Eight reasons why Arsenal will win the league

Eight Reasons why Arsenal will win the

2015-2016 league title….


IF Lady Luck is kind to us! 😉

Are you an optimist or pessimist, a realist or dreamer, a thinker or a doer, a classic or a romantic (according to Persig’s categorisation in his brilliant ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’), a X-arm-chair manager or an Y-arm-chair manager (according to McGregor’s ‘X-Y theory’), a glass half fulloh or a glass half emptyoh, a nit-picker or a generalist, low expectation setter or high expectation setter, a Wenger knows or a Wenger goes, a hoper or a nihilist?

In general, people can be divided into the many, randomly picked, two options above. The choices we make, often influenced by our upbringing and life experiences, become our lenses through which we deal with the world around us. There are no good or bad options above, but knowing about your choices and those of others can help a lot in dealing effectively with our fellow human beings. It also helps a lot when blogging on football sites! 🙂

As an optimist with a tendency to dream, somebody who prefers to think rather than do, a hopeful romantic, a total Y manager who likes his glass half full, far more of a generalist than enjoy being in the kitty-litter, a Wenger knows (almost everything about football) more than a Wenger goes (nowhere, as legends are always with us), and the eternal hoper who sets lowish expectations, I predict we are going the win the league; and I have conjured up eight – 8 – irresistible reasons to prove it! 😉

To win the league we need: a spine with steel and experience; super-wings; calm in back-five/six; ingenuity in the middle; x-factor quality with winning in their DNA; leadership; hunger; and dollops of luck.

  1. A spine with steel, class and experience: Cech, BFG, Koz/Gabriel, Coq and Santi (Flamini and Arteta), Ozil, Giroud/Theo: now that is a fine combination of steel, class and experience in our core that can battle with all the PL competitors, including Citeh;
  2. We have four very fine FBs and that includes Debuchy, who just needs to play regularly to get back his form. The Bellerina is so good that he can keep the experienced Debuchy out of the team, but I am sure the Frenchman is still classy back-up. On the left we have one of my favourites, Nacho, being an absolute force both defensively and in attack. Ramsey and Sanchez add so much to the wings as well, and I cannot think of a stronger pairing on the wings at any of our competitors;
  3. Wenger made too many changes to the back five in the CL and we paid for it. Hindsight is of course a beautiful thing (especially Beyonce’s) but I reckon we will see the same back five playing regularly from now on, with the odd tweak from one game to another. The five of Cech, BFG, Koz, Bellerin and Nacho bring calm and control, especially when Coquelin is posted in front of them. We are almost as calm at the back as during the Invincibles days, and a match in this respect for anybody in the top six of the current PL;
  4. We have inventors in our team: Ozil, Santi, Jack (once his is back), Alexis, Rambo can all produce magic on the pitch. Who are the opponents going to focus on to stop our creative flow? Exactly, there are too many options and that is one of our major strengths: we are blessed with ingenuity in the middle of the team and they are all experienced players of international standard! Nobody else has this creative depth in midfield;
  5. To win the league we need that bit of extra quality: players who do not fear any opponent and can peak against the very best; players who have won big titles before, at national and/or international level, and bring the belief into the team that we can win the PL. This is what Wenger has been adding to the team with Ozil, Santi, Alexis and Cech. The BFG is a world cup winner now as well and Theo has that fearlessness about him that makes him score against anybody. These players can form the winners’ mentality spine when the going gets tough, and tough it will get;
  6. Leadership is the ability during and after a match to put things right when it is going wrong. This grows during the season when players are really getting used to each other. Our first team bursts with this sort of leadership and the last seventy minutes against Manure offered great evidence of this. The team against Olympiakos, much altered from the weekend before, had disappointed in this respect, but the players more than put it right against the Mancs. The leaders got together and took responsibility, and so they should. The second half against Pool is another good example: we got played off the pitch by them in the first half, but in the second half we totally turned it round and were unlucky not to score and win the game in the end. Other than possibly Citeh nobody has this as much as we have, which bodes very well;
  7. Winning two FA cups in a row has given us the confidence and hunger for more. Success has an incremental nature and the FA cup wins, big achievements in my books anyway, have given us the platform for the next jump up. There is great hunger in this team now, and more than any other team in PL right now;
  8. Of course luck is always a necessary ingredient and we will need dollops of it. Some will say one can force luck, but that would be disrespectful to this fine lady.

In summary, I reckon we can, rather than will, win the league, and I definitely will not be expecting it (as that is a one way ticket to stress and unhappiness in most cases). But everything is in place to have a real go at it, and, with lady luck hopefully being kind to us this time round, we could finally bring the PL title back to the home of football. Now wouldn’t that be sweet. 🙂

By TotalArsenal.

20 thoughts on “Eight reasons why Arsenal will win the league

  • Yeah TA, I’m not sure why this post gets no responses… Maybe that bit at the top about personality types and expectations is just a bit too real… 😀 High hopes but staying realistic (carrying low expectations) doesn’t have to be a contradiction, I think…

    IMO, winning the league would be great but it’s not the only reason to enjoy the football. One at a time and all that, I say…

    That said, like you, I really think this squad is a step up and could build a real confidence match over match. Like you say, it’s just a really nice blend of experience with technique, quality and pace in almost every position. We need a couple of guys beyond the first 11 to really start making it tough to keep them on the bench. If we could get that and avoid any serious injuries I think we’re in with a shout.

    In truth, I think the league is pretty wide open this season. City started off barnstorming but has stumbled and the defending champs… Well, the less said the better. Nonetheless, the table is very compressed. Right now there are 17 teams within 10 points of the leaders (!) Over time, the superior quality will assert itself, of course, and things will look very different after the next few rounds.

    My hope is that our group really starts to build up a head of steam. With the losses to West Ham, Dinamo and Olympiakos we should know that we have to play our best against all opponents. But why shouldn’t we? Look at the fun we had blitzing ManU and then holding them scoreless…

    So, yeah, let’s win the league, but let’s also enjoy getting there… 😀

  • Great post TA, I can’t help but feel the positivity also. I want nothing more than to see this group succeed as when they do finally turn that corner we’ll find ourselves in the midst of another golden age in Arsenal history. The fans deserve it, the players deserve it, and Arsene deserves it. Time for lady luck to smile..


  • Cheers guys, of course nothing is better than watching and reviewing games but in the meantime we keep each other entertained! 🙂

    Yes, 17HT, the league is strong and we have our work cut out, which makes it all exciting. 🙂

    AG, another golden age sounds great to me, and who will be the heroes this time round?

  • This year, the entire starting 11 – No passengers..

    In the future, I’ve got a great feeling about Gabriel and Le Coq as leaders. It pains me to omit Jacky but i’m really concerned about his outlook at this point..

  • Who am l? Not sure. A bit of a mixed bag. For example I think defense a lot, yet I believe I’m an optimist. I don’t wish for Lady Luck, I pray for the absence of rotten luck.

    Without rotten luck, am convinced we stand a very good chance of lifting the trophy.

    The 9th reason (powerful reason) why it might all come together for us, is that we have a settled team. While others are still busy tinkering, we are quietly fine tuning.

    Maybe am really an optimist, a dreamer of the luscious fruits, lofty height!

    Interesting post, TA.

  • Guys,

    Lets get down the helium balloon and focus on this week match.

    That being said, yes, we are getting better, and everyone else agrees. Now is the time for us to be consistent too to reach that point.


  • Of course with decent luck on the refereeing side we would be top of the league already – just think back to Aaron Ramsey’s disallowed goal against Liverpool and of course the Chelsea match.

    Despite that, we have a healthy and talented squad which has gelled together very well. Also, with the dreaded month of November fast approaching, it finally looks like we have a fairly gentle run of games around this time (Swansea, Spurs, West Brom, Norwich, Sunderland) and if we also exit the Champions League then that could be just another plus for our title hopes.

    All in all, if I were a betting man I’d be well tempted to put a bob or two on the Arsenal this season!

  • Ha ha TA – For all the title grabbing headline your final paragraph says exactly what type you are?

    Your glass is on the halfway mark 😀

    Sometimes the line will look a little lower, other times, like post-Man U games it is positively overflowing. Nothing wrong with that of course. We all have our highs and lows. But I fear, your positives are somewhat rose-tinted?

    Lady luck? Yeeerrs, as Jeremy Paxman might say … when not convinced.
    I considered injuries as a natural part of the game. But it can be modified with careful management. That means rotation. The Olympiacos wasn’t lost because of the players that came in, rather the way they played the game. A couple of their goals may have been lucky, but how they got into those positions was down to how we played?
    I consider it bad luck when you get two players out in the same position. Player and back up. But even that can have a fortunate edge with the emergence of Coquelin, and as Bellerin was 3rd choice, him too?

    However, your celebrated spine tends to look a little less certain if you add even the simplest of niggles, let alone a full month out, miss 6 games, type injury. But don’t let me rain on your parade, the reality will do that for me with even a modicum of normal events. But how some players develop will always make it enjoyable. Building expectations around the highlight of the season thus far is not for me.
    I hope you can repeat this post come January, but the way rumours are flying around about players to whom we are inquiring about, suggests to me that AW does not share your view that he can consistently produce a balanced team from the squad we have?

    I have no argument over the quality of the squad, but getting the necessary balance right is another matter. I am, like Arsene, prepared to wait until next season when the blue touch paper will be well and truly lit, and we can explode our array of talent to the full. This season will be like most firework displays, some fantastic moments followed by the mundane catherine wheels that hardly set the pulse racing.

    As JK said, let us concentrate on Watford. Rocket or damp squib, that will be the question?

    As for my type. I like to think of myself as a thinker first, if that is not tautology. But on good days that makes me a realist. A pessimist when it comes to taking things for granted, like winning games on paper? But a romantic optimist that there is a reason for everything, and the future will prove it so.


  • No, Gerry and 84, let’s not concentrate on Watford. That is the wrong blog etiquette! 😦

    That game is in 54 hours. Instead, let’s look at the points I raise and accept a few things about our credentials for this season, rather than poo pooing them with some off hand comments. If you don’t like talking about it, just go to another site for a few days and don’t tell us what we should be doing. It is as simple as that.

    And Gerry who said Arsene is waiting for next season to win the league: when and where did he say that?

  • Davyx2

    Like you I would not care about getting out of the CL this season, but for different reasons I am guessing. However, I have a feeling we beat Bayern next week or in the away game which would set us up for an exciting final few games.

  • AG, agreed on Coq and Gab: they have great leadership potential and are the natural extroverts. A fit Jack will always get into the first team, I reckon, but I am getting worried about his ability to stay fit for a long period: the signs are not looking good.

  • I like your additional reason, PE. 🙂

    And thanks for the description of yourself: I even started to think about luscious fruit and wondered what they look like in Nigeria…

  • The notion that the spine is vulnerable to injuries is misjudged. Of course a six month injury to any of the key players will hurt us, as it will do to any other team, but we do have adequate replacement. The one area of potential risk is Le Coq. Arsene would tell you he has experienced cover in Arteta and Flamini and between them, if they manage to stay fit, can do a decent to good job. In goal, we have Ospina as cover and I will not judge him on his last performance but the entire last season to know he would be good cover for Cech. For Ozil, we have Santi, or Sanchez or Jack once he is back; for Theo we have OG or Sanchez; for Santi we have Arteta or Ramsey or Jack; and we are fine regarding CB cover now. So lady luck could help us in avoiding too many injuries in one go in the spine as that would hurt us quite a bit (and any other PL team).

  • Re the 11:18 post above: If you say so TA. Some of us take a different view. But to expand on that would defeat the purpose of the post.

  • Being positive, for some, equates to tempting fate… Maybe?… I dunno, such an attitude seem pointless, or maybe ‘headless,’ to me at least… 😀

    On that note, we have a…

    New Post!

    Pony Eye talks about the team (including that most recent match vs Man U) and leans (even more, perhaps) towards the positive… Doomers thus might need to look away… or get behind those sofas…


  • Oh, I also wanted to say that Davy makes a fine point about the refs, which is part of the luck element TA highlights in the original post… We’ve yet to get a penalty, for example, and I’m pretty sure we’ve yet to score from a set piece…not to mention the calls Davy highlights. The Ramsey offside goal is two points which would take us to level at the top of the table and certainly the Mike Dean fiasco at Stamford Bridge took away a chance for even more points in that one…

  • Nice upbeat post Total, wanted to comment earlier, but it was busy in London today.
    Actually, when is it never busy in London…
    Not that I’m complaining… 🙂

    Why not win the EPL this season???
    You can’t exactly pick and choose!
    Fate either smiles on you or it doesn’t…

    Yeah, I agree Total/17, we have a very good squad, probably the best we’ve had since 2004/05, imo…
    But I’ve a feeling that Arsene has a couple of deals in the pipeline, for January.
    He probably couldn’t push them through in the summer, for whatever reason, maybe the other club was in Europe and didn’t wanna sell at that time. But the groundwork was probably done and hopefully will bare fruit in a couple of months time…

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