El Haddadi, Mings, Dybala/Draxler, Willems, Daria: Arsenal’s squad complete?

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Ok i’m bored, like Gerry says nothing really much going on in the TW so here’s a question for you guys:


These guys leave in the summer:
Arteta, Flamini, Miyachi, Podolski, Rosicky, Diaby

We get the big name DM we’ve all been waiting for.

We secure the CB cover we need in this January TW.

Wellington Silva finally gets his work permit through for next season so he is added to squad.

This results in 24 over 21 yrs players in the team of which we of course are allowed 25.

One space left

Which X do you fill?

(btw the players are in no particular order of rank, just how i decided to arrange them)



———————————New DM——————————–

Gibbs——————X—————–New CB—————Jenko


My choice:
I would put Sanogo out on loan again freeing up another over 21 place.
I would bring in Munir El Haddadi on a season long loan as an under 21 option on the left wing.
I would bring in a top signing for the left side of midfield like Dybala or Draxler etc
I would add a second reserve CB (over 21), maybe Mings etc.
And finally i would fill the last two defensive third choice options with under 21 youth either brought in or promoted from the academy. I personally would bring in Jetro Willems and Matheus Doria.
A complete squad of three options for each position.
And this would be my squad for next season:



———————————New DM——————————–

Gibbs————2nd res CB———-New CB—————Jenko


Copy and paste and fill in the X’s with your choices 🙂
Or don’t bother lol

By Steve


85 thoughts on “El Haddadi, Mings, Dybala/Draxler, Willems, Daria: Arsenal’s squad complete?

  • Nice thought-provoking stuff, Steve, and so typically you… a formation a day keeps the shrink away, no? 😛

    I am not sure about the wisdom of all of Rosicky, Arteta and Flam leaving, as surely at least one will be kept to provide the ‘Giggs’ factor next season. But this is your game and I am sticking to the rules. So here goes:


    ——Depay- –OX————–Wilshere————Silva

    ———————————New DM——————————–

    Gibbs————Jagielka———–New CB—————Jenko


    Yep, I am double using some players as it is key to give the core squad players as many games as possible. Add in Jagielka and Memphis Depay in the summer on top of your signings and it would be Christmas 10 months a year. Will it happen though? 😉

  • haha TA you crazy fool, this was barely a descent comment just born out of a little boredom i can’t believe you made it a post lol.
    Very good point on giving the core squad players as many games as possible and i am sure my “three choices for each position” theme has been born out of a response to the crazy injury crisis we have seen this season which (touch wood) i don’t think we shall see again any time soon.
    Nice shout on Depay mate, he would be class at Arsenal not to sure about Jagielka though, i get your point about having an aging well experienced reliable veteran in reserve but i feel that is what BFG may become once the newer CB’s start to perform 🙂
    btw i knew you would put Sanchez back on the wing lol, for some reason i really want to see him in the middle, along side Cazorla would be magical – more like watching a dance performance than a footy match 🙂

  • Damn it TA, you’ve ‘New Posted’ me again .. so I copied I over…

    I’ll give it a go Steve, but note the need for 8 ‘home grown’ players.
    # denotes home grown#
    .My squad for next season is therefore like this:

    * Denotes – We should be so lucky
    ———————————New DM——————————–>15

    ^ Denotes – player/coach^

    ——————–2nd res CB———-New CB—–—————–>6,7

    ** Denotes – He should be so lucky

    That would the new CBs doubling up as full backs, as Monreal has gone off the list. Bielik does not go on to the a-list because of his age. Mings would, even though he could be classed as home grown, we already exceed the 8 allowed. Clearly any of the 3 in DM positions are vulnerable if any addition beyond those listed to the midfield .We could also lose Cazorla if anther attacking mid, beyond the listed.. Likewise strikers, we lose Welbeck, with Sanogo already on loan/sold. Gnabry will also have to show something this term to retain his spot. No room for Silva, or any other names I deleted from your expansive list.. Only youngsters with great promise will get in the B list.

  • Gerry, ** Denotes – He should be so lucky – hahahaha i like it 😆
    I did check my squad for the 8 homegrown and made it easy 🙂
    Don’t forget you can have as many U21 players in the first team squad as you like mate, you don’t have to count them towards one of the 25 man squad so you have a lot more room for options if you want.
    I think Arteta as a coach is a great idea btw!
    I think the Welbeck, Cazorla, Sanogo, Monreal exodus you suggest may be a little too ruthless even for the reborn evil Wenger lol.
    Oh and please no more players playing out of position, if theres one thing i would love Arsene to simply give up on it would be that lol “CBs doubling up as full backs”

    But could you imagine that top midfield line you have up there – Dybala, Sanchez, Cazorla, Walcott!!
    It would be unstoppable 🙂

    Nice work mate!

  • Steve it is well structured and opens up debate…. what else do we want? 🙂

    I see your point of view re Jags but he would be a safe pair of hands and he could do every other game with either Koz, BFG or our new CB (especially when we play two games a week). Any new non-PL CBs make me nervous and I like to play it safe at the back.

    Alexis could be played as RB and would still be man of the match, so yes, play him where you like: hot sh*t is hot Sh*t! 😛

    You are truly in love with Santi-Santi ahahaha…. 😛 Maybe it was no coincidence after all that Ozil ended up at the bottom of your ‘three’ hahaha 🙂

    My Dream-11 (yet realistic)


    Bench warming: Coq, Nacho, Rambo, Ox, Rosa, Jags, Santi

  • Thats why i gave him such a hard time at the beginning of the season TA, because the form he is on now was what he used to provide consistently and i (like you) thought he had been found out after seeing what he was producing consistently in the first part of this season. I think many (like HT) thought that i just didn’t like Cazorla but that was not the case, i just felt he was not performing anywhere near his true potential.
    For me its all about form which is why i always have a hard time watching the Ramsey resurgences, i know they need to be done but the consistent off form performances in the build up are hard to take, especially with the other options we now have and especially for the full 90 which Wenger always pushes for.

    You are only too right about Sanchez bud, put him in goal for all i care – still MOTM 🙂

    The Ozil and Jack pairing TA? very interesting!
    You know me, my dream XI will always be all the English guys together but atm if i’m going off of form it has to be the Sanchez and Cazorla show 🙂

    And i guess you spotted the subconscious/conscious placing of Ozil 😆 😆 😆

  • I reckon Santi is playing so much better because he is now playing like Jack and Ozil do. He is no longer desperate to park himself in front of the opponent’s ‘D’ to shoot with one of his three feet; instead, he is providing services to the three attackers and supporting his fellow (defensive) midfielders. The idea of Jack and Ozil servicing OG, Theo and Alexis is very exciting to me. The creative and penetrative skill combinations of those five is just mind blowing……. Way out there man! 😛

  • haha its a shame Jack is not quite ready yet otherwise we could have seen exactly that set up this weekend! Poor old Brighton lol

  • Steve, take the Ty from the Fens, he is playing LB at the moment. So if that comes off we have our LB cover, while keeping Coquelin in the same role as Flamini. Just remember, 3 for each position is 33 players 😀
    Re ages. Yes I rechecked after I posted, ANY under 21 player gets in, which does open up three spots: Akpom, Chambers, and Bellerin. Ty might just squeeze another if his birthday is after the first day of the new season?

    I only put in Santi more as an economic thought. On the back of this good form his price will never get better? and other young mids are being scrutinised.
    Wellington Silva will have to look very good in pre season to get a look in?
    Hayden has the useful addition, as he too can be a half decent CB – but first wishing him well on his recovery.
    Sanogo also will need to do well in his loan spell. Likewise Ackers tomorrow, otherwise he is of to MKDons.

    So this window still has wriggle room, eh?

  • Agreed Steve, I am also excited about Ozil and Santi playing in the middle with OG up-front and Ox and Theo on the wings (Alexis in goal hahahaha AAAAAAAAAAAAAlexxxxxxxxxxxxxis). 😛

  • All good points Gerry but more to the point what game is Ackers playing in tomorrow??

  • About an hour and a half later I find your question – I was listening to the Arsecast.

    Has the first team got more than one game to play tomorrow then?

    If he does not get a game tomorrow that means he really is off to MK Dons? Dodgy thing to do, with him being out of contract and all.
    Nah, I see him lining up against Brighton myself. Campbell is the one that might miss out if a deal is in the offing for him?
    Here is my team:
    Bellerin – Chambers – Koscielny -Gibbs
    ——— alt.Chambers – Mertersacker —
    ————————————-alt– Ox——
    ————————————-alt –Campbell

    Bench: Szczesny – plus 3 of the 4 that miss out, plus Giroud, and Coquelin and Rosicky.

    Even without Alexis, that front line has pace?

  • TW latest suggests that GP may be on his way?
    Illarramendi too, is yet another attacking/creative mid, aged 24, being linked. Those spaces are filling up fast?

  • Oh you meant the Brighton game, i’m pretty sure thats on Sunday Gerry not Saturday – I thought there was some other game i did not know about lol.

    Interesting line up btw, i would like to see us keep that 4-1-4-1 with Coquelin getting more experience as the DM, likewise Ospina in goal, don’t forget theres a whole week before our next match.

    Bellerin – Chambers – Koscielny -Gibbs

    Maybe Cazorla instead of RHCP (red hot chilli pepper) either way they are both on top form atm, and i am sure Ramsey will get subbed in there at some point but hopefully for only a short stint as he looked knackered the other day.
    I would have liked to have seen TA’s post question get answered with Cazorla and Ozil playing together in the middle but AW said Ozil will start for sure and i don’t see anyone keeping RHCP from playing lol so with Campbell on the left Santi make get a rest? like i said not too bothered as both are in cracking form atm but we’ve also got to fit some new faces in for this match 🙂

  • Yes, I think we more or less agree, once I have my days sorted out 😳

    I still think you need to give the subs some playing time, re Ospina and Coquelin?

    Sounded like Campbell is off to Villereal though. Loan probably.

  • G: Szczesny, Ospina, Martinez
    D: Gibbs, Monreal, Koscielny, BFG, Chambers, Paulista, Debuchy, Jenko
    M: Coquelin, Khedira, Bielik, Ramsey, Wilshere, Santi, Özil, Gnabry, Theo, Ox, Alexis
    A: Giroud, Welbeck, Reus

    Khedira signs for free or buy Javi Martinez if Khedira joins Bayern (which would be another incredible master piece of transfer business by Bayern)
    Reus for his 25 million Euro buyout clause (he’s a real fan of Arsenal since his youth days….and he can’t sign for Barcelona 😀 )
    Paulista seems to sign this month already

    Bellerin on loan to a Premier League oder La Liga side
    Sanogo on loan to Premier League side
    Akpom on loan to a Championship side
    sell Campbell for 10+ million pounds

    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Diaby would all seem a waste of money next year

  • Hiya Gerry,

    Jeeze, I didn’t realize that Illarramendi was an offensive/creative mid. I for some reason had it in my mind that he was supposed to be a Xabi Alonso type holder/controller.

    Haven’t seen much of him though to be honest (even before his pine ride).

  • you were correct AwayGunner, Illarramendi is a Xabi Alonso type of player and nowhere near offensive/creative midfield

  • ———————————Giroud———————————





    Zelalem the other spot.

  • Morning all.
    OZ – I admire the ‘stick with what we’ve got’ approach Oz, with just the three additions.

    I cannot see any of those arriving though.

    AG & Nik – That is the problem with me writing later in the day. Rather than read up on players mentioned, I rely on my memory, which sadly has been on this planet a long time and is no longer that reliable. I went back to the time when we were first interested in him, and I did not have him down then as a defensive mid?
    So being my ‘morning’ self, I thought I would check back to see what Fifa stats thought of him then. And you are right, he is compared with Alonso, amongst others, and I would agree, he is more Schneiderman than Dybala. More Arteta-ish really.
    However, back then he was thought of as a CM or CAM. Traits – Injury prone. Playmaker. Cannot head a ball to save his life. Better with the Standing tackle, rather than than the sliding variety.
    His best skills in attack are his short passes. Better still with his long passes in his ‘Skill set’, along with Ball control. Mentality best stat is ‘Vision’
    Now he is sounding more Mesut Ozil?
    But in truth the player he seems to have most in common with is Cabaye? I mean the list did also have Hamsik, Milner, our very own Ramsey, Montelivo, and Moutinho, which does cover a broad-ish area, I think you will agree?
    So I will agree to drop the attacking midfield side, and describe him as a deep lying, creative midfielder.
    So perhaps Nik. you might like to drop the ‘nowhere near creative’ side?

    It appears from the bits and pieces I see from all of this, he is the halfway point between the Arteta at Everton, and the Arteta at Arsenal. No quicker, only younger.

    Read Ancelloti’s comment ‘ We have no plans to sell at this moment’ as, ‘We want more money for him’

  • Nik – Interesting choices there in your team?

    I think the only one that would have me spitting out the dummy is sending Bellerin out on loan?
    But that is mainly based on the fact I discount the sentiment attached to Jenks, and look at his ability. He ain’t going to get game time while Debuchy stays fit, and he has found a niche at West Ham that suits him?
    I think high wages might be a killer on Reus coming, ideal as that would be. The man in pink will probably work out cheaper, but also unlikely.
    I would hope our slots are fill by the time Sammy K makes up his mind, although Mesut Ozil would be happy, best friends an all.

    Akpom may figure more strongly if he grabs a hat trick against Brighton, otherwise a good loan could set him up for next season .. First he has got to sign up for a new contract!

  • just a bit Gerry…when I think of a creative midfielder I think of Özil, Cazorla, Fabregas, Götze, Silva…..I wouldn’t even call Xabi Alonso or Toni Kroos a creative midfielder, but lets just ignore the definition here
    I think he would be an improvement to squad (certainly compared to Arteta), but I also think that the price would be too high
    I think Jenkinson is better than Bellerin which comes from playing regularly and he’s more mature. So Bellerin should go out on loan because he would not get the game time he needs to improve with us

    I don’t think wages would be a killer concerning Reus….we fit Alexis in as well, so Reus should get wages in the same category
    I don’t know if its of any concern in the transfer business but Reus is sponsored by Puma…

  • Nik – That last part is well into JM’s contributions. Again it is not how much we pay as to how much more others will?

  • I think that if you have to decide between 8 million pounds and 12 million pounds a year, money is the biggest factor….I think or at least I hope that players will decide based on the possibility of developing themselves and things like that
    and objectively Reus has a better chance to develop with Arsenal than with Real, Man City or Chelsea where he might not be a starter

    There’s another thing that still makes me confident he’s gonna join us. I know someone that trained him a couple of years at U17 and U19 level and he told me that back in those days Reus said that Arsenal was his club…..hope that hasn’t changed 😀

  • Afternoon Gerry. I just went with the more realistic approach. Sure I could have added Hummels, Reus Royce and cavani but I’m pretty happy with the squad at the moment. Barring a CB of course

  • Interesting post, would love Reus, could be financed by selling Walcott?
    A bit controversial perhaps…

    Arteta and Rosicky given one more year, Bielik groomed to take over from Mikel…

    Not sure that Welington Silva is joining up any time soon.
    A bit of a shame as that lad had a lot of potential.

    Ryo Miyaichi, what’s gonna happen to him?

  • OZ, love that squad mate, if only for the fact it points out how very close we are to having a complete world class squad depth with what we have already plus only a very few extras.
    Not sure about the no new DM though and i see you are a TA sympathiser (Jag) lol but apart from that excellent work mate and i now hope this little exercise just goes to show how strong the Arsenal is now and how this insane injury crisis has actually managed to mask the fact that we have an immense squad at our disposal now.

    allezkev, I hope Welington gets his chance, i certainly feel he has more chance than Miyaichi who has had a pretty crap time away on loan – but i guess we will see next season. It could be a case of one stays, one goes maybe?

  • Luck plays its part Steve, as Francis Coquelin would confirm…

    Like you, I would like to see Wellington get a chance, but I suspect thag Arsene has pretty much made up his mind about the lad.

  • You never know allezkev, he has never been allowed to play in the UK due to work permit problems and next season will be the first time he can play in the EPL so it may be the case that its not that Wenger didn’t want to play him but simply wasn’t allowed to. Either way we will know soon enough.

    I think Miyaichi is an even greater shame, when he first arrived on the scene i thought he was going to be something special, i really don’t know what went so wrong there.

    Like you say though i think Coquelin can be the shining example for all these players lost in limbo, on loan and not classed as youth anymore. He has shown that it can be turned around – although you still need to get the break from the boss lol

  • Totally agree Steve, Ryo looked absolute mustard when he was at loan at Feyenoord.
    Going on loan to Wigan didn’t do him any favours…
    I recall chatting to a Dutch guy around the time when he was in Rotterdam.
    The fans there loved him, christened him Ryonaldo…

    Good point re: work permit, yep, that could give Silva a chance.
    Hope he gets it…

    Now, come on you Bantams… 🙂

  • they’re one nil down atm allezkev but it looks like Sanogo has scored for Palace which brings a little smile lol

  • ———————————Cavani———————————


    ———————————-Flamini (utility player)———————————

    Gibbs——————Paulista—————–Hayden—————Flamini(utility player or a new RB)

    ——————————–Hugo Lloris————————————-

    nice one Steve, good on you for getting everyone in on the madness .

    when we signed Ozil – I said that we need 3 transfer windows and our team will have at least one SQ player in every position .

    by this summer, that statement of mine is well n truly on course of becoming reality.

    if we can get Cavani / Draxler, Schnierdelin / Hugo.L – then that will be all the labour of AW’s fruits we all be walloping on !

    you all must think am insane for suggesting the above 4 signings considering our pockets ?

    well, one thing at a time then – first and foremost, can we afford them ?

    our budget for next summer = £70 million

    Cavani = we have bid £35 million 2 years ago for him, in the January window and offered a £120 k per week at the time – no reason, why we can’t secure him for £45 million , if he puts his money where his mouth is and puts in a transfer request at PSG ? – so let’s say £40-45 million then shall we.

    Draxler = we have offered £20 million for him in the past, 18 months ago and so – he has returned from an injury and isn’t exactly the same player as he was now, I believe, if we went back for him then we be able to secure him for £20 million provided the player himself wants to move ..

    Schnierdelin = I reckon we already have an agreement with the saints in place for him to join Arsenal in the summer, for how much ? let’s say between 17-25 million tops ?

    Hugo Lloris = this is the toughest one to pull out but not so tough considering spuds need to finance a move for the stadium and the player will be keen to move himself, this is a tricky one and I don’t think it will be a cheap deal either – you are looking at a minimum of £20 million for this one .

    let’s put it all into reality then .

    in total the above would set us back by a staggering £110 million (crazy, I know ) however, if you take out the Cavani 45 million and we are down to spending within our budgets of sorts .

    how do we fund the £40 million short fall ?

    Sell = Sczny to Barca for £20 million .

    Jenks to WHU for £10 million

    Joel Campbell loan for £2 million

    Poldi = £ 5 million

    a few more loan deals and we are sorted – budget well used and the wages that we pay the newbies basically cover for our new signings .

    the above will look more realistic, if we took out Cavani but even with Cavani, it is doable with the EMIRATES link , however, since this post was more in line with having some fun , so I tried mixing it with a bit of fantasy, ha

  • saints vs crystal palce = 2-3 with yaya.S one goal and one assist and Chamakh 2 goals

    so in theory it’s Saints 2 and Arsenal 3 😀

  • Juan Hamez Bond !……..As I have put up on here many a time and there was a link…….Gazidis said we had £70M to spend every year ( just on transfer fees ) !. We have had two years of this windfall and have not spent £140M yet ! ( with out goings and ingoings we probably still have a minimum £40M to spend ( Kelsey knows more about it !…..brackets within brackets, I bet 17 is furious ! hahaha )…add that to next year and we will have £110M or there about`s ! ) We are rolling in it, so don’t have to sell Szczesny !…..sorry to be the bearer of bad news !. hahaha

  • GOAL

    Man City 0-1 Middlesbrough – Patrick Bamford

    we need the foxes to score a goal so they can have a replay against the spuds (works in our favour)

    and also bradford to score a goal to force a replay with Chelsea

    perfecto ?

  • haha I think you’re half mad JB, I think Wenger is definitely going to strengthen that left side in the summer so that Draxler addition would be a dream come true, likewise with Schneidy.
    The goal keeper situation i have to go on your judgement as i have very little interest in that position so the only signing i would question would be Cavani, especially for that money.
    On one hand i really want Giroud and Welbeck to be given a full chance to make their mark at Arsenal and on the other hand its been a long time since we’ve had a SQ striker at the club like Henry etc and with the rest of the team increasing in quality in nearly every position it seems logical that the striker position would be a priority.
    Would that be Cavani though? I thought his form has slipped quite significantly in recent seasons?

  • PS
    Why I put that lot up is a mystery really as you`re supposed to be the fcuking accountant and should already know this !…………..an accountant !….yeah !…..just like I`m a bank manager when I play Monopoly with my family !. hahaha

  • I know it was a very satisfying win at Mansour City, but have you seen how many flukey wins and draws they have had this season at home !…….Brighton away will be harder !.

  • ahahahahhahahahahahahahahah @ Glics – but not sure if Sczny would want to the 3rd choice keeper though, maybe we can loan him out as well 👿

    we have the monies, on top of that, we are winning the FA cup, CL , so that’s an additional £50 million generated, even if we don’t win the CL, I believe, we can make the last 4 (AT LEAST).

    hey Stevie wonder – how you doing ?

    well, there’s method to my madness though, no ?

    Cavani isn’t the same player because he’s having to play 2nd fiddle to some swiss geezer ? ? ?

    he fits in like a glove at Arsenal and be an upgrade on Giroud – he doesn’t mind doing the dog’s work needed either .

    even his form slipping, he is still banging them goals in and has what 15+ goals and 5 plus assists on average ? not bad, I would say .

    PSG are under the FFP mircscope and will need to sell before buying hence the likes of Cabaye and Cavani be up for grabs – especially, if they fail to win their own league ? think Marseilles are doing rather well this year ?

  • you are being a tad harsh now @ Glics

    we spent close to £65 million in the summer transfer window , no ? so we are utilizing our £70 million kitty rather well @ Mr. Bank Manager

    are you the banker that AW kept referring to a few years ago when we were after Cavani 😯

  • I’m good mate cheers
    Fair enough, i didn’t know he was second choice atm that explains a lot. I suppose Akpom and Sanogo could both be out on loan so a strikeforce of Cavani, Giroud and Welbeck would be pretty sexy 🙂
    Still got to prize that money out of tight Arse though!

    I’m with you Cockie, i think Brighton will put up a good fight tbh i just hope we get the balance right in our team between guys coming back and the guys who are on form atm (that some seem to think need a rest), i we get that right i think we will have too much for them – no cake walk though

  • you are correct in saying that Brighton will be a tough game, and I don’t think anyone here except Gerry is under the illusion either, hence we have all given our strongest starting 11’s .

    it’s only him who wants to drop our no.1 goalie 😀 why would we or AW do that considering we are the defending champions ? why would we rest LE COQ fearing a ban for the might Aston Villa ? sometimes his statements don’t make much sense to me .

    I much rather we play him tomorrow, he then gets suspended vs the mighty Villains but is available for the filthy spuds ? what Gerry suggest is – rest Le coq tomorrow, play him against the Villains, he gets booked and then we lose him for the spuds –

    let me be cry clear here, I don’t care what happens in the Villa game as long as we can nail those spuds and remind them once more that north london is RED .

  • get fcuking in


    Chelsea 2-2 Bradford City – Filipe Morais

    come on now you Foxes, score against them spuds !!!

  • JB, fuck it, i would tell him to do exactly that! just so i know he’s definitely available for the spuds game 🙂

  • GOAL

    Chelsea 2-2 Bradford City – Filipe Morais (75 mins)
    Posted at 16:32
    Wow! There’s the story! Bantams glory!
    Brilliant stuff from the League One side as a long throw is launched on, Petr Cech does well to kick clear the first effort but it falls kindly for one-time Chelsea man Filipe Morais to convert from close range. Unreal scenes…

  • indeed and agreed @ Stevie wonders

    just giving you a couple of examples as to when Gerry loses the plot, it does make you wonder whether he’s being serious or having a bubble 😀

    nah, jokes aside, Gerry is top notch and am looking forward to round 3 of Gerry vs Glics

    the two G’s are heavyweights alright .

    Chelsea 2-2 Bradford City
    Posted at 16:37
    Jose Mournho said it would be ‘a disgrace’ if his side lost today. What about a draw?
    About 10 minutes left…

  • yesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fucking get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chelsea 2-3 Bradford City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GOAL

    Chelsea 2-3 Bradford City – Andy Halliday


  • come on now Leicester, make this a perfect weekend for us gooners, you can do it, let’s score a goal !!!

  • ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah


    Tottenham 1-1 Leicester – Leonardo Ulloa


    who loves me ? 😀

  • A disgrace?

    Chelsea 2-3 Bradford City
    Posted at 16:42
    Here’s what Jose Mourinho said on Friday: “To help the title race, the best thing is to lose against Bradford and to lose against Liverpool and to lose against Paris St-Germain and to play only Premier League until the end of the season.
    “But not with us. Not with our mentality, not with our way of thinking about our job, not with Chelsea DNA.
    “The other day, a coach of a big team was knocked out of the cup and he was saying ‘good, very good, this is perfect for us, now we can focus on the other competitions’.
    “If I lose against Bradford I don’t say that. I say it’s a disgrace.”

  • hahahaha I think you should predict a win for us tomorrow now JB while the gods seem to be listening to you!!

  • 0-3 to the mighty Arsenal tomorrow while I still have the big man’s ears upstairs 😀

    PS: sorted @ Steve – hi5

  • wtf ?


    Chelsea 2-3 Bradford City
    Posted at 16:49
    SEVEN MINUTES ADDED ON! Is this some sort of joke…

  • it’s happened again, it’s happened – oh spuds it’s happened again


    Tottenham 1-2 Leicester – Jeffrey Schlupp

  • THE FOXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT A DAY!!!

  • ahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahah


    Chelsea 2-4 Bradford City – Mark Yeates


    start the engine time !!!

  • GOAL

    Man City 0-2 Middlesbrough – Kike


    gotta love the magic of the FA cup ahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • Chelsea 2-4 Bradford City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh JB i hope you’re jumping around! I fucking can’t cause of the surgery but i want to know someone is loving this as much as i am!!!

  • Guys can you keep the noise down a bit! I was having a lovely dream, Bradford, Borough and Leicester all were winning. Come on it’s all a dream it’s not really happening is it?

  • course, I am matey ahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha

    am glad we can both see the bigger picture here and are here to enjoy it !

    am missing me Amigo and the rest of the platoon but am sure they will be here later at some point to join in the fun .

    this will be a dream weekend if we finish the job tomorrow !

  • you bet your sweet ass it is baby!!! 🙂

    Come join us and have a shout!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • it’s happened again, it’s happening again – oh Retsub , It’s HAPPENING AGAIN !!!

  • I’m not fussed about the Scousers @ Steve

    we can always knock them out ourselves, just like we did last year .

    with Europa league on the horizons for them, let them progress but a draw and replay be just as good though !

  • Am I fecking dreaming? Super results all round. Could not have been any better! Oilers North and South OUT, SPUDS OUT SMELLY SPROUT AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  • yep, they do have Heskey, no doubt he will be aiming for another England call at 37 after scoring from a header, ha

  • the only team that can give us a run for our money still in the pot is Man utd @ Steve

    other than them, I don’t really care who stays in the competition going forward .

  • Fuckin hell what a session, i can’t stop grinning!!

    I’m off to make my dinner, but it has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure chatting with you JB, i might be back for the pool game i’ll see if you’re about 🙂



  • yes, can we please ensure not to step into each other dreams 😀 let’s have our own separate dreams,

    I know Glics is already dreaming of doing the spud wags from behind 😀

    safe @ Steve – see you later .

  • Chelsea 2-4 Bradford City
    Posted at 17:05
    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is asked what happened.

    “What happened? Football. And it is beautiful.”



    All the more to take tomorrows game seriously and play our strongest team !.
    If we win tomorrow our hands are half on the cup !…..if Liverpool and Manshafter get knocked out, we will be a bigger certainty than an Eskimo having yellow icicles on his cock !.

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