Schneiderlin, a new CB, and Lloris or Begović: Bring on 2015/16

It seems like the transfer speculation is heating up again, so I started this post with the intention of provoking some heated arguments about transfer options and choices within our own squad and consequent team selection.  However, my initial trolling efforts were curtailed quite early on as my thoughts developed from an instigative nature to more of a declaration of stability and a welcomed familiarity towards squad structure which reminds me of the glory days here at Arsenal.

This post still offers up suggestions for change, don’t get me wrong, especially since summer is just around the corner; but rather than my usual call for wholesale changes to the core of our team, this post quickly became about trimming the squad down to a clear group of players and a hierarchy of selection well defined within that group.  The type of clear definition we used to have back when the Invincibles graced our screens, back when it was a regular occurrence to be able to predict the starting line up each week, just as 17HT is very accurately doing so at the moment.

It seems strange that such a crazy season could instil a level of stability leading into next season, but this is how I see things developing for the 2015/16 effort: (let the arguments begin lol)

The starting XI has three areas which need to be addressed in my opinion;

A new DM

In the mould of our captain Arteta: providing calmness, security and excellent passing ability but with a higher level of mobility and fitness.  This new DM along with Coquelin will provide the Flamini / Arteta partnership version 2.0 and fully refresh an area of the pitch which has been lacking in recent seasons.


  • Schneiderlin, fits the requirements perfectly.

A new CB

Again mobility is the main factor to be improved on here and in particular pace although finding a player with the height, strength and experience of our big German whilst contributing pace as well is a tough ask but one worth throwing the money at.  Koscielny is in my opinion one of the best CB’s in world football; its time to partner him with equal quality, splash the cash Wenger!


  • Varane, developed and trained by the best, plays in a top league for a top club and is now the captain of France: he has pace, height and unbelievable quality, what more do you want?


  • Hummels, what more do I need to say really?


  • Van Dijk, his pace is not quite as good as Varane’s and his experience is nowhere near Hummels (or Varane for that matter), but his price reflects this and this may be one of those bargain deals that temps Wenger, especially as he has the potential to perhaps rival the other two in time.


A new GK

The sense of uncertainty, panic and almost inevitable brain-fartery we as supporters have come to expect from Szczesny may be accepted in a third choice reserve keeper, but, from the supposed number 1, this surely shouldn’t be the case – a situation only compounded further when compared to the calm, assured presence Ospina brings in contrast.   I think its time we find a new number 1 here at Arsenal (and I know I have at least one supporter in this – JB lol).


  • Hugo Lloris, hahaha how great would that be lol, with Koscielny, Debuchy and Varane we would have nearly the entire French back line lol, never going to happen so just ignore that suggestion.


  • Asmir Begović, I admit I don’t know too much about goalkeepers but this guy seems to fit the bill and is most likely on the move this summer.

Many of the other players we have been linked with recently seem like bonuses to me and not really essential to our squad; if anything, they may disrupt it.  Reus would simply be yet another attacking right footed midfielder to add to our collection – Sanchez, Walcott, Ramsey, OX, Gnabry etc etc.  Kane is never going to move from Spurs to Arsenal, so you can forget that and with Sanchez banging in the goals first of all, and now Giroud taking over on his hot streak with Theo still waiting to continue his goal scoring tally, I’m afraid I see Cavani as yet another bonus – a £60M bonus at that lol, I don’t see it happening tbh.

The only player I would like to see added (as a bonus mind you) to the first team is Dybala, as I feel he brings a left footed option that Wenger has failed to develop with Podolski and Campbell (both of whom have been pretty dire in their loan performances).  A quality left footer, who could cut in from the right or cross from the left with quality, is something we have been missing for a while; although, I’m still not sure if Dybala is a scoring winger or simply an out and out striker.

The second string team within the squad is largely made up of youth players as it should be, with an additional spine of pure footballing class and experience left within the squad to support either team when needed and provide wise heads in and around the dressing room.

The only addition I could think of making to this second string team would be the signing of Draxler, who is an U21 and would slot nicely into the number 10 role, with OX taking up a wing position; but again, this is only a bonus signing and definitely not essential.

With regards to the starting XI there would be a few additional subs to the XI on the pitch that would in my mind be a prerequisite to changing the dynamics of the team, should tactics dictate; the other spots would be chosen from what is left from the squad.

Coquelin would be able to replace Ramsey to shore up midfield if needed, and, like the Flamini / Arteta duo before them, I am sure the Coquelin / Schneiderlin pivot would be a force to be reckoned with.

Cazorla would be able to replace Ozil and provide the dancing, dribbling silky smooth skill that I am afraid Ozil no matter how good you think he is just does not have in his locker: think a more messi-esque number 10 option rather than Ozil’s pass master contribution – a great tactical move to be able to play.

Welbeck would be able to replace Giroud if we needed a more pacer option up front or maybe needed to close down quicker from the front.

These are the three subs that I think would completely change the dynamic of the starting XI should we be faltering and need to change things up; add to them the reserve GK Ospina and they would be the four mainstays of the bench for me.

First xiI hope this illustrates things a bit better:

first XI new

Second xi

second XI (1)

The “Spine of Experience”

exp spine

24 over 21’s and 5 U21’s which would still leave a spot open for one of the bonus signings

Instead of annoying everyone, as was my first intention, I think I actually ended up cementing a first team that everyone is pretty happy with at the moment. And I am suggesting to add only what is necessary, to propel what we already have to its fullest potential.  At the same time I, as an avid supporter of the youth, would be more than happy to see that second string team waiting in the wings to prove just how good they are (in some cases better than their first XI counterparts imo), whilst also providing probably the best Capital One Cup team I can remember for a long time.  The very best of the experienced players also remain at the club which would be a massive bonus for all those concerned.

So, could it be after all the craziness of this season that I have finally arrived back where I started last year, just hoping for a new DM and CB signing from the summer transfer season lol?

How many of you agree, are we really only a couple of essential players away from being complete?

Would we really miss any of those eight players I have suggested we let go?

If you don’t agree then who else would you bring to the club and why?

Would this clear squad hierarchy bring more stability to the club with everyone knowing their roles, positions and route into a starting place?

Discuss, shout, b*tch and moan – lets get some comments going! 🙂

By: Steve.



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36 Responses to Schneiderlin, a new CB, and Lloris or Begović: Bring on 2015/16

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent discussion starter of a post, Steve. Sorry it took soooo long to publish it.

    Schneiderlin oui, oui, oui! A new CB… we just bought one, so no priority for me. A new goalkeeper…. yes if we let Szczesny go….. PL experience for me so Cech will do fine. Oxie on loan and Depay in and all is well! 😉

    Have fun blogging. 🙂

  2. steve says:

    forget the Oxie loan TA and just replace Theo with Depay – happy days 🙂
    We are definitely not that far off the complete Arsenal 🙂

  3. Nik says:

    summer business for me
    Sell Walcott, Arteta, Mertesacker, Flamini, Jenkinson (with buy back option), Sanogo

    Callum Chambers should be developed into a centre back to become number three behind Gabriel and Koscielny

    Either buy Schneiderlin or sign Khedira for free (news in Germany is that he’s coming back to the Bundesliga unfourtenatly)
    Bring in another winger of Alexis’ qualities (will be hard to do as everyone is looking for wingers :D) Lucas Moura and Roberto Firmino (also a possibility up top) could be realistic signings

    and of course I’d like to see young players like Gnabry, Hayden or Maitland-Niles more involved

    as for the mentioned above
    I see no reason why Real Madrid would ever sell Varane. Also I don’t think we have a realistic chance of getting him, because every club in the world would want him.
    Mats Hummels has had a horrible season and I’m really disappointed everytime I see him play. Also the problem is that he is incredibly committed to Dortmund and might never leave them.
    Signing Petr Cech makes no sense to me. Spending money on a 33 year old and letting a 25 year old coming from our youth team go doesn’t seem like good business at all.
    If we were to let Szczesny go we should get a replacement with great potential and experience who is younger than Szczesny at best. First name that comes to my mind is Bernd Leno.

  4. omgarsenal says:

    Too many changes and rather knee-jerk than rational:
    1) Szcezsny is still an international keeper and at 23 is just reaching the beginning of his maturity, WAY too early to write him off.
    2) Gabriel is looking better and better so where’s the need to bring someone else in?
    3) Ozil,Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, and Rosicky are ALL good for another few seasons so where’s the rush?
    4) Coquelin,Ramsey and Arteta offer more than enough experience AND skill, so where’s the rush?

    I’d bring in Cech IF he was ready and available but Chelsea won’t sell to us, for sure!
    Are any of the other suggested transfers willing and affordable? Not sure at all! Steve, your wet-dreams are just that, but maybe we’ll be surprised by Wenger ONCE again!

  5. Ogban says:

    No need for a CB. Replace Podolski with Dybala.

  6. neeraj says:

    I agree Gnabry is better than Eisfeld as a player but my point was that he is not getting any first team opportunities. Eisfeld didn’t get any games either except the Lge Cup. So I hope even though there is so much competition in the squad we still give our youngsters some chances like we have given Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Ox, Jenks, Szczesny. Because that’s the only way we can say if they are good enough or not.

    There is another reason we need to keep Gnabry, he is a pure winger. Even though we have so many wingers in the team none of them are pure wingers like Robben or Ribery.

    Ox is a midfielder
    Theo wants to be the striker
    Sanchez, cutting in is his strength
    Santi doesn’t belong on the wing
    Ozil never looks comfortable there
    Podolski is over
    Campbell, undecided future

    So I feel we should buy a left winger who loves crossing and whip in a good ball.
    There aren’t many of those in the world and none on the market.

  7. Raza says:

    Agree with a lot of comments made. But one thing that I don’t understand is how most Arsenal fans still consider Debuchy our first choice RB when he is still an unknown quality in an Arsenal shirt. No need for a CB unless we sell BFG as we will have a full set of four CB’s. Even with Coquelin we need another DM to give him competition, even if we keep Arteta and Flamini. If Walcott does not sign a new contract by end of season then we should sell him for 18m+

    My first 11:

    Bellerin – Chambers – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Ramsey – Wilshere
    Sanchez – Ozil – Oxlade

    My second 11:

    Debuchy – BFG – Gabriel – Monreal
    Arteta – Zelalem
    Gnabry/Campbell – Cazorla – Welbeck

  8. steve says:

    Nice to see you have so much faith in Gabriel, i’m not quite there yet but am very impressed so far and agreed with the Chambers position. With BFG gone what happens if Kos has his Achilles problem flare up and then one of the remaining pair gets injured?
    Agreed about Varane but that was more wishful thinking than anything else and like you i’m not quite sure whats happening to Hummels atm but he has proven his class many times over before.
    Good shout on the GK, i admit i don’t know too much about the prospects in this position and will give the guy some research, cheers.

    1. He should be way more mentally developed by now but thats just my opinion.
    2. BFG is not the kind of CB that is going to win us the league and needs to take a back seat to a new and improved model, Gabriel has his hands busy waiting to fill in for Kos when his Achilles play up.
    3. no rush at all they are all in the squad i listed lol
    4. If you can’t see that Schneiderlin is Arteta’s natural replacement you’re mad and we need that added mobility and stamina in that area of the pitch. A Coquelin / Schneidy pivot is the new Flamini / Arteta – which one would you prefer to see out a match mate?

    Wet dreams? hoping for three signings over the summer – you underestimate my wet dreams son lol

    Finally getting that left foot option sorted would be a major bonus for sure.

  9. steve says:

    neeraj, thats why i like the look of Dybala although i’m not too sure if he is actually an out and out striker who has simply performed quite well on the wing, whether he would take up that position as his main role is a different matter. have you got any left foot options?

  10. charlie says:

    ‘We bought a new cb in Jan. Dont need another one for the time being.
    To win the epl we really need a world class striker who can score at least 20 plus goals a season. Giroud is good but not great or a natural.

  11. Gerry says:

    I see you are trying to divert my attention Steve, and yes, I like the more mellow approach. 😀

    Personally, and I know it is an interlul and all, but talking transfers at the business end of the season, just seems plain wrong.

    My first stop most mornings are the gossip columns, so I am fully aware of the chatter, most of which is laughable rubbish. Who we might get in the summer TW may be largely dependant on our finishing position. Or, on the other side of that coin, where our rivals finish up?
    Given that Saturday’s game is a major step, one way or another, perhaps formations, player positions, etc, from the squad were have right now, whilst not quite as fanciful, would be more appropriate. But as you have seen already, people are responding with their views, so I will leave you to it.

    Just one thing. You have almost completely ignored what might be AW’s thinking on the matter. What direction is he heading towards, and who are his key players that he wants to build a team around? He will be working the financial angle, and that means comings and goings will be high on that agenda. So big money imports, after the first one, will mean big money exits?

    Be careful what you wish for …

  12. Mr Bond says:

    I don’t buy these sweeping changes. why a new goalkeeper when we have Ospina and Szec as back up. What do we do with Gabriel who just got called to the national team on the strength of his move to Arsenal. We have Chambers whose development is coming on just fine as back up CB. We need a new DF as back up to Le Coq. One of the most important things you overlooked was the wage bill. How do you buy all these players and pay them not to talk of the old squad and how do you satisfy them with playing time. Don’t forget some are full internationals. Then again if you make such sweeping changes it disrupts the ballance of the team and the understanding. Ask Liverpool and they will tell you what happens when you get ahead of yourself. No I don’t buy these changes. Your scatter gun approach will set us backward instead of any meaningful progress. I believe that two quality addition in the striking and DF positions are what we need to move forward not all these expensive acquisitions just for the fun of it. The

  13. neeraj says:

    I have recently started feeling that Jack is not going to find a place even though he is fit. It is true, who can we bench to play Jack ?
    I was watching the last season away game at Marseille. We were at 0-0, they were pressing high up the pitch. Per, Koscielny, Flamini and Ramsey were all just playing short passes and were being chased down. None of them could get the ball forward. Then Jack dropped deep collected the ball and ran all guns blazing into their half passed it to Gibbs whise cross was swept home by Walcott.

    He is prone to injuries, he is in the news for the wrong reasons but he is Jack Wilshere. He is Arsenal.

    So there’s no way we’re selling him. Not even if Man City offer us their whole budget.

  14. oz gunner says:

    Sell theo bring in Reus. Sell diaby bring in schneiderlin. Sell Podolski bring in cavani.

    Welcome trophies. Buy drinks to celebrate

  15. steve says:

    Wow loving these responses as i was not expecting them to be so against what i was suggesting – excellent 🙂

    I find it interesting that so many people agree on keeping Flamini and Arteta but still opt for another DM in the summer, thats FIVE players (Flamini, Arteta, Coquelin, New DM, and Hayden) for one position and yet ONE extra CB to replace BFG as a starting CB is judged to be indulgent lol.

    I see Gabriel and Chambers (two players who have played about three games each in this position so far) as great back up CB’s but the starting CB’s must be Kos and BFG and i judge BFG as severely lacking in this role as first choice CB so i would welcome a replacement – simple as that.
    Good to see that BFG has such support here but i am definitely not in agreement.

    I hear the calls of sweeping changes and scatter gun approach but i really don’t understand them,
    six players out many of whom have played fuck all football this season and we really haven’t missed them and three players in to strengthen our defense – its probably the least crazy thing i have suggested in a while lol



    I think with those players gone we have a nice natural progression from second XI to first XI with everyone knowing their positions and roles and route into the starting level whilst keeping the world class experienced (but aging) players in the squad for back up.

    The only other change i could see is a swap for Theo but that really wasn’t a factor when i started writing the post. It wouldn’t really change much as Theo would simply be swapped for the new starting XI right winger.

    Can somebody please tell me how they would notice these sweeping changes?? please??

    I hope everyone actually read the explanation that players like Dybala, Draxler etc would be “BONUS” signings that i feel we don’t actually need.

  16. neeraj says:

    Dybala is a left footed Aguero. If you read between the lines, the only reason he plays left winger or second striker is that he is weak. He heads the ball well but can’t stand physical challenges.
    So I guess he is not our out and out left winger solution.

    I watched the U21 game, Amin Younnes seems like an interesting prospect. He is a left winger, has gast feet and can put in good crosses. Fits the bill perfectly. He did quite well in the game against Jenkinson, Stones and Ward-Prowse

  17. neeraj says:

    It turns out I maybe wrong to write off Dybala. The Palermo president says that Juve and Arsenal have already made bids for him.
    He also mentioned that if Dybala mives to England, Arsenal is his preferred club because of Wenger.

    This could be true or just a clever trick to raise his price. I guess we’ll find out in the Summer.

  18. steve says:

    Wilshere and Diaby in midfield, Beliek giving protection, Wilshere scoring and then setting up Crowley for the second, Iwobi banging in two more before the end of the half – this is pure Arsenal porn!!!!
    Where the fuck is this fucking match on Arsenal Player?????
    No club football for ages and we are denied this gem as well, WTF??? 👿
    Arsenal 4-0 Brentford

  19. jnyc says:

    Very thoughtful post, but i think Arsene views our squad as .,,almost there.. with just one or 2 key additions each summer.. if we hold onto our current players., theo complicates all slightly..
    But without the injuries early on, i think he believes we would be right there at the top.
    I would try to keep Rosicky one year at a time, diaby, if he wants to repay our loyalty and patience, some kind of mutual fair pay for play.. i dont think it exists in practice yet, but we should be creative and see if he takes it. He may not have any other concrete offers anyway. He and his agent mus r know that he’s a special case in general.

  20. The Cockie Monster says:

    If this is what it is like now !…………fcuk knows what Stev11e will be like once the TW opens with no WC or Euros to watch !……beware IoW Woman !…….it`s not another finger bulging from his trousers !. hahaha
    Well done mate for a time consuming exercise !. 😀

    I agree with Totes that we already have a CB……..Gabriel !……..however I don’t agree about his obsession with loaning the Ox out !……he`s a “1st name on the team sheet ” player for me every day of the week !.
    As for Depay !……well I was listening to Totals favourite radio station today…..talkSPORT !……and there was a Dutch football expert on there…….aint they all experts, the Dutch on football !…..they have more football experts in Holland than Cornwall has award winning anything`s !…….look at Steve McClaren !, he was only considered an expert once he was fluent in a Dutch accent !…….anyway, this expert said that Depay is strongly rumoured to go to Manshafter Std because of LvG, but the expert said he had seen Liverpool scouts talking to Depay`s men a few times at games, so thinks the Scousers will sneak in under Manshafters noses !.

    As for Arsenal`s little game against Brentford !…..there`s minimal highlights on Arsenal Player !…….all our walking dead had a game !…`s a snap of Arteta doing his usual keeping the ball ticking over !.

  21. Nik says:

    Centre back for me always is hardest position to fill in a squad.
    Ideally you have your first choice pairing which plays most of the games because it is the most sensible position when it comes to rotation.
    So in a season of about 55 games they would play at least 45 games each (together at best).
    That would make 20 games for a third centre back. All of this in an ideal world of course.
    The best thing would be to have a defensive midfielder or full back as cover. It’s the only way to cover injury problems without filling a fourth spot. Monreal and Debuchy did both play reasonibly well when they had to fill in.
    I hate to say this,but Chelsea have the perfect squad when it comes to defenders. 3 CB’s with Zouma getting his share of games and Ivanovic or Matic who could fill in at CB in an emergency situation.

    by the way there are reports linking us to Raheem Sterling with Theo Walcott and a lot of money going the other way. I’d absolutely love that 😀

  22. The Cockie Monster says:

    Shit keeping by Hart !……should have dived earlier, even Szczesny would have saved that !……twat !.

  23. The Cockie Monster says:

    Really attacking midfield for England !…….Henderson, Jones and Delph !……boring !…..3 DM`s !…..must be a record !.

  24. steve says:

    Henderson, Jones and Delph – excellent creativity 😆 😆 😆

  25. Admir says:

    Excellent article, Steve. I guess the transfer-carousel has already started. 🙂

    Speaking of goalkeepers, I really like Begović. We in Bosnia call him “the minister of defence”. He looks like Lehmann if you remove the mad parts out of Jens. If he and Oooooospina go out to get chicks, it would look like the sequel of that comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito.

    However, I don’t like how he deals with long shots and free-kicks so I’d rather have our current goalkeeping crew. Begović has scored more goals in Premiership than Kaba Diawara and Yaya Sanogo combined though so we might chuck him upfront if Giroud gets injured or decides to head-butt (or nose-butt) someone.

  26. TA you have mail…

    Some inter-lull, huh?…

    Sorry I haven’t been around, but the posts have been intriguing…I’m not one to get too far ahead re: transfers and who should win out in certain positions, but the discussion seemed good…TA, when you gonna quit that job and get back to what’s really important? 😀

    Anyhow, it wasn’t easy, but I found a chance to write a match preview for the Liverpool game which I hope to watch in the hometown of our #1 goalkeeper… (Burnley away might be tougher…)

    Back to the REAL football, eh…

  27. James Bond says:

    nice one @ stevie Wonders

    Agreed on the GK and a new DM – disagreed on the CB

    GK = Cech, Lloris both be an upgrade on both Ospina and Sczny combined – either one will do nicely.

    DM = Gundogan/Schniederlin

    CB = Already have Gabby and I believe Chambers will be a CB. Also, NAcho and Debuchy can slot in just fine and do a job.

    the only 3 areas we need to strengthen in this current squad are GK, DM and maybe a potential world class striker (Reus).

    sorted ?

    welcome back me Amigo, hope all is well in the land of Colombia – glad you have done the honours again as it really is a must win for us, if we are to push forward with our title winning march.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks 17ho 🙂

    Enjoy your break

  29. geoffchase says:


    Just some points. I would differ but in a different way. See what you think..

    A. Let’s assume that we ARE going to get Schneiderlin or Gundogan, or similar talent. All good so far and all agreed.

    B. Now consider that we have Chambers and Bielik who could be CBs one day soon, along with Koz, BFG and Gabriel…. That may well be enough. I think they are very close with Chambers and Gabriel, as they have done well in limited showing this year. Recall also that Coquelin stepped up rather suddenly on what may well have been his very last chance.. Yet, no denying his well discussed impact. So, I’d be more patient there.

    Yet you say, what about BFGs not so blistering pace? His other skills I think are inarguably top drawer still, but pace in the EPL matters. Especially against top teams you need to be ultra solid against.

    C. Thus, I DO AGREE that BFG can be outpaced or overrun a very little against top teams .. However, recall A, we get Schneiderlin (or whomever but Schneiderlin from here out)… Instead of 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3, we play 4-Schneiderlin+Coq-3-1.. And even if we don’t press or if we do some, I reckon we would be VERY SOLID against anyone.

    There, like that, BFG would be covered and protected that extra little bit AND, in my opinion, we would gain the value of his organisation and experience…

    So, I less fussed about a CB

    D. Winger. I think that AW will be cautious here. Certainly, DiMaria is a cautionary tale about how wingers do or don’t translate to the EPL. I like many thought ManU had stolen a serious march there with that huge purchase… Wonder still want went wrong.

    So, I think there that this will come down to Theos decision. I Don’t think AW will stand for his contract games this time. It’s smart for him perhaps and for his agent certainly, but, a top Theo is likely good for us in that 4-2-3-1 especially, but we need that top Theo locked down. He plays some games and he could spend part of next year watching his replacement play.

    Should such come available being the other constraint.

    E. GK: Scz is young and talented. However, Lloris in a heartbeat is a step up. So this will depend on availability or me, and likely for AW. Else, I agree with your main thrust there.

    So, DM for sure. Winger and GK on availability and Theos getting committed (or not). Less likely on a CB.

    Cheers — jgc

  30. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Who will be our new players will be depent on the formula that wenger want to our team.. If he think 4-1-4-1 is the best scheme than we will see some midfielders come in.. whoever sold..

    I agreed with most of you that we already have a solid CB.. We have 3 players who can fill every defenders position..
    We have Monreal.. Gibbs and Gabriele in Left
    We have Debuchy.. Bellerin.. Chambers in Rigth
    In Centre we have Kosc.. Mert.. Gabriele. Chambers.. Monreal and Debuchy..

    For DM we had Diaby actually.. but I doubt his future with us now..
    Coquelin surely need some backup..
    Wilshere.. Arteta.. Flamini.. Rosicky are still avaliable..
    Not including Cazorla and Ramsey who can play deep also..
    We also have Beilek.. But I love to see Hakan in our team..

    We don’t have any problem with our forward.. they all keep going better and better.. and if we need to add.. then bring me a left winger.. a pure winger like pedro.. hehehe

  31. henrychan says:

    TA.. VCC.. please accept my prediction here.
    All draw for MU.. Chelsea.. Soton.. Spurs.. and City.. hahaha

  32. James Bond says:

    we have to absolutely 200% sell Sczny,

    the geezer can’t even save penalties from rugby players.

    me and JGC are on the same wave length here, agreed with him.

    where are you steve ?

  33. proudgooner says:

    Hello peep’s
    Good post. For me though the pleasing thing is i am very happy with our team atm .
    i think Wenger has brought very well the last few seasons. We are strong in all dept’s
    Another keeper would be nice if the likes of Cezh or Begavic became available i would snap them up both all outstanding.
    I have a feeling that Martinez will be a very good keeper though and Szcz is a great number 2

    Sell Jack , Theo, Rosicky and or Arteta not for me all have something to offer still meaning the older lads but Jack and Theo will be massive players for us and with the new English player increase selling them makes no sense at all.

    The main point though is Wenger has and is doing a great job at the moment. Lets remind ourselves of some of his buys lately.
    Ozil and Beliek

    I think Wenger deserves some praise after years of harsh abuse.
    He really is a master in managment , built a stadium and now he builds us a team that can beat anyone
    In Arsene we trust!!

  34. proudgooner says:

    Oh and add to that Giroud and Kosielny who nobody had heard of and many said they were s***.
    Look at them now 2 great players.
    Kosielny was brought for very little money, he is world class
    Giroud imo is now world class and is still improving
    We have Le Coq and Beliek who i have not seen play yet but he may well be a massive player , il back Wenger and say i bet he will be 🙂

    Bring on the scouser’s my prediction is 3-1 or 3-0 go us of course.

    Who would you guys start at the back BFG of Gabby?
    For me i would go Gabby Liverpool have some pace but with him and Gabby i think we could get a clean sheet or maybe let 1 in.
    BIG match

  35. proudgooner says:

    Szcs oh that was not good, i cant believe he didnt wait to see where the pens were going rather then quessing :/

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    new post new post 🙂

    Seventeenho treats with a very fine match preview!

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