PL Second, FA Cup, Bellerin, Le Coq & Gabriel: Progress!


With the Chavs likely to crown themselves the new champions today, all cuddling up to their ‘inspirational’ king, John Terry – which tells you all you need to know about this season’s victors – the season feels a bit like fizzing out now.

We lost the title in the first half, but were simply awesome as soon as Giroud and Ozil became fully fit and Coquelin finally broke through his cocoon; and replacing Szczesny with the more focussed and calm Ospina also helped tremendously. Being the best team in the PL in 2015 is not enough to win the title, however. Against the grinders from West London a whole season of efficiency and consistency is required, and IF we have to endure another season of JM-led boring, boring Oilers – and let’s hope for the sake of the quality of the PL that the owner is getting bored himself with his ‘toy-master’ once more soon – we better shore up further our defence, as this is where the battle for the title is won…. unfortunately.

But this is stuff for the Summer, when we have to endure a football free 2.5 months or so. We have an exciting May left, with a fight for second place and winning another FA cup as the crowning moment. And if we manage to win it in style, we will also unofficially be crowned the most exciting team of the season as nobody, except those with Roman catenaccio DNA in their blood, is impressed with the Southern Oilers’s style of play. They started well but as soon as Bradford – what a fecking glorious result was that! – humiliated them in front of their own crowd, JM has gone back to his roots and true colours: a mortal can only flirt with immortality, after all.

We have a job to do this month and it will not be easy to keep winning and stay in front of the Manc teams. As MU showed yesterday, a lack of focus and finishing can be costly and the Hull game on Monday will be another battle for us. The FA cup final will also be tough as Villa have found a new lease of life under their former Spuds-manager; but we still have a very good chance to do both: finish second and claim the Cup. And if we do so, we will have made fantastic progress this season. Winning the FA cup last season was great but we were a bit fortunate with all those home fixtures; winning it this time round would represent a bigger achievement, especially after beating the recently silverware-deprived Mancs at OT fair and square.

I will be very happy if we finish second and win the FA cup; it would also be the perfect platform to go for the title and a third FA cup in a row, next season. What we should also be very pleased about, is the balance in the team and how we see the club’s strategy of improving the team through the means of: youth development, buying super quality, and replacing ageing players with experienced (PL/La Liga) players, succeed. No other top PL club gets this right anywhere near as Arsenal do it. Debuchy (despite his injury), Ospina and Gabriel have added experience and calm, Sanchez – the super quality signing – has been sensational (even though he is clearly, and understandably given the number of games played since the summer, out of form/tiring at the end of the season), and the emergence of Bellerin and Coquelin are huge bonuses.

We all love to see youngsters come through and the young Spaniard and Frenchman have fought themselves into our first team which is a tremendous achievement. Just imagine us adding one more Ozil/Alexis level quality signing in the summer and add one or two proven PL/La Liga performers and one or two more youth players coming through… and Jack being fit for a season…

But I am digressing again. Completing and finishing is hardest when already on the road to victory, and Wenger is right to demand focus of his team to keep momentum going and finalise this stage of our development. Let’s not forget that and we, as fans, have a role to play too. We are on the brink of progress and our biggest enemy is complacency. Let the cannon roar – Come on You Rip-Roaring Gunners: finish on a high and bring home the cup!

Here’s to a happy May for all Gooners! 🙂

By TotalArsenal.

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9 Responses to PL Second, FA Cup, Bellerin, Le Coq & Gabriel: Progress!

  1. jnyc says:

    Yes TA…. real progress, and not just luck … with or without fa cup, which repeating is special also.
    I despise Chelsea. Next season is ours. It’s been a long time coming, a slow methodical build. Stadium project, Years for the money to become available, finally. Years for some of the young players to come good, and more still coming. Adding absolute class superstars again to compete with the pigs who are now feeling some effect of financial fair play.
    Next season will be gratifying beyond description.

  2. The Cockie Monster says:

    Congratulations to The Chavs……the table never lies !.
    Had we been more fortunate with early season injuries and bought Cesc back( just to keep from the hands of the Chavs whether he played or not ) and still bought The Sanchezmanian Devil !…..I`ve no doubt we would be celebrating a title win !.
    As I`ve said before, for me it`s all about competing with our trophy rivals whether we win a trophy or not and I do think we have moved a step closer this season . I would take third and the FArsenal Cup, but if we get third and no cup it`s still a good season as it`s about getting to finals that count, in a two horse race any one can win and history tells us that is usually the case, so no favorites in the final !……..apart from the fact that it`s in the bag after my Superstitious 4 mile run !…..I expect a winners medal !. Had I not had Man Flu for the last couple of weeks and got in another Superstitious 4 Miler, The Chavs would have probably lost their last few games to crown us Champs as well !…….even us supporters carry the Arsenal injury curse !.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cockie, yes you, award winning nutter, let us down. 🙂

    Well said, Johnnie 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Cocki, what’s up with the king of anecdotes? Has Teery gone bonkers or is he in jail? 🙂

  5. The Cockie Monster says:

    Hard to watch Cesc on Sky Sports screaming…” Champions ! “.

    Totes, I thought Stretch was missing through Tax work, but he popped on AA and said he had been having problems with one of his daughters and touch wood it has been resolved !. No idea what the problem was, but I can say having two girls myself, your a lot more protective and worried about the girls than the boys ! . With a boy ( which I have one ) it`s more the lad thing to say ..” Get in there my son !”……..where with the girls, you just want to torture their dirty bastard boyfriends even if they were Arsenal supporters……if they were Spuds ……well !…they would just disappear ! hahaha

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha,Cockie, so true. Thanks for the update.

  7. The Cockie Monster says:
  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Good news, Cockie 🙂

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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