Gabriel to score Arsene’s 2000th goal | Campbell, Ozil, Alexis behind Giroud: Preview | Line-up

Swansea v Arsenal:

the toughest of tests that will require full focus and deep desire to win!

Alexis and Giroud to run the show?
Alexis and Giroud to run the show?

This will be short and sweet. Seventeenho is on holiday and asked me to write the preview for the encounter with the Jacks, but he promised to write the midweek one. 🙂

The line-up is pretty straightforward, I reckon. Cech in goal; Bellerin, Koz, Gab, Nacho in defence; Le Coq and Santi in the DM pivot; Alexis, Ozil and Campbell behind Giroud. Wenger will have one eye on the Bayern game but a win against the Jacks will be his first priority. He was able to rest most of our players during the damp squib game midweek and the next midweek game is not till Wednesday, so plenty of time to get a focused team ready for the battle with Die Lederhosen in Munich. It is key to not lose momentum in the competitions that matter, and the PL matters more than anything else for us this season.

—————————- Cechmate ————————–

Bellerina — Mind the Gab – Koz we love you – The Cheese

—————– Coq Monster —- The Puffin —————-


————————– The Lighthouse ———————-

We lost twice against Swansea last season and unlike us they have a full squad available. They finally won a game again last weekend; and with the Arsenal coming to town and expectations not sky-high, they will be really looking forward to this game. This will be a very tough battle for us and we must enter it with the right tempo and motivation, so it is key to ban any thoughts about the Bayern game as to play with the right focus. Win today and our title charge with look really strong. A draw would not be too bad either, but a loss would hurt us quite a bit, especially with the key games against the Germans and the tiny tots coming our way. The loss against the Owls might help us in this respect: it brought us down to earth after three magic wins and it will not be hard for the manager to get his team refocused on the job in hand.

Swansea played Shelvey, Ayew, Sigurdsson, Montero and Gomis against Villa and that is a very decent quintet of footballing musicians on the pitch. With the crowd behind them, and they and the players knowing that we lost to them last season twice (and they have already beaten the Mancs this season), we are in for a stern, noisy, in-our-faces test: no doubt about it! From a footballing point of view, this is promising to be a very good game to watch (real shame it is not on TV at 3pm): both teams love to play good football and there are some fine players on the pitch to make it happen.

I have a feeling that Wenger will rest the BFG so he can mastermind another defensive masterpiece against his fellow countrymen on Wednesday. The Koz-Gab combo has plenty of bite and both were rested last Tuesday. The Vault of KoGa, as I like to call them, needs to be at their best against the strong, Giroudesque Gomis and wily, and fast on the ground, Ayew and Montero.  Arsenal have scored 1999 goals in all competitions and I have a feeling one of the CBs will score his 2000th. They were so threatening in set pieces last weekend and Koz could have eaten an elephant in one go after he scored against the Toffees; that is how hungry he was. I reckon it is time for Gabriel to get on the scoresheet this time round.

Gomis, Ayew and Montero will be fed by the versatile Shelvey and, not to be underestimated, Sigurdsson, and the wall of CoCa will have to work really hard to avoid them dominating us in our own half. Without Theo we do not have the speed in the centre of the pitch to hurt the Jacks quickly on the break, so there will be a lot of pressure on Alexis to rediscover his top-form and counter us to victory. Giroud, however, will help us a lot with chasing and regaining the ball and set up other players to spring the counter; and I expect Ozil, Alexis and (hopefully) Campbell to benefit from this time and again. We will face a very motivated Fabianski in goal who has done very well since his switch to Wales, and I hope the away Gooners will pay him once again the respect he deserves… but let’s beat him this time round!!

As I said in one of the comments in the previous post, I have a feeling that Bellerin will play in the ‘Ramsey’ position against Bayern (with Debuchy behind him), and I can see Arsene giving Campbell another chance to show us what he has got. I reckon he will do well as he will play in our best team and therefore with less pressure on him to make the difference. This will ease him up and make him play better, and hopefully this will be his first fantastic game in a Gunner’s shirt.

I am looking forward to this one even though I am not counting on three points. We will have to work very, very hard  and we have the quality to do it, but our mentality has to be at the highest level to end up victorious. Bring it on!

Come on you Rip-Roaring Gunners – Do us Proud!

By TotalArsenal.

21 thoughts on “Gabriel to score Arsene’s 2000th goal | Campbell, Ozil, Alexis behind Giroud: Preview | Line-up

  • Geez TA, A post 3 hours before the official match, you’re really cutting it close,but i love it! Life has been kind to me recently. Sad to see that you had to endure a torrid match against Wednesday. Though I have to say, how the heck did you find Ben Sheafs parents? Can say I’m impressed.

    Haha I’m still 17 TA. Still got a while to enjoy before I apply for a university, though I may well end up taking my course in England.

    Continuing our previous discussion, I think R.Adelaide looks like he will be a first team player in the next few years, can’t say the same for Campbell though.He looks really composed for a guy of his age. As for being overwhelmed by the occasion, you can’t say for sure until you see it. Dont forget Beelrin was also thrown straight into the team against Dortmund. Hopefully he’ll be our new Coquelin/Bellerin. Also, Crowley is back. Could he be playing for us this season?

  • Nice preview, TA, I’ll have big shoes to fill back in the States for the trip to Germany, if you follow…
    We had a bit of bother getting to the airport as my girlfriend (the voice of the navigator set us around to a service entrance of the airport… Trying to Love Two Women is the name of the Country Song…

    The result is huge today as Bayern will be a much tougher one to get and both will set the table for the derby…If we can get the first goal (as we did this fixture last season) we must hold it… Can’t let them get it so I expect a conservative approach… ManU scored first earlier this season but still lost, so Swans might be better when they commit to going forward…

    OK, airplane loading…

  • Stuff of dreams! 3-0 with a Campbell coolly taken goal. With 17HT travelling and Arsenal winning, it is no surprise it is so quiet on the blog. You only blog when we are losing comes to mind…. 😉

  • Hey TA, We’re safely arrived in Oslo and it was nice enough out to walk across the city to our hotel…We guessed wrong about which side of the park would have the hotel, however… :tired face:

    We had to guess because we ran the phone dry following the match by live (text) blog. The first half sounded dodgy, esp. with Giroud hurt (or getting us to half time by faking it)… Much better in the 2nd, it seems… 🙂

    “You only blog when we’re losing,” does seem a real thing, I hate to say…Or maybe to support Arsenal means winning is an expectation that simply comes with the territory and hardly worth a word… It seems weird to me and the description of the match made it sound pretty tense so it seems like a very fine result esp. with the other matches looming. We’ve got a football bar near the hotel so time to step down for a drink and maybe some MOTD or other highlights… Spanish football might still be on, however, and we may not have enough Krone for a 2nd drink…

    Huge Thanks for everything in Britain, eh… :thumbs up:

  • Good to hear you have arrived in Oslo. It was great to have you all staying in Scotland and to have a Seventeenho coffee together whilst talking about our favourite team.

    I hope to watch and analyse the game tonight.

    Where is Cockie’s chart of doom now? 😀

  • Wonderful victory today against the jinx team. 🙂

    We showed maturity, ability to kill off the opponents and it seems that boys understand every goal scored and every goal not conceded can decide the title race.

    What I find important is our new-found ability to switch the gears during the game. We had had a slow first half – similar to the one against Watford, except Swans prefer to play technical football – but we improved in the second half and destroyed them with a clinical finish. We have been doing well with our shots ever since the victory at Leicester, by the way.

    Congratulations to the players and, especially, Arsene Wenger. Hopefully Joel Campbell is going to score a lot of goals for Arsenal, his attitude and passion are Alexis-esque.

  • Cheers TA,

    Nice commentary there.

    Was expecting a familiar draw with the Swans, but my MoM Bellerin did the defense proud.

    Second goal is contentious, and i myself is divided between Kos blocking Fabianski or Fabianski failed to catch the ball cleanly.

    This is open for comments.

    We took a sit back and smash and grab whenever possible approach, and Cech is fantastic as always. Midweek match was a blimp or someone else looking like Cech?

    Good overall game, tight as always, and bring on Bayern.

    Lets play the same team again.


  • Morning BKers. A good professional performance yesterday. Most pleasing a) clean sheet despite some shaky defending, b) we did not let up once we got ahead, but pressed on for more, and c) Campbell finally getting a run and a confidence building goal.

    Less to analyse when we have a good win behind us I guess. But we will need to be tighter in defence against Bayern if we are to avoid getting punished in a way that the Swans were not able to complete. More compact around Mert will help him play to his strengths – and hopefully he will take more care of his arms this week too! I presume we will start with the same eleven as yesterday, but Campbell does provide an option up front too as we will need to have the threat of pace again to stretch them. Campbell’s work-rate and cover on the right does seem to make him a natural back-up to Rambo, and probably removes the (slim imo) chance of Wenger moving Bellerin forward and playing Debuchy in behind.

    A quiet game from Sanchez, hopefully denotes a storming performance from him on Wednesday. After resting most of this squad last week, they should all be fresh enough for the Bayern game, but I worry a bit about whether Giroud can make this game and the one against the spuds; I wonder what plan Wenger has for this, as 4 starts in 12 days looks a tad risky to me…..?

  • Ab,

    Maybe play Campbell up front against the Spuds? But then we have to play another pacy midfielder on the right, which other than Flams i do not know who else is best to cover the right back.

    Cheers from Japan, which i will be visiting until Saturday.


  • well that match was a little bit of an eye opener that has caused more than the already sufficiently high worry over the mid week match to come against Bayern.
    Unlike many here i have no real concerns about Joel Campbell being the fill in guy for that right side position, he has a high work ethic as he has shown in nearly every game he has played for us even though his performances have been on the whole far less than impressive in any real attacking sense. But then is that not the most perfect description of all the players now injured that he is replacing there?
    Its not as if Ramsey has been lighting up the place with tricks and flicks that actually come off, and goals and assists the way that everyone seems to think should be within his normal form and OX even less so this season unfortunately for those of us that really rate him. What we do expect from both these guys is work rate, pace at closing down and a kind of utility player role of supporting the rest of the team who have that touch of magic.
    As i said in this regard i have no real worries at all that Campbell can’t perform these tasks competently while the guys ahead of him are injured, just don’t expect some kind of Sanchez magic to now come from the right wing as well – even though he did manage to score from his first outing there which was a pleasant surprise 🙂

    No my real worries stem from the complete contrast in the midfield and defensive performance with regards to defensive work that we saw in this game when compared to the game against Bayern at home.
    We blocked off nearly every play they made that night and the defense was solid as a rock, it most definitely won us the game. Yesterday however it was only an absolutely terrible striker display from Gomis that didn’t see us 2 or 3 goals down after the first half. Shelvy of all people was completely tearing our midfield apart with passes and runs through, something (as it proved) we can get away with against Swansea but against Bayern away not a chance.
    I’m not going to predict all doom and gloom for the mid week match because as we showed previously against them we can get it right when we want to i just hope that performance turns up again and not the one i saw yesterday.

    Other than that the only other real gripe was Sanchez’s continued lack of passing form, otherwise a very positive result. We rode our luck in the first half and scored three goals to take home all the points in the second half – job done 🙂

    Happy and thankful for this result, lets get the defensive training started for the mid week match pronto 🙂

  • Enjoy Japan JK!!
    Probably one of my best holidays i ever had was over there, great place
    Very envious mate 🙂

  • Steve. We set up differently for those 2 games – hardly surprising given the quality of opposition. And I’m sure we will do the same again on Weds. I doubt we will see Kos in their box very often, other than corners – we will try and stay compact, expecting them to hold the ball and the territorial advantage. If we set up as per the Swans we will be hammered, and deservedly so. But I’d like to think we are a bit smarter than that….. Here’s hoping anyhow! We might still get well beaten – Bayern are good enough to do that to anyone. But I have no reason to doubt that we have the players and the organisation to put in a good performance – the team have shown us that much already this season.

  • Ohaiyo Gozaimasu from Japan Steve and AB,

    Yes, we will get hammered if we are that porous against the Swans. But then again, we see another spacey opponent backline, which Bayern has so carelessly put a highline in front of our pacy attackers.

    I say put Campbell on top to run at the defense, and also as our first line of defense. Ollie and Alexis looks shot against the Swans, so i believe we have to start thinking of who to fill in on both the left and right wing positions.

    Till tonight,

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