What to do with Kieran Gibbs: LB backup, LM, DM, CB or Transfer?

Time to shine for Gibbs

As Arsenal are not playing till Sunday and the match preview will not go out until at least tomorrow afternoon, let’s blog about something else. It would be good to know what fellow Gooners would like to do with Kieran Gibbs.

Gibbser is 26 and has lost his preferred left back position to the currently immaculate Nacho Monreal. He needs to play regular football now as his best years have only just started, and he is too good to simply be a backup player.

Wenger has been playing him in front of Monreal as a sub on a few occasions: is the left midfield position an option for Kieran? Great defensively, but can he produce the assists and goals…?

Or should he aim for the DM position, currently vacated by Coquelin? He reads the game well, is very good defensively and a decent passer of the ball. He also has the stamina and athleticism needed for the DM role…

Alternatively, he could be developed into a CB, but it would take time and the competition is currently fierce…

He could also wait and compete hard with Monreal to claim his place, but how likely is it he will regain the LB position anytime soon?

Maybe his best option is to ask for a transfer by the end of the season?

What do you think, FFGs?

By TotalArsenal.

26 thoughts on “What to do with Kieran Gibbs: LB backup, LM, DM, CB or Transfer?

  • Problem with Gibbsy leaving is it just gives more ammo to those that scream and cry that any injury to our so called first eleven means we’re stuffed, as we have, according to them, no decent backup. As a former winger and with Alexis running on empty Gibbs may find a spot opens up for him quite soon.

  • What I like about Gibbs, is that he is a good team member, at the moment anyway.
    He doesn’t, on the surface, agitate at not being in the team, but waits for his chance, and that could come at any time…
    You see, and I don’t wish to tempt fate, every player is just one tackle away from doing a Coquelin, 12 weeks out, and then we’d all be delighted that we’ve got Gibbs.

    That’s the difficult balancing act that a manager has, in keeping his squad happy and not having disaffected players upsetting the morale of the squad…
    As it stands, for me, Gibbo can do a job in a variety of positions, but I’d mainly use him on the left flank where he’s most familiar…
    Gibbs might be 26, but he’s spent a huge chunk of his Arsenal career keeping Abou Diaby company. In fact I doubt that he’s ever gone through a season before without missing several weeks out. So maybe he owes Arsenal a little patience?

    So for me, Gibbs stays and maybe in the summer his situation can be revisited…
    Great post Total…

  • Somehow it looks like Gibbsy is better left in the defensive positions. It looks like his attacking skills are not there yet.


  • Hey TA… Agreed with AK about Gibbs (and Nacho) fitness issues… Also, it’s not very likely that too many teams can match the salary he’s on with us…

    He’s a solid left sided utility player and he scored a goal which salvaged us a point (and stole a pair from Spurs)… I cannot, however, see a guy who will not take anything but a final (and often wild) touch with his right foot being a serious candidate for DM… By the time his next contract rolls around Nacho may be thinking about a return to Spain to round out his career. Usually things happen (even) fast(er) in football…

    Sorry about inaccuracies and lack of clarity in my comment on the previous topic. By 7-nil I meant the combined score against Dinamo and Olympiakos in round 5… It makes it *seem* easier for us to beat the Greeks by two clear goals if Bayern can beat them by 4 in (what for them was) a dead rubber… We’ll GAAT to that one when it comes, of course… What can you tell me about Norwich? Didn’t you used to live down there?…

  • Gibbs could turn into a lethal attacking player BUT his strength is as a defender. I see hiom fitting the DM role provided he lets Flamini do the dirty work as he is not a tough or solid person but rather like Cole was, a defensive artist with attacking skills. I’d try him as a DM or continue using him as a winger.

  • You can see from a mile that Gibbs is a nice fellow. No agitation. No turbulence around him. His got a wonderful rythm to life. I love him. And he ain’t a bad player by a good standard. Still I don’t see any role except back up role for him. His “leftfooted left foot play” has created a ceiling to his game. And this is Arsenal where the sky is the limit.

  • For me Gibbs is in the same boat as Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Gabriel, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ox, Flamini and Welbeck. Quality players who are struggling to demonstrate their capabilities due to a lack of structured and regular squad rotation.

    Even without the plethora of injuries a number of the abovementioned have recently suffered I genuinely think Arsenal would be in a situation comparable to Chelsea. That is, an exhausted first 11 from the manager refusing to regularly rotate his squad in a structured and systematic manner and a remaining squad devoid of confidence because of the manager’s refusal to give them appropriate first team opportunities.

    A lack of structured and regular squad rotation is one of Arsenal’s biggest issues in my opinion. It helps the entire squad stay engaged throughout the season, helps to combat injuries and drives internal competition which ultimately leads to better on field performances.

    Arsene’s has pragmatically improved Arsenal in a number of ways in recent season but his ongoing failure to regularly rotate his squad in a structured and systematic manner and address obvious squad deficiencies (e.g. a lack of a suitably skilled and physically able defensive midfielder to compete with Coquelin) is inhibiting Arsenal’s ability to succeed. The frustrating part is that the solution are rather simple.

    Btw Gibbs is a fantastic left full back and with more first team opportunities would be able to demonstrate that unequivocally.

  • FLO8, I would’nt go so hard on Wenger for lack of rotation. It’s hugely forced on him by (a) injuries (b) the early pressure put on the team by our season opening defeat v West H. at home. Again we are only a third into the season, too early for fatigue to have set in on our 1st 11.

    Reasonable to believe that in the overall plan, Wenger hoped to keep his squad players match fit with the cup ties. Unfortunately both the COC and the CL have not gone as hoped. Hopefully the FA cup will do that for us. Meanwhile these fringe players have all tasted action; Ospina, Deb, Gab, Gibbs, Arteta, Flam, Camp, Ox, and Theo, and we are not yet in Dec.

  • If I have to play Gibbs in the MF, I will play him as an inverted winger like Arjen Robben.

  • Morning guys 🙂

    Harsh on Kieran’s right foot, Seventeenho, me thinks. I could see Gibbs and Rambo being a very solid and dynamic DM pair when, for example, we play the bigger teams. He would also connect well with fellow left footer Ozil.

    Thanks for clarifying the seven goals comment. The Athens game is still far away but the stage is clearly set. Cannot wait to see whether we can do it.

  • Omg, Gibbs next to Flamini in midfield could indeed work, especially against the strong attacking teams like Bayern, Barca, Liverpool, Citeh etc.

  • Some interesting comments above, PE is absolutely spot on to highlight the injuries that have blighted Gibbos career, to date…
    Maybe if Keiran had been able to stay fit and tie down his place, AW might not have had to sign Monreal, although I’m glad he did as he’s one of my favourite players…

    I have some sympathy with FLO8’s view and the rotation issue, Ferguson used to get hammered for rotating early in the season if ManUre slipped up, but you saw the benefits in the 2nd half of their seasons when they were unchanged and relentless…

  • Interesting point about rotation, Freddie. ⚽️

    In principle you are absolutely right. A good rotation policy is key to keep the squad fit and motivated. However, every manager needs to get the team dynamics right and loathes to change a winning team when he finally has the balance right and builr winning momentum. It never fails to amaze me how much our performance drops if and when Wenger makes more than the odd change. It appears to be a very fine balance between rotation and not disturbing team form and performances, and I understand Wenger’s reluctance to do it on a systematic scale.

  • Total, look at the Sheff Weds game as well as the first two CL games, Wenger got slated for rotating, so he can’t win…

    As you say a delicate balancing act..

  • Looks to me like nobody can sight the new Arjen Robben. Please expand your vision, think the impossible. Honestly I do thirst for a glimpse of it, Gibbs steaming down that right flank Argen-Robbenesque.

  • Good point about red nose’s rotation approach, AK. Paradoxically, Maureen hardly rotated his first team during his first spell at the Bridge and it paid off for them.

  • PE, Robben has a goal instinct and is a pure attacker. One of the best Dutch players ever. Kieran also has a left foot and is fast but you are comparing a Ferrari with a Mercedes Benz… 😋

  • Except as an orthodox winger, attacking from the left side cramps Gibbs’s game. Once he cuts inside into the field he looses his poise because then he has just one release valve, to pass the ball backwards towards his half. Ozil and Jack as examples, under same situation have the skill sets to retain 360 degree options with the use of either the outside of their left foot, or with feints or some other trickery. Imo, this is what sets a ceiling to Gibbs’s game.

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