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It’s been an interesting season for us (as always) but this is the first time I truly believe that barring a monumental strike of bad luck (vis a vis injuries) we are truly up there as title contenders. The reason I say this is, for the first time, I can’t really pinpoint a position where I feel we desperately need to sign someone.

When it comes to transfers, everybody will always have their own ideas, and 95% of the time there will be a general agreement of our problem areas. Not this time. I have had a chat with many Gooners about this and the only thing that seems to be common is that we need a super striker. But I ask, do we really? Last season we had Alexis who scored 25 goals in his debut season. Given what we saw, this number could very easily hit 30, and probably will. Wenger pointed out that Alexis wasn’t making enough off the ball runs, especially in games where we were dominating. He would rather get the ball from deep & run at defenders. Le boss continued to say that he is working on this particular aspect of his game, and once he does improve it, he will hit 30+ goals. Guaranteed.

Then we have Giroud, who despite missing 1/3 of the season through injury, hit 19 goals. If we consider his pre-injury form & his post injury form, I think it is fair to say that had he been fit all the way through, his return could have hit the 28 goal mark. Even though that statement is laden with ifs and buts, I think he is capable. Then we have Theo who missed virtually the whole season: played seven games and scored seven goals. Again, what if he was fit all through the campaign?

I’d love to see a Benzema/Lewandowski/Cavani join us but what I am saying is that we do not NEED them. This is the case in virtually all other departments. In goal I think Ospina & Szczesny are more than capable (even though I’d love to see Cech join us). In defence, I am fully behind Wenger when he says Gabriel is going to be nothing short of world class. All he needs is a run of games to show it. Numbers-wise I think we are covered.

Then at DM, we have Coquelin who was fantastic. Maybe we need another DM here for numbers sake, but not one to replace him. Schneiderlin/Kondogbia would be my choice. We should then sell off Flamini and, sadly, Arteta.

To conclude, my position is this: if we can find genuine world class players who are better than what we have, let’s go for it. I just don’t feel like we are in need, like we always were.

What are your thoughts?


By Marcus

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  • Thanks for a good post, Marcus. πŸ™‚

    I fully agree with your analysis that we do not need to buy and I will even go further and say it might not benefit us if we were to buy this summer. I would love another DM to support Le Coq and a right or left winger with a great work rate to compliment our strikeforce, but I can also see this hurting the progress of Jack, Rambo and Ox, and even Gnabry and Bellerina. Yes fitness is key and trust in the squad’s ability to improve further from within/incrementally. So, if I had to choose I would love to see another DM so we have proper cover there, even though I believe that Flamini, the best pass completer in the PL, still will add value to our team next season. I would also like to see more of Rosicky and the obvious place is on the wing – not as a classical winger, but as a midfielder with close ball control, dribbling skills, and good crossing ability. Cech would be really great, but I have no doubt that Maureen will do everything to avoid him going to us, so I am not going to count on it.

  • well spoken… You’ve spoken almost all what’s in my mind… But i think the addition of schniederlin to our squad will really help alot… Just imagine le coq and schniederlin donning the Arsenal jersey next season for the 1st XI it will be a perfect combo i must say

  • What happens to Ospina and Szezsney if we sign Peter Cech….???

    Its one question I’ve been asking myself…
    We know Cech is a very good goalkeeper and wants first team football(The number one)
    Which of our keepers honestly deserve to be on the bench or even out of the teamsheet for match day…

    I see so many papers linking Ospina to other clubs but seriously, do we want to see him depart after such a wonderful time with us??

  • David welcome to Bergkampesque πŸ™‚

    One would have to go. I would not be too sad to see Wojciech go, as with his personality he should have made the Nr one spot his by now. Maybe a full season loan spell at a PL club would do him good. Cech and Ospina would be great duo to have.

  • I must partly disagree with you.

    We do need a striker, must as you say be someone who is better than what we have.
    Alexis make a lot of goals, but that is mainly from his position behind the striker. In the games that Alexis has been our striker he has not been as good as he is when he is on the midfield. Giroud is a decent striker but he has his limitations. Walcott can be good as a striker, but we do not know that yet and he is a good man to use at the wing. Welbeck has talent, but has problems finding the goal.
    Arsenal will not be a real contender to the titles in England and Europe without a new better first choice striker.

    Regarding DM do I agree that Coquelin should be our number one next season, but we lack backup to him. Flamini is not good enough to fill this role, and i fear that he same can be said about Arteta. We need someone that can fill this role when/if Coq is injuried/suspended/rested, and I can not see that player in the current squad. We do not ned someone “better” than Coq, but we ned someone that is up to the task if Coquelin is out for a longer period of time.

  • A great keeper like Cech would be the game changer. A world class striker would be an added bonus, but who? The best strikers currently plays for big teams and will not move, period. Martinez is only slightly better than Giroud, a luxury. Walcott may just be the game changing striker we all been craving for since Henri.
    DM , not needed. Coq better than Sandelin and Kondogbia, only did cost us big bucks.

  • Im not sure. Chelsea were far better than us last year overall & in both the head to head games. At the emirates even though we were at the top of our form at the time i felt we were pretty lucky to get a draw.
    They have added falcao as a back up striker! He will be better than what he showed at Man U.
    Man U will add players & so will Man City. Alexis may be burnt out after a long season & the Copa America so may not add to his tally. Giroud is decent though not Top Class & same with theo as a striker. le coq has been great but i still think we are a top striker & DM away from really challenging.

  • Would love to see us buy Kevin De Bruyne from Wolfsburg great player and would piss Chelsea and there slimy manager of πŸ˜€

  • Mmmmmn.
    Really that is about how I feel after reading your post Marcus. But the twin thoughts that run through my head are so far apart, I cannot even agree with myself on a conclusion.

    Let me explain my dilemma. The headline, which is probably a TA headline grabber, and the concluding line.
    ‘The ONE that Arsenal NEED to buy!’
    ‘To conclude, my position is this: if we can find genuine world class players who are better than what we have, let’s go for it. I just don’t feel like we are in need, like we always were.’

    In between those two points you proceed to discount players in areas one by one. With an awful lot of if’s and but’s. Which you readily admit, but still want to leave the reader that, take away the doubts, and everything is hunky dory?

    Just taking the view on Alexis alone, there is probably a stronger case for him to score less goals this season not more. You are putting forward a case based on his early season form? What if more defences close in on him and replicate his post January goal tally? We have seen it time and again with some promoted teams who get off to a blistering start and scoring lots of goals because nobody knew enough about them. Come second half of the season they end up back near the foot of the table.
    Indeed, without something different up front, I think Giroud will continue to suffer from periods of lack of confidence, and made worse by those disappointed in this TW if the staus quo remains.

    Of course that is not all doom and gloom if (again), the goals are spread over a number of players and the total is increased. There is room for improvement with Santi, Aaron,, Jack and Theo as we know. But much of that is based on us having an injury free (relatively speaking) season. That is unlikely if we are going to fight on all four fronts?

    You continue in the same theme until you get down to the DM, and even then it is only X or Y would be nice. You cannot be serious? To rely on Coquelin to have a trouble free season, AND go back to Flamini to take up the slack,is rose tinted taken to a new level?

    We are supposed to be trying to move up another level, not stand still while everybody else moves forwards.

    So from the ‘Must Have’ we get to your concluding sentence, which is absolutely fine if you were analysing Arsene’s overall strategy, but as a realistic caveat to say we can watch the world go be and we will be all right if nothing happens? I’m sorry it doesn’t. For me it just flies in the face of our real situation.
    Yes we have a fine team, full of togetherness, unity, and everything a winning side needs. But there are gaps, not necessarily in numbers, but in the balance of the side, and in the case of DM, a need to get someone as cover, at the very least. Of course in the real world, that means anybody who signs in the class level of Schneiderlin will expect to be among first choices. So targets in all areas, will have to be the sort who will blend, rather than be the centre of attention.

    Funnily enough, I would have said that GK was an area we could have got by, at least until a reassessment in January, but events have taken a different course.
    I skip happily through the rumours disregarding most, following threads of others, and try to make a clear and logical conclusion. Regards goalkeeper; it is a done deal. The only thing that stops it from being announced is the fact that Chelsea have not signed up a replacement.
    Why have I changed my thoughts on it not being a Moo plot. Well go back a while …. when M said it was the owner’s decision, he as good as said he had been slapped down by Abram. Then he tried to muddy the waters with the Ox swap idea, only for a few days later for the Β£14m figure to appear. I am pretty sure AW would rather not pay that amount, but with attention drawn elsewhere, Cech himself wishing to stay in London, and in a final year of his contract coming up … this is a ‘business’ deal.
    I said over a week ago the Kondogbia was dead, because one side had agreed the release clause, and AW wasn’t going to. Particularly as he could have wrapped up the MS deal for a similar amount. GK has his ‘medical’ today.
    The renewed ‘interest’ in MS can only be because of MU, who are virtually the sole buyers (in the CL), think they can haggle down the fee? Hence the Saints putting up a slightly lower figure as their value of him.
    I think it will be a pity if we go down the cheaper route for S. Bender, as I don’t personally rate him. KK would be a more solid option in every sense of the word.

    I think you are completely wrong in thinking that Cazorla will leave this summer, TA. There are three triggers that would have to happen for that be the case:
    1, – We do not strengthen the team to become realistic challengers for the title.
    2, – We do buy someone who might be a strong threat to his position in the team, or possibly your wish? Wilshere is promoted at his expense?
    3, – A really huge offer from Spain that might finance an Isco, or Benzema, and the club accept it.
    Otherwise, I think he knows he has a great chance of being a major part of a Championship winning side next season, and that would be a nice way to bow out.

    Staying with that position, I see the Drax as being the ideal one to take over his role in two seasons time. Thanks for the video Steve, whilst you are right in that he uses his right foot for the power shots on goal, you cannot take away from the fact that when he goes down the line he hits some very good crosses/passes with his left? Scored a few with his left too. Looking to the future, I see him as having that sort of pace that would compliment Alexis going forward, as well as being part of a fluid front line, along with Theo.
    As for him being a ship that sailed HT, you have to remember two TW’s ago Shalke were desperate to keep him and his release clause was Β£42m. That was never going to happen.
    Then in the January window he was injured, and did not recover his form until after last summer’s window. Our winter business was not the time to buy, we are in a much better position now. Shalke look like being perpetual bridesmaids in the Budesliga, and might just be tempted to a decent offer? I’m not saying it will happen, but he is the ‘type’ of player that AW seeks – pace and skills, and young with it. I like the idea too.

    Finally, as I feared, Martinez has lost his move to AC, and he still clings to the hope of coming to the Emirates. He is going to be waiting a long time I fear, as AW has clearly got his eyes elsewhere. Until that option, and several others are ruled out, i cannot see AW, even if pressurised from the BoD, will want to spend that money on a 29 year old?

    Another post length comment, sorry. I’ll have to get pithy!

  • Gerry ,a very well though out & reasoned peice.logical reasoning in every dept.think your spot on!

  • Where is the courtesy, Gerry….mmmmmmmmmmm πŸ™‚

    Yes the headline is mine and Marcus wrote a good post to show the likes of you that we will not be spending Β£120m this summer. A good reality check as such. The idea that we will stall if we don’t buy is also tenuous. There is so much growth in this team that it would be criminal to stifle it with mass purchases. An additional DM would be good as the young Pole is a work in progress and Le Coq needs support, and yes maybe Flamini is not the best fall back position. But we also have the likes of Monreal, Gibbs and Debuchy who could be turned into one, and of course there is young Chambers. If Le Coq can come good in that position than somebody else might as well.

    The push on to the next level from Bellerin, Gibbs, Ox, Rambo, Jack, Le Coq, Welbeck is well on the cards. On top of that, we have Koz, Debuchy, Monreal, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud and Theo playing at the highest level, with good experienced players like BFG, Santi, Rosicky, and Flamini in support. And I am sure I have forgotten somebody. So no shop until you drop for me, and most possibly Wenger. A new goalie is on the cards, maybe an additional DM, but I doubt this now too, and most possibly another attacker to complete Arsene’s plan: Β£40-50m spend at the most.

  • Re Santi, I like him to stay as he has proven me wrong by showing he does care for Arsenal this season. I reckon Arsene will let him go if somebody offers Β£15m+ as he has real talent for the current Santi position who need regular games. We have Rambo and Jack and we also have Rosicky for the ‘next to the DM’ position, and that is why I believe Santi could go this summer. I would be very happy if that was NOT the case, though. No anti-Santi stuff from me (anymore). πŸ™‚

  • Well written Marcus. I agree with a lot you have written. What I think is a must is a new keeper. I honestly can’t remember the last time an Arsenal keeper, got a man of the match award. Yet if you look at De Gea he was saving United skin almost every week. A top quality keeper must be worth at least 5 plus goals a season. If you used those 5 goals selectively (just for fun). We might well have been champions last season. I really hope we get Cech, he is a very. Solid keeper.and I bet he would love to prove Mourinho wrong.

    Nothing wrong with Ospina or SZS, l just think a top notch keeper is a must if we are going for the high prizes next season

  • Thanks Uwat? I tried my best to say what I honestly felt about the post. It was a little confusing, and only by unravelling it piece by piece could I make any headway.
    But thanks again for the comment.

  • Very interesting post Marcus, with some reasoned comments following on…

    Enjoyed Gerrys comment, it was a marathon, but it was thought provoking as per usual…

    Total, it’s great to see that you’re now a card-carrying member of the Santi Appreciation Society. πŸ˜‰

    Petr Cech is an upgrade, in the same way that Pat Jennings was, all those years ago.
    I really don’t see his age as an issue.
    Nevermind giving us 3 or 4 years at the top level, how about 6 or 7 years!
    His ability, his influence in the dressing room, his aura between the sticks, his calming influence. To me signing him is a no-brainer…

    As for other areas of the team?
    We’re strong in defence…
    Strong in midfield and strong in attack…

    Shad Forsythe and his magic hands are the key.

    I would love Vidal, but it probably won’t happen.
    Schneiderlin would nice. He would dovetail with Coq.

  • TA – You and I have not got a lot of common ground here, so I will choose my words carefully.

    Regards to the courtesy to Marcus, perhaps I was a little too honest in my reaction, but I did go to great lengths to explain why I thought it was a bit too wishy washy.
    No respect gained if I said ‘great post’ in the beginning, but say the opposite in the comment?

    And a little correction to that final paragraph. It does not exclude us spending Β£120m, because if world class players come along he would accept them. The thing about AW is he is always thinking longer term. He is not just looking at players for the season coming, but beyond that. Much as we might like to think the youth in our ranks are the next big thing, there is no guarantee that that will be the case. But for a freaky set of circumstances, we would not have had Coquelin back, and he would end the season at Charlton, as what? A solid midfield player in the Championship or as a must have player for any budding Premiership side?

    I don’t think for a minute that Szczesney’s career will be adversely affected by the presence of Petr Cech. If he keeps working and studying for the next couple of years he could develop into Arsenal’s Number 1 keeper for many years to come. Osina though is a full blow world cup international, and that being so, a No2 is a big slap in the face. On the strength of this season alone he will get some decent offers. No point in him staying on the off chance that Cech will prove a disaster or develop a long term injury?

    The DM situation is a little more complicated, because the one player who might have been the one to close out the need, is Isaac Hayden, and he never got a chance to prove it. However, even if a new signing is in place before any competitive games are played, I doubt they will stay beyond their contract length minus a year. Therefore, with one season out on loan, back in time to be the back guy, and his career is back on track? I think the time scale for Bielik is shortened more by merit of reputation he came with, than outstanding performances thus far. But we shall see. Just because they cannot make it for us, does not mean they cannot be outstanding footballers elsewhere. De Bruyne is a classic example of not getting a look in at Chelsea, did nothing special on loan, goes to another league and he is suddenly World Class?

    Your sentence about turning Monreal, Gibbs or Debuchy into a DM is where the crux of both the post and your opinion differs so starkly from mine.
    If we are looking to be a genuine Title contenders, we sure have to get beyond this make do and mend philosophy? You need players who are top class in their particular position, and ideally have one who is also pretty good. We paid heavily for not investing in a CB, and whilst Monreal & co did a good job there, it wasn’t the best arrangement to go long term with.

    Regards Wilshere, perhaps the least said the better, but I am more likely to go with the view that he is best suited replacing Ozil as a more traditional No 10. Neither he or Ramsey can tackle as well as Coquelin, and the latter is a better fit as the B2B player in the current set up, although if Coquelin is’improved upon’, he may be a halfway house between Cazorla and a B2B role?
    The key here is about balance. We have a number of central mid-fielders who add something slightly different, but only Ox could be used to go down the line. Gnabry too, if he can prove himself before or after going out on loan? Wellington Silva, with similar remarks applied to him.
    However, none look to be able to replicate what Cazorla has done this season. That position could well change if the ‘New’ DM enables the creative mid to move forwards?
    You draw a very sharp line between criticising a player and being ‘anti’? I never thought of you as being anti Santi?

    Bottom line is I agree we need to keep the unity, but I believe we need another two players beyond the keeper. Now whether they materialise is another matter. However, I think our ‘need’ is every bit as strong as in previous seasons, just more finely tuned to getting on that top rung.
    Relying on if’s and maybe’s is not the way to become title holders ….

  • Gerry, courtesy does not mean you have to say it is a great post…

    Good that you still have faith in Szczesny coming good, but I reckon he is too much of a chancer and has concentration issues…. and as you don’t like to ‘make do’, I reckon you have to stick to your line. Ospina out instead of Szczesny would be a mistake imo.

    Coquelin is our genuine DM now and Flamini his stand-in. The idea that Monreal or Debuchy could be an alternative sits very nicely with me. Would I welcome a very good to top class DM… of course, so not much to argue there.

    Two players beyond the keeper could become reality, but I don’t think they will be both world class.

  • Re Wilshere, he is that good that bar a CB. CF or goalie, he would be great anywhere on the pitch. He has that rare skill combination of overview, close ball control, a burst forward, great first touch and passing ability and now he has a venomous left foot as well. Oh how he will proof you wrong again and again in the next few years… πŸ˜›

  • TA, you are slightly misreading me, or I am not making it clear.

    Ospina will want to go
    Goalkeeper’s don’t rotate that much, and he will feel he can be No 1 elsewhere. Quite rightly.
    I said it a while ago when they were doing the player’s takes on the others. Woijech’s name came up a few times, particularly with Per. Ospina did not feature with any. So I think WS is quite popular in the dressing room, and he is still very young in GK terms. It is only the likes of Cortois that make it look like he should be better by now? Give him a settled defence and opportunities in the COC, etc, and he will be a reliable No 2. He was joint winner of the Golden Glove after all. Perhaps, if as rumoured, Cech brings his coach with him, that too could be a benefit too?
    I think Ospina did really well, and could have carried on doing so. But the situation is what it is, barring hiccups, and I don’t think he will not want that drop down a role.

    I agree with you on Wilshere’s abilities up to a point. But you also over look the flaw in his game.
    For him to be the top player you think he will be, I think he needs to get away from the cocooned environment he has here.
    The guy who wrote the article for the Mirror, suggesting Man City would be good place for him, because he would have to prove his worth to get into their line up. He would then develop his style in a positive way. I think Bayern Munich would be even better, as Pep would mold him into the player you see him as now, but would not tolerate his flaws. There he would not have the distraction of playing for a side who are Arsenal’s direct rivals.

    It could be the making of him.

    The big problem at Arsenal is, and why he is finding it difficult to break back into the team, in footballing terms, is because of his style of play. Which to my mind, as long as Mesut Ozil is considered the ‘bees knees’ of creativity, then he will prove me right, and expose the rose tinted view you have of him.
    We would not be having this conversation if Ozil leaves because, JW will be the hub to which the team will move around. It could be very successful too.

    But it isn’t the way the team is set up at the moment …

    To put it bluntly, JW’s North South axis of movement, aimed at getting himself to the edge of the box, tends to cut off Ozil’s lateral movement.

    When Ramsey goes forward, he goes towards space. When Cazorla brings the ball forward, or moves off the ball, it is to space where Ozil isn’t. The understanding between Theo and Alexis is still under development, but looks promising, and Ozil looks where they might go to, and feeds in accordingly.

    When Jack can develop his game to that level, he will be a truly great player. Making childish statements about not changing his style is not helpful either. He is 23 and now wants to dribble like Messi … Messi probably could do more when he was 6 than Jack can now. He is a classic case of too much too soon, and he cannot help himself when it come to the big ‘I’ in Wilshere, rather than think ‘team’ and what works best when the ‘I’ is missing. I repeat, I don’t think the Arsenal environment is going to help fully develop as a player. Which would be a big loss to the game.

    You will disagree TA. But I am just being critical of JW, more for the lack of self inspection that has led to what I see as a flawed development on the football field.

    At the moment, Ozil holds sway….

  • The Cech signing is being reported as a done deal

    The other news is Vietto has signed for Athelico …
    So that is my ‘one Cornetto’ getting away. Pity, he should do well there.

  • Hahaha Gerry, I disagree with everything you say above and what surprises me, still, is how gullible you are. Arsene made Jack, he allowed Cesc to go this his worst enemy because of Jack. Jack loves Arsenal and will stay as long as they want him… Don’t believe the cheap press, believe what is right in front of you. Since Gascoign, England has not had a better talent in midfield. Just because he is not Mr Perfect for you should not blind you from the cheer quality Jack has. I might have rose tinted glasses iyo, but I have no special bond with Jack, and I think I know when I see a top top talent. πŸ™‚

  • Total, don’t be shy, your among friends on here, just admit that you’re a Santi fan and embrace our little genius… πŸ˜€

    Seriously, I think that Arsene holds Jack in the highest of regard and sees him as a major part of his immediate and future plans…

    Jack needs a change of luck as far as injuries are concerned, and if he gets a run in the team, then I think we’ll see what a wonderful footballer he is…

    Total, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always seen Jack as an attacking midfielder, rather than the deeper role he seems to be associated with.
    With your Dutch hat on, how do you see him?

  • The old spine: (over 30’s)


    The new spine: (23 – 25, apart from chambers)


    And a couple of superstars thrown in for good measure – Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott

    What’s the problem? πŸ™‚

    Whether you are more than ready to see the old spine benched for new blood (i think i would fall into this camp, apart from Kos and Cazorla, and Cech if he signs) or lack the belief in the new spine as of yet and feel they need more time and experience – there are options for everyone πŸ™‚
    Plus the superstars πŸ™‚

    Marcus imo what we NEED:

    GK – Cech
    DM – Krychowiak (because i think Flamini has had his day)

    what i also want:

    LW – Left footer (because we don’t have one)
    CB – Van Dijk (because i’m not sure at 19 Chambers would be able to fill that role if BFG got a long term injury)

    Good post mate and show’s just how strong a position we are in at the moment squad wise.

    Gerry, just imagine the extent of what i seem to miss when judging Ozil’s abilities and performance, now that is exactly what you miss in Wilshere πŸ™‚

  • I’ve got a question for lot, if Sanchez is told to take some time to rest after the Copa America who takes his place at the start of the season on the left wing?
    my shout – OX

  • Allezkev, I do think there is a Pirlo in Jack, as he is great with the field in front of him and he has that burst to power forward and shift momentum. Jack can also own/boss the midfield and connect Attack with defence. But, like you, I also feel there is a number ten in Jack. For that he would need to score more though, and same goes for Ozil.

  • Steve πŸ™‚

    Ox could do the role but he would need to score a lot which he has not done yet in his career at Arsenal. Theo or Rosicky, with Rambo or Ozil on the other ‘wing’ for me…

  • To Steve above, I’m not sure that I agree with you.

    To my mind Ospina has done just fine, so I don’t see getting Cech in as essential. Nice to have, sure, and a great mentor for a younger keeper, but not really what I would call essential.

    As for Krychowiak, why would he move to the Arsenal knowing that he probably wouldn’t be a regular starter? Same with Van Dijk – why would he move to a club where could well become 4th choice CB. We are already lucky to have a player of Gabriel’s quality willing to put up with irregular time on the pitch..

    I am very much with the original post by Marcus on this. New players coming in is always nice to see, but they should only be brought in either as a nailed-on starter and upgrade on what we already have (Sanchez), to add quality squad depth (Gabriel) or if they are young and have superstar potential.

  • Frontpage – World Soccer King magazine featuring Arsenal FC – Gunners Style

  • Marcus–Nice post and I agree, the team is in a better position these days and don’t need to panic buy in the TW…

    The very same squad with which you (now) seem content, however, have also (bitterly) disappointed… Please recall this post from March

    In that one the thought was that the squad needed to do better. I dunno, same squad, different result(s). Maybe the pep talk did the trick?… Maybe we just got lucky (with the draw in the FA cup, at the very least)… Most likely, it’s just two sides of the same coin…

    Putting all that aside, overall, I think we’re in agreement: shop for value, improve the squad where we can and keep the positive team element intact… This is what management has been trying to do all along, of course…

    To me, it’s just a little more complicated, mostly because I think we’re still vulnerable to decent teams who park the bus with real commitment, especially, in our home stadium in front of our (very) demanding support. (In the other, earlier post, for example, the 2-nil home win over Everton failed to please…) As much fun as we had at the cup final, we also shouldn’t look past the home losses to Monaco and Swansea nor the home draws against Chelsea and Sunderland, not to mention the matches with good results but poor entertainment value. Simply put, we need to find the players (and/or the tactics) to break down parked bus teams and get them playing OUR game… Then we can have the real fun which seems (almost) as important as the results…

    So, nothing too radical for me. Another class forward to spell/augment/compete with Giroud, a guy who can do likewise with Le Coq (and maybe has a little more attack to his game) and maybe that elusive world class keeper who can really command his box… Currently the competition for places is good (throughout the squad, in truth, but I’m thinking about the FBs as I write…) but I also wouldn’t mind guys who were absolutely world class at their position…

    Just gotta wait and see and then get a bit of luck when the games roll around… Days are getting shorter after all, so preseason and the Community Shield (and then the real matches!!) can’t be too far off… πŸ˜€

    Sky sports have just announced Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed a fee for Cech Β£10,900,000
    So justa medical and he is a gooner πŸ™‚ yesss

  • Wow it has been a long time since we have had a man between the post of the quality of Seaman.
    That is a massive signing if all goes though ok, very happy.
    Very pleased to see Wenger flexing his cash musles , he is really stamping his mark now.
    It must feel really good to prise away a player of Jose.

  • Petr Cech ladies and gents .
    A man with a point to prove after being made a number 2 all season by the Chav’s

    First game he willplay for us could be the community shield v Chelsea looooool

  • TA,
    It is massive , i am watching it on the telly and they seem very sure.
    It is the BIG news on there right now

  • Let’s look at some of Wenger’s latest signings again
    Ospina :/
    Then just signing and medical Cech
    That is a whole lot of qualty
    Oh and lets not forget the young Polish DM who is suppose to be a star.

  • 007,
    Will be doing back flips and summer salts at this news lol
    That has made my week, what great news.

  • Right guys, from now on 17highburyterrace also has access to the admin site of the blog. To do this he will also log on as ‘TotalArsenal’ which is necessary to give him access. However, I will sign off comments with TA and 17highburyterrace with 17HT, to avoid confusion.


  • Great news in regards to the Cech signing, but similar to TA i’ll have to see it on before completely believing..

    Thanks TA and 17 for making every effort to maintain blog continuity this summer during TAs busy period. This is a special place and we’re all greatful.


  • Hi fellas… I doubt I’ll use the “blue box” very much, but if I do, I’ll be sure to identify myself…

    Anyhow, the hope is that I can help out during TA’s busy periods a bit more…

    Regarding Cech…I think it might be happening but I wonder what the motivation for Abraminho/Moo-o-vich might be… I suspect there could be plenty of “this is how little we are worried about Arsenal, ha. ha. ha…” in the narrative and plenty of pressure for us to “come out and play” (from a tactical perspective) which maybe Moo has convinced his owner is the same as suicide… Additionally, the big question is what now happens with Sir Chez and our little Colombiano, both of whom I “like,” but neither of whom will settle for being 3rd choice keeper…

    No time to get any deeper than that…but exciting times, I’d say…

  • Great news regarding Cech…

    Last time we had that quality between the sticks was when Jens Lehmann was our goalkeeper…

    I know at lot of Gooners tend to think back to Seaman, and that’s understandable.
    But I thought Jens, despite being a bit crackers, was a bloody fine goalie.

    He remains the only Arsenal goalkeeper to play in a Champions League final, where we were stitched up…
    I can still remember his magnificent performance @ Highbury vs Real Madrid.

    He was, of course, our goalkeeper in the Invincibles and I still have fond memories of him breaking Manc hearts in Cardiff…

  • Retsub, sorry mate, still have not come round to post your blog. Hopefully tonight. If we get confirmation that Cech is a Gooner, I will write something about him first, though. Hope that is okay?

    Keep rocking!


  • T A no problem at all. It’s not as interesting as the player reports anyway

    If Cech is confirmed it will be brilliant, it’s Pat Jennings and Mad Jens again

    I Said 5 plus goals a season, John Terry says 12 plus. For the first time ever I hope he’s right

  • Nice Marcus

    Bloody hell mate, make your mind up? A few months back it was a bit downcast, no women for a month sort of thing, and now its like your two timing two hot women and rightfully loving it.

    Be like me Marcus, “lunatic consistent” i have always claimed were brilliant and the best team even when weve been shit. There were spells in the seventies and eighties we were so crap we used to cheer when the other team scored. “Were so shit its unbelievable” was sung every home game. I never joined in on that. Even when we lost I would fake happiness. Later in life, I would use this ability to fake emotions to get women into bed. I owe Terry Neil so much.

    Even when we were finnishing nearer the bottom than the top I always claimed we were the best side, just unlucky. Yes, I was “lunatic consistent”. It drove other fans mad when after they had just beaten us five nil I dismissed there victory as “you were lucky” and “I have had sex with your wife”. Many punch ups with spuds and scousers ensued Marcus. Of course, I always lost the fights, got battered most of the time really, thats why i now look like i should be playing a banjo, but i would always claim after that i won and the other geezer got lucky, so they battered me some more, sometimes putting me in a coma. And yes, even in a catotonic state, with loved ones crowded around my bed asking “Doctor, will Terry ever speak again?” I would interupt with “I won that fight”

    On that note, i feel the addition of Chec and a super underlying striker would make us next seasons champions.

    Anyone believe me?

  • I believe you Terry.
    I think we can win it with what we have with the added Cech.
    I also believe most of the rest of your story lol
    Apart from i think you may have sang we are shit a few ties after a few beers.
    What striker would you like Terry?
    Can’t wait for the season to start, i think i will watch the under 21’s tonight. Mising football

  • i hear they were only jealous of your good looks in regards to the fights, probably the making love with there old ladies too .
    Hay hoo

  • I am currently listening to drive time with Adrian Durham and have been for the last half hour waiting for the daily Arsenal, i have not heard it yet i do hope i have not missed it..???

  • hahaha, how you doing PG?

    I dont know enough about the market PG, but I want someone who can play in and around the striker. Maybe ime out of date because I keep thinking a Rivaldo or Zola type?

  • lol
    Hello Terry i am good thanks, just caught in a dialma of which to have spag bowl or chilli con carni hmmm
    Oh you maybe a little out i thought you may have brought Ray Wilkins πŸ˜‰
    Your better looking then him to, so his mrs tells me .
    I love Giroud and think he will improve further as will Danny but 1 SQ 1 would be nice, what to do with Podolski to, who i do like but he will be a bench player at best.
    Theo to i think Wenger will want to get his contract sorted before buying another striker

  • Oh i over looked the type bit, agreed Zola or Ian Wright type would be very nice but i think Theo could be ready for that , but that depends on staying injury free.??

  • I really do hope Wenger can make Welbeck and Theo prelific like he did with Henry and RVP.
    I think he can and will or i wonder if he will do that with Alexis and will the LW role.
    All very good options either way.
    Its always nice to see our players improve and become worldies like the 2 i mentioned.

  • I enjoy getting different perspectives as always. Thought provoking stuff.

    Cheers guys!

  • as we do hearing your Marcus
    I am even looking forward to pre season matches now missing watching the red army!!!

  • Well at least you have not taken offence Marcus. Well done.

    I just took he tone of your post as going too far towards the complacent end of the scale, at a time when we do NEED to fill the gaps.
    I did say you had Arsene Wenger’s strategy right though … buy when class players become available.
    I have an Alphabet list here:
    A – Is clearly what I talk out of ….
    B – Is for Benzema, the striker we have yet to sign, but probably will …imo
    C – Is for Cech, who I said was a done deal. Medical next week.
    D – Is for Draxler, yet to happen, but no surprise to me if it does.
    J – Is for the deluded Jackson Martinez. I think somebody finally told him that we were not going to sign him … before he burnt all his options. I said we wouldn’t months ago.
    K – Is for Kondogbia, who I said we would not sign over a week ago, despite rumours of a last minute hijack. Never going to happen.
    M – Is for the defensive Midfielder I said we would sign, and it could be MS after all? I mentioned somewhere above that Southampton had tweaked the price down a bit. My guess is they have their eye on somebody and need cash. So they might just be ready to accept Β£20m down and Β£4m in add-ons? According to the bookies he is odds on to be coming our way???
    V – is for Vientto. I said we would have to be quick to get him, and they weren’t. Keep an eye on him though, he will be good.
    V could also be for Vidal, as I did not think he was the player AW was looking for.
    W – Is for one that cannot be spoken of, by me at least. But the above would suggest that I don’t cough up brain farts for the fun of it. One to watch?

    Enjoy …

  • New Post New Post πŸ™‚

    The Cech signing has not been confirmed by, and, as we know from the Higuain saga a few seasons ago, we really should not count on him being a Gooner yet.

    So good time to leave the endless and mostly pointless transfer speculations behind and do a bit of nostalgia instead.

    Retsub takes us back 45 years and more with a fine, nostalgic post on how things used to be. πŸ™‚

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