We’re Back: New Season, New Hope, New Policy. Predictions?

After a brief respite, Bergkampesque would like to get back to the blogging!

On the cusp of the new season, we’d like to get some discussion going with your predictions.  First, however, we’d also like to talk a little policy.

Please read About Bergkampesque to get an idea of how this place came to be.  We’d like to continue with the idea that this is a PARTICPATORY BLOG, a place where people can come for enjoyable discussion and submit posts of their own for publication.

There will be no changes (at this time) to the format in the comments section but writers should be keen to remember that we hope to bring others into the fold.  Remaining friendly, welcoming, respectful and positive is important.  That doesn’t mean people cannot argue with one another, just that it must be done in a respectful manner.  As much as you may be attached to your ideas, please remember that your fellow bloggers are equally attached to theirs.  As such, as fun as they might sometimes be, deprecating labels (name-calling) will not be tolerated.  Otherwise, almost anything goes.  Off topic discussion is fine.  Criticism and venting frustration is too.  Humour is encouraged.  Our goal is to create a community of supporters who can appreciate our Club and its football.  Much can be tolerated–as long as it stays friendly, welcoming, respectful and offers up an occasional positive thought.  Relentless negativity (usually associated with pleasure being taken at the expense of others) is probably better saved for another venue.  Please heed warnings from blog administrators (blue box comments).  We reserve the right to give time outs (temporary bans) and/or permanently ban comment writers who do not respect these policies or heed warnings.

Please also watch the length of your posts.  As a participatory blog we would like to encourage submissions for discussion posts.  (Sometimes, in fact, we may ask if a comment can be used as a discussion post!)  These should generally be in the 800-1000 word range.  Naturally, writers who submit posts of this length (and some who don’t) will tend towards longer comments.  There’s nothing wrong with long comments but length should not be equated with quality and should be self-monitored.  Please think about the fact that–by commenting–you are asking others to read your work.  A good test is proof-reading.  If you cannot be bothered to proof-read your comments, should you be asking others to read them? Unfortunately, our current comment interface does not allow comment writers to edit their own posts.  Before posting, please take into consideration how others might react to reading what you’ve written.  Thanks!

Moving on… 🙂


Every season begins with Arsenal at the top of the table (due to our place in the alphabet), but this one feels more promising than usual.  What are your thoughts and predictions for the season to come?

Who will win the title and round out the top 4 Champions League places?

Which teams will be relegated?  Which clubs will surprise with the most improved (and worst) finishes relative to this past season?

Who will be Arsenal’s player of the year?  Who will lead the club in goals? Assists?  What about points gained in league play and total goals scored?  How many clean sheets will Arsenal keep this season?

What will be the biggest surprise of the season?  The biggest disappointment?

Anything else?  Look into your crystal balls and lay it on the line, fellow Gooners, and tell us what will be.

Thanks!  And thanks for your support during our little break!

by TotalArsenal, 17highburyterrace

5 thoughts on “We’re Back: New Season, New Hope, New Policy. Predictions?

  • Good stuff gents. Can’t let this fantastic blog die.

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. United
    4. City

    Biggest surprise – the ox. He’s going to stay fit all season and he’s going to tear up the league. Sterling and repay who? The ox with rip them both in half.

    Biggest disappointment – injuries again. Giroud will be unlucky but thankfully we’ll have benzema. He’ll have to hit the ground running though.

    Coquelin to become a household name (outside the gunner faithful)

  • Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo… 😀

    My Top Four;

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3 Man City
    4. Man Utd

    Coquelin is gonna be fantastic for us this season…

  • Top Four (in no particular order): Arsenal, Chelsea, Man. City, Man. United
    Arsenal Player of the Season: Either Petr Čech or Mesut Özil

  • Hey Guys… 17HT posting here…

    Sorry for the technical difficulties–and for the need to take a break just before the new season kicks off. I think we’ve got the issue solved re:comments. As such, thanks for the support and keep the predictions coming! I’m working on getting a match preview out but again I may be asking you to bear with me as I work out the kinks.

    Thanks Again!

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