Szczesny back, Nacho & Chambers CBs, Rosa, Ozil & Ox starts? Brighton Preview & Line-up

Some ground and with the best pies.... :)
Some ground and with the best pies…. 🙂

A very good friend of mine is a devout Brighton Supporter, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind putting together a short piece on his beloved team ahead of the cup tie. To protect his anonymity, I am going to refer to him as Asad (Arabic for lion).

For many years Asad and I trawled the Middle-East, visiting clients and prospects.  In countries where we could, we would often share a beer in the evening and talk about our teams.   If ever Asad saw a rich Arab he would suggest we asked him if he would like to invest in the ‘Seagulls’.  At the time Brighton were playing in a rented athletics stadium, and I had the pleasure of attending a couple of games and it was pretty grim.

Asad and I often visited Abu Dhabi and he was a little upset to hear that they were investing in Manchester City.   By chance, Brighton were playing City in a Carling cup match and Asad decided to convince Abu Dhabi they had made the wrong decision.  The following may sound a little far fetched but it is true (I have photographic evidence). With the help of some Arab friends posters were designed in Arabic, saying things like “you bought the wrong club”, and Brighton supporters are better looking than City supporters.   These were then paraded around the ground by Asad and the Brighton cheerleaders shortly before the City game kick off.   99 per cent of the stadium would have had no idea what the posters said, but Asad was reaching out to the Abu Dhabi party who were visiting.  It had some effect because lowly Brighton beat City and kicked them out of the Carling cup.

That night a plan was hatched to wind Asad up.   With the assistance of our friends in our Middle-Eastern office, the following morning Asad arrived at his desk and received a call from one of our Abu Dhabi office telling him that having 1) seen the posters 2) noticed the result and 3) discovered that the City sponsors would be Etihad ( Abu Dhabi’s new airline), it had been decided that Etihad, which translates to ‘Unite’, wasn’t appropriate for City shirts.   The deal was in danger and maybe Brighton would be considered.  They also told him the Abu Dhabi press had got hold of the story and it was causing quite a stir.

A number of us told Asad that we had also heard about it and poor old Asad was jumping with joy.   He telephoned a number of his Seagull supporting friends to tell them the exciting news, while we sat behind him with tears rolling down our faces.  He then decided he would call the Brighton press office to alert them to the news.  An executive decision was quickly made that we would have to end the fun and tell him it was a wind up…….he wasn’t happy.

I have to be honest, I don’t consider to be much of a tactical genius but in order to stimulate conversation this is the way I expect our team to line up on Sunday.

Predicted Line-Up

Keeper. Szs.   I don’t want to give Brighton any clues, so this will be ‘for your eyes only’, but I understand Szs will be given a ‘Licence to Kill’.    Hopefully, he won’t ‘Die Another Day’, but let’s face it, you ‘Only Live Twice’, and If Brighton try the long ball Szs is well equipped to deal with the ‘Skyfall’.

Full backs. Bellerin and Gibbs.   I’d be tempted to rest the BFG and Kos and pair Nacho and Chambers; this might tempt fate, but a BFG rest is long overdue and I get the impression that Kos needs to look after his injuries.

Double DM Pivot. Le Coq is a must for me with Rambo alongside.   It worked so well against City, its got to worth another shot.  Dependent on the way the Seagulls line up, Rambo would be given permission to roam

In midfield. I would go With Little Mozart, the Ox and Ozil.    Rosicky and Ozil need game time and the OX is still in need of a confidence boost.

Giroud up front.


So, now I hand over to  my good friend Asad for an honest appraisal from a Seagull. With TA’s permission I will invite Asad to join the debate to answer any questions etc.

The Mighty Seagulls versus the Gunners.


So, a giant killing this week on the cards? Especially after our surprising victory over Ipswich midweek?

Speak to most Brighton fans and you will find they are more realist than optimist.

This is more of a showcase for our new ground, our wonderful hospitality and don’t forget the pies (best in the League). Brighton supporters will be the ones purchasing the half and half scarves as a reminder that matches like this can happen.

Any Arsenal supporter with a ticket will have a wonderful day and can expect progress into the next round. What can Brighton offer ? We are recovering from an inept Manager and now hopefully a better one that will set us on the correct path. Our goal is not to be relegated and return to playing enjoyable football (dare I say the Arsenal way?).

Key players left the club last season and joined the elite in the Premiership (Upson /Bridcut/Ujjoa / Buckley / Barnes). Their replacements have not been good enough for the third push in succession into the playoffs, but our hopes have risen of better times with the return to the side of young Rohan Ince (he is a Vierra type player- you will like him and perhaps ask like us why he wasn’t picked by Hyppia).

Our top scorer is our centre half which says a lot for our forwards. Craig Mackail-Smith has all the endeavour of Sanchez except he cannot score. Miracles do happen, and perhaps Wenger may field a reserve team but please enjoy the day, the match, the pies, the local ale (Harveys). Come into the North stand at the end of the match and have a drink with our supporters (this really does happen most weeks), and go away hoping we can join the Premiership as it is a great place to come back to again.

Ohhh, forgot my match prediction:

Sadly for the Seagulls, Arsenal will knock The Living daylights out of them.   Two nil to the in form Gunners, with a thunderball from Rambo (sorry wrong film).   Szs to perform like an Octopussy.

Written by: Retsub and Asad.

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  • January 24, 2015 at 17:24


    All the more to take tomorrows game seriously and play our strongest team !.
    If we win tomorrow our hands are half on the cup !…..if Liverpool and Manshafter get knocked out, we will be a bigger certainty than an Eskimo having yellow icicles on his cock !.

  • No chance we would be tempting fate. We must play our strongest team available. Manure and Looserpool are still in the competition. You cannot underestimate WBA, Middlesbrough, Palace etc. If we will to retain the Cup we have to be ruthless and professional, no half measures.

  • Walcott omission must be an oversight. We expect great things of the guy so we want him firing. Your argument that TR needs game time is not in question, but its theo thats match rusty so more minutes on the pitch is of utmost importance. Can you imagine a confidence theo pre the spuds FA victory and an inform Sanchez, Carzola and a fair Ozil and a competent le coq, its quite mouth watering. With all due respect to our opponents if we have to quake before such oppositions surely we have no business in the premier league in the first place. Keep firing.

  • Nice one- two. Great story. Enjoyable read, and to top it all, you may have got 9 from 11 right for the line up.

    Don’t like the score though.

    Ox is unlikely-Groin trouble.
    Not both CB’s, one may be, or not even that to keep the continuity.
    Akpom, not Giroud. The former has got to sign a contract, and if he cannot get in games like this, it could cause doubts. Plus,we want absolute pace.

    If 007 reads this – By the time we get to the Spurs match we will have signed a DM. What part of pre-contract agreements don’t you get? You only pay that sort of money if you get the player now. You only need the player to sign to say he agrees to sign in the summer, as he is free to talked to other clubs? If Saints move for a DM during the next week because they realise Wany the Anchor is not that good, then an announcement will be made. If not an announcement will be made after this TW closes, and it will not require a fee.

    If Alexis plays instead of Ox, we should be out of sight at half time. However, he will be the insurance on the bench, to allow Walcott an hour. But we have to have to maintain the ‘play as a team’ ethic shown last time. Hence my thinking, two changes at the back -One GK, One in the back 4 – Gibbs back. Flamini for Coquelin, but with Ramsey. Ozil for Santi. Walcott, for Ox. Ackers for Giro.

    The work permit thing is a gamble, re GP, BUT it does not concern the Home Office, only the FA. So either they think it will be mean to say No when they are changing the rules -THEIR rules note – Or they will take the opposite view, and say No because it is unfair to others.
    Watch this space.

    Night time calls, talk amongst yourselves ….

  • what an interesting story , well done Asad for being such a passionate supporter and shame on all you lot for playing such pranks on him @ Rets

    I would swap these for your predicted 11

    Ospina For Sczny

    Theo for Giroud

    Campbell for OX

    3-0 to Arsenal .


    If 007 reads this – By the time we get to the Spurs match we will have signed a DM. —– Really ? so we are signing a DM before the window shuts ? very interesting that – so who are we signing then, give us a hint or a nudge ?

    re- Pre agreements, am a bit confused as to what you are trying to say here .

    was that a rebuttal to my Schnierderlin one, in me saying that maybe we have an agreement of sorts with Southampton e.t.c e.t.c why do such things need a “signature” on the dotted line ?

    allow me to take you back to the Cesc to the Barca one – Cesc wanted to go back to Barca, AW wanted another season out of him and said to him, give me one more season, and then you can go with our blessing – it happened .

    so, why could that not happen with Schniederlin, if something of this sort was promised to him by the saints management hence all what you read in the newspapers ? it does come down to the player as well, if he really wants the Arsenal move , which I believe he does – then there is no reason why we can’t have him at the Emirates .

    hope that clarifies it .

    from the recent past, we only had an official pre-agreement with Malaga for Nacho which was brought forward from the Summer to the January window due to an injury to Gibbs and Santos being Santos .

  • I’m not taking this game lightly, especially with the potential for a great run in now many of the big teams are out of the comp.
    With this in mind i wouldn’t change a thing in relation to the defensive personnel who stifled City last week. (maybe Gibbs for Monreal but thats not a risk at all)
    Up front i really wanted to see a Sanchez / Cazorla partnership in the middle but since the boss has already let it be known that Ozil is starting then i guess Cazorla gets a rest but may get subbed if the Ozil only i seem to know turns up.
    OX is injured i think but i would really like to see Campbell get a run out otherwise he will definitely be off soon.


    Cazorla, Rosicky. Ramsey the most likely subs later on


  • Shit i forgot to say great story guys!! I kind of got lost in it for a while and completely forgot it was for a match preview lol.
    Excellent work the pair of you!

  • re- the work permit – it’s not a gamble as such, we have people doing a due diligence and what not to tell AW how it is and what to expect by breaking it down and giving him everything he needs to make a decision .

    he was even told about the injuries to KK and so on and in the end the decision as usual was for AW to make .

    I think and hope that this one will go through without any such issues as such, mainly because he does ply his trade for one of the better and well known teams in Europe and La Liga – and has had many appearances for them, therefore, fulfilling the “exceptional” criteria .

  • Great post,

    Head says, 3-0, 4-0 to Arsenal
    Recent results say 2-1 to Brighton.

    Be very afraid, the ghosts of upset laden weekends past are roaming the streets like a zombie apocalypse looking for fresh meat….

    We will see — jgc

  • JGC-DAMUS, no no no – you did not just do that with the recent results !

    0-0 at Anfield with 8 minutes to go .

  • 0-0 get in

    job done, another replay – this time Bolton have done their job .

    smashing !

  • I had to give up on my Friday sudoku, so I am back, briefly.

    007 – I think Campbell is off to Villereal. Not likely to be risked?

    The DM situation. You said you thought we had a deal for MS in the summer. For £17-25m.
    I query why we would need to pay anything if he is signing in the summer? Except as part of a pre-signing agreement made with the player. It is true Southampton are trying to double his wages to get him to sign a 1 year extension, which might earn him another £4m. But if he signs on a ‘free’ in the summer, he would likely get more than that as a golden handshake’.
    To my knowledge he has not signed any such contract extension?
    Ergo, he is a free agent in the summer, and allowed to talk to a club to see where his future lies. We might pay him an advance of his signing on fee in exchange for a pre-signing agreement. But certainly not pay Southampton anything, and not £17m+?

    What I think we may well have done is sign him from Southampton in this window, which will be announce when Saints get their replacement. But everyone is sworn to secrecy until they get their man. Somebody obviously let something slip for the story to leak out about the £25m. Now we will not know the truth of it all just yet. But if we haven’t signed him, then all this pussyfooting around try to get a CB on the cheap, ie, £6m and a free 6 month loan of Campbell would seem a bit strange? Other than he does sound like the CB we need. But it allows money to be spent now, elsewhere. Perhaps he is trying to get a last minute bargain with Cavani, who I said a week ago, he would be a threat to Giroud. Personally, I think Dybala would offer us more, and probably for less.
    But those aside, there will be a DM signed before this window is out, and I strongly believe it will be MS.

    Re the work permit. They can only ask individuals on a non official basis, how they think this will go. They will not be able to speak for committee. I think they were quite hopeful about Joel Campbell’s one beforehand, given he must have been ‘exceptional’ to play 7 games for Costa Rica at such a young age, but they did not get it. So I do not think it is cut and dried. Once the rule change comes in in the summer he will be okay. We would just have to loan him out to somewhere in Europe for 6 months.

    I hope that has cleared things up for you?

  • glad you out your sudoku on hold , always a pleasure indulging with you .

    ah, now it all adds up – you are assuming that he is out of contract at the end of this season ?

    his contract runs out at the end of 2016 and not 2015, hence we will have to get him on the amount I previously quoted .

    unless, I have been told wrongly and you are right in saying that he is available on a free at the end of the season (Which I believe is wrong and he has a further 12 months at Saints before anyone can get him on a free ).

    are we on the same page now or am I missing something ?

  • you are correct with the Campbell thingy – so I will gladly play Santiago in the central role and play Ozil on the left flank, drifting in .

    sorted .



    —————— Le Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooq………….



    bench : Giroud, Flamini, Jack wilshere, Gnabry, Ox, BFG, Martinez

  • this made me chuckle :

    Ohhh, forgot my match prediction:

    Sadly for the Seagulls, Arsenal will knock The Living daylights out of them. Two nil to the in form Gunners, with a thunderball from Rambo (sorry wrong film). Szs to perform like an Octopussy.


    PS: pardon my incorrect use of the subs bench, will be out on that one and before Glic comes in again reminding everyone of my day job, let’s just say, I couldn’t care less who’s sat on the bench as long as our starting 11 can deliver the goods !

  • The chance is for Arsenal again but through poor work permit so thats were they miss it n i don’t think that szscesny will let Arsenal get a cup

  • Someone would have to be called ..”Mad Hell” to agree with…..Jaun Hamez Bond, there`s only Juan Hamez Bond , Juan Hamez Bond, there`s only Juan Hamez Bond !………thank fcuk for that !. hahaha

    Anagram Confirmed.
    Gabriel Paulista…………….=………………It`s up large Labia !.

  • Daily Star confirm !!!…………………didn`t they confirm there`s a lunatic asylum on the moon with patients such as Keith Moon, Jacko and Boris Johnson ?……and JB`s phobia of young polish boys with more than one Z in their name which makes him fall into a deep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !.

  • Fantastic preview. 🙂 I really like these references to 007. 😀

    Gabriel Paulista, welcome to Arsenal Football Club!

    He is a Brazilian defender. We have had two of them during Wenger’s tenure, both of them left full-backs: Sylvinho and Andre Santos. Sylvinho wasn’t that bad while Santos – despite scoring some at least two huge goals – was a walking disaster. We’ve had more luck with the Brazilian midfielders – Gilberto Silva and Edu done well, Denilson…not so much. Julio Baptista was a Brazilian too. I like the fact Gabriel is an ugly mo-fo – that factor of ugliness have been missing in our defence since the departure of Martin Keown. 😀

    It’s funny that we play Brighton almost on the same date like we did in 2013 and that we haven’t played a game in FA Cup outside London since that 26th January. Ulloa scored a header back then, Szczesny was heavily at fault for Barnes’ header, Santos was dreadful, Giroud was superb, Diaby was alive (and made a lovely assist for Giroud’s second goal) and Theo decided the game thanks to a deflection.

  • so hang on he is a quite thinly built (strongly built in la liga) left back who can play at CB?
    Did we just buy Monreal?
    Why can’t we just do the simple things right and buy a fucking strong, athletic, imposing giant at CB, oh well i wish him well here at Arsenal – don’t know how long that will last when he gets brushed aside and beaten in EPL corners but hey ho.
    Could have had Van Dijk for that £11m

    hahaha its pretty obvious i’m not overly ecstatic about this signing lol

  • JB, Gerry et al

    JB — You have to admit that this weekend, so far, is a national cup organizers dream. No one can tell them that it’s slanted to the big boys and/or doesn’t generate drama… Hopefully it’s just a Friday and Saturday thing! I.e. It’s good for the game

    Gerry an JB — I believe Schneiderlin is free this summer but that doesn’t preclude buying now and loaning back to purchased club for rest of season type deal. Been done before. Club cashes now, but keeps player for season. Usually for a reduced fee given the loan back, but more than a free. If so, it’d be announced last if at all….

    Cheers — jgc

  • Steve,

    No, he’s a thin, but powerful and highly competitive/combative CB who can play left. Kinda like a certain french guy who plays CB for us now…

    Cheers — jgc

  • that both Gerry and JGC in the same boat re- Morgan . S – thinking that he’s free this summer .

    what leads you both believing his contract runs out this summer and not 2016 ?

    am curious now as the sauce very seldom gets such things wrong .

    Glics and Admir = play nicely , you buggers !

    Steve, he’s a right footed LB, can play CB and RB , is 6’2 or 6’3 = Koc replacement when he is injured ?

  • yes, this weekend has been the most unpredictable as far as cupsets go @ JGC – loving it !

    if Morgan.S is available on the free this summer then that’s just brilliant – saves us a whole lot of money and that Cavani deal looks more realistic 👿

    having said that, we had a similar sort of agreement or understanding with Chamakh, if memory serves ? we got him on the free after his former club refused to sell – I might be wrong but am not complaining if we can bag Schneiderlin .

  • having used google now , it appears that Gerry was right all along and I was the one confused about the situation thinking it was 2016 😀

    apologies everyone and to you Gerry .

    Cavani, Draxler = Hello 😀

  • Retsub and Asad, many thanks for a great, funny and insightful match preview. 🙂

    ‘Asad’, you are a true Seagull and I love the stuff you did to get the Oilers’ attention. Thanks also for the heads up re Rohan Ince. I will keep an eye on him tomorrow.

    Retsub, thanks for the preview and I would usually agree with your line up. However, given today’s results and the fact that Wenger will want to build further on the team’s performance last weekend, I reckon we will see very few changes. A win tomorrow puts us in a great position and he is not going to take any risks now….. could he have been warned more about the giant killing bug that is hanging round these isles?

    So for me:

    Bellerin – BFG – Koz – Nacho
    ———-Le Coq au vin——–

  • T A having seen what happened today, I agree with you.

    Have you seen the Middlesboro highlights? Very much a Bergkamp moment

  • Hey Retsub,

    Yes and I loved it that they called it Bergkamplike…. keeps the name alive so to speak, and one day it will be in the English dictionary. 😉

  • Hi all.. Great post Retsub n Asad..
    But sorry guys.. I don’t like the starting line up.. hehehe.. it’s a very dangerous ones.. I almost agree with TA except for Ozil for Cazorla..

    Ozil and Walcott need time to play.. and no place better for them than RW and CAM..
    Ramsey must play often with Coquelin to give them more understanding each other.. Although Flamini also need time to play.. but putting two clasic DM together will slow our’s ball..

    And with Chelsea and City lost in their own stadium.. We will see the best back four in our starting XI.. hahaha..

  • JB
    and my apology for being in a confused boat with Gerry??? 🙂

    I think Soton work a deal to keep him but sell now for dosh as he’s insistent to leave and most any CL qualifying team might want him, so… Best of both worlds if they can spring it.

    I’ve renamed this weekend the “FACupocalypse” … Say it fast… 😀

    Cheers — jgc

  • Retsub, asad,
    Great post on a great day. Now let’s do our job and win sunday.. i really want Alexis to rest, no matter how good he may feel.
    I don’t buy any schneiderlin rumours. I think it’s all made up, because Arsene will not want to spend alot of money on that position.
    Daily fail story today about coquelin not extending til hes sure he wont be relegated to the bench when everyones healthy, ( jack, rambo, arteta being extended again)worries me, because it actually makes sense. Right now for me, he’s earned being one of the first on the team sheet..
    And i wont be happy until i see paulista on an english pitch., i dont trust those bastards in charge of permits, bought and paid for by guys like Abramovich, or friends of Fergie.

  • Thanks Geoff – The best of it is I could have believed JB when I write in the evenings 😀

    On to the business in hand. Sorry Retsub and ‘Asad’ for cutting across your uniquely well written post somewhat.

    The good thing about playing the day after so many ‘disasters’ is no way can our lads take the view ‘Ah, it’s only Brighton’? Something I may have implied myself in my earlier team recommendations. Not that I meant it that way. I just think if we treat it like a proper game, then we do have a team capable of beating them.

    Two things that struck me yesterday. One is how many of our ex’s contributed to the demise of those above in the table. Jay E Thomas could be another, albeit against our own (for the time being), Jenkinson. I’ll be rooting for Bristol City.

    The other thing was looking at the starting line ups of the losing teams.
    Man City put out their full attack, and a pretty reasonable defence – usually?
    Chelsea had their strongest midfield, bar Hazard. But clearly it was all Petr Cech’s fault, despite playing behind a much changed back 4 – eh JB? 😀
    Spurs fiddled with their back line, but otherwise it look okay in their on-off form. Clearly they couldn’t handle Sanogo though 😀
    Man U’s draw people are claiming their result now looks quite good … err except that was their best line up? Just that their defence was/is crap, and their attack is ageing?

    Now you see a common theme here? Most of those sides made big changes to their back 4’s?
    To me that is the key. Not to try and beat Brighton with our glittering attack. Better weaken their resolve with our defence. Now despite certain objections, having Szczerr back behind our restored best back 4 does not weaken it. However, because i still think AW has not ‘forgiven’ WS1 yet, Ospina would be preferred to Martinez. Having Gibbs back probably makes it stronger? So barring major risks to either Per or Kos, I would play them both.
    Midfield, yes I can see the argument for playing Coquelin. But if Brighton are going to ruffle feathers with niggly stuff, I think Coquelin may be more vulnerable than Flamini to reacting? Late in the game when Flam gets tired, he too can do the silly things as well. Paired with Ramsey, who provides the energy, they make a balanced DM duo. But that must be backed up with the same team ethic that worked so well against Man City.
    Okay, with the defence nice and tight, we need to make the most of our attack. Hit them with pace. So despite the obvious one to give a break to, I would play Alexis. He is more likely to draw the clear cut fouls, so the odd booking could help our cause. Brighton will not want to lose any of their players to a red card given their league position? On the other side, I think Walcott might be vulnerable to the odd hefty challenge early on, so I will go for Rosicky to start. He will help the defence a lot better, and will work around Ozil in the same way as he has with Santi? Up front? Akpom. if they were expecting a stationary Giroud, they will have a shock with Chuba’s instant pace. Again, much more likely to draw the ‘obvious’ foul, and sooner or later, the cards will follow.
    I think this combination bringing the ball out of defence at speed, and more importantly in possession, rather than the hopeful ball kicked up to Giro, will be key.
    So, this is AW’s likely line up.
    Bellerin, Mert, Kos, Gibbs.
    Ramsey, Flamini
    Rosicky, Ozil Alexis,

    Walcott and Giroud to come on on the 65th minute. Akpom with a hat trick, and Rosicky to come off. Coquelin for Alexis in the 80th. Job well done. 0-3 ht, 0-5 ft.

    Good for Coquelin for taking time out to consider his options … but it is not Jack he needs to worry about ..?
    But that is another story 😀

  • Just catching up and catching my breath after a day of high-profile casualties…

    Before yesterday’s results I would have gone for a pick n mix line up.
    But not now…

    I would go with the strongest XI possible and get the job done.
    After all we have a full week to recover before our next game…

    So for me, it’s; Szezesny, Chambers, Gibbs, BFG, Koscielny,
    Ramsey, Le Coq, Ozil,
    Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott…

    Good post btw…

  • We are more or less aligned, Kev 🙂

    On another note, would you fancy writing a post about your taxi Arsenal experiences: funny conversations, encounters with Gunners, stupidest questions you have ever heard, etc?

  • Total, let me give it a bit of thought mate.

    Not sure if I could fill a post with too many footballistically encounters. 😉

  • I forgot Campbell is off on loan so my revised team (assuming OX is injured also):


    pmsl good luck with that lot Brighton! 😆

  • What’s this with the review nonsense TA. I thought you were honing your skills on the …
    #10 Positives to Take Out Of This Game’?
    I’ll start you off shall I?
    1, Chiba Akpom is the real deal.
    2, Flamini solid job in midfield.
    3, Ozil getting close to his immaculate best.
    4, Walcott on the score sheet with a sublime finish.
    5, Mertersacker and Koscielny immaculate as ever.
    6, Superb interplay from Rosicky, Ozil and Alexis leading to Akpom’s first goal.
    7, Ramsey a super all round display, and a neat assist for Akpom’s 3rd.
    8, The first was a team goal, the third was a tap in, but the second was all Akpom. Fantastic!
    9, Alexis puts on another Sanchez Super Show. The everywhere magician, defended well, yet still had time to collect two assists and a nerve settler to make it 3-nil.
    10, We are in the next round of the FA Cup.

    I just leave you to expand on it, and detail the key moments. Not least the MOTM raptuous applause as Chuba Akpom, legend in the making, left the field.

    Simples 😀
    p.s. You can use any of the above for the title.

  • Hi Retsub – Yes. Amended words to whatever the song is called, with reference to the ‘Lightning Ball’ – Chuba Akpom
    See above

  • retsub, logically shouldn’t it be anything from Joni Mitchell’s 1968 debut album – Song to a Seagull

    I don’t think anything on there would be quite footballesque though lol, so still thinking 🙂

  • Almost the same Steve. You do realise that Coquelin will soon be known as a ‘contract rebel’

  • retsub, if Walcott, Ozil and Ramsey are back and starting for the first time in bloody ages what about “the boys are back in town” 🙂

  • What do you think about this Gabriel Paulista signing Gerry?

    I just have this problem with our attacking line looking like some kind of world class top trumps game:

    And then all our defensive choices unknown bargain deals, I really think a world class defensive line is a complete after thought for Wenger and that is a great shame – it has certainly been his undoing for the last decade and yet it seems he has failed to learn from his mistakes.
    Mind you maybe this is a stop gap signing until the end of the season like many suggest and he will get serious in the summer – fingers crossed

  • Thanks Steve, your songs will be relayed to Asad who is in transit to the match. Feeling too confident about this one need to get back to the real world

  • Bristol City have three ex-Gunners; Jay Emmanuel Thomas, Luke Ayling and Luke Freeman…

    Come On The City

  • Retsub1…………Seeing as Brighton is known for having a very large gay community, I reckon they will be more like singing….Ring piece on fire !.

  • yep @ JGC-DAMUS , that would be the sane thing to do by the saints, however, Morgan might do a Flamini and end up getting a bigger pay cheque all to himself ? after all, it was the club who didn’t want him to leave when the opportunity was there to cash in . Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case .

    Having texted the sauce, I was informed it was a fella called Jay Rodrigues and not Morgan. S whose contract was up in the summer of 2016 and he is likely to be joining the spuds . my bad for getting the wires all crossed on that one .

    love the name you have chosen but today it will be ApocalypseArsenal !!!

    Gerry the rational one has finally conceded and admitted that Ospina is better and our new no.1 😀

    suffice to say that Le COQ is doing a Theo on AW @ Gerry ? I don’t blame him as well .

    who be up for the GDC ?

  • Hello Skipper

    Glic will be doing the match review – he is doing the honours this time, so don’t worry about it .

    thanks Glics – you iz a star .

  • has anyone ever successfully defended the FA cup title ?

    from memory, don’t think anyone has done that with the CL but I think the FA cup has been retained/successfully defended ?

    Gerry might know the answer to this !

  • Bristol City 0-0 West Ham
    Posted at 14:38
    West Ham’s best moment as Carl Jenkinson has time on the right and bends in a delicious cross, top class. Andy Carroll goes for it but he’s under pressure and can’t make a telling connection. West Ham definitely ending the half on top.

    if we can get £10 million and a release clause, similar to the one we had for Carlos Vela which let’s us have him back , if we wanted for let’s say £5 million, then that be a good deal and business done in my opinion .

    we already have Debuchy, Bells, Flamini, Le Coq, Paulista and maybe Nacho or Gibbs to fill in at RB, if need be . Ramsey can also do a job there, ha

  • Brighton v Arsenal (16:00 GMT)
    Posted at 14:46
    Arsenal have arrived at the Amex. Team news from that one coming up shortly.


  • Hey fellas..Up early and we finally get to see our guys play again…After the nice win at the Eti-eastlands, it’s something I’m eager for… Retsub & Asad…That was a VERY enjoyable match preview…Cheers! Yesterday’s results were fantastic and unbelievable (historic) and only add to the occasion. They *should* make us well aware that the matches won’t just win themselves. Now, as the best team still in the cup AND the current holders, we must show our pride (and our depth and quality) in defending it…

    If we can do our part today (as Gerry’s pre-match review, brimming with 007esque optimism, suggests…) we suddenly go from woeful disappointment to pretty damn sexy despite sitting 5th in the table. Showing our depth is the key and also seems to be the manager’s plan, though all you all (as we say) are out of your minds about Akpom. (Surely Giroud starts up top…) Ox has (at least) a Weng-jury (if not the real thing…) and the manager has said that Theo (and Ozil) will play. While I like the idea of keeping the rearguard unchanged (to give more cohesion, etc.) I think we’re clearly in a competitive situation for ALL those spots and guys deserve their chances. This (for me) would mean, Szcz back in goal, Chambers in there somewhere and Gibbs at LB. Is there confidence to rotate at CB to give the BFG and/or Kos a rest? Who knows?…(Only the manager…)

    Rotation and competition for places would seem the order of the day also because of the business which seems as good as done: Campbell out on loan and Gabby the Brazilian in. I’m ecstatic that it’s getting done ahead of the deadline, but I think this puts me in the minority with most folks enjoying that deadline day drama. (And, unless something else pops up, I would guess that we’re done…)

    F11Ngers is not pleased with the player himself, but I don’t know why…We’ve been crying out for a real defender and he seems just that. He was off the radar until it happened so maybe nobody has properly scouted him or given him enough attention to enhance his reputation or something. Over here they showed his final match on the telly and (to me) he looked very tidy and confident in the BFG spot (Right CB). Getafe was playing for a nil-nil so it was not a ton of action but I thought he looked the part–not quite as tall as Mertesacker, but with significantly better mobility (not saying much, I know…) and very decisive with his touches and clearances. To me, he didn’t look overly frail or the sort to be bossed at set pieces, but that’s just me, watching (most of) a single match. Consider me excited. Additionally, Campbell’s loan could be a good thing… Maybe he’ll be the guy who gets the talented (but selfish) Giovanni Dos Santos to actually pass the ball…

    Anyhow, late to the party but happy to join in the GDC, though I’ll probably abandon when Wenger (or Ozil) gets called a lady part (or reactive or not aggro enough) or otherwise we fall back into being shit supporters… And that could happen here in a few minutes if the wrong keeper gets the call, so maybe it’s a one and done for me :/

    Ah well, at least I got one in… 😀

  • Jenks deserves his chance at Arsenal, Bellerin out on loan next season and Debuchy and Jenks rotating in the RB place – job done 🙂

    Flamini, Le Coq, Paulista, Nacho and Gibbs to fill in at RB 😆 😆 Hey fuck it why not Ospina as well lol

  • Hello me Amigo – been a while ehhh – hope you are well and happy to have you back for the GDC (Steve behave with the name calling, alright ? )

    wouldn’t mind if Sczny starts, I do have a soft spot for him somewhere in there you know, ha

    Stevie Wonders,

    Jenks is very one dimensional for me and could do getting regular game time at a decent PL club as opposed to being sat on the bench . if we can get £10 million plus for him then that’s smashing business provided we have a release clause inserted with our name on it = sorted .

  • Morning HT, where you been lately bud? don’t see u about here as often as usual.
    I just don’t know much about Paulista tbh mate, i am sure he will prove me wrong.
    Nake sure you stick around for the match mate, i will be nowhere near the pc so no lady parts from me 🙂

  • 007… Chavs in 2009, 2010…Before that, a little club called Arsenal, in 2002 and 2003…

    Gotta side with you on Jenks…(Sorry F11ngers…) but 10 million is a stretch, I think…

    All’s well here, except for f**king Szcz keeping the new snow at bay… 😀

  • One dimensional?
    He repeatedly defends well and has been one of the hammers most influencial players at putting a descent cross in the other end – what more do you want?
    He will get game time if he says mate, Debuchy will need rotating don’t worry about that.

  • we missed you in yesterday’s post @ Me Amigo, if you read it back, you would enjoy that one and Stevie wonders was behaving rather well, I can personally vouch for him since he’s on strong drugs these days, ha

    so let’s do this again then and be the first club to do it twice – the omens are looking good and I hope we can do a job on them, no reason we can’t after getting the main culprits up and running .

    fcuking Sczny couldn’t help with the snow here in England as well, we had terrible weather conditions in the week just gone – I got stuck on the road with snow , ice and what not .

    all his fault ahahahhahahahahahhahahah

  • Sorry Steve…For me, after a nice win like we had a week ago, I cannot get too excited about the fantasy dismantling and rebuilding of the team… I know you’re just bored (and maybe on drugs) doing your recovery time but there should be a bit more celebration of what we’ve got even if we were just lucky up there in Manchester (Mike Dean on our side…) and any old club (Boro) can do the same… 😀

    It’s hard to say about off the radar Gabby from my (extremely limited) observation, but I liked what I saw and I’m gonna have to trust management on this one. He might need a little spotting in the weight room (Ozil could be his partner…) but he looked a good athlete and footballer to me…

  • Brighton

    David Stockdale; Bruno, Lewis Dunk, Iñigo Calderón, Gordon Greer, Joe Bennett; Danny Holla, Roham Ince, Jake Forster-Caskey; Sam Baldock, Chris O’Grady



    Szczesny, Chambers, Koscielny, Monreal, Gibbs, Flamini, Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Rosicky, Giroud

  • Ozil playing through the middle it appears, in his favoured position .

    Sczny and Flamini back as Gerry wanted and as Rets wanted, so everyone is happy ?

    happy to see Theo and Ozil start

  • quite like how Ox and Welbeck are given an extended rest – both deserve it, I suspect we will see Welbeck return from next week onwards and Ox to be back for the spuds game, or maybe both Welbeck and Ox to return for the Spuds match in 2 weeks time along with JW .

    this gives an opportunity to the likes of Theo , Akpom, Gnabry to step up to the plate and fill in ?

  • Inneresting…Coqelin reserved…Flamini gets a chance to win back the spot or are we so dependent on Le Coq that we cannot risk him… 😀 I would guess it’s the former…

    007, I was trying to get out the door yesterday but stuck around to see the matches end… I’ve also been trying to follow the Schneiderlin stuff…Keep the sauce on it, but a pre-deal for the Summer seems very plausible to me… (Meaning our current French DMs and Arteta may all be competing for one or two spots on less than Morgan money…)

    Try to keep an open mind about our PIG, eh…

  • Good to see the Tiger of Tahoe back and we’ll done with line up. 🙂

    How where we lucky, 17? It was a pen and it was given. Some you get some you don’t, yet Citeh had a lot of the game left to make amends. Luck always plays a role of course, but on balance we deserved the points.

  • I agree, it does make sense and let’s hope it happens .

    I was told of 2 in and 2 out earlier,which I shared with you in december and according to that, we have had our 2 out and 2 in – hence I don’t see any further in comings as such but you never know ?

    I always keep an open mind re – our PIG but he needs to have a flawless game and not give us one of those heart in mouth moments !

    if you read Admir’s comment, in one of them he describes how our PIG was at fault for one of their goals the last time we played them (I didn’t pay Admir, honest) 😀

  • “007… Chavs in 2009, 2010…Before that, a little club called Arsenal, in 2002 and 2003…”

    True but I’d like to add a few more facts:

    if we retain the trophy we would become the fourth team in the history to retain the cup in more than one occasion. It would be a sweet thing to do as ugly Spuds have been among those three clubs (Wanderers FC and Blackburn Rovers are the other two).

  • 007, Welbeck and Theo, yes… Akpom in cameos if we can win (or draw) today and get more cup matches…Gnabry seems a larger concern (Diaby-esque?) and the first step is getting back in a youth match or 2…

    Hey, I agree, Total (about the match at ManCity)… I just think it was a bit tighter than the scoreline or our late dominance showed and if the first goal had gone the other way we would have had real trouble… (True in almost every match against decent competition, of course…) City looked very stale in their match yesterday, but that’s what you get for playing friendlies for the royals…

    I’m really liking the depth in our squad and competition for places which *should* prevent similar problems (staleness) for us. It’s all about the results of course…

    In light of yesterday’s results I’m also starting to think that playing away from home (and the tired and tortured fans…) might not be the worst thing…

  • nice one @ Admir

    what’s your prediction for today ? am assuming you have written a preview for the other place – what have you predicted ?

  • Gnabry is a home grown player from the summer , I think if not already

    and the ages from 17 to 19 happen to be the years where players do suffer from injuries, part of the growing and learning process but I do expect him to have a relatively injury free period from now on (fingers crossed).

  • @007 – 3:0 with Walcott, Özil and Giroud scoring.

    Yes, Szczesny was at fault for their first goal two years ago (it was 26th January 2013 actually…a bit bizarre when you think about it). He didn’t attack the cross – went underneath the ball instead – and paid the price for it. 😛 If you check in your “Black book of Szczesny’s mistake Vol. 1” that you have next to your bed, you’ll remember that Chez has made at least one similar mistake (against Newcastle in our 7:3 victory)

    Then again, it was Chez who had started our counter-attack for the first goal with a quick throw for Rosicky. 😛

  • Intriguing also today that BFG rather than Kos gets the rest AND that Kos (I’m guessing) will play on the right side in the BFG spot… Hopefully it indicates that Achilles problems are under control… Chambers looked very good for a 19yr old early season but not as much as a regular first 11 player. The Gabby transfer knocks him down to 4th choice CB for sure or maybe 5th…With Debuchy out, the RB position is really up for grabs…

    Hell, they all are… I know that many will use the FBs shouldn’t play CB as a stick to beat the manager (if results go wrong) but I like it… Better field sense, knowing what your fellow defenders do (and like to do) from a different perspective and fewer (wasted) roster spots… After all, players grow up playing all sorts of different positions and are not simply born into one position. Not good for the fantasy managers I know, but maybe true in the real world…Maybe?…

    TA, goals are goals, of course… (And West Ham finally got theirs in the early match…) but I’d like us to score from open play today. Kompany and his fellow defenders were very poor against us just as they were yesterday against Boro… Don’t get me wrong, the togetherness and team play in that match were great and we were definitely deserving…Still, plenty more to come (I hope)… Start your engines, etc. maybe?

  • West Ham = highest placed English team to get through the 4th round… (If only Bristol could’ve put some of those headers on target…)

    Hopefully we can take that title from them here today…

    Espresso time… 🙂

    Admir (from the “profiles” section)… Have I told you my own Dennis Rodman stories?

  • Retsub & Asad, very nice stuff lads.

    I like Brighton. Used to see a really nice bird there. I actully believe if I could feel emotion, i may have fallen in love with her. It ended with me legging it. Her husband was some kind of Kungfuist.

    I too have been round the middle east. Met a lovely Lebanese women. Met her family and friends to and they really liked me. It was only when her father started talking about marriage that i knew I had to leg it.. Apperantly theres a Fatwa on me, but with my propensity for telling porkies there after Ahmed from Birmingham.

    I think the game will tight in large periods. The difference will be the odd moment of quality, so Arsenal 5-0

  • I may have the volume 1 on Sczny but you seem to have the remaining 9 volumes 😀 @ Admir

    good to see TMHT back with his 5-0 predictions but no ghosts of the 30’s stirring, come on – sort it out !!!

  • @17 – no, you didn’t. Don’t tell me it was YOU who married him at the roof back then! :O 😀

  • Tell me, Terry, and those who know him (TA, others) how should I picture our man legging it away from birds and families? Is he more BFG or Theo?…

  • Just for you Bondy “The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring”, and they really are. Before Arsenes contract up is we will be champions again

  • Lets put it this way 17, in a race between me an old aged pensioner for a bus, its a very close call, ending in a tusssle by the door.

    When legging it from a emotionaly pent up women or an angry husband, Carl Lewis has no chance

  • @007 – I keep those volumes on the same shelf with 007-movies. 😀

    @TMHT – I actually had a chance to visit Brighton when I was 12. I was supposed to stay within some family in order to improve my English and to spend a summer over there but the deal-breaker for me was over-hearing my parents saying to someone on the telephone: “We don’t care what you mean by “over-price” but I guarantee you my son will have a fine resale value!”

    Your story from Lebanon touched my heart. That’s what happens when you go there instead of Lesbanon. 😦

  • Brighton look to be chasing shadows and just wishing the ball towards our half… Theo goal was extremely well taken after a perfect (and difficult) first touch…

    Bald Rory Delap (Bruno) seems the best way forward…

  • Admir…No, sorry…Dennis Rodman is not my wife and I’m not covered in tattoos (the trend amongst athletes which he started…) but he did inspire me to take up basketball in my mid 20s and I was nicknamed “Worm” in those settings… In other words. the idea that somebody could contribute with zero offense (and represent 1/5 of a whole team in that way) was a real inspiration to me…

    Arsenal controlling the spaces but not pushing too hard for a 2nd…

    Sicky…Use your left!!

  • Theo might want to take the pass there… Sicky responds in kind, shooting from a distance which rarely = net…

  • Could’ve had a cup of tea (pulled a doppio…) in scoring that one… Nice pass from TR7 too… More please… 🙂

  • Trouble there…Kos got the ball stuck in his feet but the open shot goes over…Fear of the PIG must’ve caused too much pressure… 😉

    Just me here once the match is on?…

  • Well that wasn’t too tough. It’s been a while since those two were on the score sheet. COYG

  • that was a professional first half display .

    let’s get another goal, then bring on Chuba for Giroud at the 60th minute mark

  • Half time… Training ground exercise… Maybe? Controlling the spaces well, Sicky…Ramsey and Ozil as focused as the back six on keeping the clean sheet… Very well taken (not rushed) goals from the (like) new signings…

    Admir…In my sporting life the most thrilling characters have been… Rodman, (Tiger) Woods and Wenger… I played a lot of ball in my day and I’m not sure I would’ve without having seen DR play his game… Nowadays (if Szcz would give us some f**king snow…) it’s all about the skiing…As such, Bill Koch (the “inventor” of skate skiing in nordic) has to get a nod as well…

  • 2-1… 007 will blame the keeper but that was spoonfed by Chambers who wanted a foul and didn’t get it…

  • Chambers tentative again and Calderon dives for a FK…Comes to nothing, fortunately…

    We’ve now got a game…Next goal wins?…

  • Calderon…Cheeky…dives again…no call… Giroud shirt tug at the other end probably not a pen but closer to it…

  • Calderon is obviously writing his PhD on diving, that’s why he got away without a yellow card.

  • Nice 1-2 from Giroud…

    Bruno the bald man off…

    Brighton joy is working our right side…Bells and the BFG seemed pretty solid there a week ago…

  • 27 in footballing years… Or something… Experience…

    Ooh…Flambeau sells himself…backline recovers nicely…Everybody looks spent…

    Time for some Double A batteries…Alexis and Akpom… Giroud and Theo off…

  • Speaking of our right side… Am I the only one that think Chambers’ height works against his career at the right-full-back position?

  • Ruh roh… 3-2…

    Nacho pushes up when he might’ve stayed back…Szcz too slow off his line…

    Still some life in this one…

  • Height, Admir, or just lack of pace…Bells seems that bit quicker… CC has some good ball skills and range of passes… DM/CB seems his spot, longer term…

    Ozil (who just broke up another Brighton attack) off for Le Coq…

  • Nobody running with Alexis… Lots of tired boys out there, I fear…

    Finally, a FK given… Kevin Friend, letting ’em play…

  • Bar!! After a deflection…Corner Ballooned… Need to shut up shop here…but a 4th would also do the trick…

    Chambers handball waved off… Corner Brighton…But helped out by Akpom after plenty of confusion…

    A little squeaky here… Chuba draws a yellow on his own…

  • Rambo looking tired, not hurt, I think…

    This is a fine workout for the lads…but I think they can hold out…

    4 mins ET… Oooohhhh…PASS THAT BALL!!

  • FT… And we’re through…Rambo too tired to volley home at the end…

    Fun match in the 2nd and our rotated D was a little weaker than we might like…Gabby on a plane, however, I think, will improve things…

  • OK, people, let’s rain down the criticism… Sir Chez has made sunshine here 😦 so I have to get out in it…

  • ahahhahahahahahahahaahahha

    am just glad we are over the line .

    this was to be expected with Sczny in goal but thankfully we were always in control and ahead of them .

    first goal = Sczny on his heels as usual

    2nd goal = don’t know what he was doing .

    that’s the difference between Sczny and Ospina both have nothing much to do and when they are called upon, one concedes and the other one bails us out .

    happy @ Me Amigo ? ; )

    nah, who am I kidding, for the first one, it was a poor clearance from Rosicky and Koc should have done better .

    for the 2nd one, Monreal, Flamini and Koc all should have done better .

    2 shots on target for Brighton = 2 goals, may as well start without a goalie next time 👿

    when is the draw for the 5th round ?

  • Fifth-round draw on Monday at 19:00 GMT

    start the engine time for me, laters people

  • ahahahaha
    Return of the Keystone defensive personnel, return of the Keystone defending – I fucking love it when logic works.
    Like i said before keep the defense (including the DM) the same as it was against City and we will have no problems as the attack will dominate. As it was we changed it all up and it all fell to pieces, luckily the attack still dominated regardless 🙂
    Also excellent to see Rosicky completely outshining both Ozil and Ramsey, i bet Cazorla and Wilshere are sitting pretty comfortably atm 🙂
    Nice to see Akpom get some game time he should have been on from the start 🙂
    Of all the rusty guys it looks like Walcott is the closest to being back to his best – Nice! 🙂

    I hope thats enough criticism for you HT, can’t quite have a go at Szczesny as he didn’t have the same defensive structure around him that has been keeping Ospina so well protected recently but i am sure JB will do the honors 🙂

  • Back from the Sofaring and will now watch the match !……..I reckon that Juan Hamez Bond`s perfect match is when Arsenal win with Szczesny playing, but conceding a few iffy goals !.
    The perfect double boner !. hahaha

  • Sounded a typical cup tie from what I heard on the radio.

    We were cruising, got sloppy, got punished, got control again, got sloppy, got punished, ended up with a few more hairy moments, just your every day Arsenal cup tie…

    My only grumble was, why not put on Coq when it went 3-1..?
    Why wait until it’s brown stuff on the fan? 🙄

    Anyway, were in the hat…
    Chelsea, Man City, Soton and Spuds aren’t…
    Suck it up Oilers… 😀

  • I don’t want to be a complete arse here, but… The proclivities and favoritism of some of my fellow comment writers never fails to amaze me… Indeed it was a double boner day for 007, and a better keeper might’ve gotten off his line quicker for the 2nd goal seeing the mistakes happening ahead of him… At least Bond acknowledged those… On the first goal, if an assist were to be given it would be given to Calum Chambers who was counting on the referee to call the foul. He *was* fouled (i.e., I blame the ref…) but he still chested the ball–with perfect weight–to the goal scorer. How he avoids criticism indicates our superspy might have a blind spot…

    It’s nothing, of course, next to our friend F11ngers, who wants Akpom from the start (giving no acknowledgment to Giroud working hard all day and his perfect 1-2 for the 3rd goal. If Akpom plays a first time ball ANYWHERE into the acre of space Alexis had, the game goes to 4-2 at the start of extra time. I like the kid, but there is no way he plays an hour at this level right now… Ramsey, indeed shattered by the end of the match, had a good one, I thought, but not as good as Ozil. The calmness of his finish matched the luck involved in Rosicky’s volley and his presence, I thought led to a first half of complete dominance… Meanwhile, the main guy missing from our back line today (Per Mertesacker) comes in for zero commendation (our man from the Isle has previously wanted him gone…) but no praise goes out to management for finding some competition for all the guys forced to play out of position; the guy we’ve just bought to challenge the BFG (Gabriel), is, of course, another cheap-out… At least there was no hand wringing over selling the (surely) indispensable (or at least “should’ve gotten a chance”) Semi Ajayi to Sunderland…

    Ah well, watcha gonna do… :/ 😀

    I dunno, we didn’t play the perfect match but the comeback goals maybe are the type of pressure we need more than a day of everything going right for the team. At least we didn’t go from 2 nil up to 2-4 down like the league leaders… Live (or die, to borrow from the preview theme…) another day and learn (and improve…) seems OK by me…

  • Chez – after winning “An employee of the year”, he’ll get fired from the laundry. It’s not his fault that our defence was way below it’s usual level.

    Chambers – target for the opponents due to his lack of pace. I kinda see him as a new Mertesacker to Paulista’s Koscielny.

    Koscielny – not good in leading the defence.

    Monreal – was all over the place. More comfortable as a left full-back with a proper LW in front of him.

    Gibbs – nothing impressive but the best out of our back five.

    Flamini – looked poorly, especially when you compare him with Coquelin’s recent outings.

    Ramsey – he was limping at some point. It looked like a hamstring again. Hpefully nothing serious. Was in Tommy’s shade and it’s well-known his combo with Flamini isn’t the best one.

    Rosa – incredible player. I just want to know why he didn’t play in the bbeginning of the season. Was involved in all three goals.

    Özil – scored a goal but is yet to reach his best football. Looked tired.

    Theo – now, if there is someone who made me nervous today, it was Theo. He scored a lovely goal but he was too selfish in a few occasions. It seems to me that he dwelled too much on the ball because he hasn’t clicked with the rest of the team yet. On a positive note, I like to see his improvement when it comes to shooting.

    Giroud – lovely clipped pass for Rosa. I think he missed Alexis on the wing to stretch the defence.

    Akpom – I like his pace and confidence but as 17 pointed out, he should get cameos to gain experience.

    Coquelin – full of confidence. He used to look like a lad without confidence and ambition. Now he looks like he ate from Rosicky’s plate.

    Alexis – too bad one of his free-kicks didn’t end in the net. I think he changed his free-kick technique.

  • Me Amigo – let’s call a spade a spade – and once we’ve called it as we’ve seen it – let’s stick by it , no ?

    didn’t you post the below :

    17highburyterrace says:
    January 25, 2015 at 17:35
    Ruh roh… 3-2…

    Nacho pushes up when he might’ve stayed back…Szcz too slow off his line…

    what’s all this about the favourtism hoopla now ?

    2 shots on target = 2 goals .

    1 corner they had or possibly 2 = he looked unsure and in no man’s land with that one as well .

    he had a 5 out of 10 game for me and I am calling it as such .

    sure, Chambers was looking for a foul – and what not but that’s beside the point .

    the point is like our keepers at Arsenal don’t have much to do due to our style, be it Martinez, Ospina, or Sczny but why is it Sczny always having to pay the price ? either he’s extremely unlucky or like you say not a very good keeper as you have just implied and I quote ” A BETTER KEEPER” could have or would have .

    in the end we won, so all is well but he needs to be doing better. In fairness, Brighton were poor and I didn’t see many crosses or long balls being pumped into the box either .

    Ospina had to deal with Stoke and Man city who were putting in crosses and long balls , left right and center .

    is Ospina a better keeper = Yes .

    am I happy that Sczny is our no.2 = Yes .

    Will we be winning the FA cup with Sczny in Goal = I HOPE .

    you are a tad harsh on young Chuba, even Theo could have helped score a few more if he wasn’t being selfish or released the ball sooner on a couple of occasions .

    sure, Giroud had a decent game but Stevie wanted Chuba to have more minutes and I would have certainly given him that – the lad is promising and has pace to burn. Once we were 3-1 up, he should have been given a go .

    in hindsight, I would have kept Giroud on the bench and played Chuba from the start but that’s just me (is it favourtism ? let’s ask Gerry 👿

  • hahahaha
    Ozil’s calmness vs Rosicky’s luck – pot vs kettle much HT 😆 😆 😆
    I think Akpom was on for only about 20 mins or so and he was nearly through on goal about three bloody times, the kid looks a real quality option to me mate. Oh and i think you will find he would have made that pass easy if he wasn’t cleaned out by the defender, its a bit hard to make a pass when your legs are taken away i thought you would know that by now being such an adamant supporter of Ozil lol.
    You are correct in saying i am looking for BFG to be replaced pretty soon but there was no need for me to commend the guy as i thought that was implied by me stating repetitively that i wanted the back four to remain the same as at City (which included BFG).
    I don’t feel like commending the management either for seeing a back four and DM combo that has clicked and performed well over a string of hard games and then changing it when we still have a whole week before our next game and in doing so producing the undisciplined mess that we all came to loath in the first half of the season once again.
    I am not sure about this but it was mentioned in previous comments that Coquelin may be one yellow card away from suspension, i will be pretty pissed off with management tbh if he was spared a potential yellow this game (missing Villa) but gets one at Villa thereby missing the spuds game.

    We all have our favorites HT and no matter how much you try to hide it you give bias towards yours just as much as i do to mine, we simply disagree completely on who those players are lol

    So back at ya matey 🙂

    “The proclivities and favoritism of some of my fellow comment writers never fails to amaze me”

  • Admir,

    we have hardly ever been known for our defensive steel in the last 6-8 years .

    so I fail to fathom your point about our defense being below par ?

    we’ve had a dodgy defence for a very long time now and it’s not going to be changing anytime soon either .

    our goalies need to be dealing with it . more like Sczny needs to be dealing with it the same way Fabianski, Martinez and Ospina have .

    Flamini doesn’t look upto the standard required now, does he ?

  • I think we need to Coq block Flamini from now on JB

    btw this is a very depressing statement:

    “we’ve had a dodgy defence for a very long time now and it’s not going to be changing anytime soon either .”

    Mainly because its true, but it surely should not be the case! I really hope Wenger starts looking seriously at some WC defenders and DM’s soon. It just makes no sense not to with such a WC attacking line up front.

  • Martinez was between the sticks against Stoke. Hardly a performance to right home about, unlike the brilliant one against Borussia.

    Ospina has conceded one goal from the open play so far – Clyne’s projectile. We went out of COC after that one.

    Every goalie suffers at some point. Chez needs to learn. I remember Jens Lehmann’s story when he had been in Schalke. As you know, Mad Jens was a penalty-expert. Why? Because he made a record for every Bundesliga player – where he shoots, how he shoots…and stuff like that. Jensused his computer for that while Chez uses his for FB, Instagram and other crap.

  • Sczny’s suffering seems to be never ending then, no ?

    how much more does Sczny needs to learn, hasn’t he played more than 200 matches at the top top top level, already ? ? ?

    no not Martinez, Ospina played vs Stoke and we won 3-0 .

    Mad Jens was a character alright – didn’t he come back a few years ago as a player coach to Sczny – that explains EVERYTHING


  • sorry to be causing more depression to you @ Stevie wonder but I say it how it is and don’t like to be politically correct nor a bit here nor there .

    it is what it is – am under no delusions , we may have had the joint most clean sheets last season but we also had a lot of embarrassing results in between as well and for the big games that really mattered at the time .

    every single person with a little bit of footy knowledge will tell you what Arsenals problems have been – it’s defence – how to sort it out ? get a bloody DM .

    Song was stepping up and our patience was getting rewarded and then bang, we sell him after he thought he was the next best thing .

    Le Coq is showing promise now, let’s hope he doesn’t get big headed and keeps his feet firmly grounded .

    Song wasn’t that great but he wasn’t that bad either and was beginning to show why AW stuck with him for so long, he was developing into something special and I can see more or less the same in Le Coq now

  • re- Le Coq missing the next game due to a yellow

    it was Gerry who said it but I think that in order to be suspended, you need to accumulate 10 cards not 5 as we are already in January and the 5 yellow card rule only lasts from the beginning of the season to december and then get extended to 10 ?

    @ steve

    going by the above then he should be fine for the Villa game and who knows, he might get away with it scott free, he didn’t pick up a yellow against man city either .

  • ah thats good to know JB, watching Flamini today something tells me we’re going to need Coq as much as possible – unless we buy another DM anytime soon lol

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