Ox – Welbz – Alexis to Haunt Terry & Cahill | Rosicky to Nullify Cesc: Preview & Line-Up

What will Arsene have up his sleeve for this one?
What will Arsene have up his sleeve for this one?

So, we’re going into a match that certainly will be marked as one of the most important matches this season; certainly, it is the sternest test we have had to face so far. Most gunners, me included, have doubted our own team’s ability to hold up the current league leaders. However, I have no doubt in my mind that the boys can exceed our expectations and get a good result against the men in blue.

However, the Blues will not go down without a fight, especially with a certain Jose Mourinho involved. Mourinho’s tactical acumen is adapting his team to counter the opposition’s set-up, and this is one of the main reasons for Chelsea’s recent success. This is in direct contrast to Le Prof”s tried and tested formula, regardless of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Although we worry about the injuries to our key players, I believe the enforced changes to our line-up will provide some unpredictability to our style of play, and possibly help us against Chelsea. While Chelsea are indeed undefeated, they are not invincible: far from it. Their games against Schalke and Swansea have given us a hint of the brittleness of their defence. If we can sacrifice some of our traditional passing game build-up for some direct-pace approach, Chelsea can be unsettled.

Alexis, Welbz and Ox should focus on using their superior pace against the technically brilliant but slower duo Terry and Cahill. For this game, we should play Ox on the right and Sanchez on the left. While Ivanovic is a good, in-form defender, he is slow on the turn and who else but Alexis to cause him a few headaches with his fancy footwork? Ox is put on the right because Azpelicuta, or however you spell his name, is perhaps the best man-marker other than Koz in the PL. The only way we are going to expose him is through sheer pace.

Matic is a tougher nut to crack. He is usually so solid against good teams. But Chelsea’s match against Schalke has shown opposition teams how to expose him. In that match, he was up against Draxler. Draxler got past him with absolute ease with his sublime skill and forced Matic to foul him countless times. Which is why I want to give Alexis a free role on the left, interchanging positions with Ozil regularly. If anyone will replicate Draxler and finally break Matic, it has to be Alexis.

Another major threat for this match will be the Costa-Fabregas partnership. Costa will be hard to stop but I trust Koz and Per to nullify the threat he brings. Most importantly, we must stop our former talisman. We should deploy Danny to man mark Fabregas. We should deprive him of the ball and that will undoubtedly slow him down, or hopefully shut down – their source from midfield. Or we could drop Ozil and deploy Rosicky to harass and abuse Fab.

Alongside that, I sincerely hope Gibbs and Calum don’t venture too far forwards in this match. We should go for a more cautious approach, and by keeping back Calum and Gibbs we can blunt the pressure given by the Chelsea wingers.

Most importantly though we mustn’t concede within the first five minutes, like we did the last time. And even if we do, I hope we won’t be pushing everyone forward to get an equaliser. Stay calm, pass the ball around and slowly gain momentum from there. This may not be a blueprint for success but if done right, we might be able to salvage a point or even go on to win the game.

Predicted starting XI

Ars v Chavs Oct 14


PS- VCC, if I get the line-up completely right, I’m expecting 20 points for the UMF league 😛

Written by: Shrillex

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202 thoughts on “Ox – Welbz – Alexis to Haunt Terry & Cahill | Rosicky to Nullify Cesc: Preview & Line-Up

  • Very good maiden post, Shrill: love it! 🙂

    Really like the line up, but I would replace Ox with Ozil. The idea of Rosicky putting additional pressure on the midfield, and nullifying Cesc, is very appealing. I also feel Rosa might play but a bit deeper, next to Flamini, or maybe even on one of the wings. You are spot on that we should keep it tight and disciplined for this one. I have a feeling we will see a 7-4 system with seven mainly defending players and four mainly attacking players. That is why I like the idea of Rosa and Flamini in he doulbe DM pivot.

    The four attackers for me would be Jack (in the hole), Alexis on the left, Ozil on the right and Welbeck in the heart. Ozil in a free role but with defensive duties as well. I have a feeling that those four would prove too much for the Chavs defence as they have every attacking weapon you can imagine between them.

    It is my dad’s birthday tomorrow and these usually go with an Arsenal win. It is about time to show the Chavs how proper football is played. COYG!!! 😛

  • nice one, Shrillex

    very well written and not much to disagree about .

    however, we must play Ozil, he is our best player and he is bearing his best – has already scored a goal and created 2 in 2 – dropping him for Rosicky isn’t the way, however, I feel that OX might be sacrificed for Rosicky on the wing and we may play a 4-5-1 .

    either way, I expect us to win 3-1.

  • Nice preview shrillex. I’m afraid you miss out on 20 points by selecting Rosicky instead of Ozil. Nice try though. Ozil must play in this fixture. We need him to supply through balls through the eye of a needle.

    We must deploy our defenders to defend, let our front four wreck havoc on Chelsea’s back line.

    Wenger must take a leaf out of Maureens book and leave our defenders back and let them break us down if they can. A draw is not a disastrous result.

    A Chelsea player you have not mentioned that I think will cause us the most trouble is Shurlle.

    Play tight at the back at all times and use our pace at selected (right) times.

  • congratulations on getting off the mark with such a fine post, hopefully it’s one of many more splendid ones to come .

    am happy that there be no Ramires though, Matic isn’t all that and we can cause their MF serious problems with our midfield of 5 with pace, shape and most of all, killer passes.

  • Apologies for post coming out late today. After my bike ride I was done in…. then it was cooking time and then family on the sofa Saturday night stuff. 🙂

    But let’s talk proper footie now.

  • First of all in reply to the post;

    Great preview Shrillex and i agree with pretty much everything you said. As far as the full backs staying back, i wouldn’t mind so much if say when the attack went up the left and involved Gibbs then Chambers would stay back and vise versa so at least keeping three solid defenders back there at all times.
    The man marking Fabregas was an interesting point but i would prefer that to be done by Rosicky (in your line up) if anyone, leaving Danny free to make runs.
    And i for one (many won’t agree mate) like the idea of dropping Ozil for this one.

    Now my preferred line up; (which follows along the same lines as you Shrillex but with slightly different personnel)

    Warning this comment contains some Ozil bashing, but no swearing though 🙂
    Right I’ve watched the CL match back once or twice now and think I’ve come up with my best, most realistic hopeful line up for tomorrow.
    Now don’t get me wrong Ozil had a good game against Gala the other night, however it was a good game against a side that are miles below the standard of the chavs and who were playing a formation that afforded Ozil more space on the ball than he had probably ever seen in his life. With this being said he still managed to get dispossessed very easily at times and began showing his usual lethargic mannerisms quite early on. I think the fact that he made a few good passes and the team as a whole did well masked the usual “Ozil performance” that he was actually continuing to deliver.
    Now change a three at the back who looked like they had no idea what was going on most of the time, and not a covering midfielder nor wing back in sight to a wall of well drilled chavs and I wonder what we will see out of good old Ozil. Do you think he will get an easy ride against the likes of Matic, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic and even Ramires – Not a bloody chance! I think he will be brushed aside like the wet flannel he is.

    The front three were obviously incredible against Gala but not only did they perform well but every single one of them also has it in their locker to press, fight and challenge for a ball, as well as track back – exactly what you need in a game against the chavs that definitely won’t be allowing the freedom for a 4 – 1 score line we saw the other night from this attacking force.

    If only we had someone who possessed the same passing skill that Ozil does but wasn’t such a pink canoe (for Mrs 17HT’s benefit) and would actually press and get stuck in like the rest of the front three. OH wait, we do!! Wilshere!

    In defensive midfield I think it’s pretty obvious Flamini can’t handle this type of attack on his own and is going to need a partner back there and not a B2B who’s going to leave him stranded. The problem is who are the candidates really?
    Cazorla – not a chance, imo he has been “found out” and especially when concerning hard tackling and pressing teams like the chavs, probably why he did well against Gala.
    Rosicky – has the drive but maybe not the defensive discipline and has looked a little rusty so far this season.
    Wilshere – should be nowhere near a DM role, it’s a waste of his talents and the fouls he’s draws win us nothing in this area.
    Diaby – still receiving bionic upgrades and in beta testing phase
    Chambers – perfect imo but deployed at right back atm
    Hayden – again a great choice imo but seems like no other bastard agrees with me
    Coquelin – This is the reason I feel he is in the team, to add to midfield but primarily shore up defensive duties there.

    So there you have it, my team for tomorrow (playing 4-1-4-1 of course, otherwise it may be different)
    Wilshere with the free roaming Ozil role and Coquelin tasked with supporting Flamini more – probably making it look more like a 4-2-1-3 with Coquelin and Flamini as the DM pivot for most of the game.

    The OX—Coquelin—Wilshere—Sanchez

    I don’t think we should be aiming for the type of flare that a match like Gala at home affords us and in this respect I think the Wilshere / Coquelin spine certainly looks a stronger one than the Ozil / Cazorla alternative. However I am very used to my opinions being called crazy so what do you guys think, let me have it.

    Btw I am not averse to seeing Wilshere subbed late on for a fresh and hopefully up for it Ozil to take advantage of a tiring chav defense.

  • that’s fine, Steve and I understand where you are coming from .

    but games like Gala were exactly what Ozil needed to keep his confidence up – sure, they weren’t as good that day and gave us plenty of space, but you are only as good as the opposition in front of you .

    Ozil is a big match player, he can go missing for larger parts when no such space is given , however, you are forgetting The Welbeck and Sanchez factor – both of them never stop running and this is what we need for Ozil to do his thing, he will find one of them , if not both and against the Chav’s , he will come good as he hasn’t done well against them before and he will want to do it in front of his previous manager as well .

    coquelin is a risk but I won’t be surprised if AW takes a massive gamble and surprises us all by starting DIABY .

  • ahahhahahahahahahahaha or nut bursters even ahahahahahahahahaha

    am really looking forward to tomorrow,

    tomorrow be the day when AW gets off the mark against Anti football and puts the moron in his rightful place .

  • I hope you are right JB because i am pretty sure AW won’t actually drop Ozil but i just think he will be to easily dispossessed and “handled” by the chavs.

  • JB, would you really sacrifice OX in this game?? He is so dangerous in attack and bloody strong as well

  • Ozil is nearing his best, he is peaking and you will notice, Arsenal are peaking as well

    the guy is a genius, I like you watched the game back and if you notice his movements off the ball and with it, you will see the difference he makes and the space he creates or the pockets of space he always ends up playing triangles in – I haven’t seen anyone intelligent as him play for Arsenal in the last 5 years – won’t go and compare beyond that but he offers us something we have missed and lacked BIG time , even if he plays for 60-70 minutes and is subbed, I don’t mind but he keeps the opposition players and defenders on their toes …by cleverly drifting into spaces or by killer passes .

    he’s an enigma to some but he is one of them players that you have to play with to appreciate .

    do you remember the conversation we had about the trio of Ramsey, JW and Arteta before ? again there is a trio we are going to discuss that works best and it involves Ozil, JW and Sanchez – Santiago just get’s in their way 😉

  • Personally I wouldn’t drop OX – I would keep Rosicky on the bench and the only change be that of JW for santiago , OX works brilliantly on both flanks with both FB’s and can interchange with the front 3 .

    he has also scored a goal the other day – but I did that to accommodate Rosicky .

    but AW might prefer experience over OX , if he goes for a 4-5-1 (just a hunch) .

  • hahahaha fair enough JB, that trio if Ozil does start producing the way you think he will would be amazing to watch but i still feel the boy needs to get down the damn gym once in a while lol.
    Problem for me personally is I’ve always wanted to see what Jack would do being played in the hole with pace either side of him (OX and Sanchez and Welbeck for that matter) but Ozil’s the main man atm it seems

  • steve. We must play Ozil in this fixture. We need his passing skills to open their defence.

    Coquelin?…..don’t you think it’s a risk to give him his first start against the league leaders? Surely if Wenger thinks he can do this job he would have tried him out well before now.

  • hahaha Vector you creased me up, for some reason i just got an image of a judge in a wig sat before a court of Arsenal legends, bringing his hammer down and saying “steve, I say no to your tactics” hahahaha awesome mate great comment
    And i hope so btw i really do mate its just i don’t see it.
    Lets hope you’re all saying i told you so after the match tomorrow 🙂

  • I’m sure a few of us were skeptical about a 19yr old being able to handle such games but look how Chambers has excelled, I thought Coquelin looked good even out of position at left back against a quality Southampton side.

  • and Jack will get his chance in the hole in the cup games, FA cup is my guess .
    I like you think that he would do well in that position but not at the expense of Ozil or Santiago at the moment .

    we need him in the B2B role and shielding our defense .

    there will be a red card in this game tomorrow, I reckon .

  • JB -22:14….. 4-5-1 is the way to go tomorrow. Play conservative and let them come onto us with a packed defence and hit them on the break with Ozil supplying the passes to Welbeck, Sanchez and Ox.

    We most definitely need to keep Gibbs and Chambers back along side Kos and Merts throughout. Otherwise they will hit us through the middle and expose our snail Mertesacker.

    Not that I think for one minute Wenger will try any of my ideas. We will see the same old Wenger tactics tomorrow. Push our full backs on and try and play tippy stuff in the middle of our defence in midfield.

    Mourinho will get plenty of sleep tonight because he already knows how Wenger will play it. Wenger hasnt a clue how Maureen will play, nor does he give a hoot. He has said as much in almost every pre match interview.

    It’s well known he doesn’t do tactical talks on the opposition.

    Another big danger will be from set pieces or corners. Chelsea will take full advantage of our use of zonal marking.

  • That is some serious Ozil-denying there, F11ngers! 😛

    Oxie had a good game but him keeping Wolfgang Amadeus Mesurt out of our starting-11 when we play the vile ones? Not a chance. it will be seven-four and Ozil is the one who can pick the pass and hold on to the ball whilst the rest move upwards. It is JAM feeding the Well tomorrow: Jack, Alexis and Mesut.

  • agreed @ VCC

    I think AW may surprise you tomorrow you know by actually doing precisely as we say ; )

    it’s about bloody time we started scoring from set pieces as well, tomorrow might just be that day – wouldn’t even mind a smash and grab last minute 0-1 to the mighty arsenal ahahahahhahahaha

  • problem with Jack in the B2B role is the runs he does, whilst i think are great higher up the pitch when done further back in his position within the pivot sometimes they can be turned over by the opposition and if this happens we are always exposed as others are always following jack up the pitch. That’s pretty much my whole reasoning why i want him in the hole and a more defensive, quick passer and spreader of the ball in the pivot with Flamini.

    Probably a good bet on the red card JB, might put some dollar on that 🙂

  • Hahahaha Vickers, EVERYBODY knows how Maureen will play tomorrow. Sit back, keep it tight, absorb, counter….. he does not know anything else against the top teams. But I agree that Wenger would be stupid to go out there and play with a high line and commit too many forward. He will not do that as we will play 7-4 say no more. 🙂

  • You know you can always count on me for some Ozil bashing TA 🙂
    Plus i didn’t even need to make the usual comments about Wengers lack of proactive tactical changes as VCC has literally just said it 🙂

  • To be quite honest i thought my level of dooming might coax out Cockie for a comment but he must still be sat on the naughty step refusing to play 😆

  • The game will be about Cesc or Ozil: cooking with (Fabre)gas or frying with O(z)il. But from the shadow of the giants, Jack the Giant Killer might emerge…. 😉

  • I’m going to love it if the game starts tomorrow and both teams just sit back completely and all you see is two strikers wrestling for the ball in the center circle with no-one else near them 😆

  • Totes 22:38…I hope you sleep well tonight in the knowledge that Wenger will change the habits of a lifetime for this game tomorrow. I somehow have other ideas.

    As steve says, lets wait and see manana.

    JB……it wont do my heart any good, but, yes, a last minute 1-0 to the Mighty Arsenal would make the Sunday roast go down well.

  • That is what we should do, Steve. Sit back and let the Chavs come and every time we get the ball smash them on the break. But they will not come and hope that we come and attack them. It would be brilliant not to oblige and see Abramovitch shuffling his oily arse from the left to the right on his chair. 🙂

  • Totes, your trust in Wenger is unwavering. Do you really think our full backs will not keep venturing over the half way line?

    I don’t think Wenger has a defensive bone in his body.

  • six fingers. chuck that crap out the window tute sweet. On a Saturday night try some room temperature red wine and a Remi Martin chaser. 🙂

  • He’s got a point there TA, i can definitely see that happening, just one staying back would be nice lol, but both always go bombing up so bloody high. If he changes that tactic tomorrow i really will be amazed!

  • One at a time maybe, Vickers, but not straightaway. We will sit back and the Chavs will have to attack and the four of JAM and Welbeck can hurt them badly. You watch it, Vicarage! 😛

  • steve,

    are you really on anti depressants ? or you use them occasionally for sleeping and so on ?

  • VCC, hahahaha its a medical thing mate lol, not recreational 😆 i’ve got surgery coming up soon and i’m in a lot of constant pain (even with the pain i limit my usage). Its definitely not my idea of a fun Saturday night don’t worry about that 😆 The shit will be gone as soon as i’m better mate 🙂

  • Steve, I really expect the Wenger-Bould deal to be in place. Bould gets seven to keep it tight, Wenger gets four to go and attack, and not more than one FB to attack at any time. Who holds the key…. the one that plays next to Flamini. It will either be Rosa, Cazorla, Diaby, Coqueline, or super-Jack.

  • JB, anti depressants? really? my doc gave them to me for pain and agitation caused by the pain?
    Maybe i should look this shit up, i’m a pretty happy guy anyway, i don’t need to be even more cheerful lol

  • thems the breaks TA, I’ll be fine mate no worries, but yeah trying to get a surgery date that isn’t ages away is a bitch. No bother, moaning never got anything done 🙂

  • Bould’s seven tight-keepers:

    Chamb – Big – Koz – The Gib

    Arsene four make it happeners:

    ———–The Well—————-

    100 UMF points if I get it right! 😉

  • please look them up before taking .

    they fall under the category of magic pills (antidepressants, relaxants , anxieties ) e.t.c

    doctors give out all sorts of rubbish, I am sorry to hear about your pain and I hope your surgery goes to plan and smoothly .

    but don’t worry, Tomorrow Ozil and Arsenal will take good care of your pain by thrashing the wanna be’s ; )

    off now, see you all tomorrow .

  • 😆 😆 😆 JB i just realised what you said 😆 who in their right mind uses anti depressants for sleeping and so on?
    😆 thems some pretty happy dreams those people are after 😆

  • Six fingers. JB is right. You better check that out. Over usage can become addictive. Is there no other form of pain relief you can use?

    Hopefully the Arsenal can put a smile on your face tomorrow.

    Good luck with the surgery. Was it a sporting injury?

  • ahhh i see TA, i am on the same track just change Prince for OX and Rosa for Coq and that was my thinking 🙂
    I know your right and he’ll definitely go for Ozil but doesn’t stop me from arguing my point in vein lol.

  • Totes, your line up is flawed. Ozil will definitely start.

    I must have been on drugs these past few days as I never knew Ramsey was injured and not able to play. I know he went off injured the other night, but I thought it was precautionary. 🙂

    That has just put paid to any sleep I may have been able to get tonight.

    We must play 4-5-1 tomorrow or we will be blown away. Not sure who can play/succeed in the DM role.

  • VCC, hahaha yes it was mate, but “was” being the operative word, over time it has now become a much more complicated problem that goes beyond the original injury.
    Thanks for your concern btw guys, these things seem to be doing the trick but i also have zapain as well, and got to tell you these aren’t very addictive to me (not exactly the nicest feeling being on them lol)
    Don’t worry i will get it sorted, back to the footy (not one for sharey sharey stuff lol)

  • Past my bed time folks. Nite nite sleep tight. Pleasant dreams of us pulling off an unlikely win.

    I’m leaning towards camping behind a sofa for 90 minutes tomorrow at 14:00 hrs. 🙂

  • My personal take on the outcome of this fixture:

    It shall rest on the performance and concentration level by both GKs:
    Thibaut Courtois/ Petr Čech (Chelsea) vs Wojciech Szczęsny/ David Ospina (Arsenal)

  • Thanks everyone for the support. Hope I’ll make more posts for this site. Btw, thanks to Total for allowing me this chance to write this post. Also, thanks for making a title and I’ll improve next time 🙂

  • VCC, I wouldn’t put Rosicky on instead of Ox. We either replace Ozil with Mozart or leave Rosicky out completely. For me, Rosicky and Ox’s willingness to press and tackle would matter more than Ozil’s precise passing. What makes you think Rosicky cannot make inch prefect through balls?

  • Also, why does everyone hate on our zonal marking? You all need to know that the zonal marking is the ONLY ways for us to mark corners. We cannot do a man to man marking as all our players are wayyy too short and therefore zonal marking is the only way for us to mark during corners

  • Shrillex – I told you that you had the makings of a good post. Well done you!

    Personally, I think AW could use any one of the multiple line up, and still not get it right? In other words, he is on a hiding to nothing. Damned if he does this, damned if he does that.
    Only a successful outcome, albeit if only a draw, will stop him being hammered in one way or another. I am saying this now, because while everybody is given a tacit agreement to others starting 11, even if they prefer their own choices more, it is AW’s choices that will be the ones that count. His head on the block. We should support the team whatever the result, as long as they put in a good shift. Agreed?

    Now it is easy to say that Arsene does not talk tactics regardless of the opposition. But what he might do is set the players up to play a certain way, without actually having them worry about what he thinks the opposition will do? And here we have the crux of the matter. AW is aware of Costa’s capabilities, because he wanted him at Arsenal. So what are his qualities? Quick acceleration and sharp finishing. Up against Mertersacker?
    Here is AW’s line up, without a thought for the opposition note:

    Subs Szcz, Bellerin, Hayden(if fit?), Diaby(ditto), Cazorla, Rosicky, Sanogo

  • James Bond yeah we’re lucky that Ramires isn’t playing in this match. He brings so much more to Chelsea and his energy would have caused us a lot of trouble

  • Gerry

    Thanks dude. You and Total really inspired me to start writing for this wonderful site and I hope to write more article/post for Bergkampesque.

    I really get your point though. I wouldn’t start Per for this match. While he is a good defender and leader, he just isn’t suited for this match. Especially since he can neither outmuscle, outpace outmanoeuvre Costa. (No offence but its true)

    The lineup i provided is a predicted lineup, not my preferred. I would put Calum at CB and bring Bellerin at RB. Or maybe Calum in midfield and Bellerin at RB.Other than that, it is the same with your lineup. But we have to be realistic and I know that AW wouldn’t drop Per and put 2 young players at CB and RB. So yeah, we face the facts and hope wenger can outmanoeuvre Mourinho. You never know, if Wenger changes his strategy, it might surprise Mourinho and force him to change his tactics

  • Shrillex…..04:17……”We cannot do man to man marking because all our players are way too short” Exactly, there lays your answer.

    The mere nature of being short already puts you on the back foot if you jump from a standing position against players that are running onto the ball and jumping. It’s far better to run with players and compete or even nudge/put off the opposition.

    We will be put under the cosh against Chelsea’s physicality and height at set pieces. History tells you that. It’s not rocket science (only to Mr. wenger it apparently is)

    Sorry, I never said what a fine maiden post you have done. 🙂

  • Nice post Shrillex

    I woke up this morning, took the mad hound for a walk came home to find no porridge (Sunday morning porridge mmmm). So I. Held my cool drove down to the shops, still a beautiful morning et. Etc.

    Then I look at the net and see that plonker Michael Owen is tipping Chelsea today. Nothing unusual today and he is normally wrong anyway. Half way down the article I see a headline Gary Neville says the Invincibles weren’t that great. GRRRRRRR. Now I despised Neville as a player, I thought I would never forgive him for kicking Reyes all over the park and a few other issues. However as a pundit I have grown to respect him as he does seem very unbiased. But to critisise the Invincibles?.? I haven’t even read it but GRRRRR.

    So without going into Keegan mode. I really really really want to stuff the chavs today so that Messrs Nevile and Owen can stick their heads up their arses GRRRR

  • Shrillex, TA, JB, and et and al,

    Great post! I must return to writing some more, but work has had the stars line up with big decade long centre grants this year so… Anyway, to matters more real to life..

    Like lineup, but like many I see Ozil. I would note that he made Galas bet that we couldn’t or wouldn’t pass thru a highly pressed midfield look bad.

    For Steve, and others, Ozil is a cobra.. He bibs and weaves and moves slowly, laconically, and lazily. No noise, no sound or fury to excite. But, soon your (defensively) hypnotized and out of position to escape having forgotten your mortal danger. Hen, out of nowhere, BANG!!! … And you’re dead… It’s why I think so many bag him, it’s the lack of sound and fury that makes them forget the… Ouch, what was THAT!? 🙂

    I expect very similar lineup and JW to torment Cesc and counter over Ozil, as in long pass to Ozil to onrushing JW, through to DW and perhaps laid off to JW to kill it. Afterwards we will talk mightily of JWs effort but forget e sleepy cobra who held it up, looked lethargic for a break an slid it between 2 and past a third to a full tilt JW to make it all happen. That’s Ozils game and JWs as well really.

    Sit tight, counter more, and thus create length, like we did vs Gala to use pace and thrpurst through (per last post, I AM reading! 🙂 ) … We can do that and sit on top of lesser teams if we want…

    Cheers and happy couch hiding. I think 1-1 or one goal game to someone lucky. But … If I was awake I’d be watching through my couch too! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • Ok Retsub

    I’ll bite just before bed time. Owens’ and Neville’s heads. Up arses… But, the real question,.. Their own, or each other’s?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • Great post Shrillex !
    I just hope we win today whether we deserve it or not. 😛
    F10ngers crossed 😛

  • good discussions on the zonal marking and lack of height in our team vs the bloody giants of the chavs guys. The way i see it BFG is a must otherwise any corner against us would be deadly especially playing zonal, if i had my way, in a perfect world the back four and TWO yes TWO DM’s would be: (this is against the chavs btw, not other teams)

    The OX————-Welbeck———-Sanchez

    on corners thats 8 players including the GK and Welbeck that are over 6ft back to defend, with Wilshere back also to drive it out of defense and up the field if we gain possession and of course that leaves OX and Sanchez on the half way line ready to receive the ball and do the damage on the counter. Now that would give the chavs something to think about on a corner!

    And for those of you worried about BFG’s lack of pace and maneuverability then apart from the obvious suggestion of sitting deeper the more longer term solution is why the likes of me and Gerry are so set on seeing more of Hayden. He could well be BFG but with speed and maneuverability and just slightly less height (but maybe a better jump btw). With Jenkinson well over 6ft and definitely set to prove that he should be back in the team next season then the same system holds true but with a more mobile CB for the future:

    The OX————Welbeck———–Sanchez

    The futures looking bright! but for now BFG is a must! 🙂

  • Btw that would be an excellent tactic against the chavs as during a corner is one of the few times they actually load a lot of players forward. A team set up to counter this rare occurrence could reap the benefits.

  • Howdy folks got the day out for the game (snuck out) no wifi or 3G in my hospital and it’s driving me nuts.
    Anyway to the matter at hand the chavs a very strong adversary who have given us very little in recent years regardless of the coach so what do we do today to put this behind us and start a new era ?
    Exactly as we have said don’t play the arsenal way for one match use different tactics every game the full backs spend more time in the opponents half today we say NO!! (At least 60 mins 0-0 or 1-0).
    Every game we play a real high line today we say NO!! (At least 60 mins 0-0 or 1-0).
    Apart from midweek we never use raw pace in the front three today we say YES INDEED!!

    I see no need to change personell from midweek except Rosicky for Wilshere and play 4-1-1-3-1 just for a little extra security Steve said it can’t play Jack to deep but I think to high up he runs into trouble a lot as can be slow distributing the ball at times.

    But really I don’t care I just want a result 3 pts really but a result.

  • Ramires is out? bugger! there goes my best bet for an opposition red card, he’s the chavs version of Flamini when it comes to stupid tackles. Bollox

  • TA

    I couldn’t face doing a match preview today on GunnersoreArse……… the psychological scars are still healing from last seasons result. But I’ve examined the future of SWAT.


    It’s very slow on the blogs at the moment but I would really welcome some comments. ta in advance.

  • northbank1969, just read the post mate – excellent uplifting and exciting piece of misdirection before the chavs match and i thoroughly empathize with your excitement at the prospect of the S.W.A.T smashing in the defensive walls of all the other premiership teams. Nice one mate! 🙂

    Where is everyone today? its game day!

  • No missions for you 007
    Its too risky to go on a mission with all the pre match nerves
    😛 😆

  • we have a mission for you Bond, while we keep the enemy busy with a game of football you have to go in extract a high value target.
    Yes Bond you’ll be happy to know she is female, and is currently running covert ops for us posing as a pitch side medic for the enemy.
    Get in, Extract, Get out, Debrief
    You got that Bond!
    and behave yourself 007 for gods sake.

  • Bond have you seen M about today (TA) or any other operatives for that matter, HQ seems a little empty today – is there something sinister going on? 🙂

  • From the other night i thought he would swap Jack for Santi, but for the OX??? wtf!
    There goes my favorite front three! 👿

  • yep, it’s a 4-5-1 but would have much rather have played Rosicky instead of Santiago, however, let’s not forget how well Santiago played from the center of midfield last week – he was the one spraying the ball everywhere with his precise passing and so on .

    he is actually a big match players, and this allows JW to play in the hole by taking turns .

    am confident that the lads will do well .

    am going to predict a 2-1 .

  • Sad that Ox is dropped. Imagine that he is expected to be an impact sub. Guess I won’t be getting that 20 points VCC.

  • don’t be disappointed @ Steve – I did predict that AW may well drop the OX , which he did .

    so no surprises there, but yep, we have him as an impact sub running at them or defending later on.

  • 007 I did expect, though I hoped otherwise, that Ox would be dropped. He will be an energetic impact sub but the only problem is that if the scoreline before he comes on is too bad, there will be no use for him.

  • I think the reason for dropping him is Wenger does not want any more confusions 😛
    Hopefully Gibbs wont be sent off today 😆

  • fingers crossed @ Shrillex – AW has trusted his experienced players and if we end up winning the game, then everyone will say what genius he is , however, if we don’t then that OX decision might well be the reason .

  • Hi shrillex…….I was at the Arsenal v Spurs game. Although he scored the goal and this might appear confrontational I think the Ox tired very quickly in the second half.

    I watched him off the ball and he did not do that much work, until he was in possession. Perhaps that’s Wengers reason for dropping him.

    The down side of that is Cazorla is light weight as well. But without a purchase in January of a strong, big, powerful DM we will always struggle in the physical side.

    You need to get back to the UMF. 🙂

  • Rather have Wilshere on the bench than Ox because the Ox is a fighter. Other than that, no silly mistakes, please! DEFEND, DEFEND, DEFEND and when the opportunity presents itself counter.

  • Match about to start, see you lads later.

  • where is my amigo 17ht ?

    it has to be the Gala fans in disguise, doing all the naughty things giving us gooners a bad name, ha

  • have seen those given as red cards before, Cahill is a lucky boy to escape with just a yellow .

  • I Fucken love Wenger for that push on that scum Moaninho….

    Lets go Arsenal


  • Fuck the lot of em…. chel$ki dogs….you bought your pocket sized history…..

  • Estoy Aqui, 007… but a little groggy…The espresso machine timer had been adjusted by somebody (probably me…) and the machine failed to come on properly. Thank Dennis for the delayed start…

    I like the line-up. but appreciating Ozil–and even moreso Santi–seems a minority opinion. Physicality and size (rather than football skills) seem the main thing you need to play the game. Also, it seems to me that it’s wee Santi who’s sitting a little deeper in our MF. Ozil working along the RW ahead of Chambers?… The Ox maybe is a little haunted by what happened here last time out?…

    We’ve survived 20 minutes and a Chavs FK and corner… Oooh, tough challenge by Cahill earns a yellow and gets AW shoving the moo-man… I’m awake now!

    Chambers takes his 5th yellow–maybe you guys will get your Bellerin (after the int’ls…)

    Cortois off after the early Alexis knee to the head…

  • I should probably keep my gob shut, but Chelsea look a little rattled to me. Arsene to plant one on Maureen magic

  • Retsub – keep your gob shut, ha

    when was the last time Sczny least went the right way ?

    1-0 alaready .

  • a proper chance for JW and heavy touch let’s him down, god dang it

    should have just taken the shot instead of taking that touch , bad bad .

    should have been 1-1

  • we look really vulnerable down the right hand side, Santiago is not giving young chambers enough protection .

    OX on for the 2nd half will do .

  • Jack’s first touch in such an important situation was terrible. A bit of an example why England can’t do anything when it really matters.

    We should use Ivanović’s desire to go up front as much as possible.

  • Replace Ozil with the Ox, all our attacks are dying with him. It will also cover for Calum who’s flank is being targeted. COYG

  • Ozil gives it away cheaply is the repeated phrase of the day!

    Fuck off Admir @ 14:56

  • Chambers must be wondering what the fuck has happened, to go from OX ahead of him to Ozil – what a nightmare for the poor lad!

  • And there’s HT… Tough stuff but we’ve had our chances. Kos and CC on yellows isn’t so good for the 2nd period…

    Time for hate to rain down?…On Ozil, Wenger, Santi…Anybody else?….

    Wow–the Cahill challenge was bad and I can see why AW didn’t like the Mooing immediately afterwards…

  • The commentators repeatedly mentioning Chelsea the better team
    I completely disagree
    They have had one run at goal the hazard one for which they got a pen
    We have had 2 chances Wilsh should have scored
    Even With all their height they have been complete shit at set pieces atleast players are getting some touches on the ball

  • 17HT, no hate for Santi from me atm, he’s putting a shift in like everybody else (well apart form Ozil)

  • Neeraj, ahh yes Hazard, the chavs version of the OX – good job we’ve got our own, oh no wait he’s on the bench, of course he fucking is 👿

  • Santi undoubtedly has been the best player defensively and on the attack.
    Flamini doing better than cesc + matic 😆
    Jack has to improve, misplaced passes not helping
    We need 2 sets of eyes for Ozil he simply is’nt seeing the players around him.

  • I rather disagree, F11ngers, and to me Ozil’s been on the front end of many of these very nice drives forward. I know I’ll never convince people that skill can trump shows of desire or passion–if only he’d give somebody a stomp seems to be the popular notion…At least Wenger has shoved somebody…lol…

    Overall, in my opinion, we’re getting through their MF quite well…just need to make the chances and convert them…

  • I’ll feck off–I didn’t even get an hola from mi amigo Jamez–and allow people to continue missing the glory of what Ozil does…Already twice this half he’s gotten in position and kept the ball in the Chavs half. Who cares if English lads give it right back?…At least they seem to WANT to do better…

    Enjoy… :Shakes head: …

  • Aloha me amigo, sorry for the late one !

    time for the OX to score one or 2

    Santiago subbed

  • Chelsea are the tightest bastards I’ve ever seen play football. 20 minutes left I believe we can get back in it.. COYG

  • anyway – we really could do with the return of Diaby, Theo and Debuchy = sorted .

    no handshakes at the end there , interesting

    we were hard done by the brilliance of Hazard and the traitor’s pass , it can happen other than we were really appalling going forward with no real purpose – can’t really remember a shot on target . defensively we were ok .

  • Well played Chelsea
    They had 3 chances and and scored 2
    We had 7 , 1 on target
    Our players lacked the hunger
    I think our hungriest players were subbed off
    Santi ans Sanchez
    Funny how the foreign players want to win the derbies more than our English lads
    Le Coq gets a start next week, no chambers
    I tink we need Theo back our only decisive goal scorer

  • First goal was just down to a piece of individual brilliance, nothing you can do about that.
    Second goal was down to Kos and BFG playing an insanely high line, once Costa started running through they (or should i say Kos, because BFG was left in the dust) couldn’t make the ground up – looks like Wenger is learning the playing deep tactic then 👿
    Santi, Jack and Sanchez all MOTM and all put in an amazing performance, insane how each one was substituted whilst the bug eyed useless piece of shit remained on the pitch for the full 90.
    Just don’t understand this club sometimes but hey i support it so well done the lads we looked much stronger than last time round and gave them a proper fight. COYG!!

  • Neeraj, “Funny how the foreign players want to win the derbies more than our English lads”

    Are you telling me it looked like Jack, Gibbs, Welbeck and Chambers weren’t trying to win that match???? You’ve lost it son, time for sleepy byes i think.

  • 17HT, re your love for Ozil


    😆 😆 😆

  • Im not saying they dint want to win it
    Im saying except wilshere’s 2 excellent runs none of them made a telling difference

  • Sorry Steve I was wrong but Im just a little pissed off because i felt like we did the right things yet lost

  • Neeraj, we watched a different game mate. Jack made a big impact and as for Gibbs and Chambers how much impact do you want defenders to make lol and OX wasn’t even given the bloody chance!
    Like i said before Santi, Jack and Sanchez all had MOTM performances, and Jack was equal among them!

    Who in your opinion made these telling differences?
    Ozil probably lol

  • Neeraj, don’t apologize mate emotion and passion is never something to apologize for lol
    I am in exactly the same boat as you, just my view is a little different but its these expressions of different opinions especially at just after a match that makes blogs interesting 🙂

  • Neeraj, you say we did the right things – wasn’t it you who said we should keep the CB’s deep?
    If we had done exactly that then there would have been no second goal.

  • Yes Steve but then maybe Costa would have got on to more balls and maybe scored more goal(s).

  • But thats the whole point of having DM’s isn’t it?
    If the CB’s are sitting deep then Costa should have had to get past Flamini and then both Kos and BFG who are set and ready, as it was all he had to do was beat Kos and that was it (BFG is more than useless up high and was left jogging back to the goal the moment the move started lol).
    I would rather him face a 3 on 1 situation all game then a 1 on 1 lol
    Still take nothing away from the ball from fabregas but its a ball we would have never been able to do to Welbeck because of the way the chavs defend (basically how we don’t lol)

  • Actually even though Chelsea as u mention held a perfect deep line
    Sanchez got behund them on wilshere’s ball santi did that twice and gave the ball to wilsh and twice to danny
    Wilshere had a unlucky hard touch and welbeck was facing the wrong side

  • Oh don’t get me wrong Neeraj its not impregnable especially with the talent we have at our disposal, its just the safer option generally and one i wish we had employed when we chasing the game against a team that had just brought on Mickel and were obviously going to sit deep and pass balls over MF for the rest of the game.

  • the problem comes from Wilshere he does not defend, he’s afraid of contacting he plays much too high and leaves too much emptiness in our midfield Strangely in the England team he plays lowest or there is its true spot not in place of the poor Özil who no longer knows this put …. finally the return of Wallcott 🙂

  • “The problem comes form Wilshere” 😆
    Which one of those goals was his fault? 😆

    Agreed though he is wasted at DM and should be playing where the little princess is atm

  • Steve I am with you on this. Jack at least tried to make a difference and nobody can deny he puts his heart and soul into it.

  • if you think defensively he is focused, you should watch Arsenal VS Barcelona 2-1 and you’ll see the real Jack plays 30% of its capacity and that this plays on the entire defense !!!! I know he was injured for a long time and he need time to regain his genius but put Chamberlain would have brought more speed and a bit of percussion as Wednesday.

  • Stroll in the park for Mourinho. How many games is that he hasn’t lost against Wenger?
    Lemmings/head in sands/ ?????

    So, So, predictable from the boys in red n white.

    Keep the money in the bank Arsene….you are so predictable. Yawn……..

    No worries your army of faithful followers are right behind you.

  • Macko i remember that game and jack put in the same spirited performance he always does mate, its a lot easier to go into tackles and win the ball when the opposition is 5ft nothing and not a team full a bloody giants lol. Jack should be in the hole mate, not Ozil – he is just as good at passing but brings more steel and determination and can battle for the ball. He does a job back in the DM area because he’s a good footballer but he is wasted there mate.

  • Evening chaps 🙂

    The boys did us proud today. Gave everything, kept it tight and professional and were unlucky to concede…. But that is football. We missed cutting edge up-front, but the Chavs did not want to play football as expected and parked the bus at their own place, after their first chance became a goal. Cahill should have had a red for that one on Alexis – anywhere in Europe it would have been deep red and at the Emirates it would have been red….. Wenger knew that too and good for him to stand up against the injustice.

    We have nothing to be ashamed about, just have to keep working hard to get our attacking sorted. Who knows where it will end.

  • Totes 18:33……wheyeeeeeee…the boys boys done us proud tonight, they lost 2-0. FanDabby Dozzy.

  • hahaha i think TA is right VCC they did do us proud in effort but the manager’s just a twat.

    He took a hat trick winning front three and removed one of its main pieces (OX)
    He failed to see that Ozil was making NO impact at all
    Then he subbed the three players that were making an impact and left bug eyes on
    Then he chased the equalizing goal, pushed the full backs high and played a high line and got caught.

    Its literally straight from the Wenger / mourinho play book lol

  • We are so predictable. You could write a paper book about how we will play against the big boys.

    The only one that might be chocking on his starter in a swish London restaurant tonight will be ?Arsene Wenger,

  • At least Cockie will be pleased his team won!
    :lol 😆 😆

    If that comment doesn’t draw him out of hiding i don’t know what will lol

  • stevie 6 fingers…….WOW…has the penny dropped?……..Mr.Wenger and his board will be mugging the Lemmings off, all the way to the bank.

    My rose coloured glasses have been off for some time now. Luckily my love for Arsenal will be un relenting, but we are ????????????????????????????

    Oh well, onwards and upwards, most of us know what needs to be done, but alas , we are not in control. AKB

  • I’m off………going to watch something exciting…the London Palladium. Not the London Emirates ..rip your arse out.

  • VCC i have always doubted Wenger’s tactics or lack thereof regarding the big games but like you say, what can you do – can’t support anyone else so we just have to moan lol
    Its a good job theres a place like this we can let off some steam 🙂

  • TA you’ve been very quiet today, did you get stuck behind the sofa or just busy? 🙂

  • Vickers,

    What’s with the name calling hey? Lemmings, AKB…. If you cannot see there was a change in tactics in this game and the boys did indeed do us proud, then what shall I call you? Ah, I will not bother but with an attitude like that I think it is time to change your blog name… VCC my Arse!

  • Vickers, no I actually have a brain, you only have a gut…. and it is hanging over the groaning zimmerframe, feeling grumpy and hard done too. Arsenal lost, the boys did us proud, supporters support. …. 😕

  • Hi Steve,

    I watched the game in the pub and had my PILs visiting for Sunday Lunch before that. I tend not to comment during the game as some of the guttural comments can make me puke with anger. Having said that, the comments today have been mostly fair and good. 🙂

  • Ive tried to be fair mate, Cazorla who i thought would be majorly “found out” as we like to put it against the chelsea defense had a great game, and i did state as much. However my persistent Ozil bashing did continue unabated lol

  • Evening,
    I am in the we played ok and the players tried very hard camp, plus the chav’s parked the bus massively :/
    I defo will not be pointing any blame towards the EPL longest serving manager at present door, we wanted to win more then any of us, he was even nearly fighting with Jose on the side lines! He put out a great team, but when you face let’s be honest probably the best team in the league with the best defence and they park the bus, then it is going to be a very hard game to get anything from, even more so when they get a penalty then the lead.

  • The good news is we got no more injuries, we have some easy and winable games coming up next in the EPL and after the international break we will have Theo, Arteta, Gnabry and Ramsey back fit and ready to play again.
    So we will hopefully pull some places back in the league table, it will look a lot better this time next month 😉

  • I don’t have the greatest memory in the world, but the 6 – 0 apart, the game today seemed to follow the script of many previous encounters with the Chavs. We always start well have a decent 30 minutes or so then catch a sucker punch.. Throw the book at them, get some dodgy decisions against us (great save Cesc). And then get caught by a breakaway goal.

    I was listening to the pre-match banter today and all of Chelsea’s bad results last season were against lower table sides who park the bus. It seems to me we played right into there hands tactically today. I like Ozil but he didn’t have a good game today and he doesn’t add much defensively.

    All that said, the lads played pretty well today and put in a lot of effort. I do believe the tactics were wrong though.

  • Chelsea have an unbelievable squad , they lost a great keeper and who comes of the bench? Peter Cech, they have every single position covered twice even 3 times over. FFP has come to late. The damage has already been done. All they have to do know is pay the wages, they have the players in place, if they don’t then any player they need they can sell one of there and raise a fortune because all of the players are worth huge amounts .

  • Retsub,
    I agree with what you said, maybe the tactics were wrong, but Wenger may have thought that Jose’s Chelsea may have played the game today rather then park the bus, he did not really need to but he still done it. On 1 hand it shows us respect on the other well its just bloody annoying.
    But the point is maybe Wenger thought it would be a different game this time round, but no! The same Jose Chelsea for us.

  • PG you may well be right. I may be wrong but I think I read/ heard that Maureen has only ever lost one prem game at the Bridge. If that’s the case bucket loads of teams have got it wrong. I didn’t think Chelsea played that well, they are just very efficient at what they do. We certainly matched them until the goal. After that it was pretty much played in midfield exactly as they would have wanted.

  • TA I don’t profess to be a tactician, but it seems to me that we needed to draw Chelsea out by sitting back more. I thought Ozil great talent that he is, was not performing today and should have been replaced earlier (or maybe not started). A more industrious player like Coquelin might have made a difference.

    I don’t normally suggest a more defensive approach, but Frankly Maureen be it by tactics, skill, luck, refs etc is unbeaten now in 12 games against us and it needs to end.

  • Retsub,

    Thanks for explaining your point of view.

    My take is: We sat back and kept it tight during the entire first half and some of the second half. We had one moment of weakness and the players – Cazorla who let Hazard escape too easily and Koz who mistimed the tackle – let us down at that moment, not the tactics in my view. We played our better football during this period as well, and a shame Jack’s first touch was uncharacteristically bad or it could have been different. In the second part of the second half we committed more men fwd in order to force a goal. But the players could not do it, still the tactics were spot on.

  • Some interesting views on the game on here (which I’ve not seen)…

    Mourinho’s record at home isn’t luck or an accident, it’s a successful formula that wins him trophies, even if their football is dull…

    Arsenal winning at the Bridge was always a long shot imo.
    So whilst I’m disappointed, I’m not suprised.
    At least, it seems from what I’ve read and been told, we put up a fight.
    So that’s progress…

    Real progress would be beating ManUtd next month (?)…
    Oh and winning the four EPL games and two CL games leading up to it…

  • TA – You have mail. But most of the beggars above have said what i spent 4 hours writing up.
    Wait for New Post damn you 😀

  • TA, I completely agree with you

    I was proud of the team. We simply lost becuase of a few fine details, that happens often when two top sides meet each other.

    There was a change of tactics today. Our fullbacks were not caught upfield and we played a lot more passes that were both longer and vertical.

    It might take another year or two before we can overcome Chelsea. In certain areas of the pitch they still possess a liitle more premeirship experience and this tends to show in big game showdowns. Despite City winning the league last year, Chelsea came ahead in the top seven mini league and were, and remain, the premeir leagues best hope in Europe.

    Unfortuantely, there will always be those who over react to a defeat and let there disapointment get the better of them.

    When the club decided to move, it embarked on a long and fraught journey, and the ramifications of this trip have not yet fully passed.

    In three to four years, the face of both the Arsenal and Chelsea team will be vastly different, as perhaps will be the managers.

    The point is however, that when we reach that point in the near future, Arsenal will be able to compete with any body out there.

    Thats the legacy of the Wenger era.

  • Allezkev and Terry, very fine, objective comments. I will leave further commenting as Gerry just sent a post which I will need to edit now, in order to issue it. But thanks, anyway.

  • Evening chaps! Memories of discussing whisky and Edinburgh seem to have passed. I will book that drink with you TA, though not sure when at present – but I will be up next year some time for sure. Where are you planning on settling in southern Scotland? VCC, glad you are fond of Edinburgh, a truly beautiful place, but can be grim when the weather’s foul; best to forget such days, bit like today.

    I didn’t get to watch the game sadly, but listened on the radio as the kids messed about and argued over toys etc, and I’ve gone through the BBC record and stats since too – and I’ve passed now to watch MoTD. For those who say its just the same old, I think that’s an over-simplification, borne of immediate disappointment. We didn’t threaten much, but we competed – the highlights seem to have missed some of our better moments. But we have not given up or rolled over. Kos not at his best over either goal sadly.

    The simple fact is their team was better than ours. We had 5 first team players missing, but even so Chelski have been building with limitless funds for many years, and we have not. Being not as good as them doesn’t mean we are not progressing ourselves. We know the failings in our squad – they are no different after today. But we have played with more drive and purpose, and with some defensive (yes, tactical) discipline. Criticise the manager and players for being less than they are, but not when they have done what they can. Not how I wanted the weekend to end, but I can’t point the finger in all conscience at our side who tried all they might.

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