Cech is a Gunner – Welcome to the home of football, Petr!!

Welcome to your new home of football, Petr
Welcome to your new home of football, Petr

Well it was finally confirmed this afternoon. Petr Cech, one of the best goalkeepers ever to have set foot on these fine shores, has joined the mighty red and white. Although I feel a little sorry for Ospina, who has done almost nothing wrong since replacing the Pole between poles, Arsenal have made a very, very good addition with Cech. Not only does he bring tons of experience, including that all important one of having won the title and CL so he knows what to say to his team mates when the nerves hit the roof, he also will have given himself a new lease of life by joining Arsenal; and the club can only benefit from it. I don’t need to tell you how long he has been a Chav, the medals and number of golden glows he has won, and how important a player he has been for club and country: the Czech signing is on a par with getting Ozil and Alexis, as I expect a similar impact on the team and our performances.

There are very few Chavs I would ever consider donning the shirt, but Cech is definitely one of them. His calm and organisational skills, combined with his technical ability make him the ideal goalkeeper for us. It will allow us to replace the BFG more regularly, as Cech can lead the more energetic CBs of Koz and our ‘Brazilian Keown’, Paulista, in front of him. But the combination of Cech-Koz-BFG will also hold a lot of experience and calm – a fine base for the rest of the team to build on. We all know that Per is not the perfect CB as he lacks pace and turns like a Giraffe on ice, but his organisational and positioning skills are of the highest quality. With Cech we finally have cover for the BFG, albeit in a different position.

I am no expert on goalkeepers and it positively has always been the last position I wanted to play in, but Cech is certainly an improvement on both Ospina and Szczesny. The former is also calm and organised but his lack of height is a disadvantage that sooner or later is going to be exposed; the latter has plenty of qualities but his lack of concentration, especially in those games in which he has very little to do but also in the top games, has been a problem for a long time now. Yes, Wojciech is still young and will undoubtedly improve, but he has not pushed on enough to make himself our nr1 GK again any time soon. If we want to move on to the next level, a top quality nr.1 goalkeeper is a must. And with either Wojciech or Ospina we have very good nr.2s, although they might both decide to leave this summer…

I have no doubt that Petr Cech will also make mistakes now and again, as he is definitely not perfect. But what he will add will be considerably more than we have now: calm, organisation, experience and, above all, personality. Not so much the in-your-face personality, but more that of a quiet, ultra-confident giant.

I am sure all our players will welcome him with open arms but have no doubt that Rosicky is the happiest of them all: maybe he realises now why Wenger would not let him go this summer! 🙂

Welcome to the home of football, Petr; let’s hope you give the ‘Fabianski-curse’ to your former team! 😉

By TotalArsenal.

13 thoughts on “Cech is a Gunner – Welcome to the home of football, Petr!!

  • Big move for the Arsenal and even a bigger one for Abramovich and Mourinho and Chelsea… Let the war of words begin!! 😀

    (Will this be enough to bring James Bond back to the blog or do we still need to swap Jack for El Kun… 😀 …)

    Ospina now almost *must* move, which I find sad on a personal level just because I used his name A LOT during my travels in Colombia. His wages are a lot lower than Szczesny’s so that probably dictates who we’ll be keeping (forced to keep?…) as the understudy…

    In terms of style of play, I would agree that the BFG may the one who suffers the most and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he has a protracted niggle or two pretty early on in the new season allowing Gabriel a good run of games. Does this mean we should be thinking about a new man for the arm-band or will it just be making the rounds as the matches are played? Koscielny being named as Captain (and/or given a new, richer contract) would nicely end all the tapping up from Spain…

    I’ve read some stuff that Cech’s weaknesses were exposed under Villa-Boas who wanted to play a high-line more similar to our own… (My thought was that Cech probably suffered more having to play with David Luiz who wanted to play as a 2nd striker as much as at CB…) No matter who plays in goal–and in our back line–I think we’re going to need improvements in terms of the FBs rotating back more aggressively to help out the CBs and the keeper. We got away with it with a dedicated DM in Le Coq but there will be more demands on him (or any DM we might buy) to help us going forward. We have to note that we struggled in games we needed to win, mostly in those home ties in the league (vs Chavs and Swansea, in particular) and in the CL home tie vs Monaco. Chavs only needed a draw but we got burned a bit when our FBs and deeper lying mids got caught out as we chased results vs Monaco and Swans and couldn’t even manage a breakthrough vs lowly Sunderland…

    I hope that fans stand behind the new signing, you know even if he lets in a goal or (Dennis forbid…) causes us to drop a point or two, and I wonder how quickly we might see the understudy get a real chance. Will AW be antsy or resolute when it comes to Cech suffer Weng-juries of his own?…

    All told, it seems a fine signing to me…I’m not sure it’s quite at the level of the Ozil or Alexis acquisitions but it does seem a very, very positive development with potential satisfactions on more than one front. For example, at least the Moo-man has a built in excuse if his team doesn’t happen to finish as London’s top team… 😀

  • Top signing. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a top quality keeper. I do think this is up there with the big signings. As long as he settles in ok I believe this may be the catalyst for a real run at the prem. let’s get a buddy for Le Coq and we will be ready.

  • Awesome signing. So much experience and still a world class keeper. Bye Ospina.

  • Is great to have Cech at Emirates.. But why we always thought it must be the end for Ospina..
    Wenger will never drop Ospina. Period. I don’t had any memories about Wenger drop his first year signing.. Loan maybe bit not sell..
    Cech and Ospina.. That’s what a real Gunners Goal Keeper.. Hehehe..

    And Are 11 years Cech equal to our 11 years from our last PL cup..?? Hahaha.. I mean will it be our new luck.. To have Cech by our side..
    So.. Welcome Petr Cech.. Better Late than Never..

  • He has been alongside Buffon & Casillas, the top 3 GKs in the world during the last decade (before the recent emergence of Neuer, de Gea & Courtois).

    Big welcome to Petr Cech at the Arsenal.

  • Well done TA, a timely post, hitting all the right buttons.

    We will have to see how the CB situation develops as the TW goes, but for now I would say we are in a pretty strong position as far as our back four goes.

    However, touching on HT’s comment about the FB’s, and your previous statements that we don’t need a wide/winger player up front because the FB’s provide our width. I think AW is trying to get a front 4 that is pacey, flexible, and capable to operate in midfield, but most importantly, capable of going wide and creating space for the others, by their off ball movement. Thus reducing the need for the FB to go beyond the halfway line in every attack.

    What I am saying is, at least one of the backs will provide cover for Coquelin and the CB’s all the time. Not they will not use the overlaps when the opportunities arise. Or, should they get a second DM, it would it mean they might be part of a Plan B, previous Plan A really, and use both FB’s at the expense of of one of the ‘new’ forward line.

    Henry, I don’t think you are looking at the GK situation as a real world view. Top ‘keepers want to play. As such they want to be No1 at their club, as indeed Chelsea have discovered?
    Ospina was no doubt informed that the Cech inquiry was a genuine one. With that he set his agent to find him a new home. Whereas, our WS2 knows that time is on his side, and if he works on his game, without any off-field distractions, he will be in a strong position further down the line. Even if he does not topple PC1 in the next two seasons he will have a good cv to get a No1 role elsewhere. Personally I think we are lucky to have him. Last season he never had a run of games with a settled back 4, and that can undermine a GK’s confidence if a mistake cost your team a point.. Yes, you can point to De Gea getting MOTM’s all over the place for similar reasons at MU, but their forward line was still functioning and good saves built his confidence. Probably, at this moment in time he is the better keeper anyway.
    I believe WS2 will become a much improved ‘keeper during the next two seasons.

    Fully agreed on TA’s point on Ospina, he did nothing wrong, but the stats show the goals conceded was alarmingly high from crosses.

    All of the above just beggars the question why would Begovic go to Chelsea? ‘Personal terms’ were agreed yesterday may have something to do with it?

    At least Chelsea players shock at Cech leaving gives a good indication that we do indeed have an upgrade … So a new era begins?

  • Ok

    I haven’t seen it yet, so it’s all mine to say:


    Or is that


    A great deal, IMO, as he’s a true number 1 and has several good years left.

    Regarding Ospina stay/go vs Scz… We know JBs view!! 🙂

    I think Gerry and 17 have it right. Ospina is someone’s number one, and may not wait. Heck, we got Cech for the same reason! He didn’t want to sit behind a younger Courtois. Now we just need RM or someone to decide Belgian is the new Spanish and raid Chavs for 100-squizillion… 🙂

    However, Scz is a big question mark. Could be just as good as all those others. Head trouble is the issue. Call it confidence, or maturity, or (insert real or made up word here) … All the same. On form and true to his real talent, he’s just as good as anyone! But, as JB can enunciate all too well, the brain farts and average games are killer.

    Speaking of which, punditry has Cech worth 10 points a season for basically that reason. Always there and always on game. That’s what differentiates him (and Ospina) from Scz, where on,y Cech and Scz, of those three, have all the physical gifts too.

    That’s my take … CECH-SELLENT!!! Remember, you done heard it here first!!! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • Cheers guys 🙂

    Will he have the same impact as Ozil or Alexis… I reckon yes, but it might take a bit of time. The spine is getting very strong now; with the addition of an experienced DM, midfield beast, it could become even stronger.

    Geofski…. Cech-sellent …. it rolls of the tongue hahahaha 😛

  • Sorry Geoff, you post just as I am closing down my morning stuff, and I don’t always come back again. Nice to know you are still taking an interest.

    Tonight I have just spotted this on Untold, link below. Well you remember my thinking that Abram might be needing allies, in exchange for the trouble free Cech transfer? It will be interesting to see what line Arsene/Arsenal takes on this?


    Hopefully, the Cech is the deposit, and Charly Masunda comes on completion …

  • Gerry

    Interesting, I too think it’s a ploy but the FFP types generally seem on the ball so I am less worried.

    At a philosophical level, I think known outlets for loans to develop players is smart. Equally the Belgian league is tough playing and good prep for the EPL in many ways. So, good choice there.

    Is a team on every continent a good idea? I think so possibly if you are smart about your football. Same thing has happened in other industries. Equally, scale doesn’t always mean better so.. Again, we will see.

    Now, as for Abram wanting allies. Maybe, or maybe he just wanted to not pay wages for a top 3-5 keeper who sits on the bench. FFP does work mostly and makes such choices harder for owners who could be spending the diff on new players to keep the fans happy?

    Cheers — jgc

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