Transfers In –Or No Room at the Inn? Will Arsenal Be Buying at the Deadline?

Rumours are flying–as they have been for the past several months.  Everybody else is buying but we haven’t.  The Last thing the Internet needs is another article about Arsenal and the Transfer Window, but here goes…

What would it take to open the Wenger Wallet?  Will he or won’t he?  Should he or Shouldn’t he?

For better or worse, Tomorrow evening will be one of the biggest of the season in European football.  No balls will be kicked in anger, as they say, but surely some will be kicked in effigy… Winning the Window has become almost as big a competition as the league and tournament trophies clubs compete for over the course of the football season.

It’s likely a function of changes in our culture.   Club football began in an era of workers supporting their own in Saturday battles on sodden pitches.  Often ale fueled and as violent as they were celebratory, matches were nonetheless a way to let off steam and carry over until Monday.  A season’s worth of these low scoring games–watched from tightly cloistered terraces–got one–and one’s community–to the festive season and through the darkest days of the year.

Today we watch on our big screens in high definition, typing and tweeting our impressions almost as soon as they occur to anybody on the planet who will listen ( or read).  Even at 90 minutes and with just a quick 15 minutes at halftime to clear one’s beer (or other beverage of choice) we lack the patience to see what will happen.  As soon as the line-ups are out we’re doomed (or buoyed) and with each goal, card or kick, our impressions are further fleshed out.

If the game (or season) isn’t won beforehand (it seems, these days) it almost might be too much to endure.  And, if games are too long, you had better believe entire seasons are MUCH too long.  In a world requiring instant gratification, August to May is an eternity.

So, let’s win it now!  Or at least talk about whether or not we can win it.  Surely we cannot wait until May to see how Arsenal have done.  If there’s a title (or a trophy) to win, surely we have to argue about if we’ve done enough to be sure we will.  Zen man says “stay in the moment,”  Football fan says, “We Are the Best Club in the World” or, if not, “f*ck off, eh.”

So, why shouldn’t folks have their fun–even if it resembles a form of torture?  Some of the argumentative techniques don’t pass muster, but so what?  If people find comfort in combining thoughts like “Can’t Win,” “Without,” “World-Class,” “Transfer Kitty,” “Defensive Midfielder,” “Goal Scorer,” and “Not.Good.Enough,” why should we begrudge “Push Out the Boat,” “Priorities Misplaced,” or  “Fire Him and Get Someone Who Will?”

So what if it takes away from the actual football, or obscures the fact that top level European football is getting more predictable with each passing window and ever more hoarding of top players by top clubs.  (Surely the spending up in Manchester this time around must go in for some forensic dissection.  We should also have a minute of silence before the next round of kick-offs to remember the Financial Fair Play rules…)  With the right attitude, however, being a supporter of a selling club (as long as your owner re-invests some of the proceeds) has a certain pleasure of its own.  At least you’re in on the action and riding the merry-go-round!

I almost miss those days, and, in truth, they were just a few short years ago.  Lately, however, we’re done some major spending of our own and Gooners have gotten a taste for it.  That’s why, even with just a dozen or more hours to go in the window, we still believe (crave, need or demand..) that something BIG might happen.  Cohesion is a nice concept but not quite the same as “record buy.”

That said, I don’t believe our combination of ownership and management is at the level of those owned by the Russian Oligarch or Oil Sheikh or those American groups willing to take a loss, i.e., those which want to win it all–now AND forever.  At Arsenal, for better or worse, results–financial first, on the pitch after–are observed with a view to the longer term.  As infuriating as it may be to the fan who lives and dies with each result, progress can be seen.  Like I said, those selling days are behind us and we’ve done it without Sugar-Daddy owners nor (extreme) debt financing.

Another way to see it is that it’s a war of attrition.  We’re hanging in against the oiler-garchs (and ManUre) whilst seeking distance from other large clubs such as those on Merseyside or that pesky group with their cocks on balls up the Seven Sisters.  Fantasy Football it might not be, but it’s also maybe not the worst model for other clubs and the long term development of the game.

A key element of the Arsenal Acquisition model is a resistance to buying as an end in itself, and Arsene Wenger has been keen to repeat, mantra-like, that we’re looking for players who would improve the squad.  Additionally Wenger likes players who can cover in multiple positions which helps insure chances for his players to play.  Sure, there has been the odd Park Chu-young, but these days depth in the squad seems good enough that we don’t have to roll the dice at the deadline just to say we’ve done something.  “Two world class players in each position,” may be just another tossed off Mourinho quote, but it’s not how Wenger operates.  The truth of the matter is that these young men are just that and even the best will take time to settle, gain confidence and learn the intricacies of playing with their new teammates and, if they come from foreign shores, in their new league.  Let’s not forget that players who are sold often have been seen as excess to needs at their current club.

But those are just some of my own personal observations and thoughts (and excuses…) that I use to comfort myself at this difficult moment.  What say the rest of you?  Should we be buying?  Who and for how much–or how little?  Who are the available players who would make that bit of difference–or plug that gaping hole?  Who have you scouted and who would save the day (or the season or be one for the future).  I know there are places (web-sites) I could go to find out the qualities (and monetary value) of ALL the players who might help our club.  Many a better blogger than I (and certainly a few tabloid football writers) have visited those places and gone from there, after all…

Or maybe it’s too late for that and what we really need is just a thread for comments about your own transfer window thoughts, frustrations and fantasies… Go for it, please…

It’s Monday night (here in California) and the various media outlets are going mad, citing one another and leading us on.  They also won’t shut up about all the other clubs and ALL that money they’ve spent even as they might spend more.  My plan is to wake up tomorrow and see what’s what, but I’m sure I’ll (try and) put a positive spin on whatever occurs, trotting out all my usual platitudes (“low-expectations-are-the-key-to-happiness,” “I like the players we’ve already got,” etc.)  Boring, boring, I know, and it’s just my way of coping.   What is yours?…

Have at it, I say.  Fact or fantasy–with the right attitude–it could all be good fun…

Or not.

Happy Torture Tuesday!!

by 17highburyterrace

82 thoughts on “Transfers In –Or No Room at the Inn? Will Arsenal Be Buying at the Deadline?

  • Great piece 17ht, brilliant as ever.

    The media now is quite clever. You have to read the whole piece and in the end they mention that this might not happen. I am quoting the Daily Mail piece about Cavani transfer news.

    Am watching this circus with an equal dose of amusement and eager for new signings.


  • This will be my only contribution today as I am fighting severe toothache, following the collapse of two, very much alive, teeth.
    A bit like our record in this transfer window really, and coming to a head over the Bank holiday weekend?

    Well I think you have made your standpoint perfectly clear within the above post, but for those who take a more positive view on transfers, I suppose we should be grateful for the opportunity this post has given us, to give the other view.
    Thank you.

    Just reflecting on the Saturday game for a moment. We started with Walcott, had our primary striker, Giroud, on the bench, Welbeck to the best of my knowledge is our only striker injured? Yet, but for someone failing to come up with £7million, our only other option was Joel Campbell.
    Now with the best will in the world, I think only one of the four has come close to being a consistent goalscorer. Two could improve. One, the central position, has yet to deliver the potential he has shown only in glimpses so far.
    So to answer the question in the title of this post, ‘in, or no room at the inn’ …
    I would say room for one.

    if we move to our defensive midfield, our No 1 here, Coquelin, took Arsene Wenger’s words a little too far when he told the team ‘to be a bit more aggressive’ (not as far as Newcastle, I hasten to add, but with very nearly the same red card result?). However, left to play his simple game in the next two games he has been superb. So much so, given the paucity of defensive midfielders in the squad, he is an automatic choice. This is a much more complicated area to sign anybody though. It is clear if we sign anyone, Flamini will be the space made available, with the club having already agreed a fee with Fenebache, allegedly. We may have to pay him off with a proportion of his remaining contract, but that is just details. The complication comes in with exactly what type of player comes in. One who replaces Coquelin, and thus free up a midfield spot that Cazorla holds. Or would it be a back up for Coquelin. Or indeed, a bit of both with a player who could play in another position as well?
    I think there is a case for a player here, but one not likely to be filled, except internally.

    We may have to think about a fullback replacement in the future, but with the Spanish window now closed. for purchases at least, any rumour about Nacho Monreal leaving in this window is a false one.

    The only other area of a possible purchase would be at left wing. To me this depends on two things: One, is Walcott going to stick to the central option?; Two, the success or failure to sign a central striker. Any purchase here could be an ‘across the front line’ type, thus satisfying both criteria. Either way, without switching Ox to this wing, or Walcott willing to do it, i think there is a need here, as we have no other real pace options to stretch play in the final third. In fact, Gibbs would be the nearest solution internally, that is until ‘The Jeff’ is fully up to speed, or indeed Iwobi is considered by management ready for it?
    So the decision on this is, half a need, but unlikely purchase unless very flexible, and able to play in other positions.

    Conclusion – Yes, a striker will be signed, but it might not satisfy the baying hoards , basically
    because the £££’s are not big enough?

    Still room for surprises though 😀 😀 😀


  • Hi JM – keep them flowing.
    I remember him as Dybala’s senior partner, who many thought was better than him? I cannot see Palermo selling him though?
    My own view is I am suspicious that the Cavani rumour is all speculation, and the fall back will be the Russian, Kokorin. Whilst I think he may well have the potential to be a very good signing, it is a bit tepid to try and get him on loan? The other problem is, I think he will be very restricted to the No 9 position, thus only a back up to Giroud.
    If we wanted a striker that would hit it off with Giroud, then the Wilson guy, who got his hat trick for Bournemouth the other week, would be it. Very much a Walcott/Welbeck type, except he scores regularly. 😆 But only with the right partner. In his Coventry days, his partner up front was an older player, but not as quick. Before the other guy moved on, the pair scored over 50 goals in less than a full season. After that, Wilson’s goals dried up a little.
    So a similar problem to the above, except he would be tied to Giroud, not in place of.

    The only other rumour to spring to life, since the Spanish window has closed, is the Brazilian guy, (Bruno something, I think, sorry not at my best right now), unfortunately labelled the ‘New Neymar’. He again, might be anything, only 20, but carries a tag of £69m. That probably would not be the selling figure, but a bigger gamble than the Russian.

    Just distraction therapy from me …

  • 17ino,
    Great piece , 1 of your very finest a great read. That has helped put my mind at ease a tad on this stressful day as we have so far failed to sign an out field player the whole TW , also letting 11 go out in one form or another, hmmm :/ lol
    I must say i am glued to sky sport at the moment.
    What is kind of pissing me off is that the whole time i have been watching, which is bloody hours is Arsenal have not even been mentioned , not even once! grrrr
    I have busted my knee and cant work today , Very sore it is .
    Gerry sorry to hear about your teeth, i have a broken mouler myself at the moment so feel your pain.
    The thing that worries me the most is not that i don’t think we can compete fore the leaque with the team we have its that Wenger is putting himself in a very (possible) nasty position if things dont go well in fixtures, they will be calling for his head massively.

  • 17ino,
    I must add i don’t miss the TW of 3 years ago like you though.
    Losing our best players hurt a lot.
    On that note tough it does remind me that things are not so bad. :/ except busted knee, tooth ache and no world class signings, joke on the last 1 on second thoughts maybe not, just 1 would be nice and i must say our long time suffering fans from those dark days kind of deserve a little back.?

  • 1 more while i am having a moan, LVG sucks.
    The way he is spending money disgusts me! The only good side is i love seeing his grumpy interviews after he keeps getting beat , after spending near 1/4 of a BILLION £ manure man

  • In case some of you have not heard some Turks from Gala are in London trying to sign Alex OX-Chamberlin. Though they have said they are not confident of a deal

  • Great work from 17eeno, yes!

    I hope JK is right and we get one or two unknowns. I worry about our scouting and wonder if it is up to scratch, especially Sth American players. For instance, we want a striker, but Athletico just bought Vietto from Villarreal for 14m. Morata went from Madrid to Juve for the same amount and looks good. Athletico also bought Aguero for only 15m, and he was by no means unknown then.

    We can’t compete by having a weak scouting network and trying to compensate by buying Galacticos like Cavani and Benzema. That is for Man U, Man C and Real Madrid. I’d sooner be like Athletico Madrid and combine a second-to-none scouting network with good developmental coaching and sound financial practices so that we sell players when it suits us, not our rivals.

    For me, fingers crossed that we get a couple of nice surprises like Aguero would have been back in 07,

  • @Gerry (September 1, 2015 at 08:06)
    By request, another scouting for the No.9 shirt:

    Manolo Gabbiadini, from SSC Napoli (previously at UC Sampdoria) & Italy national team.
    Ability to play in winger, attacking midfield and forward positions, Italian in early 20s, tall(1.86m)
    An article written on said player: “How The Rise Of Spurs Target Manolo Gabbiadini Gives Napoli Another Scoring Threat”

  • Good post 17! For me, I’m not expecting any new players to arrive as the transfer windows draws to a close. I think Arsenal’s squad is pretty much complete on paper. I’m interested to see how Arsenal full the left wing position in the event Sanchez is either injured or rested, though Ox or Walcott are options who I think could do a good job if called on provided they apply themselves so as to exploit their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses.

    GK – Cech; Ospina
    RB – Debuchy; Bellerin
    CB – Mertesacker & Koscielny; Chambers & Gabriel
    LB – Monreal; Gibbs;
    CDM – Coquelin; Arteta
    CM – Cazorla; Wilshere
    CAM – Ozil; Rosicky
    RW – Ramsey; Ox
    CF – Giroud; Walcott; Welbeck
    LW – Sanchez;

    Practically I’m feeling very confident about this season namely due to our defence (including the defensive midfield area).

  • Thanks JM – Yes, he looks a better option, but probably not for sale.

    Barbosa was the player I couldn’t remember. Plays for Santos. Any knowledge on him?

    Kokorin not coming on loan JK. Well at least not on Arsenal’s terms, which included a right to buy.
    I still think he is our cheap gamble, if all else fails?

    Rangers ‘maverick’ striker, Oduwa, would liven up our front line, but would take a while for our players to know where to find him. 😀

    Of course, we could throw in PG’s bit on the Saido, or rather, my addition to his list. He is keen to move.

    PG – Sorry to hear you have similar teething problems. Having the TW as a distraction may help you get through the day?

    According to some, AW is in Paris, but that may be to distract from any real target?

    That is my update.

  • Gabriel Barbosa is still a teen. I reckoned Barcelona has put a 1st option on him when they did the Neymar deal years ago. Looks complicated (& dodgy), somewhat to the Neymar fracas at Barcelona (inc. of third party settlements).

  • Thanks fellas… Keep it going as the US coverage of the deadline doesn’t seem to exist–on the telly at least… The Spanish language sports shows are covering stuff but it’s mostly about Chicharito to Leverkeysen… I need distraction as the US markets are huge to the downside while I (try to) remain bullish…

    If anybody here in the States has an idea about where to follow the news, lemme know…

    Gerry and PG, I’m very sorry to hear about your pain…please take care of yourselves and get better. If it helps to rant (a bit), have at it…That’s the whole point of the post… 😀 I’m probably going to do a bit myself here in a moment…

  • @Gerry,
    Either deals (Vázquez and/or Gabbiadini) are more realistic than the mega-money ones rumoured in the media, if our club were to go for them with 100% commitment.

  • It is still very very quiet on sky sports in regards to Arsenal.
    No mention of anything. No gossip that i have seen on there that anything is in place.
    Wenger has said that they are working on stuff.
    But 2:30:00 left i dont think we are going to get anyone now, which is a surprise.
    But all of the other clubs which have made late signings have not been anyone world class, i don’t think any of the names brought today would have strengthened us. Not that i know a great deal about some of them but what i am getting at is most of the top players at top clubs just don’t need the money and don’t want to sell.

  • 17,
    It is a strange thing these TW
    It kind of like watching all your rivals shopping and not getting anything ourselves.
    I think from here on in lets concentrate on improving from within , i am not expecting nothing.
    I like your idea of a minutes silence for FFP lol

  • Just shown an sky reporter from inside the Emirates and nothing to update us on
    Only an 2 hours 15 mins to go and this torture window will be finally shut.

    I really have not even got any scouting idea’s or none that i believe we can realistically pull of.
    Higuain is probably our best striking option, i would take Wanyama of Southampton if possible.

    West Ham have done well. Victor Moses and Alex Song, they are also in talks with Adebayor

  • So… Arsenal are not buying anyone?… Ah well, I’ll be OK… Others?

    With the collapse of FFP we’re in a new era, I suspect… At the “Mega” level, clubs are hoarding good players by putting them on massive contracts. If those players aren’t playing, however, they might move…but then you’re dealing with clubs which hoard players and do they really want to strengthen their rivals? Special circumstances (like Abramovich wanting to be a good guy and honor Cech’s contribution to his team) can be in play. My point… getting Cech from Chelsea was a very good buy, troubles in the opening match notwithstanding.

    Now, if we’re trying to do business with another oiler club, PSG, things could get interesting. Cavani and Rabiot are players who could likely add quite a bit to our first team (as Benzema might have). Will these deals happen? Probably not today it appears…

    Then there’s buying for the future. Memphis and Martial are for the future up in Manchester as perhaps are DeBruyne and Sterling…The amounts being tossed out are massive and the risk seems high that these players could fail to make the grade. Remember, injury also could side-track them (or any player, of course). If they can just buy again, no big deal. LIke I tried to say, that’s not the Arsenal way….

    Davy makes a good point about scouting… I would argue, however, that it’s going to be very difficult to bring in Spanish (and Portuguese) speakers if they cannot immediately get into the first team. At least we’ve got one of the most promising young players from other English speaking countries under contract (Zelalem) and in (what sounds like) a very promising loan situation. Amongst the Spanish/Portuguese speakers, loans in Spain seem good. If Wellington makes an impact at Bolton he’ll have to be on the radar to make it back our way… My general point is that it’s very tough to bring these sorts along–look at the difficulties (failures?…) of the three best Mexican attackers of recent years (Chicharito, Carlos Vela, Gio Dos Santos) have had trying to make an impact on their various English teams…

    So, even if nothing happens today, we’re at least in the mix amongst the silly money clubs AND (I think) we’re building well (with academy and out-on-loan players) for the future. There will be outcry from the spend, spend, spend folks, but the only way to answer them (as it has always been) is by making results on the pitch…

    Group Hug?… 😀

  • Two hours is a long time transfer windows ….

    I think AW might be asking Zlatan if he want to come for a trial 😀

  • It is a good shout Henrychan but him and Wenger don’t get on after Wenger tried to sign him and asked him to do a trail match Ibra reply was ai dont do trail match. End of talks and a fall out.

    There is still some hope but i am not expecting nothing.
    If you look at Giroud goal record which is basically a goal every 2 games, then it really is hard to find a player better at the moment, plus Theo and Welbeck which i have big hopes for and Campbell could come good.

  • Actually I saw a quote at less than £7M. However, £240,000 a week might just kill it?

    He is 33, so depending on a 2 or 3 year deal, I’d say you can kiss good bye to most of that, but you could get two titles and a decent run at the CL?
    Talk of buying your way to the top would have a hollow ring to it?

    My money (figuratively) is on the Russian, with an eye to get Benzema in January?

  • Hey PG…Glad you enjoyed the “minute of silence” bit… Thanks for reading…

    Interesting stuff about West Ham…What else seems interesting (to you)?…

    Personally, I think we’re gonna be OK without buying anybody. The PSG players and some of the others who we asked about (Benzema) would help but they would also disrupt heavily. The real question Gooners have to ask themselves is whether or not we really want to see Arsenal on that same sort of Merry-go-round? There were a LOT of Merengues who were not very happy to see Ozil come our way even if Bale went theirs on this day two years ago. In the meantime they’ve been unable to win La Liga even if they did win the decima (10th CL/European Cup)…

    How much turnover do we want to see at the club? Would it have been OK to sell some of our younger players (Wilshere, Ox) or have to truly worry when somebody like Ramsey hints at “play me in my best position or I’m off to Barca…” Personally, I’m OK with our (recent) ability to hold onto our best players… Obviously, we have to hope that the “cohesion” works and we can get one over on the high turnover/silly money clubs. Winning the league seems tough but finishing ahead of some (or most) of them and competing well in the tournaments is enough for me.

    Not enough for everybody, however, I suspect, but so it goes…

    Gerry, how are the teeth? (Ouch, sorry…) Are you serious (about time left in the window) or joking… Never can tell…

  • I am glad it is closing at 6.0pm, as I can take a tramadol and wake up some time tomorrow.

    Just praying for good bladder control 😆

  • TA,
    It is a very good out look on it all, i know it’s something you feel strongly about and rightly so.
    Buying a striker would seriously damage Theo step up to becoming an out and out striker.
    I listened to Theo today in an interview and he spoke in depth about the difference in playing out wide and central. He is an intelligent player who is so hungry to score goals i think it is time to give him and Giroud a season to stake there claims Both have nothing to prove in my eyes both are very good players, both completely different and give us 2 great options.
    On West Ham i really believe they are a force now, they beat us really well beat Liverpool a well and now there have added real SQ signings today, plus a great manager.

    Breaking news West ham just signed another plater Michail Antonio who don’t know but they are 1 to watch now

  • Sorry, having troubles with my multiple personalities… 😀 That was me, PG, not TA…

    Gerry, I think I get where you’re coming from, but it’s tough keeping up with YOUR multiple personalities… I’m kidding here and I think I’m (finally?) realizing that you just enjoy all the handicapping–whether it’s about kids coming through the academy or transfer targets…Sometimes hard to follow, as I’ve written ad nausem… Bladder control issues? Rubber sheets, up and down to the loo? Depends, I guess… 😀

    Winning the window would be fun but the bottom line is about results on the pitch–this year and in the future. With Stingy Stan the kind of owner he is–and very happy to have a manager who is on board with those ideas–I just don’t see us rocking to boat to appease those eager to make us into a high-turnover mega-club. Buying and selling is exciting but Gerry is right, it’s not about the fees, it’s about the salaries. Can we really take Ibra and make him our top earner (by 30-50%)? Like Gerry, I doubt it…

    So, in the end, a great day for Piers Morgan (and his followers) but maybe not the worst day for the Arsenal?… Still time but I might have to get going on my day here…

  • I do not go along with the major disruption theme HT.

    If it makes us more clinical, and I think Zlatan would despite his age(partly because you don’t see him running around like a mad thing), and the Club started winning matches, particularly against our top rivals, then I think there would be such a buzz about the place that we are not seeing at the moment?
    That in turn, might open up more time for players like Iwobi and ‘The Jeff’ to get some proper game time.
    Yes, the real losers would be Walcott and Welbeck. But that means they would have to put in performance’s that merit their selection? That is the way it is supposed to work after all?

    Yes indeed, the window closes in just over an hour and a half.

    If Ta was quick he could do a conversation piece between Zlatan and Arsene … lol

  • Le Coq has been our best player for many games since his return, you feel if we sign another DM how would that affect him, not well probably

    Spurs have 3rd bid for Saido rejected

    Update at the Emirates was much of nothing , not a single possible target named .It really was much of nothing , just on abut Cech and that we are the only top 5 Europe league club to have not signed an out field player.
    I am hoping it is a Wenger master stroke in stabilty and strengthen from with in .It would be good for football if we won the league this year with that stat 🙂

  • Ah, Arsene Wenger… A socialist with a capitalist’s pay-check.

    It’s pretty simple: if he believes he can win the title with this squad, hats off if he does it.

    If he doesn’t… Well, you know the procedure and bring Simeone in.

  • Wenger is playing with fire a bit Admir.
    I think that for me is the biggest worry behind it.

  • Interesting Gerry… Maybe this is the essence of our (ongoing) disagreement… And the big problem many observers have with AW…

    To my eye our manager is taking a contrarian view in many, many ways… Instead of managing for immediate (short term) success, he’s working towards the long-term success of the club. In terms of player relations, it’s about giving players REAL chances to make an impact before giving up on them. As such, he’s more likely to give a guy like Bendtner the first hundred appearances of his career than give Ibrahimovic the final 50 of his…

    So Gerry, maybe I’m still confused about your interests. Do you want Joel Campbell to have a chance (this season) or Ibra as super (crazy, mega) sub?… Can’t have both, I wouldn’t think…

    The big thing (for me) is that this crazy money in football is not good for the game. It’s bad for the fans if good players become happy to make big money at City or Chelsea or PSG sitting on the bench (or not even making the bench but training in the shadow squads)… (Nasri, for example, is a good player, but he doesn’t get to play…) In the US we deal with this with salary caps and other elements which insure broader competition. At least in England you’ve got the TV contracts allowing teams like Stoke to buy players like Affellay, Bojan and Shaquiri. Some of the players (I’m thinking Sinclair at Villa…) who’ve lost half their career making big money in shadow squads finally will play…Others (Nasri, perhaps…) just fade away having banked a their millions…

    I dunno, it seems bad to me… but I’m happy to hear other views… 😀

  • Oops, more troubles with my multiple personalities… 😦 Admir’s comment got to me, I guess, and I pulled the trigger while still “being” TA…

    Admir, PG, anybody else…

    Wenger, dennis bless him, is past the “pressure” from the spend, spend, spend contingent. Pundits (including bloggers) may rant and call for Simeone (why not Klopp?…) but it’s not gonna happen. Gonna have to wait for Wenger to retire (or die, or get killed by a fan just slightly angrier than you)…

    I would say if you don’t like it why not support a club whose (spending) policies you prefer? After all, why aren’t you blogging about your local team?… but I’ve been told that’s not appropriate…


    My theory is that people stick around because, unfortunately, Arsenal HAVE been managed to be strong enough that they might actually come good (at the very highest level) Unfortunately the clubs that went big for a minute (Portsmouth, Leeds Utd) are out there and their supporters have HAD TO pick a big club to get behind… If you like an underdog, doing it wisely, Arsenal (under AW) seems a good bet. If you need it all now, try Chavs or City, I’d say… Tougher times for teams caught somewhere in the middle–Pool for example, but at least they’ve got the Europa league and lots of turnover, season to season, window to window…

    That’s just my take on things and (clearly) I’m not as successful a pundit (nor as solid a supporter…) as Piers Morgan… (That’s sarcasm, for those who cannot recognize it…)

    Anyhow, this could be my cue to get the hell out of here…

  • Now you are joking HT – Zlatan as super sub? Really. If he can push Cavani to one side at PSG, I think it will be the others who would be the subs?

    I am not sure Asene knows whether JC will come good. As I said earlier, I think he would have gone for £7m. Not exactly a ringing endorsement is it?
    But I come back to my earlier point. If the team is playing confidently, and getting strangle holds on games early, it would open the doors for many fringe players. Wasn’t it you that said the fans would not have been happy if Campbell came on on Saturday?

    Don’t get me wrong, I too think the big money that has come into the English game is bad for Europe, especially the smaller clubs. they would never be able to hang on to their good players, and so, just leave a top pair in each country..
    One way to slow it down might be to take a 20% tax from all transfer deals to pay for the video technology?
    The world is the way it is, sadly.

    Oh, I doubt Zlatan is coming because he is just angling for a two year deal at PSG, before he disappears to the MLS … for even more money!

  • Is it over yet?… Admir was just a fly-by, it seems… Gonna be a field day for him and Piers and the Get.Someone.Who.Will folks…

    Cheers Gerry for the clarification…I’m still not completely clear on how you organize all your ideas, but we’ve got time… 😀 To me it would seem like buying a Cavani (ort a Rabiot) would kill the likes of Akpom (or Hayden) so it’s hard to understand your loyalties (or where you stand on these sorts of things)…

    Maybe the trouble is that clubs still have just the one public face of management. AW, I think, is a little less eager to pull the trigger on a monster buy as he has to “manage” the reactions his players might have. Although Giroud has been saying all the right things he (and Theo, who also has been doing well in the press…) will now know that it’s on his (their) shoulders to produce. Competition for places MIGHT lead to more goals (from those two) but they sure looked nervy in the most recent match (ahead of the window closing) so maybe they’ll relax and start banging them in now that the window has (slammed) shut…

    So, Cech is the only signing but–it could be claimed–we resigned the likes of important players like Theo, Santi and (maybe) Nacho while resisting inquiries on players like Wilshere and the Ox…

    Not everybody’s cup of tea, but so it goes…

  • 1 thing well worth bearing in mind is this!

    Wenger and the board have been after targets , it seems that we could not get them of there current clubs.?
    Worth thinking about that.

  • Also i could easy say with full belief that Cech is or could well be the best signing on the TW

    Were Arsenal fans and these are the god TW compared to a 4 years ago to 10 years

  • @17 – I understand your permanent need to make cheap punches below the belt but comparing anyone who doesn’t agree with support for Wenger’s moves (or lack of it) with Piers Morgan is really low.

    Anyway, as I’ve already said, if Arsene believes that he can win the title with the current squad, it’s fine by me if there are going to be consequences for him if he fails in doing so. I think it’s a fair view on the matter. For those who likes to sit around the fire in that allegoric Plato’s cave…enjoy the heat until summer 2017.

  • Well the window is closed now, but whether any late announced deals are still to come through is anyone’s guess. I doubt it.

    So status quo.

  • I think if you read my morning bulletin you would see I said I doubted any signing in the DM area.I said it would be managed from within.
    Nor have I mentioned Rabiot at any point today. Hayden will be safe when he returns. That is if he establishes himself as a long term prospect while he is out on loan. I believe he has the making of doing so, but the onus is on him to prove me right.
    Akpom too, given his position is a high profile one. But you have to look at the time scale. Most of the youngsters we have out on loan will not be automatic first team starters for another two seasons, unless they are truly exceptional. What they don’t want in their way are players who do not fulfill their youth promise, but are still here? That applies as much to the Hayden’s, Akpom’s, Zelalem’s, for the generation behind them. Arsenal is a Football club, not a day-care centre.

    The angle I take is similar to Cech. By the time he is starting to wain, we may get WS1 back as the finished article? Likewise when Ozil leaves, Zelalem should be pushing him out the door. The Jeff will do the same for Walcott, Crowley for Wilshere, and Akpom for Giroud, if they all reach the high standard they have set themselves.
    Of course, some in both parts of that equation will drop away before their time. But that is the nature of the sport.

  • Sorry Admir, you’re right…about comparing folks to Piers Morgan… 😀

    I still think, however, that it’s just a different dynamic at our club and supporters who get drawn in by what the other clubs are doing are in for a world of frustration. We’re the 4th strongest club–in financial terms–at the moment in England. As such, finishing 4th *should* be the expectation.

    At least two of ManCity, ManUnited and Chelsea will fail in winning the league. At that point, their supporters will at least be able to say, “Well, at least we gave it a go in the window…” Cold comfort that will be, IMO, but if that would truly work for Arsenal supporters then who am I to deny them the thought… Their managers may get “consequences” for not winning it (Pellegrini was a “dead man walking” last Spring) but even they sometimes stay the course. Wenger would be in a lot more trouble (with his board and his supporters) if we fall out of the top 4. Boring, I know, but also the truth…

    IMO (and it’s there in the post…) it’s false rhetoric (bad logic and argumentation) AND pounding one’s own chest to beat the spend, spend, spend drum and make claims that it is the ONLY way to move forward. We ARE spending, after all, on things like Theo’s new contract and the trickle down effect that will have on other contracts. 10 million on a keeper is big…Bigger than Real Madrid were able to do, in the end, it appears… 😀

    Did we do enough to insure we will win the title–no we didn’t (just like every other club)…but, as we say over here, that’s why we play the matches… Frankly, I can’t wait (for the matches and putting the window in the rear-view) and, even if we could have done more, this might make it all the sweeter (for me at least) if we were to come together with the current group and outperform the clubs which (with their transfer activities) seem to believe that money is the only way…

    So, again, apologies if I offended (Admir)…Stick around and have a chat–or come around more regularly and maybe with a bit less in the way of (sarcastic…) suggestions which aren’t ever gonna happen… Although, now that it’s over, I actually have to run… 😦

  • just noticed we have 24 squad players.
    When we are allowed 25, so we were defo after at least 1 more

  • ok back to football
    would you play Kosicelny and Gabrial or bring Per back in . I would like to see the former carry on.

  • This is when i think the club should make a statment letting us in on a bit of information .
    Wenger has always been tight lipped on transfer targets names, which i can respect.
    But just a little insight by the manager or the board.
    Even just a little statment saying i am happy with my squad, just to settle fans .
    I think we will have a good season, have a good squad.
    The only thing that seems weird is that we let 11 players and 2 keeper out mainly on loan, but it felt as if we had the space for some signings.

    But signing Petr Cech could be massive for us.
    We have an advantage now though we have a settled squad, who have had years together.
    Won back to back FA cups and should be able to push on.
    Some will say but our rivals have added players.
    But out of all the signings in the EPL this window, i would say only Sterling and Kevin De Bryne and Morgan would have added something to us.
    Is Benteke any better then Giroud? I would say no!

    I would also say i struggle to fit in some great players already from our midfield to forwards.

    As i said me personally i am just going to get behind my team and manager now and hope we can win the league, it would be good for football if we could.

  • Well I’m glad to say that my hampsteads are just fine… 🙂

    Great post 17, as per usual…

    I was hoping for at least one addition, if nothing else but to keep the criticism off of AW’s back. But he is his own man, for better or for worse, so now we’ve just gotta focus and support what we have…

    And, tbh, that isn’t too bad is it?

    Maybe Wenger has set in motion some moves that’ll lead to a Gabriel-type signing in January. Might even be a striker?

    And for our American readers, ‘hampsteads’ is slang for teeth….
    Hampstead Heath = teeth….

    Forever separated by a common language… 😀

  • Evening HT and other BK folk. A funny day, and rather mixed emotions here. I’m not surprised really by the outcome today, though mildly disappointed – as much for sentimental reasons as for the rational. A big signing would have been exciting, another thing to look forward to come our next game. No signings feels like an anticlimax, and leaves us all feeling fairly flat – or perhaps a bit worse for some! The flip side though, and the rational view, is that we do have a cracking squad that should be ready to compete – i.e. the age profile and squad continuity, plus a top goalkeeper, should mean we are better equipped this season that in the last. This isn’t trying to find the best in the situation, its for real; but we can’t afford to drop too many more points before we get into our stride. I predict some big wins for us this season and, injury willing, plenty of goals for both Giroud and Theo – I’m less sure about Danny to be honest.

    Where I differ with you HT is on whether its reasonable to buy in players of the Cavani ilk, and the risks to our young talent. We have money, and we need to use it sensibly to try and be as competitive as we can. We can’t match the oilers etc, in terms of spend, but we can only catch them in terms of performance through better youth development and the right purchases. Are there areas of this squad where we could improve our first team – yes. Did we try and find people for them – I’m damn sure we tried very hard. But in the end, for whatever reason – price or player interest – we have not been able to strengthen. It would be the greatest vindication (and achievement) of Wenger if we could win the league with our current squad. But, as often in recent years, there is the nagging suspicion that we might fall that little bit short. The DM space is the one I look at – there’s been next to no movement of SQ strikers all summer. But there have been quite a few top DMs sold; we must hope that the Coq can continue his form (or even improvement!) and stays fit in the bargain. I really don’t want to be dwelling on what might have been come the end of the season.

    Anyway, TW bollocks over for another year. On with the next game – and time to give the Orcs a proper stuffing!

  • After Wenger`s statement that we cannot compete with Mansour City and the early signing of Cech did anyone really think we were going to buy any SQ players ?…………..then delusional would be putting it mildly !. Under an avalanche of rumour hysteria I`m glad that I did not get caught up in it all and was never in doubt that Cech was going to be the only signing !……….not too bothered as not only was I more pissed off that we lost to WHam and drew with Liverpool, but The Spuds having 3 points and above the relegation zone takes the biscuit, so fcuk the torture window and anyway….sorry to say this AB….it`s will all start again in January !……cant wait !. hahaha
    My mind was more on the future rather than this TW !
    Anyway, touch wood, only Danny Diaby and Abou Wilshere are injured seriously and I think for this year at least we can compete for 2nd !……………….no idea about the future years after as a Chav, Manshafter Std free for all will take place to be runners up in Mansour Monopoly Premiership !.
    I actually thought that FFP was going to work !………yes !, I too was delusional !. Only one thing will make us compete with Mansour City in the future I`m afraid………………….a mega rich one owner !……………if we don’t win it (EPL) this year, then it will never happen in our life time as long as we have numerous owners….majority shareholders or UEFA grow some and stand up to the Arabs ! .

  • Hey there Cockie! Yes Jan not too far away. But lets face it, we almost never buy in Jan, unless we are looking like falling out of top 4! So, unless both LBs break their legs or some such, we can already assume it ain’t gonna happen. But this is the team we have been building, both developing and adding to, for the last 4 or 5 years; and now is their time to show if they are up to it. We need the likes of Ramsey to show the dominant match winning performances of 2 years ago, for Walcott to have a consistent run of goal scoring, Coq to show himself to be one of the best CBs in the league, and for our real stars to show their true form. There’s all the individual components of a team that can challenge there – its the drive, the belief, the conviction that they need to show.

  • Ok… from my first post when i was optimistic about getting someone in.. until my last post which gave up on that thought altogether.

    Apparently this morning when i woke up i am still trying to look for news that we have signed someone. Seriously we do not need SQ or someone really good. We need someone who can score!!

    Now to AW, play Joel Campbell on the right wing, as he will make a good new signing for us ;p

  • Okay, the morning after … and pain free, in both senses.

    I am not sure how much blame can be attached to Arsene Wenger for the failure to get the one signing he really wanted.
    I think I am right, but I think we signed Cech before Lord ‘Big Mouth’ came out and said we could buy ‘anyone, bar Ronaldo and Messi’?

    That is the starting point of our difficulty in our transfer dealings. It meant the selling club could demand what they wanted. So when it came to Benzema, if reports are correct, IG and the team had no wriggle room to haggle with. Real would have accepted a cash bid, with the full money up front. We tried to haggle with £30m down and staggered payments. Why? They have been told, if they did not know it already, we had £200m ready to spend. So they came back with a staggered payment plan, except it would now add up to a total of £60m.
    That was the second blunder. At the time the Euro was at an all time low, so if they were dealing in Euro’s, we would not have been far off the fee we paid for Ozil?

    PSG did a similar thing. Cavani was around £35m in the early part of the window. £50m on deadline day.

    I think the big difference between us and the big three clubs is more about ‘Asset Value’, and how it can interact with ‘Cash Value’. I am not an accountant, but it seems to me that these clubs can ignore those aspects and just get what they want. I realise I am stating the obvious there, but just take the De Gea situation at Man Utd. They were quite prepared to wipe off £35m from their asset value, as he will walk away for free next year. I could draw the parallel with us and RVP, when we squeezed the maximum price, and they won the title … with a very poor team.

    Players they have bought will not get anywhere near those fees they paid out, if they come on the market again. When a club can say they paid a record transfer fee ‘for CL games’ it tells you all about the disparity that has now grown since the abandonment of the FFP rules, and TV money in this league.
    I feel sorry for a player like Martial. He is no where near ready to play in the EPL, so he will get marginalised, and eventually sold off for half the fee they paid. Do Man U care. Not a bit of it.

    You are quite right HT, two of the three will miss out on the EPL title. But one may get the CL as ‘compensation’, and the other the FA Cup? Let’s face it, they can afford to throw their best teams at the latter, and/or really concentrate on the CL if they see their league challenge is only hopeful?

    So where does that leave us? I am not going to let my support for the club be interfered with by this TW. I just lower my expectations accordingly. First we have to keep tabs on the leaders until January. If the opportunity to improve the squad comes along, that will improve our chances of may be snatching 3rd spot. Realistically, I think two of the top three will be way ahead by Christmas, and the other will start to improve, and have the firepower to pick up in the second half. We will be particularly vulnerable to those teams in the second half of the season when the CL games become less of a distraction.

    In a nut shell, we have to take the maximum points off our nearest rivals below the big three. That way we are in a strong position for 4th, and just may be 3rd if one of the three has a meltdown?
    Yes, all clubs will suffer the odd bad result, but that includes us. Be prepared for it.

    That is how I see it unfolding, and it keeps the futility of anger away.
    What is done is done. Live with it.

  • Gerry,

    We need now for a trainer or a better psychologist to perk up the team.. we seriously need the team to score.. if AW still refuses to play Joel Campbell he would have sold him by now.. if he plays he needs to be the one making the assists and be able to score more on the fly.

    So now we can only look within for help. No more looking outside for other teams.


  • those pesty lanisters
    Perhaps Manshafter utd should add a logo to there badge
    LVG always over pays and gets the club in debts

  • I for 1 am not conceding that we are going for 4th

    City will burn out Aguero as they always do every season
    Chelsea are beatable
    Lainisters will do shit.
    Palace, Stoke, West Ham and Swasea will cause some damage
    If we play on the counter a little more and intelligently i believe they all stay fit then we have a chance.

  • City are the white walkers.
    Capable of touching a spear to other players and turning there eyes blue and of to the cold north!

  • 1 more thought is Alexis can also play though the middle.
    Is he did i would like to see this front 3


    Plus we did sign Rennes-Adelaide and another did we not? Just because they are u21 should they not be added, that is a good point. So that we did not sign an out field player is actually a lie.

  • Yassin Fortune was the other.
    Just because they only cost the price of a can of baked beans a mear £3,000,000 each, lol it should not be over looked. So i make that 3 signings this summer.
    These boys have talant.
    Gerry i know is a big Jeff fan.

  • Jk – I agree it is entirely within that we have to improve upon. No other way. And yes, there is considerable room for improvement. Theo for one. However, if I recall his stellar season of a few years ago, he wasn’t playing as CF? That is the unknown factor, can we play a system that makes the best use of his talents. Same for Giroud really, except we know he can score in his position.

    Alexis coming back to his sharpest will be the biggest boost. There were signs that is coming in the last game.

    Joel Campbell is a different kettle of fish. If he could reproduce his Costa Rica form then he would be hard to keep out. Indeed I would settle for his Olympiacos form right now. But on all the evidence so far, the premier league does not suit his game. Last Saturday would have been a great opportunity for him, instead he was kept as an unused sub in a game that we couldn’t score the second goal. It would not have mattered if he was a passenger, they only had 10 men too. So what does that tell you about how much confidence AW has in him?

    But really none of that matters if you get away from the idea that we are strong enough to get anywhere near our last season’s 3rd spot, no matter how many points Cech will gain us at season’s end. Be positive. Can we beat the Southampton’s, the Stoke’s,the Swansea’s, or even the newly strengthened West Ham that are out there. Well I would say, Yes! Our best game beats theirs. Being consistent at that level will be key to how we finish the season.

    As for the ‘big three’, I think Man United will suffer in the early days, as LvG will try and juggle his squad with so many new names, but when they do hit their stride, their will not many teams that will beat them. Chelsea are a bit like us, as they basically have the same team that won the league last year, but are struggling to find form among their key players. They may be a different proposition after the break? Man City are the only top team from last season that have hit the ground running, and they have strengthened! AFCON might just put them of stride if they lose Toure for 6 weeks, but by January I will be surprised if they are not clear at the top by virtue of having dropped the least points to inferior rivals, as well as dominating their nearest rivals. The demolition of Chelsea being a good reference point?

    Injuries will play a big part for all clubs, key ones in particular. I think we can managed a short term loss of Coquelin, and with Gabriel, we can survived an injury to either Kos or Per. Double injuries are not quantifiable, but they happen? That is the roll of the dice that all teams will gamble with, and the smaller the squads, the bigger the impact.

    Our CL squad goes in today, as PG mentions. It will be interesting who gets in on the A-list.

    I am not trying to be negative here. I just would rather be surprise from a realistic end of season target, than be bitterly disappointed by what might really happen.

    Others may go a different way ..
    However, all the talk of ‘missed opportunities’ does not change the squad we have. That is just negative energy!

  • Its not a bad way to look at things Gerry i often usde it myself, expect the worse and anything is is a pleasant surprise.
    We have started slow but things will improve, hopefully our team can just settle down now.
    Also Wenger and the players often refer to the spirit of our team, also there hungry for the title.
    Sadly i had tickets for the Stoke game but i have to play in a golf competition on that day so will miss it.

  • Gerry, PG,

    I am not sure against the rugby-playing team that won twice against us last season, but this season they seem off colour too. I do not wish their form to pick up after the interlull, as 17ht puts it, and hope that we can find the passing swagger that we missed out in critical scoring moments the past 4 games.

    Lets play rugby against them shall we?

    And Rambo puts it, look at the table after 10 games, we need the lads to start the next game on a high, if not after 10 games we will see ourselves in the middle of the table.

    PG, sorry to hear that you will miss that match. If I am living in the UK i would like your tickets, but sadly I am thousands of miles far east. 😦


  • I would have happy gave them to a BKer but have given them to my cousin now JK
    If it ever happens again which hopefully it does not il let you guys know.
    Il have to wait til the united game now til i go to the home of proper football 😦

  • Nice post 17HT! really liked the suggestion “We should also have a minute of silence before the next round of kick-offs to remember the Financial Fair Play rules…” 🙂 If AFC and some of the other clubs can actually pull this off, it would be sensational and send an important message. Will be interesting to see if KdB can make it in the EPL on his second attempt.

    Certainly our strikers have chosen a terrible time to go collectively missing. But, I am confident that we’ll find out stride soon and be in top form when it really matters. Would’ve been nice to have Cavani / Benzema but really didn’t see why PSG/RM were going to let either go.

  • St.Henry,
    I like the way you are looking at it.
    I am going to bear this in mind all season, it would really be a great thing for football all over the world if we pulled it off.
    COYG It is about time the good guys won!

  • I pretty much knew that about Wenger, but it was good to learn about the Labour possible next leader. 🙂

  • Not sure if I pressed the wrong button so here goes again !.

    Sorry 17 !…..forgot to say what an enjoyable read that was……has the missus been helping you !. 😀

    If only we could be as happy and excited as the Spuds at the end of TW`s !. 😆


  • Done the post again and now there`s two up !…..saying they are awaiting moderation !…..come on Total 1 and Total 2 sort it out and release the second one !. hahaha

  • Nicked this off of chas, but it is so funny !……….well !, unless you`re a touchy German !. hahaha

  • LOL
    I can’t stand that frying pan , then mrs sat on his face
    But i love that he is Manshafter utd manager as with him it will fail 🙂

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