How Arsenal can win the league, featuring Manchester United, Pardew and Pulis

The double for Arsenal - a pipe-dream? :)
The double for Arsenal – a pipe-dream? 🙂

….With the help of our modern-day fiercest rival and two newly found friends

Seven, and potentially three additional points, are a big, big gap at the start of the season, let alone with just a handful of games to go till the end of the season. It would require a small miracle to overcome the current PL leaders and claim the title, with a large dollop of luck as well as total professionalism by our boys; but there is a justified cause for optimism.

Maureen’s Blues are hanging on and squeezing through games with the smallest of margins at the moment. Arsenal, on the other hand, are flying and look utterly reinvigorated.  And there is another team that has found a second wind this season: the modern day biggest foe, Manchester United. And both teams will play the Chavs in their next PL games and can take six points of the self-adoring one and his synchronized divers. This, of course, will not be easy and we can expect Maureen to apply his typically calculated approach of going for a 0-0 or 1-1 draw in both games. His paymaster might not be happy with it but no way will the Portuguese master of self-love run the risk of being embarrassed by either the by him much-loathed Wenger or his former master Van Gaal.

I reckon that IF Van Gaal and Wenger manage to take all six points from the Chavs we will get very, very close to beating them to the title. Yet, even if both teams manage to win, with their game in hand the Chavs will still be four points ahead. So, we need some help to steal those points from the Chavs and for this we need strong characters that are not afraid of Maureen and have the passion to take him on.

I am putting my hope in Wenger’s newly found friends, the impressive and talented Alan Pardew and Antonio Pulis. Pardew already took three glorious points from the West-Londoners when in charge of the Barcodes and his style of football is the perfect antidote to Portuguese catanacio. Can he do it again….. with lady luck smiling on the nation, it might well happen.

Still, that leaves a gap of at least one point and we are running out of games; and Arsenal need to win everything to keep the pressure on, of course. Despite Arsenal being in great form, and the squad being fit and in full competition with each other, this is still a big ask. We are buoyed by recent results but we still need a lot of luck to keep getting three points in all remaining matches.

But who else can take points from the Chavs…. My bet is on Pulis’ West Brom. Pulis and Wenger recently joined forces against the FA’s Dyke’s proposal to make it a lot harder to recruit foreign footballers, and since the Welshman left the much-loathed Orcs at Stoke, the relationship between the two managers appears to have improved. Again, The Baggies know how to play the game against the Chavs, as Pulis has set them up to defend well first and for all. The leaders will need to keep winning so will have to attack which leaves space for West Brom counters, whilst there will also be opportunities from set-pieces.

There are other games in which the Chavs could drop points: Leicester away and Pool at home will not be easy either, and neither will be Sunderland at home for them if they are still in relegation battle at the last game of the season.

If the Mancs take three points from the Chavs this weekend, it will get very exciting indeed. For football it would be great if the teams that have lit up the premier league since the start of this year would battle it out for the title in the penultimate PL game of the season at Old Trafford, with a glorious late winner by Danny Welbeck to bring the cup back to the home of football.

Will pigs fly? Stranger things have happened. J

By TotalArsenal.

22 thoughts on “How Arsenal can win the league, featuring Manchester United, Pardew and Pulis

  • Hi all..
    Nice post and nice hope TA..
    But I think we must know who is our real rival now.. MU.. not Chelsea..
    A draw will be perfect for us.. cause it mean we still on second with one game in hand..
    And our point against Chelsea will be 8 points..

    That’s mean if Chelsea lost twice against us and Liverpool than we can hope Pardew or Pulis take him down.. hehe..
    You can’t count on Sunderland and Leicester..

    I don’t realy think we still can beat chelsea.. but Hoping isn’t ilegall.. hahaha..
    We must secure oue second first.. and watch if Lucky Fairy in which side.. hehehe

  • Yes TA, the mathematics are there, so there is still hope … but the reality is probably going to kick in today.
    Whilst I think Man U are the side most likely to beat Chelsea at the moment, and will really make them nervous if they score a couple early. However, United are really a team with an attack and momentum. Defensively they are poor, GK apart.
    Chelsea, for all their stutterings, do have the players to exploit that, and they can defend.

    We need a Man U win if the fairy tale League Title is to come our way?
    Be careful what you wish for is all I can say.
    A rampant United could make us nervous towards the end, and that could be a slippery slope that we will have no time to recover from?

    When I put my brain in ‘realistic’ mode, it says we want a Chelsea win …sadly.
    A draw would do, but if we only get a draw against them, then that makes us vulnerable to United’s late charge, and a City revival could see us back in 4th in a blink of an eye?
    Whereas a win, closes off the title chatter. The FA Cup dream will be a fact or fiction today. Therefore, maintaining are progress to our highest finish will give us breathing space for an odd blip, rather than a complete meltdown. Whilst we are in such a good frame of mind I cannot see that happening. So let us just focus on the Reading game, O Master of the OGAAT.

    Title dreams are just that, best kept in dreamland?

  • I would love to see us beat the chavs and help Arsenal to the title ! What about a winner from Sonogo ? If M U win this weekend the nerves are bound to start to show then who knows.

    Come on u Eagles ! Arsenal for the title !!!!

  • Yep faint heart never won fair lady. I hope we really go for it. I think Leicester may be able to spring a surprise , WBA are looking a little flat at the moment..

    It’s unlikely we will win it, but you never know until you try. I can see any of the sides playing Chelsea potentially grabbing points, but I think the hardest challenge will be for us to beat them. It’s about time Wenger got to beat Maureen, but history isn’t in our favour.

    It’s been written a hundred times before, but you do get the impression that Wenger sends his team out telling them they will win because they are the better team. Maureen on the other hand will do whatever he needs tactically to get a result. Most Ársenal v Chelsea games in recent years involve Arsenal playing much prettier football for 35 minutes or so, having a few close shaves on the Chelsea goal and then the bar stewards break away and game over. This time the presence of Coquelin could make a huge difference.

    Anyway let’s get past Reading first. Semi finals against lower division sides are nearly always hard work and not always pleasant on the eye

  • Hi TA.. great as always..
    Tomorrow will be my Yoona second birthday.. so the best gift is our Victory against Reading.. and it will happen.. hehehe..

    Dreaming of EPL title is nice.. hehehe.. but I still think MU is our real rival.. as I said in the beginnig season.. but ofcourse for different mean. Hahaha..
    Second place and FA cup is our main target.. and that’s a great improvement from last season..
    Next season we go for inviceble team.. hahaha

  • Wow, Henry, Yoona da Goona two already! 🙂

    That would be a great outcome this season but IF Mancs beat Chavs it will be so exciting next week.

  • Yes Buster, we are due a win against Maureen’s dire tactics. At last Wenger has the means to compete with him now… let’s not forget that.. 🙂

  • As I said in my last comment, we are all part of the Arsenal Asylum, so that exonerates anyone who appears to make rash, incoherent or loony tune comments etc` !……in your case, McTotal ( I`m assuming here that you have now gone north of the border ! ) ….you were a cucumber short of a salad sandwich waiting to happen !.
    The evidence !……Double Dutch Porn and Drug Dealer moving from Inbredsville ( Norfolk) to Sweatysockland, where men wear the skirts and the women knuckle dust your face as a cheery hello and the hottest it gets in the summer is looking at a Jamaican Rum and Punch Sorbet in the chest freezer at McTesco`s !.
    Wenger has NEVER beaten Mmmmmourinho and will more likely be a quivering wreck behind my Sofa with me than be at the match !.
    There`s only one way we will win the league and cup double and that`s if I can get in another clean run of jumping over 6 double white line junctions, slapping 2 road signs 4 times singing …”Come on Arsenal “…without meeting a motor vehicle for 4 miles !……I`m afraid you`re just going to have to settle for me winning us the FA Cup as news of my exploits have not gone unnoticed !….Abramobitch has hired taxis to drive my superstitious run route day and night to stop me winning the double for Arsenal…..The Loneliness of the Long Distance Gunner just got traffic jammed !.

  • Hahahaha Cocker 🙂

    Since Seventeenho has been writing the previews we are winning each game, that’s a fact and there’s no need for your superstitious voodoo. And if he writes the Chavs’ one as well, we are going to embarrass your secret lover. 😀

  • Yakubu reckons 60% of Nigerians support Arsenal !……that’s over 100M !……now if they were all just to donate a £1 each every year, we would be able to buy one £100M player on top of all the other players we can buy each year !.

  • Good !………if we don’t win the FA Cup, then you can all blame 17, whilst I slip out the back door quietly unnoticed !. hahaha

  • I don’t know !…….to tell the truth, with the great run we`ve been on, my mind has been off of SQ players !… we probably need to lose a game to get me back to dooming !. hahaha

  • TA and CM

    TA – hope springs eternal! It could happen, but with Mous likely approach to all the rest of the games, it seems unlikely. This weekends game vs MU will tell a story. The heart says that I suspect it will be Chelsea by 2, as MU come to earth and MU quality shows. But, we will see… Was too close to call for me in the UMF, so I’m rooting for casualties. A draw is what the head says.

    CM – I spoke to Nigerias 100M faithful. They want you to send them your bank account details to deposit the £100M as they don’t trust AW and Gadzidis to spend it as wisely as you… Send them to me and I will pass it on!!! 🙂

    I am hoping for something like 2-0 Arsenal vs Reading but, as noted above, Reading will be wildly motivated and more than able since they got this far…

    Cheers — jgc

  • You could be right, Geoff, but I reckon it mightbe Van Gaal who will get the three points tomorrow. The tactics will be interesting.

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