Cech between the poles, Toral LM, Walcott RM: Arsenal v Everton Line-Up & Preview

Preview for Arsenal vs Everton (KickOff  Saturday 8.30pm SGT, 1.30pm BST, 8.30am EST) 

Thanks to www.Arsenal.com for training picture
Thanks to http://www.Arsenal.com for training picture

Most likely line-up for Arsenal:

Arsenal v Everton July 15

This match will be an important one for Le Prof to win, as he gears his team to two more games in the Emirates Cup before the Community Shield; thus, he will field the strongest team possible.

I believe that Everton will do the same, and Martinez had started his first team on Wednesday, thus they are better prepared (albeit more tired) whilst our first team (minus defenders) would play the first game of the season.

So this will be a tight match, and I feel that we are better equipped with Santi (definitely fantastic with his on the pool heading skills) and Ozil taking the playmaker roles, and the playful Giroud leading the front-line.

Everton were not that good in the midfield area on Wednesday, from what I saw in the second half against a Stoke team less resilient than they usually are. If they manage to shake off the cobwebs and the passing mistakes, it will be a good test for the Gunners. Stones and Tim Howard are the better Everton players in my opinion.

Back to our lads. On the left midfield area we are a little short: I am not sure about Wilshere starting as he played quite a fair bit on Wednesday. Toral has a good left foot and vision, thus he might be given the nod.

As this is a must win game for the lads (to get momentum), I expect a faster game from the first team, and hope that the cobwebs stuck to the Everton players stick to them for the whole game.

Your turn guys 🙂


26 thoughts on “Cech between the poles, Toral LM, Walcott RM: Arsenal v Everton Line-Up & Preview

  • This was merry Gerry’s comment re today’s game from the last post:

    This is of course about fitness, so the players who start will, in the main, be those who yet to see action on the pitch.
    Bellerin ——–Mertersacker____Koscielny—–Gibbs

    This will be a revival of the 4-1-4-1 formation in action, thus making full use of Giroud as the ‘holding’ striker. Ramsey will not be that far forward as the 4-2-3-1 indicates, as he will be expected to cover Santi when he moves from deep. Walcott will be allowed a fair bit of latitude in his movement either side of Giroud. Very unlikely that Ozil will remain behind the striker, as he too will drift from edge of box to edge of box.

    The substitutions will the most interesting, as AW tries to experiment with the line up.
    Akpom, Ox, Wilshere, Gabriel, Debuchy, and Iwobi as the main contenders to get on. Positioning of these subs will be key to the thinking too?
    The big one, Wilshere out wide, and on at the same time as Ozil?
    Akpom wide left?
    Debuchy behind Bellerin?
    Ox on for Cazorla?
    Flamini and Ramsey to see out the game as DM’s?
    Gabriel for Mertersacker???
    Iwobi late on to pair with Walcott as a twin strike force?
    Triple if Akpom is their to save the game … because one or more of the above failed in execution?
    I tease with the last one ….

    The game itself will be a showcase of how top half of the table teams slog it out for the first 20 minutes. The the conditions will slow things down to more short bursts of activity, each trying to gain an advantage of any slip up by the other. Both managers will want to lay their marker down for the coming season, so look for strong defensive shape at both ends being dominant.
    Draw at half time will mean minimal changes at half time. How many and what impact they have after that is likely to seal the result for either team.
    My guess is whoever scores first will get a second, and it the words of the ‘Lotto’ advert …
    ‘Don’t let it be them!’

  • Thanks TA for posting this. Gerry, love to re-hear your comments.


  • Thanks JK for a quick and clean match preview and Gerry’s comment adds something as well. 🙂

    I like your line-up and Total Toral is a bold choice. I reckon Jack or Ozil will play there but would love to see Toral too. Not sure whether this will be regarded as a must win, as the season is young and the heat will stifle things. Everton are a great team to play against and under Martinez they are playing even better, neat football than under Moyes. Bring it on.

  • TA, thanks for your comments. Toral is someone that catches my eye other than Zelalem, but not everyone fancies Toral as much. However even yours truly mentioned Total Toral, that means something is getting even bigger for him on the left side of midfield..

    Agreed that Everton is a great team to play against, and some of the challenges I saw during the game on Wednesday makes it an even more exciting affair, even though their cobwebs hang around them. Rugby Stoke seems out of shape, and Everton are the ones making more tackles. (Hm.. I smell durians.. yum yum)

    Well, I am all for a good game tonight, but please Everton do not make any crunching tackles so early into the season. We cannot afford to have injuries.


  • This is what I am expecting

  • Yes JK, let’s keep the crunching tackles out of this friendly!

    By the way, what is it you do for a living, or are you a student perhaps?

  • Wow.. full strength Stoke vs Singapore.. good test for the local lads 😁

  • Well we are all present then. Then for the c&p Totes.

    I find it interesting that no one here has put in Chambers as CB, as I have seen elsewhere.
    I should have included him ahead of iwobi on my possible subs list. As indeed could Toral. I think it largely depends on how much this game is geared to getting the primary squad up and ready for CS match with Chelsea. The Emirates Cup is another opportunity to try out a couple of the ‘stay at homes’ like J R-A and Hayden, so again if they are ready for it, so I would not expect too much experimentation there? Again that is against talented foreign opposition, this game today is different!
    So I’ll stick with my 11, mainly because the front four have not had a kick yet, along with Cazorla, so they will surely start? Coquelin is the only DM out there who will be with us for the season – Flam departing and Art with a recurring injury(sorry Eju Marve Kenren, he got it in training).
    That is the front 6 taken care of, and the only doubt is Per starting in the back 4? I don’t think he would drop Kos into pairing with Gabriel from the off, but you never know?

    I am sure there may be other to differ, but I think the substitutions will be the most over-analysed thing after the game?

  • Yes Gerry, I might be wrong about Toral getting the nod ahead of Rambo, but we will see how it turns out.

    Time for me to catch the 3rd place playoff game live on TV..

    And.. subs will definitely be analysed as well as the starters, so let’s have a good commentary after the match.

    Steve where are you?


  • I don’t really care too much about the line-up for a friendly as it is all about getting started and for Wenger to see where a few youngsters are/how they fit in with the senior players.

    If I were to pick a line up, I’d go for:
    Monreal – Gabriel – Koz – Gibbs

    With Sanogo out on loan and the Le Pod sold, I want to see whether Akpom can move upwards. It looks like Wenger is making space for another attacker and/or Akpom moving into the senior squad. We also need Welbeck to get goals, but I am not sure whether he is fit. Ox also needs to show that he is ready for the next level… COYG! 🙂

  • I’m here lol, was just enjoying the sunshine but have of course settled down for the footy now, right around lunch time – perfect 🙂

    Like Gerry said above i can’t believe everyone has overlooked Chambers whether that be at CB or as experimental cover for Coquelin at DM as JK suggested (yesterday i think). Its only two games into the season and already you can see how much Coquelin is going to be overworked as he remains probably one of the first names on the team sheet, he can’t play every minute of the whole season and this time for me is an excellent opportunity to see if we have satisfactory cover internally – another reason why i just CANNOT understand why Hayden was left at home.


    There are just too many choices available to figure out who will fill that Sanchez role on the left wing:
    Either of the two naturally left footed attacking midfielders simply playing a bit wider than usual, Wilshere and Toral.
    Either of the two right footed attacking midfielders who can cut in, Ramsey and OX.
    Either of the two young strikers who may get another run out to round off a a front three attack, Akpom or Iwobi.

    My shout would be OX as it is he who i would think may be itching to fill that Sanchez role whilst he is absent at the beginning of the season proper. I think the Ramsey and Cazorla swap at half time is obvious because there is no way Cazorla is going to survive 90 mins and this way both keep their central position wish. Either of the two young strikers will probably fill in for Theo when he is subbed as you definitely can’t produce his pace in that heat and humidity for the whole match. And Toral and Wilshere just don’t really do it for me out there on the wing.

    Still the question remains if Chambers gets a run out at CB (as i predict) then who the hell gives Coq some rest – Flamini? Christ, same option we’ve had for the last god knows how many years lol

  • Everyone, I think Wenger has given us some answers to the DM.. Ramsey starts alongside Cazorla.

    Chambers starts alongside Kos, Jack starts his second game beside Theo upfront. Hm.. interesting lineup.

  • It is a very bold attack-oriented starting line-up:

    Cech(GK), Bellerin(RB-Att), Chambers(CB), Koscielny(CB), Gibbs(LB-Att), Cazorla(Captain & Regista/Deep-laying playmaker), Ramsey(B2B), Ozil(Trequartista/advanced playmaker), Wilshere(Trequartista/advanced playmaker), Walcott(Raumdeuter/space interpreter), Giroud(Holding striker)

    Subs bench (mainly defensive team):
    Szczesny, Debuchy, Gabriel, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Monreal, Flamini, Coquelin, Akpom, Iwobi.


    1-0 (22nd min, Walcott drifted into open space & poached the opener, after a pinpoint chipped through ball from our regista/capt. Cazorla)

  • 2nd half starts:

    Substitution: The Ox (Raumdeuter – offensive, B2B defensive supporting Ramsey & Cazorla) for Wilshere, on the right.
    Hint of somewhat Juventus-like previously: Pirlo(regista) supported by 2x B2B in Pogba & Marchisio.

    Cech earned his keep, diving & stretching to save shot heading to top corner.

    2-0 (58th min, capt. Cazorla, feinted and delivered a left-footed pile-driver shot to bottom corner from edge of the box, off a move from a corner assisted by Ozil – earned by Bellerin).

    3-0 (62nd min, Ozil. Playmaker-to-playmaker telepathy as Cazorla returned the favour with an assist, after a fine pass & move from our team).

  • Its now 3-0 Arsenal. Arteta looks like he has shaken off his injury. He takes the field replacing Santi.

    Walcott first goal, Santi second goal and the third goal goes to Ozil.

    73rd minute reporting by me.

  • 71st min substitution:

    Arteta(regista) for Walcott. He took the armband from Cazorla and sat alongside. Ozil moved more towards left, Ramsey advanced a little forward centrally – while maintaining B2B.

    3-1 (75th min, Everton pulled one back through a clean strike to the top corner by Barkley. Messy goal conceded, too much space given).

    Double-defensive substitutions:
    Debuchy (RB) for Bellerin & Coquelin (volante/holding midfielder) for Cazorla. The latter took his place beside Arteta. Looking to close-up shop.

    Akpom for Giroud

  • Full time: Arsenal 3-1 Everton

    My MotMs: Shared by our 2 top quality playmakers (capt. Cazorla, 1 goal, 2 assists) & (Ozil, 1 goal, 1 assist).

  • Great result and performance i thought, they all looked pretty sharp for pre-season 🙂
    Ozil had a great game, and that’s extremely high praise coming from me 🙂
    Poor old Jack, watching him trying to beat Coleman down the left wing when Ozil put him through two or three times was quite funny, the lad just isn’t built for that lol.
    My only gripe about the whole game was why we played Wilshere and Walcott on the left wing alternately in the first half and then Ozil in the second… but no OX, i really want to see that guy playing in that position i just have this feeling he would be the player to do Sanchez proud in his absence. But seeing as Wenger played nearly everyone but OX in that position (today at least) maybe that is never going to happen.
    Also good to see Arteta has gotten over his injury quickly and Chambers looking solid for the full 90.
    Great all round performance, i’m sitting pretty atm can’t wait for the season to start 🙂

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