Giroud You Banker, Wenger a Tactical Genius, Campbell arrives, Ozil in the Zone: 8 Positives

Swansea 0 – 3 Arsenal

After three big wins in just one week, followed by an insipid and clueless League Cup loss midweek, we have now entered another period of three key games: two to keep us competing for the PL title (Swansea and the Spuds) and one to get us closer to the next round of the CL (Bayern). After our embarrassing loss on Tuesday, we needed to start well against Swansea as to build up a positive momentum to finish on a high before another interdull commences.

Eight positives from the game:

  1. Ozil is in the zone: On the BBC they announced that Mesut has run more miles and made more sprints than Alexis this season. This does not come as a total surprise to me, but it is worth mentioning nevertheless. Mesut had two assists today and was once again our mastermind on the pitch. If he continues like this he will end up with the PL player of the year award; you heard it here first!
  2. Campbell grabs his chance: He was eager and energetic all over the pitch and formed a good partnership with Bellerin. The goal was a bonus but I reckon his defensive support for our Spanish full back was just as important. It remains to be seen whether Wenger will play him for a third time in eight days against Bayern, but Joel is taking this opportunity to show us what he has got. On a day in which Sanchez does not find the net, we need our other attackers to take their chances and both Ollie and Campbell obliged.
  3. We can bank on Giroud: He will not take every chance that will come his way but this season he has been very sharp and consistent. His overall team play is key too of course, and once again Ollie was central in our attacking and defensive play. Giroud will be very important against Bayern on Wednesday, and I will keep a close eye on his partnership with Ozil: together they will have to break up the Germans’ tiki-taki, and, once in possession of the ball, they will have to hold it long enough to be able to release one of our wingers (Alexis and Campbell, or Bellerin for this occasion) to punish the Germans on the break.
  4. Bellerin keeps maturing: This was not an easy game for him, as Montero is a fast and intelligent winger who can embarrass every defender on the day. But Hector Vector handled him well and his attacking contributions were once again sharp and strong.
  5. Koz the complete defender: What a solid defensive performance once again and two goals in two games for our all-devouring CB: you just got to love him!
  6. Wenger half time talk: I don’t know what Arsene tells his players at the half time breaks and I would love to be a fly on the wall during them. In virtually all games we perform so much better in the second half compared to the first. I have been telling myself a few times during recent games that we just need to not concede in the first half so that Wenger can win us the game with his team talk and tactical adjustments, and boy does he deliver every time. Our second half against the Jacks was soooo much better than the first one, and anybody saying Wenger has not got a clue tactically does not know what they are talking about.
  7. Another clean sheet for the defence: they rode their luck a few times in the first half, with especially Gomis lacking composure to finish his very good opportunities, but I am so pleased we now have a decent defence that is getting more solid and cohesive with every game they play together. Against Bayern we need to play more compact and I am sure we will, but another clean sheet will give our defenders even more confidence to withstand another Lederhosen onslaught on Wednesday.
  8. Incredible away form: Arsenal won five out of six PL away games, and the one we lost, against the Chavs, we got robbed by the referee. Wins at Newcastle, Swansea, Leicester, Palace and Watford show how much character and will to win our team has, as quality alone would not see us pick up fifteen points during our travels. It is still early days, but a strong away form is key to us winning the title.

These are my positives but I am sure there are more, so make sure we hear about them!

By TotalArsenal.

13 thoughts on “Giroud You Banker, Wenger a Tactical Genius, Campbell arrives, Ozil in the Zone: 8 Positives

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel our team is playing better in away games than at home games. Seems like the pressure of home fans is getting taking its toll on our team. Still being so strong in away games is definitely not bad. And it seems like this started at Eithad when we beat City 2-0.

  • Hey TA. More good stuff! The writing gets better and better, IMO, and twisting the words of the more fickle supporters (the B for the W, not to mention the bit about Wenger and tactics…) is very well done… Of course, with the tougher matches coming, worried types will not want to jinx things. :rolly eyes:, :lol:…

    I’ve only seen the extended highlights of the match but, it seems to me, after watching Bellerin going into the post on the offside play and reading about Giroud’s end of the period injury we have to be happiest that we have no further casualties and can take this same group to Germany. If we can do likewise for Spurs and not carry too much in the way of injured pride into that one, I’ll be very happy. Wenger would take a point in Munich, I’d take 11 (or 18) healthy players on the return flight…and a chance to beat Olympiakos on Goal difference. Of course, that also means counting on Bayern to beat the Greeks themselves…

    Obviously, I’m getting ahead of myself. Gotta save it for the match preview…

    That one could be hard to (find time to) write as we’re flying the big one today and then who knows what kind of business I need to take care of back in California. Oslo on a sunny day is a big thumbs up and we only wish we had more time (and money….) to enjoy it more… As bad as our luck was with the (live) football, it was good with the weather…

    The final sunset (although we might have a continuous one for the flight home this afternoon)…


  • Yes Mohammed, our home form lacks behind at times, but I am hoping that the key, high profile wins against the Mancs and BM will make a difference now.

  • That is a great picture, Seventeenho: surely this was taken outside Oslo? 🙂

    Glad to hear you had good weather in Oslo and have a safe flight home. Let me know whether you can do the preview once you get back home and had your first two Seventeenho bean drafts! ☕️☕️😜

    I don’t like doing them but I could do one more to allow you to settle back in. 😀

  • Nice trip 17ht, looks like the weather is good for you today. Tokyo is raining today, so it looks good for you being able to see such a beautiful sunset. And for the first time in my life my breath makes visible vapour.

    Bayern by now would have known that our fantastic 17, Alexis had a tough game, and he looks like he is a little overworked. But still we needed him and Ozil as our spark.

    I am more for a hard earned point rather than 3 points in the bag, but let’s just see how it goes.


  • Excellent post, TA! 🙂

    I’d just add one thing on our away form.

    Before Mike Dean’s victory over us we hadn’t lost an away game since Spuds in February.

    Ozil is so good that you might want to change the name of the blog to Ozilesque. 🙂

  • Sounds good doesn’t it, Admir: ‘Ozilesque’ but there is only one Bergkamp…esque! 😉
    How is life treating you at the moment and do you have any plans to come and see our boys in England? 🙂

  • I had a really tough period in August, my wife’s pregnancy hadn’t gone well as we had gone through a missed abortion. I guess life looks a bit different after that sort of trauma.

    I have an idea for writing a sci-gi novel but my library is already full of books I haven’t written. 😦

    London? I don’t know. Maybe next year to see how the reigning champions play. 🙂

  • Hi Admir

    Really sorry to hear about your wife’s miscarriage. Please give her a hug from me and I am sorry for you as well. Keep strong buddy!

  • Let me know when you are coming to London and we will try and meet up for a beer and maybe even a game. And when you feel like, it would be good to publish another Admir special on this site.. 🙂

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