Theo/Ozil represent 0.6 goals & assists per game: Season starts here!


Unless absolutely everything goes our way in the next four months, I reckon this will become a season of which we will ask ourselves what could have been if we had not had so many injuries during the first half of it.

Now that Koz is back and back-up has been brought in (Paulista), Coquelin is 99% close to signing a new contract, Ramsey is getting back to the engine we know him to be and Super Jack is back in training, we are looking strong at the back and in the middle of the park.

Furthermore, and even more excitingly, our attacking options are back to full strength now, with Ozil and Theo fully back and Giroud having totally settled back in again. Our superstar Alexis has been phenomenal and held the fort whilst the others were recuperating. Of course, he had help from the likes of Welbeck and Ox, but they are both work in progress, especially when it comes to the bread and butter stats of goals and assist.

We know that these are all very good players, but the beauty is that Wenger can now choose from his very best attackers, both in terms of producing assists and scoring goals.

These are the assists v games played ratios (data from 2009/2010 season to now, source ‘Whoscored’):

  Total games / Assists Assists per game ratio
Walcott 162/34 0.21
Ozil 222/90 0.41
Giroud 176/21 0.12
Alexis 205/45 0.22
Carzola 213/43 0.20
Ramsey 161/21 0.13
Welbeck 157/12 0.08
Ox 95/10 0.11
Rosicky 149/13 0.09
Wilshere 130/16 0.12

So, in terms of our strongest team in attack from an assists producing point of view, we would aim to field Walcott, Ozil, Alexis, Santi and Ramsey in our five directly attack-involved positions.


And these are goals v games played ratios (data from 2012/2013 season to now, source ‘Wiki’).

  Total games / goals Goals per game ratio
Walcott 67/28 0.42
Ozil 103/19 0.18
Giroud 111/46 0.41
Alexis 131/51 0.39
Cazorla 126/25 0.20
Ramsey 102/24 0.24
Welbeck 99/19 0.19
Ox 83/7 0.08
Rosicky 69/8 0.12
Wilshere 84/8 0.10

So, in terms of our strongest team in attack from a goal scoring perspective, we would aim to field: Walcott, Giroud, Alexis, Ramsey and Cazorla.

Surprise, surprise almost the same players who produce the most assists per game also score the most goals per game, with Ozil producing significantly more career assists than Santi, and Santi scoring a tad more goals per game than the German. Between them, these five to six players produce on average 1.17 assist and 1.66 goals per game.

Our current PL goal tally is 39 from 22 games, 1.8 goals per game and that includes the entire squad of course. I predict that we will see a steep improvement in goals per game in the last four months of the season: by possibly a third, meaning an average goals per game ratio of 2.4.

The thing is Ozil, Theo, Alexis, Santi, Giroud and Ramsey are now all fit to play together, and there is every chance that between them they will improve each others contributions, in terms of assists and goals, even further. And the longer they play the more effective they can all become.

You can also see from the stats above that the return of Ozil and Theo is absolutely paramount to the success of the team: together they can contribute 0.62 assists and 0.6 goals per game. It will take a bit of the pressure away from Santi and especially Alexis, and give us far more balance in terms of spreading assists and goals throughout the team.

The stats also show why we should expect (and want) the likes of Ox, Welbeck and Rosicky to provide back up rather than be first choice. Rosicky is of course a very strong option to have on the bench, and both Ox and Welbeck are still young and hopefully will develop strongly in the next season or two. Jack might also struggle to get back into the team as a regular first starter once he is back.

Let’s hope we can see these five to six top assists and goals producers play together very regularly from now on, so the fun can really begin.

By TotalArsenal.

67 thoughts on “Theo/Ozil represent 0.6 goals & assists per game: Season starts here!

  • Hi all..
    TA.. a very positive post.. I love it..
    It’s great to see Wenger have a lot of choice to pick than usual the opposite way.. hehehe..
    Theo.. Sanchez and Giroud will be Wenger first choice if fit..
    Ramsey will also play regulary unless Wilshere is back.. hehe..
    Ozil and Cazorla.. I pick Cazorla.. specially when we must face more physical team..

    But tomorrow without Sanchez.. we will see Ozil again in LW position..
    Although Rosicky maybe another choice to consider..
    We never lost against Villa at home.. and we never will.. hehehe..

  • That’s a star studded attacking line TA that’s for sure!
    I don’t know too many teams that would stop that lot!


    Even though i tend to go with form rather than reputation i would still like to see all our biggest stars on the pitch at the same time.
    I suppose i will still get to see my underdog team play in the FA cup lol

    The OX———Rosicky——–Wilshere——–Akpom

    Nice little squad we’ve got going now, and that can only mean more debates over who’s favorites should get a starting place – good times!! 🙂
    Mind you i think that will be a very one sided debate lol

    Bring on Villa, COYG!!!!!

  • Nice one TA – Following AW’s lead on how he ‘sourced’ Gabriel, eh?

    The thing with those stats, which are fine, but they are on the individuals, not on who they combine with on the field.
    I am guessing some would look a whole lot better based over the last two seasons, Alexis and Welbeck apart, than others just on pairings?
    You know what I think. Take that quartet of Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, and Theo. Only Theo is a striker, so you would expect his scoring ratio to be higher, but then look at his scoring with any two from three, and all three and see if there is a difference. Then throw in Wilshere into the mix and see what effect that has? Throw in Giroud and see what effect that has an Walcott’s scoring.
    No TA, I don’t expect you to produce the figures. Probably just accessing the data would be difficult, but the time to do it makes it impossible, and why I am not volunteering either, before you ask. All I am doing is pointing out the fact that your are only looking at a tip of the iceberg without seeing the huge mass below the surface that keeps the tip sticking out of the water. The graceful swan looks beautiful gliding across a pond, but what you don’t see is the legs are paddling like fury below.
    Stats, unless properly analysed will only tell a part of the story, dig a bit more at the bits you want to see, and they will agree with you.
    Based on that form, those stats it make Rosicky look like a complete waste of space?
    Compare that to recent form? Well, I rest my case 😀

  • Gonna blow my Coquelin trumpet again. Nice write up TA with some interesting stats. We have some superbly talented midfielders and it’s going to get very tough for some of them to get air time. The first name on my team sheet would be Coquelin . He is really disciplined and allows others the chance to express themselves. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the teams recent form coincided with his selection. Albeit he was only brought back from loan to cover injuries

  • TA

    To me it’s more about chemistry. I think Ozil with Theo and Alexis will go well. Very free flowing.

    But, I always put him in a final 1-1 with a striker rather than midfield because he contains and delays transition well, but isn’t a hard tackler or runner. Smart, but not hard. I personally prefer that, others definitely don’t.

    That then requires a very solid central mid behind and DM behind that. The first is Ramsey or JW or Santi perhaps…. And we will see about Coquelin.

    Again however, we’ve not oft played that way. I think Ozil is one of our best players ever, but he’ll be known as a huge flop and sold before next year if he isn’t in the right system / team… Not his fault, but ….

    The stats tell a story but it’s a story of the players around them, as much as themselves.

    Cheers — jgc

  • Cheers guys 🙂

    I expected these responses and can see where you coming from, and I don’t necessarily disagree with either Gerry or Geoff. I will use this post as reference time and again to explain what Wenger’s preferred attacking line is and why. These stats don’t tell the whole story but they tell a crucial story: our season will start properly now! 🙂

  • JGC, TA et al et al et al


    right, so we didn’t sign Cesc back because of Ozil and now we are already thinking along the lines of ” if he doesn’t sit well in the system and formation then he will be sold next year e.t.c e.t.c” .

    Ozil won’t be sold anytime soon – AW is building a team and the future generation around him and it has taken him 18 months to get the players that compliment Ozil’s game as we didn’t have those due to a number of reasons including injuries ?

    who are these players then ? these are the runners, sprinters, dribblers, free roamers and movers aka Alexis and Welbeck

    with Theo returning back to full fitness and OX finally get a lot of game time – this team is capable of winning (Dare I Say) the champions league not next year or the year after but THIS YEAR .

    this team and system will work perfectly and if we don’t have any further injuries for the next 6 weeks then you can already dream big, all this talk of top 4 and what not won’t be relevant anymore .

    Ozil has been injured for most of the season and when he was back, he didn’t have Theo, Ox, Alexis available at full throttle .

    the biggest beneficiary from all of this will be Danny Welbeck, scoring loads of goals in his new super sub role or when he gets a run in the FA cup games thanks to Ozil .

    I am under no doubt that Skipper has posted a top notch post and one that basically nails it for me .

    the future is bright and anything other than winning the CL this season be considered dour season.

    if you are going to dream then dream big, CL and FA cup – here we come baby

  • Cheers, JB. 🙂

    It’s coming together baby. What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster, is it a monster? Hahaha.

    And hope you are right re Welbeck too.

  • So what do we want from the Oilers’ game? A draw and have a chance to gain two points of both? A Chav win to get close to Citeh, or Citeh win to rattle the Chavs and allow us to laugh at Maureen? 😀

  • City to win !

    come on man Cityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    it will no doubt be a shut shop job from Jose.Moron – he will play 3 defensive midfielders in there to sit back and absorb it as a draw be good enough for them, however, the likes of Silva and Aguero will deliver the goods against an overrated Chelsea team – besides, if Bradford can do it then anyone can ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha

  • hahaha JB i’m completely the opposite lol

    Like TA posted once fit there is a SQ front six (which doesn’t even include OX and Jack) who AW will look to play every game. The problem is one of those front six will have to be a DM so there is one who will always be benched. As i look across the line everybody has their place and roles which suit them. Sanchez on the left wing has been a revelation, Arsene’s toy boy who seems to play whenever possible for as long as possible whether on form or absolutely not and whether fit or nearly collapsing Ramsey (in midfield), fans favorite and probably the most skillful when on form Cazorla, and our main man on the wing Walcott.
    Indeed it was this very team (bar the Walcott / OX switch) which made a City away game look like a stroll in the park.
    The only player that would look out of place across that line is Ozil, he doesn’t get stuck in and battle enough to be placed in the center of midfield (cast your mind back to the dogged performances from Cazorla and Ramsey in the City match) and he is a complete waste on the wing especially when taking the place of actual wingers like Sanchez and Walcott.
    Ozil’s best position is just behind the striker, lol hence the moniker best number 10 in the world, problem is we don’t play with two up top. I can think of another German we have who would have been absolutely prolific if he was placed just behind a main striker but he’s playing for Inter atm and i fear that is the same fate Ozil may suffer.
    I am sure that if you are right then we will see a completely new formation next season, incorporating Ozil into his specialist role (i for one would love to see a 4-1-3-1-1) but i think that AW has actually built a SQ team and Ozil is going to have to fight hard to find a place in it rather than a mediocre team trying hard to incorporate the main SQ player.

    Here’s the question then, everyone is fit and on form, you know the candidates (Sanchez, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Walcott), there are five players to choose from and only four positions available, which player are you going to drop??


  • what battle ? what rot

    seriously, all this nonsense about Ozil being soft and not up for a battle needs to go where the sun doesn’t shine .

    every single top team in the world has one of these players who fall under the Ozil category .

    Barca = Messi

    Chelsea = Hazard

    Man Utd = Mata and even Di Maria goes missing sometimes

    Man City = David Silva

    Real Madrid = Ronaldo (yes, how often do you see him put in a shift ? he bites back mostly on the counter attack or feeds off from some hard work of the play makers around him) .

    so if you are expecting Ozil to do a Rooney or an Alexis then no chance, he is a different kettle of fish

    every team has a world class player and a focal point and like them we have

    Arsenal = Ozil

    he doesn’t have to play behind the striker, on the wing – as long as he plays , this system of 4-1-4-1 is ideal for him and he can set us up on quick counter attacks = a complete all round game, and the main reason why we have not been as good on counter attacks is due to Ozil not being able to conduct and orchestrate due to him being injured ?

    there was a reason why he was the highest assist maker in europe , it was because he was setting up the likes of Ronaldo (Alexis) and Benzema (Welbeck/Giroud/Theo/Ox) up for fun on counter attacks

  • Messi, Hazard and Ronaldo all get stuck in mate, who said they don’t???
    hahaha ive never seen anyone scrap as much as Messi!!
    Silva is probably the closest comparison you’re gonna get there, where do City play him? I don’t follow them much.
    And whats your answer then JB, who do we drop to incorporate Ozil??

  • Either Santi or Ramsey, Steve, depending on how attacking we want to play. A fit Ozil will always start in Wenger’s team as per his stats and role he plays in the team.

  • Hazard does ? really ? is that why Jose.Moron has been criticizing him in the past openly ? ? ? it’s only this year he has bothered with the defensive duties to an extend .

    Messi ? I have hardly ever seen Messi put in the tackles, be it for Barca or Argentina .

    Ronaldo no longer risks it like he used to and he as Messi is, are often on the receiving end .

    if everyone was a tackler and giving it as good as they got then you are watching the wrong sport, the right one be Rugby .

    I have already given my 6 before for the Aston Villa game , will give it again as I like you 😉

    Le Coq———–Ramsey

    Theo——–Ozil———Alexis/Santiago (after Alexis returns from Injury can be rotated with Theo and Ox to keep the wings mobile)

    ——-Giroud/Welbeck (after Welbeck returns from injury in a super sub role to be rotated with Giroud)

  • Fair enough TA that would have been my choice as well if i had to fit him in somewhere, enough of this out on the wing nonsense. I do think he’s got a great deal more to prove in that midfield role than some of you seem to think but that is definitely the spot he takes.
    If AW starts dropping players like Santi and Ramsey for Ozil without results the fans will quickly show their disgust though.

  • pmsl, JB go and grab yourself a download of the latest match of Barca (against Athletico madrid), Messi was getting battered, but still wiggles his way through, stays up and doesn’t loose the ball.
    I can’t believe i’m sat here trying to defend the best player in the world lol.
    so you are the same as TA then

    Poor old Santi, he is quality when on form, Ozil’s got some work to do imo

  • A successful manager does what is best for the team, not what the fans want, Steve. Look at populist Rednapp and you know what I mean. Personally, I would start Ozil every game.

  • Santi has been excellent recently, no doubt about it. I reckon he will be offered a Rosicky sort of role this Summer or be cashed in on if that’s not what he wants.

  • Santi has already played a lot of games, I don’t know if you take in the FATIGUE factor while choosing your wonderful line ups as they will work like magic on the computer but in reality, all the players need rotating at some point otherwise our greatest ever nemesis INJURIES will never go away or ease off .

    we can not play Santiago and Ramsey in every single game, hence having OZIL, JACK WILSHERE and co return allows us to have all our players fresh and eager .

    how AW rotates his squad and keeps everyone motivated is his job and one I expect him to find the right solution – even if that means that Santiago gets a much deserved rest at the expense of Ozil returning back to full match fitness and weakness, then so be it – This is the year where we and AW will be wanting to win the Champions League and AW knows that the one player who can deliver the goods is OZIL when the likes of Santiago and co can help us get to the final, Ozil can help open the floodgates .

    give him 3 games in a row , 60 , 60 and 75 minute bursts on the pitch and you will see a much more effective and lethal Ozil .

    there is no reason though why the likes of Ramsey, Santiago and Ozil can’t play together as Alexis has that Wengjury . I reckon that all 3 of them might get 3 games in a row with Rosicky being rotated with Santiago in between .

    makes sense ? and are we happy with that @ Stevie wonders ?

  • steve says:
    January 31, 2015 at 12:35
    pmsl, JB go and grab yourself a download of the latest match of Barca (against Athletico madrid), Messi was getting battered

    ERM – I was watching that game live and also commenting on it, do refer to a post or 2 back when I said somethings never change as Suarez is still a diver and what not .

    re-read what you wrote in that comment and I quote *Messi was getting battered”

    the key there is GETTING –

    I think you miss-read my comment, I never said that they don’t GET battered or tackled, I said they are reluctant to put one in themselves

    are we on the same page now ?

    and rightfully so, when you are the best players in the world, you don’t need to do that as your creativity is what drives the team forward not your creativity at the expense of putting in the tackles which is not the forte of your game.

    AW knew what he was paying the £42 mills for .

    whether you and others like it or not, he will be our focal point and will remain so for a very long time .

    what does this mean for you ? you will have to get your desired playing 11 in the COC games or the FA cup games 😀

  • Yep i’m good JB, phew we got there in the end didn’t we lol
    We had lists of world class players, the concept of rotation explained, the definition of battling questioned etc etc.
    It was a long old road you took to answer “if everyone was fit (hence no fatigue and rotation needed) who would you drop” lol
    In the end you landed on Santi, the same answer it took TA only one sentence to answer, but we had our laughs though 🙂

    I still disagree with the battling thing as Ozil would be knocked off the ball like he wasn’t even there but tbh i am in way to much pain to open up that can of worms for another long winded discussion, i would find it extremely hard to find similarities between Messi and Ozil at the best of times lol

    You are correct of course, it doesn’t look good for my F11ngers XI, Only Walcott survives and maybe Gibbs but i will still be waving the underdog flag mate, you never know, if Ozil and Ramsey continue in the mediocre form they have shown this season there could be plenty of opportunity 🙂

  • no @ Stevie

    you are working on hypothetical’s and I am giving you a realistic take on things .

    I didn’t drop Santiago technically, I rotated him ; )

  • how hypothetical is it going to be in a few games when Sanchez is back and Theo, Ramsey and Ozil are all back to match fitness?
    I know we have been used to having half a team but the whole reason i posed the question is because for the first time in bloody ages it looks like we will have nearly our full squad of options to choose from.
    I definitely found out that above all else people seem to place Ozil as the first name in the attacking line up, even so far as to build the rest of the team around him, count me as the lone soul who is completely opposed to this 🙂

    Right what else pisses you off JB, i have to find something else to come up with to take me through to a 3 o’clock kick off 🙂

  • Szczesny the giant leader between the sticks, Ospina the midget peering over his shoulder on the subs bench – discuss
    😆 😆 😆

  • Sczny should be back in goal, he is our no.1 goalie and deserves to be in goal from now on based on him winning the golden glove award .

    he’s not getting £100 k per week to keep the bench warm .

    in Sczny we must all trust .

    Ospina is over rated and is reaping in the benefits from our solid defence and LE COQ . let’s ship the “midget” back to NICE . what a terrible bit of business that and £3 million down the drain .

  • Hey guys…Happy Saturday… Another nice post, TA and statistical analysis seems another talent you’ve been hiding in reserve…

    Speaking of…IMO it’s always good to have something extra in your, er, Arsenal, so these debates about who to play when everybody is fit, which leads to the slagging off on our own fine players, isn’t really my bag… Reading the comments, a bag of popcorn is what I need, but it’s too early… Luckily, F11ngers and 007 seem to be winding things down as the early match hit’s half time… Hand of Elmo (hand-mody?…) called off by Phil Dowd…Gotta give props to the ref when they actually get one right…

    My overall take on the “who to play if…” debate is that this is what Weng-juries are for… Alexis and Ox are carrying a couple so the team more or less picks itself for tomorrow. No worries for me. The key is whether or not the win at Man City was just a blip or if it can be a stepping stone towards winning other tough matches. It can be argued that certain players didn’t play in that one so they are not needed. Wrong. To win matches, week in and week out (not to mention in the mid-week tussles, in between) a deep squad of true quality is needed. For me, “positions” and “combinations” and “formations” are far less important. I use the quotations because that’s really all they are, malleable words we are forced to use in trying to describe what we see…

    The same goes for talking about the individual players and characterizing them in definitive ways. Ozil is soft (or Theo is fast or Santi is little), for example, doesn’t tell the whole story, We have to use words, of course; the trouble comes when the ideas harden into (hyperbolic) “truths” which we then seek to “prove,” mostly by just repeating them. Better, I think, when an idea or descriptor comes to mind about a player, to actually try and *disprove* it…. That’s what scientists do…Make a hypothesis and then test it… If the hypothesis is negative, this could also be called, “looking for the positives,” which TA has been doing very nicely with his post match posts… It’s easier when the results are suitable, but maybe even more important when they aren’t… :/

    Anyhow…I’m pretty pleased that we’ve got so many fine players to choose from. It could even be seen as an example of how to build a real team…. Some are youngsters coming into their own after many seasons with the team (Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Wilshere), others are veterans playing better now, in part because they’ve got better teammates and don’t have to carry the whole load themselves (Santi, Giroud, Rosicky) and it may be (mostly) because we finally have the money to plop down on some seriously world class players who are simply victims of the ridiculous player turnover at the two giant Spanish clubs, (Alexis, Ozil). Mix in a bit of up and coming youth (including players currently out on loan) and what’s not to like?

    Nothing. At least until the next bad result… at which point whoever played (and the man who picked them) are all bad and the club is in crisis and the world is sh*t… Maybe… Or maybe it’s all the fault of a certain Polish goalkeeper, even if he doesn’t play…


  • Sorry…Didn’t mean to kill the discussion… TA, do you need a match preview?…I can write one now that Toonies seem to have Hull in the bag…

    Anyhow, lemme know…

  • not enough hyperbole HT.
    We’re not the idiots you think we all are lol, we know your right and we have all stated as much in the past, even i know there is more to Ozil’s game then just the lethargic push over that i portray him as but it makes for very little debate if everyone makes intelligent comments – you need some more extreme views (however false they may be) 🙂
    For me It is obvious which players are most people favorites here but we have had very little opportunity to allow ourselves to think about what would happen if they were all fit. I simply saw the opportunity to try and annoy a few by asking them to make the decision to drop one of their favorites (choose between them if you will). I then compounded the tension by adding in my opinion to drop Ozil which i knew would be the polar opposite to what everyone else would do.
    Sit back and wait.
    Along came JB 🙂

    In reality like you i am simply glad we have such a stellar squad but i would like to add that i would like to see form win out as an indicator as to who starts rather than reputation but thats just me.

  • Nice one F11ngers… Nobody trolls like the island people, it seems… 😀

    Are you still of the mind that winning (results) aren’t so important and you find more pleasure when it’s your favorites (young, English fellas, or so it seems…) play hard even if they come up short? Just asking… Really…

    Trolling’s all fine and good and certainly you hooked our superspy…Still, I think there are finer (and funner) distinctions which can be made… Frighteningly, “funner” was not flagged by my (American) spell check function… 😯 👿

    The bottom line is that we’ve got a very good team, I think, and the Gabriel signing, along with the emergence of Le Coq (heheheh… and Bellerin…) finally gives us a bit of fore-aft balance in terms of quality in depth… In fact, I think the pendulum is swinging back towards “foreign legion” (and away, just a bit) from the Brit-core, idea. Winning puts bums in seats so the need/desire for lots of British interest maybe isn’t so necessary. When it comes to dropping/rotating players I’m currently more concerned with the likes of Theo, Ox, Chambers and Wilshere. They’ll get their chances, but they will need to take them…

    Anyhow, it’s all good (as we say here in California) but I’d encourage going beyond the troll (and into finer description/detail) given that you’ve got the gift…you know the extra fingers for the keyboard…


  • I’m all about the beautiful game HT even more than results you are correct, however its not normally such a contrasting statement as when we click as a team we usually have enough to finish off most opponents and i think we shall see this more now that we have that improved fore-aft balance you mentioned.

    I think the pendulum never swung anywhere different HT it was simply a result of a ridiculous injury situation which saw many of “my guys” get their chance to play.
    I am a weirdo mate, i would be happy as a pig in shit if next season the starting XI lined up as:


    And the team to cover all Carling and FA cup games (as well as filling in for injuries/rotation of course) was:


    I would get to watch beautiful football from the first team and get to watch an almost full Arsenal English side develop as a team with a goal of emulating the beauty of the first team in cup games – my wet dream tbh.

    At the end of the day the players in best form start no matter where they are from, thats what Arsenal is all about but i would just love to see an English side develop and click as a unit under Arsenal’s tutelage, its been a dream of mine for decades.

  • Gotcha F11ngers… All fit (and in form), of course, is a dream… But at least we (seem to) agree that the squad is strong…

    Like I was saying (in my earliest post this morning)…I just think looking towards things that sometimes repulse can be eye-opening…If Ozil is “soft” (but others appreciate him) the question would be why?… Going completely “passive aggressive” as 007 does above with his “praise” for Szcz…is NOT what I’m talking about… Is this place the bully pulpit or is it whisky and cigars around a nice fireplace?… It seems up to the participants, I fear…

    Anyhow…plenty of goals in the 3 o’clocks.. Still nil-nil at Anfield, only…

  • yep Utd and spuds both winning atm, bit of a let down after last weeks amazing results 🙂

  • I am very much on the fence with Ozil he is undoubtably talented, but can be very frustrating at times. I do believe he has to ‘up’ his game somewhat if he wants to remain in the side.

    2 questions put this in perspective for me.

    1. Have we had our monies worth yet?

    2. Who would you rather have Ozil or Cesc?

    I know how I would answer

  • hahaha looks like i passed to the trolling baton over to retsub lol
    sitting back and waiting with anticipation for the results 🙂
    i will add some fuel to your fire mate;

    1. The only other big price tag SQ player we have signed is Sanchez and when i look at how quickly he has repaid his cost then i would have to answer NO. (the most important word in that sentence is “yet” though)

    2. Neither, I’ll take Jack thanks

  • Steve
    Have to disagree on point 2. As much as I like Jack, I don’t see him in the same class as Cesc. Hope he proves me wrong

  • what about compared to Ozil?
    lol this is just way too easy, i hope someone comes along in a minute 🙂

  • Hmmmm more interesting. Jack has struggled with injuries a lot (more than
    Ozil). I think the best way I can answer that is if we were away at Stamford Bridge I would have Jack every time. I know he will stand up and be counted. leicester at home, when you need a lock picker, probably Ozil

  • Again goes to show how lucky we are to have both in the squad for those exact situations.
    Get Jack to improve his “lock picking” skills (which are already pretty high) and boom, no need for Ozil, hello extra £35 mil to spend, welcome to Arsenal Draxler 🙂
    hahaha wheres JB when you need him 😆

  • First season, 26 games, nine assists and five goals, and finally playing much better football, and winning FA cup….and top four finish. Plus the big club factor…. Without Ozil Alexis would never have signed. Every penny paid back already, but he will never be your in your face bully.

  • Good Post and a very interesting stat table, Total. 🙂

    Oddly enough, 0.6 mbs is the speed at which my internet connection has been running at, on and off, for over a fortnight, and until it was sorted I was so frustrated I almost committed hari-kari with boredom! 🙂

    The results have not gone the way I was hoping for today – oh well it will just make it that more interesting.

    I remember Dennis the Menace recommending Erickson to Arsenal about 3 years ago, and I do not know why we did not take his advice (if in fact the story was true) because he is certainly a very good player.

    Obviously he is a Spud, before anyone reminds me, but the truth is the truth.

  • That’s true TA he did a great job when he first arrived and certainly helped in a premiership push. But in fairness he has been off the boil for a while now. Or is it just me (and Steve)?

  • TA…You have mail…

    You guys and your tough-guy football… In terms of money’s worth…we could (easily) sell Ozil somewhere for 30 million pounds (i.e. a loss of 12…) whereas Wilshere might fetch10 or 12 or 15, depending on where he was in his injury cycle… (for a profit of 10, 12 or 15, however, so maybe that’s better business)… It’s the difference between value based on past performance vs value based on potential.

    Luckily we don’t have to make such choices. Both players have “failed” to take us where we want to go, but, by the same token, Alexis has “only” carried us towards our “minimum standards.” Touch wood that this hamstring thing is, in truth, just a bit of a Winter break…

    In the end, it’s a team game so it’s good to have all these options who can cover and fill for one another as form and fitness permits…

    Good times, I think, at least until tomorrow…or whenever we fail to live up to expectations… :/

  • He has been injured for much of 2014, so we cannot tell, Retsubster. Let’s hope he’ll stay injury free and then we’ll see his full value again. I just hope that the fans don’t do a Gervinho on him, as we are a disloyal lot of supporters at times.

  • I agree with your point about Jack, TA, and his position is made difficult by the running battle he has had with injuries.

    I have the feeling that Arsene will have a hard look at the squad next summer, and if we are still after a DM and another forward (Benzema?) the obvious conclusion is that some of our much respected players will be moved on to fund new recruits.

    AW has always been very loyal to his players, but there is a point at which the squad numbers limitations forces difficult decisions to be made.

    I guess in due course we will see.

  • Ooh…Internet hell for Redders…Nice one about “top club” Eriksen, TA… Nice FK today and Harry Kane continues in good form… (Adebay-who? Sold-for way too much-dado?…) They’re much improved from our earlier match, but then again, we are too, I think…

    OGAAT, of course, but if things go to plan tomorrow, the NLD sets up a tasty one…

  • Throwing my hat into the ring, I am a big fan of Ozil, and rather than throw out our slightly damaged expensive toy in favour of a new shiny one, I think a little support for him will reap big dividends when he is up and running at full fitness.

    Just saying. 🙂

  • Hi 17, 🙂

    I am looking forward to your pre-view!

    Anyway, I have to get some coffee before the Chavs v City comes on.

  • Match completed and no blood (oil?) drawn… Chelsea will be happier even if the Moo-man will have to hem and haw and speak his faux-bad English to keep his smirk under control… Both teams kept their shape and it was played in good enough spirit for me… Four points dropped (rather than 3 had there been a winner…) is fine by me…

    For all their money both teams are less than fully convincing at the very highest level. Yaya is a big miss for City and Chavs miss their Spaniards (Cesc, Costa) but both also have a lot of solidity in depth… Clichy and Sagna in light blue saddens me, even if it’s probably not as bad as Cesc in the darker tone…

  • I didn’t watch too closely…Chavs, as they did vs Pool in midweek, played on the break, Willian (in for Cesc) making them appear more potent in that regard. Remy looks fine but lacks the “edge” Costa brings to his game which mostly opens things for others… City also missed Nasri, truth be told, who seems more of a threat than Milner and Jovetic… Arsenal have brought some fine players to England, even if they’ve cashed in and now work for the Sheiks and the Garchs… :/

    Playing these bigger matches for a draw or not to lose (ahead of CL ties, etc.) is what a lot of the business end is all about, I fear… At least there were no really bad “incidents” (violent play, super-dirty diving, etc.)… Plugs (Clattenburg) will probably come in for some credit as he waved a lot of players back up and kept the game moving nicely…

  • In rather more far-fetched news, respected French publication L’Equipe reports that Arsenal could sign Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.
    It’s well known that Arsenal’s goalkeeping situation has come under the spotlight in recent weeks following performance, and disciplinary, issues surrounding previous No 1 Wojciech Szczesny.

    it’s not far fetched .

  • JB and Taka et al

    Actually, JB, what I was saying was that Ozil SHOULD always start because, TA, of those stats, and their reflection of his abilities.

    NOW, whether we evolve just slightly our attacking and transition to defensive style around his abilities, THAT is the question…

    IMO, and incidentally, the tough, fast transition pressing that suited us so well at City suits Ozil.

    However, the big HOWEVER… By we, I meant many fans. I think the constant negative publicity will drive him out .. He will have GREAT success at Arsenal, but the negatives will air too much, and for someone of his talent, why bother, if you’re better appreciated and equally successful elsewhere..

    Simply, the stats at Arsenal, which exceed those of most anyone anywhere and are very close to his RM numbers with CR7 as an outlet, will not be enough to satisfy the boo birds who don’t really understand football…

    My positive take? His contributions get recognized with theo and Alexis on each side, and OG occupying two defenders in center, as he helps Alexis get to 30 goals and Theo 10 in remaining 16 games….

    Cheers — jgc

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