Bellerin for Ramsey, Giroud to start, Sanchez in need of break, what to do with Gibbsy? Five questions.

Still on my hols and floating on sunshine and lederhosen victory. What a great win and all round performance by the boys. Beating both MU and BM in the space of a few weeks, without conceding once, is the stuff of progress and dreams. Of course, it is early season still and there will be many trials and tribulations ahead of us, but these wins are vital for confidence and building a winners’ mentality.

We have to do it again against the well rested Toffees who always give us a hard time at home. Luckily, the team will not underestimate Everton and will want to dig deep, especially as a win will lift us to the top of the table.

I hate typing on an IPad but the show must go on, so here are five quick, pertinent questions for you?

  1. Who should replace Ramsey? We need somebody with the endurance, close ball control and defensive abilities of Rambo, whilst also staying calm when under pressure. For me that man is not the Ox, but Bellerin, with Debuchy moving into the FB position, could excel in this role…but what do you think?
  2. Theo’s running of the ball gives us a counterattacking style of football, and he almost scores a goal in every game, but Giroud is too good to keep him happy on the bench as our supersub: is it time to start playing him more in the PL?
  3. We all love Alexis, but by all accounts he left us exposed a few times against Bayern, which could have cost us dearly. The season is long and we cannot become too overdepend on him, as a long term injury would cost us badly. Is it time to start Ox on the left wing a few times?
  4. Gibbsy is too good to be on the bench, but Nacho is the big cheese on the left wing right now, and we all love him. I wonder whether Kieran could be turned into a DM ala Le Coq, or maybe get the left wing slot with us playing both Theo and OG up front?
  5. Is it time to promote Iwobi into the first team? Two goals against the mini lederhosen is some achievement and new blood could be doping to the team?

So what do yo say FFGs? 💣💥

by TotalArsenal.

13 thoughts on “Bellerin for Ramsey, Giroud to start, Sanchez in need of break, what to do with Gibbsy? Five questions.

  • I like the Bellerin idea, chambo is the same as Ramsey every game they will make a number of ill judged passes that put the opposition on the attack and in some cases score, plus it must be catching as Alexis did the same thing on more than one occasion against Bayern. I’m a big fan of Kieron Gibbs but, he’s so fragile, in the centre he would just get hammered, apart from his injury prone legs and ankles, he isn’t bulky enough to withstand opposing forwards challenges.

  • I think we should try playing Bellerin on the right wing and Gabriel on the right back to give and added defensive cover for the Bayern game in two weeks time but try it out against Everton over the weekend. Bellerin has some silky moves which we have seen him doing in the forward position similar to the Ox. As backup for the fullbacks position we have Debuchy, Chambers and Gibbs, so we should not be worried if we need a replacement. I believe this this could work just as well in the absence of Rambo.

  • wow what a great post TA, basically everything i have been wondering for a while now, a great set of questions to ask everyone.

    From my point of view you now how much i want to see Bellerin given a chance further up on that right wing and that i feel OX may be better suited to the left hand side cutting in like Sanchez. So the suggestion that Bellerin should replace Ramsey for a stint and move Debuchy back into the RB position whilst giving the OX his 10 minute cameo’s from the bench on the left side as replacement for Sanchez rather than his previous swap with Ramsey on the right would be absolutely perfect for me 🙂

    As for Gibbs as a Coq stand in, why not? He’s not fragile as trugun suggests he simply used to be susceptible to that injury he always had but that was fixed with surgery last season i think (recently in any case) and he has always been strong in the tackle and fully committed – same height and build as Coq also so again i would be happy to see this tried out also, maybe in a FA cup match or League cup match.

    Iwobi is OX’s competition for that Sanchez sub role on the left and if OX is not careful he could grab it.

    The hardest question to answer is the Theo and Giroud pairing, i would love to see it and i think it would make a world class pairing out of two non world class strikers. But who do you sacrifice from midfield??

    A narrow 4-4-2 diamond formation with the full backs providing most of the width down the sides (as they already do most of the time already) is what i would love to see tried in order to accommodate both strikers.
    pace and power up top, with the combined spectrum of passing from midfield of Cazorla and Ozil, with Sanchez playing in behind the top two working his socks off and causing havoc – yes please!!

    First team:

    ———————Le Coq———————

    Domestic cup team:

    ————–Iwobi or The Jeff—————–
    ———The OX———–Wilshere————

  • Is that the operation that fixed every thing? and lasted all of 45 mins on Gibbs return, so gutted for him when that happened. No one, certainly not me, would ever doubt Kierons commitment to the club and the game. However when you compare Kieron to other centre backs he’s a Weetabix short of the muscle needed to put himself about in the centre. When teams play Arsenal if they are skilful, fine, but look at Vardey or Deeney they don’t have the skill so they put themselves about by shoulder charging players off the ball, Deeney sent Bellerin flying in Saturdays game, and Hector is of similar stature to Kieron, when Deeney tried the same with the Coq he bounced off! No one, more than I, would love to find a place for Kieron Gibbs, but for me centre back is not that place.

  • trugun, i thought the post was talking about moving him into center midfield not centre back.
    And Gibbs and Le Coq are almost the same size, Coq’s not a big lad by any means so i say let Gibbs have a go there (in a cup match at least) and see what happens.
    btw Deeney was a handful to everyone in that match both centre backs included and i don’t remember the instance you are talking about when he bounced off Le Coq like he was nothing lol, doesn’t sound much like Deeney to me or anything like what was happening on the pitch as i remember it lol 🙂

  • Thanks TA! Great post and great questions!

    First and foremost happy birth day to Arsene Wenger!! He turns 66 years awesome today..

    1. I’ve gotta go with OX on the right wing for this one. I do think there is potential as back-up to Alexis on the left, but I imagine he will have his heart set on the right wing opportunity given Aaron’s injury. I wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to him by not giving him a good string of games to get his own (game )sorted out. Once he does sort it out we’ll wonder how we ever got along without him – I still have faith in the OX. The only reason this is straight forward for me though is that Welly is currently sidelined as well. Now is the time AOC, carpe diem buddy.. I do agree Bellerin could and would do a job there, but I would rather keep him focused on what he’s doing now. Future best RB in Europe..
    2. There will be times when situations may call for a different approach, but for the moment I’m really happy with the big man coming off the bench. Later in the game you can see that little bit of extra space he gets because he’s fresh and physical. Further to that, he plays with something to prove. That’s where we need him mentally.
    3. Good question. LOL..
    4. Perfect utility sub all over the pitch, much as Nacho was used while Gibbs had the starting roll.
    5. I really like Iwobi, but I think he should continue to develop at the level where he can dominate proceedings. I’m not a big fan of putting too much pressure on young players, too early in their career.


  • Hey TA, not bad for something written while lying on the beach… 🙂 (Where do we get the other emojis?…)

    I’ll try to write a match preview tomorrow morning but it’s tough when on holiday… In the preview I will likely answer “no” to just about all the ideas you’ve posed but that doesn’t mean I don’t agree with some of them. Bells and Gibbs pushed forward works for me when we have a lead to defend. I don’t know about the latter as a DM as he’s so (extremely) one-footed, plus we need to give some game time to our crew from the retirement home (Flamini and Arteta). I can’t say about Iwobi but we are extremely light in attack with Ramsey out and (Alexis looking leggy)… Hard to say, and, after going out on a limb and being wrong at Watford, I think AW will be similarly conservative vs Everton. The CoC up in Sheffield is a different story, however. Swansea away = back to best 11, IMO, of course…

    The only one I *might* indulge is Giroud to start as that’s what I think should happen… Theo’s game seems much improved and there’s really strong interplay between him, Ozil, Santi and Alexis but Giroud also appears to be strong as an Ox and not concerned with refs so much these days. A goal every time he comes on doesn’t hurt either…

    Speaking of the Ox, gotta agree with AG about him seizing the day (not seizing up)…

    More in the am

  • Evening TA. All nice ideas in here, but I’m not convinced I’m afraid. As Awaygunner says, why mess with Bellerin when he is coming on so well in his regular position – esp given he will be asked to move back when we have fit midfielders back? That option risks messing several players up in one go – though I’m sure he’d do a great job at RW. If Wenger thinks he could be better than any of our other options there, then fair enough; but i rather doubt it.

    This has to be the time to give Ox a decent run. Hopefully he can relax a bit knowing his place is there for a few games. On the other side, I can’t see us resting Sanchez just yet, but we all have to cross fingers around his fitness. Nearly 5 days should be enough for him though – assuming he is not carrying anything.

    Whilst Iwobi might get some bench time now, my hope is that we see Campbell featuring a bit more as a sub. There is still a decent player in there for me; I hope we give him some more chances before deciding to discard; its been a hell of a wait to get him here, so lets not be too hasty with him now that he is.

    Finally, I probably agree re Giroud to start given the risk of injury with Walcott – from your commentary on the previous post I think TA. But I would have Theo back to start against Bayern unless Giroud scores a hat full this weekend!

  • Hi TA,

    Good pre-game ideas.

    1. Bells in place of Rambo and Debuchy coming in as RB is a no to me. Ok, the can switch positions, but Everton is a team playing direct football so it might be better to use Bells as RB.

    If Flamini is back use him as winger. He can be a backup DM when needed during the course of the game.

    2. Giroud is good as a super sub. He is finding his form back, but playing a full game might mean himself running too much and not have the impact as a sub. So stick to Theo.

    3. Yes, Alexis needs rest, but we need him as a cover for Nacho. Ox is not good defensively and he tries too hard to get the ball out of the danger area during the games he played this season. A more defensive player perhaps to get Alexis some rest?

    4. Continuing with the previous point. Maybe we can play Gibbsy as Alexis replacement and with Flams or Ox or even Mikel switching flanks with him we might see something different and more refreshed attacks.

    5. Lets leave Iwobi until the end of this season in the reserves. Not that he is no good, but the fact that the other youngster (what is his name again?) is named on the bench rather than himself means alot.


  • To F11ngers (Steve),

    Did you had a change of Operating System, like from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or something?
    Sometimes the device driver is the one that caused this. Unless you find a patch or new driver version the issue will not go away. Sometimes the older driver / software version will do the trick too.

    Back to footy talk. I reckon your 4-4-2 is is somewhat out of shape. Although it is narrow, Its more like 4-2-3-1, their original formation, or 4-2-2-2, when Alexis plays in-line with Theo when attacking. When dropping deep to defend, their formation is 4-4-1-1, and its in-line 4, rather than a diamond formation.


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