How successful do you want Arsenal to be?

Time for Rosa and his smile to return to first team?

This will sound a very odd question, but how successful do you want Ársenal to be?  There are millions of supporters in every corner of the globe all craving glory.   Every Arsenal supporter would like our team to win everything in sight, and it would be fantastic to see it.  It would be tremendous if we did it again the following season and a fantastic achievement.  However, if we would do it for a  third season, would it become a little boring?  During the majority of my life Rangers and Celtic won nearly every competition domestically and, frankly, it became very dull.  More power to Motherwell, Stenhousemuir etc.

In my view, in order to get great pleasure out of winning, you need to lose a few along the way.  Now this may sound like blasphemy to most Gooners, but I think many will agree with me.  Take the night Michael Thomas scored the title winning goal at Anfield.  Without doubt, one of the greatest moments in my life.  Incidentally, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, the film Fever Pitch follows an Arsenal supporter during the run in to that glorious season.  I can tell you from experience that the character played by Colin Firth could well have been me.  Now, if we won the league every season it would certainly diminish the magic… Well for me anyway.

I guess where I am going with this, is that football is nowadays determined by money.  I would be very surprised if the top four next season does not consist of Ársenal, Chelsea, United and City (hopefully in that order).  This, I am sure, represents the four richest teams in the country.  I would also be surprised if the second tier didn’t include Spurs, Liverpool and Everton.  The bottom four will no doubt include at least two of the promoted sides.  In short, it has become very predictable.

Now whilst it’s great that my beloved team are in the top tier, I for one would really like to see a fringe club (excluding Spurs of course), such as Everton, win something.

Of course, in order to be successful in Europe, it’s imperative that the current situation is maintained, as no one out of the current top four would have a snowball’s chance in hell ( even if they could qualify).

So I find myself in somewhat of a quandary.  Of course I want Ársenal to win everything, but at the same time would welcome changes to make the domestic game more open.   Under the current scenario, short of mega rich owners buying a team and pumping in many millions, nothing much will change.

Having said all this, it does make you realise what a fantastic job Wenger and the Arsenal management have done in maintaining that top four status for so long.   During that time we have moved to a fantastic stadium, and, in the main, played very attractive football.   When you consider the sums of money that other sides have squandered trying to break into the elite, it makes it all the more impressive.

So, in summary, lots of success to our team, but I would certainly welcome measures to even up the playing field domestically.

By Retsub

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  • Fantastic post, Retsub. It is a subject I think about regularly: the need for more open and equal competition. Tactics, football knowledge, youth development and style of play should determine champions and not so much money. The oilers from the South and North fois-grassed their title wins: rather than slowly building success they pumped best part of a billion into players and wages nobody else was able to afford. Before that Manure dominated the league through their financial strength combined with Red Nose’s winning management style. Arsene was able to fight him successfully before the stadium move, but things have changed significantly. We will be fine again now, as we have the commercial basis to do well and Wenger has remained loyal through a difficult time for club and himself. But like you, I would want other teams to have a far better chance to compete for the PL again. Proud clubs like Everton, Pool, Villa, West Ham, etc should all have a fairer chance to compete.. otherwise it simply is not a competition anymore.

  • Sanchez puts away the last penalty to win the ‘South-Americas’. What a year for our own Alexis! Messi wins nothing once again (but at least he put his pen away).

  • Although i don’t really support your overall assessment of the all conquering top teams, especially in our league and especially in the season just past, UTD, City, Pool, and us all got beaten by the most unlikely teams this year i do see the situation more and more in countries like Spain and Germany.
    If you really want to make it a “proper” competitive league then its simple, if your club value is over half a billion you play in the Champions league – BUT MAKE IT AN ACTUAL LEAGUE, NOT A CUP COMPETITION.

    Couldn’t be bothered to do a hell of a lot of interneting but according to one page on totalsportek the league table would be comprised of something like this:

    Real Madrid
    FC Barcelona
    Atletico Madrid
    Manchester United
    Manchester City
    Tottenham Hotspurs
    FC Bayern Munich
    Borussia Dortmund
    FC Schalke
    AC Milan
    Inter Milan
    Paris Saint Germain

    Where would we finish at the end of the season?
    I know one thing for sure, Spurs would be where they belong – bottom of the table lol

    I for one am not done enjoying winning things atm though, so lets not take it away from us just yet lol.
    But since the beautiful game is really all that i care about deep down i wouldn’t be too bothered to be a mid table team fighting to climb to the top whilst watching the absolute best footy every weekend 🙂

  • Great post Retsub..
    Yes.. Wenger did a very great jobs 10 years long without any trophies.. But it all over.. Our last two season we got 3 trophies.. Hehehe..
    And If the trend continues.. Then this season we will get 3 trophies.. Hahaha..

  • Hi Retsub,

    Agree somewhat with your post.

    That’s why I see ourselves being priced out of many good players in the past.

    Having seen ourselves paying off most of our debts I see ourselves different from the oilers and chelski and man***.

    At least we are living within our means to win cups and titles. Not money-infused and definitely we do not get our Monsieur sacked every couple of years.

    However the top 4 might change if we see Liv and other top fringe clubs get their heads together and play consistently.

    Pity though the UEFA relaxed their ffp policy as I felt it is a good way for the talented but less rich clubs to get into the limelight.

    By the way Steve, an European league is going to kill the local league. There are examples in other parts of the world in this state.

    Just my two cents,

  • Steve.. Let’s hope Spurs will be the second in the league..
    Cause we all know.. That whatever it takes.. We will always above them.. Hahaha..

  • Interesting question, but I think all answers will basically be ‘as successful as possible’, tempered by the reality that it is not going to be an all conquering team like the ‘Invincible’s’?

    Winning everything year on year the way Bayern do in the Bundesliga, or Real or Barca might do in Spain. Perhaps to a lesser extent, PSG in France, although there are getting there. But here, nah! It doesn’t happen. Even the ‘monied’ teams find it beyond them to win back to back titles most of the time.
    The rules of the game to win the title are relatively simple. If your team can take 4 points out of six from the top 5 or six top clubs, then you are well on your way to winning the title.
    1,- Well you would have to be a strong team to do that.
    2,- You are unlikely to lose to the lower clubs any more than your top rivals.
    3,- This is the killer point. Once you have accrued your 24 points of your top 6 rivals, each point they drop to each other sends your team further ahead.

    Of course the reason why this doesn’t happen often is because the margin of points gained over the same top 6 is not realistic, except if there is a runaway team in that particular season. More realistically, it may only be just above 50% and no overall gain by the others because they gain over different rivals.

    This also goes to prove your point about the top 4 will be there or thereabouts, and the other two or three spots made up of different teams. Those lower down will struggle to take points off all top 6 or 7, and those below 4th only occasionally manage a points surplus with those top 4.

    That then, is Arsenal’s real target this coming season – Not to lose points to the top 3 clubs, and gain considerably to aspiring rivals below.

    You then have to look at our core squad and ask yourself ‘Are they consistent enough with their strongest 11 to take 12 points off our free spending rivals?’

    Each to his own on that then, I guess.

  • I foresee Arsenal will dominate domestically for at least the next 10 years. Arsene will still be at the helm. He will get a few doubles, trebles…one or two invincible seasons and definitely three Champions League trophy.

  • Great post, retsub! Success, indeed, is in the eye of the beholder and, you’re right, our manager has done an incredible job navigating through a very difficult period. My take on things–which is at extreme odds with most Gooners–is that he’s been very successful navigating the club from one era to the next. The success of the end of the Highbury era was predicated on building a wonderful team (with a spine of Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira plus two strong groups of defenders and keepers) which could stand up to Fergueson’s group at United. Moving to the new stadium it all dissipated much too quickly at the exact same time the Chelsea–and then the Man City–money took hold. Now both ManU and Arsenal, the two more self-sustaining clubs, are looking up at the clubs which buy their way forward. Tough times, indeed, but (at least) we’re right there in the mix… I like our current group and–if it holds together–I think we can compete at a pretty high level…That’s success, for me at least…

    People want those emotions and those great nights to remember for a lifetime. Nick Hornby captures it very well in Fever Pitch and both the book (even better…) and the movie are predicated upon plenty of suffering (and self-doubt) ahead of the moment of glory. In the end, it’s the journey not the destination which is the real thing. If you don’t suffer to get there it’s just a bandwagon (on which you’re jumping) and a fun night out… You will still remember it (or most of it) but it’s not quite the same…

    Chile last night is a great example…Underdogs for sure but maybe lifted by their (amazing) home support which almost willed them to victory and certainly kept the referee from giving it to Argentina by way of a penalty or a sending off. They had just enough skill and character (Gary Medel…!?!?…) in just enough spots on the pitch to keep the matches (including the final) close enough that winning in a shootout seems about right. (Avoiding Brazil and Colombia will be forgotten as will the fact they won the final on pens…) Bravo to the keeper (perfect name, eh…) and just the right balance of muscle (and tan) and determination and running all night for the guy who took the final (cheeky) pen and started the ecstatic celebrations. Of course, the history of Chile and the (very) dark side of past events in the same stadium means that it is truly a great moment for them.

    So, to answer the question… How much success do I want? As much as possible but achieved in the right way. Wenger and his teams and the supporters who’ve stayed with them have wandered in the desert a long time. It’s not quite biblical (40 years) but a decade is long enough. The FA Cup wins were needed (the first one to keep the manager’s job, probably, the 2nd to show the team back, nearly, to its full playing glory…) but they’re also not enough. The next step is probably making a real challenge–giving a true scare–to the the money-assembled teams of all-stars both domestically and on the continent. Winning the PL or the CL would be great but just showing that it can be done the right way–through the building of a real team who can play a great brand of football–would be enough for me. Then again, I’m (we’re?…) in the minority, as I (we) will follow the team through all its ups and downs and stand with them knowing that (no matter what) there’s an honest effort being put out there… To me, that’s where the real success lies–knowing that you’ve given your all for a worthy cause… 😀

    Hahaha… Who am I kidding?…As soon as the club disappoints, the effort (passion, desire, ambition, etc.) will be questioned and we’ll need a new manager (and a new set of players) who can bring it… Success, I fear, IS in the eye of the beholder and those eyes go blind at the first tear or any other form of sadness or let down… As soon as we post that first loss (or draw or even a shaky or less than dominant performance…) success will be in the finger of the supporter (no quotation marks, as they’ve been disallowed…) as he points out all the changes he (or she) would make in order to get it… 😦

    Fun times… 😀 and/or just the nature of this modern (crazy?) world we live in… 😀

  • Since nobody is responding (taking the bait I left floating there…) I will continue… 😀

    The other idea in the post–about better competition in the league–is also a very good one…

    The truth of the matter is that England (due to sharing of the MASSIVE TV contract…) is actually doing much (much) better than other leagues in maintaining a real sense that, on any given Saturday (or Sunday or Monday night…) any team can beat any other. (Check our our late season struggles–at home–vs Swansea and Sunderland, for example…) Retsub gives the Scottish example but it’s just as bad in just about all the other (continental) leagues, Sure Atletico Madrid won La Liga (and were minutes from the big double) but now all their players are at Chelsea… 😦 This makes it much harder for the English teams to compete in Europe, to the point where Europa League qualification is unwanted even if the English teams probably are good enough to win that tournament. Nowadays the winner gets into the CL so maybe wanting out of the 2nd level tourney will change. He’s right, however, that it’s gonna be even tougher for Spurs or Pool or anybody else to make a credible top 4 challenge…

    Squad limits and other proposals to require more home-grown or British nationals might help in that regard but they would be (totally) counterproductive for the top 4 trying to do better in the CL.. That’s just my opinion, of course…

    What’s really needed (for those teams, including Arsenal) is even more depth so that we can play in Europe in midweek and then rotate for the weekend league matches (or visa versa) without a drop-off in quality or results. Arsenal are getting closer but it’s a positive reinforcement loop: the more you win, the more you can afford to rotate–if you lose (or draw or otherwise disappoint, i.e., with a tepid performance or not enough goals…) the more pressure there is to tighten the squad and stick with your biggest (money) players…

    This then moves back to the definition of success. When Arsenal supporters demand perfection from their team (results, performances, trophies–all 4 of them, year upon year…) we approach a level of absurdity. Yes, Piers Morgan (or Myles Palmer or all the other pundits who say or write that Arsene = Not.Good.Enough…) the folks who go to the stadium pay the highest ticket prices in all of Europe (do they still?…) and thus deserve more, blah, blah, blah… but isn’t that just saying “I paid my money so where’s my happy ending?”… Ask all the rich folks in rehab (or on their deathbeds…) if that’s how life truly works… (Somehow) you’ve just gotta enjoy the ride and take your lumps as they come, I think… Maybe how one copes with disappointment is as much a test of character as anything…

    Anyhow, with a(nother) good move (or two) in the market, a solid start to the season and a bit of luck (with injuries, results, etc.) Arsenal are as poised as we’ve been for awhile (the past decade at least…) to compete for the two big trophies (and the two smaller ones, one of which we’ve held now for more than a year) so what’s to complain about? I know, I know…the rain is gone (maybe…) but now it’s getting a bit warm at noontime… As such (and given that it’s 9 in the morning here…) I gotta get away from the ‘puter and out there myself… 😀

  • 17ht,

    Well written posts there.

    I agree we still lack the required depth in order to gun for both CL and PL, with shrewed Wenger buys for those better fringe players we might nail those titles. And we need a DM.

    Now for preseason to start, and for me, as a Singaporean, look forward to them arriving couple of weeks time.


  • Hi 17ht..
    What do you think about our best formation.. Do you agree with the probability that we won’t need any winger anymore.. Cause we will play 4-1-4-1 rather than 4-2-1-3 as we did long before..??

    And how do you rate Hakan of Leverkusen..??

  • henrychan, i hope we don’t play the 4-1-4-1 and fill the bloody team with midfielders again lol. I never understand why we do this and i hope we get back to being a high scoring attacking team.
    I think it took Theo just a couple of matches to score more than any of our midfielders did in the entire season last season why not pair him with our other two high scorers and make a front three like Barca, leave the low scoring midfielders to provide the passes not the bloody goals – its what they are good at!!

    premiere league goals last season:

    OX 1
    Cazorla 1 (+ 6 penalties)
    Rosicky 2
    Wilshere 2
    Ozil 4
    Ramsey 6

    Sanchez 16
    Giroud 14
    Walcott 5
    Welbeck 4

    ———-Any pairing of midfielders——–
    ——————-Back Four——————-

    Goals win games and with Theo adding to the thirty goals of Sanchez and Giroud that to me would equate to a lot of wins 🙂

    You couldn’t ask for three better choices of partnerships in midfield either:

    Rosicky and Cazorla – experience
    Ramsey and Ozil – superstars
    The OX and Wilshere – youth

    I can’t for the life of me understand why we end up with Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and Jack all playing at the same time, its like we don’t won’t to end up putting the ball in the bloody net lol.

    Don’t worry though i am sure that Wenger will be sticking to his notion that each of those midfielders will suddenly become a high scoring 20 goal a season second striker type, obviously taking Ramsey’s great season as the norm for the others rather than simply taking it for what it was, a one off great season – All hail the 4-1-4-1 lol

  • Hi Steve, Henrychan,

    I prefer 4231 or 4213 as the wing’s where Theo and Sanchez operates at their best.. Walcott clearly is better out wide and see how they torment the villians during the fa cup final.

    Apparently seeing Santi taking the box to box role very well, as can our captain and Rambo..

    I prefer Rambo as the box to box player, and leave the out wide positions to ox and Theo on the right and Alexis and Jack on the left..

    Jack seems to like the central of the field better, but we will seeas we already have 5 players vying for the box to box slot inclusive of jack.

    Now we only have Coq that is doing the dirty work.. flams is more box to box player, but still more defensive minded than the rest of the midfielders lest our energizer bunny, and only Coq is the true DM in my point of view.

    That’s where it gets scary as losing the Coq to any unforeseen injury leaves us open at the back.

    We can move chambers or Gabriel up to DM position, but we need someone more sturdy and someone who does not fear in making challenges. Gabriel looks fit to what I have listed, and if we do not get someone, we can bring both up to provide cover for Coq.


  • Um I guess we should do the lineup in another post.. make it a proper one TA

  • Hi Steve.. Hi NjkSG from Singapore.. I’m from Jakarta-Indonesia.. Welcome to the best Arsenal site.. Hehehehe..

    My favourite is 4-1-2-3.. And attacking is my way of football.. Hehehe..
    I love to have Cazorla and Ozil play together.. it’s make us more attractive.. But 4 or 5 midfielders are disaster..
    Agree with you steve.. Why doing that if we have the best Winger in PL.. Walcott.. Sanchez.. Ox.. And we still have Gnabry.. Welbeck and (Pedro).. Hahaha..

    But if we’re back to 4-2-1-3.. Which midfielder will be bench.. After Arteta pens another year..??

  • Hi there, Henry & JK…Steve, too, even if I know he’s just trying to pull my strings… Sorry for missing a day there…Tiny bits of internet troubles (plus other crap…) on this end but changing providers soon… I guess we’ve moved on from questions about how much success we want to things like formations and personnel ideas…

    Thanks JK for reading my comments and welcome to the site. The ideas about a European Super League (played for points and a title, rather than in tournament fashion) are complicated and also seem to have been (generally) put on hold. I got into the Arsenal less than a decade ago, at the peak of the (pre-crisis) economic (or real estate) boom, and there seemed a lot more talk at that time. In the interim, clubs supported by owners willing to make a loss (Chelsea, City, PSG, others like Monaco and Malaga for a bit…) have been a real factor, while the clubs with heavy local support (Barca, Madrid, Bayern, the Northern Italian big ones, Man U) have hung in there decently. Arsenal’s sustainable model (on the backs of the ticket paying fans) is moving us forward inch by inch, but you’re right, some of the clubs desperate to get back in the top 4 (Spurs/Pool) are still in with a shout if they find a great player (Bale or Suarez) who their team can play around. Thus far, however, holding onto those sorts of players seems difficult, while we seem to be doing better in this regard. At the moment our players seem eager to stay (and play for their spot) meaning we have plenty of depth (if we can keep the injuries at bay)… IMO, for the sport to move forward, something has to change and new (real) competitions must be created, but maybe that’s for another post even if this is (at least a bit, I think) what retsub was talking about in the original.

    Sorry Henry…I’ve never watched Hakan Çalhanoğlu so I cannot comment. A quick read on him suggests he’s another Ozil in the making but has chosen to play his international football for Turkey–People like steve will tell you that one Ozil at Arsenal is one Ozil too many. What are your impressions?…

    As for formations…They’re not really my bag but certainly they seem a stick which supporters (again, no quotation marks…) like to use when things go wrong. In my mind we’re clearly playing a 4-5-1 (or 4-2-3-1) with the traditional ideas of width being provided by overlapping fullbacks. The “wide” attackers (Alexis and Ramsey were the usual suspects as the season ended…) can be seen near the top corners of the 18 yard box far more often than out on the touchline…

    I’m fine with this approach and, to me, it’s all about movement and interchange and taking advantage of defenders pulled out of position and the space created. It worked a treat in the cup final with the breakthrough goal coming with Alexis on the right (of center) and Theo on the left (and coming from a deeper position). The only issue (IMO) is being very cognizant about filling backwards (esp. the FBs) so we’re less vulnerable on the break. Full team commitment and a “your goal is as good as mine” (“No, no, your tackle is as good as mine…”) is what is needed. On any given day, a talented group playing the game as a real team, I think, has a chance against any group of all-stars playing as individuals…

    Goals (and new goal-scorers) are fun and the Giroud is not good enough idea (Cheers, TH14…) has gotten many to suggest we need forwards and/or “proper” attacking wide men. The truth is, match to match, we need one goal more than the opponent to win matches and an equal number to draw them. (Sometimes, as the manager seems to be learning, a draw is a good result…) As such, defending our goal is as important as bulging the net in the other one. Our last two buys have been at the defensive end (Gabriel and Cech) and the emergence of two young players (Bellerin and Coquelin) was at that end too, so maybe we’re seeing a better balance in the team. If Walcott, Wilshere, Ox and Welbeck can stay fit and produce a bit more it’s probably correct that even more buying at the back (or at least the rear of midfield) is more important than spending the crazy sums being bandied about for another forward…

  • NjkSG, I used to pop over to Singapore a few times on the tanah merah ferry when i lived in Batam, a very beautiful and extremely clean and safe place, you are very lucky to live in search a great part of the world. I remember flying into to Changi when they had just completed terminal 3 – i didn’t want to leave the place lol. Do you guys still add a “La” to the end of sentences randomly throughout a conversation? lol
    Ahhh Sim Lim, Lucky Plaza, and trying to keep my girlfriend (and my wallet) away from Orchard road – good times lol

    henrychan, i never made it as far down as Jakarta when i was over that way, whats it like over there? I heard it was absolutely manic from nearly all the guys i met coming back from there. My next trip over i am desperate to visit an island at the bottom of your country called Misool, near West Papua, in the Raja Ampat region – it looks incredible 🙂

    “That’s where it gets scary as losing the Coq to any unforeseen injury leaves us open at the back.”
    – I completely agree mate, an injury to Coq and we are right back where we began last season, and i suppose where we have been for the last few seasons, trying to make a descent patrolling DM out of Arteta or Flamini – no thanks
    Also completely agree about Gabriel and Chambers and my question would be if we don’t sign anyone who is top class at this type of DM play (like schneiderlin or Grzegorz Krychowiak or Lars Bender) then are there really any better options out there than Gabriel or Chambers to fill this role? i think i would rather have either of those two rather than Carvalho who we are supposedly linked with.

    henrychan, We see the same picture my friend 🙂 lets hope our attacking football comes back this season 🙂 4-1-2-3 all the way baby 🙂
    It looks like NjkSG is of the same mind also 🙂

    As far as who gets benched in our current system of 4-2-3-1, the way i see it if we sign a new top class DM (and i hope to god we do) is:

    (Flamini and Arteta ignored as both are far to past it to play that DM role imo)
    Then you have two midfield teams

    The purchased class:

    ——–Cazorla——-New DM——

    Ozil was £42.5 million, Santi was £16 and a new top class DM will probably be somewhere around the £20 million mark. So around about £80 million worth of midfield talent


    The developed class:

    —-Ramsey————–Le Coq——

    Coquelin signed in 2008, Ramsey signed in 2008 and Wilshere (although from the academy) had his first team debut in 2008. They are all the same age and have developed through Arsenal together under its guidance for just under a decade.
    Ramsey was £4.5 million, Le Coq was £700 thousand and Wilshere was free

    What the boss will end up doing is anybody’s guess and everyone has there own outlook as i am sure you guys do but for me its the guys i have seen develop the Arsenal way for the last decade thanks very much 🙂
    The only thing i would add is that with Ramsey’s rather fluctuating form as of late i wouldn’t mind seeing OX try his hand at the B2B role either 🙂

    Add either of those two midfields to a front three of:

    Sanchez——–Welbeck or Giroud———Walcott

    And job done 🙂

    How does your midfield look at the start of the season henrychan?

  • Hi HT 🙂
    sorry mate just spent a while writing that last bit and now i need some grub but i will get back and read your comment in a bit bud, just wanted to say hello – hope you’re enjoying the summer break

  • @steve.. So how long did you stay at Batam..??
    Raja Ampat is indeed a beautiful place.. One of the best place on earth..
    But so far from Jakarta.. It’s need 6 hours + 2 hours different time change to get to Sorong by plane..
    And it will need another 3 hours by car and 2 hours by boat to get there.. Hahaha.. And it’s closer from Australia if there’s a direct plane..

    My best midfielder still Arteta as DM.. Cazorla and Ramsey as double AM.. Hehehe.. Sorry for Coq.. Wilshere.. And Ozil fans.. Hahaha..

    @17ht.. Yes Hakan is another Ozil.. But better in my view.. Especially his free-kick.. The best after Ronaldinho.. Hahaha..

  • Hi henrychan, i was there about two years but traveled back and forth a lot to China, Hong Kong and Japan. I really wanted to visit KL, a lot of people i met in Singapore had good things to say but i was too busy at the time, have you ever been to Batam? I know quite a few people find their way there after visiting Bintan (the island lol – not the beer “bintang” lol)
    I remember i always used to say “terima kasih” as “terry mackenzie” like the name of a guy lol, and then i worked out i could just say “Kasih” for short lol.
    Yeah Raja Ampat is incredible and i would probably come from OZ, hopefully visiting a few places in the Solomon islands first, but its a big trip and one which needs more planning (and finances) than i currently have to play with 🙂 maybe next year i think.

    Its admirable that you still keep faith in Arteta and although i disagree i fully respect that faith and in some ways i hope you are correct but i just don’t see it atm.
    I like the Cazorla and Ramsey double AM mate, could be a deadly combo – the boss has so much choice it will be interesting to see what he comes up with and pre-season could be a very experimental time, so should be quite exciting 🙂

  • @steve.. Bintan or tanjung pinang is the capital city of Kepri.. But Batam is more famous because of his industrial city..
    It’s easier to pronoun ‘Terry make cashy’ for terimakasih.. Than Mackenzie.. Hehehe..

    Oh yes.. I rate Arteta very high.. For we almost never won a single game without him last two season..
    Only aged and injured make him look like different person.. But he still can covered Coquelin.. Believe me.. Hahaha..
    And I glad that we don’t have to sell our captain.. After so many years did.. Hahaha..
    I must say we won’t get any DM for Arteta is back.. And we still have Beilik.. Who could be our next Bellerin and Coquelin.. Hehehe..

  • Yep it was all about the cashy in Batam mate lol 🙂
    Just for you then henrychan, almost half an hour of our club captain, enjoy mate…..

  • There’s a good article about the Arteta signing on 7amkickoff… But it concludes (as anybody would,,,) by saying that it means nothing about whether or not we’re looking for another deep-sitting mid…

    I like the Capitan and think he’s another of the many under-rated players we’ve got and one who can do a real job for us in the coming season…If the surgery has cured his calf issues I would expect him to feature plenty in (at least) the first part of the season. Santi and Mikel when we need goals, Le Coq (who, of course, has yet to score one for us…) when it’s defending first…

    Just my preferences, of course, and I’m sure some would’ve preferred that we sign Vieira instead (and given him the shirt off the BFG’s back). He’s only just turned 39, after all, more or less the same as our pair of aged armband wearers… 😀

  • HT!! 🙂
    Some Spanish porn for you bud: (i’m in a youtube mood today lol)

  • Guys thanks for the comments. Apologies for not getting back sooner, but am in hospital dosed up on Morphine following surgery on two slipped discs. Guess my Arsenal debut is on hold

  • Hi Steve,

    Yep we still add extra words after our sentences.. and you might be shocked about how we speak when we see British or Caucasians here don’t you?

    Its what you mentioned and the places are still great.. cut-throat prices in Sim Lim Sq, and well we are building terminals 4 and 5.. its going to be a huge airport for those visiting Singapore..

    Will be putting my comments for seventeenho, as TA puts it, as soon as I have time to read the whole post


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