galatasaray cannot be compared to Barcelona, AC Milan and Bayern (twice)… In fact, would the loss to So’ton mean both Ospina and Szcz have blown league cups for us?…

    Just kidding, of course…but it seems extreme to put ALL our losses in the cups (or league) down to our keeper–and we’re already out this year because of him! Wow… 🙂 On the plus side, I think I prefer you blaming the keeper over blaming the manager. Certainly it’s a fairly unique perspective…

    We’ll never know if we would’ve gotten further with different keepers and those untestables make me, er, testy. All the other stuff about agents or fathers and how things are played in the press leave me kinda flat. Clearly, he rubs you the wrong way and that’s fine. We all have our favorites but I won’t go into mine even if we’re singing the same song on a few of them. If it were me, I;d play one (Santi Cazorla, as the song goes…) over, another, say, (smokin’) Jack Wilshere for the weekend, but they all wear the shirt, so behind them I will get, no matter who starts.

    Anyhow, we may have to agree to disagree here, but always fun mixing it up with the Stoker of the Grey…

  • Nice call on Martinez, Steve, pronounced, I guess with that strange English choice to put the accent on the final syllable… Indeed various styles of football have evolved from the early territory winning gang wars with a ball…and like a kitty kat, I prefer the gentler version. Sorry… Good stuff–if completely insane–on the line-ups. Like I say, kids to the slaughter. Down in League One perhaps?…

    Professor, the only thing I’ll say about the Chelsea match is that they were (literally…) poo in their finishing on the break in Lisbon… but the defense was impressive. Nobody grinds out the one-nils like the Moo-man… Hard to scout them because they’re hard to watch, even if it’s admittedly better this season… B-2-B is the only call, I think, the keeper discussion notwithstanding,,, For sentimental reasons I’d love to see Diaby get a shot in MF, but that’s just me, and all indications are that it’s a step too far (and too early). Maybe a bench place?… Jack plus a good ref is probably the best bet… Santi or even Sicky, despite being pensioners, I think, can give the better effort over the full 90, which is likely what it will take. If we avoid a blow out, will people feel we’ve (also) improved? I fear not…

    Tea time rapidly sliding towards cocktail hour… and then, time to put my apron on… 6 hours earlier in NZ?…

  • 17Ht, you think that this line up would be down in league one? really? are you sure cocktail hour hasn’t come a little soon 😆

    Walcott——–Wilshere———-The OX——Sanchez

    nevertheless we will have to agree to disagree 🙂

    Couldn’t quite get the question about the pronunciation of my name (sorry its early morning here and my brains a bit fried). My name is Stephen, shortened to Steve and pronounced “st ee v” I thought that was the only way to pronounce it lol, i stand corrected 🙂

    Enjoy Cocktail hour you lucky person born out of wedlock! 🙂

  • 17

    6 hours earlier, but tomorrow! (really 18 later at the moment until you leave DST)… 🙂

    As for Chelsea, exactly, so if we sit a touch tigher, but similar to what we did, we should get 1, they may well get one via Hazard et al, and 1-1. Else a blowout (ack, eyes averted)

    cheers — jgc

  • TA, interesting perspective mate and I think you captured the important aspects of the game quite well!

    I wouldn’t disagree with anything you said, but I would have been much more comfortable had Szczesny not made that bone-headed decision hahaha! You have highlighted this immature, unintelligent pattern of behaviour in Szczesny in the past when we are leading games and that is the difference between him and other world-class keepers. He definitely has the talent, but his composure throughout long stretches, and even 90 minutes, is just not there. I’m not surprised that it took Fabianski being in goal to help break our trophy duck. This will continue to plague him and hold him back, but hopefully he matures as time goes on. If Ospina is up to the task, I believe a spell on the sidelines could help Szczesny long-term.

    This was fluid attacking football and we need to continue attacking teams with direct intent. As you pointed out, Gala gave us plenty of room to attack, which was a huge mistake on their part, but having the pace up front to run behind defences makes a world of difference. The more I see Welbeck play, the less I miss OG – his finishing is better, he’s faster and he makes better decisions around goal. That said, I’ll be happy when OG comes back to give us greater diversity in attack when defences press us hard since he’s excellent in the air and at creating space for others.

    I would also like to give a shout out to Alexis. After that garbage that posted about Arsene dropping him because he slowed down our passing game was absolute garbage. When Arsene doesn’t rotate players enough, they get injured or appear lethargic and he gets criticized. When he rotates players and they don’t start every match, he also gets criticized. Simply absurd. I’m glad Alexis came out with a statement game and it was a true display of his talents and how he can absolutely dissect a defense in multiple ways. Ozil is becoming more comfortable playing with Alexis and Welbeck and it’s very clear to me (and should be to everyone else now) that he’s meant to be played centrally as the CAM.

    Add all that to Theo returning soon and watch out 😀

  • JB
    With you pointing out all the instances Szczesny has goofed up I have started to think that your point is really worth consideration.
    But I disagree on 1 point
    You say Szczesny is through and through Gunner but not in the ilk of JW
    I find it the other way round. I remember atleast 2 instances when JW has said if this happened I would think of moving and so on. But Szcz has always said he would give everyrhing to stay at Arsenal. Jack maybe the real Gunner. But Szcz is nt just a player but also a huge fan same as Jenkinson.

  • Some interesting comments following my earlier departure …. and some going over the same old, same old.

    Talking of ‘keepers. In that Portugese game that Chelsea played in, did anybody else notice how tall Cortiose is? He made JT look very small.
    As for that link about WC v Flamini, my guess it was written earlier.
    I still think WC is a player with a lot of skills … but defending is not one of them. Sadly, it is the latter we need. Any team that wants a not too mobile No 10 who can receive balls high up the pitch, and pass quickly and accurately, they may get their money’s worth at £28m?
    Not for us I regret to say. Partly because we have to look elsewhere.
    Still on the DM theme.Two seasons ago I emailed TA off site, due to my superstition about naming players publicly, with the name on Nemanja Matic as a key player to buy. Alas, Arsenal were not in the same financial to compete with Chelsea at the time. So my scouting goes on, but I will whisper the name very quietly if I spot another 😀

    I think it is sterile argument on Szcz v Fabianski, when one side only looks at errors, and ignores the most clean sheets?. Red cards and GK mistakes are always likely to be higher, as they are most likely going to prevent ‘an obvious goal scoring opportunity’. Defenders are the next category. Those that get sent off higher up the pitch should look at themselves? As HT says, the untenable argument over what one ‘keeper did in a match over what another ‘would’ have done in the same circumstances. Fabianski was assured in the January when suggestions of move were about, that he would play in all Cup games. Not Szczesny ‘dropped’ for the final. It was another case of AW being loyal to the player, and might have backfired, although Fab had been in good form throughout, so less of a gamble perhaps?
    Balanced arguments always win over over blind rage.

    Personally I blame Neuer. He acts as a sweeper for a defence that plays high. Now every keeper wants to do it … and they need to practice these skills 😀

    Steve – I think you missed HT’s point on syllables. He was referring to Merti-NEZ, not Stev-EE.
    Ignore HT’s point on lower divisions for our young guns. His has a misplaced view, imo, that there is a wider gulf between some of the players and the primary choices. Chambers is a good example of a player who came to understudy our RB from only a handful of games at Southampton, and has blossomed given the circumstances through injury. – although that last team you put up, RB would be the weakness? – Bellerin came through a tough game at Dortmund, but stuck to his task manfully in his next game(despite him not being a natural FB, imo). Hayden too, showed no weakness against a strong Southampton side. Alas he did not make the bench against Gala, and unlikely therefore to be in my starting line up for the Chavs game. However, when Flamini gets his customary yellow in that game, he may have an opening after the interlul?
    That does not mean all are ready for life in the EPL, and sadly, Campbell could be one of them? Regrets cuts both ways JC?

  • Total, well…we can’t agree on every thing bud. Welbz is a perfect mixture of TH, Ian and even Didier Drogba( just look at how he brushes off the defender to score) . All this said, only he can decide what he wants to be. A world class striker or a flop…only time will tell. I support him as I do with every Arsenal player and he has the qualities necessary to make a name for himself,though whether or not he builds on his talent is up to him.

    Anyway, I’m pumped up for the match against Chelsea. Getting revenge against Chelsea would be the perfect way to show our title credentials. Anyhow…here’s my preferred lineup-


    You might say my selection of Bellerin is highly unrealistic but man, if he does play, he would be a good option. He would be up against Hazard/Willian and he has the pace to match them and could potentially handle them better than Calum. Then again, I’m tempted to put Calum with Koz and Per into midfield, though that would be almost impossible to imagine.

    Calum, on the other hand, will be replacing Wilshere as he is a doubt. It honestly depends on whether Wilshere is fit. But him and Flamini will be a rock in midfield. A tall, good reader of the game in Calum and a high energy midfielder in Flamini will be hard to get past. not to mention the fact that they still have to get past Koz&Per. If Calum plays in this role, he would be the one with the lisence to go forward as he loves to run into space as shown in multiple occasions in the past when he was playing at CB.

    The front four basically picks itself. Sanchez has been good in all the games he’s played in so far, and his work rate would definitely be appreciated against Chelsea. The same goes for the Ox.
    Mesut has shone in the no.10 position in this couple of games. If AW is gonna play him on the left again, he might as well drop him. I’m also hoping Danny can replicate what he did against Gala.

    —–Game plan—-
    1.Most importantly, stop Diego Costa. He has been amazing for Chelsea so far and I’m still sad that we didn’t get him last summer. Though his arrival at Chelsea and Danny’s arrival takes me back to the Theirry Henry vs Didier Drogba days.

    2.Also, we MUSN’T conceded in the first 10 minutes. It is crucial that we do not concede and gain momentum from there.

    3.Make Danny mark Fabregas. Fab has been stunning for Chelsea and we should cut off all services from him if possible. It would be like when Danny marked Xabi Alonso for United. Xabi’s services were cut off and Madrid looked vulnerable and were unable to get things going.

    I’m done ranting for now, see ya guys

  • Shrill 🙂

    Why don’t you copy and paste your comment into the next post – good input for continuous discussions about our next game. 🙂

    What I am trying to say is that it is too early to label DW. And by calling him not a Henry type you do him injustice imho. Surely, it would take a whole career for him to show us whether he can emulate the great master, and we have seen so little from him until now. I have seen glimpses of Danny that made me think he could become the allround striker Henry was for us. He has tried shots from distance ala Henry, he can dribble with the ball from midfield ala Henry, he likes to take on players ala Henry, he finishes in the box ala Henry, he has the same athleticism, (easy) strength and speed ala Henry….. So why not?… But it is just too early to say, and I am happy to agree to disagree on this one. 🙂

  • Super comment Steve, shame you did not make it into a post. Many bloggers love this formation stuff and reasoning… 🙂

    Geoff 🙂

    Divide and rule buddy, divide and rule. Well, at least against he vile Chavs.

  • Cheers HH, always good to read your comments and fully agreed re Alexis. Easily the best attacker on the pitch and Wenger just cannot do it right, it seems. I have read comments on other sides that Ozil and Alexis cannot play together….. You have got to laugh very loud when you read that sort of rubbish.. 😆

  • Neeraj 🙂

    Nobody can be considered a true Gunner until their careers are finished. Do I think Szczesny would jump at the opportunity to play for RM, Barca or Bayern if it came… big chance he would. Jack on the other hand is more likely to stay put. But I have been wrong many times, and mostly so with Van Judas, and best is to wait and see how they behave when the big money/very top teams come knocking on the door.

  • AH i see about the syllables 17HT sorry mate and yes i am guilty of that myself, cheers Gerry.

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