A new CB, DM and Goalkeeper, or…..: What will the TW bring?


There is a lot of hope amongst some fellow Gooners that the boss will splash the cash and bring in a shipload of new signings this January. We have been here many times before of course, and we never quite know what the boss will do. I really do not have a clue what will happen but past January transfer windows (TW) tell us that:

  1. He regularly buys nobody or surprises us with a largely unknown player for cover of a particular position;
  2. Very seldom will he spend the cash on a star player;
  3. He is a tough – some say tight – negotiator and will often wait till the very last minute;
  4. Although he sets transfer targets, he appears to change his mind regularly.


Arsenal tend to buy their players during the Summer TW and only use the January TW to stop a gap, or to get a bargain. If it is the latter, we definitely will have to wait till the last day(s) of the TW, as the negotiators need the pressure of the deadline to force through a deal with those clubs who need to sell but are holding out for the best possible price.

Will we get a 'Monreal style' signing?

Will we get a ‘Monreal style’ signing?

If it is about stopping a gap (like Monreal two Januaries ago), Wenger tends to change his mind a lot, and recent developments might well delay or postpone transfer activities during this TW.

We need(ed) a CB, but with Debuchy, Chambers and Monreal doing decent stints in that position and Koz getting back to fitness, he might decide not to bother…. unless he can get a bargain. There is also a problem here in terms of getting somebody who wants to play third fiddle to the BFG and Koz when joining us, as nobody should be under the illusion that Wenger will drop either of them mid-season.

We also are desperate for a quality DM who can release the shackles of our attack minded midfielders. But out of the last chance saloon comes Le Coq who has been playing very well in his last two games, giving solid protection to the back four and allowing his fellow midfielders to let it all hang out. Wenger might be tempted to give Coquelin one last opportunity to play himself into the team…. It would not surprise me at all if we will not see another DM join us before 1st of Feb.

Some believe we will buy another goalkeeper and they might well be right. I reckon Ospina will not have accepted a permanent nr.2 role when he joined us; and if Szczesny is to be replaced imminently, which is highly unlikely in my opinion, it will probably be with a new nr.2 (with Ospina making the promotion).

So, glass brimming half full Gooners, half empty ones, and seekers of balance, out there: given the above, do you believe we will buy (a) senior/quality player(s) at all this January? And if so, who? Gives us your predictions! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal

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81 Responses to A new CB, DM and Goalkeeper, or…..: What will the TW bring?

  1. mr bond says:

    whatever happens in this transfer window won’t make much difference. We’re already too far back to make any wave in the league. Much as it may sound defeatist, we won’t win the league and can only do an extended run at the European stage. Once the big guns come blazing we will fall by the way side that’s assuming we beat Monaco. The most realistic target is the FA cup and for that we don’t need to spend the kind of money being bandied about. The common sense says we ride out this season with the ammunition in our arsenal by going for the much detested fourth place finish although that is no more cast in concrete, what with Southampton showing a very consistent form and the sudden resurgence of the spuds not to talk of a disorganised man u who had played poorly but is clinging to the third place as if their life depends on it. Am not deluding myself that we have a complete squad, with the very obvious need for a defensive midfielder and an immediate replacement for mertesacker. But with good coaching we can achieve all these as some key players are on their way back from the ever crowded physio ward of Arsenal. Let the manager do his bit and the players too and pray earnestly that our ever hopeful, trustful and frugal man at the top has realised that its wishful thinking trying to win the Epl without experienced and quality cover for each position and allow Steve Bould a look in on our defence. It could have been worse. We should not lose sight of the lesson of the plight of Borussia Doutmond.

  2. shrillex says:

    Mr bond, I disagree with you on a few points. One, who says we will lose against the big teams (after Monaco)? Do you not have faith in the squad? I say we stand a darn good chance against them, no matter how big or tough the opposition is.

    Second, sure maybe it’s a little too late to win the PL. but you never know, if we go on our usual late season unbeaten streak yet again, we may threaten for a 3rd spot, or maybe even threaten the top 2.

    How we should strengthen our squad for the 2015-2016 season (inc winter TW and summer TW)

    IN OUT
    Winston Reid (Winter). Lukas Podolski- out of contract
    Fabian Schar-Bosman (Winter) Metersacker
    Krystian Bleik (Winter) Flamini
    William Carvalho (Winter). Arteta
    Raphael Guerrero (Summer) Monreal
    Morgan Schneiderlin/. Campbell (Loan)
    Victor Wanyama( Summer) Santi/Ozil
    Draxler / Reus (Summer)

    If we manage this, we would have a good depth in the squad, quality players and quality replacements and it doesn’t overload the squad to the point where youth players cannot come in and play.

    Winston Reid coming in as a stopgap/ extra quality player that our squad needs. Schar coming in would mean the departure of Metesacker, so Calum’s growth isn’t affected and he would get some first team action.

    Krystian Bleik would come in as a stopgap player for the season. He would be coming with bags of potential and may well be a player for the future. Carvalho/Schneiderlin / Wanyama would come in as a first team player, with Carvalho being the most realistic to come in the winter TW. If we manage to get Bleik and Carvalho, it would spell the end of Flamini, though I’m still tempted to keep Arteta for his experience.

    If we want to bring in Draxler/ Reus, I suspect either one of Santi or Ozil will depart. Or maybe not, with the departure of Podolski and hopefully Campbell. I’m not against Campbell or anything, it’s just that he is more likely to find first team opportunities elsewhere to return as a quality player.

    Hoping we’ll get Cech or Lloris though. While it may be unrealistic, we should attempt to get them into our team. Note that both are quite old but experienced. They would come in with loads of experience and slot right into the first team. They would give Szczesny the kick up his arse he needs and force him to be more focused, same goes for Ospina. If Szczesny manages to break into the starting XI, we would see a more focused, more mature Szczesny.

  3. omgarsenal says:

    With both Arteta and flamini getting near their shelf-lives, and LeCoq still adjusting to being a DM in a tough league (which he has done very well so far) my guess is that Aw will look at moving Chambers into that position alongside one of Flamini,Arteta or LeCog and maybe try and find someone more experienced in the summer window. He definitely is contemplating bringing a new CB in the summer and probably another fullback as well (a la Debuchy).
    He traditionally buys multi-purpose players who can play either defense or midfield and in some circumstances can also become an attacker if needed. He tends to steer clear of big ticket players, and despite paying top dollar for Ozil, he usually seems to prefer finding players like Kos and Bellerin, who he can train into being world-class.
    We have some excellent options in the youth team as well and knowing Wenger’s reticence to discourage these kids by bringing in too many starters, he’ll opt for a rather superficial TW this time around, is my guess.

  4. shrillex says:

    Didn’t come out right just now 😛

    Winston Reid (Winter)
    Fabian Schar-Bosman (Winter)
    Krystian Bleik (Winter)
    William Carvalho (Winter).
    Raphael Guerrero (Summer)
    Morgan Schneiderlin/.
    Victor Wanyama( Summer)
    Draxler / Reus (Summer)

    Lukas Podolski- out of contract
    Campbell (Loan)

  5. oz gunner says:

    Too much instability shrillex

    This window:


    End of season transfer window




    -bellerin (loan)

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers everyone 🙂

    A nice mix of comments, even though there are only five 😛

    Will get back you later today.

  7. henrychan says:

    Hi All..
    Since we all already long enough to know Wenger.. It will be more than happy if he bring two or three new players.. not include youngsters.. and I must sorry to say it.. that we will not see Carvalho or Schneiderlin this Winter..

    Krystian Bielik is a youngster.. I exclude him.. Wiston Reid is near.. hope will deal soon..
    the other player maybe Sissoko or De Jong or M’Villa.. but still hope it will be Khedira.. hahaha..

    And you know guys.. Even without any new players.. we will still able to fight for third place.. and We also will trash Monaco for sure.. hahahaha..
    And then we will see Wenger bring other top players next Summer.. hehehhehehe..

  8. Gerry says:

    In theory, this should be a fine discussion post with all the talk in the gossip columns, TA?

    However, I fear it may give 17HT a two day holiday …. Don’t worry, there is a match on Saturday.

    I gave more thoughts on this TW a little while ago, saying I think there will be two senior signings this window, and up to 4 youngsters. So far it looks like Kristian Bielik will sign shortly from the youngster’s group. He will be a great signing to have now, because he will learn a lot from players we have here already for that role of DM, but also from who else may come in. I believe AW wants to leave a legacy of a great crop of young players who will take the club on under whoever takes over, should he retire from the front line at the end of his current contract. With so many players coming through, supporters will feel that the change-over will be pretty seamless, as they can identify with the core of the team. That is his mission now, to find quality youngsters. Bielik will go through I think because Chelsea have probably signed the alternative from St Ettienne.
    The senior signings are more predictable by position, if not by name.
    I think the above are all wrong on who the player coming in will replace in this window. It is not Mertersacker, but Koscielny. As it stands at the moment, without complete rest or surgery, Kos looks to be fit for 1 game in 4? It makes sense therefore, to use him to rest Per, who has been playing constant football for the last 18 months remember.
    The target for this job is Winston Reid. Out of contract, goes for free in the summer. They say they want £7m, we may offer £2.5-3m, and may get him now for £4m. That deal makes some sense, as WHA get a reasonable compensation for losing a player now, with a chance to replace, against zero in the summer. We have a player who will do a job now, have a chance to play in CL at the end of his career, and have a decent salary with the contract, but will likely drop back to being more of a back up next season.
    That may depend on who is available in the summer. Contacts made now will be useful next time, unless there is a chance to sign now, but loan back for this season.
    The DM position is much more delicate. AW will not spend a chunk of money on anybody who is not top class. With Coquelin adding a third string to the Flamteta duo he will feel he can muddle through as long as our attacking strength holds up.
    Arturo Vidal is another name that has been added to the long list, and one that would match Alexis for drive and work rate …as long as his knees hold out? Price will determine, both on fee and wages, as to who comes in. If they pay a high price, say £28m for Schneiderman, it would take a chunk out of the budget, but then other targets are not that far behind in price, even if available. I don’t think he will drop to the second tier level around the £15-18m and be stuck with them on a 4 year deal. So much as we think we need, it may not happen until summer?
    Attack, or attacking midfielder?
    I always have a leaning towards players who want to come to Arsenal, rather than come to pick up a bigger wage packet. Unfortunately there are two players competing for AW’s attention in this area; Cavani and Dybala, although Isco has been mention recently, and AW has known to be interested before? Interesting, but the fee will scupper this one’s chances.
    However, the former has great experience, is the right age to move aside for Akpom should he reach his potential, and would be a stronger foil than Welbeck in supporting Alexis .. and this is what this is all about, building a team that can deliver the best of our only true class player at the top of his game. Not, I hasten to add, in the same way RVP became the focal point. No, this is about getting an integrated team that plays as one. The Dream Team.
    So Cavani fits the bill perfectly, but not without casualties, as Giroud would almost certainly be push aside in the middle, and really has no where to go?
    Dybala, another semi midget who is all feet, and bundles of skill with it. Plays on the left side. Takes on players for fun, and scores oodles of goals. Problem. Where does Alexis fit into this, as this is his main area of the pitch? I guess the answer would be a 4-4-2, with Alexis alongside Giroud (safe this time), or a 1-1 position, leaving Walcott/Ox/Bellerin(see todays blogs?) with pace down the right, and Dybala down the left. However, the midfield would have to be a QDM and Ozil …. and then you see the casualties???
    I do like this player, and is the only one who could truly replace Alexis in times of need.
    It is also known we are looking at youngsters as attacking midfielders, but they would not be a threat to the development of Crowley or Zelalem. Likewise the defensive names in this group.

    Exciting times for the brave ….

  9. I saw Khedira last night in Real’s match – a big slow lump – frankly a big reputation on the web but in my opinion nowhere good enough for Arsenal even though a WC winner!

  10. geoffchase says:


    So, the usual suspects and writings, and the usual change everything. I think the following offer some unique points to think on THIS TW:

    A. So far youngsters, but they don’t count as they are future. Not now or next year

    B. Bosmans, which my iPad wants to auto correct to Bosnians. However, they ARE a factor.

    C. We need a DM. One that is “now” while Coq has said, he’s Mr. later tho, like Chambers doing very well for his age and experience now. Central defender is nice but DM is now

    D. Combine B + C and get … Schneiderlin or Carvalho. They are bot free or way cheaper this summer. So, their teams face the dilemma. Sell now, or face the free threat. We lost Cesc this way essentially. Now is our chance to cash in….

    So, I’d readily settle for either of those two alone…. And given the “Bosnians” out there, it’s got possibility. Certainly, the performances, minus brain farts, of Coq in the recent games show the potential.

    A true full timer top level DM would also let us double DM and then counter the Chavs to death if we wanted, among other possibilities like is battering the Orcs rather than vice versa. Of the two, I favor Schneiderlin for his PL experience.

    So, to me, this ones different given what we need and the Bosnian potential.

    Cheers and hurray for Bosnians?

    — jgc 🙂

  11. JM says:

    @ Gerry’s mention (January 8, 2015 at 08:55)

    “The Shadow Bomb” – Arturo Vidal (2013-2014) (At his peak performance level currently)

    via Alexis Sánchez’s link (agent & national team), (Jersey No.5 reserved ?!).

    “High-speed Closing Down” (2012-2013) (World Class CM)

    “The Long-range Monster” (2012-2013)

    “One of the Total Midfield Unit” (2011-2012) (alongside Andrea Pirlo & Claudio Marchisio/Paul Pogba)

  12. retsub says:

    The obvious need is for a long term DM. Le Coq looks good tackling, but his distribution isn’t the greatest. I would far rather go for a Schneiderlin or a Carvalho than a really big name like Khedira. Sometimes these proven players come with big ego’s and don’t always fit well into a squad. Far better in my opinion to go for a younger more hungry option and keep le Coq as back up

    Part of the need is also to get a player who is in good shape. How often does the likes of John Terry get injured (although he is an odious creature). To a certain extent the BFG gets sympathy from me in this respect. He has never been the quickest and there is little doubt his form has suffered this season. However he is rarely injured and has been around all season when others around him haven’t. Little doubt that Kos is the better player in the long term, but what is better a Kos who will average 20 to 25 league games a season or the BFG who is in the thick of it every week? Unless we are going for a top notch replacement Hummels? I don’t think we want a 2nd stringer ( squillaci, Syvestre etc). Coming in. If we go big on a defender I suspect the DM will go by the wayside. Personally I think a DM is a higher priority

    I don’t think he will move for a keeper and would be very surprised if either Spurs or Chelsea would sell. It’s got to be worth trying Ospina and at worst it might give Szs a good kick up the rear

    And just for fun I would like the new Thierry Henry (just kidding)

  13. JM says:

    GK candidate: Cássio Ramos

    “Ice-cool Composition” (2011-2012)(with Corinthians, winner of the Gold Ball in 2012 FIFA Club World Cup vs Chelsea, 1-0)

    “Inspired Saves” (2011-2012)

    Dominating & faultless @whoscored
    Strengths: Long Passing, Shot Stopping(Reflexes), Penalty saving, Saving long shots
    Style of play: Comes off his line often (Keeper-Sweeper)

    15 shutouts, 29 goals conceded in 36 league appearances (2014 season).

  14. Gerry says:

    Geoff – I hate to argue with mighty and thoughtful one, your ‘D’ is misplaced.

    Schneiderman will not be cheaper in the summer because demand will be high. We have a little advantage over a club like Spurs in that we can afford to splash the cash right now, who I believe will have to sell before they buy. Man Utd are looking the other way, at Gundogan. But it may mean going over the £25m barrier.
    Cavalho, who at times can look very good, at others not so, but his release fee is still in the region of £28m …AND signed a new contract not long ago. It did not change the release fee, but I don’t know about the 3rd party interest who were due about £10-12m before. The only reason that Sporting are being tested with lower offers is because they made a bit of cash in the CL, and may be thought of as discounting some of the fee against that.
    Another player who I would quite like after MS, has a release fee of £24m, but that only means he has to be informed of the offer, not that the club, or player need accept it – re-run the Suarez stuff, without the lies?
    Another, of whom interest has been expressed, could be available for £10m, but whether he is of the quality, on and off the pitch, is probably a sticking point. There are a couple of others, but may be don’t fit the bill quite as well. Indeed, some may be no better than developing Isaac Hayden, should he be in a position to demonstrate his qualities any time soon?
    All this does is allow for dithering, and end up with the worst case scenario. Behind the scenes, probably on a chairman to chairman level, questions are being asked about availability and the price to secure. Only when a top offer is put in, and accepted or rejected will we know if they are moving on to others on the list. I doubt very much Sammy K is still on the list, although I believe h is a true ‘Bosnian’ come summer?

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Quite a balanced comment there, Mr Bond, and the last sentence holds a lot of truth too. I guess you are bored with being consistently good but not great. I reckon Wenger is keen to move forward but not by buying kamikaze style. There is no need for buying many players this time round and you do underestimate the quality of this squad. Once everybody is fully fit we will give any team a good game. My only concern is the DM position, but I can see Wenger putting his belief in le Coq… at least till the Summer.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Shrillie… the glass is brimming all-right! Is this your wishlist or do you seriously expect this to happen this year? 🙂

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    JM, thanks for the cards but please keep them to a minimum and only Arsenal related. Cheers. 🙂

  18. Gerry says:

    Thanks JM – Alas I think it was his £200k per week that put us off before, and he switched towards Man Utd, who since have changed manager, and are looking at the younger guy?

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    OzG 🙂

    That is a balance seeker comment. I reckon only two in (plus Jenkie) and three out in 2015. Diaby out… big call! 😛

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Hehehehe Henry 🙂

    Big fan of Khedira then… Other than De Jong any Dutchies you are interested in?

    How is the family and what is the weather doing?

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Geoff, scalpel stuff and hard to argue against you. I would love to get Schneiderlin this TW, but Le Coq’s recent form will tempt Arsene to linger on the decision, especially if Kroenke puts this development in front of Wenger when making the decision to sanction the purchase.

  22. JM says:

    @TotalArsenal (January 8, 2015 at 13:27)

    Will do. The last one candidate here:

    DF: Angelo Ogbonna (no rumours mentioned anywhere)

    “Flexible Marking” (2013-2014) (with Juventus)

    @Gerry (January 8, 2015 at 13:28)

    I reckon Vidal would be worth £150k – 200k/wk (our next wage adjustment): being a world class big game player at his peak, a captain material, in a role and position we are lacking.

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Retsub, the new Henry is among us 😉

    Agreed re DM. Lets keep everything crossed. A bit harsh on Le Coq’s distribution though me thinks.

  24. St. Henry says:

    Great stuff TA! I agree with your assessment as to what Wenger will do in this TW. But one can of course fantasize 🙂 But honestly in this window I am not sure that there are too many great options available. And for the moment at least I am also skeptical that he will splash Ozil/Alexis type of cash for folks who are not established stars. i.e. forking out 28m for Carvalho seems un-Wenger like.
    Not to sound defeatist but it is extremely unlikely that we will push the top two given the unfortunate points gap. Would love to finish third just so that we can avoid the extra two UCL games. But, it does look like getting in the top four will be a challenge given current forms of some of the other teams.

  25. Gerry says:

    Agbonna looks like residing at Juve for a while longer, especially while they are riding high?
    Good call for the type of player we are looking for though. Thanks again.

    On that goalkeeper above, would he be able to qualify on international appearances do you know JM?
    Agreed on Vidal. If they keep hold of Pogba then there is a chance his fee might just fall to a reachable level?

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi St Henry 🙂

    Fantasising is of course allowed, and as long as those dreams do not become hard arsed expectations nobody will get disappointed at the end. 🙂 😉

    I still have hope we will land one or two squad strengtheners but you are making a very good point about Wenger not likely paying lots of money for unproven talent. He would rather pay a bit more and get established talent but this is likely to happen in the Summer.

    Once we get Ozil, Jack, Rambo, Alexis, Giroud and Theo play regularly, we will play some awesome footie, I reckon; and third place is still within our reach. 🙂

  27. shrillex says:

    Total, both. I expect Winston Reid and krystian bielik to come in this TW. And for me, it’s enough to plug the holes in our team for now. Carvalho being brought in this TW is a transfer that I’m hoping will happen. Schar on a bosman is also one on the top of my wishlist.

    As for Guerrero, he is the one I’m hoping to replace Monreal with. I’m a Monreal supporter, but let’s face it. He’s not gonna be the world class LB we need. He’s an average defender and just isn’t good enough for the mighty Arsenal. Guerrior is a young LB and comes with load of potential. He’s also versatile like Monreal. I’ve seen him play a few times and am very impressed with his performances. He’s also the type of player that is confident on the ball though he needs to improve his 1v1 marking.

    The rest on my list (Schneiderlin,Wanyama, Lloris,Cech,Draxler,Reus) are more of my wish-list. Schneiderlin orWanyama would come in the first team immediately and most likely kick out Flamini from the squad permanently. I’m not too fond of releasing Arteta just yet as it would really unbalance the team, we need a captain-figure in our team and who does the job better than Arteta.

    As for Lloris and Cech,We need a top goalkeeper to give Szczesny a wake up call. they are both in the perfect age. Not too young, not too old. Both still have about 5 years in them. While unlikely, if we manage to get them, it would force Szczesny/Ospina to focus and step up their game. We would get to improve our current keepers and also give the newcomers game time. A win-win situation.

    Since Poldi is leaving and Campbell looks to be on his way as well, not to mention Rosicky, we need to few replacements in attack. I hope Arsene would splash the cash just one more time to get a quality replacement. Either Draxler or Reus would be good . For me, I would go for Reus as he would be in his prime right now. Get him now, and by the time he reaches the ripe age of 29 or 30, we would have a few youngsters coming from our academy, namely Dan Crowley, Zelalem,Gnabry etc.

  28. Gerry says:

    Retsub – re Coquelin. Back in his younger days his long range passes were one of his qualities. But at the moment he looks like he is still picking up the thread of 3 three years ago. As I said yesterday, he is now 24, not 19. He seems to have got lost on the loan system for a couple of years. So he needs his ‘A’ game pretty quick if he is to have a long term future here.
    But supposing we don’t get any of our top targets until summer, it is just possible to think that Hayden, Coquelin, and Flamini would do okay in a dual pivot, and two out of the three have proved themselves capable as a supported one? That would leave Arteta to come on for the final 20 minutes each game and help see out games, without the drama.
    Not ideal, but just possible. But I only see that happening if their top target is more or less seal in the summer. Anything else and I see target 2, 3, or 4 coming in now, as we need that security to be able to launch our full attacking venom.

  29. steve says:

    Its all about balance for me, three players for each position not bloody five for each attacking position and only a single player for each defensive spot.
    Once this basic element of a team is corrected at Arsenal then its time to balance the players themselves and produce three teams that will grow together and move Arsenal on for years to come.
    The pro’s who will be starting XI every time if fit (25 – 30 yrs old)
    Their competition who make up subs and direct replacements for injuries (21 – 24 yrs old)
    The youth who cover domestic cup games and injury crisis (18 – 21 yrs old)

    I have no idea what will go on this TW or the next but by the beginning of the next season i hope the team will look something like this;




    —————–Van Dijk——–Schar———Jenko


    Things to note;
    I’m still scouting a Jenko type player to give Gibbs competition on the left with Willems still only 20 yrs old and Monreal not really the level of competition we need. Same situation with Theo’s competition.

    Ignore the midfielders being on the wrong side, i play with inverted midfielders son’t know why 🙂

    imo Cavani, Carvalho and Khedira are all over hyped potential premiership flops and i wouldn’t be overly happy seeing them join.

    If Diaby never resurfaces then we need a real powerhouse replacement, the kind that Vieira was and Diaby was supposed to be, i don’t have too many options here considering whoever comes in will be starting XI straight off the bat and the only player i can think off would be taking a spot away from one of the youth options being only 21 himself (Pogba).

    If the team needs an absolute beast in midfield alongside the normal DM in cases when the team plays a double pivot then one of the CB’s must be adapt at performing this task which is why i have chosen Van Dijk – he would be an excellent option here.

    I am not so sure the GK options are the best but i don’t take a great interest in GK’s, maybe JB can help out 🙂

    I think Coquelin would make an excellent sub choice for Schneiderlin but if i am wrong then this could also be another area we need to strengthen and let Coquelin go (i am sure there will be an injury or two in this position so competent cover will be essential)

    Players out:

    Players in:
    Dybala or Talisca
    Van Dijk
    Mings or Doria

    Players out on loan (to a prem club)

    Players in on loan
    Munir El Haddadi

    Right that’s my two cents, i’m off to walk the dogs 🙂

  30. Gerry says:

    TA, can I quote you -:

    Once we get Ozil, Jack, Rambo, Alexis, Giroud and Theo play regularly, we will play some awesome footie, I reckon; and third place is still within our reach. 🙂

    The major problem therein, is that the first 3 have found it difficult to play together?
    As I said earlier, AW is looking for a core squad that is well integrated, and plays to the strengths of Alexis, not accommodating hit and miss guys.
    I think a ruthless Wenger will look at the following weaknesses:
    Giroud – Apart from having pee’ed him off is inflexible. Vulnerable.
    Jack – Injury prone, and inconsistent. Vulnerable.
    Ramsey – Great when he is on form, but any sort of injury takes him anything up 8 or 9 games to get back to that level. How old is he …12!!!? FFS. Throw in his injury time out, and he misses damn near a third of the season. Very vulnerable.
    Walcott – Has great pace, but not skilful enough against tightly packed defences. Okay for now?
    Welbeck – Great stamina, but not clinical enough in front of goal. Okay for now, but unlikely to be kept beyond contract length?
    Cazorla – Prior to this spell it looked like he might return to Spain? Assuming Ozil retains ‘king of the heap’, then at present he makes a good deputy. New signings may just not be right until this summer. Okay for now.
    Flamini will probably see out his contract, but that is all.
    Arteta needs a short term playing contract, or a move. If he stays, it may be with an eye to coaching?
    Monreal – Has proved useful, but he may prefer to take one more golden handshake before retirement? Could leave this summer.
    Gibbs – Injury problems still haunt him, but unlike AR16, he does come back at the level he left off. Vulnerable to a quality signing, but too good to lose, so more likely to have a young back up.
    Koscielny – How career threatening his injury is, I cannot say. But short term, he needs to get it sorted. Safe, if sound.
    Mertersacker – Lack of pace balanced against solid professional performances. Probably he will see out his contract, but signings will dictate how much he plays in the longer term.
    Debuchy – Treads a fine line after a booking. But overall he is safe.
    Szczesny – Pee’ed off Wenger big time. Unless a humble apology has been given, not for smoking, but his attitude after the game where he made errors, then his time is up. Not in this window, may be not in the next. But his security of being WS1 for the longer term is a fantasy in his own head. However, I do expect a full public humiliation as he makes his apology known, and he accepts that he will now have to fight for his place back again. Watch this space as to who plays in goal against Stoke?
    Of the others:
    Ox – Safe
    Bellerin – Safe
    Chambers – safe, but eased back from too much front line duty.
    Hayden – Vulnerable longer term.
    Akpom – Has to deliver, but safe.
    Rosicky – He will see out his contract, unless he gets attractive offers. Still very active this season.
    Martinez – Might reconsider his future, if new ‘keeper is young and usurps all existing holders, but even if a mature one is signed, may still get restless.
    Macey – Probably disappointed not have had a better start to the season, but would like promotion should any leave?
    Returning from loan;
    None staying
    New Loans
    Campbell – He will blossom with whoever plays him regularly. Somebody will get a bargain if we do not make more use of him.
    Sanogo – If he clicks, he again will do well. It would be nice if he goes to a club that wants to keep him.
    Crowley, Zelalem, and O’Connor, all safe.
    The remainder vulnerable due to new influx.

    If you think I am being harsh, then take a look at the future if you have access to BT Sport, as they are showing the Chelsea v Man Utd/City(?) Under 21’s tonight.
    You will see that is why AW wants to stock his cupboard with quality young players, because the future looks bleak with what is going to be rolling of the production lines elsewhere?

  31. Gerry says:

    That’s the trouble with that Steve, he steals my end lines too 😀

    When your back, have you a time frame for those departures?

  32. AB says:

    Afternoon TA. The TW remains ever fascinating – even if mostly disappointing. So far its the same as ever for us. Trying to put myself into Arsene’s head for a moment, the plan in short is to strengthen the squad incrementally, picking up quality at good value where the opportunity arises, and not straying from thi plan unless there are sudden risks – i.e. of failing to make top 4. Where does that leave us?

    The greatest risk in the current squad is injury to CBs and us dropping a lot of points through conceding too many goals. It doesn’t feel like a crisis though, and with players coming back from injury there’s every reason to feel top 4 remains doable without pressing the panic button. But we can shore up the risk by buying an experienced, solid quality (not SQ) CB who is expressly there as rotation and injury cover – i.e. 3rd choice.

    Looking ahead the most pressing need is for a real quality DM. This will only be if quality and price are both right – which sadly suggests its much more likely in the summer than this winter. The form of le Coq and the returns of both Flam and Arteta (our new captain remember) does not create a case for a panic buy (i.e. inflated price) in this TW.

    Then there’s the SQ at left wing or striker. And this is where a surprise could come at any time, depending on who becomes available. But I doubt it. It would need another club to get into financial trouble, suddenly, or for us to be able to pick up someone on the back of a massive deal, in the way we did Ozil and Sanchez; both of these are more likely to be in the summer than now.

    A few youth players? Yes, always, in any position, wherever cost and quality combine; but these are ones for the future and players bought in at £2m etc will have a pretty high fail rate.

    I hope this doesn’t sound negative – I’d love the excitement of us buying big. But I think we have a fantastic squad already and, unless an opportunity comes up suddenly, my expectation is for some pretty dull contingency buy at CB, but with the promise of monies being saved for another big signing in the summer.

  33. steve says:

    haha hi Gerry, apart from a CB and DM which i feel we need this TW i think all those players out i have listed will get the golden handshake at the end of the season and be replaced during the summer TW.
    I just feel a touch of the ruthless Wenger coming on this summer,

  34. Gerry says:

    As I write I see Matt Macey has a loan deal. Szczerr’s dad re-emerges from the shadows. Bad news for Voijech?

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    You have it all spectacularly wrong, Gerry, but feel free to hold on to your vision. Giroud, Jack, Rambo, Ozil, Theo, Alexis are Wenger players through and through and once they are all fit they will play Wengerball football (five out of six at any given time). If in doubt, watch the game against Man City again…. that is the future. As you always like to remind us of (for some reason): Keep the Faith. 😉

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    He might tweak at the back in the DM position and let’s hope he strengthen but the rest is sorted:

    —————-Arteta/Flam/Coq/New DM —- Rambo/Jack————————–

    If Wenger feels he needs to spend cash, AND IF he feels Alexis should play centrally, he might go for a LW in the Summer.

  37. steve says:

    Matt Macey to Accrington Stanley……
    Accrington Stanley? who are they?? 😆 😆 😆

    Maybe only a few will remember that advert

  38. Gerry says:

    It is looking like your prayers may be answered, as Celtic definition of ‘big money’ seems a tad lower than the greedy mongels further south?
    Certainly DvD plus WR would give us a whole lot more cover in that area.

    However, the DM situation looks to drag on a little longer. From all the rumours flying around, and that is all it is at this stage, it does like like a pretty active window?

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    The voice of reason and logic, AB. Pffff, that makes me feel good again. 🙂

  40. Gerry says:

    Bloody Hell Steve, I feel I was around when AS won the league … 😀

    TA – I notice you do not argue with the weaknesses I put forward?

    I think AW has had eyes opened by Alexis, and like Steve, I see a ruthless streak coming on?

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Steve that has always been one of my favourite names in football. The other one is Kidderminster Harriers. 🙂

  42. The Cockie Monster says:

    Easier to copy and paste my UMFL comment as it was spookily in part about the TW !.

    This is the irony !……Wenger will not buy in the transfer window, but buy a car window transfer to stick in his rear window and show his opinion on your ( the fans ) transfer window views as he drives off in his bonus Ferrari to deposit more money in the bank…..earned by making us profitable, but not competitive !.
    Maybe I`ve got it wrong and he is giving a signal as to how many relevant players he is going to buy !. hahaha

  43. Gerry says:

    TA – Just exactly what has AB said that is different to my prediction of 2 senior signings, and up to 4 youngsters in this window, and the DM likely to be deferred to the Summer Window?

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    What those throw away one-liners? Not worthy of a reply…

  45. steve says:

    I still see question marks surrounding some of those starting XI TA, this season has definitely not been one on which to judge their talent and performance so i think next season the form and contribution of star players like Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey will be looked at closely as this has not been up to par as of late.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Steve, we all know how good those players are. Why would they have to prove themselves again? It is a matter of fitness and being able to play together and grow as a team. They did not have a chance to do so and lets hope the rest of the season is a lot better in that respect.

  47. Gerry says:

    Try using that cop out on Steve then, that too, is a one sentence comment …

  48. steve says:

    TA Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey have never proven themselves to me in the first place. Ramsey did in his breakout season but i am hoping it is not the one off it is looking to be atm. But like i said above you cannot judge them this season with all the upheaval so come next season i am sure Wenger will be looking to see if it all clicks with some ruthlessness in mind if not.

  49. steve says:

    i put plenty of sentences in up above lol 🙂

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Ozil is pure class but you have never been able to see it. His career stats are brilliant and the seasoned watchers all agree he is quality. Rambo struggled with injury which can happen. Like you say he was phenomenal last season and there is no reason to believe he has somehow lost this…. why? Giroud …. I have explained this so many times that I will not bother going over it again. Giroud is key to Wenger’s plans: a pivotal player who we have missed more than anybody else this season.

    The ruthlessness of Wenger is a theory for which I dont see any evidence. He even wanted to keep hold of Pod… But maybe you are right and I am wrong.. 🙂

  51. steve says:

    “But maybe you are right and I am wrong”
    hahaha i doubt it TA, i seem to be a very lonely voice in these circumstances plus you know me and Ozil i just don’t get it lol. At other clubs yep great, at Arsenal i have never seen anything that eludes to a £40 million price tag.
    I truly hope you are right in the long run mate trust me but can’t help having my own doubts im afraid.

  52. The Cockie Monster says:

    I`ll tell you what !…………….without all the injuries and looking at all them decent players you girls have written above, we have one hell of a squad !. Trouble is, at least another 3 teams have wonderful squads and if we weren’t top of the injury league it probably still wouldn`t bring us any title !….why ?…..because even though we would have a wonderful squad like the other 3 ( you know who I mean ! )….they have better tactical coach`s and in the case of The Chavs…..they have a wonderful (special ) one in Mmmmmourinho !. hahahaha
    Wenger….great ( even wonderful ) manager……average coach !.
    There is one chance though !…….buy ten Sanchezmanian devils and fcuk the tactics !.

  53. steve says:

    haha Cockie you mean just buy the Chilean national team 🙂

  54. AwayGunner says:

    Good post TA,

    Now is the time for our SQ DM. Morgan Schneiderlin or otherwise. Beg, borrow, steal – Whatever the cost, I don’t care.. I would gladly pay the January premiums. Arguably, the most important position on the pitch should be fully settled and integrated into the “Arsenal way” so we can actually hit the ground running on match day 1 come August. We’ve been screaming for a DM for how long now?

    Happy new year gents.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough, Steve. Que sera sera and all that. 🙂

    Cockie, I feel sorry for you. Your hero Maureen has let you down so badly and is not going to win anything again this season. Just as well you decided against becoming a Chav! You were tempted though, admit it.. 😀

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    AwayG 🙂

    Happy New Year to you too. All agreed re the DM, but I feel the longer and more we keep saying it the less likely it will happen. Maybe we should say: Arsene we do not need a DM: whatever you do, don’t buy a DM! 🙂

  57. The Cockie Monster says:

    I can wait, Totes !…….the day when he becomes Arsenal manager and we change our name for the fifth time and become Mmmmmourinho FC !. What a guy !. hahaha
    Although, I will get an enormous amount of pleasure if it all explodes in his face this season ( and I`m not talking about my boner ! ) with anyone but The Chavs and Spuds winning the league !.

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Well lets hope for the latter, Cockie, as the former is unthinkable.

  59. James Bond says:

    what was that about Sczny’s father not making any comments again ? who was the bright spark to have told me that he wouldn’t be doing it again ?

    and what was my reply ? give it a few games .

    well, he get’s dropped for 1 game and not even dropped as I am guessing, it was a pre-planned move and the daggers are already out .


    yep @ Aussie – Bloody told you so 🙂

    Nice one @ Skipper

    all good and solids points !

    Like others, I wouldn’t mind Pogba, Reus, Draxler, Vidal, Cech , Hummels, Schnerdelin, Wanyama (yeah yeah, you all know where this is going but I got news for you, I’m not AFC or STEVE) .

    and as my good amigo often tells me ” the keys to happiness is no expectations”

    getting Messi would be rather mind blowing though for £200 million 😀

  60. James Bond says:

    a good one , for all the AW lovers !

  61. oz gunner says:

    Thank you AB. If it were up to others we’d be starting the new season with a whole new team. The squad is good. If we had no injuries like chelsea do (and have had all season – bar Costa) we’d be challenging too. I know that’s a big if because our injuries have been shot since 2007.

    Monreal isn’t going anywhere and nor should he. He’s just added a sagna-like quality this season (ability to play CB) and that is great news for us if injury strikes. At the end of the season all I see happening is a CB coming in (if one isn’t purchased in this window), a DM and maybe a left winger. Plus a few youth signings as per usual.

    Out: diaby -had more than enough chances
    Flamini – served his purpose
    Podolski – time is up
    Campbell – loan
    Injury curse

  62. geoffchase says:

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry….

    Sigh, how can you so regularly completely misunderstand what I am saying when everyone else thinks you are actually me (or vice versa)…?!?!?!? 🙂

    What I meant was Schneiderlin or Carvalho leave on a free this summer, or at least one does. Thus, their teams may well be motivated to sell now or lose them for nothing. I.e. the normal real problem we have is finding players who the club wants to let go of and who also want to come to Arsenal. The club is often an issue.

    Thus, the last 6 months, where they have to sell now or lose them on a free offers opportunity for those willing to pay. The clubs may take less to get something

    Thus, with a Bosman or a Bosnian by spell checking, one gets Schneiderlin FAR cheaper this summer because there is ZERO fee. But, the club may well sell now rather than hope he re-signs in the interim. We lost Cesc similarly before going into this last full year because he wouldn’t re-sign.

    More succinctly. For all the talk about Schneiderlin in particular this last summer it seemed very unlikely Soton would let him go then rather than try to re-sign him. Thus, if he is keen to go anyway now, Soton “have” to sell this TW or risk him leaving on a free which isn’t economic for that club (vs say City or Chelsea)… This is unusual in that at least we know he may well be available for once rather than wish-listing away. Equally, Schneiderlin may well want to force a free because he can then command more salary…

    Hope that is clearer my other (BK blogging) half?? — jgc

  63. geoffchase says:

    Even more succinctly, when Bosman/Bosnians come into play in the last 6 months clubs get motivated to sell to recoup some investment if it all seems hopeless in this last chance TW.

    Thus, at least, you can know that the player may well be far more available than in normal TW gossip mongering

    cheers — jgc

  64. AB says:

    Hi there Oz. Agreed, we are looking at small refinements not squad revolution – the sort of knife wielding being encouraged by some here is what has left the spuds and pool in such a mess these last two years. The only other one I wonder about this coming summer is Santi. The question is whether he will become like Rosicky and stay for the rest of his career, albeit with progressively fewer starts, or whether he will go back to Spain whilst he still has some sale value. I’m not wishing him gone for one moment, but if we were to go back for a Draxler or equivalent in the summer, then I wonder if we would keep him at that point? The development, or otherwise, of Ox and Gnab over the remainder of this season will have a bearing on this possibility too I think.

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Regular Bloggers’ Profiles

    Hey guys and girls, I have just created a new page called ‘Regular Bloggers’ Profiles:


    Please have a look and make some time to answer the questions if you feel like it. Cheers, TA. 🙂

  66. oz gunner says:

    Harry Kane had the right idea…not sure what went wrong in his life to end up at the scum. Must have broken a few mirrors.

    looks like Yennaris at the end too

  67. Gerry says:

    Hi Geoff – It was not that I misunderstood what you were saying, it was I thought you had your facts wrong.
    I knew I was right about WC, so I was half right. But as I hadn’t seen MS listed in a ‘Bosman’s 11’, I assumed he had another year to run on his contract. It seems no, he is in his final year, which begs me to ask the question, ‘Now he is free to talk to other clubs, why hasn’t he done so?’
    Perhaps Southampton flying high (higher than Arsenal) he is going to wait until summer when he could get a bumper new contract staying put, or a big golden handshake if they don’t make the CL , by going elesewhere?
    So apologising for getting that half wrong, I will still argue the point about getting him ‘on the cheap’.
    It is clear to me that Southampton will only sell now for big money, and only in the next week or so. then they can get a replacement in, and continue their quest. And that is our chance to get him. Yes by paying the big fee that nobody else will pay, and not that costly against the good alternatives? But if we think we can ‘out-golden handshake’ other teams with deeper pockets, think again. Saints will put at risk their fee against the rewards of CL football next season. If MS has bought into that, and there is every reason to think he has, as he’s been with them through two promotions so far, and this would be a crowning glory, then we can forget him coming to the Emirates, ever!
    The news overnight is that we change tack to the Man U target, who prior to his neck/vertebrae injury, I thought was a better option than either of the Benders. The asking price may well make him worth the risk?

  68. Gerry says:

    Oz – Would that be a young JW back left? The one next to him looks familiar, but I cannot place him of that age range. The GK might be Shea, who played in the FA Cup at the weekend?

    Anybody else got ideas?

  69. oz gunner says:

    @ Gerry

    haha it does look like him now that you mention it.
    In the back row is Aneke and Afobe too

  70. Gerry says:

    TA – I had a look at your questions on the profile page. I am in two minds. You only have to marry that with bank details and you are ripe for identity theft 😀
    I know you are more into biographies than I am. I even feel reluctant about reading other profiles, including yours, as it seems intrusive. I am happy when people tell me things … but this internet stuff goes everywhere?
    I may answer the general things later, but I am struggling with my third book , ha ha

    I am keeping a close eye on the weather at the moment, so I may take the dogs out now, as it gets much worse later …

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah Gerry, I am not asking to name your fauvorite pet! 😛

    Do as you feel like, no worries. 🙂

  72. oz gunner says:

    Too late Gerry, I already own your house at car! 🙂

  73. oz gunner says:


  74. henrychan says:

    TA.. you know me.. I am a dutch-anatix.. German players is not mine.. hahahaha..
    Even Ozil is not my favourite one.. For me Cazorla or Ramsey are better in AM position..
    For DM.. Strootman will be first choice.. but we know he will go to MU instead us.. No more dutch player in Arsenal and MU had Van Gaal and Van Persie.. So I will go for Carvalho.. hope Wenger bring him in Summer..

    Abaout Khedira.. I talk about Winter TW.. not Summer TW..
    As we learn year by year.. Let’s not hope any big player in Winter..
    Khedira is a choice just because his contract will expired soon.. and Madrid won’t let him go for free.. So I mean.. between M’Vila, De Jong, Sissoko.. I prefer Khedira.. hahaha..

  75. St. Henry says:

    Hi All – just a general question / observation regarding Mourinho, tactics, and Wenger. I know that Wenger’s supposed absence of tactics is bandied about as if it were fact. Could anyone provide the evidence for this?

    In my view, Mourinho sets up his team to play defensively, which one might argue is the easier of the two choices – defense vs offense – low hanging fruit and all that. Do we consider him a master tactician just because he can prevent teams from scoring? Wenger definitely is a more offense-minded coach. Is his reputation for “tactical cluelessness” really because teams are able to score against Arsenal? I don’t recall anyone talking about lack of tactics when we were winning championships. We shipped a decent number of goals even then. But, had a more efficient scoring team.

    From what I can tell – yes, his teams have a similar style of playing but one can say that about all top coaches. No matter where Mourinho or Guardiola go their teams have a core style that is largely unchanged. But, if you compare the Arsenal teams over the years there have definitely been differences in how they have executed this philosophy. From the Henry days, to van Persie, to Giroud (w/ and w/o Alexis).

    Anyways, just curious what BKers think is the basis for considering Arsene a poor coach, when that is the main reason touted by any player coming in for joining Arsenal.

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent question, St. Henry and worthy of a post in a way. 🙂

    I have not got much time, so a quick response for now:

    Very few on here think Wenger is a bad coach or tactician, but yes, many believe Maureen is very good at this. I dont want to discuss Maureen in too much detail but your analysis is spot on. Wenger can do tactics very, very well, but he chooses mostly to build a team and playing style that can conquer all, with tactical tweaks when necessary. He has had to change his team many a time over the last 8 years, but is now able to build something….. unfortunately, large numbers of serious injuries to key players is what is holding him back this time round, and also a lack of investment in our defensive areas. I personally reckon it is time for Arsene to make way now, but I respect him a lot and still hope he can pull it off one more time, somehow. 🙂

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry 🙂

    All understood.

    Lets hope we will get Memphis Depay…. some player! 🙂

    Now what is the weather like? 🙂

    Oz 🙂

    I thought Geoff had stolen Gerry’s personality 🙂

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    St. Henry

    Please copy and paste your comment to the new post. 🙂

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Marcus is back.

  80. Gerry says:

    Hey you two, leave my identity crisis out of it.

    Oz, the last time anyone stole my identity and tried to open a new bank account, they realised their debt from their previous identity had suddenly increased increased 😀
    Oh, and good luck with the car, it was supposed to be scrapped as a rust wreck!

    I think Geoff is too nice to even be my alter ego. I think I fit my astrological profile quite well. A Scorpio/Virgo combination, giving such acid criticism even I don’t escape my own verbal abuse 😀
    Right, I got my 3 books sorted.
    Got my music sorted
    Philosophy of life, easy.
    Actually playing football err, very short-lived.
    Favourite pet name, try the gravatar?

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