Bergkampesque is having a break

Dear regulars at Bergkampesque,

After 700+ posts since September 2012 it is time for some soul searching on how to move the blog forwards, if at all. The blog will be closed for comments for the foreseeable future.

Here is to another fine season for the mighty red and white. Come on You Rip Roaring Gunners!

TotalArsenal and 17highburyterrace.

9 thoughts on “Bergkampesque is having a break

  • sorry to hear that. Many thanks and all the best to both of you Frank and 17HT 😉
    and of course all the other fellow gunners
    and since I’ve won last year and haven’t bragged about it yet, is there going to be another fantasy premier league bergkampesque league? gotta make it two out of two

  • If you are out there TA and 17, I gotta say that I’m very sorry to see how things have developed.

    To me, blogging about football and Arsenal in particular, should be fun.
    I always enjoy the craic with others and hope that I keep a civil attitude…
    I can’t speak for others, but if this is it, then I’m gonna miss you guys…

    I’ll keep a look out in the hope that you’ll come back…

    Take care fellas and Up the Arse 😉

  • What! Why on earth stop blogging? I really enjoy this site as it is always positive with none of those cretinous “Wenger out” types lurking. Come back!

  • So sad to hear this. Hope in time and after a break, things go well again here…..

  • Come back soon.
    Hope your soul searching goes well.
    Take care TA & 17 and all bergkampesque fam
    Comment test 1 2- 1-2

  • It was 1 nil PG! And all the sweeter for the customary poor grace shown by maureen in the face of losing to the Arse!

  • AB,
    It was great, a great result.
    The only thing that pleased me more then Wenger blanking Boringino was that fact we beat them at there own game.
    I also think Chelsea wont have it as easy this season as , with out costa they are back to square 1 the first season boring returned .
    I predict Costa will be injured a lot and they will lose goals.
    we are very well placed.
    I am going to United at home and Stoke. I really hope we beat them at home this time after they gave me my first taste of deafet ever while watching Arsenal at the grounds.
    Just got tickets today.

  • Hi there PG. All agreed – and I envy you the games. Its amazing to see how diminished the chavs looks already from this loss. Costa and Hazard are critical to their season. I won’t be surprised to see them strengthen further before the end of the month, but with the squad they now have, we really should believe we are able to challenge them. I hope pool and the manure have bought too many players to assimilate in one season, whilst city seem oddly unchanged, given how poor they were last season. We must have a chance this year if we can keep on top of complacency and injuries…., both big ifs I know. But its a great time to be a gooner!

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