Samir Nasri could be our new Freddie Ljungberg


“Samir is a student of football – he lives for the game. He loves training and watches game after game on TV. He uses things he has seen to help correct mistakes in his own game. When you genuinely love football this is what makes the difference.” Giles Grimandi on Nasri.

Samir Nasri turns 28 today and that is some age to have when you are a footballer. For most players, their 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st years are usually their best ones: their bodies are stronger than ever, their fitness is still at peak level and a lot of experience has been accumulated. Add to these three factors great technical and mental ability, and you have a player at the top of their game.

A few years ago, before the CL final between Bayern and Dortmund, Wenger stated that Bayern would be the likely winners as they had the most 28 and 29 year olds in their team. Luckily, Arsenal have shifted the average squad age upwards in recent years and this is one of the reasons we are now winning trophies again.

But back to the Marseille-born Frenchman of Algerian parents for whom we once had such an energising song. He has been at Citeh for four years now and his career has stalled. Unable to hold on to a first team spot, he has warmed the bench a lot season after season, with on average 28 games per season, of which many as a substitute (last season he averaged 65 minutes per game played). The rival Citeh fans have not warmed much to him either.

In his last season at Arsenal, he scored a PL goal in every three games – 10 in total – but this season he only managed two goals in 21 PL games (but with a respectable six assists). Whereas he managed to score 18 PL goals in 86 games for Arsenal, Nasri has only scored 16 PL goals in 113 games for the Northern Oilers. Instead of making progress, he has performed worse in the city where it always ‘rains’ – an anagram of ‘Nasri’ – and it looks like he is stuck. He now enters the last year of his five-year contract and he appears to be reassessing his football life and next options.

Recently, he has come out with unveiled praise for Arsene Wenger, who he regards as the best manager he worked under. This is what he has been quoted on saying: “I’m close to Arsene Wenger, I’ve always said he is my football father, and I wouldn’t just say that. He did a lot for me. He made me the player I am and is someone who’s been really important for my career”. At Marseille, Nasri had five managers in a relatively short spell at senior level, followed by Arsene, Mancini and Pellegrini, so, given the large number of potential ‘football fathers’, this statement is not without merit.

It almost seems like Nasri is building bridges, which would of course be a clever – or should that be calculated? – move given his need to start planning his future again… for which a good reference is always crucial. Or maybe, he is hoping for a return to the home of football.

Many see him as a mercenary, with a calculated commitment to the clubs he plays for and only interested in earning as much money as possible; and the speed and the way in which he moved to Citeh certainly suggests that moneygrubbing is his main aim in life. But then there are the words of the wise Grimandi, who saw in Nasri someone who lives and breathes football with a genuine love for the beautiful game… which does not sound like the description of a mercenary.

I am a firm believer in giving people chances and that, if we are lucky enough, life offers opportunities to learn from mistakes, to complete phases, and to re-find, to reinvent or re-launch oneself. Successful people need talent, focus, drive and hard work to get to the top, but just as important is room for doubt and humility. The latter two help to make the paradigm jumps and evolve from one phase to another.

I don’t think Nasri is the brightest spark in football and neither is he a likeable character, but I also understand that at 24 years of age he was susceptible to bad advice and prone to making mistakes. There is still a great footballer to come out of him but time is starting to run out.

Would we want him back, though?

We have space for him on the right side where Arsenal have a vacancy. He could be our ‘Freddie Ljungberg’ of this era, with a similar skillset, ability and goal to game ratio. Nasri would also be a good alternative on the left wing and behind the striker. But, as a club we have moved on considerably now and we only have space for top, top quality players going forward. We need somebody next to Ollie and Alexis who can score 12-16 PL goals a season and work his socks off in supporting the right FB and midfield colleagues, as per Arsene’s system of play. This is not Theo and Ox is not ready yet.

Could Nasri be this player now he is reaching his peak years?

I reckon he could but it would require him turning his perceived calculated commitment into a passionate one once again, and play for the team and to be willing to give his all to reach his full potential.

Wenger took back another Marseille youth development product, Flamini, after being left in the lurch by him, so it would not be completely inconceivable for Nasri to return next, or even this, season. Still, it is only a small chance and I would only want it if Nasri really, really wanted it, and Wenger would give the move his blessing.

By Total Arsenal.

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  • Nasri back to Arsenal, I think not. He is less than hopeless and he would be taking up a slot that we could have a gunner at heart player, which he isn’t.

  • Welcome Bob, he is definitely not hopeless but a very talented player. However, I agree he would have to have real passion to turn his career around and play with heart on his sleeve. It will be heart to find a gunner at heart for this position although Ox could still claim the RW eventually.

  • “but I also understand that at 24 years of age he was susceptible to bad advice and prone to making mistakes.”

    So it was a mistake to join a club with who he won 2 Prem titles, an FA Cup and league cup? During which time Arsenal won very little.

    And the reason he didn’t get so much game time last season was – injuries. He may walk into your team but, with the world class players at City, it’s a little more difficult.

  • Nasri made he choice, money was the aim, many players have fallen for that trap and failed.

    Arsenal does not owe him any second chances. Why write a story suggesting the possibility?

    Surely there are more worthy things to write about?

  • Glowey, yes he won his medals in Manchester but as a player he did not develop his full potential; in fact, he went backwards. Had he stayed at Arsenal he would have become some player by now.

  • The fact that he’s so hated by Arsenal fans prove that we believed in his abilities enough to take offence in him leaving. Nasri could have been one of the best in the world, but as you said he was poorly advised. If he’d had stayed at Arsenal a few more years I think he would be staring at possible big money moves to Barca or Real about now.

    Would I have him back? No. I think those bridges are well and truly destroyed. Not only because of how he left, but also because of how he rubbed the EPL titles in every Arsenal fans face since then. I don’t think I could sing his name.

  • Well said LP , I totally agree.

    TotalArsenal ( a very talented player ) , was talented I will agree. Way passed his. Sell by date.

  • Yeah all players leave Arsenal just for money?? He has won 2 prem titles since he has been at City, which justifies why he moved. Yeah im sure he got paid more, but most players do when they move. He has had 2 really good years at City and 2 average seasons. This season wasnt his best due to his injuries and is part of the reason we never got close to Chelsea in the end. I know the City fans love him, and when him and Silva get playing they are a joy and very difficult to stop. I couldnt see him going back to Arsenal anyday with the venom that is aimed at players who leave your club. What I will say though, if Wenger gets 2 more quality signings with Cech, and sort out your dreadful injury record, then I do believe Arsenal will have great chance of winning the league this year.

  • I guess 2013-14 was a decent season by Nasri but, in terms of the bread and butter stats, I cannot see another good season by him for MC, Bluemoon. Welcome, by the way. Do you really feel that Nasri has developed to his full potential: he really looked a far better prospect when he was at the might red and white…

    Just for a bit of fun, for which positions should Arsenal recruit those two quality signings in order to win the title?

  • “yes he won his medals in Manchester”

    Isn’t that a) why he left and b) what most players want of their career?

    “but as a player he did not develop his full potential; in fact, he went backwards. Had he stayed at Arsenal he would have become some player by now.”

    Oh deary me, he’s not in a red and white shirt anymore so he can’t be “some player can he?” When clear of injury and playing regularly he’s almost up there with Sliva and that’s about the best compliment I can pay any mid. Trust me, he IS “some player” just been plagued by injuries last season but, he’ll be back and firing again for the KO.

    As for the players you need to be in with a shout, in my opinion – A strong ball winner in midfield and a regular 20+ goals a season striker.

  • I think we have the OX nd THEO already so Nasri is out nd wll jux be bench warmer if he likes dat position

  • T A. Aghhhhh. We must never take the chinless wonder back, he is right up there with Cashley as a slimeball. He wouldn’t get a game anyway

  • Character and ambition defined him. But guess what ambition he had, never weighed the options before he took the decision.
    On the Contrary, i think he has not that slipped down but the system under which he was brought up under Arsene differs from what is at his disposal at Citeh, a reason for a few goals but watch when ever he is a substitute, there is always a change of game faster and beautiful. Coming back to Arsenal, No, i would never foresee or advise that, there is plenty of talent at Arsenal with Heart that need priority over Him. World Class is what Arsenal thirsts for, now and Laggards who have run out of options.

  • Fair enough Glowey, if you are happy with his performance levels and think he has developed well in those four years at your end, then I respect that view. For me it is clear that he has wasted his development and has not become the player he could be, as he is very talented. With all due respect, any medals gained at Citeh have not really been won, have they? How many hundreds of millions did your owner pump into the team to achieve it? Arsenal are now back on track the proper way and soon you will be a blast from the past. 😉

  • Total. I think you have finally lost the plot. Nasri back to Arsenal. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh no thank you. If that happens then it will be time for me to call it a day with the love of my life. We have far better players than that fat piece of lard already on our books….why go backwards?

  • Ahhhh the titles/cups were bought chestnut, no other response so we’ll resort to that one, how boring and predictable. Please name me one Prem title winner that hasn’t spent big to win it, some have spent big and haven’t won it for 10 years or more.

    Back on track the proper way, you mean now you’ve paid for the stadium you’ll be paying just as much as any other club with pretentions of being title winners or, you’ll continue to pay 10 mill or so for mediocre players and be happy to finish 4th?

    As for a blast from the past,how long since you were champions. Have you not been taking notice of what our owners have been doing or are you just hoping we’ll go away. With the latest rulings on FFP you’ll have no protection from Platini and UEFA trying to keep the top clubs where they’ve been for so long, Oh wait a minute, we’re a top club now but, don’t want/need protection from anyone.

    And name calling, really “The chinless wonder, hahaha Retsub, nice one.” how pathetic but, it sums up you, your club and manager.

  • Glowey

    I am sure players who have left City have incurred your wrath before, or are you all happy little bunnies. City were also stupid enough to buy that waste of space adebayor, but thanks for the cash. Nasri is slimeball. He left and bad mouthed a team that gave him a big chance. You are welcome to him. Incidentally you will note nobody turned on Gael Clichy

    And as for being pathetic, that’s me my club and my manager. I am fairly certain My pathetic team wouldn’t entertsin calling our stadium the Tottenham stadium, however much we got paid

    Care to translate Etihad for us?

  • Eh? Nasri back. Why is Nasri in the news on Arsenal blogs all of a sudden? Is he out of contract or something?

    No for me. Not because I hate him or anything. I really don’t. He’s just a bit stupid to try and argue with certain Arsenal fans online rather than just quietly move on. He didn’t force his departure, we just couldn’t afford to let him run down his contract, and for a period of 6 months or so before he left, he was fantastic.

    All the same, I don’t want him back because I don’t think we need him. He’s from the past. Not a very happy past either. We’re no longer short of money to not be able to buy better players. Why get him back? His talent doesn’t justify the baggage he brings, and probably not the expense.

    As for City fans. I genuinely don’t hold any enmity towards City, but they are in denial about their spending. They seem to not be able to differentiate between an owner and a club in terms of who pays the bills. Whether it’s immoral or not, the amounts being spent by owners who have no interest in running their club like a football business (rather it’s an advertising business/security deposit) have had a huge impact on the game. The press love it because they get to talk about huge transfer fees, and probably get on yachts with owners and so on, but it has had an impact which is, generally speaking, not good for the game, since it is unrealistic and unsustainable as a business model for the majority of clubs.

  • Yes Gerry, absolutely, Arsene can still bring in another def/mid as well as promoting Bielik. That would be the perfect scenario.

    Not sure where that would leave Flamini and Arteta?
    Fitting them all into the 25 man squad might be the decider…

    I also hope that Isaac Hayden will still be given a chance and some encouragement.
    Although he may find himself sent out on loan initially, but as Coquelin proved, that doesn’t necessarily mean his Arsenal career is on the slide…

  • Total, that was a very interesting post that certainly raised the temperature on here…

    I thought that the City fans fought their corner very well…
    I guess that when your club has been a sleeping giant for as long as theirs, (1969 wasn’t it?) that you cannot blame them for enjoying their recent glory.
    They certainly show more class than Chelsea fans…

    As for Nasri, no mate, that train has left the station…
    Flamini didn’t leave in such acrimonious circumstances, and he went abroad, which helped…
    I suppose if Nasri was on a Bosman in 12 months time, then who knows?
    Arsene does love a bargain…

  • Lol, great post TA – gets the blood boiling a bit..

    Samir Nasri… Wonderfully talented footballer, and a real student of Wengerball, no doubt. World class vision and control – a game breaker on his day. Apart from the less than desirable escape route he travelled 4 years ago my main concerns would be that he’s a serially injured 28 year old and more importantly somewhat of a diva. He has never been one to hide his on-pitch frustration, and can sometimes let his emotions ultimately control his contribution. Arshavin 2.0. Because it can be contagious, negativity at any level is not something I would want to add to our dressing room at this point. I very much doubt that he would cope well with the mixed reception he would receive, and the whole thing might well snowball.

    For me, no thanks. Stitched that wound a few years back..


  • Retsub, No I can’t say I have been been angry or annoyed at players leaving City, disappointed yes, it’s never any fun losing good players. I have to say though that Gooners do seem to take it to the next level when venting their anger at players who move on. Lack of loyalty, greed, no class etc, etc etc. It’s something I don’t understand as any one of us would leave our job tomorrow and move to a competitor if we were offered a 50% pay rise or, as in a footballers situation, a better chance of winning medals.

    As for the naming of our stadium, you really shouldn’t believe all you read or hear and/or at least do a little research, Etihad actually translates as unison, union or alliance.

    As for Nasri, happy to have him and as I said earlier, he’s not what you need right now. You have plenty of ball playing, attacking/passing mids.

  • Shard, At least a spark of common sense and reason.

    as for “As for City fans. I genuinely don’t hold any enmity towards City, but they are in denial about their spending. They seem to not be able to differentiate between an owner and a club in terms of who pays the bills.”

    I don’t know any City fans who would deny that we’ve spent a lot of money on players AND the club. After all, we had a lot of catching up to do on the top sides who’d done their spending years ago and were comfortably ensconsed on the CL gravy train. We’ve done that now and,, if you’ve followed the footy reports, you’ll know that, despite UEFA’s best efforts, we’re now in the tiop 10 highest earners, just one place behind yourselves so, heading towards being self sustaining.

    If you can tell me how any club can join the elite without heavy investment, please do, UEFA were desperate to prevent the likes of us, PSG and a couple of Russian outfits doing it but, it looks like that will be shot down in flames if the legal ruling goes the way anticipated. What our owners have done is set out a business plan, adopt it and make it work and I see nothing wrong in that.

  • Evening TA! Been out for a while, but kept a weather eye on the site all along.

    You are enjoying yourself with this one I think! A perfectly well reasoned argument; but not one that feels at all plausible. But a great distraction from all the transfer guff, as well as getting some passion into the debate.

    I have no great beef with Citeh fans – nor especially with Nasri. They may be in denial about having bought a title rather than assembled a team through brilliance of acquisition and development, but that is probably inevitable. The rest of the world can see this pretty obviously. But watching their team, as with Chelski, there is a certain joylessness about it all. And I think this is down to the lack of any home grown core – the whole team would happily change shirts tomorrow and call themselves Tottenham, just so long as the money kept coming in. I have a far greater sense of competition (hostility) with the Pool and the Manure (because I’m tired of their spells of winning absolutely everything), but you could not make the same accusation against either of these teams – though manure may yet go that way. They are proper football clubs. The oilers have forgotten what this actually means.

    Anyway, the thing that drew me to write today was the ‘new Freddie’ comment. Not Nas I think, but I do wonder still about Rambo? Its clearly not his preferred position, nor yet the one he plays best in. But could he operate in the way the Freddie did? I think he might. Half a yard less pace perhaps, but a very similar habit of arriving in the box at the right moment. Central midfield looks a busy place next season, esp if Jack stays fit. The right remains the space without a clear owner at present. I will be really interested to see where we start Rambo off when the season kicks off.

  • Glowey, you are living of the fat of recent past, please don’t think you will remain in the top four, let alone win the title again with a self sustainability approach; and you will no longer have the option to splash the cash absurdly and force a title win. Once Yaya and Aguero are gone the show is over, and the decline has already begun.

  • Hey AB 🙂

    Good to see you back. Rambo is an option indeed, especially if he were to interchange with Ozil. I prefer a player with burst and dribbling skills and Nasri makes me think of Fredster in that respect. Rambo is a bit limited in that respect but his positioning and finishing in the box are great qualities. Of course Bellerin and Rambo could develop a great partnership going forward.

  • Exactly TA. With Bellerin providing the overlap and pace, Rambo could be great in this position. It seems to me that Ramsey takes a while settling into his stride, be that coming back from injury or adjusting to a change of position. If we do start him out wide in the early stages of the season we will need to give him some time before judging his potential there. Where and how we make use of our talented young players is the really interesting debate for me this summer.

    I’ve done all the transfer speculation in my mind, and I come down to the goalie and perhaps (if we can get real quality) another DM. The real challenge for us next season is to get the players to perform to their potential, and to get the configuration right in our first 11; the quality is all there if we can deploy it right. The rather boring truth is that, as Marcus has argued, we pretty much don’t need to buy more. Rambo as our ‘new’ Freddie it is for me then!

  • Well AB, there is a good title for a post by you: Rambo the new Freddie! 🙂

    Agreed on giving him time to settle. Key is to get goals from the right AND protect the FB…. Rambo would deliver on both fronts, but will he be a happy Gunner in that position?

  • Nice TA

    Yes, I forgive. But only with repentance. The man must be punished TA. I suggest a half session with me, armed only with a small to medium sized needle.

    I dont judge Nasri on him going to City. I respect that he had a better chance to win things there and his love for money is admirable.

    However, what about the French squad? He should be a key man but instead is not in the squad due to his propensity for been a Twat. Now, when you consider that its every French mans God given right to live up his own posterior, then just imagine how much of an obnoxious little runt he must be to be excluded? It is so bad that upon viewing Nasri, Eric Cantona suffered an identity crises and now believes he is a humble man.

    i have a good friend who is a City fan. Though southern based hes followed them for 40 years and I am genuinely happy for him that his club have hit the big time. in fact, there hard core support really deserve there success, having to suffer years of shitness and the rags success.

    Saying all that I am an arrogant Arsenal fan. Arsenal is an institution that will last the course of time. As long as there is football, Arsenal will be there or there abouts.

  • Glowey

    I think you will find if you consult an Arab dictionary that it does mean United. I spent about three years in Abu Dhabi and was in Abu Dhabi during the time of the City deal. Certainly the Emiratees who I dealt with found it very amusing. But I was only biting back at your pathetic quote so let’s leave it there.

    In fact I always had a soft spot for City, probably because I was fed up with the
    Red half of Manchester winning everything..

    That said I do wonder how long Abu Dhabi under the guise of Sheikh Mansour will continue to be interested in City. A lot of what happens in the UAE is as a result of the competition between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I would suggest that Etihad was created because Abu Dhabi wanted to create an equivalent of Emirates which is of course owned by Dubai. If I recall correctly Sheikh Zayed had around 20 sons via a number of wives, all of whom are competing in the pecking order. Don’t be surprised if they get bored at some stage. Abu Dhabi are amongst the biggest investors in the world and they certainly didn’t Buy City as a financial investment.

  • Retsub, i think we have to accept City and Chelsea are here to stay mate. By the time there owners have finished with them they will be global brands and self sustaining.

    At the beginning I was bitter and believed that there emergence was “unfair”, but now realise thats just the way thing are.

    Besides, it will make things even sweeter when we next win the league, and we will be winning it soon.

  • Glowey

    “I don’t know any City fans who would deny that we’ve spent a lot of money on players AND the club”

    There is no ‘we’. Manchester City did not spend money, because Manchester City had no money to spend. It was the Abu Dhabi sheikhdom which spent money. Which was my point about City fans not being able to differentiate.

    And investment. I got nothing against it. But an investment implies an expectation of returns on it. Now do you seriously think the Sheikh put in money into MCFC because it made financial sense?

    And because it didn’t make financial sense, is why it is bad for football. It’s not encouraging clubs to build, rather to spend themselves into oblivion and/or rely on some benefactor to bail them out. In theory it’s always been this way. In practice there are only so many benefactors who have access to those kind of funds and even fewer who’ll be willing to sink their money into football.

    You guys won the lottery. Congratulations. It doesn’t mean everybody else should base their entire business model on mortgaging their entire existence in the hope of winning the lottery.

    Which isn’t to say the previous system was perfect. Personally, I’d favour salary caps in football. Hopefully, the FFP is a tiny step toward it. Though realistically it is a long way off.

  • You may be right Terry ( your last para certainly is) but I have my doubts. Both Chelsea and City have enormous wage bills which are bankrolled by their mega rich owners. I wonder what would happen if anything were to happen to Abramovich. I don’t know enough about the Chelski set up to understand what would happen if he wasn’t around. Abu Dhabi on the other hand will demand success and I suspect winning the prem won’t necessarily be sufficient for them. Like a lot of the wannabes City have made a number of purchases where they have paid top dollar for average players. I personally don’t think there current team is strong enough to mount a sustained challenge and it’s going to take a lot more investment to tread water. Let’s hope they don’t forget
    Yaya’s birthday next time

  • Lovely post, TA. Intriguing and edgy. Particularly enjoyed the bit about life presenting opportunities for second chances– your philosophy and football knowledge is always enjoyable.

    Personally, I would say no to the “chinless one”. Although to be fair i’ve only truly followed the club for the last 3 or 4 years and did not watch him play regularly during his Emirates glory days. But the player I see now certainly wouldn’t displace Ozil, Alexis, or even Santi. And I sure as hell wouldn’t give him a (nother) chance over a recently fit Jack. The Rambo comparisons are worth noting but judging from all his whiny interviews with the media, there’s no way Aaron would take up a permanent role on the wing and be happy about it. Definitely interested to see what happens with him next season..

    As for the city fan: I know it must be hard supporting a club so obviously on the decline (why else would you come trolling a club on the rise?) but just keep praying Aguero doesn’t jump ship and I’m sure you’ll have a shot of qualifying for the CL. He’s probably just sore that our aggregate head-to-head score this season was 7-3..

  • I am so glad I did not respond to this post. Two reasons:

    One, it was you, TA, that was talking a ‘fantasy transfer’ … and that would have been risky. 😀

    Two, I have know real knowledge of the situation at Manchester City. I know of the enormous investment they have made in their training and Youth set up. Clearly they buy players at the top end of the market, and pay them well. How sustainable that is depends on their ‘new’ income, and not an inflated price for the stadium naming rights. Beyond that it is just perception.

    Also, linked again with limited knowledge of things ‘City, I have know idea of the circumstances that Nasri made his comments. So that too has a perception that he was ‘angling’ for something, which may not be the case?

    The only point of agreement between the comments of Arsenal supporting posters, and the much respected Glowey who came back to respond to comments in a non abusive manner, along with the writer, is that, No, he will not becoming back.

  • The post is an exploration of Nasri’s current situation, fuelled by his I love Arsene comment and him reaching the age of 28. It is not a dream transfer but inevitably the possibility and desirability of this will need to be explored.

  • Cheers Frozen, seems like you understood the post better than the rest. 🙂

    Ramsey will want to power through midfield as he is the typical box to box midfielder, but playing on the right would do him no harm.

  • “They may be in denial about having bought a title rather than assembled a team through brilliance of acquisition and development, but that is probably inevitable.”

    Not read my posts AB? I, as most City fans I know, are more than aware that we won the lottery with our Arab owners moving in. As I’ve already said, if you or anyone can tell me how to take a poor club and make it challenge for the title WITHOUT spending a lot of money, I’d be delighted to hear it. It was clubs such as yours, well established on the CL gravy chain, who were setting player values and wages and, in our position, to get players in, it was necessary to pay the fees and wages we did. That will probably go on for another few seasons but, as we challenge more and more in the CL, that will stop. In addition to which, our YA is on the verge of producing players who are capable of making our first team which will also stop the need for over paying.

    Joylessness? Not a bit of it, other than the disappointments of last season, you don’t have a team scoring the number and class of goals we do and not enjoy it. But, you’re right about home grown players, we all love to see them come through the ranks to the first team and, as I’ve said, that will come pretty soon. And again, if you can tell me any clubs who’s players wouldn’t leave for money, please do. Footballers aren’t supporters who will stick with their club through anything, they’re in it for success and the money and the sooner supporters realise that, the sooner they’ll stop abusing players who’ve betrayed them and their club.

    Of course you feel a greater rivalry with MANU and The Pool than with us, we’ve only been a threat to you for a few seasons, give it time and you’ll hate us as much as you do them.

  • Retsub, Not being an Arabic speaker and not having an English/Arabic dictionary, I did have to consult all sorts of sources to get the definition/translation and mine came from the Greater Manchester Interpretation service use by the Police. I suppose he could have been a City supporter so told me what he knew I’d want to hear but, I don’t really think so.

    You could be right about our Sheik getting bored, we’ll have to wait and see and, in your case hope he does. For us, we’re enjoying the ride, seeing all the envy and bitterness of those clubs scared stiff of falling off the CL gravy train who tell us what we already know, we’ve bought a team and not built one, that part is all very boring now and doesn’t make the slightest difference to our enjoyment of the success we’re having.

    As for City being an investment well, there are things to be gained other than direct financial rewards. I can’t believe anyone could believe that, that was the reasoning behind buying City, they’re too astute to even think that could happen. Promoting Abu Dhabi was and is the aim as they are well aware that the oil won’t last forever so, promote, promote, promote and make it a tourist destination and a place to invest in.

  • Shard,

    “There is no ‘we’. Manchester City did not spend money, because Manchester City had no money to spend. It was the Abu Dhabi sheikhdom which spent money. Which was my point about City fans not being able to differentiate.”

    And there you go, proving my point about bitterness, the only supporters bleating about City’s lottery win are the ones scared rigid at the thought of being ousted from the CL. In my travels following City and, on football chat sites, I speak to supporters across the country and at some point in the conversation the comment “wish it had been us” crops up.

    As a supporter of a successful club, well up to say 10 years ago, you won’t know how the average fan feels, being so superior and all. Do you believe that those supporters of perennial bottom half finishers are happy to be there or, do you think that as each season kicks off, they have visions of finishing in the top 4, only to once again be disappointed? Of course they do and, if a mega rich owner came in and took them over they’d be “over the moon.”

    “And investment. I got nothing against it. But an investment implies an expectation of returns on it.”

    As I’ve said in one of my other replies, there are other rewards for investment other than financial ones.

    “And investment. I got nothing against it. But an investment implies an expectation of returns on it.”

    Refer to the above comment and, nothing against it, provided it doesn’t affect your teams chances of success.

    Investment doesn’t encourage clubs to build?

    I’d suggest that, that is now impossible, look at Southampton, as soon as they show signs of success/challenging, one of the rich boys in the top 4 steps in and buys their best players, season after season. No, the only way to turn a poor/mediocre club into a top 4 side is heavy investment, UEFA were doing their best to stop it but, from the latest court case, it seems the sham of FFP is doomed as everyone with any common sense knew it would be.

    “You guys won the lottery. Congratulations. It doesn’t mean everybody else should base their entire business model on mortgaging their entire existence in the hope of winning the lottery.”

    Yes we did and I would have thought everyone would have accepted it and moved on by now yet, supporters of the old top 4 cartel still clearly resent it. I don’t recall proposing other clubs adopt our business model, only that ours is the only one I know of that will work.

    “Which isn’t to say the previous system was perfect. Personally, I’d favour salary caps in football. Hopefully, the FFP is a tiny step toward it. Though realistically it is a long way off.”

    The previous system was the perfect model for clubs ho happened to be strong and successful when the PL and new CL were introduced. Once the gravy train started rolling, there was little chance of other clubs climbing aboard and, just to make sure they didn’t, FFP was introduced. I’ve already commented on that and, the EU anti trust rules/laws will see its death now there is a challenge in court.

    Believe it or not, I would love to see an end to sponsorship, the PL and CL TV money etc and go back to the days when clubs survived on their gate and takings at the pie and pint bars. The game has lost its soul, no player is worth 90 million or 300K a week, its ludicrous but, if that’s the way the game has gone/is going, I’d rather be in our position than where we were even 10 years ago.

  • Frozen,

    “As for the city fan: I know it must be hard supporting a club so obviously on the decline (why else would you come trolling a club on the rise?) but just keep praying Aguero doesn’t jump ship and I’m sure you’ll have a shot of qualifying for the CL. He’s probably just sore that our aggregate head-to-head score this season was 7-3.”

    Yes, on the slide and still finishing above you.

    As for coming on YOUR web site, I’m not sure if you know but, Nasri now plays for Man City, the team I support and, this “article” popped up on the news aggregator I use so, i felt it appropriate to comment from a City supporters viewpoint.

    Qualifying for the CL, ooh a tough one but yes, we’ll have a shot at it but, we won’t be as happy as you lot to scrape in, in 4th place.

    Aguero jumping ship, could happen but, I think there’s more chance of Wilshire being in a sky blue shirt next season.

    Well done on the Aggregate 7- 3 but, who finished highest in the league, again?

  • Glowey

    My resentment has nothing to do with City and nothing to do with Arsenal not winning trophies. If trophies were my aim, I’d have been a ManU supporter. I have no family ties to Arsenal. I just happen to like our club. My resentment has to do with the fact that ‘winning the lottery’ is now promoted as an acceptable business model for the game to follow.

    Look, what you say is true, and I don’t deny that that disparity being redressed would make for a better league. However, it must be said that the PL divides its earnings fairly equitably, and this has made the league better and arguably, the toughest to win. I could argue that the reason the league became so popular around the world was because of the likes of ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool etc, and so the money that all clubs earn through the PL TV rights has actually been cut out of the big clubs’ share and redistributed. If you don’t believe me look at Spain and how much the big clubs draw in TV revenue there. So while you scream unfairness, you should also recognise the fairness of the PL.

    All the same, that disparity you talk about, that kind of ‘unfairness’, it exists, but is still based on merit. Your kind of unfairness isn’t. If anything, it’s the opposite, and like I said, it can’t work for everyone anyway.

    Arsenal weren’t all that different from Spurs in terms of finances before Wenger got here. Arsenal were hugely behind ManU financially as well. And yes, it told. (ManU didn’t just ‘happen’ to be big though. They worked for it) But today Arsenal are financially among the top 5 or 6 clubs in the world. There was no billionaire owner to lend us money. There was no guarantee of continued CL qualification. We’ve spent 10 years with virtually zero net transfer spend, while losing our best players to rivals home and abroad and yet here we are. How did that happen?

    1995-96 Turnover: millions
    Arsenal – 20.9
    Aston Villa – 13
    Chelsea – 15.9
    Everton – 17
    Liverpool – 24.7
    City – 12.7
    ManU – 53.3
    Newcastle – 24.7
    Spurs – 21.3

    So from 1995-96, why could Arsenal grow to where we are, but Chelsea couldn’t without billions being poured in? Why couldn’t Newcastle? Spurs? Liverpool? Because they weren’t as good at their job, didn’t have the right manager, didn’t buy the right players, didn’t have the vision and expertise to build a new stadium and still stay competitive. Why is that unfair?

    The idea that clubs making CL money as inherently unfair is like saying that people getting paid more for being better at their jobs is unfair. The reason why I would like salary caps is because it will promote better financial and football management and no club will be able to massively hoard the talent. This is good for the sport.

    Allowing multi billionaires free rein is not democratising the sport. It will make it more of a closed coterie than ever, because there aren’t enough of them around to indulge in a spend-off. Especially with ever decreasing value as their competitive spending boosts inflation.

    So enjoy your success, you deserve that, but please do not go about promoting your example as any kind of good thing for football. It’s been good for City. Maybe even refreshing for the neutral to see the top 4 opened up slightly. But in the medium-long run, it’s exacerbating the situation you claim to hate.

    Now I’ve hijacked this space long enough with an off topic issue, so I’ll leave it there. Hopefully you see where I’m coming from . Though in my experience, City fans refuse to/are unable to see it. Understandably I suppose.

  • Sorry Shard but I know of no one “promoting our business model, we were incredibly lucky and it just happened. Of course, other clubs are trying to woo sugar daddies but, they’re few and far between.

    The PL does divide it’s money fairly but the CL is what makes the difference and, as I say, it’s now impossible for a club to break into the top echelons without serious investment. What can be done about the monster that is the CL, I don’t know, all i do know is, if you’re not in it, your an also ran.

    What i’m saying is, being in a strong position at the inception of the PL and new CL was your lottery win and, I accept what you say about finances in 92 etc, it could have been any club but, the CL is a lottery win that keeps giving and, giving and giving. Meanining non CL clubs are cut away from those that are in it.

    The whole problem with modern football is money or rather too much money, get it back to basics and it would be a far more level playing field. Maybe if a European super league is ever formed (the threat by Europes mega clubs to keep UEFA on side) and national leagues get back to what they were, football will again be the peoples game, rather than belonging to the prawn sandwich brigade.

  • I’m late to the party so ignore me and argue on, if that’s what you like… Samir Nasri is the topic, I think, however… 😀

    Glowey (and shard and retsub and others, who all speak truth)… I actually think we’re not arguing that much here… Money is the whole game these days and City have got it… We’re hanging in there as well and both “brands” are doing fine. A couple of better performances at home down the stretch and we could’ve come 2nd but it matters (very) little. We’re both “in” w/o the qualifier but double digits behind Chavs (or thereabouts)… (And, at least we didn’t lose at home in the cup to ‘Boro…) IMO, a European Super League has to be the end game as the CL is just too boring (and too easily subject to FIFA style pay-offs, etc) in it’s current guise… These days the English teams just beat each other up so nobody has got anything when we get to the elims…No matter how easy a draw we might seem to pull…

    Overall, I’d like it if we could get back on topic and talk about the player in question… TA, good post…from left field for sure, but an interesting discussion and I like it.. Glowey, will Nasri be at your club when the season kicks off? Are there any clubs which can match his pay package? This alone rules him out of Arsenal, I would think, as he’s on more than Ozil and Alexis and a LOT more than the likes of Santi and Rambo and whatever we’ll be trying to put Jack on…

    Side note and a personal anecdote (carrying on from my comments on retsub’s previous thread) about Pre-Shiek City… The one match I did attend back in Autumn 2006 was a Charlton-ManCity match and it was quite amusing watching the (tiny) handful of City of supporters self-identifying and walking defiantly through the streets with all the Addicks surrounding them (in front of the haddock and chip stands). Their team was very poor and City lost, 1-nil… Samaras was their forward and did nothing but swing his hair around. Demarcus Beasley and Micah Richards were probably their most dynamic players… Not as good as Andy Reid and Darren Bent (on the day) but it was close…

    IMO, BOTH clubs (City and Arsenal, not Charlton…) have benefited from the Prince’s largesse with Arsenal doing VERY well in remaking our own team with monies from sales, including Nasri’s. Remember Captain Kolo? I loved the elder Toure brother but one had to wonder about such a (small and later, fat, but also) high-strung defender brought in to be their Captain. They’ve done better with Kompany in that role but he had a very rough (recent) season with injury and some big botched plays. (Frankly, Glowey, I worry about your back line if DiMichelis can hold down a starting role…) Supporters may not see it as “joyless,” but something just doesn’t quite make their group seem very solid at the core, (esp. back there…) despite all the talent. If Yaya, Silva and El Kun play to potential, they can win the league. If not, anybody–even Arsenal–can beat them… 😀 At least they seem to be done with the managerial merry-go-round and sticking with Pellegrini despite the big swoon there in the early spring seems like it should help them… Some serious re-invention (never too tough with all the money…) seems in order this summer… If you’re gonna stick around on the blog, Glowey, this is where my interest lies… (For example, do you really think you might pull out all the stops to sign Wilshere, and would you even want to?… It’s just a ploy to get Sterling’s price a bit more reasonable, isn’t it?…)

    As for Nasri back to Arsenal…Not in a million years, admiration for AW or not… Well, maybe in a swap for Jack… i.e., not in a million years… 😀

    There isn’t really a good reason Samir was so vilified while Cesc (who basically had stopped playing for us to get his move back to Barca) was so lionized. It must’ve had something to do with fans and their perception about money. (Cesc, supposedly took the pay cut, after all… Could there also be an anti-Islamic element in there?…) IMO, Wenger has moved on (even if some supporters cannot…) and that team is done now. With Ozil, Alexis, Santi, Ox, Jack and Rambo I don’t see a way back for Nasri or another of that type (a real #10) and AW will never trade a young guy with potential (and a lower wage package) for an old one who burned bridges (and wants the big money).

    I never saw that much of Freddie in his pomp (the 2006 version had lost a step or 3…) but Nasri was never really a guy who wanted to stay on the touchline or play as the proverbial “real” winger. People keep stumping for those sorts, but (as I write over and over and over…) our system gets its width from the FBs and guys like Alexis and Ramsey (or Jack or Santi or Ozil or the player in question) are still central players even when they’re listed as starting in those wider positions… Don’t let the facts stop you, however… To me the “real winger” seems just about dead and buried (at least in England). Crosses from such players, if they happen at all, are from corners, mostly, these days (Nasri, to his credit, takes a good one…) Glowey, what say you about Jesus of Navas? A real winger, right? To me he looks a forlorn figure at City and wouldn’t get a regular spot in the first 11 if Nasri could just stay healthy. Even James Milner tended to outplay the slight Spaniard with the sky blue eyes… With Milner and Sterling (likely to be) swapping teams, the path back into the main group only gets tougher (for Navas and Nasri), I would think…

    On our team it’s Ramsey, Jack and the Ox although Theo and Danny (or somebody new) might get some time in that wide right starting position too, and, if they can figure out how to make it work, they could give us a different look and more speed on the break (a la Freddie?…) as well as that element of defensive pressing (or disruption) from the front that can work too. At City, Bony (and whoever they buy next up front to replace Dzeko) will need minutes too, and just about everybody looks better than Nasri trying to defend, I fear. Isn’t this another reason he sometimes lost out to the guys mentioned above and seems unlikely to ever take a (deeper lying) central spot from the Brazilian Fers (‘nando and ‘nandinho) not to mention even a half fit Yaya (or the Pogba, etc.) or whomever replaces him?…

    In the end Nasri is a solid enough all-round attacker (kind of a right-footed Silva, Glowey, I think, suggested before the money talk took over…) so that–in the right team–he could be a big contributor at a high level. Maybe not in England and (therefore) not at City nor Arsenal, I fear, but somewhere, I think. Wherever he plays I’ll be watching him more closely now, so cheers… 😀

  • the reason Ársenal fans hate Nasri is he bad mouthed them as soon as he left. Sure people in all walks of life move for more money , success etc but you don’t then turn around and rubbish your previous employer and in Nasri’s case the Arsenal supporters. Didn’t he say something about Ársenal fans not being as passionate when we moved to the Emirates. Other players Clichy, Toure and Sagna made the move without causing too much bad feeling. I for one am happy to applaud them when they return to The Emirates. Not so Adebayor and Nasri however.

    If Nasri really is on a reported 200k a week he is vastly overpaid and I would be surprised if City renew his contract on those terms.

    Looking from Afar, Kompany was such a dominant player for City. Not sure what happened to him last season, but whenever I saw him he looked off the pace. Maybe he will come back, but if he doesn’t and City don’t find a suitable replacement I think they will struggle to maintain their position. Just my opinion.

  • Ah, the politics of life … and football…

    Loved the discussion btw. But like life, it is those who have the advantage are the ones who make the rules to keep their advantage.

    The more money involved, the more the incentive there is for those that have it, to keep it.
    How football evolves is not hard to see. Empty stadiums, massive viewing figures. Only when the viewing figures fall will any change to the ‘product’, and that is all it is to the entertainment industry. Grass roots foot ball will wither and die. In 200 years those entering into the profession will not do so having been excited by watching a live game, but more by the celebrity status that goes with their on screen heroes. By then of course they will have interactive chats live after each game, with players of their choosing. But all the training will be done by computers. Probably refereeing too. Given there will only be about 40 clubs in the entire structure of what would be laughingly called the Football League, but the elite of then will still try and maintain their hold at the the top.

    So let’s enjoy the last remnants of what remains. It is still unpredictable to a point. The Joy of the Cup and all that.

    Of course, if you were 100% correct Glowey, and players really didn’t give a toss who they played for, you could grade players, and then have a system where they are evenly dispersed at the start of each season? But I don’t think we are quite there yet?

    Ah well, back to the TW I guess 😀

  • Ha ha HT – Criticise the off topic talk to get back to post, and then take a healthy chunk of off topic.
    Only teasing, as JB would say.
    😀 😀 😀

  • Glowey, it is admirable that MC have a good YA now, but so have the Chavs, and they are not using it. It is a lot safer to buy success with experienced top quality players (and ideally from your direct competitors) than to achieve it with giving youth a chance. That is where Arsene is great, as he was able to achieve CL participation (and additional ‘gravy’) with low budgets, the need to let top players go AND use his YA players. I will have a lot more respect for your club if indeed they use their YA outputs systematically. Will it happen though as the risk of not qualifying for thr CL gravy train is very high?

  • Gerry, The game has to evolve…The only problem with too much money (IMO) is if there’s a sense of unfairness or or of teams simply buying trophies…There’s enough luck in football and, on any given day, a well-drilled, motivated group can challenge a group of all stars (see, again Boro or Bradford dumping the Oilers, North and South, out of the cup)… For me, having watched the North American leagues for as long as I have, it’s VERY interesting to see how English (and European) football attempts to move towards the modern era while keeping an eye on its traditions… We want (most of us, I think…) to see football played at the highest possible level w/o a hoarding (or sidelining) of talent… How it gets there leaves us plenty to discuss, I think…

    Likewise, if there’s excess money amongst the (crazy) buying clubs, supporters should have plenty of fun with their selling teams…(I know I did over the years watching Arsenal “losing” so many players to City for such ridiculous sums.) Yes, So’ton will not likely make the top 4 but they surprised just about everybody making the run they did this past season (after all their selling), for example… Opportunities for youth are probably evaporating at the teams who “need” success NOW (including Arsenal) but that doesn’t stop people from talking about those players… If I had a dollar for every match Gnabry or Hayden was gonna play, I too could play the ponies… 😀 When will the Arsenal (or Chavs or City) youth teams actually play in a non-age limited team with players available to the first team in case of injury or at the bottom of the first division or top of the 2nd? It can’t be that far off…Surely the loan system must be reformed… Plenty to discuss here as well, I’m guessing… Nobody has yet to take on TA’s point about players being at their peak in their late 20s and early 30s…

    For me, it’s more about the actual players (and teams) I watch, but that’s just me. I’ve watched a bit of Nasri, so indeed, a good topic, I think, even if his return to Arsenal (IMO) ain’t never gonna happen… Better than talking about players I don’t know just because an agent is planting stories about our interest or because we saw them jogging with the first teamers in the photos…Likewise, f we need a tour around the back pages can’t we just scan the newsnow ourselves? But maybe you were joking about “back to the TW…” If you’ve actually scouted the player, that’s another matter entirely, of course…

    Anyhow, I’m not sure if Glowey is gonna come back and I’m not sure why he’s interested in agreeing with people on other clubs’ blogs re: money issues, but, I hope he does…nudging ahead of the two Manc clubs (and challenging the Chavs) would seem the current project and there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to the players on our two teams (City and Arsenal) which seem so close to one another at the moment…

    Just my take on things… 😀

  • 17Highbury terrace, No your loss was in the final Vs Birmingham wasn’t it, we all have ’em so why bring that up I’m not sure.

    He (Nasri) clearly had a fall out with Pellegrini, about what I’m not sure because he’s been injured so much this last season, I can’t see it being about selection. I’d be more than happy for him to stay, when he and Silva are on song, they’re a difficult proposition for the opposition. In fact, when Nasri was out last season, Silva had a hard time beause he was the one play maker and opposition mids/defs found it too easy to mark him out of the game. If we land Isco or AN Other pla maker, it will probably be at the cost of Nasri.

    We underperformed massively last season as you say, especially at the back. Kompany was injured so many times and we brought in Mangala, now we all know it takes time to adjust to the pace of the PL but, it seems he needed a full season (or more). He’s got the physique and pace for the Prem but, still to prove he has the ability. As for Demichelis, from a very, very poor start, he won the fans over although I accept he’s now at or just past his sell by date but, I’m sure that’s one of the positions that will be strengthened this window.

    “something just doesn’t quite make their group seem very solid at the core”

    Certainly last season, things weren’t quite right in that respect, I put it down to their being so many enforced changes at the back, meaning there was no consistency which I feel always upsets the rest of a teams performance.

    I can’t see us being interested in the slightest in Wilshire, no better than waht we have although being English would be a plus for him. We need world class players not more of the same, which has been the problem for the last two windows., instead of buying players who improve the squads quality, we’ve just filled it out with some mediocrity. Isco, Pogba (not convinced), Strerling (not for 50 mill surely) are names that are being quoted but, as like all supporters lets just wait and see.

    Nasri, why would AW want him, already too many similar players in the squad, as for why he is so villified well, in truth almost anyone who leaves you is a greedy, Judas who never loved the club but, how many players do love their club?

    Navas, yes a real winger with pace to burn but, one who would have difficulty in recognising a cross if Christ was nailed to it! Never uses that pace to go past a defender, if he does attempt a cross, he usually hits the first def and, all in all, a disappointment. Milner was far more skillfull and penetrative out wide but, wanted a guarantee of playing time (no manager will give that (unless your names Mess or Ronaldo) and to play central mid. Unfortunately for him, we have a few who are better there than him so, he left to seek success at the Pool.

    As for Nasri getting game time, no, not in a def mid role but, against the lesser lights of the Prem, he and Silva wreak havock pushing forward..

  • Total Arsenal, give us time for those youth players to come through, we have 1 or 2 who should be in the first team squad this seaon and, that should increase season on season now.

    The clubs “vision” (don’t you just hate those phrases) is for the club to be self sustaining as Barca with just a few major buys here and there. Our YA is about 5 years in now so, I believe its about on track. We’ve had a few come through who we thought would make it but, just failed at the last Guidetti being the big disappoinment and, of course Sturridge who wanted top first team money at 17 or 18..

  • Hey thanks for the response, Glower…

    Not sure why you brought up the B’ham cup final (2011, was it?)…I was trying to be nice by not mentioning our head to head stuff (this season) and take only a minor swipe re: your FA cup exit…In the next line I made reference to our own (sad) exit in the cup vs Monaco…

    We’ve got plenty around here who have high hopes for the youth set-up… IMO it’s a very difficult path from there into the first team and loans (in most cases) must also happen and then it’s all timing and luck. Big success this year for Bellerin and Coquelin, but they are the exception, not the rule. Overall, I don’t see how loans really benefit the clubs who take players who actually have much of a chance of making it at the higher level… Fun for the supporters to say I saw X and KNEW he’d make it, maybe?… Bigger squads, B teams (or official “affiliated” clubs) which compete in the domestic league system and a Euro Super League (with home and away matches, i.e., won based on points but with some sort of promotion/relegation process) seems the needed evolution. To me, with FIFA in tatters, it’s time to explore UEFA and expose similar abuses. The clubs should be doing the heavy lifting as a level playing field (i.e., the willingness to not always win…) is necessary or the (television) fans will drop out. Whatever happened to the G-14 or whatever it was and David Dein’s work there?…

    But that’s all bigger picture and not “on-topic…”

    I still don’t quite get what’s gonna happen to Nasri but my take is that his wages are high enough that this is a make or break season for him so he’ll get his chances… Selling while still under contract would have to be at such a low transfer fee (to most clubs) that it almost cannot be done. Maybe a David Luiz deal–which smells a real fish to me–could happen, but Arsenal don’t seem the sort of club to do such things… Anybody at PSG who catches your fancy?… Overall, it seems our take on your team issues are about the same… Are you convinced by Joe Hart in goal? Seems a bit like the English Szczesny to me… 😀

    I dunno, it all seems just a little tragic. I guess when opportunity knocks you have to swing wide the gate, or something… Nasri was well positioned to step in for Cesc but instead stepped away (or our Wal-Mart Sheik Kroenke insisted on taking the money while he could get it…) Blaming the player (or the manager/father figure) seems misplaced. In the end, of course, it’s the football which suffers (and maybe salary caps need to be part of the plan up above). We cannot feel too bad for the player who merely followed the money which he’ll get playing OR sitting on the bench (or in the physio-room)… Finally, on the super-stacked teams, esp. if you buy TA’s premise about players playing well as they age… A player might really be extending his career by being part of a big team of galactico types. Of course, I’m thinking of my favorite, Bacary Sagna…Bigger money over more seasons and only has to play once in a while… Again, tragic…but (surely) not stupid…

  • 17Highburyterrace,

    I guess things don’t come across in this type of “conversation” as they do when face to face, just ignore me on that one!

    We’re really just beginning to learn about the loan system for YA graduates, we’ve had a few out all over Europe and heard great things about some (Guidetti) who don’t seem to kick on from a couple of seasons on loan. He set the Eredivisie alight in his first season with almost a goal a game but, his loan at Celtic didn’t really work out and he’s been released.

    We have a few more who are earmarked for big things, George Evans and Adam Drury, Jason Denayer, Karim Rekik, who are defs, Bruno Zuculini, Seko Fofana, Albert Rusnak, who are mids and Jose Pozo, Davante Cole (Andy’s son), Jordy Hiwula who are att but, as you say, weall know how vast the step up from their current level to 1st team is. You may know our elite development squad head coach – Patrick Vieira who’s tipped to eventually step up to be 1st team manager; He’s doing a great job with the EDS and his reputation is just growing and growing. Re Andy Coles son, we also have van persie’s son on our books as well as Gary Nevilles, interesting they’d send them to us and not utd, that’s down to Vieira and our YA’s growing reputation.

    I don’t like the idea of Prem reserve sides plaing in Div 1 or 2, too much of an adverse effect on the clubs in those leagues, get the old reserve leagues up and running again, promote youth team players as and when to it, give the squad fillers games and those returning from injury, just like the old days.

    If there were to be a European super league, I think it would be on an MLS franchise system, too big a move to drop out of your countries top div and chance the super league not taking off. Both FIFA and UEFA need to be completely overhauled with all the current members, directors or whatever they are kicked out and replaced with people who have no vested interests, maximum 3 year term and no return ever.

    The G14, to us, was the bug bear, All Europes elite controlling/directing UEFA to ensure they stayed at the top of the food chain. Not having a go here but, just remember who the signataries were, on that letter on an Arsenal letterhead, to UEFA, demanding FFP was brought in immediately. That’s why City, PSG etc, supporters were so angry about the whole situation. All those G14 teams had done their overspending years ago, got themselves safely ensconced and weren’t for letting go. Too late to stop us now, we played along last season and took the fin etc but, I’m sure we got the rebate on it because we’d told UEFa we’d go to court over the whole issue if they didn’t. Well others have now been to court with it and, it looks as though FFP is dead in the water. It goes against the very core of the EU’s anti trust laws and just common sense tells you an owner of a business can’t be prevented from investing just what he likes in it.

    As for Nasri, I think he’ll stay but, if Isco or someone else comes along, we’ll let him go on the cheap AND pay him compensation to take a lower wage.

    Joe Hart? the fuss at the satrt of the season was over nothing but, as usual, the press/SKY made such a mountain out of it that Pellegrini toook him out of the firing line for a few weeks. Since then, he’s been superb, no silly mistakes and some quite superb performances, did you see the game Vs Barca? Even Messi was left shaiking his head in wonder at how he hadn’t scored.

    I’m sure you’re right about being in a large squad extending a cereer, makes sense when you think about it. We haven’t had too many problems with players getting the hump at not playing every week but, I’m sure some will resent it.

    Sagna must have known what he was up against in Zabaleta, who has been the best right back in the country (world) for a few seasons now. When he gets a game, he lets no one down and, if he stays (there’s rumours he may move) I feel he may get more game time.

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