Preview | Line-Up: Jack in hole, Nacho CB, Bellerin RB, Rosicky to support Arteta?

Inter-lull over and six games to go to the next break. Big players missing in all areas of the pitch, but still a more than decent squad to choose from. The mission is clear after allowing the gap with the Chavs go to nine points: start a winning streak by focussing on each and every game like a cup final. The most important game is always the next one as we live by the principle of OGAAT, or OVAAT: one victory at a time. And we will not be struggling much to treat the home against Hull as a cup final, given they were our opponents in the last FA Cup final just five months ago.


I like Steve Bruce. A decent guy: humble and enthusiastic, down to earth and fair – and with the sort of nose that makes you wonder what he sounds like when deep asleep. He is also a survivor and what he has done with Hull is pretty amazing all-round. Diame, Livermore and Huddlestone will form a strong central wall in their anticipated 3-5-2 formation, so I reckon we will need to be strong and disciplined in our midfield. If we crack it we will be fine.

After Arsene’s recent evaluation of Jack’s core strengths, it is clear to me we will find him play in the hole, or their about, today. He said on ‘

“Jack is not a ball-winner. I believe he is more a guy you want to get close to the final third, [if you] keep him deep you take a big part of his efficiency away.

“He is a guy who likes to penetrate when there are many people – he can provoke free-kicks, he can create openings. It would be detrimental to his strengths [to play in a position that] is not his strength.”

I hope fellow Gooners will remember these words as it will aid discussions on where Jack will play in Arsene’s team this season. We need some strengths and discipline behind him though, yet with the ability to give extra support in attack as much as possible. Who can do that well? Rosicky. So, I expect him to play next to Arteta, with both Ox and Flamini kept on the bench for a late cameo, or to be fresh for the Anderlecht game.

With injuries to Koz and Debuchy, and Chambers being suspended, the defence picks itself to a large extent. Maybe Flamini will move next to the BFG (on either side), but I have gone for Nacho, with Gibbs and Bellerin as our FBs.

Ox could start instead of Cazorla but I reckon Arsene will go for experience, and having Ox on the bench is a great weapon at hand. Alexis on the left and the Wel up top and that is it my fine fellow Gooners.

Predicted Line-UP:

Ars v Hull Oct 14

I cannot wait for the game to start. The one benefit of the narrow loss against the Chavs is it will have made us grounded and focussed. So Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners – the League starts again, here, today! Super OGAAT! as 17HT called it this week. 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

120 thoughts on “Preview | Line-Up: Jack in hole, Nacho CB, Bellerin RB, Rosicky to support Arteta?

  • Great post TA! getting nicely pumped up for the game already 🙂

    Your back four seems spot on: (from the Arsenal website)
    “And with Calum Chambers suspended for the visit of Hull, it means that it will be something of a makeshift back four on Saturday – with teenager Hector Bellerin stepping in and Nacho Monreal shifting across to centre back”

    I’m not sure i would have put Nacho ahead of Hayden in that CB position but best not to argue about something that looks to be decided already.

    In CM i would put the pairing of Flamini and Hayden rather than Arteta and Rosicky.

    And in the AM i would continue my consistent trend of trying to keep clever creative ball players off the bloody wing and give Cazorla’s position to OX straight of the bat.

    Rosicky and Cazorla then become excellent subs for that line up later on – probably how you have used them in the post.

    So here goes:

    ——The OX——-Wilshere———Sanchez—-


    Check your mail TA, although you may have made your choice already with this post? 🙂

  • I would too Steve. Not that your line up doesn’t have a ring of truth about it TA.

    When we played Gala with 3 at the back we did it with pace down both wings,
    Hull are a far better drilled team than Gala, and this formation is not new to them, but I think it is the way to go.
    In fact, it is the main reason why I would have Bellerin over Coquelin, but also why you want the Double DM to cover the FB’s going forwards. Both have pace to get back quickly.
    Coquelin still has a chance at DM, but more likely if Hayden and not Nacho is the CB. Arteta, I think will be on the bench, as he has not played for a long time time. Defo, the Ox, Welbz, and Alexis for the front 3, and yes, JW in the hole. I just I don’t scream at the replay, futile as it would be .. ‘Pass It!, Pass it!’ 😀
    Like you say a strong line up, and a reasonable bench, back to front.

    There is a possibility that Hull might rest Chester(abdominal problem), so they could revert to a back 4?
    No doubt AW will want to keep it tight at the back, and they are not Chelsea, and use our pace up front to maximum effect. Providing they remain ‘switched on’ we should be okay …
    … injuries, red cards, and poor refereeing not withstanding.
    Cheers, back late tomorrow. Enjoy.
    Keep the faith

  • Cheers TA for the match report…I’m really hoping this match can get us going in a better direction. Indeed our last couple of matches with Hull were good ones–The away match last Spring stopped the rot and got us going on a streak of victories (albeit against weaker competition) and the match at Wembley, nervous as it was, came with a piece of silver. Consider me anxious about this one, but hopeful. In addition to the three points we need an assertive and composed performance. If I were a doctor, I’d put “clean sheet” at the top of my list of orders (followed by “score some fecking goals!”)…

    As much as people have been talking up our English Core, I think we may see all 4 of our Spaniards get a start today–even if people seem loathe to put them in their predicted or preferred line-ups. Why is this? Is there something folks have against smaller, more skilled players? For me, the only mistake in your line-up, TA, is leaving little Santi on the bench in favor of Rosicky, whose only start came in the CoC and was (pretty much…) un fracaso completo. With Ozil out, there’s only one guy with the heads-up play (plus the two-footed technique and the glorious passing range) who can fill the spaces as Messed-Up would’ve… One Santi Cazorla, as the song goes… Plus we need somebody to send in those corners and FKs… Of course, if he’s been “found out,” as some suggest, this could make for a long afternoon… His FK goal (and general never-say-die play) got us back into the cup final, however…

    I like the idea of Ox as a threat off the bench but I think he starts as well. Capitan Arteta takes his spot back from Flamini (I’m guessing…) because he’s, you know, the captain…Flamini, however, might make an excellent 1st sub in the match if we can get a lead. Hull have been rebuilt as a much more attacking side; Abel Hernandez seems a real talent and Jelavic is a fine all-round attacker who tends not to choke the better opportunities. As noted, their MF is skilled if not very pacy. As such, it’s less about the physicality (threat from set pieces) we saw in those late season matches in the Spring and more about outplaying them in the midfield and starving their attack along the ground. All guns blazing then, keep the ball and score those goals…


    Ooooh, goals early in the City-Spurs match… El Kun (and Eriksen) finishing well but Lamela gives fat Frank a diving chance and the (very soft) foul gets called… No Ade in the lineup even if it’s a great knee-sliding opportunity… Ahh geez, 2nd pen of the day given… Kun blocked!–and over on the rebound…Hat trick must wait!!!

  • Good afternoon, TA, and all,

    Good Post, sir, and it makes me feel impatient for it to all kick off.

    It will not be a walk over this afternoon so we need to be on our mettle. My main concern would be Monreal at CB – he is a useless FB and a worse CB — altho’ some fans might think that view controversial.

    The Spuds are losing 2:1 away at Citeh, and Aguerro has just missed another penalty, and Loris has also just saved a one on one against Aguerro immediately after – although it was a poor shot in the end.

  • Morning, RA… How’s things?…

    Here’s how I look at it… Nacho can’t be (too much) worse than our last Spanish CB (Squillaci)… Maybe those turn-aways while defending on the ball will mean no pens given…

    I remember arguing with a poster (on a different site) the Summer we bought both Kos and Squill… This fellow went on and on about Squill being the “proper” signing and Kos being a joke and another example of Wenger trying to do it all on the cheap. For me, it all served as a lesson about conventional wisdom and the pitfalls in the idea that you can just plunk down the money and get the player you need. Of course, some fans will view THIS idea as radical…

    The trouble today, of course, is that we’ve got Kos-initis combined with the ban on (great signing, IMO…) Chambers. We need to muddle through in this one match and if it costs us points it will be (another) stick with which to beat the manager. Many will say we should’ve never let Verm go, but, IMO, he was a real fitness problem and I wonder if he’ll ever play again at the level we saw in his earliest Arsenal days. For me, it’s far more painful watching (bench-man) Sagna out there for City, when he might’ve continued to do a job for us…

    Final thought on Spanish defenders…Not to generalize, but what makes a kid in that (football) culture decide on being a defender? Size and lack of pace would be my guess… Nacho lacks both, of course, and (in another controversial opinion…) is actually the superior attacker at LB (Gibbs recovery pace makes him the better defender, IMO)… Will Nacho cost us points today? (We shall see…) Is he completely unfit to wear the shirt? Not in my view, but that’s just me…

  • Not for long… (Santi staying out on the wing, that is… 😀 …)

    Indeed, the coffee is working this morning… Or is it just the renewed hope that comes from not having to watch the team for a couple of weeks?…

  • Haha…You’re right…memory failure…I was thinking Toto and being bought from Sevilla (for not a small sum of pesetas)…

    I was gonna wait until this City-Spurs match was decided (to pull my 2nd espresso…) but that may be sooner than later…

  • I never beleive anything on Goal but they are claiming Ramsey maybe involved today.
    Like I said I dont beleive it but Wenger usually tends to Ramsey whenever possible
    He was the only one who played in both games in the Emirates cup.
    So maybe Ramsey will end up in the squad just hope that he is not in d first 11

  • It’s early here… Our kickoff will be at 7… Not a hint of daylight in the sky yet…

    Hey Neeraj…I’m looking for line-ups (on the NewsNow…) and it’s amazing/pathetic what many of those sites will do to get hits… (I’m adding one called 3 and in to my list of never-clicks)… Didn’t Ramsey get himself an extra 3 months out trying to come back early? (At Southampton in January, I think, after his hammy went at West Ham on Boxing day…His next match was at Everton in April…IF memory serves me…)

  • Wow…Speaking of Spaniards… Soldado got just about what he deserved there…That was one seriously debil (weak) pen, no?… (Original dive, er, foul, was outside the box too, I think…)

  • Hi TA, and 17, 🙂

    Fingers crossed that you are right Total and Nach proves to be a natch at CB.

    [Got to say, the Spuds are playing really well, and it is taking Joe Hart to keep them out.]

    Hull are not a bad team as we found in the FA Cup and fairly skilful but they also have a touch of the Stoke City’s.

    Spuds give away a penalty, their third, and a red card!! Come on Aguerro — yes. 3 : 1 🙂

  • Starting team: Szczesny, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Alexis, Welbeck

    Bench: Martinez, Ajayi, Coquelin, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Campbell

  • An old time English ref has made a comment recently about the poor refereeing standard in the Premier League and it is hard or impossible to argue with him, not just because of today’s game – which I am ashamed to say I have enjoyed – but the mistakes made over recent years has been very bad — especially against Arsenal.

  • Thanx, JM,

    I thought that Rosicky had returned from the international knocked.

    Bloody hell another Aguerro goal. 4 : 1

  • Flams keeps his place…so 10 out of 11 for me… While it could be argued that he cost us 4 points in our last couple of home matches (against the two teams playing right now…El Kun gets his 4th, btw…) Most people thought he played pretty well at Stamford Bridge….

    Ramsey makes the bench but Ajayi over Hayden?… Inneresting….

  • the ref’s playing a blinder at the Etihad , helping the citizens BIG time,ha

    not that am complaining against them spuds though .

  • Hey RA, are you in the States these days…Or must you choose between a stream and a pub? for the mid-afternoon kick-offs?

    My guess is that the ref saw the con-job Lampard did at half-time and after the handball was ripe for the make-up call… And once you start pointing at the spot it must become habit… The only one he got remotely right was the one on Silva… (Very tough justice on this Fazio fellow, but one they might appeal?…)

    Hey 007…

  • Neeraj…If you picked Ajayi over Hayden for your bench you’d better explain it to Gerry and Steve… Otherwise, take a bow, son, take a bow… (as they say, I think…) 😀

  • now tell us the score for the game as well, considering it’s your lucky day, am not going to listen to anything other than a 7-0 prediction from you @ Neeraj

    hey hey hey @ 17HT

    how you doing ? I didn’t take the bait on the goalkeeper bait the other day, it was intentional , ha

  • Ospina not on our bench…Injured? Thus Martinez plays in the midweek CL match? Or is it about travel to and from South America?… 007?… Don’t you have some superspy connections down that way, amigo?…

    Hull: Harper, Chester, Davies, Dawson, Elmohamady, Huddlestone, Livermore, Diame, Robertson, Ben Arfa, Jelavic Subs: Jakupovic, Rosenior, Bruce, Brady, Ramirez, Quinn, Hernandez

    I forgot about Ben Arfa…Great 1 v 1 player and adds a lot of pace, doesn’t really like to have to pass the ball, however…

    Anybody sticking around for the match…Over there, if you pay the big money you can get the 3 o’clock matches on the Sky Sports?…

  • Ben Arfa is a great player but truth be told, he’s another Arshavin in disguise – neglects his attacking duties , which may work a treat for the likes of Sanchez and OX !

  • 17,

    I was back in Wichita for some months – family issues – but I got the chance of some work in Manchester, UK and have been working there and in London for a while now.

    So, I am struggling to find a stream, whereas you have the luxury of watching the game. Boo. 🙂

    I might be going back to NY in the New Year, if work drys up over here.
    They seem to think my brain is OK, but are not willing to take a chance on my dodgy body holding up to give me a longer term contract – health insurance, blah, blah. 🙂 I keep telling them they have that the wrong way round, nothing much wrong with the body, but ….. 🙂

    [And that was after I picked the little Fecker up and held him over my head one handed.]

  • Hey 007 (or 7-0, I like it….), do you pay for the special, er, package? (as we call it over here…)

    Totes has already had to trot off to the pub, I would guess…

    Not to start anything, but the thing about keepers is that they get a lot more chances if they’re on crappier teams, no?… Who are your (world) top 5?…

    Good luck with the brain and the work (and the body) RA…Oh, and in finding a stream… 😀 …

    If you ever get out to the better coast, give a shout… Early kick-offs here, but (at least) we’ve got the good coffee…

  • Pune 1-0 down after 25 minutes
    Pune had 1 shot on the crossbar and a clear penalty appeal turned down

  • Ooohhh…That’s a lot of pace in Hull attack… We might need those FBs looking to help out BFG/Nacho… Luckily we’ve got the Wall of Warsaw to stop all who might get through… 😀

    :trolling for 007: 😆

  • no, I don’t @17HT

    I have sky on my phone package, and since as you already know, am travelling or on the road 😉 am watching it online or find me self streams .




    Dea Gea

    Cech (petr ?

  • 17,

    The Premier League games are shared between BT Sports and Sky Sports over here, and the split tends to be Lunch time (Uk) and Evening Kick Offs, and Sunday the same, with occasional Monday evening games too.

    The remaining Saturday 3 p.m. Kick Offs are not permitted to be shown live in the UK, hence the mad search for illegal streams from the Middle East or eastern Europe.

  • Pune 2-0 down all to the credit of some awful defending
    The players are not at fault basically the manager playing awful tactics
    5-3-2 formation with 3 attacking mids 😆
    Im sending my resume first thing on Monday morning

  • We’re off… Who’s this ref? I like his hair…and he’s allowed the early high foot from Flams…

    Thanks for the TV info, RA…Courts just struck down the ban on blackouts in American football. That’ll be a big day in English footy when they start showing the 15:00s…

  • That’s a deal, 17.

    Haven’t been to LA in a while, and usually when I am en route to Hawaii – my American/British accent throws a lot of people, but as British actors seem to be flooding the US TV series in recent years the novelty is not so great – except for my family who think I have gone over to the dark side! 🙂

  • Slow getting into the match but some bouncy balls between Ox and Danny almost comes off… Twin towers Alexis and Jack try to work a headed chance…


    Smallest Arsenal line-up ever? Gibbs and Wellbeck tower over the rest and BFG looks like a phone tower…

    Decent chance there but Danny straight to keeper

  • Santi, doing the Henry (dog poop dance) forces a save…

    Ox looking bright but might think about using his teammates…Bellerin pace looks promising…Welbeck volley not quite like Poldolski (not even on the bench, today?…)

    Indeed RA, you’ll have to think Tahoe instead of Hawaii, but you’re always welcome….


  • indeed, brain farts galore – I do think that we have 2 weak links in the current team, one is Sczny and the other one is Flam’s –

    both can be turned into strengths with 2 changes, Diaby and Ospina : ) but that’s for another day

    for now we need to score another 6 goals, ha

    OX isn’t his usual self ?

  • We have seen calls like that given for a foul on flamini but maybe its a lesson to us tgat we just need to boot it out instead of trying to keep possession in dangerous positions.

  • 007, Ox looks OK to me, just trying to do a bit too much w/o knowing where the defenders are…

    Another shot blocked at the point, for example… Boys need to use Gibbs a bit more in attack…

    Jack went for the call, didn’t get it…

  • Dislocated shoulder?…Hull need to use (another) bench player…

    Hate to say it, but our offense is not clicking…Jack needs a little quicker release and more pace on the ball… Santi started brightly but needs to use his mates a bit more…

    A goal before the half would go down a tonic…

  • do you see my point about the OX ? another wasteful ball – he’s rushing it .

  • who is this prick ref?

    I couldn’t believe diame broke through our wall of enforcers in Cazorla, Flamini and Monreal 😆 I bet he thought he was playing against U18’s there for a minute 😆

  • Sanchez and Jack running the show, but Ox and Welbeck ineffective. Expect more of Santi as well. Awful refereeing decision, a total joke. 2nd half we are to kick into gear again.

  • JB, to be fair Cazorla, Sanchez and OX have all been guilty of some wasteful balls this half

  • 2nd half on…

    I definitely see your point about the Ox, 007, but why is that different than normal?…

    Even with Hull having to use bench players I doubt we can find much on ours

    2-1 Hull, waaaayyyy tooo easy…

  • how I crave a decent keeper at Arsenal . that 2nd goal, sure , Per was at fault but any other keeper would have saved that or punched it away from that range anticipated it .

  • he’s tentative and anxious at the same time – maybe playing with the handbrake on ?

    we need to change our shape and Welz needs to do a lot more than he has been doing so far .

    who do we have on the bench with a lethal foot ? where’s Podolski when you need him, argh

  • I definitely see your point about the Ox, 007, but why is that different than normal?
    😆 have you watched any Arsenal games this season yet 17HT 😆

  • We are looking at another draw or defeat
    No way we can score 3 I think unless we concede another
    And if I remeber properly we have not scored more than 3 in the Premeire league for a long time now

  • the change should be, that erm, Santiago in that no.10 role and we need JACK to play in the b2b role – this in the hole thing isn’t working for him .

    take off santiago for ramsey or simply change the system by playing santiago in the no.10 = sorted ?

  • Still in this one, 007 but we need the equalizer quick…

    I guess if you’re gonna give BFG for credit on Alexis’ goal, surely he cannot take it for their 2nd… 😀 If we must pick villains already, surely it must be Ozil….

    Ref won’t whistle so we need to adjust…

  • flamini for Ramsey – now that’s what I am talking about, let’s go for it !!!

    that’s the AW I once knew , ha

  • So this one’s already over, but at least Gooners are already going on their favorite narratives… Fecking Ozil, invisible again… Or Wenger not playing Hayden and Martinez… I’m out…

    At least it will serve purposes, or something…

    Gotta start working on the match report…

  • Nope JB we cant unless the opposition gives our players a free roam lika against Gala
    The players who score at such crucial times are very limited in this Arsenal squad
    Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere and Sanchez are the only ones
    Podolski maybe against lower league teams who play shit and Cazorla in his day

  • behave myself????
    Didn’t swear, wasn’t rude, kept it in light spirits – what bloody more do you want JB?? 👿

  • am not sure what Arsenal you have been watching or know – but the one I know, can score 3 in 3 minutes : )

    I want you to tell us how much we are missing in the no.10 role today @ Steve ; )

  • Actually it is the arsenal we all know JB
    Where no player is alowed to take a shot unless their TV analyst passes it as a perfect goal
    The ones who take shots like Welbz and Giroud cant finish

  • that’s what i’m saying you pleb re chamberlain 😆

    Attempts and shots all over the place mate, just to a man we look slightly off today, so not at all really, off course you are right we are missing all those massive scorelines with millions of attempts on goal that we used to have with the missing no.10 😆

  • i cannot remember the last time i saw such a one sided game, the only problem is they can defend and we simply can’t

  • well we played a very well drilled defensive opposition and absolutely dominated the play all game, they had two attempts on goal and scored from both – what can you do?
    OX had his worst game ever and Wilshere got injured.
    All in all a pretty shit result but a good battle back to gain the draw.

  • I think my point has been proven JB
    Only Sanchez was the one who looked like giving us the edge welbeck scored but I think the makers desrved the credit

    Sanchez never accepts losing, really great attribute
    Monreal played well
    Bellerin really impressed in the last few minutes
    Gibbs should have been invoved more
    Ox had a bad game but Campbell showed signs that he maybe better equiped physically now
    His work in the gym is showing

  • Hello, the game to change the left Wilshere you can not tell me otherwise he is not playing at his post and Chamberlain was pitiful, Wenger must open his eyes … Sanchez wonderfull if the whole team had his aggressiveness we win our match 😉

  • no, the only thing it’s proven is as to how much you believe in Arsenal and the rest of the team and how much you rely on a few individuals .

    where’s the faith in the whole squad ? last time I checked, we were not a one man team – that hasn’t been the case since we lost cesc or RVP – yet you still see us relying on a few to drive us forward .

    it’s not the outfield players who keep costing us mind you – it’s the one who we have in goal : )

    another 2 points lost and with that will come out the Arsenal haters as well as Wenger haters – where is GLICS , I demands an answer from him , where are we on the chart of doom ?:)

  • GLIC, aka The Monster with a Cockie — aka the Chart of Doom.

    (It’s the sea air that does it!) 🙂

  • I am not saying we need to rely on individuals actually that is the reason I support Arsenal because everyone is involved
    But sometimes individual brilliance is what wins you matches
    for eg. Chelsea game 2 moments of individual brilliance is what seperated the 2 sides.
    I agree it does not fit our philosophy but some things have to be compromised for winning tight games and eventually titles

  • We have won two games out of eight. One out of four at home.

    We are eleven points behind Chelsea after eight matches.

    We can’t keep a clean sheet even if our life depends on it.

    And all that after the most promising summer transfer window in a decade.

    The only good thing that I can come up with is that Alexis and Welbeck are fighting for the title of quickest player to reach ten goals in all competitions for Arsenal. Marouane Chamakh won’t be holding that record for too long, I’d say.

  • On the positives i thought Campbell was great today, he played really well, looked strong and skilful.

  • I am not to disappointed with the result, quite a bit of course but normally it would not have been to bad. What very disappointing is i think we can forget about winning the title already, just to many draws and the chavs oilers and city oilers looking to strong to be letting all these valuable points slip though our fingers.
    I point no blame at the manager or players today, it was just one of them games where everything went against us.
    There was a lot of miss placed passes etc, Hull just parked 2 buses and playing well was enough to stop us winning today, on to the next match. Wenger will sort this out, he always does.

  • No, he doesn’t.

    Let’s hope we will beat Anderlecht and at least relieve the pressure in Europe so we can focus on getting that Champions’ League place in Premiership.

  • In a way i kind of hope the players feel like winning the league is not going to happen now.
    Then they can play with a nothing to lose attitude and try and beat every team in front of them , the top 4 rivals especially .
    Then just see where we end up.

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