#9(s) off to Istanbul, DM Re-signed, Rumours Abound. What’s Next at Arsenal?

One more year for captain Lego Hair :)
One more year for captain Lego Hair 🙂

I know that Gerry has submitted a post but I thought I might throw one out there which doesn’t delve too deeply or go on too long as I’m sometimes wont to do.    We haven’t had too many comments here lately, so maybe we’re all rather enjoying our Summers and aren’t quite ready to get back into the roller-coaster ride that being a supporter can sometimes be.

Compared to last Summer where we had a major tournament to watch and plenty of drama around Cesc’s return to London (but not Arsenal) this one seems relatively tame.  A year ago we had stumbled to the finish line and gotten up for 4th while winning the FA Cup in the shakiest of fashions.  This time, with the same trophy–but lifted in a much more stylish way–we’ve also had the pleasure of a seeing some obvious improvement in the early part of the transfer window–and a nice bit of turnabout in the eye-poking between us and Chelsea–through the Cech transfer.

For those watching the International game we’ve seen another cracker from Jack Wilshere (in England qualifying for next Summer’s Euros) and more body exposure from Alexis Sanchez after sealing the Copa America title for his country.  There was enough cheek in his penalty kick to justify our player of the season keeping his shorts on.  More of this naked brilliance in the new season please…

In more recent news, Lukas Poldolski is off to Galatasaray.  Their Istanbul rivals, Fenerbache, however, have claimed Robin van Persie.  Istanbul, I guess, is a soft landing for older strikers who are no longer able to make the grade in England.  It’s not quite FC Dallas, where Abou Diaby is suggested to be going, but both moves seem significant steps down.  What say Gooners about the departure of Lu-lu (and Diaby and any of the others–Ryo Miyachi or the academy players who have moved) and the big tumble our former Captain Van Persie has experienced?

For me, I’m not too concerned about Poldolski’s departure as it coincides with Theo Walcott’s return to fitness.  The two players are not truly comparable but they would compete for playing time.  Danny Welbeck, bought when Giroud and Walcott were both out with lengthy injuries, should also get his chances.

Diaby is a painful one.  He seemed a dedicated and skilled player who lost his career to injury.  A shame, but the club can not be faulted for standing by him.  I’ll always remember him as the very best player in the French team from their matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, but that’s not saying much if you can recall their performance.  Maybe if he had the leadership qualities to hold that group together (which included former Arsenal players, William Gallas, Thierry Henry, Nicolas Anelka and Bacary Sagna)–and then transferred that strength to his body–he could have lived up to the hope that he was the one to replace Patrick Vieira.

Miyachi, the speedy but slight Japanese prodigy, was a punt which might’ve drawn in a football mad viewing population but never grew into all the promise.  My thought is that, at the level of ambitions we hold as a club, the jump from the youth ranks to the first team is a gap few can bridge.  Next up, but still only 18, is Krystian Bielek.

Will Bielek get into the first team?  Captain Mikel Arteta has been signed for another year while Mathieu Flamini, who also has a year left on his contract, has been linked with a move away from the club.  With the emergence of Francis Coquelin and the steady play of Santi Cazorla in a deeper role the urgency to sign a defensive mid seems more muted.  What say Gooners on this account?

I’m not going to try and decipher the hit-hounds (and whores) and their cryptic and often misleading (or dead wrong) headlines–stay tuned for Gerry’s post?  Nope, I will not be twisted into knots trying to figure out who the 25 year old world cup star (for whom we’ve just made the massive bid) might be… Nor will I click on the link.  Instead, I just try and get inside the mind of the manager (probably because I’m jealous of the hair atop that mind…) based on the (real) news at hand.

So, congrats to Captain Mikel on his contract extension, good luck to the former Arsenal strikers in Istanbul (and others headed elsewhere).  This news seems fine by me.  (RvJudas dumped by Van Haal seems almost like Dutch poetry…)  What do my fellow Gooners think?  Rankled, Disappointed, Despairing?  What would Summer be without such feelings?…


By 17HT

22 thoughts on “#9(s) off to Istanbul, DM Re-signed, Rumours Abound. What’s Next at Arsenal?

  • Podolski will be missed as per my supersub post a few days ago, but lets see whether we get another attacker now. Theo could be the answer but he is not prominent enough for me, especially when he is only given 20 minutes or so. Like you, I really hope Arteta can do it one more year, but I have my doubts. It is nice that we resigned him but will he play a lot next season??

  • Nice post 17ht..
    I am a big fans of our Captain.. Happy for him for his new contract although only a year long.. As it is an (unseen) tradition for honouring our great old players.. By giving them extended contract every single year.. Hahaha..

    TA.. Arteta won’t have a lot of time if Coquelin do his job properly and out of injured.. But as Rosicky.. We know that whenever needed.. They did a very great works also..

    And never underestimated the games before the real game.. I mean the daily exercise games.. With a great sparing-partners your skill and performance will increasing.. And that’s what happened to the youngsters.. They’re maybe don’t have lot time playing.. But just only by practising with the first club players make them a better players already.. Hehehe..

  • Fantastic post 17HT, that sums up what we have currently on mind.

    I have the same sentiments as TA and Ko Henry. I reckon our captain is going to be used in the FA and league cups, or maybe only for FA cup if Le Prof continues his tradition of youngsters for the league cup.

    I feel that we have a complete squad that can challenge for silverware, depth wise however we are still 1 or 2 short, and the arrival of Cech not only brings his experience on the goalkeeping part but also on how Chelsea trains their players and the tactics they employ to go so far winning games without falling back the whole season.

    In order to be champions we need to have the right mentality, thus either we bring in more champions or use our existing champions in ozil, Alexis and Cech to lead the team.

    Another 2 cents from me,

  • Nice of you to hype up my post HT, thanks.

    I have an health issue which is limiting my time on the computer, so I left off comments on yesterday’s post. Apologies to one and all.
    Take your recovery very steadily Retsub 1, back movement is automatic in almost everything we do, so think before you move. 😀

    Yes, first up has to be Diaby. I have a feeling that the chance to play in America came up while AW was trying to argue a ‘pay as you play’ deal, and if this MLS move comes off, it is probably best for both parties. It just need his body to stand up to the rigours of playing full time?
    Fate certainly owes him big time!!

    Lots of NewsNow stuff on our players leaving, including one suggesting 4 signings to be wrapped by the CS match v Chelsea???

    On Podolski, I think it is largely down Low telling him he must play if he want to feature in the German national side. How much chance of that is highly debatable I would have thought? Either way, his playing time with Arsenal would have been severely limited, and I guess that is what AW told him.
    Flamini on a free to Bastia? Not a done deal, but he could do worse regarding places to live and work?
    Unlike RvP, who was quoted as saying he would make his decision ‘… on what is best for his family’. Turkey, in the current political climate???
    However, the re-signing of Arteta has more to do with his off-field ambitions and Arsene’s desire to have him near as a sounding board, gobetween, and confident, than how much playing time he will see in this coming season … imo, naturally.
    Not that I am saying he will not be useful if, as you say, he is restored to his former health. Pace, or lack of, is the reason why he will not get many starts. But last 25 minutes to calmly steer home a victory could be what keeps both parties satisfied?

    The new shirt numbers have given rise to comments too. The goalie one probably will not be resolved until we are down to 2 ‘keepers. Ospina probably had reservations about moving to Turkey, whereas Merseyside might have more appeal .. if he gets a house with a garage 😀
    If we were not overstocked with driving midfielders, I would have said it might be a good time to test the water re Ross Barclay? Picture him and Ox either side of our new DM for a moment?
    Just a passing thought.

    Talking of international’s. There is a UEFA Under 19’s tournament going on in Greece this week, and with the host nation playing and the final not until a week on Sunday, by which time Greece may not be a viable country. But at least it should have brought in some much needed currency? However, the reason for mentioning it, is because it is being covered every day this week on Eurosport 2, if you can get it. Cracking match last night between Spain and Germany. Spain running out the comfortable winners, 3 – 0. Stars of the future galore in the Spanish side which I am sure will have grabbed AW’s attention. Germany have less to look forward to on this evidence, even with established Bundesliga stars as Timo Werner and Sane in the side. They play the Netherlands next, who won the earlier game 1-0. History between those two nations, suggest a bruising encounter, although Germany are already one man down thanks to a late sending off last night. it was a studs up 50/50 challenge that might have been deemed reckless, and deserving of a straight red. However, in the German’s defence, I would say he may have a case to appeal. It was one of those where the Spanish player had jumped up to avoid the tackle, made a meal of it holding his shin, when in fact he was coming down on the German player with is studs showing, and the contact was stud to stud. Had the German not put his stud up to protect himself, his leg could well have been mashed. That was my view anyway.
    They are good fast action games for anybody viewing.

    However, for a game with reference to Arsenal’s game, I would urge people to have a look at the Under 21 final, Portugal v Sweden. Skilful, possession based attacking team v PTB, organised, counter attacking side would be more appropriate. The PTB won on penalties.

    It is a sobering thought that despite us emphatically winning the FA Cup against ‘Villa, we could have played a Sunderland or a Leicester in the next game, and not have so much as had a glimpse of scoring, just as Portugal beaten Germany 5- 0 in the previous round.

    Let us hope that our Plans A to C are all in top shape this season?

  • Gerry,

    Plans A to C are in force, but let’s don’t line up against stoke next week. Half of our team will be injured.

    If flams does not leave Arsenal this transfer window he can be the defensive supersub, and score late goals. Pity that poldi have to leave. And diaby.

    For me I would rather see wojciech leave rather than Ospina, but let’s just see how this plays out.

    If anyone is coming to my city for next week’s match I will be going for the first game and see if I can upload some pictures down here.


  • JK 🙂

    Pictures would be great and perhaps you would fancy to do a match review, or write about your experiences before, during and after the game? That would be awesome, but no pressure of course.

  • TA,

    Sure I would love to do that.. its been a while since I wrote a report or review but will get them done for the sake of you guys 😁

  • JK, that is great. Don’t worry too much about the writing as 17HT or I will do the editing and your English writing skills are very good anyway. Bet you are excited to see the boys on home soil! 😛

  • Hi TA,

    I sure am excited for the boys to come and they have to get used to both the heat and the humidity.

    Temperatures here are between 27 to 32 throughout the year, and if thats what it is in UK right now it will be more or less the same but trust me you will sweat loads here.

    Thank you for the complement. We learn British english as our primary language here in Singapore. So no differences in spelling whatsoever.


  • That sounds hot and humid, JK. It has been like that here a bit recently, but cannot imagine what it must be like to have it all the time. No surprise for me that English is your primary language so all good for post writing! 🙂

    Keep rocking.

  • I’m here, TA… We’re having thunderstorms and hail and the internet went out for several hours there… Things are calmer now…

    Anyhow, I just wanted to do a little recap of our summer thus far… Are the transfer rumors (rumours?) settling down or is that just my imagination?

    JK doing a man at the match (in Singapore) sounds excellent, btw…

  • Nice post 17

    I’d be quite happy to see Flamini stay.
    A few years back, the Arsenal blogs were awash with complaints about Arsenal not having enough experienced players.

    Now we have an experienced squad those Arsenal talking heads want to see us get shot of our mature performers…


    We have a great balance between young talent, quality mid-20’s and experience…
    Let’s just add to it and keep what we have…

  • I have not seen much of him to be honest, but he is the sort of player Arsene might be looking for. What do you think?

    We pinched a player from RM and Barca in recent years…. maybe it is time to get one from Die Lederhosen of Bayern. I have a feeling that is where our next super signing will come from.

    Are you driving tonight? Must be good night for a taxi driver in London.. no?

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