Don’t try too hard! Why Arsenal’s midfield is a mess?


So, I’ve not posted for a while and there are several reasons for that. These would include far too much work being put onto me by my university at a national level, where they want to be seen as a bigger player and leader, and a son with autism (high functioning) who struggles to learn how to interact with people, but wants most of all to be a (known) “part of a crowd”.

If you look at these and think it through, as I did after reading Gerry’s fine post and watching some highlights from Anderlecht, you’ll note that the same issues that affect my university and my son to an extent, affect Arsenal’s midfield. And it’s the middle that causes us strife.

So, first things first, I am in southern Belgium (again), in the land of Standard de Liege, so no one here thinks it was robbery, or anything other than perfect, that Arsenal stole victory from the jaws of defeat at Anderlecht. Just to assuage any guilty feelings.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I am writing this, by the way, before going to hopefully watch Arsenal vs Sunderland. So, if it turns out this is all wrong after that game, then it’s because I cant foretell the future (which is true as I question my workload and life choices). If it turns out to be true, just credit it to my general, all around genius!

So, the problem in a nutshell?

Everyone is trying too damn hard to be the star, the star creator and the star scorer, and the star of the highlights. We have no one who is willing to play their (single) role and just get it done regardless of how they look.

Midfielders who do the day to day work, Arteta would be one, get no press or play. They are also worth less in transfer fees etc. Now, while Arteta may (or may not) be reaching the end of top football, I think we can all agree he plays a single main role and sticks to it. He gets double points in my book for doing it in a role he may not be perfectly suited for.

Flamini might well be the same. Or not. Hard to tell sometimes.

After that, Ozil, also injured, plays one role and when allowed that role in the 10 slot does it well. And then gets no credit for not doing other things.

For every goal there are players working hard at doing things that aren’t noticed and don’t get credit that are just as responsible for the outcome. Instead, we see too much one man trying to dribbler two or three instead of making the ball do the work, or everyone trying to occupy the space where the last pass will lead to a goal. Or making the hard pass that is intercepted rather than the easy one also forward, that won’t make the highlight reel.

I don’t often agree with Steve (another poster) but he made a really good point that everyone clusters to the middle. I would add that everyone also tries to do everything or at least far too much. JW, AR, Ox.. All trying to be everywhere and do everything at once.  And thus be the star. Perhaps it’s the fear of failure leading to mental lack of strength and confidence that is the cause, and has been speculated on a fair bit in the tattle-sheets. But, it’s there…

Our problem in another form then: we currently have a team of stars, not a star team made of stars. That is what differentiates us from Chelsea right now. Rather ironically, in trying to be a bigger name in the show, and doing more, the center gets crowded, everyone gets in the way of everyone else, we lose width and thus negate the pace we spent lots of money on this summer. Oh, and we also end up playing rather averagely and well below our talent level – regardless of injuries and who’s on the field.

I agree with jw1 who recently noted that a consistent line-up is useful. But still, at this level, they could still do better than they have. Why? Because, we aren’t playing football, we are playing my-ball more so. Even when Ozil was uninjured, he was often surrounded too closely by players and not enough were away, or off the ball pulling defences wide and just occupying space to threaten. I take again steve’s point, and he’s a guy who doesn’t fully rate Ozil, “imagine if Ozil had 4 attacking players to pass to”. Imagine indeed, especially if they were all spread out across the width and north/south. And there’s our problem again…

Yes, everyone wants to be the next zillion dollar creative player… And they are all trying hard to show it’s them.

When we play this way we also violate one of the first rules of football. I.e. make the ball do the work! Instead, we try to do all of it player by player, and not as much as a team. When everyone is trying to be the leader, there are far fewer places for the ball to go any distance to make it do any work. This makes defending us easier than it should be given our players. And again, we suffer and have to work harder than we should.

Equally, and succinctly, too many want to be “the big player” or “a major part of the team” and in doing so try too hard. Instead, they should do one simple job, stick to it, and we are likely all to end up better for it as a team.

Some anecdotal support of what I am saying?

Consider Galatasaray, who played 3 at the back narrow and 5 in the middle to clog it. That left gaping space we didn’t ignore out wide. As a result, less in the middle and we ran riot with talent. Aston Villa, much the same.

Player by player?

Ramsey – last year played to stay playing and was equally an assists man as a scorer – just playing all around good football. This year, playing to “do more” trying too hard and getting less.

JW – huge star but he is always trying to do too much, which is likely his downfall. He does best set back, not because he is better there but, in my opinion, because his natural nature is to try to do too much and sitting deeper removes or reduces that issue to an extent.

Ox and the occasional Rosicky – cannot stay outside, it seems.

Add that all up and suddenly one can have 4-5 players, including Welbeck, all sitting top of the box in the middle relying on backs to come forward to keep width, and far too many forward. The end result is we are one turnover and long pass from an exposed back line.

Succinctly, everyone is trying to be the single creative guy and the scorer possibly as well. But no one wants to be a cog in the machine or the guy who pulls the defenders wide so the others can score.

The end result is we don’t get any creativity, we stifle players like Ozil and Welbeck (and others like Sanchez) from being their best, we expose our back line the same way hackers exposed Jennifer Lawrence, and thus pay a huge price.

Just not trying too hard and doing one thing well should be easy, but, it seems that may not fly with today’s player?

So, the solution. Not steve’s no creative players line-up, though it was interesting! 🙂 Instead, some mild sedatives and one instruction to do one thing and do it well. Back to the KISS principle about keeping it simple (insert S-word of choice here).

Anyway, I hope to be proved wrong vs Sunderland, and then you can all rubbish me in the replies…

Or to summarise, we need to step back and simplify to make a big step forward. To end where I began, every day I start with my son by talking with him about how trying less hard will lead to the friends coming to him rather than him always chasing social success. If my university would listen, they would hear that I cannot do every national leadership job unless they want less of something else – not without doing it all averagely.

When we have played our best, we have as fans tended to blame the other side. But, look at the games and you see one thing. When we play our best, we play simple football that isn’t crowded. And good things come directly from it. Just like I try to tell my son…  See, good football is like life! 🙂

Now, I am off to watch the game and have some Belgian beer (Westmalle I think). For you? Some thoughts to consider?

  • Will Theo, who loves the sideline, be a major impetus to help us out?
  • Am I right about Ozil and others?
  • Is the fact we have players trying too hard, both fatiguing them too quickly as well as leading to injury (or some of them)?
  • Or, am I totally off my rocker (always possible!)?

Written by: JGC.

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30 Responses to Don’t try too hard! Why Arsenal’s midfield is a mess?

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Brilliant post, jgc 🙂

    Very well written and full of (life’s) wisdom. Love it. 🙂

    Less is more. I agree with that. I also agree with the perceived lack of sticking to positions and the clustering effect this has on the team. I have written many match reviews and general posts in which I stated the same. Is it the players’ fault though….

    I don’t think so. Wenger is trying something different and he also likes to give players the freedom to express themselves on the pitch (and sort things out between them…). I don’t believe it the stardom seeking argument too much. Jack is given a big role in which he needs to provide structure and impetus in the middle of the pitch. He will also need to help out in defence. I recently rewatched Arsenal v Northern Oilers and Jack, Mesut, Aaron and Sanchez worked very well together. Maybe it is all a matter of communication….. or better training and preparation before games….

    This tendency to go the centre by those who are positioned on the wing is a big problem though. Cazorla and Ox do this far too much. Everyone seems to have a free role it seems and where do they all end up. Welbeck is super flexible and moves away to create space for himself and others, but then we often do not have a good finisher in the box.

    Key for me is Arsene’s role in all of this. What is he instructing our players to do? Why is he not demanding more role discipline of his players?

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Will Theo, who loves the sideline, be a major impetus to help us out?

    Yes and No. Only if he plays his role with discipline, or at least the other winger sticks to his role ….
    Am I right about Ozil and others?

    Ozil’s need to move freely and value where he can is both a plus and a minus. if he could dominate the middle such as Fabregas or Jack do, maybe Jack would be able to stay deeper….

    Is the fact we have players trying too hard, both fatiguing them too quickly as well as leading to injury (or some of them)?

    Very interesting point. Je ne le sais pas.

    Or, am I totally off my rocker (always possible!)?

    Hmmmmm 😛

  3. steve says:

    Excellent post jgc! (you probably could have predicted i would have enjoyed that read) 🙂
    The only point i wanted to make for a nice topic for debate the clever b*stard above has already bloody made 🙂
    Is it the players themselves or a directive from the boss??
    I could not see (take OX for example) OX being told to stay out wide and then keep coming in field so much and completely ignoring the orders of the boss so repeatedly that he would not be dropped pretty quickly for someone else quite quickly – Campbell for example. There has to be an element of enforced tactics here and its obvious it is detrimental to our success.

    One big thing i notice all the time and this relates to your highlighted issues is the shift from balls into space to balls to feet. We just don’t seem to pass into space for runners to connect with anymore, players come close, collect the short pass and then try and beat two or three players instead of running into the space where they would have already beaten those players and trusting that the pass will come. This in itself reduces pace of attacks immensely and is again a result of players not fulfilling their roles correctly and negating the space afforded to them and in the end producing the clutter we see week in week out in the high midfield.

    Players failing or managers new tactics?? That’s the question i ask myself.

  4. steve says:

    Using the same example as you jgc, go to the Arsenal website and get the Galatasary game up, go to 8 mins 25 seconds and watch this example of what i have been talking about. Sanchez runs long, OX is actually nice and high almost the same level as Sanchez and in space and Welbeck is up further in the middle. All are nicely spaced and in the correct positions, the ball is on from Ozil, long and over the top into space but he opts to stop that route of play and wait till Sanchez come short to play the ball. After receiving the ball Sanchez now the playmaker because he has come deep sees the only forward pass is Welbeck which he tries and that brings OX across to join in the play which has now moved over to the left side. We loose the ball in this instance but had we have kept possession then the team would have moved up to support and we would have seen our cluttered midfield again.
    All because we just seem allergic to the pass into space in the first instance.
    I saw Jack put about 10 of these passes through for Rooney when England played recently (all wasted by the oaf) and they were very dangerous and kept the play at a high tempo. I wish he was instructed to do the same for Arsenal.

  5. Arsenal_VCC says:

    Great post jgc! Loved the philosophy and comparison to life thrown in 🙂

    While I am not 100% with you regarding the reason for the clutter in the midfield, I agree that this is coming in the way of the performances. In the past Arsene would comment on how difficult it is to integrate multiple new players into a team. I suspect that the addition of new players and the forced rotation due to injuries is a major factor coming in the way of a smooth performance. And this has to do with Arsenal’s style of play. Teams like Arsenal, Barca, and now Bayern, I think rely more on a complete understanding between players than a team like Chelsea.

    But, I think there is support for your position when even Wenger commented on AR’s desire to do everything just before his injury. Like many other examples, one doesn’t realize the value of players like Arteta and Giroud until they are not there.

    In any event, here’s hoping that, whatever the cause, Arsenal rediscover their mojo soon. Burnley & Anderlecht at home would be good places to start!

  6. Arsenal_VCC says:

    Oops forgot to respond to your questions

    Theo – I am sure that it will. I felt from near the end of the 2012/2013 season he was displaying great composure in front of the goal and maturity on the field. There’s also a confidence he brings, which I suspect will bring about more of the passes into space for him to run into.

    Ozil – he is much maligned. I think that he had developed a good chemistry with Theo (and AR to a lesser extent) which has been affected by their respective injuries. When he returns I am hoping that he can enjoy an extended run with Theo and develop a similar chemistry with Alexis

    Not sure which gods we offended to be stuck with this injury curse. I don’t think that it is because we are trying too hard. Still puzzled about the exact structure of the physio team we have. Maybe we should have a training ground that resembles other grounds and not the perfect emirates pitch! 🙂

  7. geoffchase says:

    Hi all

    Thanks for the replies and here re my thoughts in sorta order…

    A. Commonality – well I am not a Wenger out type so I tend to believe that he allows freedom. Perhaps too much so, more than he orders that mess that is five players all within 10-15 meters surrounded by a London sized green belt. I DO believe he likes attacking wing backs (a la Gibbs and Debuchy) for crosses, BUT, I also believe he doesn’t want them up to fill unused space. I see his prefereence as more likely about wanting those players (Ox, Santi) to come in far more forward nearer the box.

    B. TA — see above and about Jack, hmm… Steve makes a GREAT point about passing to feet vs space. I would augment it by two things:

    A. That suits OG but not Alexis or Welbeck
    B. You have to have both and we have only one right now. That makes us hugely easier to defend

    C. TA again — I belive tha Theo is far more Henry than he believes. Both love that upper outer corner of the box. Short sprint in and onto a through ball (oh damn we don’t do that now do we?) and away. He just prefers the other side to Henry!!

    Thus, he will, when fit again (sigh), do us wonders that way and be there to work with whomever is behind him. Something we miss now with wing backs all alone and not really doing 1-2 type of work with outside mids.. Just to put forth another thought..

    D. Steve and TA – Steve, thanks for the kind words!! I know we disagree on Ozil, but I think compared to Jack he is far more the through ball player than Jack. I like JWs intensity and effort but he’s more direct and we likely need both, but it seems unlikely they will marry and have children so… :-/

    AVCC and all others – well we agree on Ozil and Theo at least!! 🙂 … I am myself unsure of the reasons for the issues. I definitely think we don’t play simple enough. That we do try to do too much with each ball and each dribble. Where that comes from is the players, I think.

    Why? To be the star? Perhaps not, I really only tossed it out there, but perhaps in trying to please AW too much?? Equally good or better reason perhaps and same outcome.

    I do stick by when we play well, watch, and you will see, we play simpler, smoother and, magically, it’s all better

    Thee rest is perhaps a mystery to contemplate as we approach Burnley!

    Cheers — jgc

  8. proudgooner says:

    It’s a very good chance to have a good weekend this weekend. It’s one of them time were all the results could go our way.
    Manc derby at least one of both will drop points.
    QPR v chavs it’s a west London derby and think Rangers can takes. Points of the chavs.
    Everton v Swansea clearly a tough game.
    As is stoke v west ham and hull v Southampton so a win please Gunners then we could be back in the mix

  9. Gerry says:

    jgc – I love your post, but a part of me wants to say No, that’s not it’, while the other half is cheering from the rafters.

    Some way back before the Hull Game I think, I said I feared there might be a scramble by the Ozil-wannabee’s to show it them that can do his job. To an extent that has been borne out by the the players all trying to do too much. However, that is quite the same as them wanting to ‘The man’. They may be just want to show AW that they can carry it off by putting in the extra effort. Just as collective hysteria can feed off others without any conscious knowledge of it happening. For instance, we could say Alexis’s all action style is having the same effect, because nobody wants to be thought of as a slacker? Not as a conscious, well thought out plan, just responding to it.

    The perverse logic at work here, is although it is a collective event, each individual is coming at it from their own personal experience. Ox is young, know the team are a key man down, he must do more. Ramsey might think because he is just back from injury, he must step up quickly. Wilshere, apparently is driven by pride to do more.
    All doing it while only taking in whatever team plan is as a token gesture. The more important thing for them is there individual effort,which must be more?

    From what I can deduce, only Per Mertersacker has stepped back and taken an honest look at himself and his performance, and admitted that since the World Cup he has found it difficult to motivate himself.
    A staggering honest appraisal. If only the others could do likewise, they may see there are better ways to help the team?
    Which, as TA points out, ought to be part of AW’s remit? In a period of chop and forced change, I don’t think he can have that luxury of letting the players work things out, and I don’t think he does.
    In the last game, which your post preceded, AW made two distinct changes: Arteta and Flamini to secure the defensive line, allowing the backs to provide the width; Secondly, moving Alexis to a more central role. It succeeded because of Alexis non stop harrying. It would have been a glorious success had Cazorla not had ‘tried too hard’, and making a hash of several good scoring chances. Another case of less instant action, and a little more considered thought. Subconsciously he is driven by possibly not being here after one of the next two TW’s, and that is a hard one too dislodge. Especially when he wasn’t handed the ‘Main Man’ role on a plate, instead, notionally pushed out wide?

    Without the changes, I guess you were predicting more of the same?
    jw1 predicted we would continue on this path.
    I thought we would get a result and a performance, and I was only half right.

    The question whether Walcott will make a big difference is interesting. As I have previously said, he has to get up to speed with his own game, and gell with the new faces immediately around him. That will take time. Fortunately, about the same time a Ozil might make a return, and then the ship will be righted?
    Regarding your question on Ozil and others, by that their lack of movement and him not passing into spaces. Well in the report I wrote, which you kindly gave a mention, I gave an example of the lack of movement, and quoted Paul Merson, that everybody seem to be waiting for somebody else to do something. Nobody taking the responsibility themselves
    That is the first thing that needs to be overcome, and it goes hand in glove with the notion of players working for the team?
    The 3rd question seemed largely aimed at JW, and I would say Yes.However I take the opposite view to you, in that sitting him deeper tends to give him more space to do too much. If he is higher up the pitch, the cul des sacs are a lot closer, so he should pass the ball sooner?

    Overwork can drive anybody off their rocker. Take the advice you are giving the team 😀

  10. geoffchase says:


    Thanks for the commenf. I am out enjoying 21 deg in Belgium at the end of October. At a bar with a Chimay.. So far, so good, but I just finished some work and thought to check BK.. I am trying..

    To your comments..

    A. I don’t disagree, whether waiting or trying to show too much or both in action-reaction.

    B. Alexis’ action style is all him an something we want from forwards. Ozil does it to a large extent, more cutting of passing lanes, and Welbeck chases well too.

    C. We got about what we deserved vs Sunderland. How it happened matters less to me as they were valid ways (ie not total luck but goals off forced mistakes from pressure).

    D. I still can’t escApe that we are playing only half games of football for 90 mins. We play without using width or without using through balls, for very long periods. That makes us easier to defend and easier to beat as a result. Whether that is AWs fault or an inability to transfer thought to action on the field… (???) I dunno.

    Hopefully we shake this off and get going better over next 3 weeks before it gets really hard again. Or harder. We have a good run to get some confidence and motivation..

    Hmm, I am all questions and no answers myself!!

    Cheers — jgc

  11. Gerry says:

    Don’t worry Geoff, I have left a few in the preview. 😀

    TA – The preview is written, but I shall hang on to until I see who is involved in the under 21’s.
    Steve, the kick off for the Under 21’s is 7,0pm, and it looks like they may be covering it live?

    So for everybody who wants to see our youngsters in action, you may get a chance tonight on the Arsenal Player. Digital membership is free, so open to all.
    The opposition levels varies a lot, but I think Middlesborough are top of the league. Sometimes it can be a lot of 16 plus’s, and other time they meet an army of Kurt Zouma’s, if you get my meaning?

  12. steve says:

    boom, just made my night cheers Gerry 🙂
    Dinner then footy 🙂

  13. Gerry says:

    Hang on Steve, this is for you … reply from the previouspost

    Steve, before you think what I wrote on Gibbs is thoroughly researched, let me put you straight. It is not. It is how I arrive at conclusions from intuitive guesswork and deductive reasoning.
    I think Gibbs has had this same thing flare up at least three times. The last time he came back too quick, and I am guessing in order to compensate for the original problem, he tweaked a hamstring. Anybody who has put their back out will know just what I mean. I think I am right that it is always his right leg, not the one he uses to cross and pass with, which is contrary to what you might expect?
    There is a medical term for having a shallow ‘cup’ in the pelvis, and it is possible to have surgery to either make it deeper, or build up the ridge. But as you can imagine, that is a long rehabilitation period. What his special exercises are, and again I am guessing, to strengthen the muscle tissue in the thigh so it holds the leg in place much tighter. The fact that it works for many games, suggests to me that one or other options above could prolong his career?

    I shall watch your Wanyama video shortly, but I am always wary of ‘clips’. I am more interested in how he plays week in week out for Southampton. Balotelli could be shown to look good in some big games, but his bread and butter stuff is decidedly average at Liverpool.
    Yes, I did see that game he(Victor) played for Celtic,but I also saw many other games for Celtic when he wasn’t a stand out player. So I am not sold on him either. I watched the earlier link to Romelo, and the blog gave him the great big build up of how he had great skills and the dicipline to be a DM … but then linked to a video from two or more years ago when he was playing as an attacking midfielder??

    On the Diaby thing, let me take you back to last season’s recovery. He said he had finally got everything sorted, but his body was out of kilter. His long rehabilitation on one leg had left it skinny with little muscle tone. The other leg was only a few matches short of playing fitness.
    Big difference. So he went away during the summer and worked on getting both legs up to the same level. Back up to date, what is now showing up is there seem to be some minor differences that only appear when he plays. That is what happened in his last Under 21 game. Another minor niggle that needs balancing up.
    Gnabry on the other hand, was relatively straightforward in that his injured leg was in good shape prior to the injury, and once that cleared up his rehab brought everything back in line relatively quickly,despite being out for a longish time. Same goes for Walcott.
    If Diaby gets the luck he deserves, he must be pretty close to coming off the pitch twinge free, then, and only then, can he get serious with what remains of his career?

  14. Gerry says:

    TA – I have just picked up your message as to when you want the Preview. You should get it around 6.45pm. I just want to make sure if anybody is involved tonight? Okay?

    p.don’t forget your UMF entry. And you Xavier and JB! I guess Prince and Alex will drop theirs in by morning. Cheers

  15. geoffchase says:


    you are far more of an optimist than I!!!!! 🙂

    Maybe I do need that rest!?

    cheers — jgc

  16. steve says:

    researched or not Gerry it is a very compelling and logical conclusion you have drawn from a most likely hypothesis and one which i tend to see merit in, either way its a considerable far cry from the simple updates i myself read on the injury news at the Arsenal website so thank you very much for that.

    I’m in the same boat as you with highlight reels on youtube vids but have often come to the conclude the same question every time; what else can we watch? lol, if we really wanted a full review of their talent it would take many full 90 min games worth of watching so i, like you, will have to make do with what we have. I hope you enjoy it, it is more a review of his performance in one game rather than a normal highlight reel of cut pieces from all his best games – if that makes even the slightest bit of difference?

    The Diaby thing i kind of already figured but was simply venting my frustration at such an annoyingly difficult return to first team fitness, but i completely understand why tbh. It will be great to see him back btw 🙂

  17. TotalArsenal says:


    Not sure whether I am following you re Jack’s passing ability. In my view, he can do both: throughballs and balls into feet, and on top of that, he has that burst forward that opens up defences so effectively. It is true that he still lingers with the ball too long sometimes. He will get better at this though, and the last thing I want is for Jack to go and play it safe and not try and find the most deadly pass. I reckon he will learn to work around Welbeck and Alexis’ running and movement styles and vice versa. In an ideal world we play 4-1-2-3 with both Jack and Ozil in the two. Now that would be sexy football. 🙂

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gerry. 🙂

    There is no need to rush it as long as I have it around 10pm.

  19. TotalArsenal says:


    Theo and Henry differ in their ability to attack players and space with the ball, and in my view this is a huge difference. Henry would come deeper to collect the ball and run at the defence, thus creating space and impetus for others. Alexis does this too and that is why I am starting to like the idea by some that he is more like our new Henry.

  20. Gerry says:

    Sorry, the Under 21’s is another tweet only service. I could have sworn there was a Matchday Program set up.

    Hey ho, it means I can watch the Shalke v Augsburg. 😀

  21. geoffchase says:


    Just my 2p on Jack, I think he lingers looking for the perfect ending when really good would do. I think he also prefers the shorter game to the longer through game. But, I admit, that is my take on viewing and not email from god… I would like him and Ozil side by side, but it cannot happen without a serious DM, **AND** 2 of 3 who remain wide.

    He is still very young, so I am not concerned per se, but would be good to see more longer vision from him. I think his aggression puts his vision narrower or shorter than it could/should be. This is flavors of preferred football perhaps

    As for Theo, well, I was only drawing from the point that both like that angle into the box. No more than that… The point being they remained wider often and deeper, so that it freed space in the middle and created space for them to find gaps… how they got there differs, yes..

    cheers — jgc

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points, Geoff. Shame you did not see the recent England performances of Jack. His through balls and over the top ones were exquisite.

  23. Gerry says:

    You have mail TA

  24. steve says:

    Crowley doing the business in the U21’s again 🙂

  25. steve says:

    reading through the comments i have to ask where would most of you actually prefer Theo play?
    On the wing or striker, or second striker?

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    On the wing F11 – what about you?

  27. steve says:

    its a difficult one TA, atm i would agree and say wing but back when he was given the sole striker role when Giroud was injured he scored quite a few and always looked dangerous up there.
    Maybe a big hold up guy and a speedster like Theo in combination as a two up top would be the best of both worlds. Stick Sanchez on the wing or keep swapping him and Theo during games?
    One thing is for sure some time this season we are going to have a massive surplus of attacking options and AW really needs to sort out what he’s going to do with them all lol, nothing at all if we keep playing a team full of midfielders lol.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    All makes sense, Stevo 🙂

    Lets hope we will enjoy that luxury from January onwards.

  29. steve says:

    I am looking forward to the match preview and indeed the team line up proper, i really want to see some improvements in this game regarding pretty much everything jgc has brought up in this post.
    I want to see us using space better and trying to avoid the “clutter effect”
    I wont hold my breath though 🙂

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Gerry has produced a fine tasting preview…. Bon appetit! 🙂

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