12 classy players for 6 positions: no wonder Wenger did not buy anybody this summer

….except Cech of course.. 🙂


So there you go; we bought nobody after getting the best goal keeper in the PL, and we have got to do it all with the squad we have. No shop-therapy, no parading of new, smiley faces in brand new red and white shirts. Wenger did not indulge in buying himself a new toy or two and it all remains to be seen whether he will come to regret this or not. You got to give it to him that he does not seek the easy route in life. He could have bought one or two players to keep the press and buy-happy-fans satisfied and off his neck; instead, he bought absolutely nobody anymore after, swimming against the stream like the most resolute salmon. But for every dropped point he will be reminded of this, of course.

Many fellow Gooners spent many hundreds of hours reading the gossip papers and blogs and dreaming of shiny stars joining us, this summer. For how many years now have we been linked with Benzema, Higuain, Schneiderlin and so forth? It is soooo tedious! But as the journey is often nicer than actually arriving at a place, hoping that the gossip is true is perhaps even better than it actually happening. 🙂

As others have pointed out, especially AB who put it all very succinctly, the squad is great as it is. We have two quality players for every position and we need to keep them all happy, and for that we need to play them regularly.

We have plenty of CBs and full backs, and they are all good to very good. We have Cech in goal and Ospina as back up; so no worries here either. We have an army of first choice midfielders who almost all can become even better this season: Rambo, Coquelin, Wilshere, Ozil, Ox, Santi and Arteta. In attack we can pick from Giroud, Alexis, Theo and Danny – all first team internationals. So we have 12 classy players for 6 positions in midfield and attack…. No wonder really that Wenger did not feel much urgency to add players.

Many believe we need a top class striker to win the title but when we had one in Van Judas we did not win the league. Citeh had Aguero but did not win the league either last season. The Chavs, however, did win the league with an average to good CF, Costa. Citeh are overly dependent on Aguero and as soon as he is injured, suspended or out of form, they are likely to drop so many points that they can forget about winning the league. Manure had Van Judas, Shrek and Falcao at about £750,000 a week in salary alone and scrambled to fourth place – they were very lucky that Spuds and Pool had an even worse season. The Spuds had seasonal sensation Kane scoring for fun but ended up in the Gunners’ shadow, and outside the top four, once more.

Wenger wants to spread the goals and I reckon this is the best policy. We are less predictable and dependable on one man this way, and it is in this light we need to look at Giroud. OG is not a natural match winner, but he will score enough to be a threat and he will get others involved in the goal scoring duties. Alexis will be one of them, and I reckon our season will depend on the likes of Ozil, Rambo, Theo, Ox and Wilshere finding their shooting boots. Especially from central midfield we need more goals and the lack of finishing by Santi and Ozil is a small worry to me. But let’s see how Wenger deals with this this season.

Wenger does seem to be experimenting with playing Theo upfront instead of OG. I reckon we play better with OG leading the line, but am open to change. If we do play Theo up top then I would like to see Alexis in the hole to both provide service to him and score plenty of goals himself. Our Chilean firecracker is lethal from outside as well as inside the box and together with Theo he can drive defences mad. With Ozil and Ox we have players who can play wide and in the middle of midfield, especially if they are supported by attack hungry full backs, of which we have plenty. And with Rambo and Jack, and Welbeck and Santi, we have versatile players who can play almost anywhere. And then OG, or Danny, can come on as super-sub.

Alternatively, Wellbeck gets a chance to play up-top as soon as he is fit again. And I reckon Wenger will at least try this again during the season.

All in all, I reckon we will be fine again on the goal creating and scoring, and points gathering, front, and with Cech, BFG, Koz and Paulista and Coquelin and Arteta we have experience and power to keep us defensively solid.

So, what we can look forward to is how this group of players matures further and starts scoring goals from all areas whilst keeping it tight at the back. It might not be as sexy as buying a few high profile players but that will not bother Wenger one minute.

I for one cannot wait to see how this season will pan out. Bring it on!

CoYG!!! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.  

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  • Great post TA! Echo’s my thoughts!

    I was just reading an interesting piece by Michael Cox on three potential systems Arsenal could adopt this season – http://www.arsenal.com/news/features/20150902/eye-for-detail-wealth-of-options.

    Of the options he discusses my personal preference is a 4-3-3 system with Cech in goal, Bellerin at right back, Gabriel and Koscielny at centre back, Gibbs at left back, Coquelin at the base of a midfield triangle with Cazorla in a left-of-centre role, and Ramsey in a right-of-centre role, Ozil (right) and Alexis (left) on the flanks and Walcott up top.

    I think that setup provides the team with good attacking full backs to help provide width and overlapping attacking runs (something I don’t think Arsenal are doing enough of at the moment), provides the balance of a deep midfielder (Coquelin), a box-to-box midfielder (Ramsey) and a direct playmaker (Cazorla) in the centre of midfield and a selfless playmaker (Ozil) and a direct forward (Sanchez) on the flanks.

  • Any Arsenal team without Giroud is not complete. He may not be the most pacey prolific goal scorer around. But he gives the team the presence and intimidating option that no one else can

  • Hey Ogban! Definitely agree that Giroud gives the team an intimidating presence when deployed in that centre forward position. His touch, lay off ability and contribution defensively are also a big plus! However, I have a preference for the team’s centre forward option to provide more penetrative attacking off the ball movement into and within the opposition’s penalty box as I think that is generally something the side lacks when attacking. For that reason I prefer Walcott in that centre forward role as I think he has those attributes more so than Giroud or Welbeck (who is something of a hybrid of the two). That said, as Wenger has already intimated I think he’ll rotate his centre forward options to cater for the opposition.

  • Speaking of Arsenal’s system and style of play, I was watching 49 The Complete Unbeaten Record last night. Geeze we played such a different style and system now to what we did back then. I can understand those who were prefer to see a complete overhaul and for us to revert back to that system of old.

  • Just contrasting today’s and the 2003/2004 Arsenal squads for a moment:

    GK – Lehmann; Taylor
    RB – Lauren (Toure if required)
    CB – Campbell; Toure; Cygan; Keown
    LB – Cole; Clichy
    RM – Ljungberg (Wiltord or Parlour if needed)
    CM- Vieira; Gilberto Silva; Edu; Parlour
    LM – Pires (Reyes or Edu if needed)
    ST – Bergkamp; Henry; Wiltord; Reyes; Kanu

    GK – Cech; Ospina
    RB – Bellerin; Debuchy
    CB – Mertesacker; Koscielny; Gabriel; Chambers
    LB – Monreal; Gibbs
    CM – Coquelin; Carzola; Arteta; Ramsey; Wilshere
    RW – Ox (Walcott, Ramsey or Welbeck if needed)
    CAM – Ozil; Rosicky (Cazorla or Ramsey if needed)
    LW – Sanchez (Ramsey, Walcott or Welbeck if needed)
    ST – Giroud; Walcott; Welbeck

    I don’t think many would disagree that the 2003/2004 was a better side both defensively and offensively. That said, I really feel like there’s the right combination of players and the state of the opposition to prompt Arsenal’s best title challenge in years.

  • Good article, finally, some sense among all this bitching about not signing new players. As you,ve well pointed out, we don’t need new players, we need our current squad to upgrade their performance and they will

    As for formation, depending on the opponent, AW will play either OG or Theo, I don’t have a set preference ( I do lean towards OG, as I think when he’s there in the anchorman role, our attack looks more “structured” and he provides a good outlet for crosses, which Theo doesn’t). But my preference being said, I also belive OG will work at home, against teams coming to the Emirates to defend. For some of the CL games, for instance, where teams generally play more open football, we might use Theo. He’ll get more space to exploit. And then we have either the supesub, or the more moderate version of the two, Welbeck, who is not as fast as Theo, nor as strong as OG, but he can do a decent job in both areas (running in space behind the back 3/4 or providing the anchor/muscle in games with 8 defenders)

    So all in all I am very excited to see how the team will surprise us this season, I’m so looking forward to playing Bayern and Chelsea and the lot!

  • Well done TA – A very good ‘move on’ post. Not strictly accurate of course, as it is heavily biased towards the ‘We will not buy anybody, not needed’ lobby.

    However, it disguises a few problems we do have. Namely, getting the best out of the players we have when they play together?
    So here is the reality check, then we can move on.

    But let’s just be clear on your starting point:
    When you say. ‘He could have bought one or two players to keep the press and buy-happy-fans satisfied and off his neck’.
    How about ‘He could have bought two players to improve the squad, amid thoughts that Danny Welbeck might have a long term injury’? After all, he was not exactly inactive during the window?Just unsuccessful?
    Without Welbeck We have one striker, and one needing to be backed up by the complimentary team mates against an opposition who obligingly play an open attacking game. That may rule him out of most home games?
    The good news is, he appears to have listened to the criticism of only playing down the middle, and is now willing to play anywhere he is asked to, but his priority is CF.

    Moving through midfield, where it is a minefield of complexity, as shown by Fl08’s link to the Michael Cox piece. In that, even where the teams has had successes, there are players shunted out of position, so they under-perform or unbalance the side.
    Crucially, the most successful defensive combination, has been the pairing of Coquelin and Cazorla. Without that pair at the back we lose the dynamism in transition. As Cox points out, Ramsey and Arteta are more ‘cautious’ (to which I think we can insert ‘slow’) thus when we win possession back in our half, the opposition are well organised by the time we get forward. When Flamini was younger, he was the ‘Coquelin’ to ‘Santi’s Fabregas. Alas he is not as mobile now.
    Good news, in the CL squad list I did note Glen Kamara’s name. Now for all his inexperience, he is actually a better ‘fit’ at replacing Coquelin should the need arise. I say that, because I think he could do the simple stuff of feeding Cazorla the ball quickly, and is more mobile that our experienced back ups. More importantly, he is still here at the club!
    The bad news is, will he be given any game time prior to be thrusted on to the field when we are hanging on to a 1-nil lead. Unlikely, if this obsession of getting all our best player in the starting line up. That will only get worse when JW is back after the break. He of course would be a candidate for the DM slot. His big weakness, imo, is his natural instinct is to turn and run, and look for the pass later. Both Coquelin and Cazorla’s great strength is knowing who they can pass the ball to before they even get it. No amount of telling Jack to stay deep is going to override his instinctive play.

    CB’s is a doable area, I grant. Mainly because we have experienced full backs who can both operate at a very good level in the middle. That of course reduces options in the fullback department. However, from what we have seen so far, Chambers is not ready for a starting role.

    Good news. No problem in goal. especially if Matt Macey can continue in the form of his last game. He has been named in the CL squad, and may find himself on the bench quite frequently.

    Not really a surprise that ‘The Jeff’ found his way into that squad either. Not ready yet for full starting roles, but a dangerous player to bring on? It also, in a back-handed way, show the need for a left winger?

    So there you have it. Not all bad news by any means. But not quite as strong as some would have us believe?

  • Thanks guys 🙂

    Some fine comments and a good challenge back from Gerry 🙂

    Others I will get back to tonight. 🙂

    The idea that Wenger was really looking but was unsuccessful is something that belongs to your brigade, gullible Gerry; the one that believes that if the cheap press says it so it must be so. 🙂

    I have no doubt that if the right player would have become available he might have acted on it, but to me it looked all summer that he just wants to build further with this squad. 12 players for six midfield/attacking positions, all of whom need to play regularly to keep them happy, is a great luxury to have. Agreed there are challenges to get the best out of them playing together, but let’s leave that to Wenger to sort out.

    Welbeck’s injury is, if indeed long-term, is a bit of an issue, but with Theo, OG, Sanchez we have all good players to play up top, and the mid-wings are covered well with additional players.

    Hope this puts you back in perspective and makes you join the ride. It is going to be fun! 🙂

  • From the gullible to the incredible, all I can say, if it makes you happy then so be it 😀

    I had already signed up to following the team with interest. Where we probably depart from that approach is I don’t think we will fare very well against the teams who are likely to finish in the top 4. Which, as I previously stated, I think that is was you need to do to win the league.

    Whatever will be will be. I am happy to see players evolve as the season goes on. Having sent Ozil to his National squad with a knee tendon injury, a ‘real’ one note, it is highly likely he will return with an inflamed tendon injury, so JW’s return could be very handy?

    Perhaps the ‘right’ player will be available in January, but I doubt it.

    If you want to have a poll as to where we will be positioned in the league by January 1st, 2016, then put me down for 7th, but looking good to rise higher in the second half of the season. We could be a notch or two higher, but I have a feeling we might have a bit of a run in the CL which will distract us. Enjoyable all the same.

    Don’t let the ‘rose tints’ make it a disappointing season for you, eh?

  • Just as a positive update, we are the only English team to put forward a full 32 man squad in the CL.
    Chelsea saw fit to only supply 23, including their B-list ones.
    Man City managed 21, and have no B-list player to put on.

    How Chelsea can justify having 33 players on loan, apart from stockpiling so others cannot have them, is amazing?

  • I think we should not over look this detail.
    The media might be, i did til yesterday.
    But if i was them i would like to think our fans at least acknowledged it.
    Jeff has already made his debut in the pre-season cups and played very very well, he reminded me of Patrick Viera, a big shout i know but none the less that is what i thougt while watching him.

    Let’s not go along with the media, who all they what to do is break stories, they have been damaging relationship with our fans on our great manager for years.
    I hope these kids shut them up.!

  • Up a little early today and busy, but ready to get back into the post-window hand wringing…Frankly, given the circumstances, I’m amazed at just how easily all the old wounds are torn open and how quickly the insane polemics get. Now that it’s over, it *could* be time to lighten things up…

    Where does all the insanity come from? What evidence do we have to go on? I guess we take those first 4 matches and then add in the transfer business… And then we extrapolate…

    As such, it’s a done deal that ManCity are going to walk away with the league. 114 points and a GD of 80 (they’ll have to take a couple of 1-nils along the way given their winning runs in the CL and domestic cups…) but still no goals conceded. Kevin DeBruyne AND Samir Nasri get along and play beautifully at every turn, covering for each other (and David Silva and Jesus of Navas) and turn pasty and chinless into the new face of English football. 🙂

    On the plus side, Totts and Chavs fight relegation all season and fans hold up signs of protest against Levy and Moorinhovich lamenting the ‘facts’ that they failed to spend the necessary funds to get Berahino and Pogba at the deadline.

    Arsenal, Man U and Liverpool, of course, all finish on 66 (and a half…) points to claim the Europa league spots. Crystal Palace, Leicester and Swansea take the CL places. Why not? They did the good business…Cabaye, Inler and Ayew are ALL players who could’ve helped the Arsenal…

    That last statement I actually believe, the rest of it is a goof…As are the folks who take every back page rumor (rumour) as gospel. But that HAS to be a very small group. (The very young and, perhaps, the very old?…) I guess for those that do believe the “news” in the Daily Star or the Metro (and all the rest who quote them…) we have to be glad that we (somehow) held onto the Ox despite the money flashed by RvP’s new team (Galatasaray). Likewise, earlier in the summer, we did well to keep Juventus at bay when they tried to lure Ozil out of the team. On the other hand, now that he’s in a wheelchair, it might have been some good business…

    For those who (still) cannot tell (except for the part about Cabaye, Inler and Ayew)… I’m JUST KIDDING…

    Which brings me to TA’s post… Good job there, boss… And the fact that we don’t need to act stupidly in the market *should* be seen as a good thing. I’m a little disappointed, like any kid on Christmas morning, (Ooh that Cavani, with the flowing hair and the soul patch and filling out the tight Puma kit…) but then I evaluate all the goods I’ve gotten (over the year) and it’s not so bad. Sorry, giving Theo the big contract prevents the duplicity there…

    What really saddens me, however, is that it feels like a definitive “break” between the club and the fans who live by the minute and are susceptible to the polemics of the (self-serving) pundits and (minute to minute) “news” services. It just makes for a hostile environment whenever there’s a hiccup. Any bad result will lead to more Stoke Railway scenes and every moment before we strike the relief (first) goal (at home at least) is a nervous one. The 2nd goal is key (why should the fans suffer when a single kick could ruin things?) and the 3rd should be guaranteed when the ticket is purchased. It’s like the bad guy (finally, after some close escapes…) getting immolated (or the lead couple finally kissing–to the right music…) at the end of the film. We paid our money–and plenty more than if we’d gone to the cinema–where’s our happy ending?…

    So, I agree, TA, we’ve got players, fine players, and they need to play. We’re a little light in a couple of spots but who would’ve been happy with the names I’ve cited from Palace, Leicester and Swansea? (Gomis, from the previous window, might be another who might’ve made our squad a little deeper…) Please note, to buy any of those guys we would’ve had to add a few million, just because it’s Arsenal buying. Also, don’t forget about our salary structure–no it’s not the same as the Manc teams and Chavs, but bringing someone into the team is never cheap–how much do the walking dead (Arteta and Flamini) make as back-ups to Le Coq (who got a good pay raise back in the spring but surely will need another if he stays fit and continues to contribute…)

    What we really need is a game and some goals and some happier moments to celebrate OUR players. (Reflecting on the most recent match, disappointing as it was, I keep thinking damn, Bellerin and Coquelin have really picked up where they left off last season and Gabriel’s play is gonna put some REAL pressure on the BFG, for example…)

    To conclude… AW has said, “Everybody thinks they’ve got the prettiest wife at home.” Wrong. The model these days seems to be that of that recently hacked web-site, “LIfe is short, have an affair.” 😀 So go ahead, give a little love to Man City, if you must…better than Chavs, IMO… and nobody has to know… 😀

  • my comments are awaiting moderation, it basically says we signed 3 our world class keeper and the 2 above 🙂
    Lets not forget this players
    If i was them i would at least like our fans to acknowledge that we signed.
    Jeff has already made his debut and played great in the pre-season cups

  • 17,
    Lord have mercy
    As soon as i read Ozil was in a wheel chair i went straight to AFC site before reading your next 2 lines pheeeew

    Sad news is Danny is though 😦

  • Hey PG, I just went in and got those comments up… The software rejects (puts in moderation) any post with more than one link…

  • What is the news re: Welbeck? Wenger’s statements before the Newcastle match was that Welbeck was soon to return to training, ahead of Wilshere, I think he said…

  • It worries me even more when i read that it is cartilage injury and required sergry, when last night the doctor told me i have a cartilage injury. She said 2- 6 weeks to me :/

  • He had surgry today 17his cartilage injury did not feel right when he started training the club tried to avoid this but it seems that it was the best option now 😦

  • It’s people like you guys that makes one interested in reading comments and browsing on Arsenal’s news. We should stop whinning about the players we should have bought and hope the once we have turn up and play well. After all, this is the same squad that got the most points at the turn of the year last season. We could have won the match against Liverpool or scored more goals against Newcastle if our chances were converted. I need no new players, just need these crop of players to be more decisive and play like winners

  • So at least 6 weeks for him i would have thought, probably more.
    That is not good i was looking forward to having him back
    Now is the time for Joel Campbell to really step up to the plate and fight for a starting place.

    Come on Joel Campbell now is your chance good luck

  • Oh ok 17
    I think we should acknowledge them lads
    I think it would be nice and refreshing to do a piece on them.

  • Just because they did not cost £50,000,000 each, are not known to be SQ world class players on £250,000 a week.
    Does not mean they can’t become world class, we may have to give them more time which i concede is not perfect but hey they may not.
    Plus who am i to argue with Wenger’s player choice’s
    Iwobi is also ready.
    As is Gnabry though he is out on loan

  • Jeff Reine-Adelaide made our CL squad giving my point more stronger
    As did Iwobi and Chris Willock

  • Thanks for the info, PG, I took a “media break” yesterday (but read a bit of the crazy stuff in the evening)…Hadn’t heard about the Welbeck surgery… Indeed, Jo-el Camp-bell should get some cameos now… I wouldn’t put too much stake in the kids in the reserves. It seems to me like we’ve kept making some good buys in that age range but so few of them can break through–esp. when fans are demanding ready-made (or over the hill) huge money players…

    Which leads me to a more serious observation…

    Wenger, I think, has a point about the market, it’s out of whack these days… Seriously… And with FFP in tatters what can we do? City–at the top of the table and yet to concede a goal–are giving record money for young players who have yet to truly prove themselves. Sterling looks promising and DeBruyne put up good numbers in Germany. Still, he was cast aside by Mourinho at Chelsea (as was Schurrle)… How many (very good) players can these teams keep happy? Meanwhile, huge turnover and thus monstrous pressure on Memphis and now Marital (who?…) across town at ManU… Not to mention Schneidersteiger and Blind (out of position) and De Gea who didn’t get his move…

    What’s happening is that there is an emerging gap between older, established players, already on massive money (and who hold down most of the starting spots on the biggest teams) and the promising kids arriving at that level (of money). So many of these up and comers don’t quite make it or fall out of favor with the new managers who come in to “rescue” clubs which have come up short. Chicharito (and RvP and Falcao…) displaced Welbeck but now goes to Leverkuysen, a club which couldn’t hold onto Draxler, who, of course, stepped up to Schalke but now moves to Wolfsburg to “earn” the DeBryune money. Once the money is in, you’re stuck with the player. No big deal for the Sheik but not the way Stingy Stan operates. Even Abramovich has his limits, it seems…

    It’s all a bit insane, IMO… so what are we supposed to do?… Do we spend crazy and try to hoard players in this manner or do we go with what looks good at home? Our British Core is the big element here. Ramsey, Wilshere, Theo, Ox, Danny W–all good players, all who could be sold for good money (not to mention the savings in wages) and all who get raises in pay just to keep them–even if they’re hurt… If we get into the market in a big way these are the players who will be gone (or will not play beyond cup matches and cameos as they ride out their contracts)… Is that what the fans want to see?

    Don’t even get me started on the reserve players and the teenagers. Yes, they (also) might get some CoC matches or a CL dead rubber… If they do well then it’s off on loan like all the rest… It’s nice that some fans get excited by them but don’t get too attached, I would say…

    So, Arsenal tread a middle ground…a smaller squad which has been together now for a few years and culling some of the deader wood, with a chance for a kid here and there…

    In the end it’s all about results…Play the matches and see what happens… Maybe?…

  • Very good points 17,
    I do agree but if any top club does well in this dept its us, Wenger.
    The only other problem it seems now because of the stupid money being thrown around.
    If you don’t buy the players young, then it the future you have to pay £80,000,000 for them, i am on about the top top world class players.
    That would not even come close to buying us Messi or Ronaldo, Messi played for Barca as a young kid come though, now no club in the world can really afford him.

  • I believe with Wenger i think he thinks. If they are good enough they can play for us. Now
    Jack did it, Bellerin is , Cesc, Szcz and many more.
    Let hope our young guns remember this well and take heart from it.

  • Apologies PG – it was not a direct link I could have put up regards the other clubs. I recycled it from a reply on 7.0am kick off’s site.

    I hope your little humorous stuff you just put up HT, means we can move without the extreme views you like to slip when opposing views that don’t coincide with you own?
    Now I am in my bonus years, I can relax. I recall a line from an old American TV Cop show call Dragnet – ‘Just the facts ma’am, just the facts’.
    Any chance?

    I agree that the outcry over what didn’t happen in the TW, is not helpful going into the 6 games in 18 days that we face after the break? That includes: An away trip to Croatia;, Away to Spurs in the CoC; Home to Olympiacos(CL); And league games against Stoke, Chelsea, and Man Utd.
    Funnily enough, the last one I think we may win, as LvG suddenly realises that Blind is not a CB after all. 😀
    Actually, I think Crystal Palace are in there, prior the Man U game. Either way, it is a wake up call in no uncertain terms?

    That means we have got to get our act together pdq. Especially as Silent Stan will be urging for at least the next round in the CL. So there will be no rest for the good guys facing Chelsea just two days after our Adriatic sojourn. Chelsea, of course, have a home tie in the CL.

    ‘These are just the fact ma’am, just the facts.’

    … even if in my dotage, I cannot remember them exactly 😀

  • Gerry, lol
    In my bonus years, i have not heard that before.
    They are some quite tricky facts as well in them 18 days .
    But that is what we want to watch , i believe we can beat them all.
    I will be going to Arsenal v LVG Laisters utd.

  • I must say though Gerry i thought you may have got behind me on Jeff and Yassin.
    I know there not Morgan and Benz but, hmmm when i say it like that. But 2 signing none the less and i can say that Jeff looks like a great young player to me.

  • Gerry, TA, Christian,
    It is very bad news on the Welbeck front, after reading your comments again, i am sure you will agree.
    Sad news that one. :/

  • Gerry, I will try to be a good fellow and not indulge too much sarcasm or try to lump too many types together… I know I give you plenty of grief but perhaps that’s because I’m never sure where you’re coming from… On the one hand you seem to have a (much) more measured response (than many) when results go against us, yet, on the other, you seem to believe just about everything you read. You want me to stick to the facts, but you seem to trust (just about) any rumour–if it fits your fancy–on the day… (I’d do a smiley here, but maybe I shouldn’t given our priors…)

    You have to understand that I’m still a noob when it comes to the way football is covered in your country. In the States things just seem sooooo much more straightforward. Spending in the window (at Arsenal at least) seems like it’s been leveraged (by the press) into a soap opera designed to infuriate the (working class) masses. Over here we’ve been dealing with spoiled athletes for longer, maybe, plus most franchises make a division between the General Manager (who builds the squad) and the on-field manager in a much more distinct manner. Add in that most leagues have salary caps, draft picks (usually slanted to help the worst teams) and other elements to level the playing field and it’s just not so crazy. Owners are pretty much guaranteed to make money and (generally) prohibited from burning it just to keep warm…

    Interestingly, in Spain, from my experience, the folks seem a lot calmer too. In Granada they support the home team but also pick one of the big two to support–even if the roots of that support may go back to the Civil War divisions (!)… Barca and RM work their “policies” in the presidential elections, managers are much closer to being pawns in the game, buys happen–or not and people discuss them, but they don’t stage protests nor square up to each other in the bars or in the stadiums…

    Not in England, it seems, and Wenger, like in the article you posted, is a great figure for divisiveness. My take on it is that the stadium move, preceded by the outsized success of the Henry, Bergkamp teams didn’t come off–in terms of on-pitch success–mostly because of the appearance of the Oiler-Garchs. Still, rather than the up and down of another big club (Liverpool–and now, even ManU…) the consistency of results seems impressive. Yes, the Cesc/Nasri team got blown out (picked apart by vultures…), but this new one, built around Alexis and Ozil (and this British Core element…) seems an uptick. Moreover, we now keep our best players, back page stories suggesting they’re going being only for the gullible… (Another smiley, eh…)

    Alexis and Ozil…Those are the names people should consider and then remember that those buys have been outshadowed (financially at least) in this window by a whole host of names. Are Sterling and DeBruyne reallly better players? Are Memphis and Martial? (Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger?) What about Pedro and Cesc? Benteke and Firmino (and Milner)? At least Pool had to sell first and, yes, it’s tough to compete with these teams who are just adding and adding and adding, but they can only play 11 at a time… Following those teams down the rabbit hole just isn’t going to happen…

    Finally, yes, we’ve gotta get to the end of this international break and we will know a LOT more by the time we get to the next one. Hopefully results go our way and performances improve and we can work in a few more figures and use our good squad depth to solid effect. Meanwhile, if some rivals stumble.. Well, that would be cool too… Plenty of match previews to write (for me) then… and I’ll try to keep to the facts when I do… 😀 Cheers!

  • Great stuff Freddie and Cristian 🙂

    Love the link with our 49ers, Freddie. The squad is deep and full of quality. 🙂

    Gerry, I reckon we will be in top three at least by Christmas – and close to the leaders. And yes we will regularly beat the big teams this season – remember we beat Citeh twice in a year, Chavs once (but lost away) and Mancs in the FA cup: this is surely an improvement…and something to build further on.

    Cheers 17ht – interesting that you reckon those three Swansea players are all better than what we got – even in the wider squad. You could be right but none of those excites me enough to say YES YES YES I wish they were Gunners! Would be good to know where you think we are light/weak in the squad.

    PG – I love your spirit even though I know you would have loved it if we had signed somebody decent this summer (in addition to PC). We are going to grow from within rather than by adding new ones… 🙂

  • Hi Terrible Total,

    I think that Post is so apposite and well thought thru that it pretty much reflects my own views — well at least until I change my mind. 😀

    I have said elsewhere that I was disappointed that no new toys players came in – but I am confident AW did try, but for one reason or another did not succeed – so why would I, or any else for that matter, think the worst of him without knowing the facts?

    Anyway, it is now history, and boring — personally I cannot wait for the post-Interdull break to be over and we can get our teeth into a 3 week – 7 game – schedule. The more the better for footie starved Gooners like me. 🙂

  • The game I am most interested in is the CC where we have been drawn against the Spuds.

    It would be great to win – that goes without saying – but I particularly hope to see a great talent like Jeff Queen of Adelaide, and one or two others, like another new youth player Yassin Fortune who also has a great career ahead of him.

    Go Gunners! 😀

  • Hey TA… For the record (and to respond to some folks I missed on the previous thread)… yes, I would have been excited by a final day signing… I’m not a robot, after all… 😀 Same as RA, it appears…Hey mister, long time… When we gonna get a post from you about FFP or football economics more generally…

    To answer TA… When it comes to former Napoli players, I think Inler in on a free at Leicester (approx 3 million pound salary = approx 60K week) rather than Cavani as our (new) record signing, would have been my preference. Cabaye (Palace) looked very good when we played them and at Chavs when they won. As such, rear of MF is my biggest concern. I have my doubts about Theo and the Ox but I think they just need further chances and a good run of fitness. If we’re looking to replace Welbeck due to knee troubles there are better (cheaper, much cheaper) options out there… Hopefully he can help in the 2nd part of the season and Campbell pops up with some quality in the meantime. (His hold up play, seeing out matches, is really pretty OK, IMO…)

    Back to my perceived trouble spot… The more I think about it the more I am impressed by Coquelin and esp. his performance at Toonies. Maybe it’s just impressive that his tibia/fibula didn’t snap under the Mitrovic challenge and then that his mind didn’t snap when Thauvin came in moments later… Worrisome if he’s gonna be targeted in that manner but he shows that he’s quicker and more aware (and balances those elements with nose-braking bravery…) That said, Arteta is a fine player and I hope he gets some chances in these next few matches. I’d also like to see more of our Spanish Pirlo (Santi Cazorla) working things from the back of the midfield. Just as we shouldn’t give up on Chambers as back-up (at CB and possibly at DM and RB), Debuchy did OK that one match where he had to fill in (last season at West Ham, I think). What about Gibbs? Late sub (ahead of Nacho on the left) seems about all he’s doing these days… In other words, we’ve got some versatility when it comes to “emergency” situations and, in general (esp. in the bigger, tighter matches) a real key is how the FBs and the DM(s) work together and get back to prevent opponent breakaways–a spot where we really had issues last season… What’s a little scary is when we sub out LeCoq and throw on an extra attacker, but so it goes, and there’s your tactics for those who claim AW doesn’t do ’em…

    To me it’s impressive squad depth, but Inler and Cabaye are both really strong players. Ayew, I think, could give Ox some lessons and Gomis, might’ve been a good one, esp., if we knew that Welbeck was gonna have big fitness problems… BTW, you and I need to talk about Swansea on the last day of October…Who’s buying the tickets?… 😀

    Back on topic, the faster we put this window in the rear-view, the better… Orcs visit in less than 10 days…

    Finally, and I think it needs to be said for anybody still on the fence about whether they should just chuck it and join the protests… We’re going to have to do well with the academy buys–like the ones PG highlights. If DeBruyne and Sterling get silly prices (which then trickle down to the likes of Draxler, Firmino, etc., etc) then we MUST keep trying to buy and develop the next generation of Pogbas and Henrys… Unfortunately most of that development will happen out on loan (and, of course, most will not make it back…) but that’s a good thing as our squad is full of enough veteran players who will need time in the domestic cups and easier CL group games. I guess you could say we’re following the Chelsea model (remember they took a pass on DeBruyne, much as SAF took one on Pogba) with the loans which might actually lead to recalls–not the ManCity ones where it’s (clearly) the end of the line if you get kicked out of the shadow squad…

    Anyhow, that’s about all the procrastination I can do before putting on my apron and cleaning the house… 😦 😀

  • 17ht @ 16:35

    I understand how it must look from the States, when rumour is piled on rumour, and then contradicted almost at the same time.

    Many fans who do not support clubs like Man City, or the Chavs or Manure, all of whom spend big bucks almost like money really is no object, live in hope that one of the rumours is true, and then get real disappointed when they are not.

    FFP was supposed to regularise the playing field, so to speak, but up against the wealthiest clubs it was always going to get blown out of the water, especially as its instigator Platini is looking to higher(??) FIFA things, and like all politicians does not want to upset anyone over something he has lost interest in.

    The other factor is that the UK press is coming under greater pressure than ever before from a dwindling readership, as people turn to TV and the internet and the social media to get their news, so the hacks are prone to greatly exaggerate their ‘scoops’ for the Sporting news, and try and draw fans in to reading their newspapers and see what is affecting their club – even if it is made up crap.

    You might think I do not know what I am talking about — and you are probably right!!
    It was ever thus! 🙂

  • 17ht,

    Excellent stuff @ 17:51.

    Agree with nearly all of that – and it would be all of it, but I am leaving myself some wriggle room. 😉

  • Cheers, RA… Really great to have you drop by… And seriously, we could use a post about the “realities” of the situation,which I think you sum up well. I think I always said FFP was unlikely to do much in a world where Russia and Qatar host the mundiales… I’d do it myself but I’ve been told I lean a little too far to one side…and it seems to offend those I lump together… 😀 😦

    What’s wild is the Piers Morgan stuff, esp. as he seems to understand the dynamics in play… Google him interviewing Alex Jones (a radio guy on our “libertarian” far right) about our gun culture… Soccer is just a game, but Piers takes it just as far… In my opinion, of course… As do other pundits/bloggers who seek to incite… One guy I read, who is really extreme (he came from a US site where I use to participate…) is Arsenal Truth… Check it out… He went awfully quiet for a bit, but days like Tuesday are tailor-made…

    Anyhow, I need to run… Party on, folks…

  • PG first – The reason I have not got all hot and bothered about us not signing any out field players in the last window …err is probably because they are technically right.
    We agreed to buy the two from a desperate Lens Club who were facing bankruptcy …before the Window opened. We had to wait until July 1st to register them.

    Now, so I don’t have HT spitting blood about youngsters getting a look in before the last round of the already decided CL games, and he may be right. But because of our now shortage up front, that one more injury in that direction and we may well be happy to see him (The Jeff) on the bench?

    TA – We were playing well when we beat those sides. Not only have we started a bit on the back foot, we have the same squad while those three have added quality to their squads. I have already accepted that purchases alone do not make them play better, by saying Man U will likely be the side that will struggle the most, and we could beat them after the break. Man CIty have only added 3 players; a wide player with experience in the EPL (Sterling); a midfielder who will likely be readied in case of any fall off from Toure – btw, it is not an AFCON year. I thought they went even numbers, but not the case; and finally, they added KdB, who when he clicks, he will be more noteworthy than Milner and Navas combined. And if that were not enough, they have started in top gear. Do I think they will win the league? Yes.They are doing what Chelsea did early last season, building a big lead so the can afford the odd slip up in the spring if they are still involved at the meaty end of the CL. And it is no use you clutching at straws with their involvement in the CL this side of Christmas, because both us, Man Utd, and Chelsea are in the same boat?
    Just because I am trying to look at the difficulty in the league with a more probable than hopeful viewpoint does not mean I like it, or support in any way those clubs stance in the market. But it is the market that Arsenal have to deal with. Given the news that has finally come out about Welbeck, which the club have known about for a while, you might at least accept that I was right that AW was seriously trying hard to sign a striker? Instead of hiding behind the gullible label you did this morning. And your bag man is still trying to label me with above.

    When I was reviewing the NN stuff, starting with the headlines, my first response was to see the source, and many, including the Star, the Express, and a few others, I would not bother to open, they were such a joke. Whether you like it or not, there was a market scramble going on. AW nailed his main hope in getting Benzema, who in my opinion would have been the right player, as I have stated many times. However, it needed RM to want to buy somebody, or a really big bid early on so they had an option to flash the cash, probably in Man U’s direction for De Gea?
    It did not happen. Everything after that was seconds. I thought Kokorin was a reasonable gamble, but Arsenal’s loan offer was rejected (As reported by the Russian club). It now seem that Saza was another failed last resort?
    But none of this matters. It is how it is. I am not going into meltdown, and it is far too early for you two to do the double gloat act.

    I am happy to support the team as it is. End of ….. I hope?

  • Cheers for the responses guys, even if you are still over looking our young guns like the media 😉 lol

  • Except Gerry who i know is a Jeff fan and has follow Jeff and Fortunes arrival closely.
    I’ m joking 😉 lol

  • TA,
    I would have liked 1 more, a big strong lad.
    I think we have plenty of goals in us. I don’t even rate Cavani.
    Le Coq is doing great, by the way we can add him to the list of out on loan a lot players

  • Hi, people! 🙂 Another excellent article that makes the decision to reactivate the blog probably the best one regarding Arsenal this summer.

    Danny Welbeck is on his way to become a new Diaby. Remember, he should have been out for just a few days but his minor injury turned out to be a big thing. I don’t know if our medical staff is incompetent or that Wenger didn’t want us to know how much we had needed a summer purchase for the attack.

    Anyway, excuses for not playing Campbell are running out so we might see him in a serious role for a change. I highly doubt Dinamo Zagreb will represent a serious task so let’s give Joel a chance to shine there…with a slight possibility for yours truly to watch the game live from the stands.

  • It is a shame that the international break is on, this is going to fester for a while now.
    We all just need to move on from this trannie window, let’s go Amsterdam instead much better window shopping there i hear anyway.

  • Admir…I hope you make it to Zagreb for the match… How are you feeling about things a couple of days on?… Re: Welbeck’s injury… Why would you tell the world (including your fans and the clubs with whom you’re negotiating) that your situation was more desperate due to injury? It only makes sense that it comes out after the fact. At least there’s a measure of trying to convey that we tried but wouldn’t be held to ransom or that the deals fell through for other reasons…

    Gerry, there’s no gloating here…and I’m pretty sure that TA wouldn’t have minded if some of those deals you mention had been struck–same as me. Promising players who might be an upgrade to Campbell while Welbeck is out (and could challenge him over the longer term) would have served a real purpose, IMO… (And, additionally, I think we could have improved at the rear of MF, as described above)…

    So then, why all the anger? If you insist on calling me names (bag man?…) you’re gonna catch it in return… For starters, you might try and write a complete sentence…now and again at least. What (the f*ck) is this?

    “Now, so I don’t have HT spitting blood about youngsters getting a look in before the last round of the already decided CL games, and he may be right”

    I think you’re trying to make light of something but I cannot be sure…If it’s supposed to be gentle teasing you might consider a smiley… the bag man bit (is that a horse term?) comes across as Grrrr….

    Like I say, I’m just trying to figure out where you’re coming from–and it’s fine if it’s no one, single place… It’s just hard to follow–and none too pleasant a task when you throw in jibes, along with all the, endless cleverness? with, the commas, and question marks? every which place, except? the, right ones and then if the wrds mispellid and nameds mistooken or abreavetated (to prtect teh inosent?)… well, it gets even tougher… Smiley or Grrr…you figure it out… The bag man cometh, or something…

    We’d all like help in deciphering the lies and other idiocies thrown out by the press and pundits. To your credit you didn’t seem to worry about Ox to Istanbul at the deadline… Am I wrong (i.e., were you just joking, or did I miss something…) about thinking Ozil could truly be headed to Turin? If so, gullible, unfortunately, seems just about right…

    You’ve been watching Arsenal a lot longer than I have so maybe you know best… To convey all that wisdom (this is sarcasm, btw…) just be sure it’s written clearly enough so we can understand it…

    Cheers! 😦 😀

  • Oh shit (shite?)… I meant to be clearer…

    “to prtect teh inosent,” minus the question mark, is a Dragnet joke… 😀 (the smiley is genuine this time)…

    Like I said last time out, I’d rather make peace than war…

  • I think we could do with a new post soon.
    It was a good well written and level headed post.
    But its a sensertive subject which can create arguments and strong differences in opinon. Both are right in a way and no clear answer…
    It was very disappointing to many people and we could do with moving on and talking about something positive now. Or it could be a very long International break.

  • I could have a go a little article i have some time on my hands with my knee 17, TA .?

  • at lol
    As you can see, tell it may need editing.
    Oh i can try writing it a bit slower

  • I have done 1 before. When Frank needed a break
    I have a topic in mind , let me or i can write it and if it Shit then i won’t be offended if it’s not used.

  • Go for it, PG…!!

    We’ve got a holiday weekend and visitors coming so I’ll be a bit busier than normal…I might try and write something early next week, however… Or maybe Saturday am, if my “there ought to be a match on” alarm clock rings in… 😀

    I don’t mean to get after anybody in particular and if people can tell me why this should be such a bad moment for the Arsenal, I’m all ears. My take is that AW tried to improve the squad, including finding a fill in for injured Welbeck. It didn’t happen, however. Ah well, let’s move on…

    People need to look a little beyond the next match or even the next season and (particularly) the table as it stands (even if it “never lies”). Any player who is going to make an impact on our team has to be seen as an investment. Sure, we bought Nacho (late in the Jan 2014 window) because Gibbs got hurt, but he was already on the radar and he’s won the position (!) That one could’ve been seen as a desperation buy or as a very, very smart one where opportunity met with up with preparation and we got lucky (i.e., you make your own luck)… This time, perhaps we didn’t get so lucky…Or maybe AW just cheaped out… It’s all about your perspective, probably…

    The way I see it is that such investments need to have a price and unless the money is raining down from heaven you have to be able to say “too much.” At 50 million Euros (or Pounds, I can’t be arsed…) is Cavani a good investment? (Don’t forget his salary–another 30 or 40 million?…and don’t forget that you’re giving money to a European rival…) Is Theo on 4 (or is it 5) years at 6 (or is it 7 or 8) million per year (for a total of 25 or 35 or 40…) a good investment? These are good questions, IMO, but I rarely see them being asked, esp. at the deadline. All I see is inchoate anger and the various tag lines I mentioned in the Tuesday article. Let’s not forget that while Gerry (or you or me) might’ve been happy with the various unknown names thrown out there, others would’ve still been quite underwhelmed…

    We need players to not only come in, but also produce. Early in the season the big name was Lacazette, what happened to him? The Emirates Cup?… (If that’s the only measure, then Jeff of the two names looks all the better…) No, he’s probably a fine player and maybe an upgrade to Welbeck or Campbell or, longer term, the Ox or Theo. Worth the money? Well, I don’t even know what the price is/was… And, until I do the research I’d have to have some mighty hefty bollocks to tell people what’s what… I’m NOT saying in Arsene you must trust, but at least he seems like he’s trying…and, since Stan’s given him the wallet, that’s probably a good thing…


  • You are right 17.
    Even though i am quite happy or very happy with our team, plus would have liked 1 more
    None the less it was still disappointing it’s hard not to get caught up in it all.
    Plus i am totally sure we were after a player or 2 they just were not for sale imo

    I have already done a draft, i am having trouble sending an email tbh

  • its sent 17.
    If you don’t think its the right time for it, then save it for later.

  • Gerry, you underestimate the potential of growth from within this team. Rambo could easily be more important than Kevin dB, Theo or Ox could be more effective than Sterling. That is the bit that does not seem to go into your head. Wenger has to put one player up top and then five behind him… So we have OG, Theo and Sanchez who can play there and then Danny when he is back fit again. He might have been looking for a CF or not at all, we both just don’t know. But what I know is that we have the money to buy almost anybody and if Wenger really wants a new CF then he will get one. So I think he did not want one (enough to be bothered).. 🙂

  • 17ho 🙂 my favourite bag man hahaha 😉

    Great response and you put the finger on the soar spot with pointing out our dependence on a fit and disciplined Le Coq. We know that Wenger might be tempted not to play with a dedicated DM at all and I guess that explains why he has not bought ‘insurance’ for this position. I reckon he will still experiment with two more allround midfielders there, perhaps hoping that soon he can play Ramsey and Wilshere together in the DM pivot. I also believe that there are good players who can be used in the DM role: Arteta, Debuchy, possibly Gibbs or Nacho, or indeed one of the youngsters. I reckon Rosicky could also do a decent role, especially next to Rambo or Arteta. I would have loved Schneiderlin in the squad but he will want to play regularly and that means leaving one of Wenger’s core crop out of the team, which goes against his philosophy unless they really are better than anybody else… like Ozil, Alexis and … Cech were.

  • Oh and I reckon Cabaye is a good player but needs the right size pond to glitter in. Swansea is perfect for him, and heads off to that club’s BoD… they know how to lead a football team and Monk, after Laudrup and Rodgers is doing once more a great job – and they know how to buy VFM players too.

  • Thanks for the post, PG. I have asked 17HT to edit it a bit and add one or two pictures, but I am not sure whether he has got time right now. 🙂

  • I’m a bit late to this thread and people may be moving on – if not on other sites! One of the ways I try to rationalise some of this is to look at current notional values of our current players – and reflect from there how it would feel if we were buying them now at their current market value.

    So, what would Ramsey, Sanchez or Ox be worth in current money? Prices are up since last year, so I would offer figures of perhaps £40M, £45M and £30M respectively looking at the trade we have seen (and the sales refused) this summer. What does this mean though?

    Well, the way I look at it is Arsenal fans have to ask themselves the basic question under Wenger – would we rather he bought these players at their current market price – with all the drama and excitement of a new toy; or can we accept him buying the same players younger and more cheaply and developing them? The answer to me is a no brainer – we should take pride in our ability to develop talent, to do so in a way that doesn’t waste money (some of it our money lets not forget!), and we should appreciate the added value that comes from players working together over the longer term to get the best out of their understanding and team play.

    Of course we have to buy in talent where we can and need it. But our core philosophy is as a team that makes stars, where the chavs etc simply buy them once someone else has developed their talent; I know which approach sits best with me.

    Ultimately the players we have are the players we have – there is no value in having paid more for them than we needed to. And as so many have said, including ironically many of those who are in despair at the moment, we have a fantastic squad of young talent – and one which finally, no one else’s money can buy! Let’s for once just take pleasure in what we have got fellow gooners.

  • Nicely put, AB. And we don’t know what we got till it is gone.. at least we are holding on to what we build up these days.. 🙂

    Night all. 🙂

  • Very well said, AB… You too, TA… The development of players can sometimes be painful (and cost points), but so it goes. I like the age-balance in the team at the moment so I’m not too worried about no outfield players in… A punt on an unknown 20-22yr old would’ve suited me just about right, but maybe Sanogo will kill ’em in Holland and be that guy…

    TA, Cabaye is at Palace, not Swansea and he’s already taken points from Chavs… 😀 Inler is at Leicester and is a player I really like. His legs are probably Arteta-esque these days but quite a range of passes and shots and very good at organizing the pitch… Andrew Ayew and Bafetimbi Gomis are the–only–ones I mentioned from Swansea and both scored goals vs ManU last weekend… which doesn’t hurt my impression of them, either. OK, then you’ll buy the tickets for Oct 31 at the Liberty?…

    Someone needs to tell me what (exactly) is a bag-man… 😀 😦 you know, so I can do the job better, or something…

    IMO, sharing the TV money so these other English teams can bring in talent is a good thing. Eventually, the crazy money teams will realize the same, I hope… (Maybe even in Spain…) Personally, I’m looking forward to our next match to see Shaquiri and Bojan (if fit)…Affellay is banned but would’ve been fun to watch too…I’ve probably seen enough of Charlie Adam to not miss him so much…

    Yes, about to be busy. Tomorrow is wife’s B-day (she’s waiting still on her LK-6 kit, btw… 😀 …) and she’s taking the day off (i.e., nothing but the apron for me…more 😀 …) and then guests… I can probably look at PG’s draft tonight or early a.m. tomorrow…

    Gotta run at the moment, however

  • Ok TA, 17
    No rush hope its ok and if so 17 can perform his magic on it.
    Thanks, good night all.

  • Yes, apologies HT. Bag man was very derogatory, and not deserved in the circumstances.
    I take that back unreservedly.

    You ask why the anger?
    It is when I see a one-liner in place of any reasoned argument. Simple as that.

    I will argue my point of view, and try to give the reasons as to why I come those conclusions. Being told I am gullible with no measure or example of where I have been gullible, just the label applied, gets me frustrated because it offers no dialogue.
    Both you and TA have made it clear that the TW bores you. Fine. But that is not the case for everyone. During the last window I named several players who we would not sign, starting with Jackson Martinez, even though the media were all over it at the time. Some times there is a fine line between reporting new names that appeared on NN, and endorsing the possibility of it happening. Other times the gulf is wide. Gullible is not differentiating between the two.
    Of course it is possible that you do not read all comments that closely because the subject matter does not interest you?

    I pleased that TA has explained his reasoning as to why he believes in the ‘internal growth’ point of view. Now I may not fully agree with all of it, but I accept it as a reasoned argument.

    I find this whole aftermath thing a misplace use of energy. The Merson latest is quite laughable. Buying a ticket, season or otherwise, does not give anybody any ‘rights’. It is bought with either the expectation that what is presented before them will be entertaining, whether that be a film, in live theatre, or on the football field. The latter is slightly different because of the emotional attachment that supporters give to more or less the same cast week after week. However, the supporters to whom Merson is appealing to with his views, are guilty of changing the point of reference given in their support. The moment they claim ‘lack of success’ as their grievance, they are leaving behind the simplicity of supporting something they are emotionally attached to.
    In current terminology, they are economic migrants, except many do not migrate? Although if success is what they crave, they should. Instead they try to reconcile the differences between ‘needing’ success, and unconditional love that only requires the Club to be there, and the players to try to do their best.
    This is probably where your view regarding macro economics HT, is harder to find common ground. For me at least. On the one hand, the question of value is dealing in both the real world and market value, and the other, more vague long term building towards a future. In that scenario, the future may never arrive? In the meantime, any value at the cost end of a player, has to include the cost benefits that the player may bring, not just his end of contract ‘value’?
    You use the Cavani example of £50m for a 28 year old, implying that the £50 plus wages would be almost a complete write off? Well if he helped to achieve an extra round in the CL, and/or a higher league finishing position, or may adding an historic 3rd successive win in the FA Cup? All these bring in extra revenue.
    For the record, I did say before the deadline day that I thought AW was not inclined to buy players who had previously rejected the chance to join us. And that included; Julian Draxler, Adrian Rabiot, and CAVANI. I also pointed out that the latter was quoted(no guarantee that it was the case), at £35m at the beginning of the TW, which might have been another reason for that transfer not happening.
    I also have some difficulty in your views on the inclusion of youth players. You can be so dismissive in some instances, famously the Iwobi inclusion in the first league game this season … Quote- ‘I’ll cut my dick off if he starts'(abridged). You cannot imagine my hope that he would, just so I could call you ‘Dickless’ 😀 (genuine). That aside, i cannot think how Bellerin would have ever got in on a preview at the time of the Dortmund game, or indeed, the following game?
    Perhaps he has cost us points along the way, but few would deny that they were worth it now?

    In that sense, I do not think TA’s views and mine are that far apart? TA still has a high expectation level for the squad, as is, and believes the journey will be enjoyable. I, on the other hand, think that any success, in silverware terms, will be very difficult to achieve, but nevertheless the journey will be exciting, with plenty of highs to reflect upon at the season’s end.
    But no recriminations from either of us.

    I am not blaming Arsene Wenger now for decisions taken, nor will at the season’s end.

    I keep repeat. It is what it is. Move on.
    If people are happy to debate issues as they arise, then put your case forward.

  • That was a very interesting Post, Gerry, and certainly you have explained your views very well.

    I have not been around for a while, but I gather that the thing which is bugging you is not that someone disagrees with you, but being told that you are gullible does.

    I would if I ruled the world ban such personal comments as they form no part in any decent debate or discussion. An argument stands or falls on its own merits – and if it does not convince the other party – so what, just move on.

    For myself, I have occasionally held a particular viewpoint, but another person’s opinion or rationale during a discussion has convinced me to adapt it – to my benefit.

    Words such as “you are delusional, naïve, gullible, stupid have no business in a discussion, or argument – they are terms used when quarrelling – which is when good sense goes out the window.

    I say the above without having read any comments for a while — but the principle is simple common sense – and everyone stays friends. 😀

  • Wenger has said that he would buy a quality CF if one was available and better than what we already have. [My words but the sentiment is there]. There were non available!

    I see no reason to doubt him, as everyone seems to need a better striker [see Spuds/Berahino] but if a club does not want to sell — you are out of luck.

    Today the latest gripe is that Wenger lied and had not told the fans the truth about the long term injury to Welbeck. The inference being that if he had told the fans — what? — he would have had to buy a striker? What sort of twisted logic is that?

    What part of – ‘a striker would be bought, if available, and better than we already have, but none were available — do these people not understand?

    The Welly injury is a blow, but it does not change the situation in the transfer market — and if Wenger had told the agitators ‘fans’ about the injury being worse than expected would they have forced him to buy someone? What arrogance.

  • Thanks RA – You are nearly there, but got it in the follow up.
    It is not being called gullible as such, as I’ve been called worse, but more the absence of argument. So I will support your banning order 😀

    I agree on the Welbeck story too. What is annoying is that the people running the ‘Arsena lied’ stories know full well that such sensitive information would never be made public in the transfer window, yet they are willing to wind people up with it.

    As to players being ‘available’, for all their money, it seems even the mega spenders Man Utd could not prize Bale away, according to RM president. So safe to say, or more modest offers were always going to struggle?

    I do sense a little hypocrisy in AW attack on the Man U purchase of Martial. Yes indeed, £36m is over the top for a player who has more potential than achievement, but AW would have loved to have picked him up for £10m and made him a into £40m or £50m super star? If he still makes the grade, then the only one out of pocket is the profit Arsenal would have made?


  • Ha ha, there’s a typo in there that I missed, even with my glasses on, and the magnifier on at 300%.
    Sorry HT you are going to have to hit me with a different weapon, I am resigned to the fact that I am just not capable any more.

  • Gerry,

    AW has made some boo-boos when deciding who to buy, and has commented on ‘those we nearly bought’ on a number of occasions.

    In recent times, he, allegedly, chose Theo [Cost £15m] over Bale [Cost £5m] – one is now worth ???? and the other was sold for £86m by the Spuds to Madrid.

    He also passed on Sterling, who at the time implied he was an Arsenal fan, and cost ‘Pool about £5m with add ons — how much did he go for??? 🙂

    So you are right that for Arsene to comment on Martial/Manure to prove the point that you can only get unproven players, at the moment, and for ridiculous money was perhaps not wise.

    To give things some balance – his purchase of Jeff Adelaide and Yassin fortune for peanuts was inspired as they look like gems. 🙂

  • Gerry,

    I have to say that my personal sympathies for Lens are not currently showing on my emotional-radar — not that I am certain I have one in football terms — but I had heard that selling those two players was the difference between closing down their club or keeping it going for another year.

    Don’t know the source – it was something that I read when looking up who the two youngsters were and which club they were from.

    Credit to you for having a caring side regarding another club’s misfortune – unusual in football in general, or among footie fans in particular. 🙂

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