Player Ratings: BFG and Koz Rule, Ozil Leads, Theo and Ollie Deliver

Evening fine, fellow Gooners. Great win at THOF and we’ll do a review tomorrow. But for now the player ratings.

Cech: 8: unflappable and a big calming factor on the excellent CBs in front of him. Did his presence put De Bruyne off when approaching the goal at a decent angle at 0-0?

Bellerin: 8: great defensively, with very good positioning and recovery. Citeh showed Hector Vector great respect with putting Delph at left midfield to stop his runs forward, but, as the game went on, he still managed to aid the attack as well.

BFG: 9: playing deep suits him so well. His reading of the game and positioning were exceptional, and so were his interceptions.

Koz: 9.5: exceptional performance for 90 minutes. Next to the calm organiser that is Mertesacker, Koz revels in cleaning up and bullying forwards. One of the best games I ever saw him play: phenomenal blocks, masterful in the air and a Hoover on the ground.

Nacho: 8.5: once again solid and great in supporting the attack. Monreal is naturally aggressive without being nasty, and his fitness levels are incredible.

Rambo: 8.5: superb in first half, forming a Great Wall with the Flame. We were rock solid for almost the entire game. He made some great runs forward in the second half, but lacked a cool head to finish off the game. Some his defensive interceptions were excellent, even though he was a bit at fault for Yaya’s simply perfect goal.

Flamini: 8: a solid defensive performance focused on eliminating Silva’s creative threat. Kept it simple and did all the dirty work with not a moment’s lack of concentration.

Campbell: 8: fabulous defensive support and great energy, always carrying an attacking threat. Like Rambo, he lacked a cool head to finish a couple of decent chances, but great team work.

Theo: 8.5: worked very hard all over the pitch, even though defending is not his strength. He produced a great Alexisesque goal to get us in front, and the big games often require such quality to come out of it victoriously. Theo delivered it!

Ozil: 9: great leadership of the team, two assists and always found space to get the ball and do something good with it. Defended all over the pitch as well.

Giroud: 9: at times our third DM defending from the front backwards and putting in some strong tackles. Scored the second goal, never stopped being a nuisance to the Citeh defence, fab holding play and some near assists.

A great performance by the whole team, but Koz’s nudges it for MOTM.

By TotalArsenal

21 thoughts on “Player Ratings: BFG and Koz Rule, Ozil Leads, Theo and Ollie Deliver

  • Yep agree with all of that T A I think what is really encouraging is that ther appears to be a really good team spirit, which will hopefully stand the team in good stead.

    If I was being ultra critical I would say
    1. We should have finished them off at 2 – 0 given the chances we had.

    2. Probably acting on instructions, but it seemed to me every time Bellerin got the ball instead of trying to get down the line, invariably he would turn around and play it back to Mertesacker

  • Great review TA,

    More than just stats. You have literally put the review of each individual Gunner here.

    For me, the KdB chance should be averted if we have 2 guys staying at the back at any time, be it attacking or defending.

    Kudos to Cech, who made some fantastic saves, while we could have turned the win into a rout with 2 more goals scored.

    Anyway good game, everyone put in 100%, so Cheers to everyone.


  • Hi Retsubster,

    Yes we should have finished them off. Is it the price for working so hard that both Rambo and Campbell missed those second half opportunities?

  • Bellerin needs to be launched into space in front of him, which was often lacking. I also feel his partnership with Campbell is a work in progress.

  • Hey TA… No complaints from me except that player ratings (by their very nature) sells short the exceptional togetherness of the group… We looked the better ‘team’ all night long even if they have the better–or at least, more expensive–guys… Ah well, whatchagonnado?… 😀 I guess I’ll look forward to tomorrow’s match review,,, More smileys

    Also, as part of Kos’ MoTM performance you MUST mention that beautiful long ball to Campbell which led to a legitimate chance out of nothing…

    What about Giroud’s time-wasting there at the end? It puts my heart in my mouth but at least I know he’s OK when he does the finger flicking bit,,, He’s smarter (and tougher…) than he looks…

    Try to catch that post match interview with Theo & Messy, if you can… Very, very nice, IMO…

    Only downer for me was Lee Dixon working really, really (really…) hard (in commentary) to point out the flaws in our squad and our approach… Tim Howard seemed better balanced–or maybe just didn’t feel the need to over-compensate…

    ‘Nuf for tonight… Sleep well, Kampers…

  • Tough, tough day at the job for me.
    Had hoped I’d been able to get out around lunch (US CDT)– and catch it.
    But alas… it turned into a monumentally difficult day for me (IT/SysAdmin)–
    And I just got back to the house at nearly 8pm our time.

    Just sitting down to watch the DVRd match–
    With a great sense of satisfaction. 😉

    Thanks for the preface guys!


  • Well, as David Moyes so succinctly put last week,
    ‘The jury is still out on Mesut Ozil’


  • Yeah yeah, a couple of lazy assists – passes it as usual because he can’t be bothered scoring himself.

    Wow, you folks who are able to get to the Emirates are so very very lucky, I don’t think I’ll ever get to see this genius playing live. I watch on TV and I’m amazed and entranced. Does the man have 360 degree vision and supernatural awareness or what?.

    The best of times to be a Gooner, these are!

  • Guys,

    Mesut (or Messy, as 17ht call him), according to Le Prof, has been sick all week and only trained on Sunday. So to achieve 2 assists is wonderful enough.

    Mini Hulk will still be out until 2nd week of January. So, we need Campbell to find his scoring boots and help us to score and defend. Theo gets better every game so everyone prefers him to start on the wings and drift in-field.


  • Hi

    Haven’t watched but highlights yet, but, some few thoughts on reading and watching:

    A. Virtually all goals have assists, which would you rather have the 20’assist guy helping lots of folks score or the 20 (or 30?) goal guy who eats up all the assists ? I’m in Ozil camp, so .. You can likely guess, I think he makes everyone better more than the attention grabbed by a big scorer who can be marked out sometimes.

    B. Jury out on AR. Does well in centre but perhaps not as rock solid as Coquelin.

    C. Word on the street is that Monreal is possibly the best left back in the prem. Hard to argue much.

    D. Equally then, who’d a thunk it when we lost Sagna to City? He had a mare from the little I saw and didn’t fit in. There’s a moral here about being patient on transfers and such. Never know how they turn out says a Gibbs “likely owns the position” guy a year or so back…

    E. I believe TA that I called, per A above, that if Ozil plays and knowing Kompany wasn’t, and I figured Ozil would, that it’d be 2-1… 🙂 🙂 🙂 … I’m not right often enough not to gloat a little here.

    Sorry been so busy this year but I’ve been a lurking… Will watch and now that it’s the holiday break about, I hope to have more “insight” to offer up.

    Cheers — jgc

  • Davy

    I’ve not been either, but, at least the view of the game is better in TV to see all Ozil contributes! Best I’ve got for you…

    Cheers — jgc

  • 17ht 🙂

    Agreed on togetherness, even though I don’t agree we were the better team all game long. The last twenty minutes were for the Oilers, despite our togetherness.

    It’s a shame you don’t get much more value out of the player ratings, but horses for courses and all that.. 😜

    Re Giroud, I reckon he feels pain more than others and the French tend to be more expressive… He also DOES get battered more.

    Agreed on the Koz pass to Canpbell… I guess he was your MOTM too then 😀

  • Alexis will be missed as we could do with his energy in the next few games. Who is capable of giving Mesut a break? That’s the real dilemma for Arsene. Maybe play Arteta and Flam together and then Rambo in the hole?

  • Great predictive powers, Geoff. I doff my cap to you. 🙂

    Rambo is no Coquelin and Le Coq is no Rambo, but the Welshman is the most complete midfielder I know. Just his finishing let him down. Had Yaya’s defended like RAMBO did, we would have had a much tougher game; luckily it was the other way round.

  • Davy, he truely is a wonderful footballer.

    He looks so unruffled as the tackles go flying and he skips past them all and emerges with the ball, some of his passes/assists are simply from another level…

    Maybe Arsenal will tour in your locality some time in the future?

    Also gotta say that Campbell was very very impressive last night.
    Surrounded by two and three opponents, he just rolled his foot over the ball and left them challenging fresh air…

  • TA,

    Nope.. Rambo and Flams to stay where they are, and move Campbell to the hole.
    Move Theo to the right and Ox to the left. That will work nicely for everyone.


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