Galatasaray v Arsenal: CL Match Preview & Line-Up

….Youth to Shine, or More Rain on Arsenal’s Parade?Β  Dead Rubber or More Salt (To Rub) in the Wounds?….

Early morning here and I’ve got to make hay before the snow flies, or something…There’s a big storm coming, they say, so my only real request is that my power stays on through the Toonie game, or is restored in time for it…The power company never came and cut down the 100′ (standing dead) pine they said they would… Fun times coming… Here’s the official forecast…

But just as the weather changes from sunshine to rain and back again, so too can the fortunes of the Arsenal… Can it get any darker in the red part of North London…Oh yes it can… πŸ˜€ 😦

I gotta say, I love the attitude of Gooners who want all kids all the time.Β  Normally the manager would try and balance that with results and maybe, for this one, he is… He’s front-loading today’s team with older players but bringing a bench full of kids.Β  I like it.Β  Stamina comes with physical maturity, so, while many would like a chance to assess these up and comers, asking too many of the 17 year olds to try and play a full 90–in such a(n?) hostile setting seems a recipe for disaster.Β  Letting a few run at full pace late on seems the right balance (to me)… Set up as we are, we’ve got to hope (in my opinion) that none of the regulars does anything requiring a youngster in for an overly long stint… After all, this game does NOT matter… (Toonies at home, does, in an huge way, I fear…)

Except, of course, that–like every match–it DOES… Any chance to deepen the division between Gooners and/or throw yourself on the dagger that Wenger hath wrought will surely be taken… The manager is clearly sending a message by bringing the team he is bringing and announcing the starters beforehand.Β  That message reads,.. “Lower your expectations…” Β Still, a less than completely embarrassing scoreline is required, we have our pride, don’t we?Β  If some of the up and comers and outcasts can make a mark, it will be both a positive (another arrow for the quiver?… Another war-head in the arsenal?…) and a negative (“‘E should’a been playin’ all along, ‘e should ‘ave…”) Β My money would be on Campbell (with all that experience in the next country to the west) to break his duck…Unfortunately it (my money…) is in the markets which are tanking like our team did in the first half at Stoke… Greek equities smashed through a technical barrier and are down today over 10%, they’re reporting… More fun times coming my direction, with the US markets opening soon…

But that’s just a trading opportunity–if you look at it positively… In football, the window only opens in January… Speaking of Greeks…Big match there for the Kostas who got away, not too mention the bald man with the extensions, nobody swerves like the Gerv… Up the Ursas, I say…Go on you Romans…

Back to our match…

The Line-Up for tonight:

Ars v Gala Dec 14

The hope has to be that Galatasaray will be merely going through the motions on this one and whatever technical mastery they possess can be stopped by a performance worthy of a true #1 between the sticks… In other words, a repeat of this…ΒΒ Β At the very least, a good performance from the keeper would eliminate starting vs Newcastle as a talking point…

I know some here have some fun saying it’s all Wojo’s fault, but I will take my hope where I can… If the Taxi Driver (Debuchy) has been touched by Jesus–or even the Welsh Jesus–and actually does a little Lazarus thing…Well, that seems promising, too… Likewise if the man with the beard can run the show and make good things happen in a midfield full of kids and do a bit of the savior (saviour?) business on the pitch… all the better…

The fear, however, is that the Turkish outfit wants to show a bit of pride and take some revenge for a rather thorough drubbing at our place.Β  The Istanbul clubs always seem a mix of (once proud) older guys and younger ones using the relatively bigger spotlight to try and shine.Β  They are the biggest clubs in all of Asia and playing at the very “Gateway to Europe,” after all…If they set out a strong team inspired to play at their best…it will be a substantial challenge for our guys…

So, Gooners, enjoy a glimpse of the future, relish the fact that we’re already through and in the draw later this week, OR sharpen your farming tools and ready your lighting devices…Β πŸ˜€

Written by: 17HighburyTerrace

65 thoughts on “Galatasaray v Arsenal: CL Match Preview & Line-Up

  • Very good read, 17HT, and excellent match warmer for us all. I like the line up. it has some strengths and possible weaknesses and we will see how it all will go. I am looking fwd to seeing Sanogo and Campbell, as well more established players such as Pod and Ox.

    I reckon we will see at least four long distance shots by Sneijder tonight and one might go in. How will Pod support the young Bellerin….. Or are we going to play 4-4-2 with Campbell supporting the young Spaniard on the wing?

    We will see.

    I am really happy to not see too many snotnoses on the pitch. At least it is a proper game like this.

    COYRRG! πŸ™‚

  • Good read 17,
    I agree with what you said.
    I am looking forward to this game and i am going for a 3-1 win to us.
    I think Sanogo has a couple of goals in him tonight. I am very pleased to have MD back, he is the nearest thing to Sagna some , i think he will be better then him in fact.
    Oh and i hope Bellerin is comfortable at playing LB i am sure he will be but i will be keeping an eye on him. πŸ˜‰
    3-1 COYG

  • Hey thanks TA, like I said in the e-mail… I was just up early and writing a comment which started getting overly long…As they all do!… I hope it (and the match itself) serves needs or at least gets us past the last one…

    ps…the market stuff worked out well for those of us still running with the bulls… πŸ˜€ tougher times over there in Europe… 😦


  • nice one @ me Amigo – yes, the Turks would want to show a bit of pride but we are the mighty Arsenal and we will do ya 3-1

    it would be funny though if Dortmund lost and we won , knicking the group be pretty dang sweet , I reckon

    fingers crossed

    come on Arsenallllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lu Lu Lu Lucas with something to Prove-ski!!!!!!! WOW, nice start!… Deb back, hair grown in a bit, draws a yellow…

  • Geezus, Lulu and his cannon are on fire…Get the Turks a new crossbar…Inches from your brace before 20 mins, PG…

    Nice run from Joel… but Yaya’s shot is blocked…Gala doesn’t appear much improved with the new manager…

  • Basel up on ‘Pool… Can this get any more fun?… Maybe if I had some company… 😦

    JC shot blocked after Rambo freezes their D… Corner leads to a weak header from BFG…

    Lulu scorches the fingers of the keeper but Ox requires treatment….

    RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • 3 more does the Goal difference?…If Anderlecht draw at Dortmund…Or must they win?…

    Felipe Melo (The guy who would’ve won us a million trophies?) gets a yellow…

    Oooh, Gala go close, Szcz does enough to put off the header from a fine cross…

    Subs at the break?

  • 6:0 for us and 0:0 in Dortmund would be enough for our top spot.

    I think I’ve seen Anderlecht missing a sitter (or it was some other game).

  • Hey Admir… Cheers for the info…

    Ox looks fine after his earlier treatments… Joel’s done nicely except for putting it in the net (and sending in a good corner…) Yaya might’ve kept his feet but wins another yellow…Chambers FK perfect, but Rambo fluffs the open header…

    Can we play these guys every match?…

  • What a great 1st half, 3 screamer’s excellent .
    Just what le professor ordered.

  • that Rambo goal was simply stunning – then again, you don’t get this much space playing in England and both Poldi and Ramsey have been given plenty of freedom ; )

    we can still score them 7 goals – Yaya.S is a curious case and for me personally, young Chuba be a better option up front .

    he doesn’t look like Arsenal quality for now, could do with a couple of loan deals @ Yaya .

  • I collected and won my bets, as i think 3-1 is not enough we will score more πŸ˜‰

  • how good was that set piece from Ramsey ? Chambers should have scored there, had all the time in the world to direct his header as there was no one else near him but had the header go into the crowd – those are the set pieces we need week in week out – Ramsey’s delivery is first class

    what you reckon at me Amigo ? are we enjoying it or are we really really enjoying !

  • Rambo from 30-35 yards was awesome indeed 17.
    All the goals were great. Podolski has showm in that 1st half just how dangerous he is and i think that gives Wenger a good headache, coz for me he must play more often. πŸ™‚
    All good
    COYG. Score 6 or 5 what ever it is
    Come on Anderlecth

  • Happiness is a warm Gunner, bang bang shoot shoot! πŸ˜›

    Really good balance in the team, but the Turks are so poor. Sanogo is the natural replacement of Giroud: less goal threat but doing all the back to goal work brilliantly.

  • ha ha ha ha ha
    Paul Merson was polishing his silver over the Rambo strike and so he should, what a goal!!

  • I really want Campbell to score as well he looks like he needs a goal for his confidence
    Or at least a really strong performance. Come on you Gunners

  • Campbell’s work on the ball is good…If he had Yaya’s size and Poldi’s hammer… Well, that would be quite a player…

    It’s all coming from the Szcz-olidity at the rear, I say… πŸ˜‰

    If I go pull myself a 3rd espresso (of the day) it will be really, really, 007… I should probably switch to tea, however, being past noon and all…

    3 kids on, or just two? I had to take a call there at HT…

  • BFG doing some good work in there to keep the clean sheet…and Debuchy is good to have back in the fold…Don’t get hurt (my fellow) old men…

    They make quite a noise in the stadium…Strong coffee, maybe?

    Campbell looking a bit leggy as the match wears on…

    MN and GZ look good enough I think… Is Ajayi injured too? Ox could use a breather as his passes are going wonky…

    If anybody was around I’d say we should play a little 3rd sub roulette… O’Connor it is…for Debuchy….

    Pool are done–down to 10 in Switzerland, but Dortmund look good for 1st in our group… Ah well…

  • Pool get one back…

    Sixes and sevens at the back but we hang on…Ox showing the younger boys about digging deep to work a cross in…

    Nobody hurt (fingers crossed…) and some good fun…Clean sheet and/or another would be pure icing at this point…

  • Anderlecht reprising their comeback in Dortmund… 1-1 there… I don’t see us getting 3 goals on the news, however…

  • Whoa… Dutchman blasts it home… No clean sheet…

    Surely Martinez would have stopped that…Surely, 007 will tell me…

    Basel on the break could’ve…should’ve ended it… Skrtl side netting… 2 mins remain…

  • Yaya.S will score says @ PG ?

    mate, he hardly ever won a header whole game – sure, he is Giroud’s replacement like for like and all due respect where it’s due – I don’t even Rate Giroud to be Arsenal’s first choice striker ,

    in an ideal world, Giroud be my 2nd striker or super sub .

    you acted in haste, could have won a few more bucks hanging in there with my 3-1 prediction earlier on ; )

  • Martinez would have tipped that one over the bar as he is taller than Sczny and as you keep telling me that height matters @ ME Amigo

    and there is my prediction coming to life

    brace scored by Poldi !

  • Agony at Anfield as Sterling fluffs the final kick…

    Lulu, however, gets his brace with the same kick in our match… And his move to a Turkish team?… 😦

    Fun times…and just what the doctor ordered… for me at least… Not enough young flesh on display for others? I dunno, I had fun, and I enjoyed the young guns… New Years resolution might be to work on my ‘puter-TV connectivity so as to watch more of the youth matches via stream…

  • Great result, Podolski deserves as start in the league after that

    …………………..Rambo………………the OX
    …………………………BACK 4

  • Why change it from a fast flowing attacking 4-3-3 in the first half to a shite 4-2-3-1 in the 2nd??
    And how the f*ck did Sanogo get on that pitch ahead of Akpom!!!! πŸ‘Ώ

    Good result by the lads and especially Ramsey, i just wish the boss hadn’t done all he could to f*ck up the flow for the second half.

  • Its clear why 11, he did not want the lads who came off getting injured when as it turned out we could not win the grop anyway so i have no complaints at all

  • So many of you just dont see it. Why did Ramsey and Pod get the space to score? Yep Sanogoals. As long as you dont get this you will not get Wenger’s decisions upfront.

    Wenger was nice to the youngsters, Steve, to give them a chance in the second half. But they were weak replacements for Ramsey and Flamini and the whole team had mercy with the home team.

  • the last thing we needed would be for Rambo getting injured when he has just hit top top form again . Same goes for the Ox and we need Flamini just as much no?

  • it wasn’t the boss fcuking up @ Steve

    it was the team fcuking up when we were 3-0 up the emirates against a certain team – nuff said

    the lads did us proud tonight !

  • Totes,
    Thank you, i agree. Sanogo had a good game imo.
    He did just what you said.

  • Nice little training exercise and another 750000 Euros in the bank. Big plus is that Ramsey is back and no further injuries (except Ox maybe who withered away during the second half). Pod is another plus and I could see him start against the Barcodes too, PGtips. πŸ™‚

  • Its not the replacements boys, he changed the whole formation it was evident. Such a fast open 4-3-3 in the 1st then a compact passy passy bullshit 4-2-3-1 in the second with Sanogo up front doing absolutely nothing.

    PG i’m not arguing the subs mate it was the change of formation and therefore style of play that pissed me off.

  • Agreed TA,
    Going forward we have so many great players and options now. As good as any club in the league imo.
    We really are so close to something special.

  • Oh ok, but they are just kids and he was bedding them in.
    I think Wenger did very well tonight as did the players.
    Really i could not be any happier with it as a whole tonight.
    Look at Liverpool they are now in the Europa eague.

  • 007, all in fun, of course…We’re just hanging on by a thread, so I don’t think we should divide over kids nor keepers… The glory of it all was the needed rest for a few of our key guys… (Welbs, Giroud, Santi and esp., of course, Alexis… Kos and Gibbs hopefully can play at the weekend, what about el capitan?…)

    This was a very good match for Ox and Rambo. (Goal of the tournament?…) That the latter could also take the 2nd half off is even better… AR gives a decent and very calm soundbite afterwards…

    PG may not have maxed out all his bets, but he’s spot on re: Liverpool in Europa League hell…

    Yeah, I would’ve liked to have seen Akpom, but I think there’s a bit of wisdom to not make Debuchy play the full 90 on his (early) return… I dunno, F11ngers, if that match today cannot please you… Still, it’s a(n?) unique perspective you bring… πŸ˜€

    Ugh, back to (a bit of) work… TA, Yaya still has a way to go re: stamina, but otherwise, I think you might be onto something… πŸ™‚

  • 11,
    Them kids have not even played in the league yet, as i said it was important just to bed them in and not to damage there confidence in any way. All good i think.

  • hahaha i’m not complaining PG it was a great result but i just think he killed the game unnecessarily.
    Still a great performance and one that i was looking forward to – i (and Gerry) told you all it was going to be good πŸ™‚

  • 11,
    Good o lol πŸ™‚
    There were so many pluses tonight, the return of MD is massive as well really.
    The return to top form of Pdolski and Rambo and the Ox continueing is awesome too.
    Add Alexis , Giroud, Welbeck and the forgotten man who i am starting really miss mr Ozil and we are looking deadly πŸ™‚

  • Yes 17, Sanogo had a less impressive second half against Dortmund as well. He is also struggling with niggling injuries this season and he is still young (and gangly). But he fits the system, Wenger’s system, with effectively one holding striker and two co-strikers/Wingplayers, really really well. As we all know, Wenger has recruited and developed some of the best attackers of the world. He KNOWS that Giroud and Sanogo are not on a par with the Henrys, Van Judasses, Bergkamps, Anelkas he has had at the club…. But he has changed tactics a lot since those days.

  • I think Alexis will have been watching from his sofa at home, saying ‘yes, those were very good goals tonight – I am surrounded by quality players!’

    Night all πŸ™‚

  • or why these useless gits don’t play like that when I am running the show ? πŸ™‚

  • Sorry HT, I had to switch the computer off early last night, low power means weak reception … even along the phone lines.

    We have got a similar forecast to your weather, worse towards the north, but like the weather, I had a rough night. I am already running late and I haven’t done anything.

    I read above when I get back with the dogs, no ball games because of the high winds though.

    Alas I have a mixed review of the second half, but that is for later …

  • It is midweek, so unless anybody has volunteered to do a review, I doubt TA will have the time?
    I am not up to doing one, given the need to respond afterwards. Also, my only disappointment is a feeling of a misuse of the substitutes.

    Take it as read that I was deliriously happy with the first half, somewhat tempered by the thought that some of the Gala players may have been saving themselves for their domestic battles?

    But ahead of the game it was more than likely that Debuchy would need to come off towards the end, I wonder just how much thought went into it?

    Calum Chambers was doing really well compared to his previous game, but he is also a half decent right back. It did not take long to see where O’Connor would be best suited? It wasn’t right back. Putting him in on Koscielny’s position seemed to me the most logical, especially at 3-nil up? I think Mert would have been happier playing the ball forward from the right side too, as time and again it was on Chambers side where space opened up.
    But that was not the only option either. A straight switch back for Bellerin would have been better. Sadly, Bellerin will not be used out on the left in the league, as he clearly showed he cannot tackle with his left foot. He got tighter in the second half, but would be exploited mercilessly by any right winger in the premiership?
    Whereas O’Connor had the opposite problem on the right, apart from his continual drifts towards his natural home in the centre. I feel he would have been more comfortable wide on the left, if it was deemed unwise to upset the existing CB partnership.

    The other two substitutes were brought on earlier out arising problems, but again I felt sorry for both. I said before the game that Maitland-Niles (or as AW says it in his Gallic way, Niles-Maitland) was the perfect sub for Ox or Ramsey, but with Flamini coming off at the same time, he had to do the defensive midfield roles of both, and lost his chance to show his more attacking side. However, I do think he, out of all three of these academy players on show, was the one that did not look out of place, and can be well pleased with his efforts.
    Zelalem suffered. Not only because the Turkish side were given a wake up call, and worked a lot harder to get in position to shoot, badly for the most part, but also our front runners no longer had the drive to go forwards, shorn of the energy and experience of Ramsey, and the stability and experience that Flamini could give. That and the fact that Sanogo was having a bit of a ‘mare in keeping possession, and Campbell’s flashes of skill were woefully undone by poor passes, or passes that were not made and should have been.
    All in all, this reduced Zelalem’s famed creativity to zilch. He is better than this showing, but is still a work in progress?
    I would have much preferred to have seen Kamara replacing Flamini, or may be Akpom for one of the aforementioned front guys. But Akpom may just jump to the head of the queue without playing. Interesting if he gets the nod on the bench on Saturday?

    One final note for young talent. I urge all to watch the Chesea v Sporting Lisbon game, not just for another viewing of William C, but to cast envious looks at the Chavs Loftus- Cheek (or Cheek-Loftus?). On a skill level for this 90’s born generation, this lad seems to have been given a double helping …. Just enjoy.

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