Four Attackers to Make 2016 a Happy New Year


Well done gunners, 2015 belongs to us. This might not give us an emotional high, but we still have to stand up and raise our hats to our TEAM. We overcame all odds. The pundits placed their curse on us. Non gave us a chance. Injuries showed up at every turn strengthening the chant, including that of those of us of little faith, that we are doomed being the only club in the top flight European leagues that never bought an outfield player. Only the bravest of us stood firm against the deluge.


Meanwhile on Ozil’s face a smile played, belying the fire burning in his belly. Santi chuckled, knowing very well what he has got in his bag. Little Bellerin kept lacing his boots, mindful of the work at hand. Coquelin had plugged his ears, a fixed gaze in his eyes, his heart beating a determination that the recent course of history must change. Giroud lay by the beachside, seemingly lost to the world, muscles un-tensed, the breeze lapping up his sinewy frame. Arms akimbo, Wenger looked approvingly at his flock, as a sculpture at his work newly finished and quietly muttered to himself, “THE TIME IS COME”. He then swiveled walking briskly away, back to his study, to light the midnight candle. The time has come and he cannot let it go. The moon shone brightly.

Halfway through the 2015/2016 season, we are sitting on top of the pile. On 2nd January we start the 2nd half campaign at the Emirate in a match against Newcastle, but first a look at the 2015 calendar year table of the top five teams.

Pos——-Tm———Pl——-Gd——- Pts

Arsenal atop the table, 9 pts above 2nd placed Man C, 17 pts above Man U, Chelsea erased from the map, nowhere to be seen. How ’em times have changed. Top of the table after 38 matches shows a consistency that gives plenty of hope for the 2015/16 crown. It gives hope, but demands tons of sweat from all, the fans inclusive. Wenger has giving us the cue. We only need to focus on ourselves, meaning that if we work diligently, not counting the cost, we will reap all the fruits in season’s due.

Check our squad list. In spite of our long injury list at every juncture of the campaign, we have remained well stocked. At least that is what our performance says. Injuries wise we seem to have hit a dynamic balance. As the injured trickled back, those holding the fort trickled out. It happens that I am a believer in the statistical law of the regression to the mean. High time therefore that the tricking back supersedes the trickling out so we can regress to the epl mean. Please I am focusing on ourselves, am not invoking this law on those on our tail who have been very lucky with injuries. A law though, is a law.

Yes, the law of the regression to the mean is poised to favour us, but we must remember what we were told in our childhood that the gods help only those who help themselves. That is exactly why, for the next two months plus, the schedules of Ramsey and Ozil have to be managed most intelligently. The two represent our creative spine which is where injuries have hit us hardest; the brain box Santi Carzola out, same the little ‘Mozart’ Thomas Rosicky, the nearly forgotten budding maestro Jack the Wildfire, and not forgetting our captain, the impeccable Mikel Arteta. How I love his hair.

Wenger’s game is built on his team playing out from the back. That is why he loved Vieira, loves Arteta. That is also why Santi remains incomparable, weaving out of those tight spaces, laying passes with his left foot, equally with his right. I call Santi the first note in our offensive melody. For the same reason of playing out from the back, Ramsey is deployed as the replacement of injured Santi. Though not a Santi incarnate he compensates adequately with his Rolls-Royce engine. By the way, we gunners seem to see Mertersacker only as the slow-train-approaching. We do not see that he is our best creative passer from the rear. A quality Mr Wenger values so much.

If Santi is the brain of the team, and Ramsey our V8, Ozil is that pure intelligence that only a point of stillness can awaken, the point of the eye of the storm, the nothingness of the Big Bang, that gave birth to you and I and the beautiful game. Nine chances created in the match against Bournemouth. That is ridiculous. Courtesy of 7amkickoff, more assists by him alone than eleven teams in the epl so far this term. Ridiculous.

Ozil please tell us ……..who are ya!? Mars or Neptune or Mercury? Obviously not Pluto which is a dwarf world.

Permit me to digress a little bit. A few years ago, Wenger said that Walcott’s off the ball runs were better than Messi’s. He must be kidding, I remembered thinking. I have since grown to know better. Walcott’s off the ball runs are without equal. Four times he was one on one with the Bournemouth keeper. Well, he did not create those opportunities, neither did Ozil. Those prime chances were created by the union of the two. That union is a match made in heaven.

The ball comes to Ozil, instantly Walcott spots a space and is in motion, but even before Walcott’s drama had begun, Ozil’s incredible field of vision in time and space had witnessed it. He executes in stillness and the ball well weighted in speed rendezvous with Walcott, one on one with the keeper, all Bergkampesque. If only the Ox (he’s got speed) will learn movement at the feet of Walcott, with his high technical ability and Ozil around, he would rule the world. Young, Ox has got time, but the likes of Ozil prime at 27 appear once in a long, long time, our Ox must recognize and hasten.

Giroud represents power, Sanchez speed, Walcott movement, Ozil intelligence. What a front four. The time is come for a cup of cinnamon tea and a full-throated song, for I am finally home and dry. Happy New Year gunners.

By: Pony Eye

25 thoughts on “Four Attackers to Make 2016 a Happy New Year

  • Fabulous start of the new year, PE. πŸ™‚

    I love your poetic style of writing and that you focus on what we have got rather than what we should be getting. Look at your own wife and see how marvelous she is rather than fishing for somebody else. πŸ™‚

    I love your final paragraph about the qualities of our four attackers: between them they have everything and Arsene will likely only add players who can support these fab four, or indeed gradually replace them. Ox has had his chance I reckon but many here believe he still has got it to make it through. After almost 100 PL games I beg to differ but hopefully I am wrong, cause he is a great lad.

    I like what Campbell brings to this team and I can also see Sanogo coming back next season, even though he has been injured a lot this season and has not been able to make progress, which is a shame.

    I also have high hopes for Akpom and Gnarby. But they will have to impress Wenger soon as time is running out and cash is piling up. Be aware of those with little time but lots of cash on a mission… is what I say to them. πŸ™‚

  • “If Santi is the brain of the team, and Ramsey our V8, Ozil is that pure intelligence that only a point of stillness can awaken, the point of the eye of the storm, the nothingness of the Big Bang, that gave birth to you and I and the beautiful game.”

    A great example of your poetic style. PE, what is it you do for a living if I may ask? πŸ™‚

  • Happy new year BKers !. πŸ˜€

    Great post Pony Eye, but first will just get off my chest the one thing that really does my head in, a pet hate thats the….”being top in a calendar year”….crap ( sorry to use this word and it doesn`t reflect on you personally ), I`ve lost count the amount of times we have been top in a calendar year since we last won the league and it meant diddly squat !, just an exercise for some gooners to make them feel better before the train usually derails !….it means nothing unless we are top at the end of a full EPL season !.
    Other than that, a superb post, definately not a one trick pony !. πŸ˜€

  • Happy New Year Johnnie and Coqster

    Making Gooners feel good has the opposite effect on you Cockie. I noticed you stopped publishing your chart of doom, maybe that is because it has evaporated hahaha πŸ™‚

    On top of all that you are without your ME!rinho, the tactical genius who had the Chavs in the relegation zone…. it must be tough for LCM!!! Muhahahahaha πŸ˜€

  • Tons of fun in that one, PE…Well done! Appreciating what we’ve got seems a bit of a lost art…but not on your part…excellent!

    I wasn’t familiar with the AW statement about Theo’s off the ball movement, so I appreciate it and it will make me watch that element more closely… Your personal characterizations of our (numerous) fine players also, I think, will stick with me, too… Cheers for putting it all out there…

    OK, off to (finally) try and write up a match preview…

    Thanks for this one, however… πŸ˜€

  • Happy new year to all BK’ers out there.

    What an amazing piece Pony!
    Great writing style and also great positivity as we move on to a very critical 2nd half of the season.

    Hope everyone is well and best wishes to you all and your family.

  • Hahaha……The world will be a sadder place without Jose and his Hose !.
    Actually, Totes, my biggest worry is not us not winning the league but the Spuds winning it !, it makes me feel physically sick at the thought of it and to me it`s more a possibility than us winning it because of our away fixtures from hell !.
    The hardest of any of our competitors by far !….the next few lines come with a health warning for the faint hearted like my self, so I will type it but not read it !. hahaha

    Manshafter Std
    W Ham
    Mansour City
    I only expect us to beat Bournemouth and Sunderland, so I`m afraid it will be 3rd or 4th again !
    First Doom of the year !. πŸ˜†

  • Only the first two really worry me, Cockie, as both can beat us, but if we play compact at the back we have a good chance to take points fro those games. The Spuds will get sorted by the Toffees this weekend. Anyway, it’s OGAAT. πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  • Thanks everybody, the post is a song …. and why shouldn’t we sing.

    To The Monster I wish to remind that this is a time for a song and not a moan. We have taken care of today (this is very loaded), tomorrow will surely take care of itself.

  • TA,

    Thanks for enquiring about me. I fear that if I tell you what my profession is, it will lead you away from me. Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet”.

  • Hi TA,

    All is better here. Just settling into everything again and rebuilding the business.
    It has been a crazy past 12 months but it is what it is. We all go through our ups and downs. The only thing I hope remains on the up is our beloved team.

    Bella is well thank you for asking, grown up so much and becoming a little chatterbox.
    How is the family?

    I’m glad to see that BK is still going strong. Hope to catch up with you guys on a more regular basis.

    Let’s just get the 3 points and hope for a strong showing from Everton.

  • Happy to hear that Ozil’s schedule is already being “managed intelligently”. He doesn’t train a lot which is hoped will help to keep him away from the red zone.

  • Alex, you are a fine guy and it must have been some accident having seen you so affected over the last year. Good to hear you are gradually rebuilding the business and Bella is filling the silence with her lively chatter. Feed on those positives and here is hoping that the Arse will keep bringing you further happiness. CoyGs βš½οΈπŸ˜€

  • A million thanks, TA, not a secret though. I only consider it irrelevant at the moment, just a tag. A civil engineer which in our context says very little.

  • Nice work PE…

    Cocker, I have to disagree with you…
    To me Jose Mourinho brings nothing to the table except the worst face of football…
    Jose must be some kind of nut-job if he cannot go about his profession without being a total arsehole…
    Everything he does is about himself, he’s a control freak who courts controversy and never accepts that his methods are the reason for his many failures as well as his successes. There are plenty of top class managers around who win trophies without crapping on the game, so it’s him and always him…

    My biggest disappointment about JM losing his job, was that Abramovitch never gave him the time to finish it and take that classless rabble into the bottom three…

  • Akev, Cockie loves ME!rinho and only he knows why. I reckon it is something to do with the way they both like to swim against the main stream, like desperate salmons wanting to stand out.

    He also loves doom as happiness is unbearably light for him, but other than that he is OK hahahaha πŸ˜…

  • Hey fellas… Fun stuff here… Cock and the Moo, plus all the doom… What can you say?… :shakes head:

    Like TA says, once you get past all that, I’m also SURE that the monster is a very fine fellow… πŸ˜€

    It’s also very good to hear from Alex from down under, who seems to be coming back into full form…Keep at it, and, indeed, please pop in more often…

    Much of it must be down to the song of the civil engineer… Again, well done, PE. Like I said above, IMO, we need more appreciation for our team…It shouldn’t be all doom and gloom, after all, and, as another song goes, “We’re top of the table.” In fact, I hate to bury your post with my more mundane match preview…

    It’s so mundane, TA, that I didn’t even mention the 7-3 (near this time of year, in fact) which I attended a few years back…

    Anyhow, what’s done is done…

    New Post

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