Player Ratings: Ozil the pivot, Giroud comes good, Campbell arrives

I will do a match review tomorrow, but for now just the player ratings.

Cech: 8 | Not much to do for large parts of the game, but always in control and he just oozes calm and control. Had a couple of routine saves to make which he did faultless.

Nacho: 8.5 | Great going forward and mostly solid at the back. He collaborates so easily with fellow defenders, midfielders and attackers. The complete full back, with a great engine and passion.

Koz: 9 | Total Warrior, whose drive, reading of the game and interceptions are an inspiration to the entire team. Great partnership with BFG tonight.

BFG: 8.5 | Left us sometimes a bit exposed with his positioning, but very strong second half. Master in the air and some very good interceptions.

Bellerin: 7.5 | Struggling a bit to get his game going, both defensively and offensively, but improved a lot in second half. Hector Vector is missing Ramsey as his steady right wing partner.

Flamini: 8 | Solid shift with more defensive discipline than at the weekend. Unlucky not to score after a fine run into the box in the first half.

Rambo: 8.5 | Great all-round midfield play, linking up midfield with attack and defence brilliantly. Just kept on motoring, and great run and cross for the first goal.

Campbell: 8.5 | Needs to toughen up to win more defensive one to ones, but great attacking game with a sublime assist for Ollie’s second: what a calm in the storm he has, and what great vision and technical ability to pick out Ollie amongst all those defenders. Continued to have a great attacking drive and helped out in defence too.

Ozil: 9 | Superb pre-assist for the first goal, launching Ramsey with the perfect through ball: how did he see that one? Led the team in all areas, always making himself available and winning vital seconds for the team on the ball.

Theo: 7 | Very rusty with his passing and ball touches, but a constant menace with his runs, creating space for others and putting pressure on the Greek defence constantly.

Ollie: 10 | A master class of total CF play: harassed the opposition constantly, brilliant hold up play to allow the team to breath and link up with him, fine defensive cover during set pieces, great runs into the box, and a hat trick. He also had the cool head to slot the penalty in, after which the game was over.

By TotalArsenal.

14 thoughts on “Player Ratings: Ozil the pivot, Giroud comes good, Campbell arrives

  • Nice one TA,

    Some of the ratings is better than that of Espn’s, and overall it gave me an idea of how we played. Could have scored more, though i didn’t see the match.


  • Thanks 84, shame you missed it. A very professional and committed performance by the boys.

    Yes we could have scored even more, but three goals away from home is pretty awesome.

  • YouΒ΄re killing me with short-changing of Campbell, deserved a higher rating than Mertz or Ozil. Did a job…defensive one on ones?…the hell you on about…no one had a successful take-on against him.

  • M74,
    Ratings are subjective, and if you feel Camp did better than Ozil, then that is fine with me. Watch the game again, especially the first half, and you’ll realise how many times Joel still comes second best when competing for the ball defensively.

  • Hi TA, Looking forward to the match report but the ratings tell a story too… And they can always be argued about, too… :Rolly eyes…

    I tend to look for positives when results go badly but I tend to nit-pick when things go well…and I don’t want to do that here… I think, however, that you’re spot on about Campbell…. He may not have the physique of an ox (or even the Ox…) but he showed both tenacity and calm when he needed it. He’s still young and will be able to add some muscle as time goes by… A performance like that, in a stadium where he used to play, will serve him well…

    I’ll hold off on some of my comments but I will say that it was impressive how we kept at it even though they came at us hard. We’re definitely missing some key players who help with our possession game. We know about Le Coq & Santi but I’m also concerned that Arteta won’t be back anytime soon. That said, once we settled in there was only one team which deserved to go through…With Ramsey and Flams getting into scoring positions it’s a different ball game and 3 goals in both matches shows what can be accomplished. We’ve maybe gotten a bit lucky with our opponents’ finishing but the only guy who’s actually put it in our net has put it in theirs four times in two matches…

    Good times but gotta get back at it on Sunday…

  • Can’t believe how no one has mentioned ozil’ role in all three goals…. Even the pen the run sudden stop and ball through to giroud to cross…. Ozil
    Running one way lobbed ball to campbell for girooooooods 2nd. Excellent performance all round, same again on Sunday against villa pls

  • Walcott was poor. No sense of defensive responsibility. Ox suffers from that too but overall I’d rather have him running the flanks than Theo.

  • Good to see you my old friend TA. Yours is still my favorite blog by far, and you my favorite blogger.. How’s RA red arse doing.?. .. I’ve been spending more time on twitter, gaining a good following of gooners, art lovers and some controversial politics.

    Arsenal made me proud today. On to the weekend !

  • A little off topic but very much recommend you check out this link:

    I follow Ligue 1 quite a bit and Kante was sensational for Caen last year (4.8 tackles and 2.9 interceptions per game) and is now showing that same form Leicester (3.8 tackles and 4.3 interceptions). Just to put it in context Coquelin’s comparable stats last season and this season were 3.2 tackles and 3.7 interceptions and 2.7 tackles and 3.2 interceptions per game respectively. On top of that Kante is arguably more mobile than Coquelin and a better dribbler, but Coquelin is slightly more physical in height and weight.

    Definitely a prospective CDM transfer target for me!

  • By the way TA, Ramsey’s willingness to go beyond the opposition’s defensive line from a deep central midfield position coupled with Ozil’s fluent lateral movement and exquisite passing ability, transforms Giroud’s effectiveness as a CF by giving him extra time and space and complimenting Giroud’s relative lack of movement. Ramsey and Flamini, to a lesser extent, when deployed in those central midfield roles also provide Giroud with a player he can link with and feed their runs beyond the opposition’s defensive line. I don’t think the same can be said about Cazorla, Coquelin or even Wilshere when they have been deployed in those central midfield roles. It’s a very different Arsenal with Ramsey and Flamini in the deep central midfield positions. One which is arguably more exciting to watch from an attacking perspective, though somewhat less stable defensively than with Cazorla and Coquelin occupy those roles. Very interesting!!

  • Flo8,

    Le Prof played Flams there due to his past experience at the defensive position, i.e. left back for a few months in his first stint for us.

    Although he does not have a figure that scares attackers or tackles like Le Coq do, but he is quite ok defensively, though at times when he goes forward, Rambo goes forward too, creating a hole between them. For the CoCa formation, when one goes up, the other stays in the position in case of counters.

    Anyway everyone worked well, Theo needs games and its good to see the lads put in 100%


  • 17, FL08 πŸ™‚

    It is early days re the effectiveness of FlamRam, especially compared to CoCa. Both combinations have their plusses and minuses, and there are some key minuses to the FlamRam combo, but there is no denying that Ramsey offers some key additional attributes in terms of his running and getting to both boxes in time to add value either our attack or our defence. FL08, can I suggest you write a small post about the two combinations, as in their strength and weaknesses and what they bring to the team; and what if we can pick two from all-fit: Rambo, Santi, Flamini, Le Coq and Jack…

  • Thank you Johnnie :crimsonredcheeks: πŸ™‚

    We have been missing your sharp analysis and insights, so please blog a bit more regularly here.

    Same goes to other former regular BKers, still reading but no longer commenting: let us know how you are doing and how Arsenal is making you feel these days! πŸ˜›

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