Player Ratings: Ramsey b2b beast, Ozil directs, Giroud delivers,Theo bullies

An easy win for the boys due to a professional performance, an early goal from a penalty and a beautiful box box goal by Rolls Ramsey. We threatened to let them back in to the game in the second half but with confidence at a low at Villa Park, we were allowed to stroll through it till the end.

Player ratings

Cech: 7.5: did everything ok and kept it simple. Oozes calm and control. I pinch myself every game to reconfirm that Petr is actually a Gunner. What a signing and well done for equaling David James’ clean sheet record.

Belerin: 7: motored well and some good link up play with Campbell. Looks a bit tired when making attacking decisions but solid performance overall.

Koz and BFG: 7.5: good balance between control and aggression. Easy game for them.

Nacho: 7.5: motored well all game and solid defensively. Easy game.

Flamini: 7.5: solid without being spectacular, just the way we like it. Played a big part in Ramsey’s shining performance.

Ramsey: 8.5: motored all game with a great all round performance. His goal epitomised what he is all about: fine defensive tackle, bursting run and arriving in the box at the right time to slot home. He also made some Santiesque passes and offered defensive support constantly.

Ozil: 8: directed the game with ease and style. Great, unselfish assist for Ramsey’s all important second goal.

Campbell: 7.5: good all round performance and much better in defensive one to ones. Really involved in the game and kept it simple and effective.

Theo: 7.5: involved in both goals. He got us the penalty with showing good body strength and persistence, bullying Hutton to a very costly foul; and he also had the pre assist for Ramsey’s goal, a lovely, measured ball any midfielder would be proud of. Dropped off quite a bit in second half.

Giroud: 8: put himself about and never slackened. Took penalty well. Solid and mature.

By TotalArsenal

13 thoughts on “Player Ratings: Ramsey b2b beast, Ozil directs, Giroud delivers,Theo bullies

  • Great stuff TA. And now the spuds lose and pool draw (albeit they saved a point in extra time) to round off a very good day for the Arse!

  • Really pleased with those results, AB. A draw tomorrow would be even better. Eight days rest to prepare for the next game of the season. Boys did us proud.

  • Satellite needs a wipe (snow stuck) on AND we had the dreaded drop by of someone on the hunt for coffee… so I’ve just seen those results… Wowsa… No easy matches in England this season…

    TA, are you gonna do a match report?… It almost seems like it hardly deserves one given that it was over almost as soon as it began. What’s with these teams thinking they can play (attack…) against us?…

    To me, the defense just looks like there’s so much more trust in one another these days. All we’re giving are wide angles and shots from distance. I need to do some ‘research’ but it seemed like the headlines were talking about Ospina to Istanbul and maybe Sir Chez back into the fold. In a way it makes sense as two taller keepers might play in a more similar style. Personally, I really rate Ospina (very decisive and usually correct…) but his approach is very different than the bigger fellas and it’s obviously tougher at the set pieces…

    Anyhow, nothing much to argue with about the ratings, esp. since you avoided digging up earlier arguments by not mentioning the subs…

  • We’ve got a snow-day here…so I could work on something…

    Oh, and I want to quibble with your ratings… I think Theo’s role in the goals plus his willingness to overlap deep with Nacho on the Hutton side deserves an extra 0.5… Getting so close to the odious (and odorous?) fellow was yeoman’s work–a lot more than we’re used to seeing Alexis do when he’s playing over on the left…


  • Interesting call, 17HT. I thought Campbell gave more support than Theo but Theo was involved in the goals.. Maybe an eight would indeed have been fairer….

  • Hello, people! 🙂

    Nice work on ratings, TA. 🙂 Maybe a bit harsh on Bellerin – I don’t think anyone should get less than 7.5 simply because we won the game with a clean sheet. 🙂

    I would like to add a comment on Flamini. He made a pass for Walcott before the penalty. If there is an area where The Flame is going to be an upgrade on Le Coq, it’s the final product.

    Top of the table! Too bad City got themselves out of trouble with the luckiest of goals. 😦 Good to see Klopp and Pulis sharing points and hating each other already while high-flying Spuds were also beaten.

    A draw at Leicester tomorrow night is fine by me. 🙂

  • Hey Admir, I feel Bellerin’s attacking side is suffering a bit at the moment. The final ball is currently often not sharp or unpredictable enough.

  • I agree, I have to admit. 🙂 Perhaps it’s an(other) area where he could improve aside from defending one on one?

    Speaking of Bellerin, what I like about him – aside from his pace and “recoverability” – is his ability to raise his performance during the game which implies a strong personality.

  • Yes, hard to quibble to much about anything… And good shout on Flams ball over the top to Theo for the pen, Admir…

    Hey TA… It’s hard to quibble over much of anything…but, if I must…Hutton and later Gil were pretty tough on Nacho all day, I thought, so Theo helping out (not something I remember him doing much in the past…) seemed good (to me). Plus, that was a man-ful bump with Hutton before the pen and an even better pass to Ozil on the 2nd… Admir has a fine shout there too for Flamini’s ball which set Theo up…

    All of this (more or less) is covered–and Admir is even credited for a stat–in the…

    New Post…

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