Ox on loan, a new DM and ‘Mid-Winger’ with goals: Transfer Window Predictions

So here we are, TOTL of the league and still standing after four grueling games. The boys have done us proud to get nine out of twelve points, especially given the large number of midfielders missing. There is not a team in the country that would not like to have fully fit Wilshere, Alexis, Coquelin, Cazorla and Rosicky on their bench. Yet we managed to do without all of these on the pitch or available on the bench and got more points than all our competitors.


It sounds like the mini-hulk will be back imminently and that really will be like a new signing, but better, as Alexis will hit the ground running from the start. We know that Santi and Francis are out for one or two more months at least, and none of us have a clue when we will see Jack or Tomaz back in red and white on the pitch again. So getting reinforcements now is the prudent thing to do.

It looks like Elneny will join us but it remains to be seen whether the club will be allowed to play him anytime soon. Even so, it looks like he will be back up for Flamini and eventually Le Coq. Elneny is still young (23) but old enough to make an immediate impact if required. I reckon he and Le Coq will compete for the DM role without any of the two feeling badly done to if they are regularly on the bench. Flamini’s contract will run out this summer so after that the Egyptian and Frenchman will be the two main choices for the deeper DM role. Will we buy another DM during January? I don’t think so, but Wenger might surprise us when we least expect it.

It is time to let the Ox go on loan as to proof himself ‘out in the wild’. Campbell’s recent rise to the fore might mean that Wenger is less worried about getting another mid-winger, but if good offers come his way he might bite. For our goals we have been heavily reliant on Giroud and Alexis, with Ozil and Theo also contributing. Rambo has been close to scoring goals many times in every game but as yet they are just not going in. So my guess is that Wenger will look at a decent to good attacker around 23-25 years old with real potential, and yet experienced enough to add goals rather sooner than later.

I have a feeling – or is that a desire 🙂 – we will see Wenger  try out Alexis- Giroud -Theo in some games but for this he will need more fire power on the bench in case of injury or fatigue. Campbell is a good option to have and maybe Wenger sticks with Ox till the end of the season, but if he can find a really good mid-winger with goals in him he might just go for it.

With regards to transfers I tend to have low expectations. I really think Wenger will be looking but as always business will be done on his terms and against the club’s principles. Given the recent transfer fiascoes at the Manchester clubs, Chavs etc, I reckon we should trust Arsene to spend the money wisely. We have a very good team and squad which makes adding the right player not easy; it is also important that we bare in mind that adding players may have an adverse effect on the team and their performances if we don’t get it right, especially when this is done mid-season.

So, fine fellow Gooners, who should we buy in January and why/ and what do you predict will actually happen this month?

By TotalArsenal.


30 thoughts on “Ox on loan, a new DM and ‘Mid-Winger’ with goals: Transfer Window Predictions

  • Hi there TA. We are in a great place, and with real quality to come back fro injury. For that reason, and the emphasis on squad/team cohesion I am not getting my hopes up fro major purchases this January.

    Elneny sounds like a cert, or near as dammit. But whether he will provide real options for our team in the second half of the year must remain a doubt. He may be another Kante, and have an immediate impact; or he may take 18 months and considerable development to show value. But he’s a very plausible purchase and consistent with Wenger instincts.

    Other than that there are 2 options for me. The first I have trailed before, a Bellerin equivalent for the LB position. I don’t mean a fully formed Bellerin, but more likely and 18/19 yr old with pace and potential. Secondly, is what you are hinting at TA, which is real SQ in an attacking wide player. Whether we can find such a player at an acceptable price in January has to be a real doubt – but if we can then I’m sure that Wenger will stump up major cash without hesitation; just as he did for Ozil. But that kind of deal can’t just be wished up, it just happens when it does – and that’s rarely.

    I come back to appreciating what we have got rather than dreaming about what we have not. We have a great squad who seem united, fired up, and showing increasing belief. And the stars are aligning well with other teams being less than they might. We can’t just buy instant success through this. We need to marshall the current squad, manage players to get their performances right, and just maybe add a little cover to one or two areas. Like others I would be thrilled by a spending splurge – but I don’t expect it, nor do I think its really what we need.

  • Hi

    Regarding article, no disagreements. As always, we will get value for dollar, and likely avoid most of what we see at freer spending clubs where somehow it all doesn’t eventuate all too often.

    Regarding El Neny, this article said some things I really appreciated. More to wit, he sounds a lot like an Arsene and Arsenal player:



    Cheers — jgc

  • Nonsense article.
    Forget principles.
    Forget morals, values and ethics they are just restrictions and lost possibilities.
    Don’t worry about upsetting players by buying better ones, even at inflated prices.
    Particularly when you have the funds at your disposal, just do it.
    We should be going all out for Isco and Rabiot!
    Failure to add quality to what would be our first fit 11 now will cost us another title.
    With our rescouces that’s unacceptable, this has 2007/08, 2010/11 and 2013/14 written all over it.
    Arsene blabbing on about cohesion, mental strength, team spirit and vibes coming out of the team…….
    We’ve heard it all before, either strengthen the team considerably or miss another opportunity.

  • Another interesting post Total…
    I’ve written the odd post for another blog, but for you and 17 to put out a regular stream of posts, and not just any old rubbish, but interesting and thoughtful posts to boot, takes a lot of time and work…
    So respect to you…

    Rosicky I believe, could be back and playing by the end of the month.
    He still has a bit in the tank and could prove a valuable asset as the season becomes more tense…
    As for new signings? Well any idiot can throw money at overrated superstars, and who knows you might end up with an Andy Carroll or a Veron or even a Firmino…
    Our rivals have squads packed full of players with inflated price tags…
    Fortunately our manager isn’t an idiot…

  • Hi all.. Happy New Year.. Wish You all Well and Happy..
    I loved Elneny already.. hehehe.. But why can Wenger just say YES.. He is Gunners now.. I search of wikipedia he’s still Basel..

    Ramsey is not a DM.. his blood is to score goals.. hehehe..
    Playing 2 DM or 2 AM.. or combined..??
    For sure Ozil isn’t a DM.. unfortunately Ramsey also..
    So Cazorla is our best options for combined.. He used tobe our best AM.. and now he play side by side with Coq as our double Pivot.. And he did it very well..

    From the videos I had seen.. Elneny can play that kind of rule also..
    So.. I think he will be next to Coq in the future..
    Ramsey must play as an AM.. to replace Ozil or side by side Ozil if we play more open and offensive games..

    Who else will come..?? I hope Ibra Kadabra.. Hahaha..

  • Rabiot sounds an interesting prospect, but I can’t see Wenger following up any initial enquiries unless a permanent transfer is in the offing…

    Then if Ospina leaves, does Wenger go with Macey as his No.2 goalkeeper or bring in an experienced No.2 on loan until the summer? When he can decide if Szczesny and Martinez have a future at Arsenal…?

    Then if Debuchy leaves, what does Arsene do for cover at right-back?
    I can’t think of anyone at the club who could step in if, God forbid, Bellerin got injured.
    So another right-back could be in the pipeline?
    Maybe another loan signing?

  • Guys,

    You can say goodbye to getting Rabiot.. or another striker.

    We will only buy what we really need, and that is DM.
    Ospina will not leave until off-season earliest, and MB might have a chance at RB if Bells continue his dip in form.

    We have 3 RB and 2 LB, and Gibbs is no attacking winger, so leave him back in the LB position.

    And channeling Le Prof, we have depth in all positions except DM where we are short, so we will not add in other areas.


  • For me not too many squad changes are needed though I think a change in the team’s shape is necessary to maximise the skill set and attributes of a number of Arsenal’s midfield cohort:

    GK: Cech; Ospina
    RB: Bellerin; Debuchy (recall Jenkinson if Debuchy permanently leaves or promote Moore)
    RCB: Mertersacker; Chambers
    LCB: Koscielny; Gabriel
    LB: Monreal; Gibbs
    RCM: Ramsey; Ox
    CDM: Coquelin; Flamini (possible replacement to usher his and Arteta’s anticipated departure in the off season)
    LCM: Wilshere; Elneny (assuming his arrival is confirmed)
    CAM: Ozil; Cazorla
    LS: Alexis; Walcott
    RS: Giroud; Welbeck/Campbell

    Happy New Year all!!!

  • The MF spine is our area of weaknes cover wise. By the look of things, Santi and Coq are being expected back by mid March, match fit. The10 epl matches before then could therefore be the most defining for our season, made tougher by the fact that those matches include 6 of the current top 10 teams as well as the extra FA cup and CL ties.

    At DM we have Flam and Chambers. We could do with Elneny.

    At box to box we really have only Ramsey. Arteta is nearly back. Remember he is actually more box to box than DM. He is one of the best pass and move players around. As a back up for the next 10 games I will say Arteta, yes. Rosicky is also on his way back. So do we buy? No. Santi will be back in 2 months. Wilshere soon after.

    At No. 10 we have only Ozil with Ramsey as back up, but then who fills Ramsey’s void at box to box. Arteta? Rosicky? Ox? Adelaide? It’s all tight ropish. Do we buy? No. I prefer we walk the two month tight rope instead of risking our cohesion for a non top drawer purchase (Jan window!).

    Conclusion: Only one purchase – Mohamed Elneny, 23 yrs old, no ego, a mix of Coq and Rambo.

  • PE

    Solid logic… I agree…

    Consider also Hayden is apparently coming back from loan to Hull(?) and is also a DM … Wouldn’t be the first time a quick return from the Championship at DM worked out well! 🙂

    That said, El Nwny, per the article I posted above, sounds like an Arsenal kind of player and has some serious CL experience, so could possibly come in and challenge Coquelin perhaps..

    Cheers — jgc

  • jgc,

    That is the most insightful piece on Elneny that I have seen too. Add the numerous utube clips on him, and a very assuring picture of him begins to emerge. Wenger loves players with no overbearing egos.

  • Um guys,

    An unlikely but interesting piece of news.. Jermaine Pennant has been seen in Singapore for trials with a local S-league side.

    Looks like his career has gone from bad to worse, and seriously a local league with less than 100 people in attendance per game for the past few seasons is the bottom anyone with PL experience will encounter.

    However, Grant Holt has been a previous player for one of the local clubs before we went back to England.

    So, not something too bad?


  • Nice one Totes !

    Apart from his opening line, I have to agree almost entirely with Rich@ 00:22, although I would add PEA to his list !.
    We maybe top and I know I keep going back to it and it goes against OGAAT, but our away fixtures from Helll will be our undoing unless we spend our massive cash reserves on some SQ players !. The monies there and as Rich says….who cares about upsetting players by buying better ones !.

  • In the shorter term, Elneny will be used to plug the holes. In the longer term Elneny will be Coq’s partner, I believe. Elneny would be Coquelised, and the Coq would be Elnenized. When one goes, the other stays. That’s Wenger’s dream. Two DMs who are also two box to box! He loves when things circulate. Whirlwind kind of. Can’t just be tracked.

  • We have looked bad lately, so I think it will be a challenge to get through a hard January to our reinforcements. If we can, we can win it.
    Geoff, great article on Elneny..

  • Hello, people! 🙂

    Nice intro, TA. Have to admit you have had a point about The Ox for a while. I don’t know what is going on with him but recalling Gnabry sounds to me like a serious criticism of Ox. If Welbeck was fit…

    I don’t expect Arsene to break the bank in January. He does it when CL place is under fire (2005-06, 2008-09). ElNenny will sign in matter of days and Debuchy is likely to leave so either Jenko will be recalled or we are going to sign anothet RB (West Ham are apparently closing in Sam Byram from Leeds).

    A striker/winger would be a great thing but I don’t see us making a big signing there before the summer. I think Arsene will monitor the situation in Madrid to see what Real are up to with Bale and Isco. Maybe even Monaco’s youngster Bernard could be our target. But, enough about the summer.

    January – I expect a bit of rotation in FA Cup; a draw at Anfield; a draw at Stoke even if two easiest victories in 2015 – Villa aside- came against Stoke; a victory over Chavs even if they did sweep Palace yesterday.

  • Happy first Monday of 2016!! Interesting post, with some interesting comments…

    Does the “Ox on Loan” headline result in more hits? 😀 (If so, I approve…) We’ve discussed this before and I’m as strong a negative voice about the player as anybody, but, giving our injuries, we will still want his “disruptive” style of play. I don’t like it (at all…) in the starting 11 but I can see its value if we need to change things (including scorelines) late in important matches. I also think he’ll go from the start in the FA Cup matches… Once Alexis is back, however, it’s Theo on the right or Campbell if Giroud is rested up top. My bet is for the Ox to score on Saturday in the FA Cup and (thus) look a bit better for helping us in the new year… I know you feel differently (even if, I think, we basically agree about the player…) so we probably need to agree to disagree about the loan thing…

    Speaking of loans, the professor (who, I hope, has more time for us in the new year) is the first to mention Hayden back from his (failed) loan. If he couldn’t outplay (former Spurs) Huddlestone and Livermore (and others) at Hull City, should he sneak in ahead of Flamini and Chambers for us? Gnabry has also had his loan cut short at WBA after getting almost zero minutes. Is he the answer? Probably only for another team on another loan before his contract ends, I fear…

    Elneny (Elnenny? El Neny?) IS most likely the answer to the questions (Who are we going to buy and who is gonna play in MF). We should also decode AW’s most recent statements to note that Arteta (who TA leaves of his list of the “wanted,” but PE does mention…) could be back very soon, Rosicky at some point (maybe) and that Le Coq is running again. Those guys may only bump Iwobi and the Jeff from the bench spots in January (and hopefully the youngsters play a bit in the FA Cup matches) but their presence could still be a lift. As the deadline approaches I would expect to hear a LOT more about Coq and Wilshere nearing fitness…

    For better or worse, I see the Egyptian as our only buy, although we’re probably putting out a bunch of inquiries to see if we can get some value for money for a long term addition (i.e., in any position) at the deadline. It’s all bread and butter for the clickbait people, not to mention those like Rich and our own Cockie who poo-poo these antiquated notions about teams and teamwork and cohesion and actually having a fondness for players already in our colors (colours?)… Yes, the best players cost the most but I like our spot just below the mercenary armies of Manchester and Chelsea. We can spend a bit extra on special players but we also value what we’ve got. Not enough, of course, if you’re a disgruntled ‘customer’… (Note, I didn’t say ‘supporter…’) Germany seems a plucking ground these days… A week ago it was Chicharito (which would have made a few of my Mexican friends into Arsenal fans…), now it’s PEA from Dortmund. Who’s next?… At least we can (if we choose) play the game and certainly the media, including the blogs can play it, if it’s hits that we want…

    So yeah, we haven’t played our best but we’ve also muddled through this festive period and (somehow) still top the table. January does look a difficult period but I’d argue that the teams we have to play are (very) fragile too. Hand wringing over our away matches is natural (for some…) but I’d point out that home field advantage isn’t what it used to be and Arsenal actually look happier these days playing on the break. Nick one early in those matches (or even just look dangerous) and home fans–just like at the Emirates–get antsy or worse. Let’s take them one at a time and see where the chips fall, I say…

  • Oops, Sorry Admir… didn’t see your comment when I posted mine… We’ve got different takes on the Gnabry recall and, of course, on playing the matches one at a time, but so it goes.

    On the other hand, I definitely agree (strongly) that AW doesn’t buy for the short term, if that’s what you’re saying about this window (but I see this as a good thing)… We’re now in a position–esp. after the success bigger buys like Ozil, Alexis (and Cech) are having–to turn some heads by showing ‘interest’ in players. Buying in scattershot fashion AND paying over the odds, even if people are desperate for transfers, doesn’t help (IMO–except in ‘showing ambition…’) and puts a lot of pressure on the player in question. Dennis forbid if they fail to hit the ground with an instant impact (see Angel Di Maria, the record English buy up at ManU, with Mesut ‘nicking a living’ Ozil, the example before him… Thank dennis, our management had some patience with the latter…) So, I think we see things similarly here, even if we may (or may not…) be similarly pleased by it…

  • Hello, 17! 🙂

    So, Germany signings… It’s either Little Pea or Quick PEA. Which one will Arsene take? 😀 Sorry, I had to do that. Personally, rumours about Chicharito are idiotic- he has spent less than six months at Leverkusen and is cup-tied. PEA has more sense simply because Borussia’s Two-German-Names-I-Can’t-Remember Watzke had a need to issue a public statement which is far from a hands-off warning.

    Anyway, January signings… Reyes was a big one. He helped us to claim the title and to become part of the history. Everything that happened later with Reyes didn’t look encouraging. My guess is, Arsene wants to settle players over summer. It’s much easier to gel with team-mates first – Ozil’s first pre-season came in Season 3 – rather than go to the action straight away. Arsene does purchases in January when water is close to the neck- that’s why he signed so many players in 2006 and Arshavin in 2009 (on a long run, that one didn’t work either but on the short-term basis AA23 did help us reaching CL and screw Liverpool title challenge), not to mention Nacho in 2013. When we are in title challenge, he is reluctant to spend (that’s where Rich is partially correct; add Chris Samba or Gary Cahill to 2010-11 team in January and you got yourself a title). Maybe a bit of gamble taken wouldn’t hurt us? To make some Hazard-ous action? We can Cech his puls and show him the real Eden? 😀

    Speaking of wingers, I read today that Jesus Navas has scored one goal in 81 last games in all competitions. A winger. Of City.

  • Haha…Admir, I didn’t think of the two PEAs… They’re both from the same pod, of course…Just click-bait for those sites which rely on that kind of thing…

    On that note, we should be grateful that TA keeps the Kamp ad-free… IMO…

    Listen: I’ve got tons (or tonnes…) of respect for your wide ranging knowledge of the game but I think you’re a little extreme on your beliefs about the leopard (Wenger) being completely unable to change his spots… I do, however, believe he’s the owner’s manager and that guy (Kroenke) absolutely values the bottom line over trophies.

    I believe we’ve evolved tactically over the past year A LOT and now play very much more contentedly on the break. In fact, we looked so bad vs Newcastle, I think, because we reverted to that strategy on a pitch so sodden it didn’t have much of a chance of working. We almost got caught out early in the 2nd half after we adjusted our tactics (pushed up…) but Cech kept the clean sheet and then superior desire and quality showed for the set piece goal… (We could’ve added some gloss afterwards, too)…

    In terms of the transfers (this topic), like you say, AW doesn’t even have to change his spots and a big buy (Reyes-esque…) at the deadline (on top of the more Nacho-esque purchase of El Neny early on) might be a big boost for the club… The group isn’t that bad and I give credence to the value of togetherness of the squad more than Rich or Cockie or maybe you do… Sure, over time, cynicism (money) trumps love, but sometimes the poor guy with the good wife is happier than the who can buy all the beauties… I can’t speak for Rich, but I’m pretty sure our Cockster (despite being the king of some interesting fantasy realms…) values his life-partner very highly. (Glic, if you’re reading this, I hope all is well on the health front…)

    These ideas that Cahill or Samba (or anybody) would’ve done the trick are completely untestable (of course) but if they offer comfort who am I to object?… At least Cahill competes pretty well for a starting role with that club in 14th place… Where does Samba play these days?…

    If they do offer comfort (and seem true), it begs the question: what buys would GUARANTEE the title? The corollary thought of course is that the player would be worth it at any price… (Not so, for the owner and his management team, as described above, I fear, so why bother?…)

    Finally, I think people (the football media and those who click on every piece of transfer news…) are very slow to see how the market has evolved. PL teams don’t have to sell in-form players, esp. in January as their values will only increase if they stay in form… Big clubs don’t either and both players and clubs have longer term perspectives. Soon enough we’ll see the classic example with Arda Turan (who sat out half a year to get his dream move) at Barcelona…

    Whatever… (And, Admir, in your heart of hearts, I know that you know all this stuff already, as do TA and many others…) Overall, my patience for explaining these things is waning, even if I too enjoy the “excitement” of the window. Anyhow, there’s your Monday dose; the best I can muster… 😦

    Still, if reality just ain’t good enough, there’s one target I think we should go for… I realize Messi would be cup tied for the CL, but losing him would be a blow for our round of 16 CL opponents AND it would be such a boost for the domestic double. Let’s do it, eh… 😀

  • Some excellent comments today, some a bit Rich and some a bit Cockie and some very good 🙂

    It is of course hard to resist the temptation to spend to reinforce the team and Wenger will do it if he feels it will improve the team immediately as well as long term. This is not an easy task unless of course you are in the arm chair and feel like tossing your coins in your pocket… even if they are not yours hahaha 🙂

    Happy to agree to disagree re the Ox, 17HT, but just remember that keeping him does not suit us or him. He lacks form and confidence and football experience – or is it intelligence – and that will not be resolved by keeping him at Arsenal any longer. A loan could be magic for him and eventually for us.

  • Like I say, TA… I don’t think we disagree on the Ox, just about whether a loan is the way forward for the player. He’s got the skills to play at our level but just needs to try and work with the current group rather than trying to do everything on his own. IMO, our squad is as thin as it will be right now, so if he cannot do it now, then I just don’t see it happening.

    The loan system–my opinion–just doesn’t work these days–esp. for a club like ours. Sure, if a club takes a player from City or Chavs on loan and nurses him along for a couple of years that player won’t want to go back. Our situation is different, esp. since we’re tighter with the money. If a player does well the loan club is sure to lose him back our way. What good has it done Gnabry and Hayden to rot on the bench at their loan clubs? We could’ve at least used them at Sheffield Wednesday and (rotting, like Iwobi and the Jeff…) on our bench… 😀

    So, sell the Ox (as a headline to get more hits) or maybe swap him with Messi in the big trade…

    More smileys… (And even more hits…but what’s the point if you’re not selling ads or links to 20 great shots of side-boob?…)

  • Interesting the level of faith already being put into the calibre of Elneny. Whilst £50m doesn’t guarantee a star buy, equally £5m doesn’t mean the player is second rate. And if any encouragement is to be taken from this, then it is the faith that Wenger still has the ability to spot talent at a low price. I hope he pulls it off again.

    But whether Elneny is capable of being instrumental in helping us sustain our title challenge seems to me a bit err optimistic… And to have him planned in already as displacing Rambo and Santi when Coq is back and fit still more so. It would be great if he can come in and do a decent job for us – can we be sure it will be a better one than Chambers, for example – I’m not sure we can. But does he look like he has potential, and would be a decent option to have when all others are crocked, then for sure.

    I don’t have any downer on the guy; I just don’t think we should burden him with too great expectations until he has had a chance to settle and learn to play with a squad of a totally different level of technical excellence and in a league/game of far higher intensity than he is used to.

  • With Ozil a permanent fixture in the CAM role, Arsenal’s system only comprising of two other central midfield positions, Ramsey, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ox, Wilshere, Rosicky Flamini and Arteta already in the squad (not to mention the likes of Toral and Zelalem, who are impressing on loan) and Wenger notorious for not rotating his squad, I’m wondering if Elneny, who seems like more of a box to box than defensive central midfielder is actually needed? I understand the injury problems Arsenal are having at the moment but I’m surprised Wenger isn’t trying to bring in an additional body on loan as opposed to permanently.

  • FL08 I presume Wenger must rate the potential in there. The story of continuous improvement and high effort chimes well with Wenger values. The strong work rate is something we seem to be building in more of in our team. And the versatility suggests a useful squad player without an expectation that they will necessarily command a starting position – would Rabiot get more starts with us than PSG; I’m not sure he would?

    I’m very happy for us to go with Wenger’s judgements on these things. But my expectation is this is more an option for the future than the cavalry for the present.

  • FL08… You crazy, man… Don’t buy anybody but bring people in on loan so as not to “kill” developing players?… You’re swimming against an awfully powerful tide there… Also, I think these definitions of player types are pretty extreme. Have you seen enough of the Egyptian to honestly say he’s too reckless to play some good football towards the back of our midfield? And that buying him would put a kink in our plans with Toral (20 yrs old) and Zelalem (18), both of whom I thought were more AM or #10 types… Are you serious about this stuff or just goofing? Besides, I haven’t seen a thing about bringing those guys back from loan–this January, at least… Wowsa, but unique, at least…

    AB, on the other hand, speaks nothing but sense… Personal note–I hope you saw the ski photo from the bottom of the last match preview… You should come for a visit one of these winters… Football in the morning, skiing in the day, brown liquors at night… What’s not to like?… 😀

    And, for my doomer friends… or those fighting it… there’s a…

    New Post

  • Morning all..
    Thanks TA.. I never really gone.. just a bit lazy to commen.. I still reading.. Hahaha..

    @Flo8.. I don’t think Wenger buy someone in January for instant rule.. like he did with Gabriel and also Monreal..
    Arteta.. Rosicky.. Flamini and maybe also Cazorla (sad to say this) won’t play anymore next season..
    Wilshere.. we never really need him or even had him in our team.. Ox better as a Winger..
    With that kind of view.. You will know how important Elneny is..
    We still can add Wanyama to our Squad.. hehehe..

  • Interesting comments 17. And I thought this website portrayed itself as one where bullying of others wouldn’t be tolerated, just constructive convos..obviously not.

  • FL08, Whoa, whoa, whoa…Apologies… No bullying intended… Very, very sorry if my comments were taken that way… Not what I meant AT ALL…

    If I wasn’t clear enough, I apologize… Your comments, to me, at least, just seemed very contrary to the general sentiment. Wenger has been heavily criticized (and worse…) for not buying in the transfer windows, so it seems like a fairly radical stance to suggest that now–when he’s talking about adding to the squad through the transfer market–that he shouldn’t…

    It’s also possible that something got lost in translation and maybe I misread your ideas… If so, please explain further…

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with such ideas and I was only making an attempt at humor in suggesting that they seemed like outliers to me… Again, apologies if it came off as bullying…

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