Arsenal Top of the League on New Year’s Day? Let’s be having your prediction!


The season has commenced, and, after a most disappointing opening game, we collected seven out of nine points from two challenging away games and a not easy home game. But the Hammers’ blow still hurts, with the only satisfaction that they did the same damage to Pool, banging three past them at one of the hardest away games of the league. Winning the league depends for a large part on our ability to bounce back. I remember Arsenal beating Manchester United home and away in the same season, yet it was them not us who won the league and we did not even get close. Old Red Nose no doubt told his players back then to take it on the chin and move on: consistency requires no regretful looks into the back mirror, and doubt about ability is for summer breaks when there is time to make adjustments.

Broad shoulders that can shrug off disappointment within a day after a painful loss, is what is required here. So, beating Palace and Newcastle in their cauldrons is something to be glad about, even though we were far from our best in those games. The way we can stay together and grind out a result is surely encouraging for the season ahead.

One of our regular bloggers commented recently that he believes Arsenal will be about seventh at Christmas, only to making it into the top four by the end of the season. I can well imagine why he thinks this. We tend to do our seasons just like that, and we did not buy anybody else then Cech, so why would it be different this time round?

But I also feel that we are a lot more balanced and mature nowadays. We did not sell any of our key players this summer and that is a good basis for continuity imho. I am also encouraged by the fact that we beat all our main competitors at least once in the last twelve months. Furthermore, I reckon that as soon as our attackers start hitting form we will witness again why so many pundits had us winning the title or getting very close this season. There is a lot of quality in this squad, supported by hunger, experience and ability to grow from within (as per previous post by me, a lot of our players are in line for further progression).

So, I feel confident that we will fight for the title this season and I reckon we will be second or third at New Year’s Day within 3-6 points of the leaders; we might even be the leaders ourselves. But that is just me, TotalRoseTintedArsenal 🙂

What I am interested in is how our fine fellow Gooners and BKers – and feel free to make your first comment on Bergkampesque if you are a regular lurker … we won’t bite! 🙂 – believe our season will pan out.

So here are three questions for you – just for a bit of fun!

  1. What position in the PL table will Arsenal have on 1-1-2016?
  2. What are the main reasons for Arsenal being in this position?
  3. Are you a brown-tinted, yellow-tinted or rose-tinted kind a person – and what is your life motto? 🙂

By TotalArsenal

34 thoughts on “Arsenal Top of the League on New Year’s Day? Let’s be having your prediction!

  • Great piece Skipper,
    It will beinteresting to hear what people think.
    I am going to predict that it either us or City up the top 2 positions by New years day 2016
    It will be us 2 fighting for the title this season.
    Progress and hunger being the reasons why.
    life motto is “live and learn”

  • I can’t be displeased with the team’s current position table-wise.
    3 GS/3 GA/0 GD.
    AFC is 2-1-1.
    That? Is the best you can do with those scoring statistics.
    Cheer up. It could be much worse (*coughchelseacough*)!

    1) I’ll go with 2nd by Jan 1st.
    2) City will continue at pace for awhile– until they hit their once/twice-per-season-funk.
    We’re not seeing Alexis at his best yet– he’s still suffering Copa América-hangover.
    AFC will start putting shots on target. Statistical probability portends a barrage of scoring.
    Confidence will then become contagious.
    3) Borrowed from John Wooden:
    “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”


  • 41 pts and in the top 4.

    With Chelsea having already lost twice and Tottenham, Man Utd and Liverpool looking weak, the optimist in me says we could be sitting second (behind Man City) come 1 January 2016. That said the realist in me thinks we will drop points against Man C, Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton between now are 1 January 2016. That should negate any advantage Arsenal can seize from the poor start those teams (barring Man City and Everton) are experiencing.

    In terms of my outlook and life motto, I think I’m an optimistic realist (yellow tinted glasses?) and like to live by the life motto ‘Eat more bacon! Have more sex!’ 😄

  • Nice one, TA! I’m not a big one for predictions as life often offers up some serious twists and turns…As such, my motto would have to be: low expectations are the key to happiness. 😀

    That’s why I have a measure of empathy for those who take our poor start to the season and the pain of our management team maintaining fiscal discipline at the close of the transfer window and seek protection in very low expectations. It’s no skin off anybody’s back if they’re wrong, after all…

    I say let’s play the matches and see what’s what. Wenger has talked about the “tyranny of the moment,” and I think it’s one of the best of his philosophizations. (Spell-check tells me that this is not a word and you’d have to change the z to an s to make it British anyhow…) We’re a little bit between dark and dawn at the moment but that’s no reason to throw ourselves off a bridge…

    Speaking of, things are worse over there (at Stamford Bridge) but they’ll be fine and right in the mix even if they’ve already fired their best bench presence (Dr. Eva). I’ve never been less worried about another team having an invincible season and ManCity will have to deal with all the same sorts of doubts once they have their hiccup. Frankly I’m amazed at just how fast the narrative can shift and how a result or 4 can toss people’s pre-season reason right out the window…

    Our squad is solid, we’ve shown we can play in hostile environs (so we should be able to do OK at the Emirates…) and now, like you say, we have to just do our professional best. Give everything in each moment (match) while not taking too much from any one result. One of the things I loved MOST about the English football when I first started watching it was the insistence of managers to separate performance from result. They’re still trying to do thus and supporters should take a page from that book. So, time to work on those performances and the results can’t help but improve. It won’t be easy and England is a great league for that very reason, but I see absolutely no evidence that we should throw in the towel here on 5 September…

    Sun’s coming up here in California so on with rose-tints for me!… Happy Saturday! No Football 😦 but no points to lose either… 😀

  • TA,

    Wow.. ok… here’s my answers to your questions:

    1. I see ourselves still in the 3rd to 5th positions unless the rest of the teams ahead start to lose games.

    2. Shi**y still looka good but the rest ahead of us are also in good shape, and bar one or two hard games which they might lose, so the pointa difference should be pretty much status quo.

    3. Well, i guess i am yellow-tinted, so there you go.


  • No idea what position we will be in, but before the season started I was expecting 1st !………then 3 things happened !…………Wham beat us !…………….Wenger shocked me by saying FFP was dead and we cant compete with Mansour City and then we were tortured in the TW !.
    None of the colour tints above, more green……with envy on Mansour City`s wealth !.
    My current motto !……………………………………….Die Spuds !…….or anything similar !. 😆

  • In the vine above I actually think Wrighty was too nice !………………….personally I would have piss and shit on a Totnumb shirt before setting it on fire, then flushing it down the toilet and that’s without the Spud supporter removing it !. hahaha

  • Nice post Total, in an Interlull, that’s always a fine achievement.

    Predictions eh, a recipe for egg on the mush…

    Ok, I reckon that Arsenal will be 3rd…
    How many points we’ll be behind the leaders, probably ManCity, is anyone’s guess, especially if our home form doesn’t sort itself out…

    My main reason for Arsenal being in this position, is, as Arsene would say, I don’t know. 🙂

    The colour of my glasses tend to flip-flop I’m afraid.
    They’re not very rose tinted at this moment.
    If we beat Stoke RFU about 5-0, my glasses will be like a bottle of Mateus wine.

  • We should be top three by jan 1.
    Wenger will get the best out of this team soon. Ozil will be fantastic for us and pull us up straight to first or second.
    I’m usually yellow tinted but this year I’m determined to be rose tinted despite the transfer window we just endured. Ha!

  • Well I did suggest this, so I am hardly going to duck out now, am I?

    I am right out of those rose tints though.
    It all points to a roller coaster ride. I think the multiple games after the break may decide how low we are, and the recovery in November, how high we are, come the start of 2016.
    I hover between 6th and 7th, so I’ll take the November boost to take us to an optimistic 6th place?
    Ironically, that is where we are now.
    Happy to be proved wrong, of course.

    For those living in the UK you can enter the BBC’s football competition – ‘The Football League Predictor’ – which is the culmination of the season long challenge against Marc Lawrenson, by naming the results for ALL the remaining league games. Not only do you score points for each correct result, and more for a correct score, which can be fun. The real thing that is different, is that there is a £50m, yes, £50 million pound prize to anybody whose collective correct results give the final table next May.
    You just have to register with the BBC. Log in, and fill in your scores of all the matches played each week, right through to the end of the season. They currently have the next two game weeks up, but you can change your mind on the match days even if you do them early.
    The chances of getting it right, and winning the prize are ridiculously slim, so the prize fund is probably covered by some insurance scheme. But at least you can see how your Arsenal predictions work out?
    I just though I would mention it, as it takes less time than running a Fantasy Team? You will find the link at the bottom of this page of their website -BBC/Football
    There is an early closing date too so don’t leave it too long.

    p.s. it is not ‘skin off anybody’s nose’ in just entering the spirit of the thing, but it might be skin of the backsides of the fence sitters when they fall off …. ha ha

  • The Cockie monster,
    Ian Wright Wright Wright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have seen one of our fans swap his shirt with a united fan in the pub after we beat them in the FA cup final., the Goner pulled down his pants and wripped his arse on the shirt and throw it as soon as the manc passed it, very funny it was and taken in good humor, ha ha ha ha
    Would have been even better if it was a spud shirt, but they aint good enough to get to the FA cup final 😉

  • Gerry,
    I may have a go at that, the only thing is i have been dodging the tv licence people for ages.
    So dont want them know i use there services , its a bloody tax, no wonder they can affors to give £50,000,000 away 😉

  • Did anyone see Costa dive for Spain’s penalty ???
    It really pissed me off, they guy did not touch him Spain were 1 – 0 up v SVK who clearly had there work cut out only to have a Brazil man in a Spain shirt dive and cheat them? Then Cesc starts doing it!

    Cazorla replaces Fabregas , the fans greet the desision with a great reception 🙂

  • 1.Sixth place, 34 points, defeats against Chelsea, United, City and Swansea. Eight victories, three draws.

    2.Alexis’ second-season syndrome, Arsene being in love with Santi and Giroud, no world-class striker, no cover for Coquelin, no competence in the medical staff (Welbeck and Wilshere), poor home form…

  • TA,

    Yes. Lets hope Theo continues this scoring spree.


    Wow.. 6th and 7th place means we will lose more games.. not very optimistic as we are starting to find our passing skills back, and the scoring skills is almost there.

    For the correct prediction, of the final table, its like buying 4d which we call that in Singapore. Its something that we buy one or more 4-digit numbers (hence the name 4d) and the winning number gets 3 million SGD, translating to about 1.5 million GBP.

    The probability is about one in a million, and the final BPL table guessing isn’t that much off.

    Anyway it is just restricted to those living in the UK, if not i would be glad to try my luck 😜


  • Naughty PG. Would you rather have it funded by mindless adverts?

    Yes, I caught the dive. You would think they could give him a retrospective ban, except it would open up such a can of worms, the review panel would be working 24/7 after any set of international’s? 😀

  • Admir, I am being put in the same box as you, so do you have to be so graphic with the detail 😀

    I think you are wrong on our medical staff. At the end of pres-season we looked so much sharper, I thought they had really got to grips with what has been troubling us for many seasons
    Ox is saying now he has at last got to playing without pain. Wilshere’s problems are well documented, so you can hardly blame them for being ultra cautious now?
    Welbeck, that is a difficult one to call for an outsider, for the simple reason we do not know who made the judgement call to keep with the non-surgical treatment going, or as to when the operation became a necessity rather than choice?

    Don’t let your post-window depression cloud your normal sound judgement on individuals, players or staff, eh.

    Alexis strikes me as someone who would even have ‘second season’ paired together in mental dictionary, let alone ‘syndrome’. For him, every season is a ‘new’ season. The only thing different this time is that he has just come down off a high plateau of success that takes some time to recover from . We found this last season with our German players, so much so that even the stoical Per Mertersacker admitted it was a struggle back in the normal routine. So it must be much harder for the emotionally charged Alexis to come to terms with it?
    That said, I thought he was a lot closer last game, and his goal for Chile will see him return in fighting spirits.

    I also think you are right and wrong with your losses. Right to highlight the well managed Swansea in there, and I would include the astute Ranieiri and Leicester as another potential banana skin? These results will upset the fans far more than say, a defeat to a ‘hot’ Manchechester City side?
    Wrong, because against the top teams there will be unity in our team, whoever plays? Hence my view of an up and down season of results?

    So cheer up, Admin, it will not be as bad as you think. Frustrating yes.

  • I liked the Post TA, and it reflects my own thoughts in many ways – altho I agree with the ‘flip-‘flop’ comment earlier – because try as I might I am down when we lose, and ridiculously happy when we win.

    If I was going to guess the Jan 1st position of the Gunners I would go for ‘top 3’ anything else would come into the category of spurious accuracy.

    Why do I think that? frankly the Chavs are going to start a run soon, and Citeh are looking good already and I cannot see them losing their early points advantages any time soon – so 3rd-ish? sounds like a good deal to me.

    I usually have a positive nature, except when I am not, altho sometimes I am not sure which to be – so ‘muddy waters’ is probably the color that best describes me. 🙂

    Life’s Motto? Don’t really have one but;
    – Live your dreams; Live with passion; Help others; If you fall, get up, go on.

    Rubbish? Probably — but it sounds like me!! 😀

  • JK – There is part of the problem I see in your opening paragraph:
    ‘Wow.. 6th and 7th place means we will lose more games.. not very optimistic as we are starting to find our passing skills back, and the scoring skills is almost there.’

    My area of concern is the bit in the middle – ‘starting to find our passing skills’ – Each time something works well it is seen as the answer, until it fails, or is tweaked.
    My fear is the tweaking will continue, until even the players, who are playing well start to lose it too.
    So if the juggling around with players and positions continues, I can see us struggle immediately after the break. Highlights will come in the CL, hopefully, along with a possible win against United.

    By November I think we will have our best spell, but December, particularly the crowded fixture period, will will barely hold station with the mid-table side, and lose ground on the top two or three.

    Out of that, some individual performance will stand out, and the outlook for our defence of the FA Cup will give us hope in the New Year. All this is just speculaltion on my part, naturally, so there is plenty of room for the opposing view to be proved correct. Long may it be the case.

    The above are just my thoughts, okay?

  • Oh yes, my motto – ‘Do what you can do while you can still do it’.

    Sad reflection of my age, but borne out from the life of one of my dogs, Flossie(in the photo). If she could, she would. As alpha female, even if that meant seeing off the larger male dogs in the family in her younger days, or climbing hills, bouncing off cars, and ill health in her old age,.
    Tomorrow was always the day she would stop …..

  • Oh, I forgot to mention my motto: “Don’t lose your nerves on anything you can’t change.” Which is a bit ironic. 🙂

    @Gerry – I don’t know what to say. You might be right about Leicester except Wenger can beat Ranieri (he has done it three times in 2003-04). Ranieri is one of the biggest chokers among the managers, maybe the biggest one.

    When it comes to Alexis, I simply adore him and his style. It’s just I’m afraid he won’t be able to repeat the form from the last season.

    Medical staff… Well, if our player (Wilshere) has to spend half of the season in foil so he doesn’t get a season-long-injury, then we have to make a serious analysis about Wilshere’s future at the club.

    If Welbeck should have been just a few days out (APRIL) and then we found out in September (of course, AFTER the transfer deadline) that he won’t be back before January (9 months out), we have to either question Wenger’s decision not to sign anyone for the attack (remember, at this time last season we also had Podolski in the rotation) or medical staff’s competence…with a solid chance that neither of them did their job well.

    (I won’t lose my time wondering whether the whole Benzema story and silence regarding Welbeck’s injury were part of the trick that had targeted season-ticket-holders.)

    I agree with you regarding December. I can’t see how Coquelin will go through that part of the season without getting injured, exhausted or suspended. Hopefully our visit to Greece will be a dead rubber again.

    And, I just realized I forgot to mention I’m the most rose-tinted glasses person ever. 😀

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